Microfilm and Microfiche

Archival Collections


Microfilm about Livingston Parish

1. Livingston Parish Police Jury Minutes: Minute Books 1875-1897 (1 Reel)

2. Archives Notarial Acts of Livingston Parish, Frederick F. Landry, Notary--Notarial Acts Nov. 16, 1892 to December 26, 1900 (1 Reel)

3. Sp. Col. Film 267- -Dr. George Colmer's Book F--List of Medical Accounts (Livingston Parish-1850s) contains family information (1 Reel--2 copies) Note: Archives has a handwritten copy of medical records in Livingston Parish Collection Box 1

4. Sp. Col. Film 167--Dr. George Colmer's Diary C (Livingston Parish) (1 Reel--2 copies)


Archives has printed copy of Diary C in open stacks, Call No. F/377.L6C6

5. Macedonia Baptist Church Minute Books (1869-1933)-1968 (Livingston Parish); Microfilm copy filmed from 12 items and 4 manuscript volumes in the Manuscript and Archival Collection of the Department of Archives and Manuscripts at L.S.U. (1 Reel)

6. Salem Baptist Church Minute Book (1901-1916)-1927 (Livingston Parish); Microfilm filmed from 1 item and 1 manuscript volume in the Department of Archives and Manuscripts at L.S.U. (1 Reel)

Microfilm about Tangipahoa Parish

7. New Tickfaw Baptist Church Minute Book 1888-1903, 1945 (Tangipahoa Parish); Microfilm copy filmed from 1 loose item and 1 manuscript volume in Dept. of Archives & Man. at L.S.U. (1 Reel)

8. Methodist-Episcopal Church South, Ponchatoula, Louisiana (January 31, 1899-1940--some records as early as 1880)--Quarterly Conference Record Books; Register of Pastors; History of Sunday School 1877; Register of Marriages; Register of Infant Baptisms; Register of Members; Miscellaneous papers in Church Register Book contains letters of transfer and a handwritten history of the Church's beginnings. (1 Reel--5 copies)

8a. Spring Creek Church Record Book, 1859-1903

9. C. W. Witbeck Collection:

a) Steam Engines for Logging and Sugar Railways through Louisiana Sugar (1 Reel--3 copies)

Louisiana Roster Book 1-5

Mississippi Book 1-5

Alabama Book 1

Louisiana Sugar Book 1

b) Engine Specifications: (5 Reels)

Reel 1 1869 B.L.W. 5

1872 B.L.W. 6

1873 B.L.W. 7

1876 B.L.W. 8 (to p. 75)

Reel 2 1876 B.L.W. 8 (p. 76)

1878 B.L.W. 9

1879 B.L.W. 10 (to p. 109) 11-24-1880

Reel 3 1879 B.L.W. 10 (p. 210)

1881-82 B.L.W. 11

Reel 4 1883 B.L.W. 12

1886-87 B.L.W. 13

1887-88 B.L.W. 14

Reel 5 1888-89 B.L.W. 15

1890-91 B.L.W. 16

1891 B.L.W. 17

1892 B.L.W. 18


10. Morrison Papers: (1 Reel--2 copies (1) Kalvar Positive; (1) Diazo Negative)

Farmer's Friend 1938 and 1939

Louisiana Protective Union

11. Charles Anzalone Papers: (1 Reel-Kalvar Positive)

1A. Newspaper Clippings

2. Letters

3. Miscellaneous

4. Seminar

12. Clerk of Court Tangipahoa Parish, Amite, Louisiana (8 Reels)

Reel 3 Index COB (1820-1931) Vendor H thru K and L thru M (to p. 150 of M) (2 copies)

Reel 4

Index COB Vendor L, M, N through R (2 copies)

Reel 7

Index COB Vendee C-D end of Book, E-G end of Book, H-J beginning of Book (2 copies)

Reel 8

Index COB Vendee 1820-1931, H-J end of Book, K-L end of Book, M-N beginning of book

(2 copies)

Note: Missing Reels 1, 2, 5, and 6

Microfilm about Washington Parish

13. Ellis Cemetery Records 1812-1942, (4 volumes) Washington Parish, LA--Records found in 1976 with belongings of Murphy Bateman. He kept up with records of burials in the cemetery for many years. Mrs. Richard N. (Vicki) Knight, Franklinton, Louisiana donated microfilm (Murphy Bateman was her husband's grandfather) (1 Reel)

Contains lot owners and lot numbers--some from the old cemetery. Some entries list age, sex, date of birth and date of burial, last residence (city), place of birth (city, parish, or state), cause of death, nearest relative, social state, name of undertaker, some interments do not put the name of children who died at birth or shortly thereafter, some shown as "still born" and carry the name of the nearest relative. Records of Ellis Cemetery Association starting with February 26, 1904.

Microfilm of Louisiana Records

14. Records on Deliberations of the Cabildo 1769-1803 (7 Reels)

Digest of the acts compiled and edited by Work Projects Administration, Project 665-64-3112, Mrs. E. D. Friedrichs, Custodian, City Hall Archives, New Orleans, August 1939

Original records in Spanish (3 Reels)

Transcript in English (4 Reels)

The four Reels in English contain typewritten copies translated from the original. The alphabetical and chronological Digest of the Acts are on Reel 1. This digest was compiled from the original Spanish Cabildo books consisting of ten volumes covering the municipal records of the Spanish government.

Reel 1 must be used first in order for the researcher to effectively utilize the cabildo records.

Reel 1 (English)

--Contains an index of names of individuals and subject areas, Main Index for all the books, and the Alphabetical Index.

Part I--list officials and their activities

Part II--synopsis of resolutions, alphabetically and chronologically


Reel 1

--contains the typewritten translation of Book 1. Each book is preceded by a chronological list of its contents. Part of Book 2 up to page 150 is located on Reel 1.

List of Contents Book 2. Reel 1, Volume No. 1 (Note: use # in upper right hand corner--August 18, 1769 to August 27, 1779 with chronological list of contents directly before the beginning of Volume No. 1, Vol. 1 contains 331 pages.

Volume 2--part of this volume is on Reel 1 September 8, 1779 to June 25, 1784 up to page 150. The complete volume 2 contains 230 pages and is continued on Reel 2 starting with page 151. The complete index for Vol. 2 is directly before the beginning of Volume No. 2 on Reel 1.

Reel 2

--Continuation of Volume 2 starting at page 150 to 235 (end) September 8, 1779 to June 25, 1784. Note: Researcher must use Reel 1 to see the Master Alphabetical Index to determine which page and volume number and/or the complete chronological index directly before Vol. 2.

Volume 3, Number 1--July 2, 1784 to December 14, 1787, chronological list of contents directly before the beginning of Vol. 3, No. 1. Vol. 3, No. 1 contains 197 pages.

Vol. 3, No. 2--January 1, 1788-May 18, 1792. Complete chronological index directly before Vol. 3. No. 2, 218 pages.

Vol. 3, No. 3--May 25, 1792 to April 17, 1795. Chronological list of contents before Vol. 3, No. 3--(end of Vol. 3 to page 206.

Reel 3

--Volume 4, No. 1, April 24, 1795 to July 7, 1799, 221 pages (Chronological index before Vol. 4)

Vol. 4, No. 2--July 14, 1797 to December 20, 1798 (Chronological index) 194 pages.

Vol. 4, No. 3--January 1. 1799 to September 12, 1800 (Chronological index)

Vol. 4, No. 4--September 19, 1800 to July 17, 1802 up to page 135--continued on Reel. 4 (Chronological index)

Reel 4

--Continuation of Vol. 4, No. 4--page 136 to 228, September 11, 1801. Note: Use either alphabetical index on Reel 1 or chronological index on Reel 3 at beginning of Vol. 4, No. 4.

Vol. 4, No. 5--July 19, 1802 to November 18, 1803 (Chronological list of contents (page 1 to 110)

15. Records of the Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas; 1576-1803 Microfilm from records at the Archives at Notre Dame University (12 Reels-1 guide book which Contains alphabetical list)

Useful because of close connection between Church and State under the French and Spanish colonial regimes in Louisiana and Florida.

The calendars are to be used as an aid to the original documents. The researcher must go to the original for complete accuracy. NOTE: Items dated by year only will be found at the beginning of the year. Items dated by month and year will be found at the beginning of the month. Listed chronologically. The guide and the first Reel of microfilm lists alphabetically the names of authors of items in the collection and the names of persons and places that are calendared. Use this list and the calendars to locate items of particular interest to the researcher.


Frames are numbered. If you see a frame # followed by "A" it means that another frame had to be added. If you find a frame # missing, it means the frame was deleted.

The Guide must be read to understand how to effectively use and understand the information in the calendars.


Reel 1

--Introduction; alphabetical list; and calendars, 1576-1803 (Calendars up to 1799)

Reel 2

--(1576-1790) Earliest documents May 27, 1576 to 1786 are only 40 in number. There are 134 items for 1786 to 1790. Marriages, funerals, and ecclesiastical affairs. Partial list of those killed by the Natchez Indians (see December 13, 1737 for this) 1788--registry of persons in Louisiana, Mobile, and Pensacola.

Reel 3

--(1791-January 1795) Large dossiers relating to particular subjects. Census figures 1795.

Reel 4

--(February 1795-February 1796) Various census reports. Records of first Bishop of Louisiana and the Floridas (arrival July 1795).

Reel 5

--(March 1796-February 1797) Parish census reports. Report on conditions in the Cathedral Parish of New Orleans and part of the city. (Some of the latter are badly faded) Names of men in Infantry of Louisiana.

Reel 6

--(March 1797-October 1797) Parish census reports. Names of the Second Battalion of the Infantry of Mexico.

Reel 7

--(November 1797-August 1798) Parish census reports. Marriages and burials at Cabahanoce for 1796.

Reel 8

--(September 1798-December 1799) Parish census report. Investigation of the conduct of Father Juan Delvaux.

Reel 9

--(1800-May 1801) Parish census report; royal dispatches; conditions in the Diocese of Louisiana and Floridas.

Reel 10

--(June 1801-April 1802) Parish census reports. Dossier on new archivist--some marriages and lawsuits back to 1773.

Reel 11

--(May 1802-November 1802) Rumors of a retro cession of Louisiana to France--November 18 dossier.

Reel 12

--Parish census reports. Disposal of slaves by the Ursulines. Ursulines request transfer to Havana. Set of instructions for the transfer of New Orleans to France--See November 29, 1803.

16. Sp. Col. Film 266--Overseer's Journals 1 and 2 of Seffrin Babin, Ascension Parish, Louisiana (Several Pages Missing)--Sugar Plantation Records 1862, in French, parts in English--daily record of events; quarterly inventory of stock and implements; record of wood cut and names of men and amounts, 1865-1866; record of coopers' work, 1865; page 76 & 77 list marriage and deaths of some family members, 1847-1876; records of clothing, tools etc given to the Negroes; throughout journal family birthdays and future weddings are recorded; first communion; some notes on Iberville Parish 1866 and 1877; birth of Borace "H" Gilbert Babin 16 Oct. 1905, list godparents, page 98; some 1918 entries, mostly personal verses etc. in latter part of journal. (1 Reel)

17. New Orleans, Jackson and Great Northern Railroad, Accounting Records (5 Reels)

18. Sp. Col. Film 1149--Rhottas, Jacob--Track book: maps of New Orleans, Jackson, and Great Northern Railroad (1 Reel)

19. Sp. Col. Film 1143--Commands of Louisiana Military Records--Booth's Louisiana Confederate Soldier's and Commands--Lists of Companies (2 Reels)

Reel 1--Aaron, D through R. Reese, A.

Reel 2

--R-Reese, B. N. through Z-Zylkes, Thos. G.

20. Confederate Veteran Magazine(8 Reels)

Reel 1--Vol. 1-6 (January 1893-December 1898)

Reel 2

--Vol. 7-12 (January 1899-December 1904)

Reel 3

--Vol. 13-17 (January 1905-December 1909)

Reel 4

--Vol. 18-22 (January 1910-December 1914)

Reel 5

--Vol. 23-27 (January 1915-December 1919)


Reel 6

--Vol. 28-32 (January 1920-December 1924)

Reel 7

--Vol. 33-37 (January 1925-December 1929)

Reel 8

--Vol. 38-40 (January 1930-December 1932)

Cumulative Index, The Confederate Veteran 1893-1932. Ed. Dr. Louis H. Manarin, Wilmington, N. C.: Broadfoot Publishing Co., 1986. Index is a storehouse of primary and secondary source material--40 years of reminiscences of soldiers and civilians, events of the war, postwar period, reports on organizational activities, and scholarly works. Its goal was to publish the facts so that future historians would have a complete history of the conflict.

Interest to genealogists--biographical sketches in "The Lost Reel" section of each issue. Many personal portraits--family lines. Condensed listing of United Confederate Veterans Camps (Chapters) of 1897.

How to Use the Index:

The first number in each citation is in Capital Roman Numerals and refers to the specific yearly volume. It is followed by Arabic numerals which refers to the page.


1) An unnumbered page following a numbered page is listed as the last numbered page and followed by a, b, c, d, etc. <142 c means 3rd page after page 142>

2) An unnumbered page preceding a numbered page is listed with a capital P (for preceding) and an a, b, c, etc. <142 Pb means the second page before page 142>

3) In some issues the editors changed the numbering system from Arabic to Roman. The citation lists the last Arabic numbered page plus the Roman numerals cited in lower case. <152 xvi means the sixteenth Roman numeral page after Arabic page 152>

21. Twenty-fifth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion (Civil War)--Brief history of the 25th Regiment and a complete account of the Battle of Irish Bend in Louisiana, 1-81 pp. (1 Reel)

22. Sp. Col. Film 1148--Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps-Louisiana(14 Reels)

Original Maps located in the Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress and they were filmed in the order that they were in 1981. Maps are alphabetical by city or town and then in chronological order. These are pre-1950 maps.

Reel 1

--Abbeville (3264)-Bastrop (3274)

Reel 2

--Baton Rouge (3275)-Berwick (3279)

Reel 3

--Bogalusa (3280)-Eunice (3307)

Reel 4

--Evergreen (3308)-Lake Arthur (3346)

Reel 5

--Lake Charles (3347)-Mira (3367)

Reel 6

--Monroe (3368)-New Iberia (3375)

Reel 7

--New Orleans (3376)

Reel 8

--New Orleans (3376)

Reel 9

--New Orleans (3376)

Reel 10

--New Orleans (3376)

Reel 11

--New Orleans (3376)

Reel 12

--New Roads (3377)-Scotlandville (3400)

Reel 13

--Shreveport (3401)

Reel 14

--Sikes (3402)-Youngville (3422)


23. Report on Survey of Higher Education in Louisiana, Baton Rouge, 1940-41--Louisiana State Department of Education: Report Nos. 1-5, 7-10, 12-16 (1 Reel-Positive)

24. 1900 Census of Orleans Parish, Louisiana; T623 576 and T623 577 (2 Reels)

25. 1860 St. Louis city Directory and Ward Map(1 Reel)

26. History of the World’s Industrial and Cotton Exposition held in New Orleans from December 16, 1884-May 31, 1885. Microfilm copy of handwritten book by Charles Julius Fulda, September 1888.

Book has table of Contents (p. 5 & 6) and details of each exhibit (alphabetically by state). Detailed account of the Louisiana exhibit covers agricultural products of Louisiana, models and patents, coins, quilt, tobacco, forestry exhibits. Exhibit of women’s work (industrial and scientific) Department of Colored Exhibit. Copied from New Orleans Public Library, Louisiana Division. Gift from George Fulda. This journal was his grandfather’s.

Microfilm of Records from Other States

27. Sp. Col. Film 557--Dr. Albert E. Casey Amite County, Mississippi 1699-[1890] (1 Reel)

1. Okief, Coshe Mang. Slieve Lougher and Upper Blackwater in Ireland

2. Volume I, Amite County, Mississippi 1699-1865

3. Volume II, Amite County, Mississippi 1699-1865

4. Volume III, Amite County, Mississippi 1699-1890--The Environs

28. Marriage Bonds and Records, Panola County, Mississippi (Sardis, MS) (9 Reels)

Reel 1 #39 1871-1874 Marriage Bonds

Reel 2

#40 1874-1877 Marriage Records

Reel 3

#41 1885-1899 White Records

Reel 4

#45 1884-1889 Black Records, Volume "M"

Reel 5

#46 1894-1898 Black Records, Volume "O"

Reel 6

#51 1880-1892 White Records, Volume "1"

Reel 7

#52 1893-1904 White Records, Volume "2"

Reel 8

#70 1880-1885 Black Records

Reel 9

#71 1892-1899 Black Records

Alphabetical Index refers to page number of original books (hard to read)

29. The National Cyclopedia of American Biography, Supplement, Vol. B.--Contains index to Vol. A (1926) and Vol. B (1927)-Pictures with biographies (1 Reel)

30. 1820 U. S. Census, Hartford, Kent, Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties, Maryland

(1 Reel)

31. The John MacPherson Berrien Papers (1778-1938)) A project of the Southern Historical Collection of the University of North Carolina Library, sponsored by the National Historical Publications Commission Microfilm Program. 1976 Main REF FZ206.N8 Suppl. A Guide to Manuscripts (2 Reels and1 booklet-guide to Berrien Papers)

Personal and legal correspondence of Berrien of Savannah, constitutional lawyer, U. S. senator, and attorney general in Andrew Jackson's Cabinet. Included are some papers of his father, John Berrien, and his son Lawrence Cecil Berrien and family. Personal correspondence (chiefly between 1830-1852) of Berrien with men who were prominent in the Jackson administration and in Georgia. Legal papers concerning the Fla-GA boundary controversy (1851-1855), financial papers of a rice plantation near Savannah and a farm near Clarksville, GA. Letterbook, receipt book and ledger.


Reel 1


Reel 2

1845-1851, Finances in Georgia, railroad iron duty, Henry Clay (election 1844), Politics in Georgia, Florida, Georgia boundary dispute.

Reel 3

1852-1855, George politics, undated material, genealogical material.

32. David Outlaw Papers (of Windsor, Bertie Co., N. C.)

Contains papers of David Outlaw (1806-1868), a Whig congressman, lawyer, and political leader from Windsor, Bertie County, North Carolina; genealogical material on the Outlaw and Anderson families; collection of letters of Outlaw to his wife, Emily--begins December 5, 1847 to February 12, 1851 when Outlaw served as a Whig Congressman in Washington, D. D.; booklet-guide to Outlaw Papers) (1 Reel and 1 booklet)

33. The Alger Hiss Case-Basic Documents (7 Reels)

Part 1 House Un-American Activities Committee Hearings (Reel 1)

Part 2 Baltimore Depositions; November 1948; February and March 1949 (Reel 1)

First Trial, May to July 1949 (Reel 2)

First Trial, May to July 1959 (Reel 3)

Part 3 Second Trial, November 1949-January 1950 (Reel 1)

Second Trial, November 1949-January 1950 (Reel 2)

Second Trial, November 1959-January 1950 and Appeals (Reel 3)

34. Journal of the State Convention, held in Milledgeville (Georgia) in December 1850. Milledgeville: R. M. Orme, State Printer 1850, 34pp. Union celebration in Macon, Georgia, on the Anniversary of Washington's Birthday, February 22, 1851, 48 pp. (1 Reel)

35. Sp. Col. Film 265--American State Papers: Land Grants and Claims (5 Reels)

Land Grants and Claims 1789-1837--documents, legislative and executive, of the Congress of the United States selected and edited, under the authority of Congress, by Walter Lourie and Matthew St. Clair Clarke, Washington: Gales and Seaton, 1832-1860. 9 volumes.

Reel 1

--Vol. 1 of original book, pp. 1-911 (March 3, 1789-March 3, 1815) Table of Contents at

beginning and Index after p. 911 for Vol. 1 on Microfilm Reel 1.

Vol. 2 of original book

, pp. 1-431 (November 27, 1809-March 3, 1815) Table of Contents at

beginning of Vol. 2 on Microfilm Reel 1.

Reel 2

--Vol. 2 of original book, pp. 432-898 (November 27, 1809-March 3, 1815) Index to Vol. 2 after p. 898 on Microfilm Reel 2.

Vol. 3 of original book, pp.1-895 (December 4, 1815-May 27, 1824) Index to Vol. 3 after p. 895 on Microfilm Reel 2.

Reel 3

--Vol. 4 of original book, pp. 1-962 (December 1, 1823-March 3, 1824) Index to Vol. 4 after

p. 962 on Microfilm Reel 3.

Vol. 5 of original book

, pp. 1-449 (December 3, 1827-March 3, 1829)

Reel 4

--Vol. 5 of original book, pp. 450-802 (December 3, 1827-March 3, 1829) Index to Vol. 5 after

p. 802 on Microfilm Reel 4.

Vol. 6 of original book, pp. 1-978 (December 1, 1828-April 11, 1834) Index to Vol. 6 after

p. 978 on Microfilm Reel 4.


Reel 5

--Vol. 7 of original book, pp. 1-907 (April 11, 1834-March 3, 1835) Index to Vol. 7, Part 1 at

beginning of Reel 5.

Vol. 8 of original book, pp. 994 (December 8, 1835-February 28, 1837) Index to Vol. 8 at beginning of Vol. 8, p. 995.

Finding Aids for the American State Papers:

Grassroots of America

by Phillip W. McMullin--An index to the American State Papers located in the Reference Room, Call No. REF J/33/.M3

Federal Land Grants in the Territory of Orleans: The Delta Parishes

by Charles R. Maduell, Jr.--located in the Archives and Special Collections, Call No. Sp. Col. F/377/.O7M2

This book is an aid to American State Papers, Public Lands, Vol. II--It is arranged by counties as they existed in 1812. The researcher needs to look in the General Index for the area desired. The book has 49 indexed areas according to locale.

eg: Iberville County, East Side of the Mississippi River

Allain Simon


The 92-354 refers to item 92 page 354 of American State Papers, Public Lands, Vol. II. When using this book take the time to read the introduction in the beginning.

36. State Land Tract Books 1 and 2, Greensburg District (1 Reel)

37. Field Notes of Silas Taylor (1 Reel)

38. Sp. Col. Film 159- -John Fitzgerald Kennedy Assassination: Microfilm Documents of President JFK (accounts in 27 newspapers and 6 magazines) with Index by Section for each article) (1 Reel)

39. Sp. Col. Film 1193--Watergate FBI Investigation(9 Reels)

Reel 1 Sections 1-6

Reel 2 Sections 7-11

Reel 3 Sections 12-19

Reel 4 Sections 20-27

Reel 5 Sections 28-34

Reel 6 Sections 35-43

Reel 7 Sections 44-48

Reel 8 Sections 49-50 and Vols. 1-11

Reel 9 Volumes 12-16

The Watergate FBI Investigation Files in exact order in which they were received from the FBI. Individual Sections are identified by the FBI's filing nomenclature.

40. Insular Cases--Supreme Court Reports 1900 and 1901. (1 Reel)

1900, pp. 746-827

Delima vs Bidwell, p. 746

Dooley vs U. S., p. 762

Downes vs Bidwell, p. 770

Armstrong vs U. S., p. 827

Huus vs. N. Y. & P. R. ss Co., p. 827

1901, pp. 58-73

The Diamond Rings, p. 59

Dooley vs U. S., p. 62

Storti vs Mass., p. 72


Microfilm of Magazines and Thesis

41. Northwestern Lumberman (Logging Magazine) 1890

Bill Mill at Garyville, Louisiana; Railroads and lumber; Poitevant and Favre; Calcasieu, Patterson, Louisiana; some engines used in logging in Florida and Houston and Groveton, Texas; List of Lumber companies by state in 1890 from the Northwestern Lumberman; Plenty of picture of railroad equipment and lumbermen (1 Reel)

42. The American Lumberman, August 5, 1905 (total of 40 pages): A journey through the vast Downman Cypress Interests with Camera and Pen (White Castle, Bowie, Jeanerette, DesAllemans, New Iberia) (1 Reel)

43. The Mississippian, Jackson, Mississippi Newspaper (2 Reels)

Reel 1 January 6, 1843 thru November 3, 1848

Reel 2 November 10, 1848 thru August 9, 1852

44. Flag of the Union, Jackson, Mississippi Newspaper, November 1850-December 1853

(1 Reel)

45. Party Politics in Mississippi 1850-1860. Thesis by Donald M. Rawson, 1964. Ph.D. in history from Vanderbilt University. Includes Table of Contents. (1 Reel)

46. A History of the Whig Party in Alabama 1828-1860. Thesis by Carlton Luther Jackson, 1963. Ph.D. in History, University of Georgia. (1 Reel)

47. James Hamilton, Jr. of South Carolina: A Biography. Dissertation by Virginia Louise Glenn, 1964. Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 425 pp. (1 Reel)

48. William Lowndes Yancey: From Unionist to Secessionist, 1814-1852. Dissertation by Ralph Brown Draughon, Jr., 1968. Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. (1 Reel)

49. Chaucer's Normalized Diction: A Comparison of Receiving Phrases in Chaucer and Beowulf to Determine the Validity of the Magoun. Dissertation by Edward J. Wolff, 1924, Ph.D., 1966, Michigan State University in Language and Literature General (1 Reel)

50. Sp. Col. Film 1307--Records of Anti-Bellum Southern Plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War. Series I, Selections from Louisiana State University. (15 Reels)

51. Sp. Col. Film 1308--Records of Anti-Bellum Southern Plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War. Series H, Selections from the Howard-Tilton Library, Tulane University, and the Louisiana State Museum Archives. (30 Reels)

52. Sp. Col. Film 1310--Southern Women and Their Families in the 19th Century: Papers and Diaries. Series A, Holdings of the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Parts 1-3: Mary Susan Ker Papers, 1785-1923; Roach and Eggleston Family Papers, 1830-1905; Louisiana and Mississippi Collections (49 Reels)

Microfilm Donated by Dr. Bertram Groene

53. Post Returns for Fort Pike, 1827-1872 (complete set-- 2 Reels)

54. Naval Records (3 Reels)

55. Virginia Gazette

Reel 1-August 25, 1790-July 18, 1792

Reel 2

-July 25, 1792-May 6, 1795

Reel 3

-May 13, 1795-October 1, 1799

Reel 4

-October 4, 1799-December 5, 1809




1Plantation Records--Southern Historical Manuscript(526 microfiche)

Badin, Norbut Papers, 1829-1900 (36 microfiche)

Bateman, Mary Diary, 1856 (3 microfiche)

Bond, Pricilla Munnik Luysen Diary, 1857-69 (17 microfiche)

Bringier, Louis Amede Family Papers 1786-1901 (42 microfiche)

Burruss, John C. Family Papers, 1825-1882 (19 microfiche)

Capell, Eli J. Family Papers, 1817-1900 (36 microfiche)

Cartwright, Samuel A., 1826-1864 (7 microfiche)

Chelette, Atala Family Papers, 1819-1900 (4 microfiche)

Ducan, Stephen & Stephen, Jr. Family Papers, 1846-1899 (33 microfiche)

Ducan, Stephen, Jr. Passport, 1871 (2 microfiche)

Hilliard, Mrs. Isaac H. Diary, 1849-1859, 1866 (3 microfiche)

Jenkins, John C. Family Papers, 1840-1900 (35 microfiche)

Lidell, Moses, St. John R. Family Papers, 1813-1900 (195 microfiche)

Magruder, Eliza L. Diary, 1846-1857 (7 microfiche)

Minor, William J. Family Papers, 1748-1898 (70 microfiche)

Monette, James Diary, 1848-1863 (4 microfiche)



1 Plantation Records Continued

Slavery Collection, 1804-1860 (4 microfiche)

Spyker, Leonidas P. Diary, 1856-1900 (4 microfiche)

Town, Clarissa E. Leavitt Diary, 1853 (5 microfiche)



Proceedings of the Louisiana State (Labor) Convention 1914-1970 (none for 1933 or 1945); State Federation of Labor and AFL-CIO (1956-1970) (83 microfiche)

State Federation of Labor:

April 14, 1914 (Lake Charles) 1 fiche

April 1917 (New Orleans) 1 fiche

April 1918 (Alexandria) 1 fiche

April 1919 (LCH) 1 fiche

April 1920 (SHV) 1 fiche

April 1921 (BTR) 1 fiche

April 1922 (Alex) 1 fiche

April 1923 (New Orleans) 1 fiche

April 1924 (Monroe) 1 fiche

April 1925 (LCH) 1 fiche

April 1926 (SHV) 1 fiche

April 1927 (BTR) 1 fiche

April 1928 (Alex) 1 fiche



2 Continued

April 1929 (Monroe) 1 fiche

April 1930 (BTR) 1 fiche

April 1931 (LCH) 1 fiche

April 1932 (New Orleans) 1 fiche

April 1934 (Monroe) 1 fiche

April 1935 (Alex) 2 fiche

April 1936 (BTR) 1 fiche

April 1937 (LCH) 2 fiche

April 1938 (Bogalusa) 3 fiche

April 1939 (Monroe) 2 fiche

April 1940 (SHV) 3 fiche

April 1941 (BTR) 2 fiche

April 1942 (New Orleans) 3 fiche

April 1943 (SHV) 3 fiche

April 1944 (Monroe) 2 fiche

April 1946 (Alexandria) 3 fiche

April 1947 (BTR) 3 fiche

April 1948 (LCH) 3 fiche

April 1949 (SHV) 3 fiche

April 1950 (New Orleans) 3 fiche

April 1951 (Monroe) 4 fiche

April 1952 (BTR) 3 fiche

April 1953 (SHV) 4 fiche

April 1954 (New Orleans) 3 fiche

April 1955 (BTR) 3 fiche


April 1956 (BTR) 2 fiche

April 1957 (SHV) 3 fiche

April 1958 (BTR) 3 fiche

None for 1959 through 1969

April 1970 (BTR) 2 fiche



Index to North Carolina Marriage Bonds 1741-1868 (88 microfiche)

1 guide; separate bride's list and separate groom's list; statements of intent to marry; groom took out bond in county where bride lived.

Information in Bond: groom's name, bride's name, date of bond, names of bondsmen and any witnesses. After 1851 some marriage certificates are filed with the bond and this is noted in the abstract. Sometimes, names of parents, date of marriage, and name of person performing the ceremony may be in these abstracts.

Researcher must use the Guide to understand the list of abbreviations and North Carolina County Codes.


In groom index Microfiche #1 contains 40 bonds which are not in alphabetical sequence--you must check this. Some brides are not mentioned by name--this group of bonds is located at the beginning of the bride index.




National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 1-72 (1912-1984) (243 microfiche)

(Note Vol. 1, No. 1 pages are not numbered, but contains pp. 1-12)

Vol. 1-12 have index after each year's volume.

No magazine published in 1926

Vol. 13-22 No index

Index to Vol. 23-26 (1935-38) on microfiche #37

Vol. 27-after each year or after each 2 years, but all are indexed up to 1984.

General Index for volumes 1-50 (1912-62) are on 3rd floor with bound volumes (CS/42/.N4)



Micro 1048, Cornell University Collection of WOMEN'S RIGHTS Pamphlets (117 microfiche) (there is also a guide with these microfiche)