Joy Jackson


Archival Collection (England)




BOX 1 –Brochures, Pamphlets, and Booklets about Tourist Attractions

Folder 1 Parks and Gardens

a) The Tropical Bird Gardens, Rode, Nr. Bath, brochure, 1974

b) Hidcote Manor Gardens, Gloucestershire, brochure and booklet

c) Longleat, the Stately Home and Safari Park and Lord Bath’s Private Winston T. Churchill
Collection, brochure, 1974

d) The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Souvenir Guide, 1974

e) North Wales, published by the Wales Tourist Board, 1974

f) The Cotswolds–Heart of England, brochure

g) Yorkshire Dales National Park, 1971

h) Wild Flowers of the Hedgerows, A fully illustrated introduction to some of the species found by the wayside with
text by E. A. Ellis


Folder 2 Maps of Cities of England

a) York Official Guide + Miniguide

b) York Miniguide + Map

c) Map of Ancient Monuments & Historic Buildings in the Care of the State

d) A Traveler’s Map of the British Isles

e) What to see in Norwich

f) Shrewsbury historical centre

g) Old Maps of Shrewsbury

h) Map of Bath City Centre, issued free with Constable’s City of Bath Guide Book

i) Edinburgh City Transport Map, containing details of Bus Route and City Centre Plan

j) City of Chester Map

k) Beaufort Hotel, Bath Map

l) Street Plan of Stratford-Upon-Avon

m) Old Map of London, 1593, Authentic Replica on Antiqued Parchment (in an envelop)

n) Bartholomews Historical Map of London

o) Historical Map of England & Wales, by L. G. Bullock

p) Historical Map of Scotland, by L. G. Bullock

q) Map of Roman Britain, published by the Ordnance Survey, 1956


Folder 3 Museums of England

a) Victoria & Albert Museum, London

b) Gulbenkian Museum of Oriental Art and Archaeology, University of Durham, booklet

c) Ham House, Near Richmond, Surrey, brochure

d) Osterley Park House, Osterley, Middlesex, brochure

e) Bethnal Green Museum, Cambridge Heath Road, London, brochure

f) The Wellington Museum, Apsley House, Hyde Park Corner, brochure

g) Castle Howard, Costume Galleries, 1974

h) University of Oxford Gallery Plans and Brief History of the Ashmolean Museum, 1975-76

i) A Thirteenth-Century Portrait Gallery at Salisbury Cathedral, by Selby Whittingham, 1972

j) The British Museum and the galleries of The British Library with descriptions of selected
, Guide and Map

k) The National Portrait Gallery, a brief history by Roy Strong

l) National Portrait Gallery, The Regency, 1810-20



BOX 1 –Brochures, Pamphlets, and Booklets about Tourist Attractions

Folder 4 Castles and Stately Homes of England

a) The Banqueting House, Whitehall, By John Charlton, pamphlet

b) Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire, by P. K. Baillie Reynolds

c) Kenilworth Castle, Department of the Environment, 1971, brochure

d) Richmond Castle, Yorkshire, Department of the Environment, 1971, brochure

e) Conway Castle, Caernarvonshire, Department of the Environment, 1968, brochure

f) Audley End, Essex, booklet

g) Sulgrave Manor, booklet

h) Caernarvon Castle, DOE Official Guidebook, 1961

i) Windsor Castle, booklet, 1974

j) Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire

k) Ragley Hall, The Warwickshire home of the Marquess and Marchioness of Hertford, Historic seat
of the Conway-Seymour Family, booklet, 1975

l) Hatfield House, by Lord David Cecil, booklet

m) Plan of and Key to Ludlow Castle, brochure

n) Warwick Castle, booklet, 1972

o) Longleat House, The Wiltshire Home of the Marquess of Bath, text by Patrick J. Feeney

p) Luton Hoo, Bedfordshire, booklet, 1972

q) Woburn Abbey, booklet, 1972


Folder 5 Cathedrals and Churches

a) A Guide to Canterbury Cathedral, published by the Dean and Chapter, booklet

b) Rievaulx Abbey, Official Guidebook, Department of the Environment, booklet

c) Glastonbury Abbey Then and Now, booklet

d) Betwixt Heaven and Charing Cross, The Story of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, by Carolyn Scott, 1971, booklet

e) Pictures in Glass, Canterbury Cathedral, booklet

f) Ludlow Parish Church, St. Laurence, A History and a Record, booklet

g) Norwich Cathedral, 1973, booklet

h) Peterborough Cathedral, Cathedral Church of St. Peter, St. Paul, and St. Andrew, by Canon J. L. Cartwright,
1972, booklet

i) The Pictorial History of Chester Cathedral, 1972, booklet

j) Lincoln Cathedral, 1973, booklet

k) Constable & Turner at Salisbury, by Selby Whittingham, 1973, booklet

l) Discovering Abbeys & Priories, by Geoffrey N. Wright, 1970, booklet

m) Discovering Church, by John Harries, 1972, booklet

n) The University Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Oxford, A guide, pamphlet

o) A Guide to Chipping Campden, The Parish Church, pamphlet

p) King’s College Chapel, pamphlet

q) Cathedrals & Abbeys, Bartholomew Historic Series, Map of the British Isles

r) History at Salisbury Cathedral, by Rena Gardiner and Canon R. S. Dawson, booklet

s) The Story of Ely Cathedral, by Rena Gardiner, booklet

t) Cathedral Reborn, A Souvenir Publication to commemorate the Reconstruction and Consecration of the
Cathedral Church of St. Michael, Conventry, book

u) A Walk Round Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon, brochure



BOX 1 –Brochures, Pamphlets, and Booklets about Tourist Attractions

Folder 6 Cities of England

a) Looking Around Ludlow, compiled, illustrated and inscribed by Winifred Burlingham, 1973, booklet

b) Bath, Visitors’ Guide by Constaples, booklet

c) Official Guide, City of Wells, the Cathedral City in the Mendips, Somerset, booklet

d) Chester, brochure

e) What’s on . . . in the City of Chester, July 1974, brochure

f) Chester, Accommodation List and General Information, pamphlet

g) Chester, Official Guide, booklet

h) The British Isles, Chester, brochure

i) The British Isles, Cambridge, brochure

j) Cambridge in Brief, booklet

k) Edinburgh, brochure

l) 55 Things to do in Edinburge, brochure

m) Edinburge George, brochure

n) Edinburgh in Colour, booklet

o) England, York (2 brochures)

p) Visitor’s Colchester, a guide for a short visit, 1972, booklet

q) Devon and Cornwall, brochure

r) Your Kind of Town . . . Southend-on-Sea, brochure

s) London, Historic Places in the Care of the Department of Environment, brochure

t) The City of London, `the One Square Mile,’ booklet

u) The City of Canterbury, the Ancient Seat of Kentish Kings, booklet

v) The British Isles, Norwich, brochure

w) The City of Norwich, Capital of East Anglia, booklet

x) Lincoln: the growth of a medieval town, by Dulcie Duke, booklet

y) Oxford, the City and the Colleges, booklet

z) The Oxford Guide, 1975/6, booklet

aa) Stratford-upon-Avon, New Pictorial Guide with Descriptive Text by Levi Fox, booklet


Folder 7 Other Buildings of England

a) Royal Opera House Covent Garden, Carmen, booklet

b) Dove Cottage, A short guide to the home of William Wordsworth, 1799-1808, booklet

c) Bodleian Library, Oxford, brochure

d) Rhodes House Library, Oxford, brochure, 1969

e) Blackwell’s, Board Street, Oxford, brochure

f) Blackwell’s, Organization and Services, Broad Street, Oxford, booklet


Folder 8 General Areas of England

a) South East Essex in the Prehistoric Period, by Donald G. Macleod, 1971, booklet

b) South East Essex in the Roman Period, by Warwick Rodwell, 1971, booklet

c) South East Essex in the Saxon Period, by Leonard Helliwell, 1971, booklet

d) Medieval Essex, From the Conquest to the Eve of the Reformation, 1968 booklet

e) Elizabethan Essex, 1968, booklet

f) The Borders, brochure

g) Getting Around the Highlands, A Pictorial Guide for Visitors, booklet



BOX 1 –Brochures, Pamphlets, and Booklets about Tourist Attractions

Folder 8 General Areas of England Continued

h) The Lake District, Historic Places in the Care of the Dept. of the Environment,

i) Lake District, booklet

j) Northumbria, Historic Places in the Care of The Department of the Environment,


Folder 9 Archaeological Findings of England

a) Hadrian’s Wall, An Illustrated Guide, Department of the Environment, London, 1963, booklet

b) The Roman Theatre of Verulamium (And Adjacent Buildings), St. Albans, booklet

c) Old Sarum, Wiltshire, Department of the Environment, Ancient Monuments and Historic

Buildings, 1971, pamphlet


Folder 10 People of England

a) Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of Lincoln, 1235-1253, Lincoln Minister Pamphlets No.
7, published by the Friends of Lincoln Cathedral, reprint 1966

b) St. Margaret Queen of Scotland and Her Chapel, by Lucy Menzies, Ronald A. Knox,
Ronald Selby Wright, booklet, 1957

c) George Fox, by Vernon Noble, Quaker Biographies, August 1969


Folder 11 Miscellaneous

a) The Great Charter, by J. C. Dickinson, The Historical Association, London, 1968, booklet

b) Arms and Armour in England, from the early Middle Ages to the Civil War, 1970, booklet

c) Discovering English Customs and Traditions, by Margaret Gascoigne, 1969, booklet

d) British Rail, From 30 September 1974

e) A Concise Guide to Colleges of Oxford University, 1975, booklet

f) The Cutty Sark, booklet about the clipper ship

g) The Crown Jewels and Coronation Ritual, 1972, booklet

h) Tulane University College Tour Course No. 1, June 10-July 9, 1974 (2 brochures)

i) Tulane University College Tour Course No. 1, paper prepared by Charles L. Dufour

j) British Special Stamp Issues 1974


Folder 12 Post Cards of England

130 different scenes of England