Helen M. Voss

Archival Collection (Music)




1. Chopin's Music to Remember, Edward Schuberth & Co., Inc., New York, N. Y., 1945

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9. Light Opera at Home, No. 10 "Whole World" Series, Broadcast Music Inc., 1944

10. Dance Music the Whole World Plays, No. 11 "Whole World" Series, Broadcast Music, Inc., 1944




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11. Sunday Piano Music, The Boston Music Company, n. d.




1. 88 Grand Old Songs, Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., Inc., 1928

2. Vocal Selections From "Guys and Dolls," Frank Music Corp., 1955

Sheet Music

3. Alice Blue Gown, Joseph McCarthy, Harry Tierney, Leo Feist Inc., 1947

4. Alice, Where Art Thou? Variations and Transcriptions for the Piano, J. Ascher, Century Music Publishing Co., 1916

5. Prelude (Bells of Moscow), S. Rachmaninoff, Op. 3, No. 2, Century Music Publishing Co., n. d.

6. Beautiful Ohio, Ballard MacDonald, Mary Earl, Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., 1918

7. Bicycle Built for Two, H. Dacre, Belwin, Inc., 1943

8. Caprice Honcrois Par Eugene Ketterer, Op. 7, 7 1/2

9. Casey Jones (The Brave Engineer), T. Lawrence Seibert, Eddie Newton, Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., 1909

10. The Desert Song, Otto Harbach, Oscar Hammerstein II, Frank Mandel, Sigmund Romberg, Harms Incorporated, 1926

11. Golliwogg's Cake Walk, Claude Debussy, A. Durand & Fils, 1908

12. Green and Gold, Words and Music by James M. Stafford, 1953-54 (winner of contest to write a new fight song), arrangement by Grier Williams; also eight other fight songs worthy of recognition in contest. 1914

13. Home Sweet Home, Theodore Presser, Theodore Presser Co.,

14. Hush-a-bye, Ma Baby, Missouri Waltz Song, J. R. Shannon, John Valentine Eppel, Forster Music Publisher Inc., 1943

15. Indian Love Call, Gotham Classics Piano Series, Rudolf Friml, Harms Inc., 1030

16. Marche funebre, Selection of Piano Favorites, F. Chopin, Op. 35, G. Schirmer, Inc., n. d.

17. Military Polonaise, Op. 40, No. 1, F. Chopin, Published by Belwin Inc., n. d.

18. Mother Machree, Rida Johnson Young, Chauncey Olcott, Ernest R. Ball, M. Witmark & Sons, 1910

19. Pomp and Circumstance for Piano, Military March No. 1 in D, Edward Elgar, Boosey & Hawkes, 1901

20. Ripples of the Alabama, Henri Herz Andrews, K. Dehnhoff Publisher, 1915 (2 copies)

21. Saint Louis Blues, W. C. Handy, Handy Brothers Music Co., Inc., Publishers, 1942

22. Salut A Pesth (Hungarian March), Kowalski No. 1369, Century Publishing Co., 1908

23. Seconde Valse, Benjamin Godard, Op. 56, G. Schirmer, Inc., 1893

24. Song of Louisiana, Words and Music by Vashti R. Stopher, Issued by Wade O. Martin, Jr., Secretary of State, Copyright applied for May 1928 (4 copies)

25. Sugar Blues, Lucy Fletcher, Clarence Williams, Pickwick Music Corporation, 1949

26. The Swan, Alexander Mac Fadyen, Op. 18, No. 2

27. Two Much Mustard, Al J. Neiburg, Cecil Macklin, a Swing Arrangement by Jimmy Dale, Edward Schuberth & Co., Inc., 1937

28. Valse, Frédéric Chopin Works for the Pianoforte, Waltzes, Edited, Revised and Fingered by Rafael Joseffy, G. Schirmer, Inc., 1943

29. When the Saints Come Marching In, Edward C. Redding, Leeds Music Corporation, 1951


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30. Advertising Brochure for a Storytone Mahogany Sounding Board

31. Elite Syncopations, Weeping Willow, (A Rag Time Two Step), Bethena, A Concert Waltz, Kismet Rag, Scott Joplin, Stark Music Co. (xerox copies)


BOX 4 Records


1. First Side-- Forget-Me-Not Waltz, McKee, McKee's Orchestra; Second Side-- Felicia Waltz, Vernon Eville, Sargeant Markels' Orchestra Victor Talking Machine Co.

2. Lucia-- Sextet, Sextette with orchestra in Italian, Victor Talking Machine Co.

3. Perle du Brésil-Charmant oiseau, Amelita Galli-Curci, Victor Talking Machine Co.

4. First Side-- Lights Out March (McCoy), Victor Military Band; Second Side-- Washington Post March (Sousa), Victor Military Bank, Victor Talking Machine Co.

5. First Side-- Oh! By Jingo!--Medley Fox Trot (Albert Von Tilzer); Second Side-- Nobody But You--Medley Fox Trot (George Gershwin-Cole Porter), Victor Talking Machine Co.

6. Good-Bye (Tosti), Nellie Melba, Victor Talking Machine Co.

7. First Side-- Militaire Waltz (Waldteufel), Victor Dance Orchestra; Second Side-- Over the Waves--Waltz (Sobre las Olas) (Rosas) Sousa's Band, Victor Talking Machine Co.

8. First Side-- Tales of Hoffman, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra; Second Side-- Blue Danube Waltz (Strauss), Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Columbia Record Symphony Series

9. First Side-- Jimmie Trigger, or The Military Hero, Golden and Hughes; Second Side-- North Carolina Minstrels, Victor Minstrel Company, Victor Talking Machine Co.