Archival Collection


1. The Constitution-A Living Document

Lesson I--Formation

Lesson II--Ratification and the Bill of Rights

Lesson III--The Executive Branch

Lesson IV--The Legislative Branch

Lesson V--judicial Branch--The Supreme Court

Lesson VI--Checks and Balances

2. Religions of America Explained

Judaism, Part One and Part Two

Catholicism, Part One and Part Two

Protestantism, Part One and Part Two

3. The Middle Ages, The Age and Its Art

Part One--Early Christianity

Part Two--The Dark Ages

Part Three--Romanesque and Gothnic

4. Great Works of Art Explained

The Parthenon

The Bayeaux Tapestry

The Merode Altarpiece

Goya's the Third of May

Manet's Olympia

Picasso's Guernica

5. Ancient Greece, the Age and its Art

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

6. The Great Depression: 1929-1939

7. The Age of Theodore Roosevelt

8. Woodrow Wilson: Idealism and American Democracy

9. The Industrial Revolution in America

10. Nationalism

11. Anatomy of U. S. Political Parties

12. Political Conventions: Choosing the Candidates

13. Foundations of Democracy in the United States

1. The Colonists are Freedom Loving

2. Colonial Freedoms are Threatened

3. Fighting Begins in the North

4. Independence is Declared

5. War in the Middle Colonies and the Northwest

6. War on the Sea and in the South

7. Writing the Constitution

14. Our Federal Government

1. The Constitution

2. The House of Representatives

3. The Senate

4. The Presidency

5. The Judicial Branch

6. You and Self-Government

15. Government in Action

The President

The Congress

Federal Courts

Executive Department and Agencies

State Government

Local Government

Municipal Government

United Nations

16. Life, National Parks: America's Wonderlands (2 filmstrips)

17. Life: The People of Russia

18. The U. S. and the Soviet Union


1. History of the States

Record 1, Side 1--The New World, Columbus to 1774

Record 1, Side 2--Prehistory to 1774

Record 2, Sides 1 & 2--The Making of a Nation, 1775-1789

Record 3, Sides 1 & 2--The Growing Years, 1789-1829

Record 4, Sides 1 & 2--The Sweep Westward, 1829-1849

Record 5, Sides 1 & 2--The Union Surrendered, 1849-1865

Record 6, Sides 1 & 2--The Union Restored, 1861-1876

Record 7, Sides 1 & 2--The Age of Steel and Steam, 1877-1890

Record 8, Sides 1 & 2--Reaching for Empire, 1890-1901

Record 9, Sides 1 & 2--The Progressive Era, 1901-1917

Record 10, Sides 1 & 2--War, Boom and Bust, 1917-1932

Record 11, Sides 1 & 2--New Deal and Global War, 1933-1945

Record 12, Sides 1 & 2--The Great Age of Change, 1945-1963

Record 13, Sides 1 & 2--The Sixties

Record 14, Sides 1 & 2--The Sixties

Record 15, Sides 1 & 2--The Sixties

2. Great Moments, Voices, and Music of the 20th Century (2 records)

3. The American Revolution, A Cantata based on the Music of the American Colonies During the Years 1775-1800

4. The Crucifixion

5. Dialogues of Democracy

Volume I--Conventions and Campaigns

The Presidents on the Presidency

Presidential Power

Volume II--The Voices of Congress

Congress Passes a Bill

The Congress of the United States

Volume III--The Supreme Court in American Life

The Supreme Court at Work

The Supreme Court of the United States (2 Sets)