Regional History-St. Tammany Parish


Archival Collection





1. History of St. Tammany Parish (4 articles); St. Tammany Parish Courthouse (xeroxed
from Courthouses of Louisiana)

2. Map and statistical brochures of St. Tammany Parish; Also Tourist Brochures

3. Sesquicentennial in St. Tammany, The Early Years of Covington, Madisonville, Mandeville,
& Abita Springs, Louisiana
, by Adrian D. Schwartz, 1963 (booklet and a xerox copy of booklet)

4. St. Tammany Farmer-Expressway Edition (2 different copies, n. d.; St. Tammany Gets Holiday Present as NASA Signs, Times-Picayune, January 1, 1968; Boon a Growing Pain for Resident, Times-Picayune, February 16, 1986; Revenue Officer Saves Life, Louisiana State Voice, Third Quarter, 1991

5. Louisiana Historical Review Featuring St. Tammany Parish, n. d.

6. Wood Using Products of Louisiana, March 15, 1946, St. Tammany Parish (xerox copy)

7. List of Judges of St. Tammany Parish; St. Tammany Parish Tax List, 1811-1812 (xerox
copy); List of Grand and Petit Jurors, St. Tammany Parish, Drawn May 7, 1838 (xerox

8. St. Tammany Parish Fair Catalog, October 14-17, 1982

9. The St. Tammany Historical Gazette, Vol. 1, September 1975 and Vol. 3, April 1978; Program of the Seventh Annual Dinner
Meeting of the St. Tammany Historical Society, Inc., June 11, 1982 (7 copies); Historical
Society Establishes Grant, The St. Tammany Farmer, April 2, 1987

10. Evans vs. Populus: Reconstruction in St. Tammany Parish (original paper, author
and date unknown)

11. Legislative Career of James T. Burns, 1832-1936, by Jennifer Griffin (original

12. Trinity Lutheran Church, Abita Springs, Louisiana, Program, Golden Anniversary,
April 17, 1955

13. Abita Springs Newspaper Clippings: Abita’s Leveson: 32 Years A Mayor, Daily Star, July 1, 1970; Mrs. Hotard Remembers Her Family with Pride, Sun, October 6, 1976; Loretta Escaig Stire of Abita Springs, Obituary, Times-Picayune, January 23, 1988; Making Beer in Abita, Daily Star Gumbo Magazine, June 19, 1988

14. The Choctaw of Bayou Lacomb, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, by David I. Bushnell, Jr., 1909 (xeroxed copy)

15. Cane and Palmetto Basketry of the Choctaws of St. Tammany Parish, Lacombe Louisiana, by Thomas A. Colvin, edited by Melba Elfer Colvin (2 xerox copies)

16. Bogue Chitto, The Times-Picayune, December 19, 1986

17. Bogue Falaya at Odenheimer Lodge, The Times-Picayune, December 15, 1935 (xeroxed)

18. Covington Sesquicentennial Program, June 30, 1963-July 6, 1963; Covington Magazine, Vol. 4, April 1984; Covington Street Map 1985; Covington Community Profile, La.
Office of Commerce and Industry, October 1989; Covington statistical brochures; Covington
Tourist brochures

19. Covington Newspaper Clippings: Beautiful St. Tammany Parish Homes, Gardens Viewed by Fiesta Guests (mostly about
Richard Leche home), Progress, March 24, 1939; Annual Spring Tour Set for March 26-27, Daily Star, ca. 1980s; Covington Ready to Showcase Local Crafts, Louisiana Crafts Report, Summer 1982; Old Star Theater About to Shine Again [Covington], The Times-Picayune, October 31, 1987; It was hope to Half-a-Hundred Cats [Jefferson House], Dixie, April 9, 1978; St. Ben’s: Stepping inside a monastery, Daily Star Gumbo Magazine, June 15, 1987

20. Bertha Neff’s Subterranean World, Dixie, August 19, 1984; Neff, Bertha Cecilia Perrand, Obituary, Times-Picayune, June 25, 1988



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21. Walker Percy, Covington, Esquire, April 1980; Dr. Percy [Walker] Diagnoses the `Modern Malaise,’ Times-Picayune, September 29, 1985; Stoicism in the South, History of Percy Family Reveals Story
of Honor Entwined with Melancholy, Advocate Magazine, October 2, 1994

22. Monk’s Mural is Abbey’s brush with greatness (St. Joseph Abbey, Covington, La.),
Times-Picayune, October 2, 1989; Monk leaves his mark at Abbey (St. Joseph Abbey, Covington, Louisiana);
Rev. Raphael Barousse-Dutch Monk, Daily Star, October 22, 1989

23. Jones Mansion, Oldest Landmark in Covington Will Soon Be Demolished, Progress, April 15, 1938

23A. Gathered at the River, One Hundred Fifty Years of Christ Episcopal Church, Covington,
Louisiana (1846-1996)
, by C. Howard Nichols

24. Folsom Louisiana: A Wilderness Town, by Gary Bruce Jenkins (original paper)

25. Clear Creek Stud–Stallions for 1980 and xeroxed papers about Folsom; newspaper clippings; Newspaper Clippings about Global Wildlife Center: “Tangi Safari, Establishing a mecca for endangered animals,” Sunday Star, June 30, 1991 (2); “Rare beasts roaming near Folsom,” Daily Star, July 12, 1991; “Global Wildlife reports arrival of 2 newborns,” Daily Star, October 9, 1991; “Global Wildlife hopes to open wetlands area,” Daily Star, March 3, 1992; “Party to showcase Global Wildlife,” Daily Star, May 3, 1992; “Global lists birds, butterflies,” Daily Star, May 1, 1992; Newspaper clipping about Uneedus: Raising Llamas [Jim and Mary Ann Gregorio], Daily Star Gumbo Magazine, August 21, 1988

26. 25th Anniversary Powwow, Louisiana Indian Heritage Association, Tchefuncte Family
Campground, Folsom, Louisiana, May 3-5, 1991 (xerox copy); Indians Gather to Dance, Sunday Star, May 12, 1991

27. A survey of Madisonville, A report presented to Dr. Fred B. Kniffen by Bonnie Mae Smith, January 1950 (xerox

28. Newspaper Clippings about Madisonville: Badeaux has Seen Town’s Evolution ( Madisonville), St. Tammany News-Banner, January 26, 1992, Vol. 28, No. 60; Tchefuncta River Study, St. Tammany News-Banner, January 22, 1992, Vol. 28, No. 59; Madisonville Bucks Growing Trend, Residents resisting
change, Times-Picayune, August 2, 1994; Madisonville deals with growth, Times-Picayune, August 3, 1994; Marine Museum is still afloat in rough water, Times-Picayune, 1990s

29. Miscellaneous copies from old ledger kept at Madisonville in 1830s (xerox copies)

30. Program of Dedication and Formal Opening of Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, August
30, 1956

31. Historical Survey, Mandeville, Louisiana, 1973, soft cover, 17 pages

32. Historic Mandeville, Paper written for Photographic Exhibit by Isabel Gathright

33. Mandeville Newspaper Clippings: Growth Plan is Moving Ahead in Mandeville [First Christian Church’s New Building],
Times-Picayune, June 6, 1987; Mandeville Craftsman Works His Magic with Pieces of Wood, Real Estate, Times-Picayune, April 16, 1988; Developer Moving to Mandeville, Daily Star, August 10, 1990; Mandeville signals displeasure, Times-Picayune, August 7, 1994; The Otis House, In Fairview-Riverside State Park, Antiques Gazette, Vol. 16, No. 2, September 1999

34. Journal 1842-From January 1 to August 13, Tchefuncte Lighthouse (xerox copy)





1. Plan of Mandeville (xeroxed copy of an 1834 map in the St. Tammany Parish Historical

2. Mandeville statistical brochures; Tourist brochures

3. Mandeville Horizons, Inc., 1981, 1982 (folk craft show brochures)

4. A Bechac’s Tradition (Mandeville Restaurant), Times-Picayune, October 30, 1983

5. Mandeville: The Steamboats and the Beach, 1890-1925, A Guide to the Historical Photographic Exhibit, Council Chamber, Mandeville Town

6. Mandeville Bantam, Murrary Newspaper (33 issues) Vol. 1, No. 1, May 8, 1964 through Vol. 1, No. 30,
November 20, 1964

7. Slidell History; Slidell statistical brochures; newspaper clippings

8. St. Joe Bricks, A Century-old Tradition in St. Tammany, Dixie, September 27, 1981; St. Joe Brick Works, Slidell, Louisiana, Real Estate, Times-Picayune, August 19, 1989

9. Sketch of Frederick W. Salmen taken from A History of Louisiana by Henry E. Chambers, Vol. II, 1925, Page 29

10. Sixth Ward Junior High, Journal of Oral History, by Stacey Schiffers

11. The First Century, Waldheim United Methodist Church, Waldheim, Louisiana, 1875-1975

12. St. Tammany Historical Society Newsletter, July 1999; The Millennial Gazette, St. Tammany Historical Society, Vol. 1, No. 00-Pontchartrain Lake Trade and the Steamboat Josie, by Russell Barnes
(3 copies)

13. Bernard de Marigny de Mandeville, 1785-1868, Statesman, Gambler, Founder of the City
of Mandeville
, by Ellen Ulken

14. The Times-Picayune, St. Tammany and The Metro Area, Section B, October 21, 2000 




St. Paul’s Conifer, Published monthly by the students of St. Paul’s College

1949/1950, Vol. XI, Nos. 1-7, October, November, December, January, February, March,

1950/1951, Vol. XII, Nos. 1-7, October, November, December, February, March, April,

1951/1952, Vol. XII, Nos. 1, 4-7, September, January, February, March, April

1952/1953/1954, Vol. XIII, Nos. 2-7, November, December, January, January, February
March, May


1. St. Tammany Topics, Vol. 1, No. 15, April 28, 1985

2. St. Tammany Farmer, October 25, 1973, Centennial Edition



BOX  4   
Covington Revisited-A Story for Young People by Carol Saunders Jahncke, illustrations by F. Chesnutt

Bogue Falaya Anthology by Carol Saunders Jahncke and Mary Davis

Louisiana Visit by Carol Saunders Jahncke

Williamsburg Visit-A Story for Young People by Carol Saunders Jahncke, illustrations by F. “Winky”

Christ Church-Est. 1846 by Amos Neff

The Christmas Spirit! by Carol Saunders Jahncke

Along the Line of the New Orleans Great Northern R.R. in Louisiana issued by The Southern    Manufacturer

St. Tammany Parish L’autre Cote Du Lac by Frederick S. Ellis, foreward by Walker Percy

The St. Tammany Historical Society Gazette-Volume 1, September 1975

The St. Tammany Historical Society Gazette, Volume 2, April 1977 (2 copies)

The St. Tammany Historical Society Gazette, Volume 3, April 1978 (2 copies)

The St. Tammany Historical Society Gazette, Madisonville Issue, Volume 4, March 1980 (2 copies)

Sesquicentennial in St. Tammany-The early years of Covington, Madisonville, Mandeville,
and Abita Springs, Louisiana
by Adrian D. Schwartz

Mr. Kentzel’s Covington by Carol Saunders Jahncke (2 copies)

Covington-official publication of The Chamber of Commerce, Covington, Louisiana

Sixth Ward Junior High: Journal of Oral History by Stacey Schiffers