Archival Collection



1. "I Hear America Singing" Twice 55 Plus Community Songs--The New Brown Book, c. 1919

2. The Singer's Treasure-A New Song Book by H. N. Lincoln, copyright 1895

3. There's a Rainbow "Round My Shoulder by Al Jolson, Billy Rose and Dave Dreyer, c. 1928

4. The Musical Gift--Monastery Bells by Lefebure Wely

5. What are the Wild Waves Saying? Transcription by Brinley Richards

6. Trois Reveries by Henri Rosellen, op 51

7. Perles de l'Opera

8. An Album Leaf by Richard Wagner

9. Herold Zampa Overture

10. Swedish Coronation March by J. Svendson

11. Berceuse by Grieg

12. Lustspiel Overture--Kele Bela, Opus 73

13. Collection of Music of Nettie Mann (C. C. Carter Collection)