Abigail Townsend Kent Collection


Box 1

Loose Items in box:

  1. Southeast Louisiana Historical Association Papers, vol. 6, 1979
  2. Southeast Louisiana Historical Association Papers, vol. 8, 1982
  3. Louisiana Plantation Homes
  4. Souvenir of Mt. Olivet Church, New Orleans, La 1864-1903
  5. Souvenir Album Hammond, Louisiana, 1897
  6. Once Upon A Bayou by: Howard Jacobs & Jim Rice
  7. Centennial, March 23-29, 1969


Folder 1

  1. Bond issued by the Confederate States of America, February 17, 1864


Folder 2

  1. Xeroxed copy of The Railroad Man’s Magazine, August 1910
  2. Handwritten notes on the Edwards family (2 pages)
  3. Notes from the Edwards Family Bible
  4. Xerox map I.1.S.R.7.E. Greensburg District, 1827; memorandum by Doris Kent
  5. Newspaper clippings concerning the Edwards family


Folder 3 – Genealogy

  1. Various newspaper clippings, documents, family history, memorandums on the Kent family


Folder 4

  1. The Great Days of the Garden District and the Old City of Lafayette
  2. The Last Views of the Kentwood Mills: The Brooks-Scanlon Co., Kentwood, LA, 1922
  3. 4- 4x6 postcard photographs
  4. 1- 8x10 photo of pine logs being loaded on train (2 copies)
  5. 1- 8x10 photo of the 1902 train wreck, Kentwood
  6. 1- 8x10 photo of early skidder Banner LBR Co., Mr. E.V. Preston
  7. 1- 8x10 photo of Mass Skidder wreck Cutrer
  8. 1- 8x10 photo of Mass-logger wreck C. Cutrer
  9. 1- 8x10 photo of Mt. Herman Bank
  10. 1-8x10 photo of Banner LBR Co., Kentwood
  11. Brooks Scanlon Corporation newsletter
  12. Brooks-Scanlon Corporation newsletter, October 1944, vol. 14 no. 10
  13. Brooks-Scanlon Corporation newsletter, December 1948, vol. 18, no. 12
  14. Buckeye Fiberscope Newsletter, March 1975, vol. 1, no. 1
  15. Various documents concerning Kent family genealogy (12 pages


Folder 5 – Photographs and Letters

  1. 10 cent ticket for Genesee Lumber Co.
  2. Clipping of Amos Kent
  3. Postcard and letter to Amos Kent
  4. Envelope labeled Amos Kent with various pictures, newspaper clippings, and notes
  5. 1-8x10 photograph of Kent Mills and Brick Yard, Kents Mill, LA
  6. 1-8x10 photograph of Brick Kilns- Kent Mills
  7. 1-8x10 photograph Kentwood, Greensburg, & Southwestern Kents Mill Logging R.R. “Maud” “Eva” “Amos”
  8. 1-8x10 photograph Kentwood, Greensburg, & Southwestern Locomotives “Margaret”
  9. 1-4x6 photograph of Kentwood, Greensburg & Southwestern Locomotive “Maud”
  10. 1-8x10 photograph of H.E. Byrd, Logging Contractor, Logging Latham & Smith Tract, Amos Kent LBR. & Brick Co.
  11. 1-8x10 photograph Kentwood, Greensburg & Southwestern Bob O’Steen, Engineer in White
  12. 1-8x10 photograph “Amos” at Freilertown
  13. 1-8x10 photograph Wreck of a Shay on Kentwood, Greensburg, & Southwestern R.R.
  14. 1-8x10 photograph Sawmill. Isabella LBR. Co. Kentwood, LA. E.V. Preston on left
  15. 1-8x10 photograph Banner LBR Co. (Formerly Isabelle) after the Enochs and Lamptons had improved it.
  16. 1-8x10 photograph Log shipped by Banner LBR. Co. to Tennessee Centennial at Nashville, Tennessee
  17. 1-8x10 photograph Kentwood & Eastern Narrow Gauge “Zoe Preston”
  18. 1-8x10 photograph E.V. Preston Family and Friends on outing on K & E.R.R.
  19. 1-8x10 photograph E.V. Preston and Cruiser “Mariquita” purchased with W.C. Kent for use at the “Owl Roost”, their hunting and fishing camp at Pass Manchac
  20. 1-8x10 photograph “Mule Skidder” Banner LBR. Co. E.V. Preston, Superintendant
  21. 1-8x10 photograph Hackley Station on K& E. Narrow Gauge
  22. 1-8x10 photograph Wreck on ICRR in 1902, Near Terry’s Creek, North of Kentwood
  23. 1-8x10 photograph Locomotive “Tom Leake” on Nalty Operation at Present Day, Fluker, LA
  24. 1-8x10 photograph of man standing by train engine
  25. 1- 5x7 photograph railroad worker standing next to train
  26. 1-4x6 “Maud” Engine
  27. 1-8x10 photograph R.B. C. & N engine with two men standing beside
  28. 1-8x10 photograph of family
  29. 1-8x10 photograph of J.P. and Roberta Morris, 1904
  30. 1-8x10 photograph of 3 men
  31. 1-8x10 photograph of 3 men
  32. 1-8x10 photograph Engine “Margaret
  33. 1-8x10 photograph of men working on railroad bridge
  34. 1-8x10 photograph of Kent Sawmill taken 1902-1912