Regional History-St. Helena Parish

Archival Collection




1. St. Helena Parish Profile, La. Office of Commerce and
Industry, October 1989; St. Helena Parish Courthouse (xeroxed from
Courthouses of Louisiana);
Statistical Profile of St. Helena Parish, prepared by the
PAR Council of La., Inc., 1973

2. St. Helena Post Offices from 1832 to Date by Mrs. Inez Tate,
February 1984; Two maps–Spanish Survey of 1808 and Town of

3. St. Helena Parish, Louisiana, Conveyance Book B, Pages
57-118, Term of Parish Judge AUDLEY L. OSBORNE, May 1811-October
1812, compiled/abstracted by Warren B. Wall, February 1992

4. St. Helena Parish, Louisiana, Conveyance Book A, Pages 1-199,
Term of SHEPHERD BROWN, Second Parish Judge, July 1813-June 1815,
Abstracts of Conveyance Records With a Brief Biography of SHEPHERD
BROWN, by Warren B. Wall, September 1993

5. Public Education in St. Helena Parish, 1865-1974, by Barbara
J. Gordon, n.d.

6. Greensburg High School;
Daily Star Gumbo Magazine, July 6, 1986; Newspaper
Clippings about the Public Schools in St. Helena Parish,
Daily Star, 1991-1992

St. Helena Parish Colloquialisms, compiled by the St.
Helena Parish Bicentennial Commission, October 1974 (2 copies);
Bicentennial Notes of Local Interest, unidentified newspaper, ca.

8. St. Helena Parish Festival and the Miss St. Helena Pageant,
Greensburg High School, March 10-13, 1988 (booklet); Big Machinery
in Greensburg,
Daily Star Gumbo Magazine, August 20, 1989; Forest
Festival (newspaper clipping)

9. Restoration Work on Old Jail in St. Helena About Finished,
Sunday Advocate, March 20, 1977; Cal-Main Move Delights
St. Helena Officials,
Daily Star, June 2, 1991; Egg Producer Will Spend $5.5
Million on Facility,
Daily Star, June 20, 1991; Scenes From Our History: Cotton
picker, 1920s

10. Story of Mr. Lake Holland (retired post office employee),
St. Helena Echo (typed copy), July 11, 1958

Greensburg Imperial, September 15, 1860 (xerox copy)

Montpelier United Methodist Church Dedication Service,
April 1, 1973 (xerox copy)

13. Account Book from store in Pine Grove, Louisiana, 1853-1855
(part 1-xerox copy)

14. Account Book from store in Pine Grove, Louisiana, 1853-1855
(part 2-xerox copy)

St. Helena historical Association Quarterly, Spring 1999,
Issue Fifty-Nine

16. Newspaper Clipping: St. Helena Courthouse in disrepair,
Saturday, Baton Rouge, March 16, 2002



Comprehensive Plan for St. Helena Parish, August 1981.
Prepared by Comprehensive Planning Associates.