Josephine Onofry

Archival Collection


Official Guide to the World’s Columbian Exposition

in the City of Chicago, State of Illinois, May 1 to October 26,
1893, By authority of the United States of America, Containing a
brief historical review of American development, an account of
legislation relating to the exposition, its form of organization
and government and full information respecting all features of the
exposition, including classification of departments, the grounds
and main buildings, the state and foreign buildings and pavilions,
the notable exhibits, etc., etc., with illustrations from original
drawings compiled by John J. Flinn, issued under authority of the
World’s Columbian Exposition.

The White City Artfolio, Chicago, Illinois Contains the
wonders of the great Columbian Exposition.

Photographs made by W. H. Jackson. Each artfolio contains
4 plates of 14″ x 17″.

Part 1

#2 MacMonnies’ Fountain, from Grand Plaza

Part 2

#2 Agriculture Building, from Colonnade

Part 3

#1 State Buildings of Massachusetts, New York, and

#2 The Caravels, from the Bridge

#3 Golden Door of Transportation Building

#4 The Obelisk and Grande Vista North, from

Part 4

#1 Machinery Hall, from Colonnade

#2 MacMonnies Fountain, from South Terrace

#3 The Fisheries Building

#4 Bird’s-Eye View of State Building at the White

Part 5

#1 Choral Hall, from Wooded Island

#2 Interior of Choral Hall

#3 Horticulture Building, from Wooded Island

#4 West View of Manufactures Building

Part 6

#1 The Woman’s Building

#2 Main Entrance of Woman’s Building

#3 Interior of Woman’s Building

#4 View from Balcony of Woman’s Building


Part 7

#1 View North, Between Manufactures and Electricity

#2 North Lagoon, from Mining Building

#3 Mining and Electricity Buildings, from Transportation

#4 Manufacturers and Electricity Buildings, from Squatter’s

Part 8

#1 Manufactures Building, from Casino

#2 Manufactures Building, from Horticultural Hall

#3 Columbia Avenue in Manufactures Building

#4 View North West, from Manufactures Building

Part 9

#1 Details of Main Entrance of Art Palace

#2 South Facade of Art Palace

#3 View of North Lagoon, Art Place and State Buildings

Part 11

#1 Electricity Building looking South West

#2 Electricity Building and Fountain

#3 Interior of Electricity Building

#4 Looking North Between Mines and Electricity Buildings

Part 12

#1 Statue of Liberty

#2 Lake Front from Manufactures Building

#3 Rear View MacMonnies Fountain

#4 South Colonnade

Part 13

#1 The Water Gate

#2 Statue of the Republic

#3 Peristyle, from the Lake

#4 Statue of the Republic and Peristyle