Box 1:

  1. After the Ball is Over by Larry Youngblood, compiled and edited by Elizabeth Y. Canik. Morgan Hill: Bookstand Publishing, 2012.
  2. Promotional bookmark for After the Ball is Over.

Folder 1:

  1. Sketch “Captain: Krewe of Alpheus 1950.”
  2. Sketch of a blonde woman in a light blue gown with a purple sash. Note: “Probably Bal Masque.”
  3. Sketch “Carrollton King (1950).”
  4. Sketch “Captain of Carrollton 1950.”
  5. Sketch “Captain Krewe of Carrollton (1960).”
  6. Sketch “Duke: Carrollton (1970).”
  7. Sketch “The Story of Gulnare of the Sea: Duke: King Shahzeman.”
  8. Sketch “The Golden Birds of Persia.” Note: “Carrollton 1984.”
  9. Sketch of two golden birds on a green background with pink flowers.
  10. Sketch “Carrollton – D Maid: Navajo Indian, 1984.”
  11. Sketch “Maid C: Krewe of Carrollton, 1984.”
  12. Sketch “Queen of Elenians 1958.”
  13. Sketch “1954 Captain: Hypathians.”
  14. Sketch of a woman in an orange and black dress with a pointed hat and a broom. Note: “Hypathians 60s or 70s.”
  15. Sketch of a woman in a black and white dress with dice. Note: “Probably Hypathains 60s or 70s.”
  16. Sketch of a woman in an orange bodice with blue, yellow, pink, and orange skirt. Note: Probably Aurora or Iris 70s.”
  17. Sketch of a woman in multicolored gown with flower headdress holding a bird. Note: “Iris 70s.”
  18. Sketch “Maid: Heat Wave.” Note: Iris 70s.”
  19. Sketch of a woman in a green flowered gown with a striped bodice and large hat. Note: “Probably Iris 60s.”
  20. Sketch of a woman in a red, green, and pink gown with green, pink, and silver headdress. Note: “Probably Iris 70s.”
  21. Sketch “Maid No. 8. Title: The Order Anseriformes Swans and Allies: The Swan.” Note: “Naids 60s.”
  22. Sketch “Ladies in Waiting to Queen – Maids 1965.”
  23. Sketch “The Theater of Long Ago: Virgilians 1951.” Note: “Virgilians 60s.”
  24. Sketch of a jester in orange, green, and purple. Note: “Virgilians early 60s.”
  25. Sketch “#4 – Betsy Ross designs the first flag.” Note: “Possibly Carrollton or O’Keanos 60s.”
  26. Sketch “#4 – Gen. George Washington 1776.”
  27. Sketch “New Orleans Krewe ‘2218’.” Note: “Unknown ladies krewe 60s.”
  28. Sketch “Opera Maid: ‘Manon’.”
  29. Sketch of a man in yellow, gold, blue, orange, and pink robes.
  30. Sketch of a woman in a blue and purple low-waisted dress with bonnet-style hat and purse. Note: “1950s local play probably Auntee Mame.”
  31. Sketch of a man in grey pants, blue jacket, and pink vest and tie. Note: “1950s local opera or play.”

Folder 2: Note: “1992 last photo missing g. hang glider.”

  1. Sketch “Bacchus ’92.”
  2. Sketch “Pages – 92.”
  3. Sketch of a man in overalls.
  4. Sketch “Bacchus 92 Skiing.” Includes three work orders and three swatches.
  5. Sketch “Krewe ’92 #12 Ballooning.” Includes four cloth swatches and a work order.
  6. Sketch “Krewe 92 Cruise Ship/Steam Boat #25A. Includes two cloth swatches.
  7. Sketch “Krewe 92 Steamboat #25B.” Includes two cloth swatches.
  8. Sketch “Krewe 92 Bikes.”
  9. Sketch “Krewe 92 Dog Sled.”
  10. Sketch “Krewe 92.” Man in yellow and brown suit with a turtleneck and belt.
  11. Sketch “Krewe: Motorcycles.”
  12. Sketch “Krewe 92 Stage Coach.”
  13. Sketch “Krewe 92 The Time Machine.”
  14. Sketch “Krewe 92 Patriot Missile.”
  15. Sketch of a man in purple, green, and gold outfit with flower headdress and green sandals.
  16. Sketch “Krewe: Rafting.”
  17. Sketch “Krewe 92 Fire Engine.”
  18. Sketch “Krewe 92 Surry with the Fringe on Top.”
  19. Sketch “Krewe 92 Limousine.”
  20. Sketch “Krewe 92: Pirate Ship.”
  21. Sketch “Krewe 92: Hang Gliding.” On the back: unidentified sketch of red, white, and blue outfit.

Folder 3:

  1. Sketch “Bacchus Page 94.”
  2. Sketch “Bacchus 94 Title Float.”
  3. Sketch “Bacchus Krewe 94: Say it with Roses.”
  4. Sketch “Bacchus Krewe 94: Red Noses and Rosy Cheeks.”
  5. Sketch “Bacchus Krewe 94: Beauty and the Beast.”
  6. Sketch “Bacchus Krewe 94: Moonlight and Roses.”
  7. Sketch “Bacchus Krewe 94: Bacchawhoppa.”
  8. Sketch “Bacchus Krewe 90: The Rose Bowl Parade.”
  9. Sketch “Bacchus Krewe.” Man in green costume with hot air balloon.
  10. Sketch “Bacchus Krewe 94: The President’s Rose Garden.”
  11. Sketch “Krewe of Bacchus 94: The Spanish Rose.”
  12. Sketch “Bacchus Krewe 94: Leprechauns/My Wild Irish Rose.”
  13. Sketch “Bacchus Krewe 94: My Wild Irish Rose.”
  14. Sketch “Bacchus 94: Bacchasaurus.”
  15. Sketch “Bacchus Krewe 94: Run for the Roses.”
  16. Sketch “Bacchus Krewe 94: Bacchagator.”
  17. Sketch “Bacchus 94: La Vie en Rose.”
  18. Sketch “Bacchus Krewe 94: A Rose By Any Other Name.”
  19. Sketch “Bacchus Krewe 90: Sweet ‘Rosie’ O’Grady.”

Folder 4:

  1. Sketch “Bacchus 1996 Page.” Includes cloth swatch.
  2. Sketch “Bacchus 1996 Bowling.” Includes three cloth swatches.
  3. Sketch “Bacchus 1996: Dating Game.” Includes three cloth swatches.
  4. Sketch “Bacchus 1996 Pool and Billiards.” Includes two cloth swatches.
  5. Sketch “Bacchus 1996 Puzzles.”
  6. Sketch “Bacchus 96 Chess & Checkers.” Includes two cloth swatches.
  7. Sketch “Bacchus 1996 Checkers and Dominoes.”
  8. Sketch “Bacchus 1996 Candyland.” Includes two cloth swatches.
  9. Sketch “Bacchus 1996 Athletic Games.”
  10. Sketch “Bacchus 1996 Olympic Trials.” Includes three cloth swatches.
  11. Sketch “Bacchus 1996 Baseball.”
  12. Sketch “Bacchus 1996 Horseshoes.”
  13. Sketch “Bacchus 1996 Cowboys and Indians.” Three cloth swatches.
  14. Sketch “Bacchus Krewe 96 ‘Baccawhoppa’.” Includes four cloth swatches.
  15. Sketch “Bacchus 1996 Yo-Yos.” Includes three cloth swatches.
  16. Sketch “Bacchus 1996 Tops and Yo-Yos.” Includes two cloth swatches.
  17. Sketch “Bacchus 1996 Cards.” Includes three cloth swatches and a heart stencil.
  18. Sketch “Bacchus 1996 TV Games – Wheel of Fortune.” Includes two cloth swatches.
  19. Sketch “Bacchus 1996 Games of the Court (Jousting).” Includes five cloth swatches.
  20. Sketch “Krewe Bacchus 96 Baby Kong.” Includes five cloth swatches.