Artie Varnado

Archival Collection





Volume XIX, 1972, Nos. 1-4

Volume XX, 1973, Nos. 1-4

Volume XXI, 1974, Nos. 1, 3, 4

Volume XXII, 1975, Nos. 1-4

Volume XXIII, 1976, Nos. 1-4

Volume XXIV, 1977, No. 3

Volume XXV, 1978, Nos. 1-4

Volume XXVI, 1979, Nos. 1, 2, 4

Volume XXVII, 1980, Nos. 1-4

Volume XXVIII, 1981, Nos. 1-4

Volume XXIX, 1982, Nos. 1-4

Volume XXX, 1983, Nos. 1-4

Volume XXXI, 1984, Nos. 1-4

Volume XXXII, 1985, Nos. 1-4

Volume XXXIII, 1986, Nos. 1-4

Volume XXXIV, 1987, Nos. 1-4

Volume XXXV, 1988, Nos. 1-4

Volume XXXVI, 1989, Nos. 1-4

Volume XXXVII, 1990, Nos. 2, 4

Volume XXXVIII, 1991, Nos. 1-4

Volume XXXIV, 1992, Nos. 1, 2, 4

Volume XL, 1993, Nos. 1-4

Volume XLI, 1994, No. 3 and Volume XLII, 1995, Nos. 1, 2

Volume XLIII, 1996, Nos. 1, 4


8 April 1972 and 22 March 1975


Catalogue for Genealogy and History, List 51, Banner Press, Inc. and Local History & Immigration Records, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.

Heritage Book News, June 1994; June, July, September, October, November, December 1997 and January 1998; Heritage Books Catalogue, February 1996


Vol. 3, No. 5, January-February 1998





1790 Census of Camden District, Claremont Co., SC (2 copies).

2. 1820 Census, Parishes of St. Helena, St. Tammany and Washington and 1812 St. Tammany Tax List.

3. 1830 Census, Parishes of Ascension, Assumption, Concordia, Plaquemines, and Washington.

1830 Census of East Feliciana Parish; 1890 Census of Ward 1 Washington Parish; 1850 Census East Feliciana.

1860 Census East Feliciana Parish (2 Copies).

1830 Census West Feliciana Parish; 1850 Census West Feliciana Parish.

1910 Census Surname Index, Tangipahoa Parish, LA.


Volume II, 1964, by Zuma Magee and Thelma S. Bateman.

Volume III, 1966, by Zuma Magee and Thelma S. Bateman.

Washington Parish, Volume IV, 1976 by Zuma Magee and Thelma S. Bateman.

Washington Parish, 1976, Volume V, by Zuma Magee and Thelma S. Bateman.

Washington Parish, 1980, Volume VI, by Dixie Moss and Zuma Magee (2 Copies)

Cemetery Inscriptions, East Feliciana Parish, 1970 by Mary Ann Smith Sagely.

Alphabetical Index to East Feliciana Parish Cemeteries as listed in Mary Ann Sagely’s Volume I of cemeteries of the parish by Claude B. Slaton, June 23, 1988.

Iberville Parish Cemeteries, 1989.

St. Helena Parish Cemeteries, 1814-1987.

Selected Obituaries from La. and Mississippi, Vol. II, L-X, compiled by Zuma Magee, 1976.

Mixon Cemetery, copied by Zuma F. Magee, July 30, 1974

Ebenezer Baptist Church Cemetery Records, Liberty, Mississippi, 1837-1981


Death notices from La. Newspapers, Vol. III and Vol. IV 1847-1893 by Brenda Mayers and Gloria Kerns.

21. Be It Known and Remembered Bible Records, Volume I and Volume II.

22. Bible Records from William Hopgood Green and Rhoda Farrar Curie Bible

23. Baptist and Methodist Records of the Florida Parishes, by Donna Burge Adams

24. Virginia Marriage Records, 1759-1824.

25. Passports issued by Governors of GA. 1785-1820 from Zuma Magee Collection.

26. Civil War Records and Recollections of the LA. Florida Parishes and Neighboring Ms. Counties.

27. La. Soldiers in the War of 1812.

28. Occupant Entry, Vol. 1, Book B, Shelby Co., TN. Abstracted by Jean Alexander West.

29. All Around The Square, by Mamie Austin Rouzan

30. Place-Names of East Feliciana Parish, by Lilian Douglass, 1938





Florida Parishes Genealogical Newsletter, Vol. 1, Jan. 1979 and Vol. 3, Dec. 1981 and Vol.1.

Florida Parishes Genealogical Newsletter, Jan. 1982 to Dec. 1984, Vol. 2.

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The Natchitoches Genealogist, Vol. XXI, April and October, 1996, Nos. 1-2.

The Natchitoches Genealogist, Vol. XXII, April and October, 1997, Nos. 1-2.





East Feliciana Parish Resources and Facilities (clipped from The Watchman, the Parish Newspaper, 1966).

East Feliciana Parish, 1824-1974, Land of Seven Springs and Seven Pastures.

Old Montpelier, 1804 and New Montpelier, 1904, compiled by Inez B. Tate

Early Tangipahoa Parish by Mary E. and Elias W. Sandel, July 1984, spiral, 359 pp.

The Eugene J. Bunch story compiled by Zuma Magee, 1975.

Politics in Washington Parish by S. Dale Varnado, August 1979.

Old Hickory Railroad Association, Republic of West Florida Museum, Jackson, LA, Meeting notices, minutes, correspondence, 1990-1994.

The Loyal Colony, A Story of English History in West and East Feliciana and East Baton Rouge Parishes, In Support of the Preservation of The Tunica Hills, March 10, 1977 and The Fossil Forrest, A Story of Bartram, Lyell, Hilgard, Carpenter, and Darwin in West and East Feliciana and East Baton Rouge Parishes, In Support of the Preservation of The Tunica Hills.

Genealogical Extracts from Union Baptist Association Minutes, 1894-1896 Washington Parish, La. and Magees Creek Baptist Association, 1891 by Dixie Moss, 1978.

Amite County, Casey and Others, The Churches, Vol. II. (2 copies); Pages copied from the 1950 issue of Amite County, Mississippi, 1699-1865, Vol. 2 by Albert E. Casey and Others (2 typewritten copies on onion skin paper)

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Early Calcasieu Doctors, 1850-1912, by Maude Reid, Printing Courtesy of The First National Bank, Lake Charles, Louisiana, 1969, paperback, 99 pp.

Livingston Parish Louisiana, The Missing Years, by Gloria Lambert Kerns, published by Folk Finders, Baker, Louisiana, 1985, paperback, 92 pp.

The Carter-Sharp Papers, copied and edited by Claude B. Staton, 1986, Vol. I, paperback, 76pp. Vol. II, paperback, 73 pp.

Letters from Italy, 1949-1974, by Virginia Wingo (missionary), compiled by Zuma F. Magee, 1986, spiral bound.

Police Jury Minutes of East Feliciana Parish, 1839-1845, 116 pp.

The Journal of Wilkinson County History, Vol. I, March 1990, Wilkinson County Cemeteries, compiled by Mrs. James V. Gross and Miss Marion Miles, published by the Woodville Civic Club, Inc., paperback, 347 pp.

The Journal of Wilkinson County History, Vol. II, September 1991, Wilkinson County Marriage Records, 1800 to 1924, compiled by Linda Gene Felter Carter, published by the Woodville Civic Club, Inc., paperback.

Zuma F. Magee Collection, Vol. 1 (In Center for Southeast Louisiana Studies2 copies)

The History of Washington Parish, as compiled from the Records and Tradition by Hon. Prentiss B. Carter (2 copies).



BOX 4 Continued


In Memory of A Slave, Rans McGaskey, by Artie Sylvest Varnado, 1993 (3 handwritten copies and 3 typed copies).

They Went West, Clippings from Genealogy from Bogalusa News, 1976 by Dixie Moss (2 copies).

Resource Records of Pike/Walthall Counties, MS, 1798-1910, by Luke Ward Conerly and E. Russ Williams, Jr., pp. 102-105 and 44, 45, & 168 (xerox copies)

History of Land Titles in Louisiana (handwritten)

Family Stories, Completed Stories, Vol. 2 (handwritten)

A Lovely Lady from the 19th Century [A story of Florence Gill, by Artie Sylvest Varnado, her daughter-in-law], May 1991 (2 handwritten and 2 typed copy)

Stories About East Louisiana State Hospital, Jackson, LA (where Artie Varnado workedhandwritten)

A Testimony of Vivian Varnado’s Salvation, 1984 (2 copies)

To The Gill Family (Looks like a list of Household Items)

Jackson High Rebels, 1966 Official Program, September 16 and September 30

Washington Parish Fair Material, 1975, 1987, and 1988

Children I Have Worked With at First Baptist Church, Jackson, LA, 1932-

Miscellaneous Genealogical Resources: Order Form for Death Notices in LA newspapers; Folk Finders, Fall 1985 and Spring 1986; Brochure about Genealogical Seminar, July 9, 1988; Two-page paper about Oakland Plantation; Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana Marriage Index (xerox of 83 & 84); John Frederick Dorman (Notes by Dixie S. Moss sent to Artie Varnado, 1981); History of Livingston Parish, Louisiana (xerox of pg. 502 about Pendarvis Family); The Woodville Republican, Mississippi’s Oldest Existing Newspaper, Vol. 1: Dec. 18, 1823-Dec. 17, 1839 (xerox of pp. 70, 71, 114, 115, 118, 119, 208, 209); 1850 West Feliciana, Louisiana Census, pg. 39; Vol. I, No. 29, The Era Leader, October 13, 1910A list of the Confederates killed and wounded in the Ranks of Co. "I" of the 9th LA Inf.; Rev. Pierre Robert’s Family Chart; Francis Sylvest Land Record, Nov. 19, 1901; Act of Sale, Alonzo L. Brown, S. A. Varnado, Fred Varnado, Jan. 28, 1921 (Title to a Grave Yard located East of the Tangipahoa Parish line in Washington Parish, ½ mile south of the Five-Thousand Dollar Road which was given to us by the family); Francis Sylvest-Martha Stevenson Family Tree; Emanuel Sylvest-Nancy Warner Kennedy Family Tree; List of Peopleat top of page is Illness or Accidents, May 11, 1986




History of Washington Parish, Louisiana, 1798-1992, The Story of a Land and People on Three Rivers: The Pearl, The Bogue Chitto, and The Tangipahoa in Southeast Louisiana, by E. Russ Williams, Jr., Vol. 1, 1994 (Monroe: Williams Genealogical and Historical Publications, 1994), hardcover, 484 pp.

Genealogical and Historical Abstracts of Legal Records of Saint Helena Parish Louisiana, 1804-1870. (Monroe: Williams Genealogical and Historical Publications, 1995), hardcover, 339 pp.

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, by Albert Eugene Casey. (Birmingham: Amite County Historical Fund, 1957), hardcover, 750 pp.

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The Francis Sylvest Story, by Vince Edward Sylvest, 1968.

That Sylvest Family of Provencal, 1923-1951, by Artie Sylvest Varnado, June 1984.

Ella B. Hughes Story of Francisco Sylvera, The Portuguese Name for Francis Sylvest, 1988 (2 copies).

The Emmanuel Sylvest Story, by Vince Edward Sylvest, 1968, compiled in 1993 by Artie Sylvest Varnado.

Treasured Words of Vince Edward Sylvest (1909-1973), compiled by Artie S. Varnado (his sister), 1987.

Descendants of David H. and Samantha Carson Stringfield, compiled by Zuma F. Magee, 1977.

Pierce (Peirce) Genealogy, Descendants of Humphrey Asa Pierce (Peirce), compiled by Florence Peirce Peck, ca. 1953.

Curtis, Lingering Shadows and Circle of Related Families, 1485-1993, Vol. I, (Christmas, Windham, Hand, Hill, Perkins, Dearmond, Courtney, Pennington, Stampley, Cole, Joy, Tidwell), by Jack Curtis (2 copies).

Curtis, Lingering Shadows and Circle of Related Families, 1485-1993, Vol. II, (Christmas, Windham, Hand, Hill, Perkins, Dearmond, Courtney, Pennington, Stampley, Cole, Joy, Tidwell), by Jack Curtis (2 copies).

Boyles Family History, by Jack Curtis, n. d.

The Boydstun Family, by Gustine Courson Weaver, 1927 (xerox copy).

Through the Years, by Irene Reed Morris (Family Records of Ila Venable Brown and Other Families of St. Helena Parish), 1965.

Corkerns and Cousins, by Nelwyn Corkern, n. d.

Corkerns Have Many Cousins, Book II, by Nelwyn Corkern.

Holmes-Stovall Lineage, compiled by Ada Lee O’Quinn and Ruth Latine Magee (2 copies).

The Fendlason Family, compiled by Zuma F. Magee and Ouida Robertson.

The John Scarle-Sarah "Sally" Brown Family by Zuma F. Magee and Dixie S. Moss, 1974.

The Enoch Courtney and Mary Ann Humble Family, compiled by Ouida Robertson Cooke, 1980 (2 copies).

Echoes From the Gills of Tangipahoa Parish, by Artie Varnado (2 copies); 8 original photographs and loose xeroxed photographs.





History of Bethel Baptist Church, near Franklinton, LA, 1907-1948; Original printed booklet and 2 xeroxed copies with a letter from Artie Varnado; History of Bethel Baptist Church, near Franklinton, LA, 1907-1980, Contains both histories of the church (2 copies).

History of Franklinton First Baptist Church, by Daunton Gibbs, 1976-1977

History of Sunlight Baptist Church, Washington Parish Baptist Association, 1928-1989, by Francis Douglas Sylvest, Sr.; Excerpts From The Minutes of the Washington Parish Baptist Association, by Francis Douglas Sylvest, 1928-1988.

Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, Its First 150 Years, 1841-1991

[Washington Parish], by Charles C. Miller, 1991

Records and Notes of Old Sharon Church

, by Robert and Ella Hughes, Assisted by Alta Mae Douglas, 1983 (2 copies).

The History of New Sharon Church, Husser, Louisiana

, by Ella B. Hughes, 1988 (2).

History of First Baptist Church, Bogalusa, LA, 1906-1976


History of Half Moon Bluff Baptist Church, Franklinton, Louisiana (1812-1830), by Zuma Fendlason Magee and Dixie Sylvest Moss, 1978 (2 copies); What Did Happen to Half Moon Bluff?, by Dixie Sylvest Moss, 1985 (Speech made at the Louisiana Baptist Convention Historical Committee, March 30, 1985).

A History of First Baptist Church of Madisonville, LA (2 copies); handwritten copy of the history; Bulletin of 50th Anniversary Celebration, 1942-1992.

Grand Go The Years, A History of the First Baptist Church, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

, by Gaines Glass, 1983.

Beginnings of Bluff Creek Baptist Church, East Feliciana Parish, LA and David Madison Chaney (1809-1859), First Pastor (xeroxed from a book).

History of Norwood Baptist Church (Given at 1986 Church Homecoming).

First Baptist Church, Jackson, Louisiana Church Directory, 1972

(2 copies); First Baptist Church, Jackson, Louisiana Church Directory, 1985; Baptist Historical Data as it Pertains to First Baptist Church, Jackson, LA compiled by Artie S. Varnado, 1971; How Missions Started in Louisiana and First Baptist Church of Jackson, LA (Speech given at Homecoming June 1974, by Artie S. Varnado3 copies); First Baptist Church of Jackson, LA in a Progressive Building Program for 145 Years (Homecoming June 29, 1980), by Artie Varnado.

Hephzibah Baptist Church Records, East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, Vol. II, by Mary Ann Smith Sagely, 1985 (2 copies).

Mt. Nebo Baptist Church of Natchitoches Parish and Other Stores, 1995, compiled by Artie Varnado; also official records of Mt. Nebo as found in Louisiana Baptist Records in Alexandria, LA, 1935-1949; also some photographs (2 copies).

Early Records of Calvary Baptist Church at Bayou Chicot, Louisiana, 1826-1887

(Evangeline Parish), by Jane P. McManus, 1987.

The Church Remembers, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Alexandria, LA

, September 6, 1881-September 6, 1981, by Ethma Roberts Rush, Church Historian.

Forty Years of Grace, 40th Anniversary, Shreve City Baptist Church, 1949-89

, 20 pp.

Origins of Parish Churches Traced, Washington Parish, by Daunton Gibbs, 1978, 1 p.





Abstract History of the Mississippi Baptist Association (1806-1906), by T. C. Schilling.

First Baptist Settlement in Mississippi (copied from the History of the Mississippi Baptist Association from 1806 to 1906, edited by T. C. Schilling2 copies); Also Excerpts from the Minutes of the Mississippi Baptist Association-3 pages

Partial Copy of Mississippi Baptist Association History, 1806-1906, by T. C. Schilling (2 copies).

A History of the Baptist Association, by Elliott Smith (5-article series clipped from the Baptist Message, 1979)

Baptist History from the Baptist Message, by Leon McBeth, February-June 1983

The Story of Eastern Louisiana Baptist Association (1842-1930), Thesis by James Ernest Chandler, Submitted to Baptist Bible Institute of New Orleans, La. (2 copies).

A Short History of Louisiana Baptists, Chapter II of Penrose St. Amant’s Book.

Southern Baptists in the Great Lakes Area (Reprinted from May 1966 Home Missions).

History of the Rise and Progress of the Baptists in Virginia, by Robert Baylor Semple, Minister of the Gospel in King and Queen County, Virginia, Revised and Extended by Rev. G. W. Beale, 1894 (xerox copy).

Baptist History and Heritage: Southern Baptist Identity, Vol. XXXI, October 1996, No. 4; Two Ways to be Baptist, Vol. XXXII, April 1997, No.2; Baptists and the Civil War, Vol. XXXII, July/October 1997, Nos. 3 and 4.





A Republication of the Minutes of the Mississippi Baptist Association, From Its Organization (1806) to the Present Times (1847), by T. M. Bond (3 copies).

Washington Parish Baptist Association Minutes, 1894-1906 (Formerly Union Association, prior to 1906), Compiled by Dixie S. Moss, 1979.

Ebenezer Baptist Church Minutes, of Amite County, MS, 1806-1901, by Claude B. Slaton (6 copies4 of the copies are in the next box).

The Minutes of Pleasant Prospect Baptist Church (1883-1980), Montgomery Co., MS, by John W. Thomas, 1988.





Let Christ’s Freedom Ring, William Wallace Association, Book of Reports, 1975; Constitution; Minutes of William Wallace Baptist Association, 1976.

The Twenty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the William Wallace Baptist Association, October 10-11, 1977, First Baptist Church, Slaughter, Louisiana.

The Twenty-Fifth Annual Meeting of the William Wallace Baptist Association, October 16-17, 1978, First Baptist Church, Norwood, Louisiana.

The Twenty-Sixth Annual Meeting of the William Wallace Baptist Association, October 22-23, 1979, Galilee Baptist Church, Zachary, Louisiana.

Book of Reports William Wallace Baptist Association, October 14, 1982, Sandy Creek Baptist Church.

Thirty-Second Annual Session, William Wallace Baptist Association of Louisiana, Plank Road Baptist Church (Organized in 1955), October 10, 1985.

William Wallace Baptist Association Book of Reports, Fortieth Annual Meeting, October 26, 1993, First Baptist Church, Zachary, Louisiana.

Judson Baptist Association of La., Minutes, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1932, 1933, 1934 1936, 1938, 1939, 1946, 1947, 1949, 1950, and 1951.

Louisiana Historical Atlas, by Glen Lee Greene, 1975, soft cover, 32 pp. (Has histories and photographs of Baptist Churches in Louisiana)

History of Baptist Work in Feliciana and Nearby Areas from the Beginning and Excerpts and Other Information About Early Work in the Feliciana Area.

Joseph Willis: First Baptist Preacher of the Word West of the Mississippi River, condensed by Randall Lee Willis, The Oakdale Journal-Sentinel1983newspaper clippings and xerox copies of the newspaper clippings.

A Comparison of the Articles of Faith of the Mississippi Bapotist Association and the Mississippi River Baptist Association, compiled by Rev. Joe Nesom, 1986.

Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home Story

Of The Holy Spirit, by Vince Edward Sylvest (1909-1973).

Ultimate Questions, by John Blanchard, 1991 and The Meaning of Church Membership, by Sadie Tiller Crawley, 1928.

1200 Bible Questions in Consecutive Order, by J. J. Hill, 1908; Answers to 1200 Bible Questions in Consecutive Order, by J. J. Hill

Three reports Given at the Louisiana Baptist Historical Committee Meeting at Louisiana College, April 23, 1988, by Artie Sylvest Varnado: Rev. Ezra Courtney (1771 or 1775 - 1855) and the Discovery of His Grave; Elder Ezra Courtney (1775-1855, Bringing the Baptist Faith to the Wilderness; Doctrine and Ezra Courtney, by Dr. J. B. Nesom

Pastors’ Wives Meeting in William Wallace Association, 1977.



BOX 9 Continued



Charles Kelsey Dozier of Japan, A Builder of Schools

, by Maude Burke Dozier

Everett Gill, Sr. of Europe, Far Lands and Fair Lands

, by Ruby Daniel Udvarnoki

George Green of Africa, Chief of the Medicine Men

, by Marjorie Moore Armstrong

Charles Arthur Hayes of China, As Jesus Served

, by Mary C. Alexander (2 copies)

Ida Deaver Lawton of China, Happily Ever After

, by Sadie Lawton Holloway

Lucille Reagan of Africa, In His Might

, by Elizabeth Routh Pool

Stephen Lawton Watson of Brazil, A Good Name

, by A. R. Crabtree

State Missions Then and Now, paperback, 50 pp.; A Brief Survey of State Missions, paperback, 50 pp.



BOX 10


History of the Woman’s Missionary Union of the William Wallace Association of Louisiana, 1953-1983, by Artie S. Varnado, 1986 (2 copies).

History of the Woman’s Missionary Union of the William Wallace Association of Louisiana, 1953-1983, by Artie S. Varnado, 1986 (original).

Historical Sketch of First Baptist Church, Franklinton, Louisiana, Woman’s Missionary Union Organizations, by Zuma Fendlason Magee.

Baptist Woman’s Missionary Union of Tangipahoa Baptist Association, 1914-1964 (2 copies)

Memoirs of the Beginnings of the Baptist Woman’s Missionary Union of Washington Parish Association.

My Missions Experience, by Artie S. Varnado, 1978.

God is My Helper, Compiled by Artie S. Varnado, 1987 (2 copies).

The First Five Minutes After Death, 1965 (3 copies).

A Treehouse In Frostburg

, by Lee Hollaway.

Father Serra Called to Build California Missions, Natchitoches Times, September 18 and 23, 1994 (2 xerox copies)

Information About William Wallace Association Women’s Missionary Union.

William Wallace Association Women’s Missionary Union, Miscellaneous Material.

Women’s Missionary Union Miscellaneous Material.

Women’s Missionary Union Miscellaneous Material.

Women’s Missionary Union Miscellaneous Material.

Southeast Asia in Pictures, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaya and Singapore; The Millions, Monthly Magazine of the China Inland Mission, Vol. 63, No. 2, February 1955; February 1955 Prayer Calendar

Maps: Baton Rouge, 1961; East Feliciana and West Feliciana parishes; Ohio, 1965; Map of Home Mission Fields; Southern Baptist Missions Around the World; Southern Baptist Missions in Africa, South of the Sahara; Southern Baptist Missions in Latin America (3 maps); Vacation Bible School Map of Europe and Near East.

Teaching Posters of the Bible Around the World.


, A leisure-reading magazine for Children, Ages 8-11, 1963-1986 (9 scattered issues).

Bulletins of First Baptist Church, Jackson, Louisiana.

Financial Report of First Baptist Church, Jackson, Louisiana 1965-1994 (19 scattered issues).

Index of names found in the minutes of the First Baptist Church of Jackson, Louisiana during the first 100 years of her existence (June 1825 to June 1935)

First Baptist Church, Jackson, Louisiana, Confessions of Faith, December 16, 1973

But the Greatest of These is Love, by Jean Passman (Speech about Artie Varnado)

Information About Pastors of First Baptist Church, Jackson, Louisiana

Miscellaneous Material Pertaining to First Baptist Church, Jackson, Louisiana

Zuma Magee Will and Newspaper Clippings About Her Donations, 1987

Transcript of a letter from Oliver James Parsons (1821-1846) dated March 1, 1842 (written to S. G. Parsons, Jr., Springfield, Livingston Parish, LA)



BOX 11


Information on Rev. Ezra Courtney, First Louisiana Baptist Church Planter in East Feliciana Parish, 1989, by Claude Slaton and Artie Varnado (2 copies)

Information on Rev. Ezra Courtney Sought, "Louisiana Ancestors," Advocate, Baton Rouge, November 29, 1987 (newspaper clipping-original and 2 xerox copies)

Chronology of Events in the Life of Rev. Ezra Courtney and the Source of the Events (6-page manuscript by Claude Slaton)

A Preliminary Report on the Origins of the Reverend Ezra Courtney, Baptist Pioneer of Mississippi and Louisiana, submitted by Claude B. Slaton, Louisiana Genealogical Register, June 1988, pp. 131-136 (xerox copy); A summary of known information on the children of Ezra and Elizabeth (Peterman) Courtney of East Feliciana Parish, La., compiled by Claude Slaton, dated 18 September 1987 (10-page manuscript3 copies); A summary of known information on the children of Ezra and Elizabeth (Peterman) Courtney of East Feliciana Parish, La., compiled by Claude Slaton, revised 10 November 1987 (6-page manuscript3 copies)

Ezra Courtney Property and Railroad Land Deal (xerox courthouse records, East Feliciana Parish, 1835)

Elder Ezra Courtney (1775-1855), Bringing the Baptist Faith to the Wilderness (5-page manuscript, also family group sheet of Ezra Courtney-5 copies)

The Faith of Ezra Courtney, Pioneer Missionary in the South, by Joe B. Nesom, Founders Journal, pp. 18-25 (3 xerox copies); Doctrine and Ezra Courtney, by Dr. J. B. Nesom (Excerpts from Faith of Ezra Courtney13 xerox copies)

The Omniscience of God, by E. Courtney (handwritten)

Circular Letter, Final Perseverance, by Ezra Courtney, 1811 (xerox from A Republication of the Minutes of the Mississippi Baptist Association, 1806-1849, by T. M. Bond)

Rev. Ezra Courtney (1771 or 1775-1855) and The Discovery of His Grave (5-page manuscript by Artie Sylvest Varnado, April 19883 copies)

Report to William Wallace Association on Rev. Ezra Courtney Cemetery Project: October 13, 1987, by Artie S. Varnado (8-page manuscript4 copies)

Information on Rev. Ezra Courtney mailed to the Baptist Message, July 22, 1987 (9-page manuscript3 copies)

Rev. Ezra Courtney Cemetery; Photographs of building fence around grave (11 different scenes)

Rev. Ezra Courtney Bibles located and put on display, The Watchman, January 17, 1989 and St. Francisville Democrat, January 19, 1989; List of those attending the Rev. Ezra Courtney Meeting at First Baptist Church [Jackson, Louisiana] to Display Bibles, January 14, 1989

Curtis and Courtney Families Research and Correspondence

Chapter Nine, The Elias William Courtney Family and Others, from Pauline C. Davis

Police Jury Records: 1818-1822 of Rev. Ezra Courtney; Earliest Road Districts Assigned in East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, From Surviving Records, from 4 June 1839 Meeting (14-page manuscript2 copies); From 2nd Police Jury Record Book 1840-1844 (3-page manuscript)



BOX 11


Police Jury Proceedings from the Feliciana Democrat, 1856 and 1857 (xerox copies)

Ezra Courtney Information and Young Cemetery Listing in The Plains and the People, by Virginia Lobdell Jennings, pp. 391-396 (xerox copy)

Courthouse Documents, East Feliciana Parish, Ezra Courtney and his wife Elizabeth Peterman 1844; Sarah J. vs. J. B. Taylor 1892; Notarial Records, East Feliciana Parish, Edward Carrie vs. John B. Taylor, 1892; Fuqua Taylor vs. Ed Currie, 1892

Micajah Courtney Courthouse Document, West Feliciana ParishSuccession and Land Sale, 1868

"A Mississippi Land Deal that Helped Louisiana Baptist," Map and Conveyance Papers Pertaining to the Transfer of Land by Richard and Saphronia Courtney (2 acres for $6) to the Ebenezer Baptist Church near Liberty, MS, October 9, 1813. Copied from Amite County, Mississippi Court Records; Ezra Courtney, James M. Mumford, and Joseph Knighton were witnesses

Ebenezer Baptist Church Cemetery Listings, 10 miles southwest of Liberty, MS (xerox pages 117-125), has Elder Richard Curtis headstone information

General Index to Conveyances, East Feliciana Parish, for Courtney and Holmes; Vendee Index to Conveyances, West Feliciana Parish for Taylor

Courthouse Documents, East Feliciana Parish, 1840, 1842, and 1859; Emily Winter Courtney Will and two other documents; M. H. Taylor to J. Quiet, R. Cook & Others; Conveyance Book "J", pp. 302-3 about property of Gilead M. E. Church in the north part of Section 49, T 2 S, R 3 E, Greensburg District, September 5, 1903

Elizabeth Courtney Succession, East Feliciana, 1843 (From Probate Book "C", pp. 216-219

Pointe Coupee Courthouse records for Oliver and Emily Winter Courtney; Family Group Sheet for Ezra Courtney (father of Oliver); 1870 Census for O. H. Courtney

East Feliciana Parish Marriages, Courtney and Others

Amite County, Mississippi Marriages, Courtney and Others of Interest

Amite County and Wilkinson County, Mississippi Marriages Performed by Rev. Ezra Courtney

Courthouse Record from Wilkinson County, Mississippi (gives some kin folk of the Courtney Family)

Succession of Ezra Courtney Holmes, East Baton Rouge Parish Courthouse Archives, 1862

Succession of Baily D. Chaney (wife, Martha D. Whitten), East Feliciana Parish, Court of Probates, December 28, 1842

John Bostwick and Susan Coats Marriage Information, West Feliciana Parish, 1821

Samuel Leigh or Lee Succession, Feliciana, 1815

Taylor Cemetery Markers, Old Clinton Cemetery, East Feliciana Parish (xerox of photographs)

Letter from Ruth Viator Guillory, Great, Great Granddaughter of Rev. Ezra Courtney; Taylor Marriage Information, Liberty, Amite County, MS Courthouse

Tennessee Records, Bible Records and Marriage Bonds (xerox 200-253); Tennessee Tidbits, 1778-1914 (xerox pp. 81 and 142)



BOX 11


James Courtney of South Carolina and Mississippi and His Descendants, 1743-1979, by Martha Berry Thorpe

The Sarah Courtney (daughter of Rev. Ezra Courtney) and James Kelly Family, by William R. Bailey

Alexander Courtney, A Veteran of 1814 and 1815, Application for Pension, Tangipahoa Parish, October 13, 1868 (3 copies)

Rev. Franklin Courtney, M.D., D.D., Baptist Builders in Louisiana

Administrators Bond, Benjamin Courtney on the Estate of John Courtney, Jr., deceased, 8 November 1813Witnesses: Benjamin Courtney, Jonathan Courtney, and Richard Courtney

Elder Thomas Bond’s Commission as Missionary for Three Months in MS and LA, July 1, 1836 (signed by Ezra Courtney) and the letter from Ethma Rush explaining that the Commission was found in the Bond Bible

Handwritten Notes about Courtney Research

Miscellaneous Notes about Courtney Research

East Feliciana Census, 1850, Courtneys, Taylors, Browns, Holmes

The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage, 1614-1775, by Peter Wilson Coldham, 1988 (xerox copy of certain pages)

Ancestor Hunting, by Mildred deWeir Smith Watkins, 1969 (xerox pages)

Letter to Claude Slaton from Kent Brain Rogers, January 30, 1989 (About Courtney Family)

Last Will and Testament of Charles Felder, Amite County, State of MS (3 copies)

History of Liberty, Mississippi and Dr. G. H. Tichnor

Stevenson, Stephenson, Stevens Information (xerox copy)

Index to Conveyances about East Feliciana Churches (xerox copy)

Courtney Lineage of King and Queen County, VA (xerox copies)

Virginia Wills and Administrations, 1632-1800; Virginia Historical Index; Virginia Colonial Militia, Augusta County

DAR Index, Courtney and Curtis

Headstone Inscriptions from East Feliciana Parish, by Mary Ann Smith Sagely, 1970

[East Feliciana] Parish History Book Discussed, The Watchman, October 7, 1987

Inhabitants of the Natchez District-1810 (except Wilkinson Co., which is 1805); Inhabitants of MS Territory-1816

Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution, by Bobby Gilmer Moss; South Carolina Provincial Troops, pp. 218-219 (Courtneys)

A Glance into the Great South-East, Clark Co., Alabama from 1540 to 1877, xerox copy of pp. 344-345 (Robert Courtney)

Abstract of Wills, 1690-1760, xerox copy of pp. 84-85 (Robert Courtney)

History of Louisiana Baptist, Chapter II, Ezra Courtney, The Apostle of West Florida, xerox copy of pp. 35-38

A Popular History of the Baptists in Mississippi, by Jesse Laney Boyd, xerox copy of pp.76-79 (Ezra Courtney)

A History of Baptist in America Prior to 1845 (handwritten notes)



BOX 11


Mount Nebo Celebrated 181st Birthday [Amite, La.], Saturday, Baton Rouge, February 5, 1994 (clipping)

Marriages, Births, Deaths, Notes from Daniel Stringfield Bible (5 sets)

The Bryan (Brian)FamilyPeople Buried in Brian Cemetery, East Feliciana, LA

Local and Family History in South Carolina: A Bibliography, by Richard N. Côté, 1981 (xerox of pages with Courtney name)

Last Will and Testament of David Cooper

Elder David Cooper from Draper Manuscript, written by Ezra Courtney

Miscellaneous David Cooper Research Notes

Choice Notes from The Woodville Republican

Transcription of headstones from Smylie Cemetery, Amite County, Mississippi

Rev. Joe Nesom Family Papers

John Carson Family Record, Births, Deaths, Marriages (8 xerox copies)

Biographical & Historical Memoirs of Louisiana (xerox pages with East Feliciana, Courtney, Hill, Taylor)



BOX 12


Quilting, Patchwork, Applique, and Trapunto, by Thelma R. Newman, 1975

Quilters Newsletter Magazine, 1981-1986 (7 scattered issues)

Quilt World, May/June 1986 and August 1986

Country Quilts, Summer 1984

Lady’s Circle Patchwork Quilts, 1979 and Summer 1984

Quilt, Summer 1984

Stitch ‘n Sew, October 1977 and Summer 1984

Star Book of Tatting Designs, 1935; Fluff Rugs, n. d.; Singer Dressmaking Guide, 1947; Smart Fashion Stitches, by Singer 1952; Huck Towel Patterns, by Mildred V. Krieg, 1936, 1937, 1950

American Home, Vol. 79, No. 3, March 1976

Women’s Household, May and November 1972, April 1973, July 1976

Country Roads, Adventures Close to Home, May-June 1988 (3 copies); September-October 1988, Spring 1990

Good Old Days, The Magazine of Happy Memories, September 1969, January-June 1970

Good Old Days, The Magazine of Happy Memories, July-December 1970, June 1971

The Old News Is Good News Antiques Gazette, Vol. 3, No. 6, March 1987 and Vol. 5, No. 11, August 1989

Louisiana Moral and Civic Foundation, Inc., 1955-988 (12 scattered issues)

Prevention, January 1985 and August 1987

AARP News Bulletin, Vol. 29, No. 10, November 1988; Rural Louisiana, Washington-St. Tammany Edition, November 1972; MFC News, Vol. 46, No. 11, November 1971; The Louisiana Market Bulletin, Vol. 71, No. 20, September 24, 1987

The Heart of Baton Rouge, Vol. 2, No. 4, July 15-August 15, 1988; Senior Advocate, Vol. 4, Nov. 11, November 1988

The American Home, May 1955

Women’s Circle, August 1975-November 1976 (7 issues)

Women’s Circle, February 1977-September 1978 (9 issues)

Pleasant Company, Holiday Catalogue 1992

Master Detective, November 1977

Spencer Gifts, 1965; How’s Your Eye, 1955; What About Smoking?, A Brief Common-Sense Discussion, by C. Aubrey Hearn, 1949

Luxuriant Louisiana, 1947

Louisiana Cultural Vistas, Winter 1993, Fall 1995, Summer 1997, Winter 1997-98

Louisiana Life, September/October 1988

Home Life, A Christian Family Magazine, May and June 1963, January 1965, April 1969, November 1974

Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home News, April 1965, November 1981, July 1985, July 1987, April 1989, July-August 1995

The Baptist Message, August 19, 1955; March 7, 1957-October 17, 1957 (scattered issues)



BOX 12 Continued


The Baptist Message, January 23, 1958-November 8, 1958 (scattered issues)

The Baptist Message, February 22, 1962-December 20, 1962 (scattered issues)

The Baptist Message, January 3, 1963-June 6, 1963 (scattered issues)

The Baptist Message, June 20, 1963-October 31, 1963 (scattered issues)

The Baptist Message, November 7, 1963-June 18, 1964 (scattered issues)

The Baptist Message, May 25, 1966-February 22, 1973 (scattered issues)

The Baptist Message, April 12, 1973-October 1, 1987 (scattered issues)

The Baptist Message, Jan. 21, 1988-March 3, 1995 (scattered issues)

Mature Living, A Magazine for Christian Senior Adults, May and June 1985

The Commission, Magazine of the Foreign Mission Board, SBC, October 1958-August 1978 (scattered issues)

The Commission, Magazine of the Foreign Mission Board, SBC, January-December 1983 (scattered issues)

The Commission, Magazine of the Foreign Mission Board, SBC, June/July 1985- April 1989 (scattered issues)

Dimension, For WMU Planning in a Church, October-November-December 1985; January-February-March 1986; April-May-June 1986; Decision, June 1986; MissionUSA, Vol. 54, No. 1, January-February 1983; World Evangelism, February 1979, June 1974, and June 1985 (scattered issues)

Christianity Today, May 7, 1976-November 16, 1979 (scattered issues)

Everybody, A Publication of Every Home Crusade Under the Auspices of World Literature Crusade, September 1977-June 1978 (scattered issues)

World Vision Magazine, June 1963-May 1968(8 scattered issues)

World Mission Journal, Published for Baptist Men by the Southern Baptist Brotherhood Commission (5 scattered issues)

Royal Service, December 1963-September 1977 (scattered issues)

Royal Service, December 1978-May 1995 (scattered issues)

Home Missions, April 1951-October 1970; Home Missions Notebook, Vol. 3, No. 4, Fall 1982; Home Missions Annual Report, 1974

Christian Life, October 1955-March 1968 (5 scattered issues)

Bible Society Record, May 1946-January 1958 (scattered issues)

The Convert, June and July 1961

The Baptist Training Union Magazine, March 1945-November 1956

The Baptist Training Union Magazine, February 1957-September 1968; Church Training, May 1984

Accent, July 1971-November 1971; Discovery, June 1977 and August 1979

Guideposts, April 1968 and January 1971

Ethyl Reporter, Vol. II, No. 9, September 1964; Ethyl News, February 1964; The Antiknock, Vol. 25, Nos. 6 & 7, June-July 1963; Vol. 25, No. 8, August 1963; Vol. 26, No. 10, October 1964; 28th YearNo. 12, December 1966; Vol. 29No. 4, April 1967; Dodge News Magazine, June 1965; Modern Maturity, December 1984-January 1985 and June-July 1985

Echo, Rapides Regional Medical Center, Vol. 42, No. 2, Spring 1993



BOX 13


Letter to Artie Varnado, April, May, June, July, August 1942

Letter to Artie Varnado, September 1942

Letter to Artie Varnado, October 1942

Letter to Artie Varnado, November 1942

Letter to Artie Varnado, December 1942

Letters to Artie S. Varnado from Palmer, Kilgore, and Sylvest, 1943-1945

Correspondence, Artie S. Varnado, 1931-1984

Correspondence, Artie S. Varnado, 1985-1999

Cards, Artie S. Varnado

High School Report Cards, 1922-25; Transcript from State Normal College, Natchitoches, LA for Artie Varnado

Certificates for Vivian and Artie Varnado, and Emanuel Sylvest 1947-1995 (9)

Artie S. Varnado, Banking Business

Artie S. Varnado, Health Related Information

Army Cap

Tourist Brochures, Kentwood, Hodges Gardens, Audubon Pilgrimage, Jackson Historic District, Jean Laffite Pirateland

Picture Post Cards: New Orleans, Los Angeles, Florida, Alabama, Natchitoches, LA

Poll Tax Receipts, 1929-31, Miss Artie Sylvest


Robert Daniel Et. Als. (Act of Partition), State of Louisiana, Parish of Washington, Entry No. 220, October 1861

Note Cards, Floyd Sonnier’s Cajun Heritage and Mile Branch Settlement

Country Cooking, First Baptist Church Youth Group, Jackson, La.; Recipes from newspapers; 1989 Bill Cosby, 15th Anniversary T.V. Commercials Calendar from Jello

Bookmarks and Inspirational Booklets and Cards

Music Booklets: Ideas for Musical Programs for Young People’s Groups; Fun, Folk and Religious Songs; A Baptist Hymnbook for the Annual Southern Baptist Conference on the Faith of the Founders

Brochures about Missions

Booklets and Catalogs: My Duty; U. S. Keds Handbook of Sports; Walter Drake & Sons; The Ladies Birthday Almanac, 1994

The United States Civil War Center, Inaugural Newsletter, Vol. I, No. 1, 1995 (4)

Southern magazine, Vol. 8, Summer 1991 (Larry Hewitt on cover)

Confederate Veteran, March-April 1989

Historic Preservation, September/October 1988 (Endangered Churches)

Shrines to Tomorrow, photographic study of more than 100 historical churches in MS

Louisiana Literature, Fall 1984, Vol. 1, No. 2, Southeastern Louisiana University

Edwin Edwards: The Louisiana Phoenix, presented to the Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference, by Melody D. Bonnette, March 13-14, 1992

The American Arms Collector, Vol. II, No. 2, April 1958; Vol. II, No. 3, July 1958

Muskets to Mass Production, The Men & The Times that shaped American Manufacturing, published by The American Precision Museum (xerox copy)

Memorial Record of Vivian R. "Sarge" Varnado; Artie Varnado’s Retirement Guest Register

Memorial Records of Dertiles, Florence, Peper, and Anna Martin



BOX 14


Scrapbook of Histories of Churches in East and West Feliciana Parish (newspaper clippings)

Scrapbook of Celebration Service for Women on Mission, August 27, 1995


Mrs. Artie Varnado, President’s Club, Louisiana College, 1987

Artie Sylvest Varnado, Louisiana College Visionaire, in recognition and appreciation of your commitment to underwrite the future of Louisiana College, 1987-1988

Mrs. Artie Varnado In Appreciation of Historical Contributions, William Wallace Women’s Missionary Union, Centennial Celebration, 1988


1 Doubloon from Washington Parish Free Fair, 1985

36 Doubloons from Washington Parish Free Fair, 1989, 76th

3 Doubloons from Mardi Gras, 1991, It’s a Small, Small World

1 Doubloon from 25th National Reunion, Armored Division Liberators Association, September

6-11, 1989, New Orleans; reverse side has The Historic Vieux Carre

1 Doubloon from Krewe of Aquila, Metairie Mardi Gras, Somewhere in Time, 1983

Cassette Tapes:

40 Tapes of sermons

30 Tapes of music

50 Tapes Miscellaneous



BOX 15

The Watchman

, Clinton, Louisiana, 1968-1975

BOX 16

The Watchman

, Clinton, Louisiana, 1982-1995

BOX 17

Kentwood Ledger

, 1987-1994

The Advocate

, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1973-1989

BOX 18

The Era-Leader

, Franklinton, Louisiana, 1985-1995

BOX 19

Daily News

, Wednesday, February 10, 1971

The Plainsman

, Zachary, Thursday, April 20, 1972

Natchitoches Times

, 1987-1995



BOX 20


Linen Calendars (19)

Linen Calendars (18)

Scarves (15)

Scarves (15)

Ties (10)

Quilting Material

The Workbasket

, February 1959, August 1962, February 1965; Popular Handicraft, Oct/Nov 1972

Quilting Pattern Books

Butterflies in the Garden

, by Ruby Hinson (25 popular quilt patterns) and 2 butterfly quilt blocks

Quilt Pattern Booklets (8)

Craft Project Pages

Craft Project Pages

Quilt Patterns

Clothes Patterns (3)

Quilt Patterns

Quilt Patterns

Quilt Patterns

Quilt Patterns


1) Drum

2) Wallet, green

3) Eyeglass case

4) Address book (empty)

5) Avon Fragrance Notables, Moonwind, 5 fl. oz.

6) Clay Dove

7) Two pieces of petrified rock

8) Seven Arrow Heads

9) Metal box with Hershey’s Milk Chocolate on it

a) Three Ethyl Lapel Pins, 20 year, 25 year, and 30 year

b) Ethyl Key Ring

c) Four Tie Tacks

d) 1937 Three Pence

e) Lapel Pin with Electricity Symbol

f) Gold Tooth

g) Benrus Wrist Watch



BOX 21



Wedding Announcements


Historical Articles

Religious Articles

Articles about churches

Local Lore & Legend, column by Irene Morris, The Kentwood Ledger

Miscellaneous (Interesting Articles)



BOX 21

Photographs of the Varnado Family



Louisiana Books

Kane, Harnett T. The Bayous of Louisiana. (New York: Bonanza Books, 1943), hardcover, 341 pp.

Kane, Harnett T. Plantation Parade: The Grand Manner in Louisiana. (New York: Bonanza Books, 1951), hardcover, 342 pp.

Kane, Harnett T. Gone Are the Days. (New York: Bramhall House, 1960), hardcover, 344 pp.

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Children’s Books

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Grover, Eulalie Osgood. The Sunbonnet Babies’ Primer. (Hong Kong: Merrimack Publishing Corporation), hardcover, 92 pp. (Replica)

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Miscellaneous Books

Rafferty, Kathleen. Dell Crossword Dictionary. (New York: Dell Publishing Company, 1960), softcover, 384 pp.

Barnette, Henlee H. Communism: Who? What? Why? (Nashville: Broadman Press, 1962), softcover, 64 pp.

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1989 Louisiana State University Gumbo, hardcover, 464 pp.

Religious Books

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Brueck, Virginia. You Can Follow Miss Georgia: A Profile of Mary Georgia Barnette. (Alexandria: Louisiana Woman’s Missionary Union, 1958), softcover, 43 pp.



Religious BooksContinued

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Holman Home Bible: Selections from Old and New Testaments for Today and Every day. (Philadelphia: A. J. Holman Company, 1956), hardcover, 292 pp. (Property of Ouida F. Renner, Franklinton, LA.

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