Bertha Neff

Book Collection

Shelf 1
1. Ancestral Notes from Chedwato and Supplement, Vol. 12. Burlington, VT: Chedwato Service.
2. Baker: The First 200 Years, 1776-1976, with Biographical Sketches. Written by The People of Baker. A Project of the Heritage '76 Committee. The American Revolution Bicentennial Commission.
3. Burris, Jesse Stallings, Burris, Flora Mae, and Simmons, Mamie Lettie Burris. The Samuel and Mary (Myers) Burris Family. c. 1952
4. Butler, Dolores Powe & Holden, Doris Martin. Saint Tammany Parish Louisiana Cemetery Records, Vol I. c. May, 1979
5. Butler, Dolores Powe & Holden, Doris Martin. Saint Tammany Parish Louisiana Cemetery Records, Vol II. c. October, 1979
6. Caughey, John Walton. Bernardo De Galvez in Louisiana, 1776-1783. Gretna, LA: Pelican Publishing Co., 1972
7. Christian, Marcus. The Battle of New Orleans: Negro Soldiers in the Battle of New Orleans. 150th Anniversary Committee of Louisiana, 1965
8. Christ Church Family and Friends, 1982. List of names, addresses, and telephone numbers.
9. Christ Church Family and Friends, 1983. List of names, addresses, and telephone numbers.
10. Christ Episcopal Church, Vestry Book Number 1, 1846-1904.
11. Cochran, Estelle M. Fortier. The Fortier Family and Allied Families. c. 1963
12. Conrad, Glen R. Saint Charles, Abstracts 0f the Civil Records of Saint Charles Parish, 1700-1803. Lafayette, LA: The USL History Series, 1974
13. Core, Norma D. Historical Tidbits About Saint Tammany Parish from the Saint Tammany Farmer, 1878-1900. 1 September 1954
14. Corkern, Newlyn. Corkerns and Cousins. Baton Rouge, LA.
15. Current, Richard N. Three Carpetbag Governors. Baton Rouge, LA: LSU Press, 1967
16. The Descendents of Allen Burge and Ellen Bilbo Burge. c. 1978
17. Ellis, Frederick S. Saint Tammany Parish, L'Autre Cote Du Lac. Gretna, LA: Pelican Publishing Co., 1981
18. First Book of Confirmations of this Parish of Saint Louis of New Orleans, Containing Folios from the Beginning to the Present. Copyright 1967 by The Genealogical Research Society of New Orleans
19. Franklin Through the Years. Ed. and Pub. by Florence Blackburn and Fay G. Brown. c 1972
20. The Free State. A History and Place-names Study of Livingston Parish. By the members of the Livingston Parish American Revolution Bicentennial Committee, 1976
21. Gandolfo, Henri A. Metairie Cemetery, An Historical Memoir: Tales of Its Statesmen, Soldiers, and Great Families. New Orleans: Stewart Enterprises, Inc., 1981

Shelf 2
22. Gianelloni, Elizabeth Becker. The Notarial Acts of Estevan De Quinines, 1785-1786. Louisiana Ancestry Series, Book Two. c. 1966
23. Harper, Lottie Miller. John Alexander Harper and Allied Lines. 1980
24. The Highland Clans. NY; Clarkson N. Potter, Inc., 1967
25. A Historical Sketch of Michael Keinnadt and Margaret Diller, His Wife. 1893-1941
26. The History of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Vol I, 1894-1929. Hot Springs, AK: UDC Convention, 1925
27. Holden, Doris. On Through the Years with Abner Jenkins. 1970
28. Holmes, Jack D.L. The 1779 "Marcha De Galvez": Louisiana's Giant Step Forward in the American Revolution. Baton Rouge Bicentennial Corp., 1974
29. Hughes, Ella Burnette, The Hughes of Tangipahoa Parish. c. 1983
30. Hughes, Robert and Ella with the assistance of Alta Mae Douglas. Records and Notes of Old Sharon Church. Baton Rouge, LA: VAARP publishing, 1983
31. An Index to the Will Books and Intestate Records of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1729-1850. Prepared by Eleanore Jane Fulton and Barbara Kenndig Mylin. Lancaster, PA: Intelligencer Printing Co., 1936
32. Jahncke, Carol Saunders. Mr. Kentzel's Covington, 1878-1890. Baton Rouge: Legacy Publishing Co., 1979
33. James, James Alton & Albert Hart Sanford. American History. NY: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1912 (ON RARE BOOK SHELF)
34. The Kennedy Clan, a History of the James Benjamin Kennedy Family.
35. Lampton, William and Irma. The Tombstone Inscriptions of Walthall County, Mississippi. 1976
36. Liberty and Amite County, Sesqui-Centennial , 1809-1959. Sponsored by the Amite County Sesqui-Centennial Committee
37. Livingston, John. Livingston's United States law Register, and Official Directory: being a Hand-Book of Information Useful to Every Lawyer and Business Man, as well as to All Executive, Judicial, Legislative and County Officers. (ON RARE BOOK SHELF)
38. Louisiana Term Reports, or Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of that State Vol. I. by Francois-Xavier Martin. New Orleans: Roche Brothers, 1816 (ON RARE BOOK SHELF)
39. Love, Honor, and Betrayal: The Notarial Acts of Estevan de Quinines, 1778-1784. Trans. by Elizabeth Becker Gianelloni, 1964
40. McPherson, Jessie Coleman. A History of the Lea-Lattimore-Hadden-Pagaud Families. Columbia, SC: 1978
41. Magee, Zuma Fendlason and Ouida Robertson. The Fendlason Family. 1963
42. Magee, Zuma and Dixie Sylvest Moss. The John Scarle-Sarah "Sally" Brown Scarle Family. 1974
43. Martinez, Raymond J. Rousseau-The Last Days of Spanish New Orleans. Jefferson, LA: Hope Publications, 1975
44. The Minutes, Journals, and Acts of the General Assembly of British West Florida. Compiled by Robert R. Rea with Milo B. Howard, Jr. The Alabama Bicentennial Committee. 1979
45. Morrison, Jacob H. Historic Preservation Law. Pub. by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1964 and 1974
46. Nardini Sr., Louis Raphael. My Historic Natchitoches, Louisiana and Its Environment. 1963
47. Neff, Mrs. Amos E. (Bertha) Donation Record "A" St. Tammany Parish, LA Book Marked: Register of Donations, October 12, 1825 (Ends May 27, 1880) . Copied Summer of 1954
48. Official Directory of Louisiana Sheriffs and Louisiana Peace Officers including State, PArish and City Officials with a listing of the Personnel of each Departments. L.A. Andrepoint, Publisher, 1946.
49. Orleans Term Reports, or Cases Argued and Determined in the Superior Court of the Territory of Orleans. By Francois-Xavier Martin one of the Judges of Said Court. Vol I, 1811 and Vol II, 1813 Bound together) (ON RARE BOOK SHELF)
50. Parran, Alice Norris, Author and Editor. Register of Maryland's Heraldic Families, Period from 1634 March 25th to 1935 March 25th. Tercentenary of the Founding of Maryland. c. 1935
51. Parran, Alice Norris Author & Editor. Register of Maryland's Heraldic Families, Series II. c. 1938
52. The Pelican Guide to Plantation Homes of Louisiana. Ed. Nancy Harris Calhoun and James Calhoun. Gretna, LA: Pelican Publishing Co.,1974
53. Records of Saint Tammany Parish, Louisiana: Index To The Marriages, 1812-1900, Vol I. Compiled by Mrs. Amos (Bertha Perreand) Neff and Assisted by E. Russ Williams, Jr., 1969
54. Register of the Society of the Sons of the Revolution in the State of Missouri, 1904-1906. Compiled by Henry Cadle, Secretary. St. Louis, MO: Woodward & Tierman Printing Co., no date
55. Register of the Society of the Sons of the Revolution in the State of Missouri, 1907-1909. Compiled by Henry Cadle, Secretary. St. Louis, MO: Woodward & Tierman Prointing Co., no date
56. Roller, The Rev. Robert Doublas, D.C. Richardson-DePriest Family. 1905
57. Sanders, Mary Elizabeth, Compiler. Annotated Abstracts of the Successions of St. Mary Parish, Louisiana. 1972 (2 copies)
58. Sanders, Mary Elizabeth, Compiler. An Index to the 1820 Census of Louisiana's Florida Parishes and 1812 St. Tammany Parish Tax List. 1972
59. Sanders, Mary Elizabeth, Compiler. Records of Attakapas District, Louisiana, Volume III, St. Martin Parish, 1808-1860. 1974
60. Sanders, Mary Elizabeth, Compiler. S.A.R. Spanish Records. 1962
61. Sanders, Mary Elizabeth, Compiler. Selected Annotated Abstracts of Marriage Book 1, St. Mary Parish, Louisiana, 1811-1829. 1973
62. Simmons, Hansford L. Bala Chitto Simmons Family. (Second Edition): Descendants of Richard and Ann Tyler Simmons. McComb, MS: 1980
63. Sprouse, Deborah A. The Seale Family of Old Virginia. Edgewood, MD: Edgewood Press, 1981
64. Stafford, G.M.G. The Wells Family of Louisiana and Allied Families. Alexandria, LA: Standard Printing Co., 1942
65. Stafford, George Mason Graham. Three Pioneer Rapides Families, A Genealogy. Baton Rouge, LA: Claitor's Publishing Division, 1968

Shelf 3
66. Survey of Records in Mississippi Court Houses. Compiled & Published by the Mississippi Genealogical Society, 1957
67. Watts, Judon Lansing & Mildred Brunson Watts. Watts My Line, A History of One Branch of the Watts Family. 1975
68. Wilcombe Family, Louisiana
69. Williams, E. Russ, Jr. "Kinsmen All," Descendants of Wettenhall Warner and Related Families (Two Copies). 1964 and 1968
70. Wilson Jr., Samuel. Battle of New Orleans, Plantation Houses on the Battlefield of New Orleans. Published by The Battle of New Orleans 150th Anniversary Committee of Louisiana, 1965

71. Westerman, Audrey B. 1860 Census Ascension Parish Louisiana
72. Grassroots of America