Collin B. Hamer

Archival Collection


Invitations to Ponchatoula High School Commencements; 1942, 1943 (2 copies); 1945; Baccalaureate Schedule, 1944

Commerce News, Ponchatoula, Louisiana, Vol. IV, No. VI, March 17, 1944 (names everyone in the Ponchatoula High School class of 1944)

Class Poem, by Rae Schorling, Ponchatoula class of 1945 (names everyone in the class)

Program, Southeastern Louisiana College Commencement Week, May 28, 1943; two invitations to SLC Commencement for May 31, 1943 from Marilyn Kinchberg, (one to Mr. and Mrs. A. Schorling and one to Rae Schorling)

Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College, Eighty-Second Annual Commencement, Greek Theatre, Monday Evening, May 31, 1943, at Eight O’Clock

Name cards that were in Graduation Invitations; Miss Agnes Mae Gill, Miss Catherine Noelie Howes, Miss Jean Emma Howes, Marilyn Kirchberg, Miss Verna Cecile Kugler, Miss Shirley Marie McCahill, Miss Virgil Ozment, Dalruth Shackelford, and John Ross Young

Page torn from a book; Naming of Compounds (Pg. 155); Valence and Formulas (Pg. 156)

Party Invitations to Miss Rae Schorling (Five different ones, two dated 1943, all of the parties were being held at the Log Cabin)

Birthday Cards, Easter Cards, and Valentine Cards (one of the birthday cards is dated 1945)

Newspaper Clippings: These were in an envelope addressed to Miss Cecile Unz, dated February 13, 1941

"Myself" Don’t Take My Word For It, by Frank Colby

"Adonis" Don’t Take My Word For It, by Frank Colby

"How to Keep Well," by Irving S. Cutter

"Little Things Make Child Happy and Healthy, But Parents Must be Careful with Selfish Youngster," By Angelo Patri

"Three Nations Made The Union Jack," by Uncle Ray

"Ships Fly Ensigns’ Instead of Flags," by Uncle Ray

"Grass Juice Is Valuable Factor in Fighting Hemorrhage," by Logan Clendening, M.D.

Letters and Post Cards (five letters and two post cards, dated 1943 or 1944 and sent to Miss Rae Schorling and Mrs. A. Schorling)

Photograph of three girls and one boy, B&W; B&W picture postcard of Grey Castle Hotel in Pass Christian, MS

Our Sunday Visitor, December 20, 1931, Huntington, Indiana (issued weekly)

North Highland Baptist Church Business Card; Sacred Heart Auto League Member Card, 1956-1957

Receipts for shirts: Henry J. Lavigne, March 10, 1944; J. C. Penney Co., Inc., May 22, 1944

Note paper with "Place you like to go to dance" written on top; Powers Model; Two name tags that were on gifts to Rae Schorling

8½" x 10½" brown box which held the above items.