Delbert Thigpen


Archival Collection




1. Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 1st Edition, Sunday, December 7, 1941, WAR! Oahu Bombed by Japanese Planes; The Honolulu Advertiser, First Edition, October 1, 1945, AMG FACES CHARGES

2. Metal pot with handle, 10 1/2" diameter, 4" deep

3. Metal ladle, 11"




1. Metal Box with lid, 9 1/2" x 14" x 4" deep

2. Khaki cap

3. Draw-string bag, 11" x 12" with THIGPEN stamped on it

4. Black headband, symbols represent Great Japanese Empire Navy

5. White Cloth, Japanese name pronounced like Sung Been

6. Gloves, white

7. Leather belt, symbols represent Japanese name, name would be pronounced like--Guan Yea e Chow

8. Bracelet, written on inside "Made From Jap Bomber," On one side, Eniwetok Carlos, On other side, Kwajalein Engebi

9. Two metal plates, 8 1/2" x 9" with nine holes through 9" side, Made From Jap Bomber embossed on one of the plates, On the other is To Mrs. Jean R. Thigpen (probably was supposed to be used as an album)

10. Sea shells tied in a white cloth

11. Punch (tool)

12. Letter opener, 6 3/4"

13. Toothbrush, symbols represent--Japanese Brand (Hua Wang), toothbrush for soldiers use, government symbol, serial number

14. Yellow pencil, sharpened

15. Red pencil, unsharpened, symbols denotes a pencil for military use, 800 HB (type of lead)

16. Cigarette Case (white cardboard)--Symbols represent type of honor given by the emperor

17. Box of matches--Top symbols (L to R), type of match, company symbol (bird), government authority to sell (fann); Bottom symbols, name of company would be pronounced like--(Lin Ts'un) Match Manufacturing Factory in Yen Chi (city in Japan)

18. New Testament Bible with metal cover

19. Shells, 5 1/4" long, 3" long (2), 2" long (2), 1 1/2" long, 1" long

20. Rings, one with flat top, symbols unclear, possibly means airplane seven

21. Button, two holes, tan

22. Tokens (4), Honolulu transit

23. Dog tags, one on a chain, embossed Delbert J. Thigpen, 38377777 T 43 A; two on a chain, both embossed Thigpen, Delbert J., 38377777 T 43 A, Jean Thigpen, 300 3rd St., Natchitoches, LA. P

24. (9) coins; Hawaii imprinted U. S. Silver Certificate worth $1.00 (valid only in Hawaii); 10 Yen Japanese bill--bottom symbols stand for Japanese Imperial Cabinet Printing Bureau; symbols to the center left stand for a Japanese Bank; symbols in the center represent $10.00; symbols to the center right represent a Japanese legal tender statement; symbols at the top represent Japanese bank currency as do the symbols on the back; $10.00 Korean bank note--Ten Hwan



BOX 2 Continued

25. Candy box, Norris Atlanta Exquisite Candies

26. Duty Status Card, Pfc. Delbert J. Thigpen, 38377777 955, No. 5227, 8 August 1945

27. Certificate of Honorable Discharge, November 1, 1945, Camp Shelby, Mississippi for Delbert J. Thigpen, 38 377 777 Technician Fifth Grade Battery A 867th Anti Aircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion; Separation Qualification Record

28. Map, Island of Oahu, Territory of Hawaii, showing USO clubs

29. Memories of District E, Civilian Conservation Corps, 1943, soft cover, 112 pages

30. News-Pix (9), showing war scenes

31. Album of pictures

32. Loose pictures

33. Two pictures of Civilian Conservation Corps Camp at Provencal, Louisiana, 1933 (7 1/2" x 19") (oversized photograph and cannot be duplicated).

34. Four "ribbon" medals of Delbert Thigpen (Two represent duty on the Marshall Islands)

35. Video Tape, "Great Nightmares of World War II," by Delbert Thigpen (Video Tape 0016)

36. Video Tape, "Memories of CCC Camp at Provencal, Louisiana," 1933, by Delbert Thigpen (Video Tape 0017)