Leonard C. New

Archival Collection




1. 1987 Civilian Conservation Corps Calendar (2 copies)

2. 1988 Civilian Conservation Corps Calendar

3. National Association of CCC Alumni Journal, 1980, June; 1983, June-December (7 issues)

4. National Association of CCC Alumni Journal, 1984, January-August, October-December (11 issues)

5. National Association of CCC Alumni Journal, 1985, January-April, June-August (7 issues)

6. National Association of CCC Alumni Journal, 1986, September-December (4 issues)

7. National Association of CCC Alumni Journal, 1987, January-May, July, September-November (9 issues)

8. Florida Parishes Dairy News, Published by the Dairy Farmers Cooperative Association, Kentwood; July 1943-October 1945

9. Jusqu'Au Bout, Thanksgive No., Somewhere in France, November 30, 1918

10. The Star, Published monthly by Co. 4422 SCS 19; Christmas 1936, April 27, 1937 (2 copies), April No. 10, no year

11. The Guardian Ledger, Homer, Louisiana, July 10, 1940

12. Louisiana Farm Bureau News, Published by Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation, Shreveport, September 1945

13. The St. Helena Echo, February 3, 1950

14. Kentwood Ledger, Vol. 1, Nos. 33 and 34, February 2 and 9, 1967, Articles about CCC by Irene Morris

15. Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings

16. Roosevelt's Free Army, A Brief History of the CCC (Pamphlet-March 1980)

17. CCC Reunion Program, April 13, 1985, Percy Quin State Park, McComb, Mississippi

18. Reprints From Better Crops With Plant Food Magazine

a) Pastures--That Come to Stay by Charles G. Webb (EE-8-43)

b) When Are Legumes Soil-Improving Crops? by C. B. Williams (W-6-40)

c) Fit Fertilizer Ratios To Soil and Crop by I. E. Miles (QQ-9)

d) The Effect of Liming Materials Upon the Solubility of Potassium Compounds in the Soil by Dr. W. H. MacIntire (LL-11-43)

e) Clover Pastures for The Coastal Plains by R. E. Blaser (DD-10-42)

f) Potash Helps Cotton Resist Wilt, Rust, and Drought by P. A. Young (QQ-9)

19. Measuring and Marketing Farm Timber, U. S. Department of Agriculture Farmers' Bulletin No. 1210, Issued Sept. 1921, revised Sept. 1940, 57 pages

20. Program 1953 Convention of the Louisiana Wildlife Federation, Inc., March 6, 7, 8, 1953

21. Pamphlet, This Is Your Business, Keep America Green, American Forest Products Industries, Inc.

22. Operation Record Government-Owned Motorized Equipment, United States Department of Agriculture Form AD-187

23. Digest of Louisiana Laws Pertaining to Sport and Commercial Fishing, 1953 and Synopsis of Louisiana Hunting and Trapping Laws, 1948-1949

24. Chevrolet Owner’s Manual for 1947 Cars

25. Brief Facts About Rotary, 1955

26. On the Wing With The Word, 1951, 1952, and 1953


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27. Miscellaneous Pamphlets and Cards

a) Himel Auto Parts, Amite, La., NAPA Jobber

b) Needle threader from the deaf

c) 2 cent Postal Card (unused)

d) My Pledge of Stewardship of Possessions (Flora Lee Now)

e) Annual Report of the Civilian Conservation Corps

f) Certificate of Membership in the United States Civil Service Retirement system

g) The Tax Education of Mr. Jones by Irving S. Olds, Chairman of the board of United States Steel Corporation (pamphlet)

h) Federal Security Agency, Bureau of Employees' Compensation

i) Department of Agriculture Beneficial Association

j) Department of Agriculture Weather Bureau Public Roads Administration

k) Official Pass to Camp Livingston, Dec. 11, 1941

1) The American National Red Cross Certificate, May 5, 1936

m) The American National Red Cross Certificate, September 1939

n) Notice to Employees from E. I. Dupont de Nemours & Co., Inc.

o) Entrance Fee to Alabama State Parks

p) Identification Card for the Federal Security Agency

q) Member, Louisiana Wildlife Federation Inc.

28. Reflections, Kentwood, Louisiana July 15, 1939




1. Suggested Order of Establishment of Practices, Form SCS-196

2. Report Log, Revised-January 24, 1942 (Headquarters District "El", CCC Office of the District Commander, McComb, Mississippi

3. Chart, Perennial and Supplemental Pastures For The Florida Parishes of Louisiana I Perennial Pastures (3 copies)

4. J. P. Morris & Sons Pond Survey

5. Township Maps of Kentwood and Area

6. Soil Conservation Survey, Bogue Chitto-Pearl River District, Louisiana, June 6, 1945

7. C. W. S. & Co. Field Book 832S

8. Lined Notebook of Leonard C. New

9. Farm Map Tracing Paper (Blank)

10. The Nation's Health, A Ten Year Program, A Report to the President, Federal Security Administration

11. Official Annual of District E. Fourth Corps Area, Civilian Conservation Corps, 1935

12. Official Annual District E, Fourth Corps Area, Civilian Conservation Corps, 1937

13. Insignia Patches (7) from CCC




1. Correspondence, no date

2. Correspondence, 1935-40

3. Correspondence, 1941

4. Correspondence, 1942

5. Correspondence, 1943

6. Correspondence, 1944

7. Correspondence, 1945

8. Correspondence, 1946-47

9. Correspondence, 1948

10. Correspondence, 1949

11. Correspondence, 1950

12. Correspondence, 1951-1988

13. Pillow Cover to Sweetheart

14. The Tangipahoa Parish Annual Fair Catalog, October 6, 7, 8, 9, 1949, Amite, Louisiana (2 copies)