TrueHeart Feliciana (Marston House) Clinton Collection

Box 1a

Folder 1: Development of Town of Clinton

  1. copy of hand drawn land plot diagram
  2. small poster with picture of John Rhea’s tombstone in Clinton Cemetery with description
  3. 5x7 color photograph-John Rhea headstone with description
  4. 8x10 color photograph-The Flag of West Florida Republic, 1870; 1 page typed document-history-“The Republic (briefly) of West Florida 1870; copy of map-LA Purchase and Western Exploration, 1804-1807
  5. 1 page typed document- The New Parish Seat 1824-1825
  6. typed description and copies of photographs-First Store and Inn in Clinton, c. 1825, later called E. F. Currie’s Store/McKnights-c. 1825-1960
  7. 1 page typed document- A Real Town 1826-1828
  8. (2) 8x10 photographs, copy of article, and description of Andrews/Nauman/Chase House, c. 1830
  9. 1 page typed document- The Railroad 1833-1837, photograph included; 1 page typed document-The C. and P.H. Railroad During the War 1862-1865
  10. 1 page typed document-R. C. Carman and the Clinton Hotel1840-1855, (2) 8x10 photographs of Hotel included, c. 1890
  11. 8x10 black and white photograph-Stewart and Carroll (formerly Sadler’s), c.1845-1975
  12. 5 page typed webpage-David Washington Pipes 1845-1939
  13. 1 page typed document-David Washington Pipes 1845-1939


Folder 2: Development of Town of Clinton

  1. 2 page typed document- Black in Clinton-A Few Factoids About Life for African-Americans Prior to Emancipation
  2. 2 page typed document- Temperance v. Demon Rum 1850-1859
  3. 9 page typed document-Louisiana Year of Statehood: 1812-Demographics and Interview Questions
  4. 1 page typed document-People of Louisiana
  5. Pie charts-1850 Population, Birthplaces of White males 1850 Census; Birthplaces of White Women, 1850 Census; Occupations-White Males; Male Occupations, 1870 Census
  6. Line graph- Distribution of Wealth of White Males, 1860 Census
  7. Copy of newspaper article-“John W. Koch, Native Son, Recalls Old Days in Letter to Friend”, April 27, 1951
  8. 1 page typed document with 5x7 black and white photograph attached-Judge John McVea 1850, “The Richest Man in Town”
  9. 4 page typed document-The Town is Incorporated June 28, 1852-meeting minutes of first meeting of Clinton Mayor and Board of Alderman
  10. 1 page typed document-The Masons and Olive Lodge #52, established 1852
  11. copy of newspaper article-“Clinton”
  12. copy of map-Growth of the United States to 1853
  13. 1 page typed document with drawing of pigs attached-Hog Laws
  14. 3 page typed document-“’Considered as a Commercial Place…” 1858, abstracted from A. Mygatt & Co.’s Nola Bus directory-list of local businesses attached
  15. 2 page typed document-Secession 1861; 3 pages of photos attached-Sarah Morgan, Owen Langworthy, Alexander P. Brown, Charles C. P. Delee, Thomas J. Fuqua, James O. Fuqua, Samuel E. Hunter, Alexander S. Norwood, and Preston Pond, Jr., 4 page typed document attached-Wartimes 1862-1865
  16. 2 page typed document-Bad Boy Peck in Clinton 1864
  17. 1 page typed document-War Hospitals Silliman and the Masonic Temple 1862-1865; 5x7 black and white photograph attached-drawing of bed-Nathan Phillips
  18. 2 page typed document- Life Goes On 1864-1870
  19. 2 page typed document-Clinton in 1870, A Few Observations
  20. 2 page typed document-Testimony of George Thomas Norwood, January 10, 1877; 5x7 black and white photograph included


Folder 3: Development of Town of Clinton

  1. 1 page typed document-Back to Boom-The 1800s
  2. copy of newspaper article-Impressions of Clinton, East Feliciana Parish in 1881-The Watchmen, November 25, 1976
  3. copy of Cashier Check-State of Louisiana Parish of East Feliciana, November 14, 1884
  4. 1 page typed document-The Fair 1887-c. 1976
  5. 1 page typed document- On a Roll the 1890s
  6. copy of article and photograph of Clinton Brick Yard, 1891
  7. copy of article and photograph of Bank of Clinton
  8. 2 page typed document-The Turn of the Century Progress continues 1900-1907
  9. 4x6 photograph-Cotton Seed Oil Mill in Clinton c. 1900
  10. 8x10 photograph-St. Helena Street-Business Section- c. 1905-Show electric poles and lines that appeared in Clinton with advent of electricity
  11. 1 page typed document-An Example of Clinton’s Evolving Business Community, c. 1900-1974; copy of newspaper article-Powers building Given “Face-lifting” with repairs, new paint
  12. 5x7 black and white photograph- 1905-Clinton gets electricity; 5x7 black and white photograph-east side of Liberty Street on the square, c. 1910
  13. 1 page typed document with a copy of a drawing of a Boll Weevil-The Boll Weevil 1908-1918
  14. 2 page typed document-Did the 20s roar in Clinton? You Bet! 1920-1929-2 copies of drawing included
  15. 3 page typed document-Huey Long & 1st False Battle of Clinton 1930
  16. 1 page typed document and 5x7 photograph-McCutcheon’s Garage c. 1937
  17. 1 page typed document-Depression 1929-1941 & Beyond-attached-copy of typed document about “promoters” & Clinton
  18. copy of newspaper article-In 1933: Civil War’s Last Battle; Coricoran’s Store, c. 1836
  19. copy of drawing-East Feliciana Industry Training School (later East High School, built 1938)
  20. 1 page typed document-World War II 1941-1945
  21. Bivouac cap worn by Mac Phillips
  22. copy of newspaper article-Clinton has watched electric service improve for 39 years; L.C. McKnight Store A Clinton Leader-February 1941
  23. 1 page typed document-Polio Especially in the Late ‘40s Until 1955; copy of 2 newspaper advertisements; copy of newspaper articles- “Incomplete Report on Polio Fund Drive About Polio Victims/Patients Given by Mrs. Dart
  24. copy of 3 pages from book-Wartimes In and Around Clinton, LA by Annie Sanderson Kilbourne, Clinton, LA
  25. 1 page typed document- The Post-War Boom-Baby and Otherwise 1946-1950


Folder 4: Civil War-Hunter’s Rifles

  1. 5x7 black and white photo-Samuel E. Hunter
  2. 2 page typed document-The 4th LA Battalion-1861-1865
  3. 1 page typed document-4th LA Infantry Regiment, C.S.A.-List of Colonels, Lt. Colonels and Majors
  4. 1 page typed document-Samuel Eugene Hunter 1832-70 and the Hunter Rifles
  5. typed list-Companies, Their Parishes, and Their Commanders
  6. copy of handwritten document-Executive Office, Shreveport, LA July 6, 1804; handwritten note on back
  7. 10 page printout of a webpage-Clinton and Port Hudson, LA
  8. 1 page typed document-Old Roster Information, List of Commissioned Officers, Privates, the Hunter Rifles, and Privates; typed letter attached-to Mildred from Edwards Hardesty, August 1, 1983-articles secured from Elise Walker Appleby; Clinton Paper, 1861


Folder 5

  1. 5x7 black and white photo-The Masonic Temple built in 1859 & used as hospital during war
  2. 1 page typed document and 3x5 photograph-The Factory Building 1900
  3. photo and drawing-Clinton Cotton mill from the 1900s “Cotton Factory Souvenir”
  4. copy of newspaper article- “Clinton Military Academy”, The LA Sunday Review, New Orleans, February 3, 1895
  5. copy of newspaper article- “The New Orleans Times Democrat’s Report of the Commencement Exercises of the Southern Military Academy”, The Classical Review, Southern Military Academy, Clinton, LA June 1897, Vol. 1 No. 2


Folder 6: Jews in Clinton

  1. photograph-Ernestine Israel Memorial
  2. 3 page typed document-Children of Israel The Jews in Clinton, c. 1850-c. 1920
  3. 2 8x10 color photographs-stained glass window
  4. 8x10 black and white photograph with description-Theo Israel
  5. copy of an advertisement- “Changes…”-Isidor Mayer
  6. 5x7 black and white photograph- Theo & Achille Israel (as children) c. 1891
  7. 8x10 black and white photograph- Theodore J. Israel c. 1910
  8. 5x7 black and white photograph-The Joseph Israel Family in Clinton, c. 1889
  9. copy of handwritten note on stationary-Joseph Israel; June 28, 1906


Folder 7: Clinton Cemetery

  1. typed and handwritten list of people who donated money to get a fence build around the cemetery


Folder 8: Stonehenge

  1. 8x10 black and white photograph with description-“Stonehenge” built by Judge Lafayette Saunders, 1837
  2. copy of newspaper article-Miss Imogen Stone-Teacher-New Orleans Item, December 13, 1933
  3. 8x10 black and white photograph with 1 page typed document-Imogen Stone 1872-1947


Folder 9: St. Andrews

  1. black and white photograph-St. Andrews Episcopal Church
  2. 2 page typed document-St. Andrews Episcopal Church 1842-1962
  3. 8x10 color photograph-Stained glass window


Folder 10

  1. 1 page typed document-The Marston House, built in 1837 (2 copies)
  2. 5x7 black and white photograph-Henry Marston
  3. color photo of Marston grave memorial
  4. 1 page typed document-Marston house 1837
  5. printout of email with photos of Silliman and Sallie Eaton Daniels
  6. 8x10 black and white photograph with description-Marston House, c. 1900
  7. 8x10 black and white photograph with description, c. 1980
  8. 5x7 photograph with description-Woman and child who rented apartment at Marston House
  9. 3x5 color photograph-Wooden staircase
  10. 8x10 black and white photograph-Marston House
  11. 6 copies of different angles and Marston House
  12. newspaper article-“Marston House Stands Test of Time, Community”, Watchman, April 25, 2014


Folder 11

  1. 5x7 black and white photograph-Silliman
  2. 4x6 black and white photograph-Silliman, Clinton, LA
  3. 5 ½ x 6 black and white photograph with description-Rev. Sereno and Mary Creed Taylor c. 1852
  4. 5x7 black and white photograph-John Piku
  5. 5x7 black and white photograph-Clinton, LA Silliman Collegiate Institute for Young Women
  6. 1 page typed document-Silliman 1852
  7. copy of 6 page document- The Hodge Podge, published by pupils of Silliman College, Vol. 1 No. 1 March 1925
  8. copy of diploma-Sallie C. Montgomery-Silliman Female Collegiate Institute


Folder 12

  1. 8x10 black and white photograph-Lawyer’s Row
  2. 1 page typed document-The Library Property
  3. 1 page typed document-about Lawyer’s Row
  4. 5x7 color photograph-Sign about Lawyer’s Row
  5. 6 ½ x 7 ½ color photograph-framed document-National Historic Landmark
  6. 1 page typed document-The Flower of the LA Bar 1824-2002
  7. 5x7 black and white document-East Feliciana Memorial Library


Box 1B

Folder 13

  1. copy of photograph-Courthouse
  2. copy of photograph-Courthouse-2
  3. copy of photograph-Courthouse (front view)
  4. 5x7 black and white photograph with description-The Courthouse
  5. copy of 5x7 black and white photograph-Courthouse and Street Scene, Clinton, LA
  6. 5x7 color photograph-Courthouse
  7. 8x10 black and white photograph with description-The Courthouse c. 1870-Federal troops pictured in front of building
  8. copy of hand drawn diagram of inside the Courthouse
  9. 6 page typed document-about Courthouse history


Folder 14-WWI

  1. copy of newspaper photo-Target Practice, Highschool Cadets, Clinton, LA, Clinton Highschool Cadets WWI; copy in 8x10
  2. 8x10 color photograph of memorial plaque-Memorial of men from East Feliciana Parish who died in World War of 1917-1918 (2 copies)
  3. 1 page typed document-The Great War Era 1914-1919


Folder 15: DeWitt Clinton 1769-1828

  1. 3x5 black and white photographs-Map of LA Purchase & DeWitt Clinton
  2. 8x10 black and white photograph-DeWitt Clinton 1769-1828
  3. Diagram hand drawn-land plots in Clinton, LA


Folder 16: Clinton Founders

  1. 1 page typed document-James Holmes “Founding Father” 1792-1847; includes-3x5 color photograph of head stone of James Holmes
  2. 1 page typed document-Susan Bostwick “Founding Mother” c. 1795-1839
  3. 5x7 color photograph and description-bust of her head; includes-information about contributions of Susan and her husband John, and information about James Holmes


Folder 17: Bad Days-Reconstruction in Clinton

  1. 15 page typed document-Clinton’s Culture of violence
  2. 1 page typed document-information about cooperation of Clinton
  3. 1 page typed document-Seed Cotton
  4. 5x8 black and white photograph-a statue
  5. 1 page typed document-“Bulldozing” with 2 pictures attached
  6. 4 page typed document-The Events of October 1875


Folder 18: Significant Women in History of Clinton-Eliza Mills

  1. copy of obituary-Eliza Mills
  2. 5x7 color photograph-headstone of Eliza Mills
  3. 1 page typed document-Eliza Mills1806-1877-biography
  4. 1 page typed document-Matthias Guy Mills-A Golden Man Dying Young 1827-1857-biography; attached-4x6 color photograph of headstone of Matthias Guy Mills


Folder 19: Significant Women in History of Clinton-Sarah Morgan

  1. 5x7 black and white photograph-Sarah Morgan
  2. copy of book cover- The Civil War Diary of Sarah Morgan; attached-1 page typed document-She Didn’t Like Us-Sarah Morgan 1862-1863


Folder 20: Significant Women in History of Clinton-Mary Winans Wall

  1. 8x10 black and white photograph-Mary Susannah Winans Wall 1816-1897
  2. 2 page typed document-Wall Family Papers 1829-1921-Bio/History Note (2 copies)
  3. 3x5 color photograph-Mary Winans Wall Methodist Church, erected 1903; attached-closer image of church-First Methodist Church of Clinton
  4. 1 page typed document-short bio of Mary Winans Wall
  5. 1 page typed document-Mary Susannah Winans Wall 1816-1897-biography


Folder 21: Significant Women in History of Clinton-Julia Hines Dilly

  1. 5x7 black and white photograph-Mrs. Julia O. Dilly opened her insurance agency in 1911 on Lawyer’s Row
  2. envelope-Hartford Fire Insurance Company
  3. 1 page typed document-Julie O. Hines Dilly 1875-1959-biography
  4. copy of document-Hartford Fire Insurance Company-J. O. Dilly, Inc., Clinton, LA
  5. 5x7 black and white photograph-Mr. and Mrs. Dilly in her office


Folder 22: Significant Women in History of Clinton-Ola Fisher

  1. 1 page typed document-Ola Fisher honored for service at tea (3 copies)
  2. handwritten note with phone number of B. Hayes
  3. 8x10 color photograph-Ola Fisher (2 copies)
  4. program-Ola Banks Fisher Funeral Services, July 17, 1998


Folder 23: Significant Women in History of Clinton-Charlotte Scott Greenup

  1. title page-Charlotte Scott Greenup 1975
  2. 8x10 black and white photograph-Charlotte Greenup, 1982-95 years old
  3. 2 page typed document-“Mother Greenup”, Charlotte Scott Greenup, 1885-1982
  4. copy of newspaper article (3)-“Bright and Sharp at 90-Plus”-Charlotte Greenup, copy of photo included


Folder 24: Significant Women in History of Clinton-Mamie Gorda Cravens Record

  1. 1 page typed document-Mamie Gorda Cravens Record, 1871-1960-biography
  2. 5x7 black and white photograph of Mamie Gorda Cravens Record
  3. newspaper article-“Feliciana Garden Club Sponsoring Silver Tea Honoring Mrs. Record”, handwritten note attached, copy of photos included-School Days 1959-60, Clinton High School


Folder 25: Significant Women in History of Clinton-Sally Daniels Munday

  1. 5x7 black and white photograph-Sally Daniels Munday, c. 1865
  2. 1 page typed document-Sally Daniels Munday 1840-1914-biography

Folder 26: Significant Women in History of Clinton-Carrie Moore Young

  1. 1 page typed document-Carrie Moore Young, c. 1885-1953, attached-Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute Diploma to Carrie Moore Young, August 1934
  2. 8x10 black and white photograph-Carrie Moore Young in her cap and gown
  3. copy of newspaper article-“Our Colored Friends Pioneer Educator Dies from Accident Injuries”; attached-biography and a handwritten note


Folder 27: Significant Women in History of Clinton-Inez M. Durham

  1. 8x10 black and white photograph-Inez M. Durham
  2. 2 copies of recipes; includes-Apricot Nector Cake recipe
  3. 8x10 black and white photograph-Inez M. Durham
  4. card-Re-Elect Inez M. Durham-Clerk of Court-Apricot Nector Cake recipe mentioned earlier on back
  5. card-Re-Elect Inez M. Durham-Clerk of Court-recipe mentioned earlier on back
  6. copy of newspaper article-“Inez M. Durham to Say Adieu to Parish Clerk of Court’s Office”
  7. 8x10 color photograph-Inez M. Durham
  8. oversized paper with following items attached-newspaper headline-East Feliciana Citizen, Vol. 8 No. 22, February 26, 1943; newspaper article- “L. Stanley Durham Dies this Morning”; bio-Inez M. Durham 1909-1993; newspaper article- “E. Feliciana gets Records After 40 Years in Capital” by Richard Munson, November 1974, Morning Advocate; 2 Re-Elect Inez cards


Folder 28: Significant Women in History of Clinton-Clara E. Sides Hubbs

  1. 1 page typed document- Clara E. Sides Hubbs, 1866-1949 (biography)
  2. copy of Primary Election for nomination for parish officers sample ballot, January 15, 1924
  3. 8x10 photograph of Clara E. Sides Hubbs


Folder 29: Women

  1. 4x6 color photograph-headstone of Sarah Killian
  2. 3 page typed document-Vol. III-Biographies/History/Memoirs of LA-Major G. W. Munday
  3. 6 handwritten notes
  4. newspaper-“Miss Wilda Remember for Work with Young”, The Watchmen, Vol. 94, No. 19, April 19, 1973
  5. envelope-to Mildred Worrell from Charmaine Dyson, October 7, 2002


Folder 30: Photographs-Engagements/Weddings from Watchmen newspaper

  1. black and white 5x7- Bonnie Joan Tolle
  2. black and white 5x7-Miss Sue Sagely
  3. black and white 5x7- Terry John
  4. black and white 5x7- Miss Gurney
  5. black and white 5x7- Sebrend Williams
  6. black and white 5x7- Peggy Jean Perkins
  7. black and white 5x7- Lisa Diana Falcon
  8. black and white 5x7- woman in wedding dress
  9. color 5x7- Rowan
  10. black and white 5x7- Lisa Falcon
  11. black and white 3x5-Wanda M. Newman and Terry R. Craighead
  12. black and white 5x7- a prenuptial party
  13. black and white 5x7- husband and wife on their wedding day
  14. color 2x3- Miss Janice Claire Chanes
  15. black and white 5x7- Jacqeline Bernadine Green
  16. color 2x3-Sharon Yvette Evans
  17. black and white 3x5- Patti Lynn Mote
  18. color 2x3- Nancy Elizabeth Allen
  19. color 2x3- Mrs. Mamie Woodside
  20. black and white 2x3- Jane Marie Hopkins
  21. black and white 3x5-Jarreau-Perry
  22. black and white 4x6-Tracy Sue Allen
  23. color 2x3-Linda Wright
  24. color 2x3-Karen Foster and James Michael Wilson
  25. black and white 5x7- Janet Olivia Hargin, bride of Racy Robin Gernon
  26. black and white 5x7- Tammy J. Easley
  27. black and white 5x7-Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. McQueen
  28. black and white 3x5-Mrs. James Griffin
  29. black and white 5x7-Kathryn Lee Dennis
  30. color 6x6-Toni Elizabeth Pope
  31. black and white 5x7- Connie Smith Elam
  32. color 2x3-Dawn Jelks
  33. black and white 5x7-Cornelia Celeste Cumbo
  34. black and white 5x7-Schepns-O’Brien
  35. black and white 5x7-Toney-Boother
  36. black and white 2x3-Albritton
  37. color 2x3-Lavri Shaffer
  38. black and white 5x7-unnamed man and woman
  39. black and white 5x7-Rhonda Ranell Woodridge
  40. black and white 5x7-Mary Ellen Broders
  41. black and white 5x7-Kirk Hovor and Lurlene Price
  42. black and white 2x3-Thelma Burton
  43. black and white 4x6-bride
  44. black and white 5x7-Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Allen Jackson
  45. black and white 5x7-Mrs. Valerie Delatte
  46. black and white 5x7-Edith Marie Quinn
  47. black and white 5x7- Myrna Frances Reynolds
  48. color 5x7-Marilyn Myers
  49. black and white 5x7-Toney
  50. color 4x6-Sherry Marie Garner and Mark James Bradley
  51. black and white 5x7-Patricia Brian
  52. black and white 5x7-Holly Henderson
  53. black and white 4x6-Michael Spillman and Janan Darrow
  54. black and white 3x7-unnamed woman
  55. black and white 5x7-Buckner
  56. black and white 5x7-Buckner
  57. black and white 3x4-Garrett-Travis wedding announcement
  58. black and white 5x7-Mrs. Joseph Meredith Butler
  59. color 5x7-Mary Frances Miller and Frances Lee Snoddy
  60. black and white 2x3-Darney Plunkett
  61. color 4x6-Dorothy Mae Sanders
  62. black and white 4x6-unnamed man and woman
  63. black and white 2x2-Chalasian
  64. black and white 5x7-Mr. and Mrs. Jay Lewis Martin
  65. black and white 2x3-Betty Spillman
  66. black and white 5x7- Mrs. Cynthia R. Goodnight
  67. black and white 4x6 (enclosed in a black sleeve)-Rhonda Michael Ritchie
  68. black and white 5x7-Donna L. Lard
  69. black and white 5x7-Mrs. James Roland Jewell
  70. black and white 5x7-Julie Dunaway Williams
  71. black and white 4x6-Clarissa Rayburn
  72. black and white 5x7-Mrs. Donnie Wilson
  73. black and white 5x7-Anita Louise Lindsay
  74. black and white 5x7-Miss Connie Jean Smith
  75. black and white 5x7-woman on her wedding day
  76. black and white 5x7-Lee Ann Buerger
  77. black and white 5x7-Bolden-Bennett
  78. color 3x5-White-Young
  79. black and white 5x7-Kimberly Plovanich Ritter
  80. black and white 4x6-Karen Walker
  81. black and white 5x7-Michael Gregory
  82. black and white 5x7-Catherine Ann Lofton
  83. black and white 4x6-Phyllis Bryant
  84. black and white 4x6-Daisy Jackson
  85. black and white 2x3-Velma Houston Terrell
  86. black and white 5x7-Anita and Dewalt Wilmer
  87. black and white 5x7-Lori Ann Hardvick and Randie Lynn Blanchard
  88. black and white 5x7-Miss Donna Barker
  89. black and white 5x7-Miss Michael
  90. black and white 8x10-Mrs. Michael K. Darsey
  91. black and white 8x10-man and woman on wedding day
  92. black and white 8x10-woman on wedding day
  93. black and white 8x10-Beverly Browning Gurney-Lyman Fluker
  94. black and white 8x10-Dawn Leigh McQueen
  95. black and white 8x10-woman on wedding day
  96. black and white 8x10-man and woman on wedding day

Folder 31

  1. color 3x5 photograph-Trey
  2. color 3x5 photograph-Chad
  3. color 2x3 photograph-Kristi Dusek
  4. color 2x3 photograph- a little girl
  5. black and white 2x3 photograph- unnamed man on front, unnamed woman on back of photograph
  6. color 4x6 photograph-2 woman and a man on a horse drawn buggy
  7. black and white 4x6 photograph-LSU School of Social Work reception-description attached
  8. 5x7 black and white photograph-Easter egg hunt, handwritten note attached
  9. 8x10 black and white photograph-Easter egg hunt, handwritten note attached
  10. 2x2 color photograph-Rolande Sanders
  11. sheet with photographs taped to it-Classroom #2 Mardi Gras door, grandparents enjoying their pre-Mardi Gras breakfast
  12. copy of newspaper article-“’Changes’-For Better or Worse” by Paula Trapani Bourg, The Clinton Watchmen
  13. typed letter about East High School Reunion, 1967
  14. Lane Memorial Hospital Birth Announcement-Brittany Alison Collins, March 24, 1997
  15. typed letter-to parents, from resource center at Clinton Elementary School-invitation to “Make and Take Workshop”, May 7, 1997
  16. 2 page typed document-“The Good Ole Days” by Robert Dawson
  17. typed letter from Coach Willie Lee-thanking the sponsors of Jackson High Relays hospitality room
  18. 3 typed pages-district attorney arrests/court reports-March 10-17, 1997

Box 2

Loose Items:

  1. Frame with 3 USA Bonds of the State of Louisiana- $5 bills; cashier checks-Office of Discount and Deposit of the Union Bank of Louisiana at Clinton, LA, July 14, 1834; Confederate States of America $10 bill; bank statement-John C. Morns, July 12, 1838
  2. post about founding of Clinton, LA
  3. copy of map of Louisiana Purchase
  4. 3 copies of photographs-1. Post Office of Clinton, LA April 1929; 2. Downtown Street; 3. McCutcheon’s Garage; 4. Copy of Map-West Florida area; 5. copy of Louisiana map
  5. Woolridge Paper-The East Feliciana Parish Courthouse and Lawyer’s Row in Clinton, LA: A Study in the Greek Revival-A Thesis by Laura Adams Woolridge, March 27, 1973
  6. “How Well I Remember”-book by Armstead Richardson Kilbourne, January 1964
  7. Ledge-J.S. Langeworthy, M.D. Wilson, LA