Woodland Park Baptist Church Collection

Donated by: Irene Vinyard Bennett


Box 1:

Folder 1: 50th Anniversary of the Church

1.      From Then…1945…Till Now 1981 Woodland Park Baptist Church, Hammond, Louisiana

2.      Copy of Charter Member signatures (original held by First Baptist Church,
Hammond, LA)

3.      Dearman Years, 1955-66 (Typed notes from Marguerite Hallum)

4.      Growing for Forty-Five Years (1991 Challenge to Build booklet)

5.      Growing for Fifty Years: Faith for the Future, 1945-1995, October 1995

6.      Script for 50th Celebration of the WMU (Woman’s Missionary Union) (Information
collected & written by Marguerite Hallum)

7.       Worship Bulletin, October 29, 1995

8.      Worship Bulletin, November 5, 1995

9.      Draft copy of church buildings drawn by Paulette Vinyard Ferguson, 1995

10.  From Small Beginnings by Rubye Jones [Loranger Baptist Mission]

11.   Typed list of charter members from “Loranger Mission Constituted,” The Baptist
Message, February 9, 1956, p. 4 photo

12.  1995 Letter from Marguerite Hallum and Rev. Leon Dunn to Irene Bennett dated
August 22, 1995


Loose in box:

Oral History Interviews with Pastors and various members of the church community pertaining
to the 50th Anniversary of the church

1.      Flash Drive of the oral histories below

2.      Oral  History Tape #1-Recorded 1980-Mabel Taylor, Ellazeam Hoover, Leonard
Spinks, and Edna Sharp

3.      Oral  History Tape #2-Recorded 1980- Ellajean Hoover, Welton Hill, Woody Brown,
and Richie Brown

4.      Oral  History Tape #3-Recorded 1980-M. Hallum, Otto Thompson, Juanice Shinner,
Dr. Douglas Cheatham

5.      Oral  History Tape #4-Recorded 1980-Mabel Taylor, M. Hallum, Lonnie Keen,
and E. Hallum

6.      Oral  History Tape #5-Recorded 1980-E. Hoover, Lula Caruthus, M. Hallum, Billie
Bass, and Dr. Cheatham

7.      Oral  History Tape #6-Recorded 1980-Mabel Taylor, Ellajean Hoover, Bill Tatum,
M. Hallum, Mrs. Mary E. Lee, and Eugene Hallum

8.      Oral  History Tape #7-Recorded 1980-Summary, Goals for the Future

9.      “Recollections”-Excerpts from Oral History tapes recorded in 1980 plus excerpts
from a tape made by Bro. Baxter (1981) and Bro. Gryfin (1981)

10.  Bro. Leon- “We Are Doing a Great Work” NEH 6: 1-4; October 3, 1993 (Brief history
of church-E. Hallum)

11.  Pastor Leon Dunn’s Perspective on “Relocation”

12.  Bro. Griffin comments on his ministry at Woodland Park Baptist Church, December
1969 through December 1979

13.  Bro. Baxter comments on his ministry at Woodland Park Baptist Church, 1952-1955,
made for “Recollections” 1981