Louisiana Purchase

Archival Collection


1. Genuine 4 page newspaper in Fine Condition. New England Palladium, Boston, October 5, 1804. Over a full front page column under the heading of Spanish Affairs--No. III. All about West Florida, not being a part of Louisiana with mention of the tract of land to the Eastward of the rivers Mississippi and Iberville, etc. BY THE CESSION OF LOUISIANA, THE UNITED STATES WILL GAIN BUT LITTLE ON THE GULF OF MEXICO, etc. On another column and taking up over a full column, Our Relations with Spain. Full text of a CONVENTION BETWEEN THE U. S. & SPAIN, signed at Madrid, Aug. 11, 1802 and signed in type by PEDRO CEVALLOS & CHARLES PINCKEY. Further on relations with Spain. . .to be continued. On page 2 is a LETTER FROM CHARLESTON AGAINST DUELLING, signed in type by members of the Committee of the Cincinnati and of the American Revolution Society with such names as Charles Pinckney of the Cincinnati and David Ramsay of the American Revolution Society. Much more on duelling which was caused by the aftermath of the Hamilton-Burr Duel. Almost a full column Address TO THE FRENCH INHABITANTS OF LOUISIANA.