World War II

Archival Collection




1. Women of World War II Anthology, May 2000, Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, Louisiana, 181 page spiral-bound book (oral history project for Elementary Curriculum and Instruction class of Drs. Cheryl Edwards and Lydia McCardle)

2. Military Service of Joel R. Adkins, 513th Parachute Infantry

3. Canon, Jesse D., Shipfitter First Class, Citation from Secretary of the Navy, Frank Knox

4. Carter, William B. "Billy" Material

5. Carver, Dale, Story of the Battle of the Bulge (Cassette Tape)

6. Top Secret, The Story of the Invasion of Japan, by James Martin Davis, Ranger Publications, 1985 (xerox copy)

7. Galaforo, Sam M., discharge papers and xerox of pictures

8. Jones Boys, Sons of Dr. Henry Clinton Jones of East Baton Rouge Parish (xeroxes of newspaper clippings about his six sons in World War II)

9. McCoy, Charles W. discharge papers

10. Robertson, Conerly D. discharge papers

11. Memoirs of Bernard Scalisi (xerox copy)

12. Stewart, Roy Mayer, Jr. discharge papers

13. The Water Mule, by John W. Von See

14. Episcopal High School World War II Oral History Project (Transcripts-donated by John Hanchey)

15. Miscellaneous xeroxes from Judge Leon Ford (World War II)

16. "One Man’s War of A funny thing happened to me in 1941," by Simon LaVois "Spider" Webb, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Marine Corps Reserve, Naval Aviator No. 12686 and later Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army Reserve, Retired. (Donated by Anne Johnson)

17. Enlist Record and Report of Separation, Honorable Discharge, Hilton H. Fortenberry; Unit Citation, July 30, 1945; Photographs of Milton and Hilton Fortenberry (twins)

18. Jules H. Watson Newspaper Clippings and Military Documents: a) Jules H. Watson, 84, developer, airman, Times-Picayune, August 10, 2001; b) Jules Watson earns two Air Force medals, n. d.; c) The Air Medal for Meritorious Achievement, 17 Jan 1944 To 1 May 1945 given 10 Nov 1993; d) Distinguished Flying Cross Extraordinary Achievement, 17 Jan 1944 To 1 May 1945 given 10 Nov 1993; e) Honorable Discharge, 1 May 1945




British Edition, Yank, The Army Weekly, Vol. 2, No. 34, February 6, 1944.

Armored News, Vol. 4, No. 17, January 10, 1944; Vol. 4, No. 46, July 31, 1944; Vol. 4, No. 51, August 14, 1944; Vol. 5, No. 2, September 4, 1944; Vol. 5, No. 4, September 18, 1944.

Armored News (Page 9), 1944, May 22; June 5 & 19; July 3,10, & 24; August 21; October 9 & 15; November 6, 13, and 27.

Cartoons cut from Armored News, 1944 (33 pieces).