Hammond History

Box 1

Folder 1: newspaper articles
    1. “History of Hammond”
    2. “Historic”
    3. “Landmark Hotel Razed” The Times Picayune
    4. “Bicentennial notes of local interest”
    5. “Duplicate Bridge” by Prudence Moore; “More History” by Jack Bahm
    6. “The Civil War-memoirs of Private W. P. Snakenburg, Company K, 14th Louisiana
    Infantry Regiment by Lawrence L. Hewitt, Manager, Camp Moore State Commemorative
    7. Invitation-Cate Square, circa 1900; The Central Business District Association; invitation to the installation of the 1982-1983 officers; September 9, 1982
    8. “Huey Long”
    9. “In the courtroom, there is no quarter!”
    10. “Walking gifts”
    11. “Improve city looks, fair official advises” by Sue Scott
    12. “Are you here?”-photograph of Hammond East Side Elementary School in newspaper
    13. “Villagers braced for more progress” by Jules Loh; The Grand Rapids Press; June 2,
    14. “Litter-pickers”; The Times Picayune
    15. “Fire destroys five businesses” by Dorothy Pugh; other various articles included;
    The Daily Star; November 16, 1984
    16. “Pine Ridge announces honor roll”; “Middle school gives roll”; June 16, 1985
    17. “Turning back the clock at Tujague’s” by Gene Bourg; “‘Commando’ beats back
    an ‘Invasion’” by The Associated Press
    18. “N.O. and the wheel of fortune-Looking back” Marjorie Roehl; The Times Picayune;
    June 16, 1985
    19. “Hammond honors Hammander of Hammardal”; Gumbo Magazine; January 1, 1989
    20. Copy-“For the banks, It’s Change or Perish”; typed letter-First Guaranty Bank-to
    friends from Chairman of the Board; September 4, 1981
    21. “Hammond for the past eighty years”; “Bahm history”; as told by Jack Bahm to the
    Hammond Rotary Club
    22. “Bicentennial notes of local interest” (multiple copies/articles)
    23. “Carter house on Register”
    24. “Tales of Tangipahoa”
    25.  “The Civil War-memoirs of Private W. P. Snakenburg, Company K, 14th Louisiana
    Infantry Regiment by Lawrence L. Hewitt, Manager, Camp Moore State Commemorative
    Area”part 5
    26. “The Civil War-memoirs of Private W. P. Snakenburg, Company K, 14th Louisiana
    Infantry Regiment by Lawrence L. Hewitt, Manager, Camp Moore State Commemorative
    Area” part 6 (the end)
    27. “The Civil War in Tangipahoa” part 4 by Colonel Edward Bacon
    28.  “The Civil War in Tangipahoa” part 5 by Colonel Edward Bacon
    29. “The Civil War-memoirs of Private W. P. Snakenburg, Company K, 14th Louisiana
    Infantry Regiment by Lawrence L. Hewitt, Manager, Camp Moore State Commemorative
    Area” part 3
    30. “Wrapped up”
    31. The People for Better Government; various newspaper articles
    32. “Ella Hughes/Cemeteries Revisited”; “Transfer of real estate”; “Suits filed”
    33. “The Career of Junior Bowman”; “Eastnachtsdienstag, Chic a la Paille” by Gil Webre
    Dixie; February 14, 1971
    34. “School board president criticizes news media” by Jim McCarty
    35. “Citizens Bank will be built soon”; “Culture comes to Levy building”; “Poster
    features old railroad depot” (all continuations from a previous page); April 18, 1982
    36. “Most historical buildings getting renovations” by Paul Gates; April 18, 1082
    37. “1904 Gasaway Building gets new lease on life” by Paul Gates; April 18, 1982
    38. “Walking tour, open house highlight activities” by Joan Davis; April 18, 1982
    39. “Gueymard Notebook” by Ernest Gueymard; “Biography Depicts Old BR”
    40. “Meet...Jack Bahm” by Georgia Talbot; Murray Newspapers; October 30, 1974
    41. “Tales from Tangipahoa” by Irene Morris
    42. “Exploring Interesting Louisiana-Natchitoches Preserves Past-Cane River Country
    Enchanting” by Martha Wilson; State-Times; June 4, 1965
    43. “Historic District makes comeback” by Laurie Moon Chauvin; May 17, 1981
    44. Describe Downtown Hammond
    45. “The Silver Oak” by Bill Graziano
    46. “Cate Descendants Take Fountain Feud to Court”
    47. “Marker Research Demanded Again” by Katy Carroll
    48. “The People’s Voice-Hammond-Cate Dispute deplored”-Jack Bahm
    49. “Remarks-Save us from the Cate-Hammond feud” by Bill Alexander
    50. “Fountain Bubble Trouble”
    51. “In 1950-first recognition Peter Hammond historical marker noted”
    52. “Peter Hammond Day April 15th”
    53. “Peter Hammond” The Daily Star; April 14, 1972
    54. “An effective coughing technique”
    55. “Cate suit rejected by Court” by Leland Blanchard and Katy Carroll
    56. “Panel declares ‘Hammond Day’”
    57. “Toil, Trouble” by Susan Chauvin
    58. “Council okays plaque”
    59. “Letters to the Editor: ‘Never a founder’”
    60. “Letters to the Editor: ‘Father of Hammond’”
    61. “Objection explained: The Hammond Side Told”
    62. “Marker lost, Feud Found”; “Cates want theirs, too”
    63. “Letters from the people”
    64. “Letters to the editor: Cate concern”
    65. “Star editorials: Of Hammond and Cates”
    66. “Marker is missing: Hammond Founder Subject of Dispute” by Don Buchanan
    67. “Cate Marker Bearing? Changes for History”
    68. “Cate Descendant Asks Fountain Marker Study” by Edna Campbell
    69. “Peter Hammond” Daily Star
    70. “Dedication Ceremonies-Ribbon Cutting; Peter Hammond Plaque”
    71. “Peter Hammond Day to be April 15; The History of Hammond; Peter Hammond”
    72. “Clues as to the Identity of Peter Hammond” by Isabel Lovel; Hammond Vindicator;
    March 12, 1981

Folder 2: Newspaper articles: “Scenes from our History”
    1. “Hammond’s Early”
    2. “Strawberry Season”
    3. “The ‘New’”
    4. “The Crescent Home”
    5. “Ready for War”
    6. “Fresh pies, Homemade Candy”
    7. “Neelis’s”
    8. “The Lawson and Neelis Warehouse”
    9. “A View”
    10. “Broom Drill”
    11. “The King’s Daughter”
    12. “The First”
    13. “Early Hospital”
    14. “Play Ball!”
    15. “The Kidder Hotel”
    16. “Red Gable’s Restaurant”
    17. “Logging Days”
    18. “A Snowy Day in Hammond”
    19. “A Look Back”
    20. “Remember When”
    21. “All Aboard!”
    22. “Memories of War”
    23. “A Snow Blizzard”
    24. “A Snowfall”
    25. “Hammond’s First Medical Center”
    26. “The Lomo Theater”
    27. “Proud”
    28. “Strawberry Days”
    29. “This Fall”
    30. “Illinois Central Railroad”
    31. “The Crash Crew”
    32. “Before”
    33. “River Baptism”
    34. “The Proud”
    35. “Early Educators”
    36. “Rotary Outing”
    37. “Greeting Royalty”
    38. “Summertime and the Living’s Easy”
    39. “The Village Smithy”
    40. “Lumbertown Firefighters”
    41. “Piece of History”
    42. “The Kidder Hotel”
    43. “Fourth of July Parade”
    44. “School Days”
    45. “No Central Air”
    46. “The Good Ol’ Days”
    47. “Land Promotion Trip”
    48. “In Bygone Days”
    49. “A White Christmas”

Folder 3:
    1. Newspaper article- “The Races”
    2. Brochure- Your Guide to Antiques and Fine Foods
    3. Newspaper article- “Judge Nat Tycer will be retired”
    4. Newspaper article- “Hammond Reindeer?”
    5. Newspaper articles- “I Remember Snow”; “A White Valentine”
    6. Newspaper article-  “Nostalgia-Penning page in publishing history”
    7. Newspaper articles- “Long-time veteran of Central dies” by Churck Morse; “Louisiana
    Folklife guide available”
    8. Magazine article- “In the Community”; “Preserving Buildings and Pride in Hammond,
    9. Brochure- Historic Downtown Hammond
    10. Newspaper article- “Carter house recreates grandeur of pre-Civil War”; April 15, 1984
    11. Newspaper article- “Doctor honored for service”
    12. Newspaper article- “Mothers to get lessons-7th Ward Hospital sets free pre-natal
    classes” and other various articles
    13. Newspaper article- “Highlights in Illinois Central’s History”
    14. Newspaper article- “Little ‘Sam the Banana Man’ liked to poke the giants’ knees”;
    The Times-Picayune; May 26, 1985
    15. Brochure- The Country Market
    16. Newspaper article- “Remember Baltzell?”
    17. Newspaper article- “Annie Eastman high school completed in spring 1924";
    September 1, 1989
    18. Newspaper article- “Voters in ‘60 OK school bond issue (last of 5 parts)”
    19. Newspaper article- “At turn of century Hammond schools among best 1898-1919 (second of 5 parts)”; August 31, 1987
    20. Newspaper article- “Hammond settler provided early schoolhouses here 1859-1897";
    August 30, 1987; “Hammond Settler (continued)
    21. Newspaper article- “Getting to know our ‘Tangipahoa’”; January 8, 1989
    22.  Newspaper article- “FmHA grant both ‘near’, ‘far’, for Indy”; “Cemetery is
    rededicated” by Katy Carroll; The Morning Sun, March 18, 1979
    23. Newspaper article- “Tragedy at Pass Manchac”; “The Day the Bridge Fell in” by
    David R. Williams
    24. Newspaper article- “A New Look for an Old City Landmark” by Christina Wainwright; Sunday Sun; January 12, 1975
    25. Newspaper articles- “Economists must weigh real, mythical issues”; “People for
    better government outlines Reasons for Opposing Tax Increases”; map of Downtown

Folder 4: Hammond Heritage Day
   1. “Hammond heritage day Sunday”; “The history of historic downtown Hammond”;
    “Dr. Crain to open Heritage festivities”; “Casa de Fresa-My most interesting assignment”
    by Edna Campbell; The Hammond Vindicator; April 30, 1981
    2. Newspaper article- “Cate square gets brick walks, flower beds for Heritage Day”; The Hammond Vindicator; April 30, 1981
    3. Newspaper section: “Downtown Hammond Heritage Day”; The Daily Star; May 14,
    4. “Heritage Day, Hammond, Louisiana” various articles; Alley Square; May 6, 1984
    5. Schedule of Events-Third Annual Heritage Day, Sunday, April 25th, 1982
    6. Newspaper article- “Heritage Day success declared”
    7. Newspaper article- “Heritage Day” by Bill Robertson; Daily Star; May 7, 1984
    8. Newspaper article- “Sunny Skies prevail for Heritage Day” by Edna Campbell; other
    various articles included; Hammond Vindicator; May 4, 1983
    9. Newspaper section-Heritage Day Celebration; April 28, 1985
    10. Pamphlet-Hammond Heritage Day-May 1, 1983 (2)
    11. Hand paper fans-Hammond Heritage Day-May 1, 1985
    12. Postcard-Hammond Heritage Day invitation-to Donald and Mary Lou Fellows; May
    17, 1980
    13. Postcard-Hammond Heritage Day invitation-to Don Fellows
    14. Hammond Heritage Day Schedule of Events
    15. Hammond Heritage Day 1982
    16. Newspaper section-Heritage Day Celebration, May 1, 1983
    17. Newspaper section-Heritage Day, May 3, 1987
    18. Newspaper article- “Hammond Heritage Day Slated Here Next Week” and other
    various articles; The Hammond Vindicator; April 26, 1984, Volume XCII-Number 50
    19. Newspaper article- “Theater plays role in Heritage celebration” by Edna Campbell
    20. Newspaper article- “Another happy Heritage Day” by Edna Campbell
    21. Newspaper article- “Heritage Day scheduled May 6" Daily Star; January 25, 1984
    22. Newspaper article- “Heritage Day Approaching” by Edna Campbell
    23. Newspaper article- “Vindicator news plant part of Hammond’s Heritage” by Edna
    24. Newspaper section- “Heritage Day Celebration” May 4, 1986
    25. Heritage Day, Hammond, Louisiana; Alley Square; various articles including articles about Hammond history/Hammond Heritage Day; May 1, 1983
Folder 5: Edna Campbell Articles
    1. Various articles about Hammond History by Edna Campbell

Folder 6: The Hammond Vindicator
    1. Newspapers/Newspaper sections/Newspaper articles- 1881-1985
Folder 7: Daily Star
    1. Newspapers/Newspaper articles- 1966-2000
Folder 8: Various pamphlets/flyers/brochures

Folder 9: Other newspapers:
    1. “Hammond’s History in the Sky” by Christina Wainwright; Sun;
    2. “Jefferson approves Louisiana Purchase-Louisiana granted stated” Sun: Special
    Bicentennial Issue; July 4, 1976
    3. “Ponchy Roll in Strawberry History” Murray Newspapers; April 4, 1973 (2)
    4. “Favorite strawberry recipes” Murray Newspapers; March 29, 1972
    5. “The Magazine Section” The Times-Pica yune; September 23, 1945
    6. “The Mysterious Disappearance of Kirksville” and other various articles; Strawberries
    and Cream; September 5-6, 1984
    7. “World War I Doughboys” and other various articles; Strawberries and Cream;
    November 7-8, 1984

Folder 10: Various newspaper articles 1966-1999