Eva McCracken

Archival Collection



1. James McCracken's leather collar box with celluloid collars and cuffs therein

2. James McCracken's wallet

3. James McCracken's jewelry box with items within (red velvet, 5" x 6" x 3" high)

a) James McCracken's pocket watch

b) James McCracken's watch fob

c) J. W. McCracken's tie clasp

d) John C. McCracken's bicycle name plate

e) Susan Maria Waterman McCracken's collar pin (stud)

f) Susan Maria Waterman McCracken's thimble

g) Picture of Susan Maria McCracken (1" x 1")

4. James McCracken's necessary containing:

a) Two pair of eyeglasses in cases

b) James McCracken's tinder box

c) Mirror

d) Small coin purse (pearl with New Orleans, La. on front) containing small coin dated 1800

5. James McCracken's pipe bowls (2)--one shaped like a bull

6. Susan Maria Waterman McCracken's carriage umbrella--black with a folding handle

7. Two books (2 ½" x 4")--one has on front: To Pauline from her God-Mother Mrs. J. N. W. Otto. It's an 1896 Book of Common Prayer. The other is The Hymnal. It has a four leaf clover in it. The books are attached.

8. Glass cup with metal bowl attached to the top of it. The metal bowl has holes in it. A very small spoon with holes in it is with the cup.



1. Ornate metal picture frame with name of Susan Maria Waterman McCraken written on back

2. Ornate metal picture with name of James McCracken written on back (no picture)

3. Folding picture frame (211 x 2")--lady on one side and a little child on the other side

4. Loose Pictures:

a) Two more of the same pose of Susan Marie Waterman McCracken as one in the metal frame (5" x 7")--one in a frame

b) Young lady posing on a balcony (5" x 7")

c) Lady sitting holding a book with a little boy standing beside her (5" x 7")

d) Picture of a small baby (5" x 7") (tintype and a tinted picture)

e) Two Pictures of James McCracken (2" x 3")

f) Pose of a man with a white beard sitting in a chair holding a book (2" x 3")

5. Folding picture frame (2" x 2")--picture of a baby

6. Picture album (brown with Carrie Libby stenciled on front)



1. Red picture album (family heirloom dating back to 1880s)

2. Brown picture album

3. Brown poetry album. In the front is written "A birthday gift to our sister from Thomas and Kate, New Orleans, July 5, 1852, Miss Susan M. Waterman"



1. James McCracken's waistcoat (velvet and all hand stitched)

2. Framed picture of 25 men and women (12" x 15"). Note on back reads: Mary Antin found this old picture in the attic of the Adams home after she and Walter bought it. The woman on the front row left side is Susan Marie Waterman McCracken and the man behind her is James McCracken.

3. James McCracken's folding school slate (12" x I5") --believed to date to the early 1830s