John Hutchinson

Archival Collection


Located in Alphabetized Manuscript Series



Copy of a roster of officers on watch aboard the "U.S.S. Dewey;" Copy of memorandum regarding standing watch aboard the "U.S.S. Dewey," signed by Lt. J. P. Canty, dated 21 December 1941; Copy of paydays, amount of pay, balances, dated December 1 (no year listed) through September 30, (no year listed); Copy of Diary I of Officer Hutchinson’s description of events of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, on December 7, 1941, while on his watch aboard the "U.S.S. Dewey," and writings of events through May 22, 1942

Diary II is continued writings of Officer Hutchinson, dated May 23 - October 13, 1942

Biography of Captain John L. Hutchinson, United States Navy