John Magee Collection


BOX   1 

  1.      Slides on Blacks in the Florida Parishes (116 slides in tray)
  2.      Narrative about slides on cassette tape
  3.      Handwritten script of narrative
  4.      Sullivan house placed on national register, Daily News, September 21, 1979 (xeroxed
    newspaper clipping laminated to construction paper)
  5.      BOGALUSA (A Song) (Dedicated to the Founders by the Author, A. H. Ziemer), (laminated
    to construction paper)
  6.      Facts About Bogalusa, Louisiana (2 Xeroxed pages)
  7.      Article about Bogalusa’s Education, Sunday News, June 28, 1964 (3 Xeroxed pages)
  8.      Newspaper photograph, Civil Rights Marchers, Summer of 1965, Bogalusa, Louisiana
    (Xeroxed page laminated to construction paper-also another Xerox copy of picture)
  9.      A Glance Back Into Bogalusa’s Past (2 newspaper photographs laminated to construction
  10. Program of Inaugural Ceremonies December 4, 1978 (4 Xeroxed pages stapled to construction
  11. Population, Definition of American Negro (article laminated to construction paper)
  12. 1721–First Plantation at Baton Rouge (2 Xeroxed paged laminated to construction paper)
  13. St. Paul A.M.E. Church, September 19, 1976–Brief history by William Bailey, Jr. (Xeroxed
    page laminated to construction paper)
  14. St. Paul A.M.E. Church, Bogalusa Celebrates, Dedicatory Services and Sixty-Fifth Homecoming,
    August 7-13, 1978 (13 page Xeroxed booklet stapled in folder)
  15. Colored Churches (Xeroxed page laminated to construction paper)
  16. Masonic groups plan centennial, unidentified newspaper, n.d. (Newspaper clipping)
  17. Miss Butler receives MA, unidentified newspaper, n.d. (newspaper clipping)
  18. Heebe takes school district plan under study, Daily News, June 26, 1980 (newspaper
  19. Voters League meeting slated, unidentified newspaper, n.d. (newspaper clipping)
  20. HEW receives local complaint, unidentified newspaper, n.d. (newspaper clipping)
  21. Heebe to get districting plan, Sunday News, June 15, 1980 (newspaper clipping)
  22. Treen doesn’t address blacks, unidentified newspaper, n.d. (newspaper clipping)
  23. 1828 map shows `Jacksonville’ on the Bogue Lusa, Daily News, June 10, 1980 (newspaper
  24. Bailey heads city council, Daily News, December 5, 1979 (Xeroxed newspaper clipping)
  25. Piccinati, Bailey named to city council offices, Daily News, n.d. (2 Xeroxed pages
    of newspaper clipping)
  26. Bogalusa Once Called Scene of Long (Huey) Assassination Plot, Daily News, March 28,
    1967 (2 Xeroxed pages of newspaper clipping)
  27. Gravel transformed Columbia `Road’ into `street,’ unidentified newspaper, n.d. (Xeroxed
    newspaper clipping)
  28. Parker Body Taken to Hattiesburg, Daily News, May 5, 1959 (Xeroxed newspaper clipping)
  29. Beautiful Bogalusa: A New Black-and-White Complexion by Bruce Galpin, Washington Post,
    taken from front page of Seattle Times, November 24, 1969 (Xeroxed page attached to
    above article)
  30. Article on Bogalusa, unidentified newspaper, n. d. (Xeroxed part of newspaper article)
  31. First Negro Registered; Thomas to Follow Order, Bogalusa Daily News, July 28, 1950
    (Xeroxed newspaper article laminated to construction paper–2 copies)
  32. Listen to Andrew Moses’ `Spiritual Time,’ WBOX 920 AM Radio Station (advertisement
    laminated to construction paper)
  33. Desegregation Hearing Set for E. Feliciana, unidentified newspaper September 8, 1973;
    High Court Vetoes Clinton Conviction of Five Negroes, unidentified newspaper, n. d.;
    Court Studies Plea to Upset Ruling in Clinton Library Case; White Castle Negro Jailed
    At Plaquemine, Morning Advocate, December 7, 1965; E. Feliciana Black Group May Support
    Bond Issue, unidentified newspaper July 8, 1976; White Associate Professor at SU Raises
    Family With Black View, Sunday Advocate, May 13, 1979 (five xeroxed newspaper clippings
    stapled to construction paper
  34. Clara Otis Marks Her 100th Birthday, unidentified newspaper, n. d.; Clara Dillon Otis,
    Centenarian, Dies, Bogalusa Daily News, September 4, 1952; Martha Dunbar, Ex-Slave,
    Recalls Fall of Confederacy, Bogalusa Daily News, August 15, 1949 (three xeroxed newspaper
    clippings stapled to construction paper)
  35. Short biographies of black leaders, Isaac Lane, John Mercer Langston, Edmonis Lewis,
    James Lewis, Jermain Wesley Loguen, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Robert Duncanson, Oscar
    James Dunn, John Stephens Durham, Robert Eliott Brown, James W. C. Pennington, Pinckney
    Benton Stewart Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback, “Mammy” E. Pleasants (Mrs. Alexander
    Smith), and Frank Yerby (eight Xeroxed pages stapled to construction paper)
  36. Xeroxed photograph of “The White League, an organization of white terrorists, attacks
    policemen and militia in an abortive attempt to take over the Louisiana state government
    in 1874
  37. People of Color in Louisiana (xerox of page 361 of unidentified publication)
  38. Negro Migration During The War (xerox of page 70 and a map from unidentified publication)
  39. Elementary School Certificate of Willie Ginn from Central High School of Washington
    Parish, June 12, 1935 (Xerox copy)
  40. Southernite, Founders’ Day Issue, Summer 1980


BOX   2 

  1. Slides on East Baton Rouge Parish (58 slides in tray)


  1. Narrative of slides on a cassette tape
  2. Handwritten narrative of slides
  3. East Baton Rouge Parish: Then and Now by Elizabeth Blanchard, Lorraine Robertson,
    and JoAnn Green (23 page paper)
  4. East Baton Rouge (fifteen page booklet of Xeroxed pages laminated to construction
    paper and stapled together)

                  1) Louisiana Places, Scotlandville, Roppolloville, Deerford, and
Devils Swamp

                  2) Photograph, Ferryboat at Baton Rouge, 1966

                  3) Young gets Demo job, newspaper clipping, unidentified newspaper,

                  4) Louisiana Places, The Plains

                  5) Photograph, Baton Rouge Electric Company repair crew

                  6) Photograph, Baton Rouge Riverfront, circa 1861(?)

                  7) Photograph, Horse-drawn streetcars, Baton Rouge

                  8) Photograph of an unidentified family

                  9) East Baton Rouge Parish Recipes, Persimmon Bread

                 10) Recipes, Wild Duck and  Stuffed Venison Steak

                 11) Photograph of Garig Home on the river by Old State Capitol

                 12) Photograph, Baton Rouge waterfront, circa 1898

                 13) Photograph, Old State Capitol, Baton Rouge

                 14) Photograph, Baton Rouge, circa 1901

                 15) Photograph, St. Louis & New Orleans boat “City of Baton Rouge”

  1. Transparencies and Xerox copies (5 Maps)

                  1) City of Baton Rouge, Ward 1

                  2) East Baton Rouge Parish

                  3) Parish of East Baton Rouge

                  4) City of Baton Rouge

                  5) Capitols of Louisiana

  1. Eleven black and white photographs, 4″ x 5″

                  1) Historic marker, Baton Rouge Post Cemetery

                  2) Historic marker, Battle of Baton Rouge, 1862

                  3) Historic marker, Ceremonial Indian Mound

                  4) Historic marker, First Air Mail Flight

                  5) Historic marker, Old State Capitol

                  6) Historic marker, Site of Early Gunsmith Shop

                  7) Historic marker, Site of Spanish Battery, 1779

                  8) Map of East and West Florida (2 copies)

                  9) Baton Rouge Water Works Standpipe

                 10) Garden of New State Capitol


BOX   3 

  1. Slides on The Felicianas (61 slides in tray)


  1. Script for slides on The Felicianas on Cassette Tape
  2. Interview with Pam Percy on the Feliciana Parishes by Dave Bazer-Ethnic Workshop (cassette
  3. Script for slides, “Anglo-Saxons in the Florida Parishes of Louisiana” (no slides)–Also
    cassette tape of script
  4. Fifteen pages of Indian terms, myths and legends, and bibliography
  5. Louisiana State Department of Education, Bulletin No. 1455, Italian Curriculum Guide,


BOX   4 

  1. Slides on Hungarians of Hungarian Settlement, Livingston Parish, Louisiana (46 slides
    in a box)


  1. Typed script, cassette tape of script, and handwritten cards of script to accompany
    Hungarian slides
  2. The Hungarians in the Florida Parishes of Louisiana (15 page typed manuscript written
    by Norma Cleveland, Patricia Harris, and Lucille Schwab)
  3. Hungarian Folklore (eight pages of typed articles laminated to construction paper
    and stapled together)
  4. Hungarian Specialties (six pages of Hungarian recipes laminated to construction paper
    and stapled together)
  5. Examples of the Hungarian-American Bilingual Program (twelve pages of explanation
    of the Hungarian-American Bilingual Program and examples of Hungarian used in the
  6. Transparencies (five–2 maps, 2 of Hungarian Costumes, and 1 of flags
  7. Interview with the Bruskay Sisters of Hungarian Settlement (1 cassette tape)
  8. Miscellaneous–a xerox of a photograph of Hungarian dancers and a xerox page showing
    dispersed settlement

BOX   5 

  1. Slides on St. Tammany Parish (50 slides in tray)


  1. Typed script for St. Tammany Parish slides, cassette tape of script, and handwritten
    cards of script
  2. Transparencies and xerox copies of five maps

                 1) Spanish East and West Florida

                 2) Territory of Orleans (1808-1809)

                 3) Territory of Orleans (1810)

                 4) The Florida Parishes

                 5) St. Tammany Parish

  1. Centennial Edition The St. Tammany Farmer, Covington, Louisiana, October 25, 1973
  2. Historical Chronicles of South, Week of January 12, 1976, featuring St. Tammany Parish
  3. Newspaper Clippings

                  1) The love-life of Live Oaks in St. Tammany, The Banner, December
1, 1974

                  2) Father Francis’ name still evokes memories, The Banner, December
18, 1974

                  3) Mathilde Johnson, Last full-blooded Choctaw in Lacombe, St. Tammany
News-Banner, February 18, 1976

                  4) Bitter-sweet dreams and broken hearts, St. Tammany News Banner,
May 2, 1976

                  5) Choctaw myths and legends, The Louisiana Historical Chronicle,
Week of August 30, 1976

                  6) Jesuit discovers mirtle wax in St. Tammany