Vicki Knight Oral History Collection


This three box collection contains oral histories from men and women who served in World War II. The interviews delve into the experiences of these brave individuals before, during, and after the war.

The interviews are available in CD, VHS, and Cassette format. Also, photos, sometimes accompanied with newspaper clippings, are available.

Box 1

1. McKenzie, Ford – WWII Veteran, 101st Airborne, Normandy to Battle of the Bulge.
2. Wascom, Malcolm – WWII Veteran, P.O.W. for 42 months of the Japanese. Corregidor, Philippines, Japan.

Box 2
1. Barker, Juanita.
2. Bateman, Sadie Sylvest
3. Byrd, Howard – P.O.W. Germany
4. Carter, T.O. “Buster” – England
5. Creel, R.J.
6. Durden, Florena Jenkins
7. Fussell, Clyde
8. Gilbert, John and Better – Seabees, Guantanamo, Aleutian Islands
9. Hennessy, Ila
10. James Brothers: Leroy, Clyde, Malcolm – WWII Europe, Pacific
11. Jenkins, R.L.
12. Magee, Mildred Burkhalte
13. Pepe, Sam – Italy
14. Sisson, Dr. Herbert – Pacific Leyte
15. Smith, Edna
16. Stringfield, Nurcelia Magee
17. Terrell, Ubert – Normandy, Europe (1st interview)
18. Terrell, Ubert – Canon Ball (2nd interview)
19. Terrell, Ubert with Mitchell Sylvest (3rd interview)
20.Varnado, Lena
21. Waddell Keith – USAF Pilot
22. Williams, Rosa
23. Woods, James A. “Jimmy” – Italy
24. Woods, James A. “Jimmy” with Mitchell Sylvest – Italy

Box 3
1. Armstrong, Harry
2. Alleman, Everette
3. Bickham, Chessie Mae
4. Burris, Jo Etta
5. Brumfield, Athan
6. Creel, henry
7. Carter, T.O. Buster
8. Graham, Novie James
9. Knight Maudine Magee Stringer
10. Magee, Robert Stanley
11. Pettit, James D. And Irma
12. Richardson, Vivian and Odell
13. Robbins, Irma (A.W.)
14. Stafford, James and Bill