Daily Star Negative Collection

This collection contains photo negatives from the Hammond Daily Star from 1966 to 2005. The envelope descriptions were copied exactly from the original Daily Star descriptions. The collection includes numerous negatives on sport events (local high school and universities), religious organizations, KKK rallies, political leaders and events, agricultural achievements, community club events and development of towns, streets, and highways.  The collection includes frequently includes negatives relating to events in Hammond, Ponchatoula, Amite, Loranger, Kentwood, Springfield, Madisonville, Albany, Denham Springs, New Orleans, Independence, Natalbany, and Livingston.

Envelope # or Sleeve #, Date on Envelope, Description of negatives 

Binder #1 (1966 to 1967)        
Sleeve 1  - 1/27/1966 Accident; career Girl; mug shot; houses- Balmy weather
Sleeve 2  - 9/6/1966 Southeastern Louisiana College; new building; truck accident     
Sleeve 3 - 9/7/1966 CD Series; Break-in; Opening of school
Sleeve 4 - 9/10/1966 Football: Kentwood, Independence, Amite, Franklinton; Southeastern Louisiana College scrimmage        
Sleeve 5  - October 1966 Nurses
Sleeve 6  - 10/16/1966 Football: Amite, Ponchatoula; Kentwood- Club; Southeastern Louisiana College- La Cal.
Sleeve 7  - 1/24/1967 Church Steeples for profile
Sleeve 8 - 1/25/1967 JC Banquet; 2 New Vocational School Teachers; Retiring Tickfaw Postmaster
Sleeve 9  - 1/25/1967 Jack Mashburn Ad; Ford Salesman
Sleeve 10 - 1/27/1967 First Strawberries; Ponchatoula Country Club ladies    
Sleeve 11  - 2/1/1967 Advertisements: TV Value Center; Community Chevy
Sleeve 12 - 2/1/1967 Baptist Church; bird houses        
Sleeve 13 - 2/5/1967 Hatchez Truck Wrecks; New 7th Ward Administration
Sleeve 14 - 2/5/1967 Rubbish Springfield
Sleeve 15- 2/5/1967 Scenes- Madisonville Area
Sleeve 16 - 2/6/1976 Westdale Sub; Freezing Weather and Farms
Sleeve 17 - 2/7/1967 Woodland Park Pastors; Care at Home Meeting
Sleeve 18 - 2/8/1967 Scout Parade; DA Conference
Sleeve 19  - 2/9/1967 Star Farmer; 2/16/1967 Co. Agent FFA
Sleeve 20  - 2/10/1976 Ponchatoula, Hammond Football Banquets; Southeastern Louisiana College- spring football practice
Sleeve 21  - 2/15/1967 Orkin Building; Frost; Valentines; New Groc- Patrol Map
Sleeve 22 - 2/15/1967 Advertisements        
Sleeve 23 - 2/22/1967 Highway 190 work
Sleeve 24  - 2/22/1967 Fire- 3 die
Sleeve 25  - 2/23/1967 Society; flowers- River Oak; Bridge Club
Sleeve 26  - 2/24/1967 FFA Fed Day; Farmer- picture
Sleeve 27  - 3/1/1967 Advertisements: Hammond Mtrs.; Chevy Car Given Away
Sleeve 28 - 3/1/1967 Southeastern Louisiana College Basketball
Sleeve 29  - 3/2/1967 Sharpshooters; refrigerators; Kiwanis Awards; Carrier of the Week
Sleeve 30 - 3/2/1967 Hammond Baseball    
Sleeve 31 - 3/3/1967 7th Ward Hospital Staff changes
Sleeve 32  - 3/3/1967 Kiddie Cut-up; Red Cross Month; Avt Assn. Chief
Sleeve 33  - 3/4/1967 Southeastern Louisiana University track; JC Basketball
Sleeve 34 - 3/6/1967 Esso contest winner; Hoover of Roland Mtrs.; Safe robbed
Sleeve 35 - 3/7/1967 SGT Wright; Zemurray Series    
Sleeve 36  - 3/7/1967 Beaver; Garden Club; office
Sleeve 37 - 3/8/1967 Arch Bishop; Stacey in Ponchatoula
Sleeve 38  - 3/10/1967 Garden Club; Beaver; Nurse Week; Felder home
Sleeve 39  - 3/15/1967 Advertising Chicken house; Safe job at Tangi Lane; Girls by Flowers in mall; New construction site on Covington; Track team; football practice; 100 year old lady
Sleeve 40  - 3/11/1967 Night Football and Basketball; Train wreck at Independence
Sleeve 41  - 3/16/1967 Construction around town; Junior Miss Hammond; St. Patrick Day; Fire at Ponchatoula
Sleeve 42  - 3/20-24/1967 Advertisements; Azalea Close Up; Workman watering flowers ; Jerry Lynn Whittington closer shot; Parkview egg hunt    
Sleeve 43 - 3/20-24/1967 House on University Street; Ad- Ponchatoula Spar Station; Hammond Assessor of Commerce; Volks wreck; Night rain shot
Sleeve 44 - 3/20-24/1967 Sports- Baseball and Women’s bowling; Catfish at Independence Hospital; Miss Hammond Beauty Pageant    
Sleeve 45  - 3/23/1967 Sports; Strawberry Bowl
Sleeve 46- 3/23-30/1967 Ad Hammond Motors; Oak Knoll (Lady Bridge game); Crabbing at Manchac
Sleeve 47  -3/26-30/1967 Ad CW Marine; Natalbany Society Ponchatoula; Accident on I-55 overpass
Sleeve 48 - 3/26-30/1967 Girls with bricks at Church of Christ; moonscape; Advertisements- Drader’s Ponch; Decopaques at Library; Dean Puls; Ad; tearing down commerce building
Sleeve 49-  April 1967 Agridustrial Edition
Sleeve 50  - April 1967 Ponchatoula City Hall
Sleeve 51 - April 1967 Misc. Basketball
Sleeve 52  - 4/2-6/1967 Turkey Shoot; Posthumous Award; Church Sports
Sleeve 53 - 4/2-6/1967 Ponchatoula City Hall; Sports; Star Farmer; Dog wood Trees; Wing going down Thomas; J.C. Penny; K.C. Rodeo
Sleeve 54  - April- May Sports- Fish
Sleeve 55 - April- May Jacee Rodeo Hold Up
Sleeve 56  - April - May Mrs. Campbell Society
Sleeve 57  - April- May Sports
Sleeve 58 - April- May 1967 Track Sports
Sleeve 59  - April- May Baseball
Sleeve 60  - May 1967 Hog shots; STA farmer
Sleeve 61  - May 1967 Hospital Tea
Sleeve 62  - May 1967 Sports
Sleeve 63 - May 1967 Wrecks
Sleeve 64  - May 1967 Football
Sleeve 65  - May 1967 Albany High fire
Sleeve 66  - 5/4/1967 Accident
Sleeve 67 - 5/5/1967 Accident Highway 51- Red Top
Sleeve 68 - 5/7/1967 Advertisements    
Sleeve 69 - 5/9/1967 Hospital Tour
Sleeve 70 - 5/11/1967 Sports
Sleeve 71 - 5/20/1967 Fishing Rodea
Sleeve 72 - 5/25/1967 Movement 2 churches
Sleeve 73  - 5/25/1967 Construction Progress (church)
Sleeve 74 - 5/25/1967 Dairy Barbecue
Sleeve 75  - 5/25/1967 Sports (car)
Sleeve  76  - 5/25/1967 Launching Board meet Albany    
Sleeve 77  - 5/25/1967 Fire Demo (Hospital)
Sleeve 78  - 5/25/1967 Snapbeans (farmer)
Sleeve 79  - June 1967 Boat Races
Sleeve 80  - June 1967 Swimming Pool Ponchatoula
Sleeve 81 - June 1967 Park Scenes
Sleeve 82 - June 1967 Artist (Dolly)
Sleeve 83 - June 1967 City Hall Rend Copy
Sleeve 84  - June 1967 Award (State Hospital)
Sleeve 85 - June 1967 Coke Machine
Sleeve 86 - June 1967 Youth Job Corps. Ponchatoula
Sleeve 87 - June 1967 Coke Plant
Sleeve 88 - June 1967 Dolly and Murph Award
Sleeve 89 - June 1967 Fat Lady
Sleeve 90 - June 1967 Society
Sleeve 91 - June 1967 Swimming
Sleeve 92  - June 1967 Swimming
Sleeve 93  - June 1967 Tea Party
Sleeve 94  - June 1967 Interstate 55
Sleeve 95 - June 1967 Winn-Dixie Build (water)
Sleeve 96 - June 1967 Chevy Camero Ad
Sleeve 97  - June 1967 Hospital Advertisement
Sleeve 98  - June 1967 K&B Nat Ad
Sleeve 99  - June 1967  Pine Trees
Sleeve 100  - June 1967 Chevy Ad
Sleeve 101  - June 1967 Baseball    
Sleeve 102  - June 1967 Baseball
Sleeve 103 - June 1967 Baseball
Sleeve 104  - June 1967 Cresote Fire
Sleeve 105  - June 1967 Nursery Home Ad, etc.
Sleeve 106 - 6/1/1967 FFA Awards (Ponchatoula)
Sleeve 107 - 6/1/1967 Weather Shots
Sleeve 108 - 6/1/967 Baseball
Sleeve 109  - 6/1/1967 Opening Day Sports (Baseball)    
Sleeve 110  - 6/1/1967 Chicken plant
Sleeve 111  - 6/1/1967 Dairy month        
Sleeve 112 - 6/1/1967 Newsboy Award (Delunee)
Sleeve 113  - 6/1/1967 High School (Awards)
Sleeve 114 - 6/1/1967 Society (visitor)
Sleeve 115  - 6/1/1967 Natalbany School Queen
Sleeve 116  - 6/1/1967 Tea Pleasant Ridge
Sleeve 117 - 6/1/1967 Vacation School Picture
Sleeve 118 - 6/1/1967 Rug Club
Sleeve 119 - 6/1/1967 Travel Award Group
Sleeve 120 - 6/1/1967 High School Locker Room
Sleeve 121  - 6/1/1967 P.T.A.
Sleeve 122  - 6/4/1967 Kiddie Cut Up
Sleeve 123 - 6/5/1967 Elmer’s Candy Site
Sleeve 124 - 6/5/1967 School’s Out    
Sleeve 125 - 6/5/1967 Baseball
Sleeve 126 - 6/6/1967 City Hall Amite
Sleeve 127  - 6/7/1967 Church, Springfield
Sleeve 128  - 6/7/1967 Baseball    
Sleeve 129 - 6/7/1967 Baseball
Sleeve 130  - 6/7/1967 Safety Shot Traffic
Sleeve 131  - 6/7/1967 New Construction
Sleeve 132  - 6/15/1967 Flag
Sleeve 133  - 6/15/1967 Ponchatoula City Hall
Sleeve 134  - 6/15/1967 Bees Ponchatoula
Sleeve 135  - 6/15/1967 Peppers (Amite)
Sleeve 136 - 6/15/1967 Parking Change
Sleeve 137 - 6/15/1967 Truck Burnt
Sleeve 138  - 6/15/1967 Cypress Street Excavation
Sleeve 139  - 6/15/1967 Country Store Hammond
Sleeve 140  - 6/15/1967 Award Dolly and Murphy
Sleeve 141  - 6/18/1967 Bones Ponchatoula
Sleeve 142  - 6/18/1967 House Covington Hwy
Sleeve 143 - 6/20/1967 Pioneer Wine Company
Sleeve 144  - 6/20/1967 Society
Sleeve 145 - 6/20/1967 Holiday Inn Construction
Sleeve 146 - 6/20/1967 7th Ward Hospital Construction
Sleeve 147  - 6/20/1967 Winn-Dixie Building Water Damage
Sleeve 148 - 6/20/1967 Elmer’s Candy Site
Sleeve 149 - 6/25/1967 Song Writer
Sleeve 150 - 6/25/1967 Vindicator (fix up)
Sleeve 151 - 6/25/1967 #1 Fire Station
Sleeve 152 - 6/25/1967 Fire at High School
Sleeve 153  - 6/25/1967 Baseball
Sleeve 154  - 6/28/1967 Baseball
Sleeve 155 - July 1967 Baseball
Sleeve 156  - July 1967 Baseball
Sleeve 157  - July 1967 Baseball
Sleeve 158  - July 1967 Reservoir
Sleeve 159 - July 1967 Cat feature
Sleeve 160 - July 1967 Rabbits farm feature
Sleeve 161 - July 1967 City Hall Dedication Ponchatoula
Sleeve 162 - July 1967 City Hall Ponchatoula
Sleeve 163 - July 1967 Baseball
Sleeve 164  - July 1967 Baseball “A”
Sleeve 165 - July 1967 Baseball
Sleeve 166 - July 1967 Baseball        
Sleeve 167 - July 1967 Park Scenes (Chuck)
Sleeve 168  - July 1967 Torsors Trophy
Sleeve 169  - July 1967 Broken Glass- Pot Holes- Sun Flowers
Sleeve 170  - July 1967 Retarded Child Day Camp
Sleeve 171  - July 1967 Society- Gift Making
Sleeve 172 - July 1967 Park Scenic
Sleeve 173 - July 1967 Business Club Banquet
Sleeve 174  - July 1967 Old School and Home
Sleeve 175  - July 1967 Cit Finance Ad
Sleeve 176 - July 1967 Social Party
Sleeve 177 - July 1967 Ad Tractor- Drugs
Sleeve 178  - July 1967 Independence Bank Ad
Sleeve 179  - July 1967 Gibsons, Broken Glass
Sleeve 180  - July 1967 Trailer Park Ad
Sleeve 181 - July 1967 Ad Portraits- Monkey Ward Thrift
Sleeve 182 - July 1967 Cit Finance Ad
Sleeve 183  - July 1967 Auto Wreck
Sleeve 184 - July 1967 Basketball
Sleeve 185 - July 1967 Memorial Day feature
Sleeve 186 - July 1967 Winn Dixie Build
Sleeve 187  - July 1967 Pioneer Wine Company
Sleeve 188 - July 1967 Dedication of Value Company
Sleeve 189 - 7/5/1967 New C.I.T Building
Sleeve 190  - 7/10/1967 Awards Winner- lady; Registrar of Voters
Sleeve 191  - 7/10/ 1967 Fires- Ponchatoula and Hammond
Sleeve 192  - 7/15/1967 Golf
Sleeve 193 -7/15/1967 Ponchatoula Pot Holes
Sleeve 194  - 7/15/1967 Ponchatoula Peddlers
Sleeve 195 - 7/15/1967 Society visitor form New York
Sleeve 196  - 7/15/1967 Train Station- strick           
Sleeve 197- 7/15/1967 Quails- Taylor Farmer
Sleeve 198  - 7/15/1967 Soy Bean Farm
Sleeve 199 - 7/15/1967 Baseball
Sleeve 200 - 7/17/1967 CIT building- Hammond
Sleeve 201  - 7/17/1967 Award
Sleeve 202 - 7/18/1967 Train Station; City Hall Lot; Log cabin    
Sleeve 203  - 7/18/1967 All Stars (Baseball)    
Sleeve 204- 7/20/1967 Boy Scouts (Train Station)
Sleeve 205 - 7/20/1967 Society Church
Sleeve 206  - 7/22/1967 City Hall Hammond Ground breaking
Sleeve 207 - 7/25/1967 Church near Vet.
Sleeve 208  - 7/25/1967 Baseball All Stars
Sleeve 209  - 7/25/1967 Baseball All State Independence
Sleeve 210  - 7/28/1967 Farm Safety Week
Sleeve 211  - August 1967 Baseball
Sleeve 212  - August 1967 Baseball
Sleeve 213 - August 1967 Political mug shot
Sleeve 214  - August 1967 Proposed Dump Site
Sleeve 215 - August 1967 Cutting Hay
Sleeve 216  - August 1967 Society
Sleeve 217 - August 1967 Monster Bike
Sleeve 218  - August 1967 Park Shelter
Sleeve 219 - August 1967 Football Special
Sleeve 220 - August 1967 Auction
Sleeve 221 - August 1967 Wreck Manchac
Sleeve 222  - August 1967 Bridge and Crane
Sleeve 223  - August 25, 1967 Award Winner Springfield
Sleeve 224  - August 1967 Manchac Bridge Focus
Sleeve 225  - August 1967 House and Shopping Center
Sleeve 226 - August 1967 Society
Sleeve 227 - August 1967 Swimming Lessons
Sleeve 228 - August 1967 Swimming Certificates
Sleeve 229 - August 1967 Bridge
Sleeve 230  - August 1967 Natalbany Church
Sleeve 231 - August 1967 Park Scenes
Sleeve 232 - August 1967 Hammond Equipment Company (tractor)
Sleeve 233  - August 1967 Peanut Man (Hammond)
Sleeve 234 - August 1967 Sports Gym Independence
Sleeve 235  - 8/10/1967 Guarantee Bank
Sleeve 236  - 8/10/1967 Modern Shoe Store Ad
Sleeve 237  - 8/10/1967 Society
Sleeve 238  - 8/15/1967 Swimming Certificate
Sleeve 239  - 8/18/1976 Angus Cattle Farmer
Sleeve 240 - 8/25/1967 Catfish Ponds Farmer
Sleeve 241 - 8/25/1967 Farm Scenic
Sleeve 242 - 8/25/1967 Going to School feature
Sleeve 243 - 8/25/1967 Southeastern Louisiana College Building Progress
Sleeve 244  - 8/25/1967 DeFresco Hotel
Sleeve 245  - 8/25/1967 Wrestling- Loranger
Sleeve 246  - 8/25/1967 Blossume Ad
Sleeve 247 - 8/25/1967 Society- 60th Anniversary and Wenderkin
Sleeve 248  - 8/25/1967 WFPR- Fire
Sleeve 249  - 8/25/1967 Transformers for Daily Star    
Sleeve 250 - 8/27/1967 Hammond City Hall Progress
Sleeve 251  - 8/31/1967 Baptist School - Natalbany
Sleeve 252  - 9/2/1967 Going to School feature
Sleeve 253 - 9/2/1967 Football Jamboree
Sleeve 254 - 9/5/1967 Austrian Traveler    
Sleeve 255  - 9/6/1966 Camp Moore; Civitans; Southeastern Louisiana College Registration; 2- Bulb flower; Garden Clubs; Amite Plant    
Sleeve 256 - 9/7/1967 Sledge Townsand; Gurantee Bank
Sleeve 257  -9/8/1967 Beachamp Award; SEH School Elections; Grasshoppers
Sleeve 258  - 9/15/1967 Reiess Eastside School
Sleeve 259  - 9/15/1967 Nelson- Garden of the Month Award- Center Drug
Sleeve 260  - 9/17/1967 High School paper editor; Bag of money found
Sleeve 261 - October 1967 giant potatoes
Sleeve 262 - October 1967 Voting machines; Holiday Inn; T.K. Value
Sleeve 263 - October 1967 Independence Mayor and Council
Sleeve 264  - October 1967 Manhunt- Hammond
Sleeve 265  - October 1967 Walnut Tree; Cars on Train
Sleeve 266  - October 1967 Parish Fair Amite
Sleeve 267  - October 1967 Parish Motors
Sleeve 268  - October 1967 Boy Scouts; FFA boys off!; Hickory Tree
Sleeve 269 - October 1967 New Store Ad; Garden of the Month
Sleeve 270 - October 1967 Bridge Writer
Sleeve 271  - October 1967 Fire men United Fund- Fire Prevention week
Sleeve 272  - October 1967 Train Car Wreck- Hammond
Sleeve 273 - October 1967 Football Southeastern Louisiana College
Sleeve 274 - October 1967 Teen Ad writers
Sleeve 275  - October 1967 Sun Elect Ad- Buety Salon Ad
Sleeve 276 - October 1967 Independence Fire
Sleeve 277  - October 1967 Auto Ads        
Sleeve  278 - October 1967 Tree Cutting; Truck- Fire
Sleeve 279  - October 1967 4-H Feature (farmer)
Sleeve 280 - 10/1/1967 FFA Officers
Sleeve 281  - 10/1/1967 PTA Officer and Garden Club
Sleeve 282 - 10/1/1967 Daily Star on the Move
Sleeve 283 - 10/1/1967 Commercial Credit (Temp) sign
Sleeve 284  - 10/1/1967 Church of Christ- Church St.; City Hall Construction- Hammond
Sleeve 285 - 10/1/1967 Baptist Church School; Natalbany
Sleeve 286  - 10/1/1967 Fire- Hammond
Sleeve 287 - 10/1/1967 Walnut Tree; cars on train
Sleeve 288- 10/1/1967 City Hall Construction- Hammond; Mall- shoe store
Sleeve 289 - 10/5/1967 Construction 7th Ward Hospital
Sleeve 290 - 10/10/1967 House- Pleasant Ridge; Fire- Pleasant Ridge
Sleeve 291  - 10/10/1967 Garden Club; Fire Prevention Day; Trailer Trip; BPW; Rail crossing; Junior High Cheerleading; Bobcat; Courthouse Amite Plant
Sleeve 292 - 10/12/1967 Tangi Fair- Amite
Sleeve 293  - 10/17/1967 Vocational School
Sleeve 294 - 10/25/1967 Ponchatoula; UGF and Sidewalk; Boss of the Year; GM presents to Vocational School; SE School PTA; Church destruction; log house
Sleeve 295 - 10/29/1967 football
Sleeve 296  - 11/11/1967 Hospital Groundbreaking
Sleeve 297  - 1967 Hospital Week; Poster Winner
Sleeve 298 - 1967 Bride’s Tour
Sleeve 299  - 1967 Agri-dustrial booths
Sleeve 300  - 1967 Agri-dustrial
Sleeve 301 - Independence City Hall; Church in Hammond; Hammond City Hall
Sleeve 302 - Retiring Colonel; Retiring Chief
Sleeve 303 - Picking corn farmer
Sleeve 304 - Experimental station; Fire in woods; Community Church mugs
Sleeve 305 - Barbecue Poster Winners; fish trip
Sleeve 306 - Grading coins
Sleeve 307- Hog feature
Sleeve 308- crawfishing
Sleeve 309 - Dairy and pigs farmer
Sleeve 310 - Inoculation of cows
Sleeve 311 - Arabriano
Sleeve 312  - Shad fish feature; Bad water feature; arrow head feature- T.V. ads
Sleeve 313 - hog feature farmer
Sleeve 314 - Catfish feature farmer Kentwood
Sleeve 315  - Farmer City Agent
Sleeve 316 - FFA cows inoculation; snow in Hammond; FHA welding feature- Bill; sidewalk construction
Sleeve 317 - cows inoculation; farmer; hail in hand
Sleeve 318  - old people Christmas dinner; T.K. Value; cattle eye grass for farmer; Girl Scout Santa
Sleeve 319  - Daily Star; Live stock show
Sleeve 320  - Road shot cattle assesses traveler; Danger- house
Sleeve 321 - FHA new officers at SLC; parade girls; FHA feature- Bill
Sleeve 322  - Strawberry by candlelight
Sleeve 323 - 14 pound catfish; City Hall construction; Old houses; Holy Ghost playground
Sleeve 324  - Girl Scout feature; FHA Award (winner)
Sleeve 325  - Farmer Cover- Birthday Cake; TV; Trailer ad
Sleeve 326  - Fall is here- Farmer; BOA constrictor
Sleeve 327 -Feud plant feature
Sleeve 328 - Birthday farmer
Sleeve 329 - old barn
Sleeve 330 - Cement Construction at Daily Star; FFA Sign Award
Sleeve 331  - Farmer’s Market; McConnell Trailer Sales
Sleeve 332  - Voting booths; Grocery Ad; Wrestling Ad
Sleeve 333 - Political; Mr. Stire; W. Dybes
Sleeve 334  - Voting Machine Independence; Profile advertisement; Queen being crowned
Sleeve 335 - Archery Winner; fair in Hammond; City meeting; Snow scene
Sleeve 336  - Construction shots- school; Independence City Hall; miscellaneous
Sleeve 337  - Kiddie Cut- Up; Mrs. Stire- election; DAR girls
Sleeve 338 - Chamber of Commerce Building Site; Girl Scouts meeting
Sleeve 339  - Baseball Awards
Sleeve 340  - February 1-4, 1967 Parish Baseball Tournament
Sleeve 341 - Baseball kids session award winner; Basketball kids Miranda
Sleeve 342 - Baseball Soft        
Sleeve 343  - Baseball    
Sleeve 344  - Wreck
Sleeve 345  - Baseball
Sleeve 346  - Baseball
Sleeve 347 - 1968 Lumber Jack Profile            
Sleeve 348 - FFA Nursery at school
Sleeve 349  - Beaver Dam Farmer; FFA Farm feature
Sleeve 350  - Gibson Ad toilet paper; Kiddie Cut-Up; FFA Picture
Sleeve 351  - Garden Club; Hammond High Homecoming
Sleeve 352  - 4-H city Agents; Farmer
Sleeve 353 - Fire Oak Street
Sleeve 354  - 4-H and Society
Sleeve 355  - Forest fire from Air
Sleeve 356  - Forest Fire from plane
Sleeve 357  - Fire across from Holiday Inn; Christmas Decor in Ponchatoula
Sleeve 358  - Golf and Elmer’s Fire
Sleeve 359  - Riev’s Po-Boy Fire
Sleeve 360 - Freeze strawberries
Sleeve 361 - Chevy Truck Ad
Sleeve 362 - Rossie Furniture Ad; First Strawberries shipped
Sleeve 363 - Wreck on Manchac bridge
Sleeve 364 - Accident; Spencer?
Sleeve 365  - Truck wreck hwy 51 North; IBM City Hall
Sleeve 366 - Sheriff Edwards feature; wreck; Gibson’s Christmas Ad
Sleeve 367 - Durham Pontiac
Sleeve 368  - Gibson’s Ad; lawn mower Ad
Sleeve 369 - Auto- Lec
Sleeve 370 - Bill Simmons Chevy Truck Ad
Sleeve 371  - Givers fund; digging on street; Citgo Ad
Sleeve 372  - Mayor Salk- Auto Ad; House- Oak Street
Sleeve 373 - House; wreck in Independence; lake; Cate side walks
Sleeve 374- Trailer Park Ad
Sleeve 375 - Community Chevy- to paint
Sleeve 376  - Furniture Ad Rossie; Old People ; Mayor’s Office
Sleeve 377 - hi Tension Wire Down; Durham Pontiac Lot; Christmas Decor        
Sleeve 378  - Home Demo Election; Citgo Ad; Jail
Sleeve 379 - Rosebush Cemetery
Sleeve 380  - Catholic Church Nun; Poster Child
Sleeve 381  - Parkview Church; Hungarian Dancers
Sleeve 382 - Church Ponchatoula ; Fire on truck lots; Fireworks stand
Sleeve 383  - Woodland Park Baptist Church; Fire floor Furnace Hammond; Mrs. Campbell Award
Sleeve 384 - Church house; society mugs; mug for ad; Deer head
Sleeve 385 - 4 ministers- Baptist Church; Halloween shot with pumpkin; city Club guest
Sleeve 386  - Baptist School- Natalbany; Blacksmith Shop Amite
Sleeve 387  - Community Park Ad; Graveyard (All Saints); church and House
Sleeve 388  - Professional Nurses Week feature
Sleeve 389 - Old age Hospital- Hammond
Sleeve 390 - Albany Churches
Sleeve 391  - Drafting class- Dane Pierce
Sleeve 392  - Playground Equipment Baptist School
Sleeve 393 - Church Cover farmer
Sleeve 394  - Sports; Churches- Contest Entrees
Sleeve 395  - Vietnam Veteran Pilot; colored school
Sleeve 396  - Retired Hungarian Preacher; Jack Mashburn Tire Capping
Sleeve 397 - Migrant Preacher and wife
Sleeve 398 - Mule feature- election bet; Sen. Rarick Office; Baptist Church Kentwood
Sleeve 399- House and Church; Foggy Day Train Station; Award Winner
Sleeve 400  - Holy Ghost Ash Wednesday and inside church
Sleeve 401 - church; Independence Progress
Sleeve 402 - Home and Church; Jaceus Road Sign
Sleeve 403 - Strawberry Queen
Sleeve 404  - Art Feature
Sleeve 405  - All Saints
Sleeve 406 - Hammond High Beauty Pageant
Sleeve 407  - Society and UGF
Sleeve 408 - Christmas Decorations; Trade School feature
Sleeve 409  - Mayor Beauty School Awards; Jack Mashburn; Flowers and House
Sleeve 410 - Colored kids Church school
Sleeve 411 - College Homecoming; Car Winner
Sleeve 412  - Hammond High Homecoming Parade
Sleeve 413 - Wrecks
Sleeve 414  - Audubon Park
Sleeve 415  - Old Negro Man feature
Sleeve 416  - Maude Brocks Trail
Sleeve 417  - Boy Scout Awards
Sleeve 418 - Old Newspaper Copy
Sleeve 419  - Santa at Nursery; Experimental form; Post Office- zip code
Sleeve 420 - Foster kid
Sleeve 421 - Boy Scouts; new minister
Sleeve 422 - Good Gear Tree Ground Breaking
Sleeve 423 - Girl Scouts- Dewey
Sleeve 424 - Guarantee Bank; Lacasgio’s; colored school; Charles Regusa building; profile
Sleeve 425  - Garden Club; Society; House; Bell
Sleeve 426  - Society
Sleeve 427 - Parachuting Church
Sleeve 428  - Christmas Decorations
Sleeve 429 - Football Special
Sleeve 430  - Rugby or Soccer
Sleeve 431  - Hammond High School Basketball        
Sleeve 432  - Football- Southeastern Louisiana College
Sleeve 433 - Basketball Beaver Dam
Sleeve 434  - Sport Awards
Sleeve 435  - Miscellaneous Football Awards
Sleeve 436 - Art Work
Sleeve 437  - Basketball; New press
Sleeve 438 - Basketball
Sleeve 439  - Sports; Pigeon
Sleeve 440 - Manchac Scenic; Girl Ponchatoula- Candy
Sleeve 441 - First Baby
Sleeve 442 - Dinner at Danjo
Sleeve 443 - Cate Plaque
Sleeve 444 - TK Value; Shoe Store; Art Exhibit; Garden of the Month
Sleeve 445  - Community Chevy Building
Sleeve 446  - Christmas Party City Club
Sleeve 447 - Basketball Awards; Chuck’s Sucker
Sleeve 448 - track
Sleeve 449 - Red Cross Week; Barbeque at Woodland Park; Leap Year Babies; Foster Kid at old house
Sleeve 450 - Mr. And Mrs
Sleeve 451  - Football and Horses
Sleeve 452  - Wrestling- Tommy
Sleeve 453 - Football Night; Gibson Ad
Sleeve 454 - Basketball
Sleeve 455  - Colored Basketball, Greenville Park
Sleeve 456 - Basketball
Sleeve 457  - Basketball
Sleeve 458 - Football
Sleeve 459  - Albany High School fund raiser; play; boat ad
Sleeve 460  - Society
Sleeve 461  - Christmas Tree feature
Sleeve 462  - Football; Western Store; Truck wreck
Sleeve 463 - Football- Dog week; 50th Anniversary
Sleeve 464  - Southeastern Louisiana College Protest; Halloween Shot
Sleeve 465  - Football and track
Sleeve 466  - Girl Scouts in the woods; Financial for soldier
Sleeve 467 - Dock Board North Pass; Churches
Sleeve 468 - Basketball
Sleeve 469  - Hip Orchestra
Sleeve 470  - Christmas Decorations
Sleeve 471 - Strong kid; Girl mug
Sleeve 472 - 50th Anniversary
Sleeve 473 - Football; Toys for Tots; Lallie Kemp Santa; Hammond  grocery; Community Chevy truck ad
Sleeve 474 - Trade School
Sleeve 475 - Wardline Cheerleaders; Scooters Oysters; Sugar Can
Sleeve 476  - Mashburn’s Car Wash; Tree Planting; Rainy Day; House; Society City Club
Sleeve 477 - Parachuting feature; Dewey kids
Sleeve 478 - Holiday Inn
Sleeve 479  - Milk Co. Kentwood; Profile
Sleeve 480  - Car wash Auto; Kiwanis Club; Candy factory
Sleeve 481 - Football feature 4 boys
Sleeve 482 - Guarantee Bank; Railroad tracks; profile
Sleeve 483  - Goodyear Building- Hammond; Durham Pontiac- Hammond; Mashburn Repair man
Sleeve 484 - Logging Co.- Hammond; March of Dimes
Sleeve 485 - Man of the Year- Ponchatoula; House- Interstate 10
Sleeve 486  - Profile- Coca- Cola; Banks
Sleeve 487  - Mugs- Daily Star
Sleeve 488  - Interstate Pictures
Sleeve 489 - Baby New Year; Fireman week
Sleeve 490  - Students Daily Star tour; Boat Chevy Ad; miscellaneous            
Sleeve 491 - Holiday Inn; Poetry Winners; Sears; American Department Store; Wardline School Construction
Sleeve 492 - Daily Star building
Sleeve 493  - Brick factory
Sleeve 494  - Cane Street Sign; Giant Turnip
Sleeve 495 - Industrials: Goodyear, Filling Station, Durham Pontiac; house; church in Ponchatoula
Sleeve 496 - CAP Hotel
Sleeve 497  - Post Office Feature
Sleeve 498 - Post Office; Gibson Ad; New Store clothing
Sleeve 499  - Winn-Dixie manager; Society; teen age waiters; Strong man winner
Sleeve 500  - miscellaneous; New press
Sleeve 501  - Dibert Foundry; Profile; Guarantee Bank- Amite
Sleeve 502 - Kitty Cut-up; Candy Promotion
Sleeve 503  - Street Mess and Bridge- Hammond
Sleeve 504 - Feed mill feature Kentwood
Sleeve 505- Gulf Station Ponchatoula; Grocery Store- Hammond
Sleeve 506 to 533 - Bridal Ed. Negatives #1 - 29
Binder #2 (1967-1970)        
Sleeve 1 - 1/6/1967 Profile
Sleeve 2 - Frost control; colored preacher; house in Ponchatoula
Sleeve 3 - 2/1/1967 Wreck; kiddie cut-up
Sleeve 4 - 2/13/1967 Flowers, kiddie cut-up; society; Art Assn. Offices
Sleeve 5 - Kiddie Cut-up
Sleeve 6 - Kiddie Cut-up; dog; Women’s Bus Week
Sleeve 7 -7/15/1967 Kiddie Cut- up (colored)
Sleeve 8 - 7/28/1967 Kiddie Cut-up
Sleeve 9 - Kiddie Cut-up; fire
Sleeve 10 - 6/20/1967 Kiddie Cut-up
Sleeve 11 - Kiddie Cut-up; electric power failure
Sleeve 12- 6/1/1967 Kiddie Cut-up
Sleeve 13 - 8/28/1967 Kiddie Cut- up
Sleeve 14 - 10/1/1967 Kiddie Cut-up; wildlife Award; front lake
Sleeve 15 -  8/9/1967 Kiddie Cut-up; Award Parish Fair
Sleeve 16 - 2/21/1967 Tour Thru Stars; Kiddie Cut-ups
Sleeve 17 - Kiddie Cut-up
Sleeve 18 - 7/15/1967 Kiddie Cut-up
Sleeve 19 - Miscellaneous Kiddie Cut-up; fire
Sleeve 20 - Kiddie Cut-up
Sleeve 21 - 6/1/1967 House
Sleeve 22 - 6/1/1967 Houses
Sleeve 23 - court house Amite; Home- Hammond
Sleeve 24 - Old house and barn
Sleeve 25 - 8/25/1967 House- University PL
Sleeve 26 - Pepper Plant
Sleeve 27 - House- with Hi-Fi
Sleeve 28 - June 1967 Pine Mulberry Tree
Sleeve 29 - 7/27/1967 House
Sleeve 30 - 10/1/1967 Hanging plants
Sleeve 31 - House; Post Master Feature Stamps
Sleeve 32 - July 1967 Crapemrytle Trees
Sleeve 33 - July 1967 Home
Sleeve 34 - 7/25/1967 Sunflower feature
Sleeve 35 - 10/1/1967 Begonias- Natalbany
Sleeve 36 - 2/1/1967 Junk on roadside
Sleeve 37 - August 1967 Girl with cat
Sleeve 38 - 5/20/1967 Mimosa Tree (flower)
Sleeve 39 - July 1967 Flash Tests
Sleeve 40 - July 1967 Downtown goat
Sleeve 41 - Ki Ki Cuts and Close-ups
Sleeve 42 - July 1967 Miscellaneous logs
Sleeve 43 - 9/25/1967 Cat
Sleeve 44 - June 1967 Giant Squash
Sleeve 45 - July 1967 Giant watermelon
Sleeve 46 - August 1967 Bullhorns
Sleeve 47 - August 1967 Bullhorn feature
Sleeve 48 - September 1967 Lost dog at Vets
Sleeve 49 - June 1967 Bird nest in car
Sleeve 50 - July 1967 Rainy Day
Sleeve 51 - Old house
Sleeve 52 - Strawberries and peppers; Paul Sterns peppers
Sleeve 53 - August 1967 Big Catfish
Sleeve 54 - 3-1-1967 Parish livestock show
Sleeve 55 - Charles Rugusa
Sleeve 56 - Southeastern Louisiana College pic. Page
Sleeve 57 - 2/10/1967 Farm Tab Scene
Sleeve 58 - 2/16/1967 Fair Board Award; Dr. Pols, Chris Fisher; loading steel
Sleeve 59 - Chuck’s Baby; String of fish
Sleeve 60 - August 1967 Rain-Hammond
Sleeve 61 - Mug girl at Restaurant to Print
Sleeve 62 - Trailer Community Club
Sleeve 63 - Unknown
Sleeve 64 - Chuck’s Check leaders
Sleeve 65 - July 1967 Chuck Portraits (Beard)
Sleeve 66 - July 20, 1967 Chuck Personal
Sleeve 67 - Feb. 1967 Carrier of the Week
Sleeve 68 - July 18, 1967 Gondola Story Manchac
Sleeve 69 - Aug. 15, 1967 Hungarian Girl- Albany
Sleeve 70 - Travis Luber Cakes
Sleeve 71 - 2/23/1967 SLC vs. Nichols St. B.B.
Sleeve 72 - Peds- Profile
Sleeve 73 - 1/8/1967 Profile 1967
Sleeve 74 - 1/29/1967 Profile
Sleeve 75 - 1/10/1967 Profile 1967
Sleeve 76 - 1/12/1967 Profile 1967
Sleeve 77 - 1/25/1967 Profile 1967
Sleeve 78 - 1/18/1967 Profile 1967
Sleeve 79 - Profile Ads; filling stations; Record Cutting two girls
Sleeve 80 - Profile 1968
Sleeve 81 - 1/21/1967 Profile 1967; North End; Kentwood, Greensburg
Sleeve 82 - 1/9/1967 Profile 1967
Sleeve 83- Profile 1968
Sleeve 84 - 1/10/1967 Profile 1967
Sleeve 85 - Profile 1968
Sleeve 86 - 5/20/1967 Bell Peppers (Farmer)
Sleeve 87 - 3/2/1967 Farmer (layer hens)
Sleeve 88 - FFA Boys; Train Station
Sleeve 89 - 5/20/1967 Farm Tour
Sleeve 90 - June 1967 Stick Peas (Ponchatoula)
Sleeve 91 - 6/20/1967 8 pound Bass
Sleeve 92 - 9/28/1967 Nursery- Farmer
Sleeve 93 - 3/17/1967 Farmer
Sleeve 94 - Aug. 1967 Farm kids
Sleeve 95 - Farmer Strawberries pumpkins
Sleeve 96 - getting ready for planting
Sleeve 97 - Sept. 1967 Dead cows, accident (Car)
Sleeve 98 - September Crown Pot; Fumigation farmer
Sleeve 99 - Scarecrow Cover farmer
Sleeve 100 - April 1967 8-inch rain/flood
Sleeve 101 - late April 1967 Star Farmer Spicer
Sleeve 102 - 6/20/1967 Assistant Coach
Sleeve 103 - 9/8/1967 Rainy Day Window
Sleeve 104 - April- May Spicer; Sports Miscellaneous
Sleeve 105 - 2/2/1967 Car fire; Temperature; Rain; 3-legged chick
Sleeve 106 - Taxidermy feature; car in ditch
Sleeve 106b - Bill and Sherry
Sleeve 107 - Holiday Inn; Female mug
Sleeve 108 - Giant Step meeting; Old Press running
Sleeve 109 - Chuck Spicer
Sleeve 110 - April - May 1967 STAR; Agridustrial Booths; Miscellaneous- LNA Awards
Sleeve 111 - 7/17/1967 Farm Awards (Daily Star)
Sleeve 112 - Daily Star building
Sleeve 113 - 7/18/1967 Daily Star (Ponchatoula Ad)
Sleeve 114 - 1967- Agridustrial
Sleeve 115 - Caroll
Sleeve 116 - M. Brock “Bill”
Sleeve 117 - 8/31/1967 Larry and Blaize
Sleeve 118 - DAR meet; A & P man
Sleeve 119 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 120 - Editorial Mrs. Campbell
Sleeve 121 - July 1967 Zip Code Booklet
Sleeve 122 - June 1967 Judge’s wife
Sleeve 123 - 8/25/1967 Jane Gunn Feature
Sleeve 124 - Aug. 1967 Bob Dardenne
Sleeve 125- June 1967 Drum Majorette Ponchatoula
Sleeve 126 - Roy Mitchel
Sleeve 127 - 6/1/1967 Valmy Plant
Sleeve 128 - May 1967 Mug
Sleeve 129 - 3/1/1967 Ads- Whites Jewelry; Mr. Pittman; Mashburn; Tractor; New Ward Manager
Sleeve 130 - 3/4/1967 Old folks home; Dr. Anzalone home; Carrier of the Week; Mugs
Sleeve 131 - 6/1/1967 Shower (Kathy)
Sleeve 132 - Oct. 1966 Ronnie Berthelot
Sleeve 133 - 6/15/1967 Miscellaneous Group shot in sun
Sleeve 134 - 5/5/1967 Carrier Insurance; judges
Sleeve 135 - TK Value; Creosote Plant
Sleeve 136 - Oct. 1967 TK Value Patterns
Sleeve 137 - July 1967 New TK Value construction
Sleeve 138 - May 1967 TK Value Signing for new plant
Sleeve 139 - 5/11/1967 Mother’s Day shot (kids)
Sleeve 140 - May Miscellaneous
Sleeve 141 - Old Barn
Sleeve 142 - April - May Poppy Day Shots
Sleeve 143 - 5/5/1967 Safety Meeting
Sleeve 144 - June 1967 State School
Sleeve 145 - Aug. 1967 New Church - Church St.
Sleeve 146 - June 1967 Kiddie Cut up
Sleeve 147 - April 2-6, 1967 Ad- Rossie’s Furniture; boy on swing; pecan tree; strawberry field; mugs; Parkview
Sleeve 148 - Aug. 1967 Portable Houses- Albany
Sleeve 149 - First strawberries; Society Grocery
Sleeve 150 - 6/1/1967 Delaune’s sister
Sleeve 151 - 6/6/1967 Athletic Park
Sleeve 152 - 6/28/1967 Kiddie Cut-up
Sleeve 153 6/10/1967 Fondry SGOT Amite
Sleeve 154 - July 1967 Church at Southeastern Louisiana College
Sleeve 155 - June 1967 Fire
Sleeve 156 - 7/27/1967 Country Club bridge
Sleeve 157 - July 1967 Tennis
Sleeve 158 - 7/5/1967 Cit. Finance Ad
Sleeve 159 - School; Daily Star
Sleeve 160 - 5/11/1969 Accident
Sleeve 161 - 5/25/1967 Travel Agency
Sleeve 162 - July 1967 Youth Job Corp.
Sleeve 163 - 5/25/1967 Kellog Rest (meeting)
Sleeve 164 - 6/1/1967 Memorial Day
Sleeve 165 - 6/25/1967 Bee Swarm
Sleeve 166 - 10/10/1967 National Newspaper week
Sleeve 167 - Aug. 1967 Pumpkin Vine
Sleeve 168 -1967 football
Sleeve 169 - Natalbany Baptist School; Society Portraits
Sleeve 170 - 7/10/1967 Tobacco Plants (mall)
Sleeve 171 - 7/25/1967 Political Portraits
Sleeve 172 - 6/20/1967 Baptist Church (wedding reception)
Sleeve 173 - June 1967 D.A.R. Meet
Sleeve 174 - 7/27/1967 Community Development Meet
Sleeve 175 - 8/23/1967 Durham Pontiac Ad
Sleeve 176 - May 1967 Mug Manager Wonworth
Sleeve 177 - July 27, 1967 Rattle Snack Feature
Sleeve 178 - April- May FFA Boys Awards
Sleeve 179 - Ordination and twile light; Club Garden Club meeting
Sleeve 180 - 3/24/1967 Star Farmer
Sleeve 181 - August Garden
Sleeve 182 - 3/26-30/1967 Star Farmer; Durham Pontiac; House on Cherry Street
Sleeve 183 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 184 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 185 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 186 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 187 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 188 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 189 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 190 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 191 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 192 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 193 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 194 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 195 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 196 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 197 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 198 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 199 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 200 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 201 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 202 - 3/26-30/1967 Boating at Manchac
Sleeve 203 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 204 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 205 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 206 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 207 - - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 208 - 4-H Feature Farmer; County Agents; Strawberry Close-up
Sleeve 209 - 3/20-24/1967 Picture of Julia Anderson for St. Patrick’s Day fashion show in Ponchatoula; fire
Sleeve 210 - Strawberries at Bruneht’s
Sleeve 211 - 5/25/1967 Kellogg Fire
Sleeve 212 - 6/1/1967 Fishing Shot (stove)
Sleeve 213 - Strawberry Miles
Sleeve 214 - 3/10/1967 Farmer
Sleeve 215 - Aug. 1967 Tennis Awards
Sleeve 216 - April 1967 Strawberry Farm (Farmer)
Sleeve 217 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 218 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 219 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 220 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 221 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 222 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 223 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 224 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 225 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 226 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 227 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 228 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 229 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 230 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 231 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 232 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 233 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 234 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 235 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 236 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 237 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 238 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 239- 1969-1970 Miscellaneous
Sleeve 240- 1969-1970 Miscellaneous
Sleeve 241 - 1969-1970 Joe Shields Promotions
Sleeve 242 - 1969-1970 Mike Dunn
Sleeve 243 - 1969-1970 Dohman Chevrolet; Farmer Cover; Hammond Youth Style Show
Sleeve 244 - 1969-1970 - Unknown building
Sleeve 245 - 1969-1970 Unknown man
Sleeve 246 - 1969-1970 Farmer- scenes; burned chickens
Sleeve 247 - 1969-1970 ADS; Fertilizer mill
Sleeve 248 - 1969-1970 A-Frame broken; Covington Lion’s Club BBQ; Mrs. John Garb; 2- headed frog
Sleeve 249 - 1969-1970 Sugar Cane Festival
Sleeve 250 - 1969-1970 Kids eating watermelon; 70 year old trucker; cat; Dee’s Antique
Sleeve 251 - 1969-1970 Farmer; Colt and calf
Sleeve 252 - 10/14/1969 Man and Mustard Greens
Sleeve 253 - 1969-1970 Circle K bicycle winner
Sleeve 254 - 1969-1970 Unknown mug
Sleeve 255 - May 1969 Unknown mug
Sleeve 256 - 1969-1970 Burned Amite school; Church St. Episcopal; Covington Labor Survey; Glass Works Apartments; Farmer Cover August 29; Sciortino Vandalism
Sleeve 257 - 1969-1970 Our Lady of Pomie Catholic Church - Tickfaw
Sleeve 258- 1969-1970 Feeder Pigs
Sleeve 259 - 10/3/1969 Nutcracker Ad
Sleeve 260 - 10/3/1969 National Guard Inspection
Sleeve 261 - 10/3/1969 Amite Little Conference Football
Sleeve 262 - 1969-1970 Nasa Runner; Mug shot; Wild Art; Parties- Groceries
Sleeve 263 - 1969-1970 Holy Ghost Posters                    
Sleeve 264 - 1969-1970 Al Dohmann’s Used Cars
Sleeve 265 - 1969-1970 Southeastern Louisiana College Summer Registration
Sleeve 266 - 10/3/1969 Hammond High Cheerleaders
Sleeve 267 - 9/29/1969 Hammond High Football practice
Sleeve 268 - Baseball; golf
Sleeve 269 - Sister Dot; kids
Sleeve 270 - Head Start; Quilt (BOM)
Sleeve 271 - Dewey’s Kids
Sleeve 272 - The Association S.E.L.C
Sleeve 273 - 1969-1970 Miscellaneous
Sleeve 274  - 1969-1970 Tangi School Pickets; Farmer Cover Story; CASA Fresca- School; Snake and boy; Ponchatoula Football
Sleeve 275 - Hammond Aerial View
Sleeve 276 - 2/2/1970 Bobcat
Sleeve 277 - 3/2/1970 Shirley Jackson
Sleeve 278 - 3/2/1970 Cub Scouts
Sleeve 279 - 3/2/1970 Rockets Hammond Jr. High
Sleeve 280 - Hammond Fountain and Tracks
Sleeve 281 - Profile 70 Antin
Sleeve 282 - Profile 70 Watertanks
Sleeve 283 - Profile 70 T.G.Y
Sleeve 284 - Flag
Sleeve 285 - P. 70 Albany Heights
Sleeve 286 - P. 70 Independence
Sleeve 287 - Profile 70 Cit. National. Bank
Sleeve 288 - Profile 70 Happywood Ch./Ded.
Sleeve 289 - 2/2/1970 Short skirts
Sleeve 290 - Kiddie Cut-up
Sleeve 291 - 1/15/1970 Girl Scout Cookies
Sleeve 292 - 1/16/1970 Church pages
Sleeve 293 - Goodyear Ribbon- cutting
Sleeve 294 - Hammond Motors Salesman
Sleeve 295 - Fricky’s Cave Covington
Sleeve 296 - Mayor Saik
Sleeve 297 - Rosenblum Shoes
Sleeve 298 - 1/22/1970 Garden Club Free Planting
Sleeve 299 - Mrs. Campbell
Sleeve 300 - Richard Cuccharia
Sleeve 301 - Huey Husser Used Car
Sleeve 302 - Mrs. Magee Gy. Bank
Sleeve 303 - SSA Girls
Sleeve 304 - Pine Grove Baptist Springfield
Sleeve 305 - Cookbook 70
Sleeve 306 - 1970 Cookbook
Sleeve 307 - 1970 Cookbook
Sleeve 308 - 2/20/1970 Hookrug
Sleeve 309 - 2/9/1970 Gy. Bank Personnel
Sleeve 310 - 3/6/1970 Clean City
Sleeve 311 - 2/16/1970 Malcomb Guidry Auto Safety Effort
Sleeve 312 - 2/9/1970 Mardi Gras Covington Olympia
Sleeve 313 - 2/25/1970 Brownies
Sleeve 314 - 2/27/1970 Covington Science Fair
Sleeve 315 - 2/26/1970 Rotary
Sleeve 316 - 2/27/1970 Bride
Sleeve 317 - 2/27/1970 Renee Fashion
Sleeve 318 - 2/27/1970 Mayor Proclamation
Sleeve 319 - Cookbook Cover
Sleeve 320 - 3/3/1970 Margaret Stahan
Sleeve 321 - Trinity Baptist Church Pumpkin Center
Sleeve 322 - 3/5/1970 Springfield Methodist
Sleeve 323- Springfield Baptist
Sleeve 324 - March 1970 Rev. A. Bartus Albany
Sleeve 325 - 1970 Spring Fashion 70 Salter
Sleeve 326 - 3/6/1970 Joe Balado Hammond Jr. High
Sleeve 327 - 2/9/1970 Mayor Saik
Sleeve 328 - 3/6/1970 Flowers
Sleeve 329 - 3/5/1970 Artist
Sleeve 330 - 3/6/1970 Art League Women
Sleeve 331 - 3/6/1970 Long Hair
Sleeve 332 - 3/6/1970 Ad Louis Ragusa
Sleeve 333 - 3/5/1970 Jockey
Sleeve 334 - 3/5/1970 Ponchatoula Stop Sign Magnolia and 7th
Sleeve 335 - 3/4/1970 King and Queen
Sleeve 336 - 3/4/1970 Priests
Sleeve 337 - 3/5/1970 Fog Shots
Sleeve 338 - 2/16/1970 Pat Settoon Jaycee Award
Sleeve 339 - Claudia
Sleeve 340 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 341 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 342 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 343 - Peggy’s Eye
Sleeve 344 - Beverly Fashion
Sleeve 345 - Campbell Girls Fashion
Sleeve 346 - 3/20/1970 Fashion poses
Sleeve 347 - Fashion Special- Peggy
Sleeve 348  - Dairy Princes
Sleeve 349 - Garden Club
Sleeve 350 - State School; Workshop; Literacy Test
Sleeve 351 - Goldstar Mothers; Parish Motors Demolition
Sleeve 352 - Horse Show
Sleeve 353 - Cov. Football practice; John Rarick; Delta Primate; Aged Swimmers
Sleeve 354 - Snake
Sleeve 355 - Montgomery Ward Opening
Sleeve 356 - Fashion ‘67
Sleeve 357 - Buying vegetables
Sleeve 358 - Feature Cover- Greenhouse
Sleeve 359 - 10/7/1969 Circus-Fair
Sleeve 360 - Dewey
Sleeve 361 - Dewey
Sleeve 362 - 3/26/1970 Miscellaneous
Sleeve 363 - 4/14/1970 Agri-dustrial
Sleeve 364 - Husser Ad; Staff
Sleeve 365 - 9/29/1969 Home Shot 107 S. Cherry
Sleeve 366 - 9/30/1969 Parkers Home; Coffee Faculty; wives
Sleeve 367 - 10/1/1969 New Recreation Director
Sleeve 368 - 10/1/1969 Amite Methodist Church
Sleeve 369- Fashion ‘68
Sleeve 370 - Miss Louisiana Fashion Week
Sleeve 371 - 10/14/1969 SLC Elections
Sleeve 372 - 10/14/1969 Rev. Masey and wife
Sleeve 373 -10/14/1969 Park Ochra Swings
Sleeve 374 - October 2 Cov.- Amite; Brown Pharmacy Ad
Sleeve 375 - Amite Fair
Sleeve 376 - Episcopal Church; Scenic home; Antique furniture; Birthday BBQ
Sleeve 377 - September 23 Voter Registration (Cov.); Al Dahlman; Sudsey Fountain; Fireman; Picketing Centuries
Sleeve 378 - Hurricane Camille - Relief
Sleeve 379 - Hammond F.B. Preview; Police Car Wreck; Covington F.B.; T.G.Y. Manager; F.B. Preview Ad
Sleeve 380 - Miss Louisiana Fashion Week
Sleeve 381 - Katie’s Shots
Sleeve 382 - Park Ochra Swings
Sleeve 383 - Hurricane Camille Prep and damage
Sleeve 384 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 385 - September 14 Beauty Shop; Continental Beauty Salon; Garden of the Month- Border; Garden Club- Pine Cone and Towns and Country; Kiddie Cut-Up
Sleeve 386 -9/23/1969 Mrs. Thurman
Sleeve 387 - Loranger Sports, Independence; Basketball Signer; Karate Siblings
Sleeve 388 - Albany F.B.; Mandy 26-29; Exercise Shots
Sleeve 389 - Kentwood F.B.; Air Force Mug Shot; Springfield F.B. 20-29
Sleeve 390 - Hammond High School; parking lot; State trooper- radar
Sleeve 391 - Mrs. Clarence Letter and Mrs. Threadgill; Home page flowers; Sudsy fountain; D.A.R.
Sleeve 392 - St. Paul Cheerleaders; Rosenwald Pickets; Danny Potts; Kiddie Cut-Up
Sleeve 393 - Elmer’s Candy
Sleeve 394 - September 1 Truck Hits Restaurant; Hammond Football Game
Sleeve 395 - School ‘69- Steph Hankel; Glass Work Apartments; Nursing Home Birthday Party; Hooper Home and Woodland Park Church
Sleeve 396 - Cov. Episcopal; Husser Buick; Toggery Shop
Sleeve 397 - Lightening; Hammond Chamber of Commerce
Sleeve 398 - Sugar Cane; Happywood- Church of God; Covington Methodist
Sleeve 399 - 2/3/1970 Detour Railroad Ave
Sleeve 400 - 2/4/1970 Cooper Marine
Sleeve 401 - 2/6/1970 Farmer Feature
Sleeve 402 - 2/5/1970 Home Page
Sleeve 403 - 2/5/1970 New Bell Telephone Co. Building
Sleeve 404 - L.C. Builders
Sleeve 405 - 2/9/1970 Hammond Rugby
Sleeve 406 - 2/25/1970 Ponchatoula- Denham Springs
Sleeve 407 -2/16/1970 Mrs. Matheney
Sleeve 408 - 2/10/1970 L. W. Golden Feature
Sleeve 409 - 2/23/1970 Table Fashion
Sleeve 410 - 2/10/1970 Dr. Ralph Pottle
Sleeve 411 - 2/12/1970 Census
Sleeve 412 - 2/20/1970 Farmer Cover
Sleeve 413 - 2/11/1970 Covington Mardi Gras Parade
Sleeve 414 - 2/17/1970 D.A.R.
Sleeve 415 - 2/19/1970 Dimity Home
Sleeve 416 - 2/23/1970 Tangi Jr. Livestock
Sleeve 417 - 1970 Cookbook
Sleeve 418 - 1970 Cookbook
Sleeve 419 - Doris Holden Cookbook
Sleeve 420 - Cookbook
Sleeve 421 - 1970 Cookbook
Sleeve 422 - 1970 Cookbook
Sleeve 423 - Cookbook
Sleeve 424 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 425 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 426 - Holy Ghost Steeple
Sleeve 427 - 2/20/1970 St. Thomas Catholic Springfield
Sleeve 428 -9/8/1970 Hammond Jamboree; Cheerleaders; Ed. School Parents
Sleeve 429 - 9/25/1970 SLU Rings; Hammond Football; Ponchatoula J.V. Game; Road dispute pictures; Aerial shots
Sleeve 430 -9/14/1970 Football Ponchatoula and Hammond; Mental Health clinic; Fox hunt; Mug
Sleeve 431 -9/24/1970 Frank L. Anzalone Home - W.W. Estes Mug; Mater Dolorosa Church; UGF Thermometer; Fishing party; Road block
Sleeve 432 - 9/22/1970 Southwood Football Team; Dog Winner; Society Pictures; U.D.C. - Amite; Kut- Up
Sleeve 433 - 9/18/1970 Pittman- Mug
Sleeve 434 - 9/17/1970 Home 611 W. Thomas; Town and Country Club; McKneely Groundbreaking
Sleeve 435 - 9/16/1970 Ponchatoula Booster Club; Boy and Girl Stater’s; Fashion- Levy- Toggery; Dave Pierce- Kiwanis Speaker
Sleeve 436 - 9/15/1970 Drum Fish- sport Shot; Kut-Up; Fashion- Leavy’s and Amer. Dept.; Ford- Ad
Sleeve 437- 9/10/1970 Students at Campus; Fall Fashion- Penny’s and Rosenblum’s
Sleeve 438 - 9/11/1970 Judge Swearing In; Katy’s Shot- Town and Gown; Rosenblum’s Fashion
Sleeve 439 -9/9/1970 SLU Football; SLU orientation; Jaycee Fish Rodeo bikes; Tasty Queen donuts; Jim Perrilloux Mug; Squash and kids
Sleeve 440 - 9/4/1970 Walker Jamboree; USL Football; Big Fish; Candy Striper
Sleeve 441 - 9/3/1970 Hammond Mtrs. Ad; SLU football
Sleeve 442 - 9/2/1970 SLU football; Ponchatoula Football; Ponchatoula Boosters dinner; Home- 200 S. Wilson; Home Demo Club; S. Tangi School construction
Sleeve 443 - 9/29/1970 Al Dohman Employees Mug; Abram Mug- UGF; Subaru Auto- Ad; UGF Kick Off; Parish Fair
Sleeve 444 - 9/29/1970 Lobel’s Farm; Aerial shots
Sleeve 445 - 10/2/1970 Albany 4-H; Ponchatoula; Hammond Shoot; Camera Club
Sleeve 446 - 9/30/1970 Ponchatoula Outstanding Players; Dog show; Durham Ad; Katy Picture; Church; Los Mesdames
Sleeve 447 -12/31/1970 Frye Swearing In; Mashburn burglary
Sleeve 448 - 12/30/1970 Business; Construction; Hammond Basketball; Mug copy; Deer
Sleeve 449 - 12/29/1970 Central Progressive Bank Mug; Bobby Hill Signs with Ole Miss; 1970 New Year Baby; B-M 3rd Dickerson
Sleeve 450 - 12/28/1970 Country Club Dance Prep.; Santa at B.S.U; Santa at John’s house
Sleeve 451 - 12/24/1970 Iran Students; BSU Director; Hinshaw; Alford Wedding
Sleeve 452 - 12/23/1970 Dump; Poodle Pups; Toy Bowl Check; spoons; USL Basketball; Society man; Masonic Installation
Sleeve 453 - 12/22/1970 Ponchatoula Christmas Decorations
Sleeve 454 - 12/21/1970 Brad Davis; Dohman Ad
Sleeve 455 - 12/21/1970 Mary Francis Davis
Sleeve 456 - 12/18/1970 dog Obedience Class; Dixon Nursing Home; Bagged Parking Meter
Sleeve 457 - 12/17/1970 SLU Basketball; Nativity Scene; Loranger Football; A.P.S. Bazaar; Calvary Baptist Church; Pottery Party
Sleeve 458 - 12/16/1970 Kraft Scoutmaster; Liberty Finance Mugs; Truck uprighting; Winkler Decorations
Sleeve 459 - 12/15/1970 SLU Basketball; Truck wreck; New Studio; D.A.R.
Sleeve 460 - 11/23/1970 Hammond Football; Ponchatoula Basketball; Round Table Club; P.O. Parking
Sleeve 461 - 8/26/1970 Hammond Football; Pat Mydlands- Ad
Sleeve 462 - 9/21/1970 Football Hammond and SLU; Ponchatoula Athletic Car; Ponchatoula football in 4x snag; Clement Truck- Round Table
Sleeve 463 - 12/14/1970 Tornado Welcome; Holy Ghost Band and Chorus; St. Paul Christmas Tree; Garden of the Month
Sleeve 464 - 11/30/1970 Hammond Football; Syrup Mill; Society shots; scouts; Ice Cream Parlor
Sleeve 465 - 9/23/1970 Ponchatoula Chamber of Commerce Installation; Ponchatoula Outstanding Players; L.D.S. Missionaries; condemned houses
Sleeve 466 - 9/28/1970 ARC Check; Girl Scouts and UGF; Ponchatoula Football; SLU Football
Sleeve 467 - 5/8/1970 Mrs. Carr; Ponchatoula All-Star; Ponchatoula Football Practice; Band Director; Bridal Shots; ship
Sleeve 468 - 5/7/1970 Ponchatoula Churches; Kids in pool; Katy’s Man; Spring Workouts
Sleeve 469 - 5/20/1970 Rev. Donald Pickell; Bones; Home pics; Shannon; poster award; flowers; play; fire demo
Sleeve 470 - 5/29/1970 L.L. Baseball
Sleeve 471 - 5/28/1970 Graduation Party; Last Day of School; L.L. Baseball; Rossie Ad; Killian Crowning
Sleeve 472 - 5/27/1970 L.L. Baseball; One Way on Morris; Viking boat; divers; Dewey’s pictures; mug
Sleeve 473 - 5/26/1970 L.L. Baseball; Pelican Staters; Durham Ad. Mugs- Kut Up; Car pres. ; Grads.
Sleeve 474 - 5/25/1970 Birthday Party; Hammond Jr. High Cheerleaders; Shower; Sontheimer Dairy; Covington Football- mug; Methodist Family
Sleeve 475 - 5/22/1970 Hook and Chatter Officer; L.L. Baseball; Scouts- mug
Sleeve 476 - Camille Relief
Sleeve 477 - 12/5/1969 Kentwood “B” Champs
Sleeve 478 - 1969 Covington- St. Paul; Salter
Sleeve 479 - 12/23/1969 Christmas Decorations
Sleeve 480 - 12/1/1970 Santa Claus at Ped Plant
Sleeve 481 - 12/4/1969 Hammond Christmas Parade
Sleeve 482 - 12/31/1969 Rose Marie Welch/Soprano
Sleeve 483 - Boats at Mandeville
Sleeve 484 - 11/8/1969 Farmer Strawberries
Sleeve 485 - 12/12/1969 Buying a Christmas Tree
Sleeve 486 - 12/9/1969 Brown’s Pharmacy Ad
Sleeve 487 - 12/22/1969 SLC Fire
Sleeve 488 - Profile ‘ 70; New Loranger High School
Sleeve 489 - U.S. Plywood
Sleeve 490 - Coach Lofton Hammond Tors
Sleeve 491 - Hammond Ditch- cleaning
Sleeve 492 - Mt. Vernon Walnut Tree
Sleeve 493 - 12/15/1969 Heritage Manor Nursing Home
Sleeve 494 - 11/22/1969 Truck wreck
Sleeve 495 - 11/10/1969 Hippie Play
Sleeve 496 - 11/17/1969 SLC Construction
Sleeve 497 - 11/7/1969 Ponchatoula R&R Station
Sleeve 498 - 10/1/1969 Circus Preview
Sleeve 499 - 10/5/1969 Masonic Lodge Ponchatoula
Sleeve 500 - 1968 Mardi Gras
Sleeve 501 -10/5/1969 Mashburn Warehouse
Sleeve 502 - 11/19/1969 Pop Bottles
Sleeve 503 - 12/19/1969 Holy Ghost Christmas Pagent
Sleeve 504 - 12/30/1969 SLC- Demolition of Girls Gym
Sleeve 505 - December 1969 Lamp Eel and Man
Sleeve 506 - 12/24/1969 Christmas Bonanza
Sleeve 507 - 11/8/1969 SLC Parade
Sleeve 508 - 11/7/1969 Bet Payoff
Sleeve 509 - 10/14/1969 Citizen Bank Face lifting
Sleeve 510 -11/18/1969 Episcopal Bazar
Sleeve 511 - 11/19/1969 Play School Segregated
Sleeve 512 - 11/8/1969 SLC Homecoming football
Sleeve 513 - 4/19/1970 Test Shots; Kollie Camera; Plus -X film
Sleeve 514 - 12/3/1970 Test Shots; Mrs. Flanagan’s Yahsica
Sleeve 515 - 12/7/1970 Test- Loranger (Color negatives)
Sleeve 516 - 7/17/1970 Test Shots; Yashica A and Brand “X” Film
             8/4/1970 LSU Alumni Dinner
Sleeve 517 - 9/1/1970 SLU football; Hooves Pumpkin Patch and Pear Tree
Sleeve 518 - 12/31/1970 Green Peppers/ Farmer
Sleeve 519 - 12/24/1969 Christmas Tree and kids
Sleeve 520 - 11/18/1969 Huey Husser National Ad
Sleeve 521 - 12/2/1969 SLC ROTC Drill
Sleeve 522 - 12/12/1969 Frosty Morning
Sleeve 523 - 11/24/1969 Farmer Quail
Sleeve 524 - 12/2/1969 Farmer/Cabbage
Sleeve 525 - 12/9/1969 Gizmo Ad Shots
Sleeve 526 - 12/5/1969 Drew Foam
Sleeve 527 - 12/8/1969 T.K. Value
Sleeve 528 - 11/20/1969 SLC Dairy Class; Star Farmer
Sleeve 529 - 12/1/1969 House Moving; fire drill
Sleeve 530 - 10/14/1969 Hammond vs. Ponchatoula
Sleeve 531 - Miscellaneous

Binder 3 (1967 - 1970)
Sleeve 1 - December 1969 Bicycle Winners
Sleeve 2 - 12/12/1969 Tangipahoa River
Sleeve 3 - 12/28/1969 Col. Sanders Kentucky Chicken
Sleeve 4 - September 1969 - Loranger High Groundbreaking
Sleeve 5 - 11/11/1969 Rarick and Eternal Flame
Sleeve 6 - 11/11/1969 Veteran’s Day Ceremonies
Sleeve 7 - October 1969 - Southeastern Louisiana College Homecoming
Sleeve 8 - 12/3/1969 Bridge Construction Amite
Sleeve 9 - 9/30/1969 Soy Bean harvest
Sleeve 10 - 12/1/1969 Christmas Decorations
Sleeve 11 -11/12/1969 Home page
Sleeve 12 - 10/9/1969 Walter’s Construction    
Sleeve 13 - 11/17/1969 Silhouettes of Fall
Sleeve 14 - 11/23/1969 Plane Ride 2 cents a pound
Sleeve 15 - 10/6/1969 Litter Campaign
Sleeve 16 - November 1969 Kerry’s Negatives
Sleeve 17 - Southeastern Louisiana Football
Sleeve 18 - 12/17/1969 Farmer/ Dr. Walker
Sleeve 19 - 11/21/1969 Tors. Vs. Hanville
Sleeve 20 - 8/25/1970 Ponchatoula Football; Girl Scouts; 4-H Club bus; 5 Generation Roban; party
Sleeve 21 - 8/21/1970 Independence Pond
Sleeve 22 - 8/24/1970 Shirley Jackson; Class reunion; Amite Football
Sleeve 23 - 8/24/1970 Loranger football
Sleeve 24 - 8/21/1970 Kentwood football; Pine seedling; truck wreck; softball; woman and dogs; Daly Party; house
Sleeve 25 - 8/20/1970 Veri Fresh Poultry; Mandeville Football; Citizen Bank Grand opening; Key Clubbers
Sleeve 26 - 8/19/1970 Fish kill; Valley Forge; Winkler home; Band Field Repairs; Football practice
Sleeve 27 - 8/18/1970 Hole drilling; Chamber of Commerce; Ridge and Katy; Greensburg football; Boat; Alezen Bank Ad; Sewer clogged
Sleeve 28 - 8/17/1970 Election winners; softball trophy; St. Paul football
Sleeve 29 - 8/14/1970 Covington Football Team
Sleeve 30 - 8/4/1970 Trash and Garbage; New Dollar Store- Ponchatoula; Baseball; LSU Alumni Dinner
Sleeve 31 - 8/19/1970 DAR-Dewey; Fish; Group; Downtown At Night
Sleeve 32 - 5/21/1970 Episcopal Woman Churches; Durham Ad; Gieber Dairy; Girl Scouts
Sleeve 33 - 8/14/1970 Radar Unit; kids painting mailbox; Mydland’s Lounge Ad; Albany Football team; Springfield football team
Sleeve 34 - 8/13/1970 Earline Party; Kirk Morgan Party; Warning and repairs; City Cotton and Bee
Sleeve 35 - 8/12/1970 First Day of Football practice; Kurt home; Judge Tucker; Creed Mug; Umbrellas
Sleeve 36 -8/11/1970 Youngest Dairyman
Sleeve 37 - 8/10/1970 Antenna Repairs; Boy and dog
Sleeve 38 - 8/7/1970 Dead fish; Ponchatoula American Legion Office; Test shots
Sleeve 39 - 8/6/1970 Bride Party; Mike Giamalia; J.F.K. Award; Watermelon Party; Accident
Sleeve 40 - 8/5/1970 Bikes; dance; home-Aiken
Sleeve 41 -8/3/1970 Mrs. Campbell’s Shot; Dewey’s picture
Sleeve 42 - 5/18/1970 Ponchatoula Spring Garden; races; Dewey
Sleeve 43 - 5/15/1970 Covington Play; banquet; Women Representative Officer; Little League; trouble shooter; Nesome Fitness; St. Joseph’s Fair
Sleeve 44 - 5/14/1970 Holy Ghost Bound; Bridal shots; mug
Sleeve 45 - 5/13/1970 Bridal shots; dog and cat; Clyde Stevens Ad; safety sign; Scholastic Award; Candlettes; Amite basketball Awards; Town and Country; home; American Ad
Sleeve 46 - 5/11/1970 Fire pictures; Sheriff department; Bride shots; strawberry farm; news; MidCity Ad; Covington Band
Sleeve 47 - 5/12/1970 Mug; Hammond motor Ad
Sleeve 48 - 5/6/1970 New Amite High; Holy Ghost play; Hospital Construction; Society pictures; Covington football; Hammond Outlet
Sleeve 49 - 5/5/1970 Dancers; Hammond High Coach and Players; Hammond High School baseball; Loranger High School; Bride
Sleeve 50 - 5/4/1970 Track Meet; Kut-Up; Loranger Coach and player; Banquet; dogs; Hammond Jr. High Track team
Sleeve 51 - 5/1/1970 Bike Rodeo; Hammond High FFA Awards; Star Carrier Ponchatoula; Kut-up; Press Breakdown; Student; LLL Speaker
Sleeve 52 - 8/31/1970 SLU football; Ponchatoula Athletic building openhouse; Anne Alford leave for college
Sleeve 53 - 8/28/1970 Farmer lover; Bike Ad; SLU football; Ponchatoula football; Chamber of Commerce birthday
Sleeve 54 - 11/12/1969 Garden Club; Mrs. Lawn and flowers
Sleeve 55 - September 1969 Covington Cheerleaders
Sleeve 56 - September 1969 Appliance Ads
Sleeve 57 - 10/5/1969 Fire
Sleeve 58 - 10/5/1969 Vocational Ag (Dairy)
Sleeve 59 - Football Preview ‘69
Sleeve 60 - 9/31/1969 All Saints Day
Sleeve 61 - 1968 Mardi Gras House
Sleeve 62 - 10/1/1970 Tangi Fair- 1st Day; Fire Prevention Poster; Rotary Club- Chase; Ladies; Hanson Ave Church of God
Sleeve 63 - Baxter Glass
Sleeve 64 - Boat
Sleeve 65 - T.G.&Y Ad    
Sleeve 66 - 1/6/1970 Taking down Christmas decorations
Sleeve 67 - 1/6/1970 New fountain at City Hall
Sleeve 68 -2/18/1970 Ponchatoula-Hammond basketball playoff; Salter
Sleeve 69 - 2/9/1970 Amite Tourney- Salter
Sleeve 70 - Geo Baxter Home
Sleeve 71 - Fashion
Sleeve 72 - Mandeville High School Students
Sleeve 73 - Husser Buick
Sleeve 74 - Profile ‘70 Amite
Sleeve 75 - TK Value
Sleeve 76 - Petitto Brothers; Strawberries
Sleeve 77 - 1/1/1970 Shnell Famr
Sleeve 78 - Profile 70; Elmer Candy
Sleeve 79 - Profile 70; Ponchatoula Sh. Center
Sleeve 80 - Dohman Salesman
Sleeve 81 - February 1970 Agricultural Futurama; M. Smith and L. White
Sleeve 82 - February 1970 Home of Mrs. Guillory
Sleeve 83 - February 26 - Home Page
Sleeve 84 - 2/23/1970 Hammond Downs
Sleeve 85 - Maurin Lumber
Sleeve 86 - 2/26/1970 Bill Beasley Army Advisor
Sleeve 87 - Profile 70; Interstate Construction
Sleeve 88 - 1/16/1970 Farmer Feature
Sleeve 89 - Profile 70 Maurin Construction
Sleeve 90 - 1/6/1970 Back to School S.L.C.
Sleeve 91 - Profile to Greensburg
Sleeve 92 - 1/27/1970 H &R Block
Sleeve 93 - 1/27/1970 Mrs. Mhoon Feature
Sleeve 94 - Dohman Used Camper 9062A
Sleeve 95 - 1/26/1970 Dohman- Used van and camper
Sleeve 96 - 1/26/1970 Warm weather coming
Sleeve 97 - 1/8/1970 Home page
Sleeve 98 - Covington High Cheerleaders
Sleeve 99 - 1/7/1970 Gas Truck and Train Crash
Sleeve 100 - 1/13/1970 Tors- Ponchatoula Basketball playoff
Sleeve 101 - 1/2/1970 1st Baby of the New Year
Sleeve 102 - 1/7/1970 Frozen Fountain and iced pond
Sleeve 103 -1/27/1970 Mhoon House and tree
Sleeve 104 - 1/27/1970 Rainy day
Sleeve 105 - 1/27/1970 Jaycee with trashcans
Sleeve 106 - 3/31/1970 James Shannon Garden
Sleeve 107 - 3/31/1970 Cake Contest plans- Futurama competition; painting presentation; Gateway shopping center
Sleeve 108 - 3/30/1970 Band- Ad; Schniedner Girls; Strawberry picking; Ponchatoula water tower
Sleeve 109 - 3/27/1970 Easter girl; Hammond-Covington J.V.’s; park shots; mall; cookbook winner; Rev. Taylor
Sleeve 110 - 3/26/1970 First Baptist Church- Easter Play; peppers; Horse and Rider; burned out church
Sleeve 111 - 3/25/1970 Miss Hammond; Kiddie Cut Up; Ad-Mugs; 108lb loser
Sleeve 112 - 3/24/1970 Tally-Ho-Butcher; Residence and Trains
Sleeve 113 - 3/23/1970 Edna Campbell
Sleeve 114 - 3/20/1970 Hammond Vocational School
Sleeve 115 - 3/20/1970 Geododie Tower; pond fish; Easter drive; D.A.R. Award
Sleeve 116 - 3/19/1970 Hotard- onion farmer; Cooper Marine- C- Gull; piano player
Sleeve 117 - 3/18/1970 Al Dohlman; tulips; John Hancock; Home-Misita- St. Thomas
Sleeve 118 - 3/17/1970 boats
Sleeve 119 - 3/17/1970 Mrs. Brent; Ponchatoula Football Assn.; berries
Sleeve 120 - 3/16/1970 Italian Feature
Sleeve 121 - 3/16/1970 Flanagan picture
Sleeve 122 - 3/13/1970 Bloomer bowl football; fashion show
Sleeve 123 - 3/12/1970 Sheltered Workshop
Sleeve 124 - 3/3/1970 Hammond Jr. Science Fair
Sleeve 125 - 3/11/1970 Garden of the Month
Sleeve 126 - 3/16/1970 Miscellaneous
Sleeve 127 - 3/12/1970 First berries from Albany; fashion; Football girls
Sleeve 128 - 3/11/1970 Hammond Downs
        3/13/1970 Girl Scout baking
Sleeve 129 - 3/10/1970 Miscellaneous
Sleeve 130 - SLC New building H& P.E.
Sleeve 131 - 3/11/1970 St. Patrick’s Day- Holy Ghost School; Double Egg; Brook’s trailer
Sleeve 132 - 3/10/1970 Track workout Ponchatoula High
Sleeve 133 - 3/10/1970 Fashioleeve 134 - 3/10/1970 Wilkes Construction; Baseball practice- Hammond High
Sleeve 135 - 3/10/1970 Spring Fashion
Sleeve 136 - 3/10/1970 Spring Fashion
Sleeve 137 - 3/9/1970 Baseball
Sleeve 138 - 3/9/1970 First Strawberries
Sleeve 139 - 3/5/1970 Pro Nurses Week
Sleeve 140 - 3/3/1970 ‘Big Steer’ Café in Ponchatoula
Sleeve 141 - 3/2/1970 Boy Scout
Sleeve 142 - 3/2/1970 sports
Sleeve 143 - 3/2/1970 Rehab
Sleeve 144 - 3/2/1970 Small fire
Sleeve 145 - 6/30/1970 Mailboxes; B.B. L.L. All Stars; Auto Accidents; Truck License Plate; School Superintendent
Sleeve 146 - 10/30/1970 Poster
Sleeve 147 - 10/29/1970 Kut-Up; Truck Accident
Sleeve 148 - 10/26/1970 Miscellaneous
Sleeve 149 - 10/27/1970 Quiz kids
Sleeve 150 - 10/23/1970 Miscellaneous
Sleeve 151 - 10/22/1970 Kut-Up; St. Joseph Football Team; Mall flowers; B&PW fruit
Sleeve 152 - 10/21/1970 Kut Up; Schineder leave on Panama; linked; player of the week
Sleeve 153 - 10/20/1970 DAR; SLU President’s Wife; Homecoming Queen
Sleeve 154 - 4/30/1970 Bedico Baptist Church; Jail shots; Ponchatoula High School; L.C. Building Ad; Monument moving
Sleeve 155 - 4/29/1970 Church winners; Ponchatoula Racket-ball Awards; Interstate open; Regusa home; house construction
Sleeve 156 - 4/28/1970 homes; kiddy kut-ups
Sleeve 157 - 4/28/1970 Union check; talent winners; Lobell’s fish farm
Sleeve 158 - 4/27/1970 Track meet; rodeo; status; Poetry Club; 50th Anniversary; Dohlmann Campers; play
Sleeve 159 - 4/24/1970 Care At Home Month; Sheltered workshop dedication; trash; time change; Ad Awards; Jail fix; Albany Tabernacle
Sleeve 160 - 4/23/1970 Drug Instruction
Sleeve 161 - 4/22/1970 2 Kiddie Kut-Ups; Mr. Lively R.R. conductor; 4 legged chicken; American Legion Hall
Sleeve 162 - 4/20/1970 News Awards; Agricultural Parade; train accident; Freedom Shrine; Chicken Chef; Stire Shower; Southern Belle dress
Sleeve 163 - 4/17/1970 Flower winners; Miss Agricultural; Agridustrial booths; Ponchatoula basketball
Sleeve 164 - 4/16/1970 Agridustrial Preparation; Snakette; Cracking Church
Sleeve 165 - 4/15/1970 P. H. Man home; Hammond-Covington Baskette; Jan Vrecken-home; dog; State school
Sleeve 166 - 4/14/1970 Mid-City Mugs; Art; Cake baking; drop boxes; Katie’s aerial; Thomas Funeral Home; Garden Club workers; Citizen bank
Sleeve 167 - 4/13/1970 Farm shots; Agridustrial; Society party; sports; Jeff’s dog shots; homestead
Sleeve 168 - 4/10/1970 Hammond Downs Derby; Sorority Piroute Race; Future P.R.
Sleeve 169 - 4/9/1970 Queen contestants and Judges; Cleanest City Judges; Citizen Bank
Sleeve 170 - 4/8/1970 School breakfast; baseball; Kiwanis Citizens Awards; Garden Club Women; Kiddie Cut-Up; Fortenberry Home
Sleeve 171 - 4/21/1970 7th Ward Hospital birthday; LPA Awards
Sleeve 172 - 4/7/1970 Test Shots; Trash shots; Ad mugs; snakes
Sleeve 173 - 4/8/1970 Agri-dustrial Ads
Sleeve 174 - 4/6/1970 Manchac
Sleeve 175 - 4/6/1970 Happywoods Church; Poster winner; Negro band; Kiddie Cut up; Hammond High Students; 705 W. Church Street
Sleeve 176 - 4/6/1970 Garden Club; Police Officers; Dump Fire
Sleeve 177 - 4/3/1970 Poster Winners
Sleeve 178 - 4/2/1970 Dohlmann Used Car Ad; Hammond High vs. Central; Bootsie’s Spur Ad; Kiddie Kut Up; Happywood Church; Census
Sleeve 179 - 4/1/1970 Strawberry Queen Crowning; Bank teller exercise; Huey Husser Ad; Bootsie Ad; Hospital Employee
Sleeve 180 - September 1969 Hospital Construction Amite
Sleeve 181 - 6/29/1970 Old Timer’s Baseball; D.L.  Baseball; Airport Sign; ideal Miss.; Potato earring
Sleeve 182 - 6/26/1970 Baseball L.L.; Bowles signs; Chamber of Commerce install
Sleeve 183 - 6/25/1970 Boy and duck; Car Shop Center; Copy picture
Sleeve 184 - 6/25/1970 UNICEF Children drawing
Sleeve 185 - 6/24/1970 L.D.S. Church; Head Start; Ruby Howe; Flanagan; Shopping Center
Sleeve 186 - 8/27/1970 Fire-Champ Cooper School
Sleeve 187 - 6/23/1970 Covington Shopping Center; Baseball L.L.; Fire Truck Accident; Hay fire; 4th of July Celebration R.R.
Sleeve 188 - 6/22/1970 Shopping Center; Family Reunion; Flower Painting; Bible School
Sleeve 189 - 6/19/1970 Exchange Club Golf Tourney; Baseball L.L.; Catfish; Mug
Sleeve 190 - Diving; Fish and kids
Sleeve 191 - 6/17/1970 Baseball L.L.; Jeff Outdoor Shot; Construction; Katy’s Feature
Sleeve 192 - 6/16/1970 Girls; baseball L.L.; Patio BBQ; Gideon druggist; road work
Sleeve 193 - 6/15/1970 Outdoor Section; Baseball L.L.; Society; Jeff’s Feature
Sleeve 194 - 6/12/1970 Trouble shooting team; 50th Anniversary; mug; Trophy; C.A. Steward Ad; Baseball L.L.; Furniture Ad
Sleeve 195 - 6/11/1970 Baseball- P.R. Shots; Ponchatoula  A.L.
Sleeve 196 - 6/11/1970 Baseball L.L.; Ad Mug; Rural Living; Employment Office; Gibson Mug; Morrison Home                        
Sleeve 197 -6/10/1970 Baseball L.L.; Junior Deputy Sheriff
Sleeve 198 - 6/9/1970 Refrigerator and Fireman; Morrison Party; Spike Ragan Mug Ad; Baseball L.L.; Kiddie Cut Up
Sleeve 199 - 6/9/1970 Ponchatoula Housing Project
Sleeve 200 - 6/8/1970 House moving; Baseball L.L.; Society picture
Sleeve 201 - 6/5/1970 Racing car; bell peppers; Jeff’s Old House; Drugs-Ad; play; rocks; Jeff’s Shots
Sleeve 202 - 6/4/1970 Staff mugs; baseball; St. Margaret Church; Bethlehem Baptist; Ponchatoula St. Fire
Sleeve 203 - 6/3/1970 Library kids; Baseball L.L.; Old houses; cookies; Coffee- Society
Sleeve 204 - 6/2/1970 C. Steven Mug; Teachers retirement
Sleeve 205 - 6/1/1970 Old horse; rain shots; Legion dedication; trophy; baseball; Stewart Dairy Ad
Sleeve 206 - 7/15/1970 Farm Safety; baseball; tearing down building; rabies shots; Weight Watchers
Sleeve 207 - 7/14/1970 Baseball; Masonic Lodge; Kut Up; Stafford Funeral Home
Sleeve 208 - 7/13/1970 Baseball; raccoon
Sleeve 209 - 7/10/1970 Police; tomato; visitors; Census officer; Concrete painting; Easter seal mug; Farmer cover; tree
Sleeve 210 - 7/9/1970 Durham Ad; hats; Circulation Shot; bridal shower; C.J. Moore Mug; fountain
Sleeve 211 - 7/8/1970 Ceramics; baseball; unfinished fountain; Telephone Co. Construction; Rosaryville Church
Sleeve 212 -7/7/1970 Poodle Ad; Old Tower; Sally’s
Sleeve 213 - 7/6/1970 Painter; baseball; Cheerleaders; Zemurray Park; Cake decorations
Sleeve 214 - 7/3/1970 Baseball; 4th of July visitors
Sleeve 215 - 7/2/1970 Redal Boat; K.C. Installation; Presbyterian Drama; Earth morning; July 4th blowout; Sally’s grill; Headstart at Dentist
Sleeve 216 - 7/1/1970 Gibson Ad; E. Stoval Party; Baseball All Stars; Highway Safety Education
Sleeve 217 - 7/16/1970 Amite High construction; Hammond Motors Mugs; Amite Church; Donut Shop; Scouts in N.M.; Train copy pictures
Sleeve 218 - 7/31/1970 Headstart; National Guard; Postmaster
Sleeve 219 - 7/30/1970 Train accident; farmer; baseball; Happywood Road; 97th Birthday party; Independence housing; Horgan luncheon
Sleeve 220 - 7/29/1970 Whitley House; Arcola Church; New Sales Tax; Jaycee’s; Mug; Car prize; Jeff’s feature
Sleeve 221 - 7/28/1970 Arcola Church Plate; Baseball L.L.
Sleeve 222 - 7/27/1970 Sunday School convention; Kut-Up; Arcola Church
Sleeve 223 - 7/24/1970 Forbes Ad; Herbert party; Campbell; Willie; Baseball L.L.; Scout depart canoe trip
Sleeve 224 - 7/23/1970 Emergency Test; Bumpy RR crossing; Retirement Party; pipelines
Sleeve 225 - 7/22/1970 Afro-violets; Kut Up; baseball; home; piñata; trees; haunted house; covered wagon; GI Pen Pal; American Legion installation; finance office
Sleeve 226 -7/21/1970 Beauty Shop Mug; Baseball L.L.
Sleeve 227 - 7/20/1970 Rarick-speaks; Trophy; Kut-Up; Campbell pictures; fishing; White monkey; swimming; sculptor
Sleeve 228 - 7/17/1970 Presb. Bazaar Plans; Bankston Coffee; Albany Officials; Baseball
Sleeve 229 - 10/7/1970 SLU Elections; Ponchatoula Elections; Journalism presentation; McNeese war recounts; Bazaar workshop
Sleeve 230 - 10/6/1970 Ebenezer Church; Young hunter; mug- Society; Garden Club; Poster Winner
Sleeve 231 - 10/5/1970 Football- Hammond, Ponchatoula, SLU; fair
Sleeve 232 - 10/3/1970 Camera Club; Shooting season
Sleeve 233 - 10/19/1970 SLU, Ponchatoula, Hammond football; truck wreck building
Sleeve 234 - 10/16/1970 Marco Demo; Shot gun; cancer; Garden of the Month; St. Joseph Cheerleaders
Sleeve 235 - 10/15/1970 Albany bank robbery; Quick Realty Ad
Sleeve 234b - 10/14/1970 Judge Causey; Fall Garden Forum; Reading paper; Outstanding player
Sleeve 235b - 10/13/1970 Mrs. Campbell Pictures; poster winners; Storm damage; Eagle Scout; Mayor of New Orleans; Town and Gown
Sleeve 236 - 10/12/1970 Railroad track; Kut-Up; Ponchatoula Football; SLU football; Palmer mug; UGF Ponchatoula; Holy Ghost Fair; Mayor Presentation; Teacher Assn.
Sleeve 237 - 10/9/1970 Hammond Football Homecoming; Ponchatoula JV; Inspector General; New Boy; Kut Up
Sleeve 238 - 10/8/1970 Supervisory team; Oldest house; Fire Chief; Little Conference football; painting; Hammond High Homecoming; Judge Dawkins office; Journalism presentation
Sleeve 239 - 12/11/1970 Albany baseball Tourney; Busy bees at State School; Society; Jackson Sign- Ad; Autograph party
Sleeve 240 - 12/7/1970 Loranger Semifinals; Katie’s hospital Art; Gary
Sleeve 241 - 12/9/1970 Log Cabin Morning; Loranger football practice; Floor covering sign; Dewey’s church pictures
Sleeve 241b - 12/8/1970 Kiwanis Christmas Tree; All Conference Player; Strawberry plant
Sleeve 242 - 12/10/1970 Society shots; rail strikes
Sleeve 243 - 12/4/1970 Don Stewart’s Classes at Junior High
Sleeve 244 - 12/4/1970 Christmas Party; Chamber of Commerce drawing; Toys for Tots; Mayor Old house
Sleeve 245 - 12/3/1970 SLU basketball; Society pictures; Katie’s spider
Sleeve 246 - 12/2/1970 Kut up; tomato meeting; Dress Up; Mexican
Sleeve 247 - 12/1/1970 Jimmie Davis; Ice Cream Palor; Central Program Bank
Sleeve 248 - 11/27/1970 Santa arrives
Sleeve 249 - 11/25/1970 Turkey baking; All District players; SLU basketball
Sleeve 250 - 11/24/1970 Thanksgiving Service; Christmas lights; Holy Ghost Church; Flanagan pictures
Sleeve 251 - 11/20/1970 Loranger Football; Stafford Ad
Sleeve 252 - 11/19/1970 Outstanding players; Les Mesdame; Girl Scouts; Kut Up; Campbell pictures; Mugs- Juanita Scaffidi
Sleeve 253 - 11/18/1970 Stafford Amite; Bridge Club; Crocheting; Rain tree; log cabin; road closing
Sleeve 254 - 11/17/1970 Christmas shopping; Bridal Consultants; Jim Perilloux mug; Addison “I Want You”; Live Stock Law
Sleeve 255 - 11/16/1970 SLU vs. McNeese
Sleeve 256 - 11/16/1970 SLU football and basketball; Bicycles; Music and Arts play; Nick’s pictures
Sleeve 257 - 11/13/1970 Hammond-Ponchatoula game; Toledo Bend fish; Woman Marines; Kut-Up
Sleeve 258 - 11/12/1970 Vets Day Service; Garden of the Month; Cypress Bank Staff; Ponchatoula Parade
Sleeve 259- 11/11/1970 Ed Dreyer and his car; Tangerines; New CPA building; Insurance Office; Ponchatoula Booster Club
Sleeve 260 - 11/10/1970 New business
Sleeve 261 - 11/9/1970 Hammond football; Mrs. Campbell shots
Sleeve 262 - 11/6/1970 Woodland Park Baptist Church; Campbell shots; Mashburn Ad; Hindu couple; North Pass ditch; Bootsie Spur Ad
Sleeve 263 - 11/6/1970 Woodland Park Baptist Church- Griffin
Sleeve 264 - 11/5/1970 United Company
Sleeve 265 - 11/4/1970 Snake; Stewart Monument; Ponchatoula Players of Week
Sleeve 266 - 11/3/1970 Election; Hallum and Record; Kut Up
Sleeve 267 - 11/2/1970 Homecoming Ponchatoula, Loranger, Albany; Girl Scouts; Old folks; Film Test; 2 Kut Ups

Binder 4  - (1971)
Sleeve 1 -8/31/1971 Mid-City Ad; Silver Dollar
Sleeve 2 - 12/23/1971 Hwy 16 Construction; Nativity Scene; Angels; churches; Society group
Sleeve 3 - 1/26/1971 Brad Davis signs with LSU; Nickle Race; Brownies Talent; plates; Bob Davis- Artist; Gaines Mug
Sleeve 4 - Profile ‘71; The Value of SWA; Oliver treated products; interstate; Computer center; Ponchatoula housing; modern male; motel
Sleeve 5 - 8/4/1971 Hwy construction; recreation department; turtle; swimming pool
Sleeve 6 -8/30/1971 Hammond football interviews
Sleeve 7 - 8/27/1971 Amite football
Sleeve 8 - 8/26/1971 Fire trucks; kut up; Dewey’s kids
Sleeve 9 - 8/27/1971 Chamber of Commerce party; Society mug; kids; Funeral home additions
Sleeve 10 - 8/25/1971 Mandeville Football
Sleeve 11 - 8/25/1971 Kiwanis Award; Kut Up; L.C. Football Signup; Hammond Football practice    
Sleeve 12 - 8/24/1971 PR for Chamber of Commerce; Registration SLU students
Sleeve 13 - 8/23/1971 Ponchatoula- Loranger Scrimmage; Horse show; cut up; buffalo; wood carving; birthday party
Sleeve 14 - 8/23/1971 Ponchatoula football
Sleeve 15 - 8/20/1971 SLU Registration; Chamber of Commerce party; Red Cross workers; Back to School shoes
Sleeve 16 - 8/19/1971 Woman candidate for Sheriff (Livingston); St. Margaret’s Church; Springfield churches
Sleeve 17 - 8/19/1971 Lady Sheriff Candidate; SLU Stadium; Candy Store; Oliver Trusted; Society Back to School; Rec. Sign; Ad mug; churches
Sleeve 18 - 8/18/1971 Valley Forge Football
Sleeve 19 - 8/18/1971 Springfield football; kut ups; Witbeck; Airport
Sleeve 20 - 8/17/1971 St. Helena Football
Sleeve 21 - 8/17/1971 Kentwood football; dog mug
Sleeve 22 - 8/17/1971 Greensburg football
Sleeve 23 - 8/17/1971 Albany football
Sleeve 24 - 8/16/1971 Loranger football
Sleeve 25 - 8/19/1971 Covington Football
Sleeve 26 - 8/16/1971 St. Paul football
Sleeve 27 - 8/16/1971 Clothing Sale; Catfish feeding
Sleeve 28 - 8/16/1971 Independence Football
Sleeve 29 - 8/13/1971 Steeple and coaches; bridal party; Gulf dealer; recruiter; Ponchatoula football practice
Sleeve 30 - 8/12/1971 Junk cars and weeds; Hammond football practice; flower wreath
Sleeve 31 - 8/10/1971 Highwire walker; Society picture; Smoke stack; Back to School; Weighing in; Sport winners; School board mugs; St. Paul bleachers; twins
Sleeve 32 - 8/11/1971 Amite High; Washing Machines; School Girls
Sleeve 33 - 8/9/1971 Park Activities; Trains and railroad; Coaches- mugs; headlines
Sleeve 34 - 9/9/1971 Garden Club; Store and Apartment Construction; Ponchatoula practice; Mugs; fashion
Sleeve 35 - 8/6/1971 Po Boy; tailgating; divers; kut up; Science project
Sleeve 36- 8/5/1971 New minister; Sanford; Window Display winner; Highland Boys Ranch
Sleeve 37 - Dewey
Sleeve 38 - 8/3/1971 Karate; Rain shot; Katy’s pictures
Sleeve 39 - 6/30/1971 Rained out ball game; kut up; tree; picking; boy in coma; Old document
Sleeve 40 - 6/29/1971 Walkway planning; Anthrax vaccinations
Sleeve 41 - 6/28/1971 Tree toppled; St. T. Mental health building; postal service; Ad mug
Sleeve 42 - 6/25/1971 Health Start; Tomato plant
Sleeve 43 - 6/24/1971 Komp St. Nursing Home; Clausen Promoted; snowball stand
Sleeve 44 - 9/8/1971 Welding Class; Booster President; Society family; Bill Wright UGF
Sleeve 45 - 7/14/1971 Heritage Home; Tickfaw Church; School Board Plans; Kut ups; Telephone strike
Sleeve 46 - 7/30/1971 Baseball
Sleeve 47 - 7/29/1971 Society; tree; baseball
Sleeve 48 - 7/28/1971 Society; volleyball; Clausen poster
Sleeve 49 - 7/27/1971 Churches; French; Horse vaccination
Sleeve 50 - 7/26/1971 Baseball; Stadium; Society
Sleeve 51 - 7/23/1971 Farm Safety; Baseball
Sleeve 52 - 7/22/1971 K of C; Society family; Baseball
Sleeve 53 - 7/21/1971 Society; mug; toadstools
Sleeve 54 - 5/10/1971 Play party; Society shots; Kut up; Highway Signs; Ponchatoula Sports Awards
Sleeve 55 - 8/2/1971 Clausen Day!
Sleeve 56 - 11/1/1971 State Capitol
Sleeve 57 - 11/8/1971 Personal
Sleeve 58 - 11/23/1971 SLU baseball- Girlie pic; Kut up; Society bridal party; Oak St. Paving
Sleeve 59 - 11/30/1971 Class Reunion; Citizen Bank- Church St.; Christmas St. Decorations; Society- teas
Sleeve 60 - 11/26/1971 Oliver Chevy Mugs; Farm; Bridesmaids Party; Lofton
Sleeve 61  - 11/24/1971 Clyde’s Sales; Clyderdale Horses
Sleeve 62 - 11/24/1971 Hammond Basketball; Turkey; Flag pole; Rep. Mug
Sleeve 63 - 11/22/1971 SLU football; L.C. Champ; Jr. High Convention
Sleeve 64 - 11/21/1971 Construction Progress
Sleeve 65 - 11/19/1971 Hammond- Denham Springs; Ponchatoula Basketball team; Weight Watchers; Society shots
Sleeve 66 - 11/20/1971 Loranger- Whitecastle football
Sleeve 67 - 11/29/1971 Hammond- Loranger football; CPA Office; Street winning
Sleeve 68 - 11/18/1971 Royal Oak; Republicans and Stagg
Sleeve 69 - 11/17/1971 Holy Ghost School library; Car Show; farm shot; Meeting; Athletic Building Construction; New car delivery; Valley dispute
Sleeve 70 - 11/16/1971 DAR Meeting; RC &R; food drive; Paul-mug
Sleeve 71 - 11/15/1971 Lee’s Shots; Squirrel; churches; girls basketball; Hammond- Ponchatoula football; learning truck
Sleeve 72 - 11/12/1971 Ponchatoula Bonfire and parade; flag pole; Memorial Day Service
Sleeve 73 - 11/10/1971 Ponchatoula L.C. All Star; fans; Garden of Month; Independence Homecoming Court; Sanders ST. To be paved
Sleeve 74 - 11/11/1971 Garden Clubs; new stamp; Garden of Month; Dixie Motors Ad; Cattle Winners; Kut Up
Sleeve 75 - 11/9/1971 Ragusa
Sleeve 76 - 11/8/1971 Election; SLU football
Sleeve 77  - 11/4/1971 JV Football; boat winner; Albany Presbyterian Church; Hammond Basketball Team; Scout baby sitter; Kut up; boy and dog    
Sleeve 78 - 11/3/1971 Star sweatshirts; Musician; preacher; Cathy Long; UGF Chairman; Cleanup ladies
Sleeve 79 - 6/23/1971 Sunflower; Society; Poultry Farm-winner; Mini League baseball
Sleeve 80 - 6/22/1971 Our Little Miss; Miss Hammond; Warehouse
Sleeve 81 - 6/21/1971 Miss Tangipahoa; Our Little Miss; Dairy Day at Bank; House moving
Sleeve 82 - 6/18/1971 Medal of Honor; Father’s Day; Society
Sleeve 83 - 6/17/1971 Little Miss; New Serviceman; Beauty Ad
Sleeve 84 - 6/15/1971 Outdoor living; swim lessons
Sleeve 85 - 6/16/1971 Dr. Frye; tomatoes; Covington City Elections; Patio Shots- outdoor; First Methodist Church- Covington
Sleeve 86 - 6/9/1971 Kut- Up; Society; Church; They Off!
Sleeve 87 - 6/7/1971 Society group; Dog and bunny; old house
Sleeve 88 - 6/4/1971 Bike- Pat; Gaston; Covington City Hall; Rainbow Girl
Sleeve 89 - 6/3/1971 Haying; Society party; Milk Carton
Sleeve 90 - 6/2/1971 Dairy Society; Kut Up; Baseball
Sleeve 91 - 6/1/1971 Diary; horses; grads; Girl Scouts
Sleeve 92 - 3/31/1971 Kut Ups; Clean Up Day; Zemurray Clean UP
Sleeve 93 - 3/30/1971 Easter Bunny Pageant Winner; Hammond State School Feature
Sleeve 94 - 3/26/1971 Kut Ups; Play- Our Town
Sleeve 94b - 3/25/1971 Kut Ups; Gibson Ad; Society Garden; Music; Poster R.R.; library
Sleeve 94c - 3/24/1971 Society Garden; Year Round Seafood Ad; Clean Up P.R.
Sleeve 94d - 3/24/1971 Hood Memorial Hospital
Sleeve 95 - 3/23/1971 Amite Society; Outdoors; Nesom; Strawberry Queen
Sleeve 96 - 7/20/1971 Flag pole; Safety Awards; books; Rolls Royce; Chef; Baseball; Church
Sleeve 97 - 7/19/1971 Hawaiian Bride; SLU students; Golf Winners; Kut up
Sleeve 98 - 7/15/1971 South Central Bell Switchboard; Lighted walking construction; Citizen National Bank branch; kut up    
Sleeve 99 - 7/13/1971 Cheerleaders; BBQ photos
Sleeve 100 - 7/12/1971 Truck wrecks; Republicans
Sleeve 101 - 7/9/1971 Biker Rider; flower; Hat making; Conn-plex; Tillman Park
Sleeve 102 - 7/8/1971 Tangipahoa Parish Map (Enumeration); Home Demonstration Meet; Mrs. Clausen
Sleeve 103 - 7/7/1971 Ed Dameron; Hammond High Majorettes; Kiddie Kut U
Sleeve 104 - 7/6/1971 Fireman Grads
Sleeve 105 - 7/2/1971 Mr. &Mrs. Neelis; Ferns; A&P Act- Shot
Sleeve 106 - 7/1/1971 Dairy Month Conclusion; Mental Health Ceremonies; Starwagon
Sleeve 107 - 3/22/1971 Society Shots; Spring- Azaleas; Award - DAR
Sleeve 108 - 3/19/1971 Strawberry Pickers
Sleeve 109 - 3/18/1971 Future Homemakers
Sleeve 110 - 3/16/1971 Tick-Tock Children’s Clothes (Dewey)
Sleeve 111 - 3/16/1971 Beauty Shop Ad; Ed Steimal of P.A.R.
Sleeve 112 - 4/28/1971 Society Shots; Care at home; mug; Park pictures
Sleeve 113 - 4/27/1971 Miss Livingston Parish; Building section; Flanagan Mug
Sleeve 114 - 5/31/1971 Diary; Loranger Football; Ponchatoula Grads
Sleeve 115 - 5/13/1971 Pine Ridge Class; Rabies Clinic; Garden of the Month; Nader; Garden Club Officers
Sleeve 116 - 5/28/1971 Hammond High Football; Serve-UR- Self Station; Rabies Clinic; bag eyes; Core building contest
Sleeve 117 - 5/27/1971 Grad Party; Mug; Jaycee Awards
Sleeve 118 - 5/26/1971 Ecology is “IN”; Magazine; Happy Election Cake; Car fire; 90th Birthday Party
Sleeve 119 - 5/25/1971 Mug Ad; Muddy waters; Civil War Copies; KC Vega
Sleeve 120 - 5/24/1971 Rouco Oil Station; Trouble Shooter; Society parties; Boy Scouts; Construction; Artist of Month
Sleeve 121 - 5/21/1971 Husser Motors Mug; Les Madames; construction
Sleeve 122 - Bridal Section
Sleeve 123 - 4/26/1971 Holy Ghost Festival; Jackie Smith; Strawberry Winner; fire
Sleeve 124 - 3/15/1971 Groundbreaking; Kut UP; Crawfish
Sleeve 125 - 3/11/1971 J.C Penney (Children’s Fashion)
Sleeve 126 - 3/10/1971 Tulips
Sleeve 127 - 3/11/1971 Azaleas; Garden Club Inst.; Tickfaw Team; New building; K.C. hall construction; flag; Cooper Marine Ad; Garden of Month
Sleeve 128 -3/12/1971 Spring Fashion ‘71
Sleeve 129 - 3/17/1971 Spring Fashion ‘71
Sleeve 130 - 3/17/1971 Irish Clover; Society Shot
Sleeve 131 - 3/12/1971 H.D. District Council; FFA Winners; Sweeper; Welcome Wagon; Beauty Shop; Stilly Mug
Sleeve 132 - 3/9/1971 Girl Scouts; Gibson As; Continental Ad; Voting; Albany Girls Team; Housed- Society
Sleeve 133 - 3/8/1971 Sweet Sixteen Tourney; Litter bug
Sleeve 134 - 3/5/1971 Kate’s Feature- Omar Oil Co.; Kut Up; Vutera Furniture; Cookbook winner; Home Demo Council
Sleeve 135 - 3/4/1971 Les Mesdame’s Styles; Cookbook winners; New business; Play Makers; mugs
Sleeve 136 -3/2/1971 Cookbook winners; 2 kut ups
Sleeve 137 - 3/1/1971 Basketball; painter; nurses
Sleeve 138 - 4/20/1971 Lost dog; Interstate Construction; Mug- Clausen
Sleeve 139 -2/25/1971 Bootsy’s Ad; Record Maker; 2 Society Shots; Broken windows
Sleeve 140 - 5/12/1971 St. Joseph Fair; St. Joseph Chapel; Flooded; Mug; groups; 5 &10 yr. Employees
Sleeve 141 - 5/11/1971 Kut Up; Claudin
Sleeve 142 - 9/2/1971 Retiring Employee; Garden Club; Barbara Shop; Lee- mock- John Mug
Sleeve 143 - 9/1/1971 Barber Shop; Society; Mydland Ad; Mug; Girl with balloon; nuns; car wreck; Square dance caller        
Sleeve 144 - 9/3/1971 L.C. Practice
Sleeve 145 - 12/21/1971 Election Headquarters; Christmas Tree; Decorations
Sleeve 146 - 4/29/1971 Nesom Men Church
Sleeve 147 - 9/7/1971 J and S Store; Car Accident; Mugs; Football Jamboree; Ponchatoula School; Car fire; Jaycee parade and carnival
Sleeve 148 - 9/23/1971 Spaghetti Contest; Hammond Jr. High football; mugs; surveyor
Sleeve 149 - Agridustrial
Sleeve 150 - 9/28/1971 U.G.F. Kickoff; Discount; Clothing Outlet; Kut Up
Sleeve 151 - 6/14/1971 Mandeville Pop Festival; Oak Knoll Outdoor Living; Ebenezer Church
Sleeve 152 - 5/19/1971 “Maggie” unit dedication; Flag presentation; Dangerous Road; kut up
Sleeve 153 - 4/23/1971 Time Setback; Dewey Shot; Swenghman
Sleeve 154 - 4/22/1971 Rec Center Activities; Lamp; Mid-City Ad
Sleeve 155 - 4/21/1971 Covington PTO; Hospital Guild Coffee; Play P.R.; carport; Hi Grass
Sleeve 156 - 4/15/1971 Clean city Judges; Drug Conference; Garden of Month; Roseland Arc Church
Sleeve 157 - 4/19/1971 Agridustrial Parade; State school; Olympics; Garden of Month; Society Shots; Girls
Sleeve 158 - 4/15/1971 Miss Agridustrial; Agridustrial; Caravan; Towers;
Sleeve 159 - 4/14/1971 Plants; Strawberry Cake; outstanding Citizen
Sleeve 160 - 4/13/1971 Society Mug; Venezuelan Newsboy
Sleeve 161 - 4/9/1971 Amite Shots; Theatre fence; Basketball player; egg hunt; ball game
Sleeve 162 - 4/8/1971 Mugs; St. Anslem Church
Sleeve 163 - 4/6/1971 Truck/Train Accident; Passion Play; Garden of Month
Sleeve 164 - 4/7/1971 Covington Garden of Month; Wedding Quilt; Chamber of Commerce Mug; House moving; Anniversary Quilt; Easter “bunnies”
Sleeve 165 - 6/11/1971 Congressman Edwin Edwards; Rec- personnel
Sleeve 166 - 6/10/1971 Dairy Day- Awards; Nurses; Society Party; 6 teachers
Sleeve 167 - 5/20/1971 Church; hats and dresses Society; Nesom Fitness
Sleeve 168 - 1/28/1971 Ad Mug; Man! It’s Cold; Oil Can; Les Mesdame Fashion; Book Club; Horse and Rider; Auto/Train Wreck
Sleeve 169 - 1/27/1971 Library Slide landing; Ponchatoula-Hammond Game
Sleeve 170 - 1/29/1971 Ponchatoula Girl Tourney
Sleeve 171 - 1/22/1971 Loranger Baptist Church
Sleeve 172 - 1/21/1971 Les Mesdames; Tree Planting
Sleeve 173 - 1/20/1971 Ad Mug; Hammond Basketball; Pickets
Sleeve 174 - 1/19/1971 Girl Scout Cookies; mug; keys
Sleeve 175 - 1/18/1971 Arbor Day; Heart Fund Kickoff; Church sign- Governor McKeithen; Star Carrier
Sleeve 176 - 1/15/1971 Ad Mug-Duhman; Kut Up
Sleeve 177 - 1/14/1971 First Christian Church; Garden Club; Central Program Ad; SLU Gym Team
Sleeve 178 - 1/13/1971 Basketball; Southwood Academy Teams; Garden of Month
Sleeve 179 - 1/12/1971 Loranger All District; Group Sound & Company
Sleeve 180 - 1/11/1971 Hammond Basketball; Pittman Sign; Lady Day; Mugs- Hammond Motors Ad
Sleeve 181 - 1/8/1971 Gibson Pharmacist; Rug Club; Kut Up
Sleeve 182 - 1/7/1971 Water Signs; Kut UP; Mid- City Ad; Home Demo Installation
Sleeve 183 - 1/6/1971 Gambling Joint; Christmas Lights down; Ponchatoula - Hammond Basketball; Group shot; Mid-City Ad    
Sleeve 184 - 1/5/1971 All American Brad Davis; Shot Gun winners
Sleeve 185 - 1/4/1971 Central Progressive Bank Opening
Sleeve 186 - 1/4/1971 First Baby; Washington’s Birthday changed; Central Progressive Bank opening
Sleeve 187 - 9/24/1971 Indian Couple; Beer Party; FFA speaker
Sleeve 188 - 9/27/1971 Ponchatoula Football; Valley Forge Football; Society; Store personnel
Sleeve 189 - 4/5/1971 Honary Commissioner of Agriculture; Society Shots; plowing; poster winner; Wild turkey; Gibson Ad; Arcola murder feature; Antin’s Ad; Hood Hospital opening
Sleeve 190 - 4/2/1971 Society Shots; Litter Bugs; Orphanage; Dr. Gibson’s mug
Sleeve 191 - 4/1/1971 Durham Pontiac mugs; Hood employees; Girl Scouts; Huey Husser mug; Society; Omar Oil opening
Sleeve 192 - 9/29/1971 Auction; Kiwanis Officers; Society ladies; Kut Up; Player of the Week; Fair Prep; Bank Robbery
Sleeve 193 - 2/26/1971 Strawberry Setup; Traffic light; State Officer; Kut UP
Sleeve 194 - 4/29/1971 Smith Chevy Ad; Huey Husser Ad; poster
Sleeve 195 - 12/17/1971 Strawberry Basketball; doll; Election headquarters
Sleeve 196 - 2/1/1971 Hammond football Awards; Town and Gown; Fire Drudes Value Center
Sleeve 197 - 12/20/1971 Ponchatoula Parade; Manchac Wreck; Party
Sleeve 198 - 12/14/1971 Deaf Class Instructor
Sleeve 199 - 12/14/1971 Basketball Hammond; DAR meeting
Sleeve 200 - 11/2/1971 Shoplifter; Big Cat; New Car Delivery
Sleeve 201 - 12/13/1971 Christmas Parade- Lions; Road closed; Kut up; Dogs; Edwards dinner; Kemp supporters
Sleeve 202 - 12/10/1971 Fraternity; Kids; Kut up
Sleeve 203 - 11/1/1971 Hammond- Covington football; Karate; Miss Dummus; SLU Parade; Inspector General        

Binder # 5 (1971 -1972)
Sleeve 1 - 12/7/1971 Flooded streets; So. Election Ad; Man with plaque
Sleeve 2 - 12/2/1971 Toy bowl P.R.; Ponchatoula Decorations; Toys for tots; Rainy day
Sleeve 3 - 12/16/1971 Care at home; tea party; Drew foam; fire truck; Doctor’s wives; Dewey’s shots; Strawberry classic; Young rancher; Nesom Sweetheart and beaus
Sleeve 4 - 12/15/1971 Ponchatoula Basketball; Bridge building; Strawberry Classic P.R.
Sleeve 5 - 12/9/1971 Courthouse Decorations; Garden Club; Recruiting Stations; Farm shots; kut ups
Sleeve 6 - 12/8/1971 Doll dresses; mug; Bridge out!; Little Ranchers; Bennet Johnston; Souvenirs from Turkey; Hammond-Ponchatoula Basketball
Sleeve 7 - 5/18/1971 Society shots; mug; house; first peppers
Sleeve 8 - 12/22/1971 Spider webs; Kut ups
Sleeve 9 - 5/17/1971 Mandeville Hospital; Train strike; Stamps cost more; CD Exercise; Holy Ghost
Sleeve 10 - 12/1/1971 Hammond Basketball; City Christmas Tree; Girl Gymnastics; paintings; Hammond Motor Ad
Sleeve 11 - 5/17/1971 Army Field Problem
Sleeve 12 - 5/14/1971 Army Reserve; Garden of Month; Society Shots; L.L. Baseball; Kut Up
Sleeve 13 - Profile ‘71; Bear Creek Store; Community State Bank; Ponchatoula homestead Association; Poole Lumber; Firestone; Mater Delorosa church; Locascios; Home Construction
Sleeve 14 - Profile ‘ 71; Manchac; Telephone Co.; Valmy Garment; Stafford Amite; SLU Theatre; hospital; Modern maid; P.E. Building; Loranger High; Elmer’s; Amite High
Sleeve 15 - Profile ‘71; U.S. Plywood; Bogue Folaya
Sleeve 16 - 12/31/1971 1971's First Baby
Sleeve 17 -12/30/1971 V. Court Sign; Deaf sing; New priest; House fire
Sleeve 18 - 12/29/1971 License Plate; Auto Inspection; deer kill; Society group
Sleeve 19 - 12/28/1971 Old Christmas Tree
Sleeve 20 - 12/29/1971 T.V. Winners
Sleeve 21 - 12/24/1971 First Guaranty Money Tree
Sleeve 22 - 2/23/1971 Society Mug; Town and Gown; Broken Glass; Antenna Raising; Katy’s Feature
Sleeve 23 - 2/22/1971 Kut Up; Arbor Day; Live Stock; Rugby; Society
Sleeve 24 - 2/18/1971 Brad Davis Award; Blind Man; Les Mesdame Style Show
Sleeve 25 - 2/17/1971 Spring Court; Fishing; Gibson Ad; Weather Cock; Cobbs; Biscuits
Sleeve 26 - 2/16/1971 Poodle’s Ad; Beau and sweetheart; Blue Crayfish; Town and Gown; Floor cleaning; K.O.A.
Sleeve 27 - 2/15/1971 Rena Cafe Mug; Fashion Show
Sleeve 28 - 2/15/1971 Ponchatoula Basketball; Scout parade
Sleeve 29 - 2/12/1971 Amite picture; Care at Home; Police Award; kut up
Sleeve 30 - 2/11/1971 Linda’s Beauty Mug; Campbell’s Antiques
Sleeve 31 - 2/10/1971 Quail; Town and Gown; Garden of Month; Street Shots
Sleeve 32 - 2/8/1971 Campbell’s pics; New Amite High; Altarist
Sleeve 33 - 2/9/1971 Albany High Fire; Mug; Fashion Show Committee; Boy Scout; Potted plant Club
Sleeve 34 - 2/5/1971 Gibson Ad Mug; Strawberries; Home pics; cookbook shots; Dohman Ad mugs
Sleeve 35 - 1/4/1971 Parish Basketball Tourney; walk mug
Sleeve 36 - 2/3/1971 Car wash; mug; Ladies hat; book fair; tire fire
Sleeve 37 - 12/6/1971 Hammond Basketball
Sleeve 38 - 12/3/1971 SLU basketball; License plate; Priscilla Club; Coach Dale; Brigade
Sleeve 39 - 9/30/1971 Church ladies; L.C. football; Debris
Sleeve 40 - 9/9/1971 Female Manchac postmaster; All Saints Episcopal Church- Ponchatoula; Mrs. Lewis and Homemade rolls
Sleeve 41 - 9/22/1971 Westmoreland; states; Medical Auxiliary officers; Nursing home; churches; Players of week
Sleeve 42 - 9/22/1971 Southwood football team shots
Sleeve 43 - 9/21/1971 Mug; Kut Up; Girl Scouts; Oak Store Construction
Sleeve 44 - 9/20/1971 3 football games; bananas; hub caps; Constitution Week
Sleeve 45 - 9/17/1971 “Edith”
Sleeve 46 - 9/16/1971 Flooded Streets; Willie’s party; Les Mesdames
Sleeve 47 - 9/15/1971 Ponchatoula Garbage; Condemned house; Squash; fashion; Players of week
Sleeve 48 - 9/14/1971 Teachers Ed Construction; paving; fashion
Sleeve 49 - 2/2/1971 SLU basketball; Crime prevention; Currier and I opening; construction
Sleeve 50 - 9/13/1971 Denham Springs- Hammond; Ponchatoula-Loranger; fashion; Kut UP; Station construction; G. Long
Sleeve 51 - 9/10/1971 J.V. Game; Nooman; SLU Player of week; Society Garden
Sleeve 52 - 2/24/1971 Covington Mardi Gras; Covington Riot on loan to S.O. Covington; Girls bball; Cookbook ad; New house
Sleeve 52b - 5/7/1971 Moving house fire; Double happiness; Amite baskets
Sleeve 53 - 5/7/1971State School
Sleeve 54 - 5/6/1971 Abita Springs Churches; Strawberry picking; Dog show winners
Sleeve 55 - 5/5/1971 50th Anniversary; Fire place; Gubernational Candidate; Dewey’s family picture
Sleeve 56 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 57 - 5/4/1971 Durham Mug Ad; Preacher and Clerk; Play; mug; Care Construction
Sleeve 58 - 5/3/1971 LPA Awards; District Track Meet; High School Award
Sleeve 59 - 10/19/1971 DAR meeting; Episcopal bazaar; Freeway construction
Sleeve 60 - 10/20/1971 A & P Dewey Center; UGF Drive; Wild Flower; bird house; L.C. football; churches; New phone building
Sleeve 61 - 10/22/1971 Old Dodge; Kut Up; Decorations; Jaycee Candy; Society Mug
Sleeve 62 - 10/21/1971 Gymnastics; Hammond L.C. Football; Preacher mug; Potted plants; J& S fire
Sleeve 63 - 10/7/1971 sewing demonstration; shell UGF donation
Sleeve 64 - 10/26/1971 Pine seedlings; Mrs. Parker; kinchen; Joe Lobrie; SLU Alumni; Citizen Bank Construction; book; gymnastics
Sleeve 65 - 10/27/1971 SLU Queen; book; stuck at school; Kut Ups; Rosary beads; Ponchatoula homecoming maids
Sleeve 66 - 10/25/1971 Homecoming; football; parade; STT Fair; Gymnastics
Sleeve 67 - 10/25/1971 Hammond- L.C. team; Mock Election; Cracker Barrel Store
Sleeve 68 - 10/6/1971 Methodist Buildings; Republicans; J.C. Jayne’s; L.C. football; Lee’s; Fishing rodeo
Sleeve 69 - 10/13/1971 Rural Ded. Meeting; costs Rome; L.C. football; Employee mug
Sleeve 70 -10/14/1971 Star pic- Special Edition; Bass Family; Garden Forum speakers; Bert Lanier; Garden of Month
Sleeve 71 - 10/2/1971 Churches
Sleeve 72 - Lions Roar pictures
Sleeve 73 - Ponchatoula Athletic Park
Sleeve 74 - 1/7/1971 Club women; Icy log and grass; J&S Market reopens
Sleeve 75 - 1/17/1971 Fire; new business; turnips; Jaycee’s; basketball
Sleeve 76 - 1/24/1971 fishing trip; mugs
Sleeve 77 - 10/15/1971 Candidate signs; Play party; Home Demo; New minister
Sleeve 78 - 10/29/1971 Lee’s Feature- tug boat; Sunshine 71; float building; mug; GOP fashion; Pugh’s flowers; football
Sleeve 79 - 11/5/1971 Wine tasting and style show; Bazaar- Episcopal; Thailander; Southwood Homecoming Court; hole in ground; football
Sleeve 80 - 10/8/1971 fire prevention week; fire truck; Independence stadium; Hammond vs. Destreham; Bardwell Mug; Garden of Month
Sleeve 81 - 10/21/1971 Employee Mugs
Sleeve 82 - 10/12/1971 Stink Pond; Kut UP; Johnson Party; Society; signs
Sleeve 83 - 10/11/1971 Football; Band uniforms; Teachers mug
Sleeve 84 - 10/5/1971 Last day to register; J.V. football; Chevy dealer; Truck accident
Sleeve 85 - 10/4/1971 Hammond football; Society Tea; Better baby
Sleeve 86 - 10/1/1971 Candidates- more fair; Independence roads; mug- society; Hammond J.V’s; Square dance; Church coffee
Sleeve 87 - 12/22/1971 Ponchatoula Chief of Police; dog picture; Plymouth Police Ad; 4-H Group; Kiddie Kut Up; Hey 190
Sleeve 88 - 3/7/1971 Harry McKneely Jr. Mug; Bootsy Spur Ad; Fire station; Society mug; Holden Girl Basketball; SLU baseball
Sleeve 89 - 2/14/1971 Basketball; Rugby; Parachute; Little Miss
Sleeve 90 - 2/16/1972 Covington Mardi Gras; R.R. track repair; Ad-shots; Society- mug
Sleeve 91 - 3/9/1972 More Fashion
Sleeve 92 - 3/10/1972 Bikes; Science Fair; Bride; Mug Ad; Willie
Sleeve 93 - 3/17/1972 St. Patrick’s Day
Sleeve 94 - 3/13/1972 Flanagan
Sleeve 95 - 3/16/1972 Ponchatoula Citizen Bank; Sharp Mug; Cox mug; Ad mug; K.C. Awards
Sleeve 96 - 3/15/1972 Flanagan
Sleeve 97 - 3/14/1972 Basketball; truck accident; Baseball; Chamber of Commerce installation; Toggery Fashion
Sleeve 98 - 3/13/1972 Morse
Sleeve 99 - 3/13/1972 SLU Spring Football; More bikes- trophy; Girl Scouts; Burner
Sleeve 100 - 3/9/1972 Cookbook winner; Bike Rider; Ribbon cutting
Sleeve 101 - 1/3/1972 First Baby of ‘72; flower; funeral home employee
Sleeve 102 -1/5/1972 Police Jury at Jaycee Meet; Altrusa Club; Secretary; I. C. Train derail
Sleeve 103 - 1/6/1972 State Police Car; Hammond Basketball; Flowers; Kut Ups
Sleeve 104 - 1/10/1972 Garden of Month; Methodist Churches; Hammond football banquet
Sleeve 105 - 1/13/1972 Bank Robbery; truck fire; Basketball; Coaches; Michot- 120; Methodist Church; Ponchatoula Garden Club
Sleeve 106 - 1/14/1972 Mrs. Patin and Camellia’s; Visitors to paper; Hydro jet
Sleeve 107 - 1/10/1972 Basketball; ducks
Sleeve 108 - 1/19/1972 Sports pictures
Sleeve 109 - 1/21/1972 Daggs- Reid Apartment; St. Albert’s; Kentucky Colonel
Sleeve 110 - 12/29/1972 T&K Value Company; I-12 Bridge work interstate; Mother and baby child; Women Group pictures; pecan stand
Sleeve 111 - 10/18/1971 Springfield High fire; Football; Society; Round Table Club; WPI Front Page Award
Sleeve 112 - 2/25/1972 CYO; Science Fair; Lady Officers; balloon sale
Sleeve 113 - 2/24/1972 Kite flying; Big Bass
Sleeve 114 - 2/15/1972 Fish; Society Mug; Ad Shots; Basketball
Sleeve 115 - 12/22/1972 Girls and Boys Basketball; Christmas Decorations in town; Feature on lady working in store; kiddie cut up
Sleeve 116 -2/11/1972 Basketball; Mug; Care at home; Rug Club
Sleeve 117- 2/8/1972 Scouts; Football; University
Sleeve 118 - 2/7/1972 Rugby; Basketball; University; License buyers
Sleeve 119 - 2/7/1972 University Court
Sleeve 120 - 2/4/1972 Basketball; Preacher Mug; Cooks; teachers; Guaranty Square; Cold weather
Sleeve 121 - 2/3/1972 Parish Basketball Tourney; Mad Hatter; Strawberry License Plate; Ponchatoula Baseball Practice
Sleeve 122 - 2/1/1972 flower making; Woolworth Manager; Guaranty Sign; M&M Fire
Sleeve 123 - 2/1/1972 Ponchatoula Basketball Election
Sleeve 124 - 1/27/1972 Bad Road; Basketball; Cookbook
Sleeve 125 - 1/31/1972 Independence High Tree Plants; Banquets; Disposed Plan
Sleeve 126 - 1/28/1972 Cookies; Scouts; Oliver Wrecker
Sleeve 127 - 1/26/1972 School board meeting; Basketball; Drug addicts; J.C. Political
Sleeve 128 - 1/25/1972 Basketball; old Man mug; Kut Up; Wigginton Signs
Sleeve 129 - 2/28/1972 Personal
Sleeve 130 - 2/18/1972 Society Mug
Sleeve 131 - 2/17/1972 Strawberry Festival P.R.
Sleeve 132 - 2/22/1972 Italian Day; Girl Scout Tea
Sleeve 133 -2/21/1972 Hammond- Ponchatoula Girls Basketball
Sleeve 134 - 2/23/1972 Saints Inspection; Byers Mug; tree planting; Medical Auxiliary; Society- Rug
Sleeve 135 - Profile ‘72; Magnolia Motel; TK Value; Pre-stressed Cattle; Oliver Chev.; Cows; Darling Texaco; teacher’s building; Ponchatoula Citizen Bank; Central Progressive; Shipyard; Russell’s Firestone
Sleeve 136 - 3/15/1972 Hammond Baseball; fish; Anne’s Fashion; Furturana Committee; State School Class; Village Hut
Sleeve 137 - Profile’ 72; Peds; Champ Cooper School; Manchac Bridge; Valmu Garments
Sleeve 138 -12/8/1972 Kentwood Christmas Lights; Ponchatoula Christmas Scene; Christmas Tree Picture; Hand puppets
Sleeve 139 - 12/19/1972 Fire in Ponchatoula; Ponchatoula Christmas Parade; Hammond State School Christmas Party; SLU Commencement Exercise; Dog poses
Sleeve 140 - 12/12/1972 Kiddie Cut Up; bike; police; Judge swearing in; Hammond High Basketball; Hammond Revenue Sharing Check; Cypress Inn Lounge; Kids play
Sleeve 141 - 12/15/1972 Christmas Candy house with kids; Girls with cotton wardrobes; Ponchatoula Wreck burnt C&R; Ponchatoula Street sweepers
Sleeve 142 - 12/11/1972 Christmas parade
Sleeve 143 - 12/7/1972 Kindergarten Astronauts; Paperboy pose
Sleeve 144 - 12/6/1972 Bicycle Ad Shots; Man talking on phone; Garden with house; Society News- Mrs. Fuller; Town Council Meeting
Sleeve 145 - 12/13/1972 Ponchatoula Revenue Sharing Check; Fruit tree; 10-Speed bike; Basketball and new building
Sleeve 146 - 12/4/1972 Cold V.W.; Strawberry Classic; Black Kitty Cut up; Christmas Tree; Peak of Church
Sleeve 147 - 12/28/1972 New telephone building; New Covington Highway building; Kittie Cut Up
Sleeve 148 - 3/1/1972 Michot; Katy’s Shots- Mildred Turnball; Baseball
Sleeve 149 - 3/6/1972 Sweet 16 Tourney; Cookbook winner; Flanagan; Queen; house wrecking
Sleeve 150 - 3/7/1972 Central Progressive Bank
Sleeve 151 - 2/29/1972 Dog Show winners; Azaleas; fish; Albany girls basketball team; Rube Rogers
Sleeve 152 - 2/10/1972 Quick Realty Ad; Easter Seal; cookie jar; Society group
Sleeve 153 - 2/28/1972 Nesom Players; Albany Magazine Sales; Husser Ad; Ballfield Repair
Sleeve 154 - 3/3/1972 Cookbook winners; Ponchatoula Citizen Bank; football practice
Sleeve 155 - 3/4/1972 Holy Ghost Japanese Party
Sleeve 156 - 3/2/1972 Girls Football; Bank Officer; Tornado Damage; Athletic Park
Sleeve 157 - 3/8/1972 Hammond Baseball; Gymnastics; Signs; Ponchatoula Jazz Men
Sleeve 158 - 3/7/1972 Fashion- New teaching method
Sleeve 159 - 2/9/1972 Scouts; Cookbook Entry; Basketball; baby contest winner; Garden of Month; Lion’s Roar; Mrs. Distefano; Heartfund drive; Warrior Wild
Sleeve 160 - 4/3/1972 Strawberry Festival; Kut-up
Sleeve 161 - 9/28/1972 Home of the Month (Pine Cone); Church Window (Episcopal) ; GOP Opening- Toledano
Sleeve 162 -9/27/1972 Dr. Wright- Christian minister and wife
Sleeve 163 - 9/26/1972 Eric Pittman; White Bros Ad; Artist of Week; Crocheting feature; Ponchatoula Hamburger Joint; Oak Forest Football; Majorettes; Cheerleaders; Mrs. Jerry Morgan; Hammond Presbyterian group; Carrier of the Week; Baby Warrior
Sleeve 164 - 9/25/1972 C.J. Moore Ad; Church; Ponchatoula Football; boy and frog; Society Mug; Constitution Week; Hammond Game; mug
Sleeve 165 -9/22/1972 Bridal Party- Claudia Hooks; C.J. Moore Ad
Sleeve 166 - 9/21/1972 Chamber of Commerce Presidents; Kut Up- Larry Pierson Jr.; hunting dogs
Sleeve 167 - 9/20/1972 Construction
Sleeve 168 - 9/19/1972 L.C. Football; Award Winners; Fashion; Mag. Ward; Toggery
Sleeve 169 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 170 - 9/18/1972 Football; Birthday Cake
Sleeve 171 - 9/15/1972 Chess Set
Sleeve 172 - 9/14/1972 Wrecked Railroad Cars; I-12 bridge; Garden Club
Sleeve 173 - 9/13/1972 Society Mug; Society; Construction
Sleeve 174 - 9/12/1972 U.G.F.; Covington Baptism
Sleeve 175 - 9/11/1972 Kut-Up- Perise; Loranger; Ponchatoula Football; Police Station; Police Award; Society Mug; New building-bank
Sleeve 176 - 9/8/1972 Hammond football vs. Denham Springs; SLU Athletic building; Ribbon cutting; Weight litter
Sleeve 177 - 9/7/1972 Magnolia Wardrobe opening mug
Sleeve 178 - 9/6/1972 Mug; Kut-Up; Austin Glass; T&C Plaza Construction
Sleeve 179 - Alligator
Sleeve 180 - 9/1/1972 Garden Club Pres.; Potluck supper
Sleeve 181 - 7/6/1972 Medi-Thrift Drugs Mug; Tom Jackson;
Sleeve 182 - 9/20/1972 Linda Long
Sleeve 183 - 12/10/1972 Oliver Chevrolet Employees
Sleeve 184 - 9/16/1972 Mugs; Quick Realty; Damien Kinchen; Jianette Taylor; Al Alack; Andy Pecarero; Phil Alexander
Sleeve 185 - 9/16/1972 Mug; beadle; Wall; Swartwood; Roy Barlow; Bonnie Dipple; Slater W. Swartwood
Sleeve 186 - 12/22/1971 Thomas Funeral Home Employees
Sleeve 187 - 6/30/1972 Mug
Sleeve 188 - 5/29/1972 Girl Scout- Whispering Pines
Sleeve 189 - 10/3/1972 Fire at Rene’s; Fire Prevention Poster; Home Demo. Club
Sleeve 190 - 9/5/1972 Jamboree- Rev. And Mrs. Harold Smith; Kut Up; Couple- Society Rev. Smith; Recycle; Night Shots
Sleeve 191 - 1/13/1972 Michot; Garden Club; Strawberries
Sleeve 192 - 1/17/1972 Scarborough Reception Society
Sleeve 193 - 1/18/1972 Profile; TK Value- Profile; Interstate Construction; McKneely Funeral Home; University Court; KOA; Amar Tire; T&C Plaza
Sleeve 194 - 1/26/1972 Ponchatoula tree planting; Drug Info. Program
Sleeve 195- 1/24/1972 Round Table Club
Sleeve 196 - 1/27/1972 Morgan Dufreche; Engagement Mug; Ad Shot
Sleeve 197 - 2/11/1972 Care at Home; Rug Club

Sleeve 198 - 2/14/1972 Ponchatoula Football Awards; Parachute
Sleeve 199 - 2/15/1972 Ponchatoula Basketball
Sleeve 200 - 2/21/1972 Altrust Cotillion
Sleeve 201 - 5/17/1972 Booster President            
Sleeve 202 - 5/8/1972 Ponchatoula Band; Athletic Awards; Tea Party; Society; FHA; Tornado Damage; Kut Up; St. Joseph Festival P.R.
Sleeve 203 - 5/19/1972 5-legged frog; Society Tea; VW Ad; Construction; School poster; P.I. Industries
Sleeve 204 - 5/18/1972 Bridal
Sleeve 205 - 5/15/1972 German Woman; bridal; Jack Anderson; track winners; D. Vickers Winners; Dog Vaccination
Sleeve 206 - 5/11/1972 House of Week- Masida; Bridal; Guaranty; Kut Up; Football; Bridal- Forbes; Levy; Milue- visitor from Seattle
Sleeve 207 - 5/1/1972 Holy Ghost Fair Society Group
Sleeve 208 - 5/26/1972 Terrell Adams; Baseball shots
Sleeve 209 - 5/23/1972 Plant Tour; Hammond Track Team
Sleeve 210 - 10/6/1972 Church; Society Party; Kut Ups
Sleeve 211 - 3/20/1972 Thomas Funeral Ad; Girls Football; Society Mug
Sleeve 212 - 5/25/1972 Volkswagen Ad; sports; Senior Citizen (Amite); Denham Springs School; boys with snake
Sleeve 213 - 5/22/1972 Oliver Chev. Ad; Society Mug
Sleeve 214 - 5/3/1972 Ponchatoula Jazzman; Rev. Blount Mug; Kut Up; Police Juror Drude; Ordyne Retirement
Sleeve 215 - 5/2/1972 Abels- new building; Red Cross Awards; road block; Society Mug
Sleeve 216 - 4/19/1972 Migrant School; Oliner Ad; Bank Construction; T &C Plaza; Brass Bootery; Com. Credit; Abel’s Construction; Baseball; Tucker and Plaque; Continental Ad
Sleeve 217 - 4/20/1972 Society Tea; No Dumpling Dress; Bridge Span; Rotary Members; As Well Robertson; Sports fishing; Ad Mug
Sleeve 218 - 4/21/1972 Daggs-Reid Construction
Sleeve 219 - 6/12/1972 Retirement Party; Elmer Pickets; Outdoor; “Eagle”; Greenfield Church Group; Churches
Sleeve 220 - 6/26/1972 Society Tea; Garfish; Plaque Presentation; D.A. Candidates; Watermelon; John in Pool; Blount, William Realty; Saik; Hebert, Gideon; C.G. Auxiliary Ensign; Cemetery
Sleeve 221 - 4/18/1972 Recycle Center; DAR; Rotarian Mug; Trash; Greek Week; Tennis
Sleeve 222 - 6/2/1972 Paul Triche; Tangipahoa River Shots
Sleeve 223 - 4/26/1972 SLU Basketball; Kut Up; Paul Triche; Mug; Care at Home Proclamation; Plant Tour
Sleeve 224 - 4/24/1972 Rodeo; Batson Home Construction; Houses
Sleeve 225 - 6/28/1972 Ponchatoula A’s Baseball; Ad puppies; Society Tea; Frye Signs for Election
Sleeve 226 - 6/23/1972 Seale Tea- Society; Billups Strike; mug; Day in the Park ;Estelle Stire
Sleeve 227 - 6/27/1973 Jack Bahm; Hairdresser; Bell packing
Sleeve 228 - 6/29/1972 Dentist; Society Mug; Fishing license; Bible School
Sleeve 229 - 6/22/1972 Marine Recruiters; Dol-Liz Ad; Sue’s Ad; Hughes Bro. Body Shop
Sleeve 230 - 6/20/1972 Society Mug; Male hairdresser- Linda’s Ad; Rocker- Rossie Ad; Group on bus; Golf courses
Sleeve 231 - 6/21/1972 Linda’s Beauty Ad; Lady Logger; Kut Up
Sleeve 232 - 6/19/1972 sports
Sleeve 233 - 6/15/1972 FFA Winners; Quick Stop Ad
Sleeve 234 - 6/14/1972 Mortimer House; Gabriel Patio; Society Mug; Baseball
Sleeve 235 - 6/13/1972 Ponchatoula Council Sports- Girls
Sleeve 236 - 6/9/1972 Big Fish; Mug; SLU Athletic building; Ponchatoula A’s
Sleeve 237 - 6/2/1972 Zemurray Pool- Fritz Cameron; Kiddie Kut UP; Cherry St. Crash; Morris St. Trees; Prize Sheep dog; Manchac Boat feature
Sleeve 238 - 5/10/1972 Bridal Pics; Goodyear; Firestone; White Bros; Track Meet SLU; Martens Luau; Town and Country; Garden Club
Sleeve 239 - 9/29/1972 Donkey on tracks; Surprise Lilly; Community Italian Bank; White Bros.; Jewelry Sale
Sleeve 240 - Christmas
Sleeve 241 - 11/6/1972 Kiddie Cut Up; SLU Homecoming Queen; Political Dog
Sleeve 242 - 11/22/1972 Lady with corn of plenty; signs with adv.; game film of basketball with RR high; Ponchatoula Girls High School
Sleeve 243 - 11/22/1972 Amite Murder Scene; Basketball Practice/Scrimmage; Vida Blue
Sleeve 244 - 11/8/1972 Homecoming; Church Scene; voting precinct; nurse graduation
Sleeve 245 - 11/29/1972 Sister with table setting; boys for Key Club
Sleeve 246 - 11/10/1972 Boys and Girls Basketball; Highway pictures; Hammond/Ponchatoula game; Paper boy Ad; Mock election; football; house; National Guard
Sleeve 247 - 11/27/1972 Hammond State School Chapel Groundbreaking; Ford Accident
Sleeve 248 - 11/24/1972 Boy with snake; Toys for Tots Campaign; Turkey
Sleeve 249 - 11/20/1972 Family pictures
Sleeve 250 - 11/15/1972 Christ/Second Pic.; feet
Sleeve 251 - 11/1/1972 Dancers; Amaua; Add Girl; Parade; 4-H; construction; Halloween; Mrs. Parker
Sleeve 252 - 11/14/1972 Town meeting; woman; Parish courthouse
Sleeve 253 - 4/25/1972 Mugs; Forbes
Sleeve 254 - 11/13/1972 SLU/McNeese; Ponchatoula Vet. Parade
Sleeve 255 - 4/13/1972 SGA Election; Garden Club; Agridustrial Preps
Sleeve 256 - 4/27/1972 Sheltered Workshop
Sleeve 257 - 4/17/1972 Agridustrial Parade; Fountain Dedication; Bike races; baseball; star award; moon and star                
Sleeve 258 - 4/28/1972 Rotarian Registration; Nesom Fitness; kut up
Sleeve 259 - 4/31/1972 John’s boy; Dairy Week Pics; Covington Airport
Sleeve 260 - 6/16/1972 Steam Saw Mill; log cabin; Kenny’s Grocery; Ponchatoula Beach Road; Bard’s; P.O. Visit; fish; sports mug; China Inn Ad; John Bennet son
Sleeve 261 - 6/8/1972 Baseball; Awards; Weirdos; Mental Health Clinic; fire; dogs; golfing
Sleeve 262 - 5/24/1972 Pelican Staters; Airplane Crash; Sewing Contest Winners; “Little Miss”
Sleeve 263 - 11/29/1972 Kiddie Cut UP; Ladies sewing; Profile Shot; Boy with Snake
Sleeve 264 - 11/16/1972 Bank grand opening; Girl running on football field; Fraternity; Basketball; shopping center
Sleeve 265 - 10/10/1972 Fair Winners; Independence football; Sheltered Workshop; society
Sleeve 266 - 10/9/1972 Fair; LDS Church; FFA; J.C. Candy; Mobile intoximeter; CYO Party; Central Progressive Bank; SLU football
Sleeve 267 - 10/5/1972 Saiks and Bahm; Casa de Fresa; Flying Squirrel; L.C. football
Sleeve 268 - 10/4/1972 Fair prep; Chamber of Commerce installation; Swimmers; kut ups; Carriers; groups
Sleeve 269 - Rosenblooms Fashion
Sleeve 270 - Greenbriar
Sleeve 271 - Levy’s
Sleeve 272 - Renee’s
Sleeve 273 - Wedding Bells
Sleeve 274 - Direct Discount
Sleeve 275 - Penny’s
Sleeve 276 -Village Hut; Tick Tock
Sleeve 277 - Alley Oop
Sleeve 278 - Belt Loop
Sleeve 279 - 10/11/1972 Range Road Fire; Football; Hunting; group
Sleeve 280 - 10/12/1972 Highway Hearing; Society Mug; Coke Strike; Spec. School
Sleeve 281 - 10/16/1972 “Super Dome” Construction
Sleeve 282 - 10/16/1972 Hammond Homecoming Fire
Sleeve 283 - 10/13/1972 Carrier of the Week; Priscilla Uniforms; Carr remodeling; other Mark Mathis Pics
Sleeve 284 - 10/17/1972 VFA Paint Job; Kut Up; Society
Sleeve 285 - 10/18/1972 Planned Parenthood; Touch Football; Kitchen; Society; Frame Shop Owner (O’Neal)
Sleeve 286 - 10/19/1972 Man; sweat potatoes; House of Beauty; printing press; Women’s journey
Sleeve 287 - 10/20/1972 Miscellaneous
Sleeve 288 - 10/25/1972 Toggery Ad Shot; Tennis pictures
Sleeve 289 - 10/23/1972 Ponchatoula Homecoming; Independence Homecoming; Southwood Homecoming; Kiddie Kutup; Baby Pageant Winner- Livingston Parish
Sleeve 290 - 10/31/1972 and 11/1/1972 Miscellaneous
Sleeve 291 - 10/30/1972 Hammond High School football; Tam. Parade
Sleeve 292 - 10/31/1972 Halloween; Teacher Complex
Sleeve 293 - 4/5/1972 Lions Barber Shop; Big Fish; trophies; Misses Strawberries; berry Awards; Polly Pointers; community bank
Sleeve 294 -4/6/1972 Baseball; cattle; visitors- Society; Community Bank; Manager Mug; Santo Mike Berries; Agri-booth construction
Sleeve 295 - 4/10/1972 Fish; Jones; Kut-Up; Hi Ho; baseball; Larry Brown- Experimental Form
Sleeve 296 - 4/14/1972 Ponchatoula Basketball Awards; FFA Awards; Penny Lyons Mug; Trailers Airstream; Cake; booth
Sleeve 297 - 4/7/1972 Ponchatoula Feed Mill; “Fat Rat”; Society Artists; Overturned Wreck; Cancer Creso; Sports Management; Poodle Ad; Hank Jones; House boat; News Mart; Albany Mental Health building
Sleeve 298 - 4/4/1972 Oliver Chev. Ad; Channell Mugs; Forestry
Sleeve 299 -Magnolia Wardrobe
Sleeve 300 - Teens and Queens
Sleeve 301 - Dol-Liz
Sleeve 302 - Continental
Sleeve 303 - 8/18/1972 SLU football (color)

Binder #6 (1972-1973)
Sleeve 1 - Cypress Shop; Alma’s Fashion
Sleeve 2 - 4/12/1972 Pine Cone; hunter; Golfer; Agridustrial Papers
Sleeve 3 - 3/8/1972 Baptist Church People
Sleeve 4 - 3/9/1972 And More Fashion
Sleeve 5 - Dr. Gibson Mug
Sleeve 6 - Huey Husser Ad
Sleeve 7 - Spring Fashion
Sleeve 8 - 3/15/1972 Pumpkin Center Fire; Bridal Section
Sleeve 9 - 3/20/1972 Jones Testimonial Church
Sleeve 10 - 3/28/1972 Kut Up; Carona Ad; Bike Registration; Painting; Society Group
Sleeve 11 - 3/27/1972 Holy Ghost Winners; C.A.B.L.; Mug; Baseball; group; Youngest Share holder; Nurse’s Week
Sleeve 12 - 3/23/1972 Lee’s Feature; Outdoor; Scouts; IPM Pic; Street Repair; Ponchatoula Baseball; Strawberry Queen; Shells at Wadesboro; Class 4 Bunny
Sleeve 13 - 3/30/1972 Garden Feature; Lee Feature; Strawberries; Army Band; Channel Center; Kut Up
Sleeve 14 - 10/2/1972 Football- Hammond; SLU; Ponchatoula; Rev. Deland Award; Snake; Scenics; FFA Mug
Sleeve 15 - 8/9/1972 5 generations; Highway bridge; Hospital gift shop; Football game; La Printing; School board
Sleeve 16 - 8/14/1972 Art Festival; mug; Husser Ad; Welding Project; Lighting Test
Sleeve 17 - 4/11/1972 Garden of the Month; Tennis; Bobcat; Hammond Plaque; Home Demo Club
Sleeve 18 - 8/24/1972 Oldest Church member; cooking; Society group; By the pool-Tricou
Sleeve 19 - 8/26-31/1972 Rail Detour; Tallo girl; Tank; Working; Society; Trailers; Kut Up; playground
Sleeve 20 - 8/25/1972 Albany Football
Sleeve 21 - 8/25/1972 church; jail; stop for school
Sleeve 22 - 8/23/1972 Hammond Football Team
Sleeve 23 - 8/23/1972 Southwood Football Team
Sleeve 24 - 8/23/1972 Valley Forge Football Team
Sleeve 25 - 8/23/1972 Greensburg Football Team
Sleeve 26 - 8/23/1972 Ponchatoula Football Team
Sleeve 27 - 8/11/1972 State Police boys Camp; Society- Social Tea
Sleeve 28 - 8/10/1972 Belt Loop Ad
Sleeve 29 - 8/23/1972 St. Helena Football Team
Sleeve 30 - 8/23/1972 Springfield Football Team
Sleeve 31 - 8/23/1972 Mandeville Football Team
Sleeve 32 - 8/23/1972 Independence Football Team
Sleeve 33 - 8/22/1972 El Rancho Ad; Cheerleaders; Independence Tigerettes; SLU Scrimmage; Independence Rail Station; Chehardy’s Store Ad
Sleeve 34 -8/21/1972 Election Winners; Ponchatoula Scrimmage
Sleeve 35 - 8/18/1972 Loranger Football Team
Sleeve 36 - 8/18/1972 New eyesight in 91 year old; Cook Society- Ricketts; Mug
Sleeve 37 -8/17/1972 Football practice; Train and Traffic
Sleeve 38 - 8/16/1972 Kut Up; Mug- Mrs. Shelby Edwards; Katie’s pictures; Baton Twirler Awards
Sleeve 39 - 8/15/1972 Mug; Autowreck
Sleeve 40 - 8/8/1972 Little Miss; Mauroner Realty Sign; Construction; Test
Sleeve 41 - 8/7/1972 Sherwin- Williams Ad; Cut Up; Test Shots
Sleeve 42 - 8/4/1972 Society pictures; Construction
Sleeve 43 - 8/3/1972 Sports trophies; Police dispatcher; Coach Andre; Wells; Bobby Drude mug
Sleeve 44 - 8/2/1972 sports
Sleeve 45 - 8/1/1972 Kut up; Belt Loops Ad; Test Shots; Bootsy Mug; School Board Mug
Sleeve 46 - 3/22/1972 Workbook winner; fishing; Fortenberry mug; Easter prep; Natalbany 4-H Winners; funeral home; Gardens- Pool and kids; dog and suds; Gibson’s Mug; X-Ray Award; fountain
Sleeve 47 - 3/21/1972 Baseball; Edwards
Sleeve 48 - 3/24/1972 Scarborough Tea; Easter Parade; Ponchatoula Candidate; Cypress Marine; Sellers Olds Ad
Sleeve 49 - 3/29/1972 Track meet; Ad mug; Cancer kick off; SLU baseball; Caboose
Sleeve 50 - 3/31/1972 Monie Bunny
Sleeve 51 - 7/25/1972 Dixie Youth Tourney; Mug; Fire Trucks; Kut up
Sleeve 52 - 3/20/1972 Flanagan
Sleeve 53 - 7/31/1972 Society Receptor; Melons; Gym Class winners; School Supers Mug; Back to School
Sleeve 54 - 7/28/1972 Cajun Cooking; CYO Girls; Back to School; Peney Signs; Intramural Sports; Society Reception
Sleeve 55 - 7/27/1972 Fishing; Diane Williams (Back to School); K.C. Dinner
Sleeve 56 - 7/26/1972 Sen. Dykes; Monkey Bars
Sleeve 57 - 7/26/1972 Mark Mathis
Sleeve 58 - 7/18/1972 Rarick Headquarters; St. Tammany Art Show; Swamp pictures; Play rehearsals; St. Joseph Catholic Church- Ponchatoula
Sleeve 59 - 7/5/1972 Hammond Cheerleaders; Society Awards
Sleeve 60 - 7/3/1972 Postmaster Vineyard Retires; FFA Boys; groups; Cokes; Ponchatoula Inaugural
Sleeve 61 - 6/30/1972 Chamber of Commerce Installation; Abel’s Land of Sports
Sleeve 62 - 7/17/1972 Boat Races- Lake Ramsey; Children/ School bus
Sleeve 63 - 7/24/1972 miscellaneous
Sleeve 64 - 7/21/1972 John Cosner; Ad Shots
Sleeve 65 - 7/20/1972 Husser Buick; French Girls
Sleeve 66 - 7/19/1972 Health Start Children; trees
Sleeve 67 - 7/14/1972 Damien Kinches houses; sports; Anniversary pictures; Log Cabin- Katy
Sleeve 68 - 7/13/1972 Cheerleaders School- SLU
Sleeve 69 - 7/12/1972 Art Classes; Nursing Home; Sports
Sleeve 70 -7/11/1972 Anniversary pics; Milk Carton
Sleeve 71 - 7/10/1972 Ponchatoula City Council; Army Reserve
Sleeve 72 - 7/7/1972 Highway Signs; Society party; KOA Camp; Crochet group; Community Bank groundbreaking
Sleeve 73 - 7/6/1972 Mug; Little Miss; Citizen Bank Groundbreaking; Racing Cars; Medi-thrift
Sleeve 74 - 4/3/1973 Festival; Parade; Thomas mugs; Agri-dustrial
Sleeve 75 - 12/18/1973 Santa; Home Section; Jerry Leurie
Sleeve 76 - 12/31/1973 SLU Basketball; 1st Baby- 1st Birthday
Sleeve 77 - 12/28/1973 Nurse; Strawberries
Sleeve 78 - 12/19/1973 1 Road Construction; Ponchatoula Christmas Decoration house
Sleeve 79 - 12/21/1973 Ponchatoula Christmas House Winner; Fire Hammond; O’Neal Galley
Sleeve 80 - 12/17/1973 Saw Mill; Ducks; Church; Autographs; Maria Starns?
Sleeve 81 - 12/4/1973 Tornado in Amite
Sleeve 82 - 12/12/1973 P &L Co. Crew on Morris Street
Sleeve 83 - 12/6/1973 Christmas Decoration; New building on Robert Street; Kiwanza Trees; Nurses at trade school; ATO Library windows
Sleeve 84 - 12/11/1973 Luminaries- candles, sand, and sacks; removing parking meters; classroom
Sleeve 85 - 12/5/1973 voting booth; Christmas Lights; Muzzle loader
Sleeve 86 - 12/30/1973 Sigma Tau Bikeathon; National Museum SLU opens; SLU student Nerv Finals
Sleeve 87 - Tear down house on W. Thomas; Mayor and parking meters
Sleeve 88 - 11/29/1973 Garden Club Plants to SLU; Gas Station Closed Sunday
Sleeve 89 - 12/13/1973 Home Section; road construction; Garden Club; Social Security- thermostat lowered sign; Continental Furniture; Refurbished dolls
Sleeve 90 - 12/10/1973 Christmas parade; PPV- People Powered vehicle; Ad- Trays
Sleeve 91 - 12/7/1973 Fire at Ardillo’s in Amite; Horse and Wagon; Alan Klien- SLU Football
Sleeve 92 - 11/26/1973 Prepare for Bazzar; House Section; Rocket; Beauty Center; Spokes for folks; Junk Yard near Nursing Home
Sleeve 93 - 11/23/1973 Little Britches Rodeo
Sleeve 94 - 12/3/1973 Baby Pageant Queen; Mug of Lady; SLU basketball Tourney; wind damage; SLU Freshman b-ball practice; 3+ Trophies; Persimmon and Nose
Sleeve 95 - 6/12/1973 Majorettes
Sleeve 96 - 12/26/1973 Money Tree; Furniture Store group; flooding; Luminaries
Sleeve 97 - Independence
Sleeve 98 - 5/22-25/1973 Homecoming
Sleeve 99 - 9/1-4/1973 miscellaneous    
Sleeve 100 - 10/31/1973 Wedding; Hammond Motors; Bind
Sleeve 101 - 8/15/1973 Home; Gibsons; mug; Child Theater
Sleeve 102 - 6/25/1973 Cabin; home
Sleeve 103 - 6/5/1973 National Guard; Gideon; Ponchatoula Creek; Burns; Kut Up
Sleeve 104 - Ponchatoula
Sleeve 105 - Oak Forest
Sleeve 106 - 11/7/1973 Hammond Homecoming; Mug; Road Paving (T&C); Turtle; Robenstein Construction
Sleeve 107 - 9/19/1973 Med Club; T&C; Army; Flea Market
Sleeve 108 - 9/17/1973 miscellaneous
Sleeve 109 - 9/18/1973 miscellaneous
Sleeve 110 - 9/10/1973 Football; Mark Feature; Market
Sleeve 111- 9/28/1973 miscellaneous
Sleeve 112 - 9/25/1973 miscellaneous
Sleeve 113 - 9/24/1973 miscellaneous
Sleeve 114 - 9/24/1973 miscellaneous
Sleeve 115 - 9/15/1973 miscellaneous
Sleeve 116 - 9/12/1973 Greyhound
Sleeve 117 - 6/22/1973 National Guard
Sleeve 118 - 6/21/1973 Bank; Gulf; Drew Foam; Depot; Campbell; Gabriel; Glob
Sleeve 119 - 6/18/1973 Tower; Red Cross; Girl Clinic
Sleeve 120 - 6/19/1973 Home; Mrs. Cook
Sleeve 121 - 1973 Air Force; Grey (Society)
Sleeve 122 - Loranger
Sleeve 123 - 7/3/1973 meat
Sleeve 124 - Profile ‘73
Sleeve 125 - 6/8/1973 Hood; Springfield Road Store
Sleeve 126 - 6/21/1973 Vic’s parish trip
Sleeve 127 - Community Store
Sleeve 128 - 7/8/1973 Cypress Marine; Fajoini
Sleeve 129 - 7/2/1973 Penney’s Catalog Center; Independence Players; COE Students; Lady Mug; fish
Sleeve 130 - 8/1/1973 Casa De Fresa; fish
Sleeve 131 - 10/24/1973 Garden Club; Stone House; Morgan Lindsy Manager; Winner of Saddle; Stop light
Sleeve 132 - In the Park Special
Sleeve 133 - 7/18/1973 Play makers; bridge; home; Thomas Street; baseball
Sleeve 134 - 11/7/1973 Casa de Fresa
Sleeve 135 - 11/8/1973 Suzanne Shops
Sleeve 136 - Upinal Awards (Nick)
Sleeve 137 - 11/6/1973 Home; bottles; lady; man and snake
Sleeve 138 - 11/6/1973 Grand opening; parking meters
Sleeve 139 - 11/19/1973 Ford Ad Shots; Mrs. Granberry; Covington play; Streetwork; spider web; SLU football; Little Conference Football
Sleeve 140 - 11/8/1973 Ribbon cutting; group shot
Sleeve 141 - 11/15/1973 OTASCO
Sleeve 142 - 11/2/1973 Children’s Corner; Hammond High School Homecoming- parade, queen, football
Sleeve 143 - 11/23/1973 Sailboat; post office; blood donation
Sleeve 144 - 11/9/1973 football
Sleeve 145 - 11/14/1973 Drainage Dispute; Buddie Billups Independence Scoreboard; Dr. Manell Garden Club; Home Section; Colonial Woman Club
Sleeve 146 - 11/19/1973 Chef & Table; Home Section; food page
Sleeve 147- 4/30/1973 miscellaneous
Sleeve 148 - 4/4/1973 miscellaneous
Sleeve 149 - 4/24/1973 Golf; home
Sleeve 150 - 4/16/1973 Agridustrial; Winn Dixie
Sleeve 151 - Roses
Sleeve 152 - 4/25/1973 Roses; mug
Sleeve 153 - 4/19/1973 Baseball; Horse; Rose
Sleeve 154 - 4/23/1973 Water; Welding
Sleeve 155 - 4/20/1973 Eckards; Mrs. Parker; Winn Dixie; bridge; Home
Sleeve 156 - 4/18/1973 Eggs; visitors
Sleeve 157 - 4/17/1973 Gym; home; Karate; Eckards
Sleeve 158 - 4/12/1973 Home Section- Frances Robinson
Sleeve 159 - 4/27/1973 Mashburn; Old Man; Frats
Sleeve 160 - 4/13/1973 miscellaneous
Sleeve 161 - 2/28/1973 Retired Postal Clerk- Garafala; Trican’s House; man with trophy
Sleeve 162 - 2/3/1973 mugs
Sleeve 163 - 2/16/1973 miscellaneous
Sleeve 164 - 2/20/1973 Mrs. Ivel Pierce’s home
Sleeve 165 - 2/26/1973 miscellaneous
Sleeve 166 - 2/21/1973 miscellaneous
Sleeve 167 - 2/19/1973 FFA; Basketball; McIntosh
Sleeve 168 - 2/15/1973 Annie Eastman School
Sleeve 169 - 2/13/1973 Anzalone Home in Independence; 2 Kiddie Kut Ups
Sleeve 170 - 2/12/1973 baby; mug
Sleeve 171 - 2/9/1973 Snow; Mayor
Sleeve 172 - 2/1/1973 Rarick Woman; kids pictures
Sleeve 173 - 2/8/1973 sitting lady; G. Schillings; Furniture section; cookbook; town and count; Jake Bailey
Sleeve 174 - 2/7/1973 Kid Kut; mug; FFA; Cade House; Jim Balton- Mug; Hatters
Sleeve 175 - 2/6/1973 SLU Basketball candidates
Sleeve 176 - 2/5/1973 Basketball; cookbook shots; Beuwick Estates
Sleeve 177 - 3/5/1973 miscellaneous
Sleeve 178  - 7/30/1973 Old Homes; Donkey softball; Ford
Sleeve 179 - 7/27/1973 P.H. Grill; apartments; Children art
Sleeve 180 - 7/26/1973 Flag; Trailers; bridge; Book Club; Back to School; Collegetown Apartments
Sleeve 181 - 7/25/1973 Home
Sleeve 182 - 7/24/1973 bridge
Sleeve 183 - 7/23/1973 Theaters
Sleeve 184 - 7/20/1973 home; kiddie kut up
Sleeve 185 - 7/13/1973 Magnolia Inn; Mug; Enmon
Sleeve 186 - 7/12/1973 Jane Dunn; Katy
Sleeve 187 - 7/11/1973 Apartments; Church; mug; Parish Planners; Independence Toast
Sleeve 188 - 7/10/1973 Home Section; Cheerleaders; Turtle
Sleeve 189 - 7/9/1973 New Bank; All Set; Home; Turtle; Birthday
Sleeve 190 - 7/8/1973 Baseball Awards; Magnolia Inn; Gravestone
Sleeve 191 - 7/6/1973 Churches; Parkway; Ponchatoula Market
Sleeve 192 - 7/3/1973 Air force
Sleeve 193 - 7/31/1973 Back to School; Home
Sleeve 194 - 7/2/1973 Mrs. Campbell; Radiologist; Music Man
Sleeve 195 - 10/1/1973 SLU football; Storm
Sleeve 196 - 10/31/1973 Poster; Football; Cemetery; Girl; church; Paper rolls (back room)
Sleeve 197 - 10/8-9/1973 Tangi Quilt (fair); OHS Case
Sleeve 198 - 10/9/1973 Ponchatoula- Amite Football
Sleeve 199 - 10/9/1973 Hammond- Bogalusa Football
Sleeve 200 - 6/29/1973 Bob Ruby
Sleeve 201 - 6/26/1973 Books
Sleeve 202 - 6/4/1973 Artist; Webb; Byers; Dewey
Sleeve 203 - 6/1/1973 Mug; blurs; Palmer; Dump; Snake
Sleeve 204 - 6/27/1973 Kut up; brew; Lilys; Joiner
Sleeve 205 - 6/15/1973 tomatoes; Rosamond
Sleeve 206 - 6/13/1973 Misita; Music Store
Sleeve 207 - 6/13/1973 miscellaneous
Sleeve 208 - 6/11/1973 Lynn; mug; Misita
Sleeve 209 - 6/7/1973 Pizza Hut; Guard
Sleeve 210 - 6/6/1973 Waterwell; bank; Billups; Mrs. Campbell; Home section; Wm. Parrills
Sleeve 211 - Barbers
Sleeve 212 - 10/11/1973 Fire Week; truck
Sleeve 213 - 8/30/1973 SLU; Onbrel; mugs; bank
Sleeve 214 - 10/15/1973 Bridge Club; Swamp Scenes (Nick); SLU Football; Mugs; Craft box
Sleeve 215 - 10/30/1973 Hammond High School Homecoming; Winn Dixie Harvest Sale; 2 ladies portraits
Sleeve 216 - 10/27/1973 SLU Homecoming parade & football; Ponchatoula High School Homecoming Court
Sleeve 217 - 10/25/1973 Store Window Contest; Scouts; Homecoming; Lady; Future Farmer
Sleeve 218 - 10/25/1973 Football
Sleeve 219 - 10/16/1973 Rod-Judo
Sleeve 220 - 10/17/1973 Lady reading book; Ad Shot
Sleeve 221 - 10/19/1973 Boy with dog; Society Mug
Sleeve 222 - 10/20/1973 Motorcycle
Sleeve 223 - 10/21/1973 Society
Sleeve 224 - 10/22/1973 Amite Football; Street Construction; Wagon
Sleeve 225 - 10/23/1973 Scruggs Cowboy; Maria’s Gift Shop
Sleeve 226 - 1/5/1973 Bomb Blast
Sleeve 227 - 7/6/1973 House; Post Master; Bike
Sleeve 228 - 3/6/1973 Miscellaneous
Sleeve 229 - 3/7/1973 Miscellaneous
Sleeve 230- 3/21/1973 Tick- Tock Fashion; Cout. Fashion
Sleeve 231 - 3/28/1973 Fashion; Boats; Circus; Turkey
Sleeve 232 - Miscellaneous
Sleeve 233 - 3/26/1973 Fashion
Sleeve 234 - 3/20/1973 Garden of Month; Shoes; Mug
Sleeve 235 - Strawberry Fest
Sleeve 236 - Springfield
Sleeve 237 - 3/21/1973 Fish; Cade; Art; Star Awards
Sleeve 238 - 3/2/1973 Miscellaneous
Sleeve 239 - 5/15/1973 Wreck; track
Sleeve 240 - 5/24/1973 Home Section- Desmond Home
Sleeve 241 - 5/31/1973 highway
Sleeve 242 - 5/7/1973 Kut Up; Miss Hammond; Storm; Election; bridge; Gibson
Sleeve 243 - 8/10/1973 Bank; Burt Home; Woodbridge; Antin’s
Sleeve 244 - 8/29/1973 Gabriel
Sleeve 245 - 3/9/1973 Miscellaneous
Sleeve 246 - 3/8/1973 Home Section- Howard Nichols
Sleeve 247 - 8/29/1973 Albany High School Football
Sleeve 248 - Valley Forge
Sleeve 249 - SLU football
Sleeve 250 -Southwood
Sleeve 251 - Amite
Sleeve 252 - Hammond
Sleeve 253 - Helena
Sleeve 254 - Azaleas; girls; preacher; Bloomer Bowl; fashion
Sleeve 255 - 3/16/1973 Episcopal Church
Sleeve 256 - 3/14/1973 Fashion
Sleeve 257 - 3/27/1973 Fashion
Sleeve 258 - 3/13/1973 Bloomer Bowl; Bride; Williams; Fashion
Sleeve 259- 3/12/1973 Basketball; Mug; Garden
Sleeve 260 - 5/30/1973 Bible Church; Home
Sleeve 261 - 5/22/1973 Pitt Grill; Palmer; Renee’s; Southwood High School; trash; Cable TV; Father; home
Sleeve 262 - 5/10/1973 Mark Canoes
Sleeve 263 - 5/14/1973 Little Italy
Sleeve 264 - 1/29/1973 airplanes; telephone
Sleeve 265 - 1/30/1973 Coach; beauty
Sleeve 266 - 1/21/1973 Airplane (Navy)
Sleeve 267 - 1/31/1973 Pizza Shop
Sleeve 268 - 1/24/1973 Miscellaneous
Sleeve 269 - 1/22/1973 Basketball; Mug
Sleeve 270 - 1/25/1973 Antin
Sleeve 271 - 1/21/1973 Mug; Group; Basketball
Sleeve 272 - 1/18/1973 Kiddie Kut UP; TK Value; Borden; Arbor Day; Priscilla’s
Sleeve 273 - 1/15/1973 Hospital; KOA; Jackie Palmer; twins; Connie Anderson; Fire School
Sleeve 274 - 5/9/1973 Kut up; Mayor; mug
Sleeve 275  - 5/17/1973 Girls; bridge- section
Sleeve 276 - 5/16/1973 Brides; Fish; Crashed
Sleeve 277 - 5/10/1973 Home Section- Ray Naquin
Sleeve 278 - 5/4/1973 Miscellaneous
Sleeve 279 - 5/2/1973 Miscellaneous
Sleeve 280 - 5/9/1973 Garden Club; Kut Up; hospital
Sleeve 281 - Dairy
Sleeve 282 - 5/10/1973 Brides; wood; Rose Store- manager
Sleeve 283 - 5/11/1973 Brides
Sleeve 284 - 5/28/1973 Farm; Ribbon cutting; Campbell shots; Holy Ghost
Sleeve 285 - 5/25/1973 Rec. Department; Beach; Band; Kut Up; Fundraiser

Box # 1 (February 1974 to November 22, 1977)
Env. 1- February 1974 Track; Dr. Scott; Forest Groves flood; Tree silhouette
Env. 2- March 1974 Ponchatoula City Limits Sign
Env. 3- March 1974 Grand opening Zales Rubenstein's
Env. 4- March 1974 I H Rubenstein fashion
Env. 5- March 4 1974 and March 5 1974 Chef of the week; kids; baseball; Children's workshop
Env. 6- March 5, 1974 Preacher- Mrs. Campbell; children; fried chicken;  mobile home; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; new gas station; National
Bidding Company Independence; 91st birthday; miscellaneous
Env. 7 - March 6 1974 SLS baseball team; St. Joseph Society traders fair; police/fire banquet; Hammond High School protest
Env. 8- March 12, 1974 Hardwood Club meeting - (coach Fay Southeastern Louisiana University basketball); Girl Scouts
Env. 9 - March 13 1974  Chamber of Commerce (meeting for discussion on shoplifting)
Env. 10 - March 13 1974 lady's mugs; First Guaranty Bank trophy
Envelope 10a - March 19 Zales
Env. 11- March 19 First Hammond Berries
Env. 12 - March 19 1974  outdoor; fashion; Mayor and Cancer Drive
Env. 13 - March 20 Miss Southeastern Louisiana University; St. Joseph's day Festival; Southeastern Louisiana University elections; trimming branches
Env. 14 - March 20 1974 band
Env. 15 - March 20 1974 Dance and play
Env. 16 - March 21,1974 Peter Pan ballet lead; child beauty contest winners; tennis; SGIA
Env. 17 -March 22 1974 Chess; PTA shed; fish mug
Env. 18 - March 23 1974 Loranger volleyball; minister; kids; strawberry tour; I-55 construction crane; mayor; Ponchatoula High band    
Env. 19 - March 26 1974 Montessori (Dewey); Rev. Fred Clark; Rain
Env. 20- March 27 1974 Fashion
Env. 21 - March 28, 1974 Miss Southeastern Louisiana University
Env. 22 -April 1 and 2 Kiwanis Lady of the Year; marble game; Cancer crusade; rodeo
Env. 23 - April 3 - Strawberry Farmer (Howes); at park;  Pices Pools; Strawberries (Ponchatoula)
Env. 24-April 3 - migrant school
Env. 25 - April 4 Chevy; New St. Joseph's Gym construction; strawberry festival; truck wreck; Tickfaw plays Ed.? ; Student mug shot
Env. 26 -April 6 and 7 1974 Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival
Env. 27 - April 13, 1974 Easter; Ponchatoula Beautification Judges Envelope - April 26, 1974 Little League Gal-Kim Mulkey; Gymnast; Daily Star LPA Awards (Dewey and Mrs. Campbell); First Ponchatoula bell peppers; mugs; Little Italy Chef; Little Italy preparations; Ad shots for Hammond Motor Salesman, Kellwood Building, and Gracious Living Sign
Env. 28- April 15 1974 Pools by Pices; Thomas Funeral Home (mug shot); channel plays; Candy auto parts
Env. 29- April 15 1974 Ponchatoula Gator; Garden mug; cooks; Agri-dustrial Art league
Env. 30 - May 16, 1974 Bridal Section Ad shots
Env. 31 - May 16 1974 Ad shots of House of Beauty; Kinchen Plaza; Landry's Auto Supply; Editorial Shots of  First Guaranty Data Center and 7th Ward Hospital Week
Env. 32 - May 18 1974 Ponchatoula Athletic Banquet; Post Office Award to Star; Boy and Dog mug
Env. 33- April 18 Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; Nesom Girl Physical fitness
Env. 34- April 24, 1974 Mooney Arc school library; New food manager
Env. 35- April 29, 1974 Independence Little Italy Festival
Env. 36 - May 1 1974 Society Science Fair winners
Env. 37- May 2m 1974 Ad shots of Touch of Beauty, Antin's (watches); Editorial shots on road construction, PPV at Southeastern Louisiana University, Construction on Ramada Inn, Guaranty Bank, Assembly of God Church, Sheriff's substation, Jack Core
Env. 38 - May 3  Hammond Square Sign;  Chef of the Week 5/15; LA-MISS AP meet (Tonstall, Dale,…), Slaltest Milk Carton (Ad); Landry's in Ponchatoula (Ad); Crawfish; McKneely Monument; A&P mangers Ponchatoula
Env. 39 - May 22 and 23 1974 Area floods and rain; Donald Dykes mug; Mashburn Warehouse ad shot
Env. 40 - May 24-27 1974 Special Olympics
Env. 41 - May 28 editorial Dreadful Debbie and Terrible Terral Motorcycle Winners; Casanova Dairy Farm; Bahm Cash Store
Env. 42 - June 3 editorial Jack Core strike; Burger Chef; A&P Weee butcher shoppe
Env. 43 - June 6  1974 Dairy Section 3 Loranger Dairy men
Env. 44-June 6 1974 Editorial Huck Finn Day Marbel contest, Albany store fire, mug of girl; Ads of Kawasaki shop PPV and Landry Auto (Bob)
Env. 45- June 8 1974 Ad shots of Byers Ford in Ponchatoula
Env. 46 - June 10 1974  Editorial shots of Boys and snake, Lineman and cable spools, man with plaque, trees and moss
Env. 47- June 11 1974 Editorial shots; Kellwood Mug; mug- Sheree Abel
Env. 48 - June 18 1974 Editorial shots of recreational department; snake; movie production
Env. 49 -June 20 1974 Insurance mugs
Env. 50 - June 20 1974 Editorial shots of Zemurray Park parking, Holy Ghost Renovations, Rodeo Riders, New Fire Stations, Pave parking lots, 3 Navy men, new water well
Env. 51 - June 24, 1974 Track kid with medal; Mrs. Breckwoldt and hanging plants; Bar Association and plaque
Env. 52 -June 25, 1974 Ramada Inn building and officials; Don Harper mugs; X-Ray Technicians at Lallie Kemp
Env. 53 - June 27, 1974  Continental Furnishings Ad shots; Alden Harper, Landry's Auto Ad shots;  Feature Art
Env. 54 - June 28, 1974 Black cop mug; other mug- Sarah Burrescia- School board
Env. 55- July 1, 1974 Rarick for Congress; Expressway Construction; Feature Art; Apartment Fire; mug of couple- Presbyterian minister- Ham
Env. 56 - July 3, 1974 Lumber plant (logs, etc)
Env. 57 - July 5, 1974 4th of July swimming in river; bicyclists; air shots from Jet
Env. 58- July 7, 1974 Baseball; Retired gas employee; 4-H winner mug
Env. 59 -July 8, 1974 Ad shot, Eaton for Congress; Construction in Hammond and Ponchatoula
Env. 60 -July 11, 1974 Beauty shop Ad shots; United Giving Fund; Cheerleaders; Ad shots
Env. 61- July 12, 1974  Retiring Dean; Kids and Barn; Chamber of Commerce Dinner
Env. 62 - July 15, 1974 Water Hyacinths; Lacaze for Congress; Tennis feature; Kid with Cookbook
Env. 63 - July 17, 1974 Patio; weed choppers; baseball; car wreck; Family portrait; girl with float; man and sculpture; chemist
Env. 64 - July 18, 1974  landfill; society picture; creosote plant; water tower feature; roller skating feature; playground feature
Env. 65 -July 22, 1974 Kids Art classes; Ponchatoula kids with motorcycle; swimming feature; Manchac- kid in water; Motocross racing
Env. 66 - July 23 and 24, 1974 Majorettes; Girls with clothes; Kellwood mug; FHA kid; House with antiques; Hobby Center; Tangi Marine; Kid eating school- for school supplement; Cleaning H.S.- for school supplement; Delineators; Landry Machine Shop; Water well
Env. 67 - July 26, 1974 Chamber of Commerce plaque presentation; UGF Finance Committee; Feature- Braiding hair at Southeastern Louisiana University; Baseball kids leaving
Env. 68 - July 30, 1974  Road construction;  Hungarian girl; Award-winning postman; Southeastern Louisiana University band concert; Mug- RK Sandford
Env. 69 - Hammond Monument Ad Shots (gravestones)
Env. 70- outdoor sect
Env. 71- Rubenstein's
Env. 72 - 1974 Cooks; cookbooks
Env. 73 - Basketball
Env. 74 - Southeastern Louisiana University vs NE; Billups
Env. 75 - Stiamps (W.L. Gainly); Manchac bridge; Antin Ad; Flanagan shots; street construction; service station
Env. 76- Mardi Gras
Env. 77 - Ponchatoula Market train
Env. 78 - Ponchatoula nursing home; ashtrays
Env. 79 - Covington Olympia; Covington Rex Parades; I-55 Construction
Env. 80 - New Businesses Barlows and National Auto; Garden club; Society mugs; Bubba Henry; Gym fire; Nesom track meet; Landry's Auto Parts; turkey
Env. 81 - Lee's Ribbon Cutting; mugs; Ponchatoula High School band
Env. 82 - Agri-dustrial; pageant; booths; parade; volleyball
Env. 83- Montoya
Env. 84 -Independence baseball; Hammond Garden Club
Env. 85 - Holy Ghost Church; Pub. Service cand.; Garden club; carwash
Env. 86 - Geo. Meyers (Ponchatoula farmer) ; strawberry; bell pepper; shots for Agri-dustrial
Env. 87 - Hammond High
Env. 88 - Newton, Harrel and (CC-73 Promo); Post Office Award; Sports Award; Garden of the month; Mrs. Phelps mugshot
Env. 89 - Magnolia Restaurant Ad Shots
Env. 90 -Berry Festival
Env. 91 - Town and Country Center Anniversary; Dixie Youth Baseball; Peggy Campbell; Mashburn mug
Env. 92- Teacher Ad; Baseball; J. Core; Firetower
Env. 93 - 8/1/1974 Community Motors Ad Shot; Railroad crossing gate; Byers Ford Mug; Bridgework; Presbyterian House; 2 sets mugs; Durham Motor Ad shots
Env. 94 - 8/5/1974  Trampoline demo.; Jeweler; night-blooming flower; kids and check; tree struck by lightning; phone strike; rain pic; chair; ball team
Env. 95 -8/9/1974  Torettes; sign with vine; copy job; egg factory; bus painter; greenhouse; Southeastern Louisiana University Dean of Women; House Construction; man on the street; Big rocker
Env. 96 - 8/14/1974  Amite 2 ¼
Env. 97 - 8/15/1974  Dogcatcher mugs; incomplete sidewalks; Ponchatoula mansion;  oil well; alligators and two-headed turtles
Env. 98 - 8/16/1974 Boudreaux shoes ad; Rarick poster; football practice, Hammond and Ponchatoula; Ad Still Life; kids moving; Rarick; mug of woman; milk cartons; garden club; Champaign Brunch; cattle
Env. 99 - 8/20/1974  Railroad crossing; classified house; dog catcher; political mugs; sports guy; ad mug; election day; little kid; Cystic Fibrosis; Men's dormitory
Env. 100 - 8/21/1974  Amite High School football; Oak Forest football; St. Helena football; Greensburg football
Env. 101 - 8/22/1974  Southeastern Louisiana University Orientation; Couti. Furniture Ad; DAR convention; Post Office workers
Env. 102 - 8/26/1974 First day of school; old ladies birthday; Polly's pointer winner; last day of summer kids; Ponchatoula Chamber of Commerce award- flower woman; weeds; bank glass; telephone company umbrella; society mug
Env. 103 - 8/27/1974 Valley Forge football; Loranger football; Hammond football; Springfield football; new school uniforms; new owner, Longhorn Café; school sandwich line; Dr. and Mrs. Pottle; Graveyard
Env. 104 - 8/28/1974  Independence football; Southwood football; Ponchatoula football; Lionettes party; Senator Bennett Johnson
Env. 105 - 8/30/1974  Crepe Myrtle trees; Western Auto Chamber of Commerce; Southwood Jamboree; Albany football; Twins; cook of the week; highway construction
Env. 106 - 9/3/1974 and 9/4/1974  Football Jamboree; art show; fallen tree; pothole; mug
Env. 107  -9/6/1974  Garden Club; Rarick at Southeastern Louisiana University; Karate; Community State bank, Loranger; White Brothers Ad; Southeastern Louisiana University " Green and Gold Night"; Baby squirrel; Ponchatoula Catholic Church; Railroad Station photo by HH
Env. 108 - 9/9/1974  Hurricane Carmen; football; DAR Constitution week; 50's Day at Springfield
Env. 109 - 9/11/1974  Canal work-Thomas St; Road opening; Les Madames Club; Garden Club; Fire Department Proclamation
Env. 110  -9/16/1974  House of the week; Garden Club; New High School Classes; Salvadorian Girl; Truck wreck, Ponchatoula; Oak Tree; Billops plaque; Happy Hookers rug club; Boy Scout paper drive; Tootsie and Tiny for Ad; Building on Cherry St.; Humane Society Lady
Env. 111 - 9/17/1974  House for real estate ad; A.J. Collura; Jerry McKernan campaigning; DAR meeting; Fireman with posters; UGF donor
Env. 112 -9/19/1974  Lacaze at Southeastern Louisiana  University; Hammond and Ponchatoula Bonfires; Andres home exterior; Ponchatoula construction by MM;  Pat's discount furniture ad; fashion section; Henson Moore by HH
Env. 113 - 9/20/1974  Football at Hammond and Ponchatoula; dunking booth; Albany fashion show
Env. 114 - 9/23/1974  fashion; first day of fall; UGF donation; UGF dinner; Rugby; Linda's fashion ad; Auto ad
Env. 115 -9/24/1974  Rarick-Lacaze debate; Railroad station; fashion; health center mug
Env. 116 - 9/25/1974 gymnastics; Civitan pamphlet; Lacaze HQ break-in; truck wreck
Env. 117 - 9/26/1974  Kellwood Mug; Jewelry store break-in; Priest; two-headed turtle
Env. 118 - 9/30/1974 Prairie dog; Honduran collection; memorial sign; fashion show; Kellwood mugs; Rarick and Lacaze HQ election night; Chef of the week
Env. 119- 10/1/1974 Horse show; election polls; Rarick and Lacaze HQ election night; road construction; car wreck; Tiny Dixie Darling
Env. 120  - 10/2/1974 Guidance Counselors for schools; Rena's Cafe owners; Mayor with proclamation; Henson Moore; Hammond Square Mall site; fair; mug shot
Env. 121 - 10/3/1974  HH portrait; Mrs. Campbell mug; Camera test roll- misc photos
Env. 122  - 10/9/1974, 10/10/1974, 10/11/1974  Ribbon week; shoemakers; news carrier; truck wreck; Chef of the week; Hammond High School Homecoming Court; Fire Inspection; sewing feature; airplane; Garden Club; Chamber of Commerce birthday preparations; fair; Henson Moore; Bicycles; Beauty Shop; Gardener
Env. 123  - 10/9/1974 Staff photos
Env. 124 - 10/14/1974  Southeastern Louisiana University football; cyclethon; dredging; society meeting; Hungarian woman; FFA leaving for convention
Env. 125 - 10/17/1974 blacksmith; Southeastern Louisiana University play; I-55 planning; Moore party; Moore-Lacaze debate; SPCA officers; motel fire; Rain; retarded stamps; Ponchatoula homecoming
Env. 126- 10/21/1974 Hammond, Ponchatoula, Loranger football; Hammond, Ponchatoula, Loranger, and Southwood Homecoming Queens; truck wreck; Parade- Hammond and Ponchatoula Homecoming; blacksmith; blacktopping; Moore HQ opening; retiree
Env. 127 - 10/22/1974 house moving; DAR; circus; dolls
Env. 128 - 10/23/1974 Southeastern Louisiana University buildings; landscaping; trophies; Southeastern Louisiana University president's wife; Lady at Eastman school
Env. 129 - 10/28/1974 Old farmers Day; Southeastern Louisiana University Homecoming Game and parade; nursing home ribbon cutting; frat dedication; kids cleanup; deer hunter
Env. 130- 10/25/1974 Ridgedel mug; Peggy Campbell; Southeastern Louisiana University Homecoming preparations; Oktoberfest; Sierra Club canoe trip
Env. 131 - 11/4/1974 construction in Ponchatoula; Inflation fighters; Moore and Lacaze and Governor; 7th Ward Halloween; Hammond State School Halloween; Election Day; other Halloween;  Southeastern Louisiana University Homecoming game; Art fair; old house; sign at Railroad Ave and Morris; Ponchatoula nursing care; plaque at school board; rainbow lotus co-op
Env. 132 - 11/14/1974 nursing home; first aid class; Old woman; employment agency; car wreck; Moore victory; strikers; Guaranty Bank building; jail; O'Neil Gallery opening; KSLU; one-way sign; Jazz ensemble; Kiesa FolkLorico; Motor; Chuck Spratt, KSLU; Veteran's Day; voting machine opening; old coin; man with football section; football
Env. 133- 11/29/1974 Superdome exteriors; deer hunters; frost
Env. 134 - 11/29/1974 O'Neal gallery; one-way street; Manchac water; church bizarre; church gym; kids with trophies (football ?); SPCA; mug; car wreck- Morris St.; Eastside Elementary Art Awards; Fashion show; Book illustration (alligator); farm; kid with ice cream; bug;  "What's cooking?";  Bike-a-thon; Chef of the Week; Ads- Durham, Washer, Pharmacist
Env. 135 - 11/29/1974 Superdome; Southwood Day; Lacaze; Moore and Mrs.; Farm Week; Grayhound strike; Christmas decorations; Czech basketball; Range Rd sidewalk petitions; play; mug; Kid with trophy
Env. 136- 12/12/1974 Southwood Assembly; Frost; Santa at T &C; beef corral; modern maid; Fitzmorris; Garden Club; Choir; Retired teachers; Strawberry Classic basketball; Lady Lions, Southwood Baseball; Christmas Tree; Mrs. Berner; Christmas Parade; Woman from England; Amish; UGF billboard; Chet's Ad
Env. 137 -   Miscellaneous photos; fire shots/ Mark; Jimmy John; ROTC; man and fence; girl; Sherwin Williams paint; man, girl, guitar (dates unknown); fashion; Bearded band in woods
Env. 138 -   1974 8 unlabeled envelopes of miscellaneous negatives
Env. 139 - McComb Tornados
Env. 140 - 1/6/1975 Manchac Bridge barge; cats; Boys ranch; first baby; Truck wreck in cemetery; disaster alert; Peggy Campbell; Australian girls; KDT; Homemakers club; old first baby; Deerslayer; Jeep wreck at Morris and Range Road; Christmas Decorations; Group of Men and RJM
Env. 141 -  #2  1/6/1975 - VIC Anderson, School Board Member; Christmas Decorations; Kiwanas check pres.; O'Neal's Christmas Tree; English Archaeologist; Moore at Council; Lacaze stumping; Basketball; car through store window; Scooties and oyster shells; Mock disaster; group; Amish wagon; Car wreck at Ponchatoula Post Office; Wreck car upside down
Env. 142 -  1/10/1975 - Arbor Day; Football; Moore Victory; Election Day; Helicopter ride
Env. 143 - 1/29/1975 - Cold kids; state assembly; New Zealanders; Jaycee books; Another mug; mug; Icicle tree; Football awards; Helen; superdome exterior; David Poling; Old woman; mug; Drug comics; Young artist; first berries; one way street sign; cooking school; baby new year; Moore; sidewalks; explosion; Tickfaw Post Office; Beautification Award
Env. 144-  2/11/1975 - Darouse; Truck wreck; Teeth; Baseball; shrank; Ronnie Kole; Claudette & Association Ad; Women with chopping block; farm Machinery class; Rugby trophies; Kitchen for cookbook; Railroad concrete house; back of Forbes furniture; serviceman; Vada Parker at Railroad station; shaver; microfilm reader; United States plywood manger; Camp Moore check; Decoupage; Southeastern Louisiana University rugby; Rugby tourney
Env. 145 - 2/17/1975 - Hatters; Continental Furn. Car; McComb Tornados; Fork lift; Nursing home valentines; mug; care at home officers; weaver; LPA meeting; camera club; AtP for cookbook; Garden Club; Truck wreck; Ash Wednesday; Hammond High mug; Henson Moore & Simmons
Env. 146 - #1   3/17/1975 - Southeaster Louisiana University Campus shots; mug; Miss SLU contest; Southwood- oratory winners, new sings, Mary Nell Anderson, coaches; Lady Pipefitter; Red Cross Meeting; cooking school
Env. 147 -  #2   3/17/1975 - Railroad gate; groundbreaking; cooking school assistant; mug; bottles; dog show; Ramada Inn Mangers; cookbook winner; Indian Jewelry; Old woman; Women at C.C.; cooking school aid; FFA kids from Loranger; Theta XI for M.S.; TG&Y Fire; Governor; Southwood baseball, Chef of the week; Bloomer Bowl practice; Southwood track mugs; St. Patrick's Day parade- New Orleans; Southwood Assembly; Southeastern Louisiana University poster; puppet show; Hospital week
Env. 148 -  #3   3/17/1975 -Headlights; Bloomer bowl; Manchac; Fork lift; Girls baseball; fire; Italian class; cookbook winner; Billops Bell; New Police Cars; Sandra with shopping bags; Southeastern 50th; Community Motors; HHS Art; Chase Branch mug; Roses Mangers; Twins; Zemurray Gardens; Buffalo
Env. 149-  #4   3/17/1975 - Train derailed; Butch Mein; Mrs. Campbell; Police and Fire banquet; Lt. Governor Fitzmorris; St. Joseph Alter; Pumpkin Center man;  Basketball player mug; Southeastern Louisiana University convocation; police and fire proclamation; Rosemary Prescia Fashion shot; High school band concert; Hammond State School at Beef Corral; Brad Davis Proclamation; Schlitz Beautification; Cooking school; Police Jury Cleanup; Oratory Contest Winners
Env. 150-  #1   4/8/1975 - Link award for March; Car dealers; Mayson Foster; Strawberry Ball; Strawberry Princess; Spring fashions; Southeastern Louisiana University Berry bust; Art show; Miss American at Beef Corral; Rodeo; Blood donor; Link award flag; Winn-Dixie cash registers; society Mugs; Kellwood mugs; Brad Davis
Env. 151 - #2  4/8/1975 - Pop show leader; Strawberry Queen pageant; Spring fashion; Kellwood mugs; Bloomer bowl; Butch Mein; Car dealer photos; Police night shift; nursing home valentine; Hammond High School track; Durham's Ad
Env. 152 - #3  4/8/1975 - Moore at Armory; Brooks Ad; McWaters Wedding B&W; Soc mug; Albino coon, stuffed hound; Morgan and Lindsay Manager; Berry Festival; Italian class; 53 pound class; Strawberry Queen; Emerson Wannamaker; Ally Oopad
Env. 153 - #4  4/8/1975 - Berry Market; Superdome; country market berries; Ponchatoula council; Berry festival sign; Miss Hammond pageant; Miss America; Southwood track; Soc mug- lady with daughter; House dismantling; P.O.P car show; police night shift; Henson Moore/Mayson Foster at C.t. of Year banquet
Env. 154 - #1  4/22/1975 - Square dancing; Ponchatoula talent winners; Ramada Inn Chef; Nesom Physical Fitness Day; Natalbany High water; Star awards; 96 pound catfish; winemaker statue; special Olympics; Independence council; Big berry; career day; legion award to fire department; realtors week; fatal car crash; cancer drive; log cabin; kids visiting police department; Drude Ad; Agri-dustrial; Accident- Lil Jakes Seafood; Car in Ponchatoula Creek; Queen crowning; Sierra Club poster winners; Chaunell Shopping Center and Managers; Turned over sent by substations; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; Musician mug; Duffy Borden's turkey; cow; Jerry Duhan; Mark Solomon; New Beef corral manager
Env. 155 - #2  4/22/1975 - overflow from other envelope
Env. 156 -  #1  5/1/75 -A.J. Collra; little Italy Festival; Mayor  LaRock, Independence; Accident- North Cherry and Natalbany Road; Sports Almanac; Coach and player; Natalbany Post Office;  Class Ad Keychains; Minister with camper; Choir; O'Neal Gallery Award; Tangi Marine Sign;  Kreskin;  Dark sky;  Zoning commission;  corner re-modeling;  talent winners; realtors week; chickens; Annetation map; Baton Rouge Symphony; Employment bureau offices; Delta Marine Ad
Env. 157 -  #2  5/1/1975 - overflow from other envelope
Env. 158 -  #1  5/28/1975 - Superdome file shots; hospital Auxiliary officers; graduation; shower; Beef corral ad; freedom shrine; bridal sect.; dairy section; garden club awards; snakes; Farley Anthony; Sailplanes; Bicentennial  music; chef OTW; special Olympics; churches; quilt
Env. 159 -  #2  5/28/1975  -Foreign Auto parts; Claudia Lee; nursing home lady; planning meeting; mausoleum; needlepoint; garden; temporary stores; Smith realty ad; stop sign; berry picker; tortoise eating berries; Moore with flag; Legendre realty; Beef day; Hammond High School sport's award; shower; storm damage; society; rain on rides; plant tour; school board
Env. 160 -  #3  5/28/1975 - Winn Dixie Manager; Antin's Ad; Granberry with awards; new fire truck; Ads- realty, Delta marine; car wash; pepper growers; floaters; KKK; special Olympics preview; seismographic trucks; 7th ward Anniversary; snake; motocross; Smith realty ad; baseball; Carona's lady; first pepper
Env. 161 -  #1  6/10/1975 -  Marilyn Wade; summer reading; Beth Fagan and Horse; blood donors; mugs for society; war paint; Hammond High graduation; beef day; bridal section; film maker; wind damage; track team Hammond High School
Env. 162 -  #2  6/10/1975  - mug; art guild at citizen bank; camping; barbecuing; Star Trek convention; beef corral sign; bridal section; Ponchatoula Hawks baseball;  boat races; fire-house; Manchac fishing; Delta Marine; Bike-a-thon; hitch; Smith realty mugs; Ponchatoula accident; Clark park; 190 accident; Cannery fire
Env. 163-   #1  7/8/1975 - Berry fields, berry farmer; berry trophies; Country market and berries; Mayor Gideon; Strawberry ambassador; Police Country and Western show; Ponchatoula pre-festival photos; Moore- mobile; ROM's daughter; twins; alligator
Env.  164 - #2  7/8/1975 - "1776" color
Env.  165 -  #3  7/8/1975 - Chamber of Commerce dinner; NOW promotion; batter awards; cop with award; Durham mug; Robbery and Dick Morgan; bikes in water; Zemurray center; frozen fish; beautification award; O.E.S. parade; Country market and alligator; mug; new realtor- Sal Misita; Retiring Nurse; A's baseball; sports award; sports mugs; retiring auditor at Southeaster Louisiana University
Env.  166 -  #4  7/8/1975 - First guaranty; boat races; Ponchatoula graduation; moon eclipse; clay modeling; string class; 6-legged calf; kids art museum; hanging baskets; community motors ad; bridal shower; new jail; water hearings; tennis; mug; Helen and flag; swimming; Father's Day
Env.  167 -  #5  7/8/1975  - street paving in rain; Dixie baseball; police and attorney; jail ribbon cutting; golf; churches; quilt; police pickets; police jury; O.E.S.; night baseball; D.A.S. parking space; clown; old teeth; cheerleaders; country market
Env.  168 - 7/10/1975 - Moore with Southwood flag; basketball; Guarantee Bank; Ponchatoula graduation; teachers; boys home groundbreaking; honey; rattlesnake; motocross; dairy section; needlepoint; mausoleum; mug; striping; link award; society; special Olympics; cows; Smith realty; storm damage; floaters; beef week proclamation; rattlesnake
Env.  169  - Olin's Color Lab; football color
Env.  170  - Delta State Game
Env.  171 - Lady Lions vs. Northwestern
Env.  172 - Memphis State vs. Lady Lions; Kayla Hymel
Env.  173 - Coaches and McNeese game; Steve P.
Env.  174 - Nicholls State game
Env.  175 - February 8   Rugby; Ad shot- Cade's Furniture
Env.  176 - 3/15/1976 Hwy 51-S; cooking school; Basketball; Girl Scout leader award; Social Studies winners; Mardi Gras; Delta Marine Ad; Kevin Stewart; Hardy Richardson home with Ben the Beaver; Lighting World; Tangi Packers; Mrs. Mike and Louis Tallo in berryfield; McDonald's; FHA; Independence fire; Natalbany Post Office; orchids; Jr. AAG
Env.  177 - 3/17/1976  Science fair winners with hamster; Artist with pottery; Oyster house; Amite churches and house; painters; lab school playground equipment; Scootsie; Rodeo practice; Mardi Gras; Magazine St. Fire; Rugby Tourney; LP&C winners; Cooking school winners; Cooking school mugs; churches robbery
Env.  178 -  3/17/1976 Independence fire; recipe winner; bass; fender-bender; Rugby tourney; track; Mardi Gras; Scoutmaster; J-Day; Jr. AAG; Lighting World; Leap-year twins; Delta Marine mugs; Southeastern Louisiana University greenhouse; oyster house; Edna; Margaret Mead; baseball; Bank Data Center; Stephanie Rich; Guatemala Earthquake; Scouts Barrels; Hwy 51-S; Police/Fire week; miscellaneous
Env.  179 - 3/17/1976 overflow from other envelope
Env.  180- 3/22/1976  Habiba; recycling truck; old book; bridge club; Economic speaker; up with People; Melvin Wells; basketball; Ponchatoula thrift shop; pigs; Hammond Motors Sales ladies; George Washington; Ray Kent; Kathy Faust; Hammond Square Mall  steel; football; Bicentennial train; girl hit train
Env.  181 - 3/22/1976  hikers; Oyster Festival;  Berry Queen; Speedway;  Miss SLU; Wm. Guste; Police/ Fire awards; baseball; St. Joseph Day Bread; Insurance mug; Nun of the year; St. Joseph Altar
Env. 182 - 3/24/1976 baseball; McNutt child; lady with tulips; police banquet awards; Guaranty Bank Mugs; Strawberry Wine; Link Award; cookbook winner; Track meet; City Hall flowers; Peggy Swartz; Ad dept mug
Env.  183 - 3/24/1976  Gifford- Hill Hearings; old man, baby, foreigners; Darry Hearings; Roller skating; National Guard Inspection  and ball; Bicentennial dresses; mug; Mad Hatters; Drs. Committee; shirt painting;  Southeastern Louisiana University graduation; Rattle Snake; Ribbon cutting; AAG locations; wagon train; Locascio's mug; football; gymnastics; kids with tires; new cars; Larry Blumquist; Superdome football; fashion
Env.  184- 3/24/1976 mock disaster; counterfeit money; Kevin Stuart mug; turkey trot race; wrestling; Billups Pickets; new cars; elections; Cece Dispenza; Veterans Day; Scuba Diving; AAG; Telephone company; weight lifting; Lynn, Charlie, Regis; football; signs; Channell Beauty Shop; Railroad; State school ground breaking
Env.  185 - 4/2/1976 Watches; April fool picture; Tom Cox; McInnis Texaco Ad; Doctor's Day; Artists; Melvin Wells; Berry Jubilee at Southeastern Louisiana University; poster winners; Up with People; fashion; quilt; Superdome trip; Hammond Jr. High teams; house moving; 103 year old man; football signings; Little Miss Ponchatoula
Env.  186 - 4/2/1976 Picking berries; Jay Steale; Berry market; baseball; 3 winners with trophies; setting up for berry festival; Doc Gideon with proclamation; Greek week; Alley Oop Ad; bloomer bowl; Artist's mugging; Ronald McDonald; kite flying; Moore picking berries; berry Queens; fashion; state school donations; McKneely wagon; Highway hearing; Ponchatoula council; Bicentennial museum
Env.  187 - 4/13/1976 Southeastern Louisiana University Superdome game; wagon train; Church art show; Robert Truck wreck; Erik Pittman; Daily break-in; kid with frog; baseball; team shot; Macaluso truck; James Brooks; Birds; Magnolia Motel; Bicentennial train; New Quick- shop; Lady Lions and Kayla Hymel; Community Motors Ad; Cookbook winners (3); Robbery Arrest (Charles Ray Spears); Energy demonstration; first Hammond berries
Env.  188 - 4/13/1976  Natalbany Fatal; fish stringer; Guaranty Bank mug; Mary Lou's pictures; plays; Ponchatoula Beauty contest; Kevin Stewart; Club Deluxe wreck;  Police promotion; Albany nursing home; Kiddy Cut-up;  Berry Festival ; Cookbook winner; Southwood students; Librarians; Easter decorations; Marijuana; Bike-motorcycle wreck; Southeastern Louisiana University festival; Little Queen; Nesom meet; Golf team; Southwood track; Traffic safety
Env.  189 - 5/2/1976 Homecoming football; Craft club; Freshman orientation; Arbor Day Tree; Locascio's mug; Taylor's Ad; Santa; Exploded meter; Hammond High School Basketball; I-12 opening;  Mechanic's class; Jake Baily Politicking ; Dagg-Reid Apts; Hammond High School Football; squirrel hunter; rummage sale; Christmas Tree; Mayor Gideon; voting polls,. Mug; Mike Applin
Env.  190 - 5/2/1976 Strawberry Festival; mug; truck wreck- I-12 at Robert; Southeastern Louisiana University football at Superdome; Independence kids; Hitler car; Huey Husser; Larry Blumquist; Parachutists; boat sinking; Ponchatoula Christmas parade; Christmas Tableau; Southwood basketball; Casa de Fresa; Little League baseball winners; Franklinton dairy hearings; Santa; Turkeys' Home-made furniture
Env.  191 - 5/2/1976  Rodeo in Springfield; Kellwood mugs; gymnastics; Marshall McLuhan; AAG posters; Truck garage- Hammond Mountains; VWP member; Kevin Stewart; Highway hearing; Christmas Decorations; cooking school preparation; basketball; speakers at state school; visitor at TK value; Devil's Diciple play; Champion bull; AAG filming; mug
Env.  192- 5/23/1976  mock disaster; taxidermist; Railroad at City Council; football; Kellwood mugs; Politicians at Southeastern Louisiana University; turkeys; lab school Halloween; model airplanes; dairy hearings; plane on interstate; Independence football;  Bootsy's spur ad; scuba diving; superdome football; Vietnamese; Ponchatoula constructions; Linda' s mice; car in ditch; Little League football
Env.  193 - 5/23/1976  basketball practice; Bernado Leonard; Southwood football; Women's basketball; Up with People; Rodeo; parachuting; beef grading demo; Kevin Stuart; Bicentennial Cake; Christmas cookies; Raggedy Ann Dolls; McDonalds; Mall waterline; Christmas decorations; Mike's Car;  Independence football; 51-S accident; voting; Art exhibit at T &C; belly dancer; Rugby; football practice
Env. 194- 5/23/1976  cooking school; square dancing; mugs for society; Globe trotters; Thomas St. Accident; Hulin Robert family;  Veteran's Day; Delta Marine; Duffy Borden; Romanian Playwright; skydivers; Christmas  twins; football; gymnastics; muffler shop; football section shots; Christmas parade; Christmas dolls; Crocheted flag; Missionary Baptist Church
Env.  195 - 5/28/1976 woman with plants on porch; Chamber of Commerce president; Garden Club officers; Ride with police; Hammond Ponchatoula malls; bike group; black man; fish farmer; Ponchatoula Graduation; Matherne cooking; new police uniforms; bus supervisor; mug for Katie; new businessman; Ham's raising antenna; Link Award; Dixie Baseball; gymnastics; speedway; Plant World Ad; retiring teachers; Hammond graduation; Rush's collapsed roof
Env. 196 - 5/28/1976  Hood Motors Salesmen; Water meeting (River); canoeing on river; Little Italy Festival; DAR; Southwood Grads; Hammond Mall; RIF; Fish; Channell managers; Chef of the Week;  Italian Ambassador; Freedom Train;  French teacher Codofil; Bald man; Delta Marine Manager; Tree lecture; new park bridge; railroad work crew; women's sports;  Merco; VPW Award; Connie Kreskie
Env. 197 - 5/31/1976 fashion; Ponchatoula Jaycees; Jack Bahm fountain; Baby mugs with trophies; Chuck Presentation; Memorial Day dedication; mugs
Env. 198 - 6/8/1976 John William's fish; Superdome opening; fashion ad; Jewelry maker; wagon train; hydrant painting; bonfire; fashion show; retiring Beer man; new police cars; locker room; Southeastern Louisiana University football; Loranger football; Rube; Valley Forge Football; Independence football; Track meet; peach seller; Fireman's Union; Girl's sports awards; Bicycle racing
Env. 199 - 6/8/1976 Special Olympics; National Guard mugs; dance review; dad body- hit and run Hwy 51- N.; Memorial Day; Mike Benner; Bikini; Lady with greenhouse; Dixie Motors and mugs; garlic; Holiday Inn; Basketball; Police Jurors; National guard proclamation; Dairy Section; Jewish feast; Truck wreck I-55; CDA winners; majorettes; Hungarians; hairdresser mug
Env. 200 - 6/8/1976 River cleanup; biologist; Indian Park; herbs; bandstand; speedway; mis-struck Nickel;  Mirex planes; sports writers; truck wreck-Robert; motocross winner; Kopfler award; More dairy; Mormon proclamation; TARC award; football practice; star driving award; Cade furniture  Bridal; Independence football; L. L. Baseball; Rugby; Old H.S. grad.; Garden Club; Johnson bridal; Chef of the Week; truck-wreck Ponchatoula; Right  to work debate
Env. 201- 6/8/1976  Art show; Priez; A's baseball; track; Old folks at Holy Ghost; sports awards; Johnsons; sturgeon; Tom Cox; Teeny Queen; Fire Awards; Freedom Train; Crucifix; Little Italy Festival; Tour of Homes; Police/Fire week; Easter eggs; Vet; H.G. King and Queen; German lady; Dollar Store Manager; Cycle Week; berries; Rubenstein's Christmas and Decorations
Env. 202 - 6/8/1976 mugs; lady Canning at Bank; Aquarium; ladies
Env. 203 -6/10/1976 quilt; Garden Club; Hyde Slaughterhouse;  Southeastern  Louisiana University dancer; first peppers- Hammond and Ponchatoula; awards; church closing; Taylor's Ad -2; band banquet; L.L. Baseball; outside dance review; vocational school; Cypress Marine; Citizen bank drive-in; Volleyball; more sports awards; Byers Ford Salesmen; Southwood graduation; Bridal sect.; Holy Ghost wagon; Camera corner; Dance review; Ponchatoula Beach; ROTC
Env. 203- 6/10/1976 Styrofoam; horse;  pepper; Hair styling; Annie Eastman; Letter from President; kid talent winners; Chef of the Week; Guaranty opening; Hammond High School posters; Southeastern Louisiana University graduation; beef day; suitcase ad; Midway Italian Day; Garden Club; Fire- Old Baton Rouge Highway;  sports awards; vocational school; Students at City Hall; Priez; Hammond High School Art; Miss Hammond Pageant;  Wickes managers; cycles; Norman Davidson
Env. 204 - 6/11/1976 A's baseball; swimming; telephone ditch; churches; neighbors; Bedico church; Miss Southeastern Louisiana University;  Merco Builders; Wreck- Morris and Range; beef day;  church closing; Southeastern Louisiana University dancers; Highway striping; ROTC; Ponchatoula Beach; Hammond High School football training and coaches
Env. 205 - 6/15/1976  Painted hydrant; Global Ad; Twins; Post Office Oak; Arlo Guthrie; Circus; turkeys; football; writers on train; cross-country in rain; Rugby trophies; mall sign; Southeastern Louisiana University at Superdome; Fairview Park; Rugby; Up with People; Repairing window; Son shine puppets; Little Miss ----; Ponchatoula Basketball
Env. 206 - 6/15/1967  Mark Solomon; Pat Ferrel; Misc. Amite, Independence; Basketball; 1776; Parachuting; Election posters;  dog training; Independence costumes; mug; Southeastern Louisiana University Day football; gymnastics; circus; J-Day; Elections
Env. 207 - 6/15/1967  Electric car; Bicentennial Dresses; advent wreath; karate; parachuting; Southeastern Louisiana University football; Santa Claus;  Tangi River; Truck wreck; car wreck; searing-in; Old Farmer's Day; elections; Southeastern Louisiana University football; circus; Collinswood school; turkey cooking;  cross-country;  Jim rice; Pep-rally; Hay harvest; check passers; basketball
Env. 208 - 6/15/1976 Cooking; Cost Plus opening; Hilter Car; Raggedy Ann Dolls; Furniture Maker; Holy Ghost Kids; Chadwick pens; Fire; Quilt; boyscouts; Ramada Birthday; Christmas Parade; Wicker chairs; Fall fashion; volleyball; Jake Bailey campaign; Realtor Ad; wreck; Icicle tree; Vantho Christmas Tree; Election night; Sports Awards; Christmas Party; Christmas Party nursing home; Dolls; Election Day
Env. 209 - 6/15/1976 Taylor's Ad; Document Presentation; Southeastern Louisiana University at Superdome; Basketball; Joiner mugs; Easter Eggs; Potter; Weldon Russell; Independence football; Durham's Ad;  Link Award; mechanic's  class; Southeastern Louisiana University football; wagon train; Settoon mug; Christmas Decorations; Captain White promotion; Karate; mug; storm damage; Turkey Trot Race; Rodeo; Woman with plants; Berry Queen; Water Tower; Edwards poster; Dog training; Southeastern Louisiana University Thanksgiving; House moving; first berries; State school presentation
Env. 210 - 6/18/1976 Herb walk and Eliz. Norton; Mall artist drawing; Chamber of Commerce banquet; Pat Settoon, Jerry Corebolles; Representative Joe Wagonner; fire house; Rotarian in Ponchatoula; Camera Club in Destrehan; New Ponchatoula Mayor; North Pass Concrete plant; Amtrek; flag day; Independence football practice; Hammond motors salesmen; EPA hearing; ducks; Rev. Smith; Jane Allan; Hungarian Festival; Bandstand
Env. 211 - Week of 6/20-24 &27/ 1976 team shots baseball; construction; new restaurant;  Daily Star tubes; Ponchatoula sign installation on I-10; Ponchatoula lady with Diary; Tom Anderson; truck hanging on edge of Bridge; meet; Little girl and a guy with trophy; Tom Matheny; Country store; 2 Twirlers and trophies; 2 ¼ negatives of woods
Env. 212 - Week of 6/20-24 &27/ 1976 Day Camp at Southeastern Louisiana University; Woman with plaque; Man and Women with car; mug; a meeting; Ross Downing Chevy Truck and group; Construction in Front of Brook; Baptist Church in Ponchatoula; Bell peppers; Manchac Volunteer Fire Department; Baseball pictures; Fox at Zemurray Pool; Lions Club; hair places; man and woman by car; new image; Southwood; School demolition; Woman and painting; skeet and wife; Canoe trip; mug of man with moustache; Building under construction; Loranger Speedway; 2 ¼ of woods
Env. 213 - Week of 6/27- 7/2/1976 Skeets Paces at Lorganger; Nurses Convention at Sammy's; Southwood Cheerleaders; CB & CPB & Team shots baseball; McCarroll Hutchinson Story; Amite Auction; Man with computer; Fashion Woman at Sears; Patio's; x-ray technition; baby sitters; Sister May Michaline; Hair shop on Blackburn Road; Coach Misits (Independence); track awards; wild wings; cats; A &P watermelon
Env. 214 - Week of 7/5-9/1976  Log cabin; crabbers in Baton Rouge; Car off bridge; Antin Queoly; baseball; Sears- store shots and big wigs; Antique store; Beauty Queen; New Court room in Greensburg; Pugus Florist; Flowers Along Manchac Hwy; Bookmobile; Flag Day; Fender Bonder; Flag pole mailbox; road signs; 30E Pirosro and State Eng.; Chef of the Week; Jean Vooraers; Mayor Saik Holding LA Flag
Env. 215 - 7/19/1976 Tennis; RC boats; Sprinklers for stadium; I-12 opening; Radio field Day; mug for Katie; Loranger Speedway; Editorial staff; Mr. Joiner as Uncle Sam; DAU Officers; window cleaner; baseball and team shots; beauty shop ad; The Queen; Bridge lessons; Tex Kennedy; Troop L Captian and Chief radio operator; Baseball; Guste Banquet
Env. 216 - 7/16/1976 Gifford Hill; New Quick Shop; Once Upon A Mattress; fish; Melvin Wells; Debbie Saik; baseball; Manchac Thingie; Play- "… Marigolds";  Southeastern Louisiana University Archives; Ash brook; McLuhan; Helecopter and Scout; shooting car; Mayor Saik; papers; Flying lessons; Fashion shots; bank awards
Env. 217 - 7/16/1976 Bicycle races; mug; Religious wagon train; Hammond motors; Wiginton Tea; Ponchatoula Graduation Assembly; chicken cooking contest; weaver; oyster festival hikers; groundbreaking; Gloria Marshall ad; Sturgeon; Shoetown Manger; Independence swearing-in; Barbee Ponder; Skeet club; mug; Tangi Ready Mix; Drug Store Ad; Kathleen Shrank; Boating; 4th of July; Baseball
Env. 218 - 7/19/1976 Editorial Department; Craft people; NFL basketball; Old money; Chef mug; Bridal Section Ad; Carnival; Model Bank; Bicentennial museum; truck wreck- mall; car fire; baseball; football practice; car-motorcycle wreck; aireal photos churches; Randy, circulation; Chef mug
Env. 219 - 7/19/1976  Marx Bros. Play; Dance Recital Owassie; Play-" The Women"; Ann Mentz; Village Pharmacy; mud fight; ducks; baseball stands construction; quilt/afghan; Ditch diggers; baseball team shot; motorcycle; Larrimorel Jazz Concert; Mexicans; Truck wreck- 190wW; reflections; fisherman; baseball team shot; Byers ford; first aid class
Env. 220- 7/19/1976 Southwood Retired Jersey; Howers; Midway Elementary program; sport mug; LaRock swearing-in; pyramid; bell-ringer; Tennis tourney; auction; blimp; snake killer; Southeastern Louisiana University from air; chef; Chamber of Commerce meeting; Al Clark Clinic; Tyres; Railroad man; old press; River meeting; fish; old man; boating; sports writers; baseball; blacksmith; scenic river
Env. 221- 7/26/1976 A's baseball; calculators; Ice; Hammond High School majorettes; paint horse show; fire inspection; tennis awards; baseball awards; man with beard; volley ball; dog hombres; construction; Link award; car fire; traffic light; Bible School teacher; German couple; painters; Air National Guard; bird
Env. 222 - 7/29/1976 Loranger; Kimble; Tyres; Basketball; Freedom train; Cate Square features; Archives donations; "Marigolds"; Stire swearing-in; nursing home flag; ads; Downing ad; rabbits; rockers; seamstress; DAU flag; Stewart; Awards; man of the year; Ponchatoula house; Easter eggs; Police tour
Env. 223 - 7/29/1976  Queen; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; Congressional Candidate; chamber meeting; ice; drug store; Solomon; state school; Mock disaster; RC boats; air guard; sports day; Ad Clark; cycle races; needlepoint; proclamation;  Italy Queen; mall; Cate Street; Dr. Genovese; Larock and Wilde
Env. 224 - 9/14/1976 Manchac Bridge Accident
Env. 225 - 9/15/1976 Manchac Bridge Accident; State and Parish Rescue/ Search Co-ordinators
Env. 226 - 9/17/1976 Manchac Bridge Accident
Env. 227- 9/20/1976 Manchac Bridge Accident; project engineer
Env. 228 - 9/24/1976 Manchac Bridge Accident
Env. 229 - 11/10/1976  Ponchatoula Police Fingerprinting; football; Homecoming Queen; Elsie, the Border cow; Bob Penter, Southeastern Louisiana University Director; horse
Env. 230 - 11/11/1976 Football; crowning Homecoming Queen; Ribbon cutting at Youth Sirs. Bureau; ad shot; Society
Env. 231 - 11/15/1976 Kiwanis Club; McDonalds; Ponchatoula museum; mug shot; Veteran's Day; wreck; Cashword winner;  Hooks and Pittman 99ers Flying Club; Ponchatoula's TG&Y; Football; Lallie Kemp Pediatrics chair; Trophy award
Env. 232 - 11/23/1976  Models from Southeastern Louisiana University Fashion Show; mug shot
Env. 233 - 11/24/1976  Fashion show at Southeastern Louisiana University; Chef of the Week mug shot
Env. 234 - 11/26/1976 Fashion show
Env. 235 - 11/26/1976 Chamber of Commerce Christmas Tree
Env. 236 - 11/29/1976  Santa Claus at Town and Country; Hammond High Girls Basketball Group shots; wedding photos; barn shots; Scholarship awards
Env. 237 - 11/30/1976 Hairport
Env. 238 - 12/1/1976  Sunshine and Snowflakes
Env. 239 - 12/1/1976  Wrong way sign; Taylor's
Env. 240 - 12/2/1976  Hammond High School Basketball shots; Manchac bridge (cement paving); Santa at Heritage Manor
Env. 241 - 12/3/1976  Kiwanis Club presenting 100 tickets; Piano store; Link award; Hammond High District Champs; Donut Shop; Christmas Tree; Southwood Ind. Basketball picture (and group); Basketball shots
Env. 242 -12/6/1976  Manchac bridge; grocery store; TG&Y; Society; sports; Candlelight concert ("Under the Oaks") and Chorus; Jury Duty Lecture; Car accident; Santa Claus
Env. 243 - 12/8/1976  Piano store; Crisis Line (Dec4&5); Hammond High Art Club (painting windows)
Env. 244 - 12/9/1976 sports shots; mug shots; Kerry Dangerfield; Sunshine and Snowflakes Concert; New Vocational School (construction); New Heavy Equipment Building; Society; Christmas Party (Society); Glaucoma Week  shots; Mashburn's (Society)
Env. 245 - 12/13/1976  Miss 6; accident; Christmas Tree at Southeastern Louisiana University; Santa at Madisonville; Trophy awards; Parades at Amite and Ponchatoula and Hammond; Sports- group shots and contract signing; Southeastern Louisiana University Drill Team; accident
Env. 246 - 12/14/1976  Toys for Tots; Society; sports
Env. 247 - 12/15/1976  Southeastern Louisiana University Football Banquet; Hammond High Chorus; Jailhouse Pictures
Env. 248 - 12/16/1976  headshots; Oak Knoll PGA Champs; Ladies' Golf club; Lawyers; Railroad repairs; mug shots; Basketball group; Kiwanis Club; Society
Env. 249 - 12/20/1976  Southwood students presenting check to U.G. F.; Construction shot of railroad crossing at Coleman and S.W. Railroad; Manchac Dedication (Gov. Edwards); Hammond High vs. Bogalusa in Superdome; Jazz vs. Atlanta & Jazz vs. Detroit; Superdome
Env. 250  - 12/21/1976  Coaches- Jazz, Atlanta; Christmas Party for Retarded Children; mug shots (Jen with candles); sports shots; Christmas cards in front of house (Little Italy)
Env. 251 - 12/22/1976  Coaches (Hammond High); Christmas Tree and Ladies at Church; Marsha's mug shot for ad; Gracie Memorial Church giving presents to Hammond State School
Env. 252 - 12/23/1976  Fire; sports
Env. 253- 12/24/1976  Winners of Ponchatoula Decorations Contest; Society; Nativity Scene in Natalbany; Fire Victims; sports; Party at Park (Ponchatoula); Train wreck; sports
Env. 254 - 12/27/1976  fire; society; Vickie; Little girls at Basketball game
Env. 255 - 12/28/1976 Fire; Christmas Tree
Env. 256 - 12/29/1976  Garbage trucks; Go Kart track; Link awards; Christmas Tree; Christmas party at Heritage Manor and Headstart; Silhouette Phone Company workman; Railroad Records
Env. 257- 12/30/1976  Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; coaches; Pans; Halftime Activities; mug shot
Env. 258 - 1/3/1977  New Years Babies; Christmas Trees
Env. 259- 1/5/1977  Basketball game at Hammond High; student (groups at game); mug shot; Cashwood winners
Env. 260 - 1/6/1977  Burger King's new drive-up window; Office Outfitters Ad-shot; Cade park (negative-positive); Cashwood winners; mug shot (Harrison Carter)
Env. 261 - 1/7/1977 Glaucoma Pictures; Lady buying coffee; mug shots (Superbowl pull)
Env. 262 - 1/10/1977 Craftbox in Ponchatoula; Basketball; Pyramid by Southeastern Louisiana University
Env. 263 - 1/11/1977  Child and father at game
Env. 264 - 1/12/1977  Contract signing; mug shots; basketball at Hammond High School and Southeastern Louisiana University
Env. 265 - 1/13/1977  Society; Ad shots (Marine) (Harrison Carter); Basketball; Carter Invitations
Env. 266 - 1/14/1977 Coach; Ad shot (Natural Cuts); Train / Truck wreck
Env. 267- 1/17/1977 Sports; Horase Belton declaration
Env. 268 -  1/18/1977 Ad shot (Bus Tours); mug shot; Southeastern Louisiana University Registration; North Dental Health Week; Pasullo signing contract (Hammond Square)
Env. 269 -  1/19/1977 Fire- Saik Building; Basketball- Hammond High vs. Slidell girls and boys
Env. 270 -  1/20/1977 Iced up strawberry fields; Chef of the Week
Env. 271 -  1/21/1977 Karate Demonstrations; Ad shots- V& C Plaza; Basketball
Env. 272 -  1/24/1977 Lindy Boggs at Ponchatoula Chamber Banquet; Basketball (Southwood)
Env. 273 -  1/25/1977 Dancers at Southeastern Louisiana University Game; Gymnastics team; Ad shot- Community State Bank; mug shot; Pie Dufore and John Chase
Env. 274 -  1/27/1977 Fire station training area; mug; fire in grass field
Env. 275 -  1/28/1977 Spring training; New business; mug shots
Env. 276 -  2/1/1977 Link award; Lambert; Basketball; Charity Ball
Env. 277-  2/3/1977 Ducks; Basketball
Env. 278-  2/3/1977 Shots of Diary Farm; mug; basketball; Ronnie Kole and Frankie Lane; Traffic Light at Southeastern Louisiana University; Mad Hatters Club
Env. 279-  2/4/1977 Horace Belton; Basketball; Coach (Southeastern Louisiana University) shots; Society
Env. 280 -  2/7/1977 mug shots; Basketball- Loranger vs Independence; New Business shot- Book exchange; New manger shot- Radio Shack
Env. 281 -  2/10/1977 Fashion show at Green Briar patch; Basketball; Church construction shot
Env. 282-  2/11/1977 Fashion show at Rubenstein's
Env. 283 -  2/14/1977 Model Airplane shots
Env. 284 -  2/16/1977 Basketball (playoffs); mug shots; sports shots at Southeastern Louisiana University; Football- scrimmage
Env. 285 -  2/17/1977 Basketball; Belly Dancing; Truck accidents
Env. 286 -  2/18/1977 Rugby; Ad shots; Bas
Env. 287 -  2/22/1977  Basketball; Oyster shot; Sport- rugby players; Construction shots
Env. 288 - 2/23/1977 Cookbook
Env. 289 - 2/23/1977 Mardi Gras in Covington; Hammond Concerned Citizen shot
Env. 290 - 2/24/1977 Shriners Installation Banquet; church shot; ad shot
Env. 291 - 2/25/1977 Key Club winners; LIDEA meeting; Fashion show
Env. 292- 3/1/1977 Society; gymnastics winner; cop pictures; baseball; Lady Demolitions workers
Env. 293 - 3/2/1977 New Motorcycle for Police Department; Sight week dedication; Lady  demolition workers; mugs; Bridge; Miss Hammond Male Contest; Track at Southeastern Louisiana University
Env. 294 - 3/4/1977 Basketball; Rebuilding organ; Clinic; Chuck Passen at Holy Ghost School
Env. 295- 3/7/1977 Reading Rodeo; Loranger High Pictures; Society; Basketball
Env. 296 - 3/8/1977 strawberry fields; mug
Env. 297 - 3/9/1977 Baseball field at Zemurray Park; mug
Env. 298 - 3/10/1977 Flower class & Forum; Staffer shots; tennis; Link Award; Basketball; New Businesses
Env. 299 - 3/11/1977 Baseball; mug
Env. 300 - 3/14/1977 mugs; races; Society; Basketball playoffs at Southeastern Louisiana University; Tangi Chamber of Commerce Banquet
Env. 301 - 3/15/1977 Fashion show at Carole's; Society shots; Church repair organ; Track meet at Southeastern Louisiana University; Tangi cops receive awards; Bang show
Env. 301 -  3/16/1977 Baseball; accident; mug; Society
Env. 302 - 3/17/1977 Airport Pictures; Cooking beans; school shots; miscellaneous; Gymnastics; Ad's shots
Env. 303- 3/18/1977 Tangi Twirlers; Banquet at Ponchatoula High (football); baseball; Doctors (book presentation); house in Amite; Drug paraphamalia
Env. 304 - 3/23/1977 Fashion sho at Rubenstein's (twin); ad shot; Cancer crusade pictures; mug; "Kingfish" movie actors
Env. 305 - 3/24/1977 Mancha bridge accident; Mr. Billops with flag; sports
Env. 306 - 3/25/1977 Southeastern Louisiana University Rodeo; Strawberry booth
Env. 307 -  3/28/1977 Lady Lions- Champs; Strawberry Ball; mugs; Fashion show at Ramada
Env. 308 - 3/29/1977 Greek wee; Baseball; Kiwanis Popcorn Machine
Env. 309 - 3/30/1977 Girl Scouts- Cancer crusade; Society; Baseball; Chef of the Week- cookbook; Strawberry festival Chairman
Env. 310- 3/31/1977 Strawberry Festival; pig; free food at Southeastern Louisiana University; Choir at Hammond State School
Env. 311- 4/14/1977 old school; mugs; Society; Fishing Rodeo
Env. 312 - 4/5/1977 Oswald?; sports
Env. 313 - 4/6/1977 Miss Southeastern Louisiana University; wreck; mug
Env. 314 - 4/7/1977 Easter Egg hunt; Needlepoint; choir; Southeastern Louisiana University Co-ed; Chef of the week
Env. 315 - 4/8/1977 Easter Girl ('65); Houses; Easter Bunny; mugs
Env. 316 - 4/12/1977 Link Award; Needlepoint; Henson Moore meeting; Friendship Oaks; Society
Env. 317 - 4/13/1977 Chanell Ad shots; mugs; Society; sports; Assorted ad shots; Old Hammond Documents
Env. 318 - 4/15/1977 Bicentennial Train; Society; Hammond Square; sports; Old Hotel
Env. 319 -  4/18/1977 Sports; Spring shots; mugs; Mailbox
Env. 320-  4/19/1977 Zemurray Gardens; Chef of the Week; Mug; Cornerstone- Annie Earlson
Env. 321 -  4/20/1977 Plane Crash in Lake; mug
Env. 322 -  4/21/1977 Chef of the Week; Flood shots
Env. 323 -  4/22/1977 Flood; mug shots
Env. 324 -  4/25/1977 Star awards shots; ad shots; mug
Env. 325 -  4/26/1977 High school pictures (Kentwood); Building stands for Little Italy Festival; mugs; Mental Health Association; Police Jury equipment show pictures; Dirt Bike tracks for kids
Env. 326 -  4/27/1977 New manager shots; baby shot (with trophy); mug; Cajun Sunday
Env. 327 - 4/29/1977 Society (kids with Trophy); mug
Env. 328 - Railroad Records; mug shot
Env. 329 - 5/3/1977 Proclamation; Link Award; mug; Apples- promotion pictures
Env. 330 - 5/4/1977 Mental Health Clinic Offers Installation; Coca-Cola Party; mugs; Society; Lady Lions Awards banquet
Env. 331 - 5/5/1977 Sears shot; Tree roots; Society (Baby contest winner)
Env. 332 - 5/7/1977 Glida shots; Society; mugs of Politicians
Env. 333 -  5/17/1977  Jazz Band; Team shot; girls softball; watermelon; Edna and Mark; cat; upper farmer; town meeting; New City council; Shrimp Festival; Taws and Paws; Amite Fire; man with shrimp
Env. 334 -  5/27/1977 mugs; Landry's Auto parts; miscellaneous; Memorial stone
Env. 335 - 6/1/1977 Manchac; skating; KKI; airplanes; Mayoral Forum; fashion
Env. 336 - 6/23/1977  House- shot; Team shot and Baseball trophies; Village hair stylist
Env. 337 -  7/13/1977 feature- man on porch and gas pump; Antique shop; telephone On Skybook; woman and painting; Drainage ditch; Jodi; unloading new press; Taws and Paws; Dixie Boys baseball; Larry Hitchcock receiving plaque; fire dog; mini league teams; Little girls on Park bench; Chef of the Week; Bombed house; Librarian; Sears and fashion show
Env. 338 - 7/13/1977 Sears Grand Opening (Mike and Sue)
Env. 339 - 7/14/1977 Girl softball winners; Leo; Potted plants; Sears parking lot; Mini League; Allstate; Dixie boys baseball
Env. 340 - 7/25-26/1977 Southeastern Louisiana University Cheerleader camps; Hammond Square sign; Link award; High school construction crew; Old man at Railroad depot; Festival- Toury's pictures
Env. 341- 7/27-28/1977 black man; two guys; rotary; play; mall opening- managers and stores; clowns; baseball; new store in mall and managers; Tangi Industrial
Env. 342 - 7/29/1977 Baseball and awards; mug; German girl; schools; new business; Chyrstal  Street; Railroad tracks; German shower; wreck- 51-S; bridge players; house; swimming; railroad ducks; kids dramatics; Easter; Freedom train; Recruiting Sergeant;  Doctor's office; mall ceremony; stitchery; special Olympics overall
Env. 343 - 7/30/1977 Ross Downing salesman mug; racing; baseball teams Catholic shop; old folks home; Ponchatoula Mansion (Mrs Campbell and Director); Mall opening; fat rat; kid with mare and colt; Fender Bender; Flag day at Nursing home; Society (Cinderella); mugs and mugs; Al Clark; pants promo; CNB clock repair man; milk barn; group at a table; sports mugs; new road between Morris and Thomas; kid in swing; council; men with fish; painter at mall; toy house; Rotary with Katy; studs; man in greenhouse; fog cabin- Stan Lowan; flag for Fourth; Nell Harrell
Env. 344 - 7/30/1977 Mayor and three men; jail; baseball team shots; Turtles; art show; Star Wars Line; Jan Anderson; Tourette; Man with snake; yard sale; Woolco; Antiques; mug; greenhouse- Southeastern Louisiana University farm; watermelon man; Durham Ad shots; Mark Mathies; Ron Faccari with sculpture; touring jail shots; Fat rat pictures; kid in swing; arcola sign; Wilbat Dangufield
Env. 345 - 8/7/1977 Hurricane; Ponchatoula; Gibsons; Sinart and Thrifty; fashion
Env. 346 - 11/22/1977 Basketball team shots- Hammond, Independence, Ponchatoula; wreck; Bart Party; football; 3 ladies with People; basketball Hammond vs. Ponchatoula
Env. 347 - football and football group shots; construction workers; man climbing up wall; mug shot of girl; Verburg's strawberry patch
Env. 348 - City of Hammond commemoration
Env. 349 -   Car on Manchac road; boy in pool
Env. 340 - Eddie
Env. 341 - FFA; Rotary Club
Env. 342- miscellaneous pictures

Box # 2 (November 25, 1979 from July 1981)
Env. 1 -  11/25/1979 to 12/1/1979 Society: Bosch Shower; Children's Theater; Oak Knoll Brunch; English Play at Southeastern Louisiana University
Env.  2 - 11/25/1980 to 12/1/1980 Sports:  N.O. Pride; man with deer- Kenton; Southeastern Louisiana University Basketball- Kenton; Football Banquet; DTD Intramural football; Southwood High School Football
Env. 3 - 11/25/1979 to 12/1/1980 News: Santa Claw at Mall; Rehearsal for Messiah; Boy with tire; "Tangipahoa Crossing- CNB"; leak at lab school; "Tulane Beat the Pants off me"; raking leaves; Hammond High School Guitar pictures; Ribbon cutting- First Guaranty; Southeastern Louisiana University- Messiah; wreck on I-55; cars in ditch- Wardline Road; potato people; car-train wreck; moped winner; Southeastern Louisiana University lab school; 5th grade class in costume; hancock fabrics fire (false alarm); Ribbon cutting- Kay Jewelers; Mooney Ave School; Sale winners; Tycer ready mix; Check to TIDF; Ponchatoula Christmas Parade
Env.  4 -   11/25/1979 to 12/1/1979 Advertising: Thomas Funeral Home; Sylve Tire Service; Greenbriar; Mark Olivari
Env.  5 -  11/29/1979 News: Christmas Parade
Env.  6 -  12/2-8/1979 Advertising:  Katie Wainwright; Mug shot- Merle Norman
Env. 7 - 12/2-8/1979 Society: DTD new officers; reception- Ponchatoula; Antin's 30 years  employee; First Guaranty Bank- Artist of the Month (Rec.)
Env.  8 -  12/2-8/1979 Sports: Soccer- Allstar game and last game of season; Somebody with a deer; Brewer leaving Southeastern Louisiana University; Southeastern Louisiana University Men's basketball; Lofton named as Coach at Southeastern Louisiana University; Basketball- Ponchatoula boys, Southwood girls; Basketball- Hammond vs. Walker, Springfield vs. Albany; Kentwood football; Hammond High School Basketball
Env.  9 -  12/2-8/1979 News: Reception for Tangipahoa Crossings at Zemmurary; wreck at Cate St and Thomas; Cub Scouts Collecting For MDA; Albany Christmas Parade; Link Award; Construction at Airport Road; Dog chasing cars; Louis Lambert at Sammy's; Dr. Stirling- Southeastern Louisiana University; Solar Grabber; fire at Magnolia Inn; Sidney Rosenblum- Rotary Club Award; Ice Cream and Cake Party for Soccer Kids; Sunbelt Realty- Construction; WV- winner; plane landing on Interstate; voting polls, Sat. A.M.
Env.  10 -  2/9-15/1979 Advertising: Rhenette Watkins Hair design; Wainwright- Champagne Breakfast; First Savings
Env.  11 -  2/9-15/1979 Society: T&C M.A. Banquet; Retired Teachers luncheon; Art Guild; Oak Knoll Ladies Golf Association; Hammond Garden Club; J.A. Christmas Luncheon; Ponchatoula Gardenettes
Env.  12 -  2/9-15/1979 Sports: Basketball- Albany girls, Hammond High School boys; Basketball- Ponchatoula boys; Hammond Jr. High School Boys and Girls; gun safety; Southeastern Louisiana University Lady Lions Basketball; Independence Basketball; players signed with Southeastern Louisiana University; Hammond Jr. High School- Basketball; Basketball- Southeastern Louisiana University Men's
Env. 13  -  2/9-15/1979 News: Election pictures; 3 car wreck; Kids Christmas Shopping at Holmes; Hammond State School Christmas Party; Car wreck- First Guaranty; Broken Glass- Woolco Village; mug shots- span; Trailer fire; Historical Society; Ribbon cutting- Mr. D's; Highway Department workers planting shrubs; Holy Ghost Christmas Party; Dome; Man carving horse; Rec. Department- New Officers; Highway Department- Retiree; Graduation- Southeastern Louisiana University; Christmas decoration; talking reindeer; Anti-Iran Parade; Kids decorating Christmas Tree
Env.  14-  12/16-22/1979 Advertising: Auto Parts; John Deere; Florida Parishes Industries
Env.  15 -  12/16-22/1979 Society: Ponchatoula Center- Christmas Party Concert Photography Show; Homemakers; T.A.R.C. party with Santa
Env.  16 - 12/16-22/1979 Sports: Southeastern Louisiana University Men's Basketball; Springfield girls basketball; Southeastern Louisiana University- new A.D.; bobcat; Basketball- Mater Dolorosa; Basketball- Southeastern Louisiana University Men; Basketball and Gymnastics; Basketball- Southwood
Env.  17 -  12/16-22/1979 News: Owens House- Christmas Decorations; Independence and Springfield's Christmas Parade; Kenton's Ice Covered Tree; Midway Elementary Christmas Program; Santa's house; Trailer fire; Midway Elementary Poster winners; Holy Ghost- Christmas Preparations; Girl Scouts- Ponchatoula; Fire at Tallo Equipment; Turnip man; Woolco Village- winner of the week; Brownies at 7th Ward; Christmas Play- First Assembly of GOP; Carrier of the Month, Year; Pine Ridge, Woodland Park- Christmas Play; Check presentation- Hammond State School; First Guaranty Bank- Christmas Decorations; Car Accident- Natural Gas leak
Env.  18 -  12/23-29/1979 Advertising: T &C Managers; T& C Beauty Salon; Business Briefs- Mike Smith;  Hammond Appliance Repair Center; Ad for Marcer
Env.  19 -  12/23-29/1979 Society: Jr. Links at nursing home
Env.  20 -   12/23-29/1979 Sports: Southeastern Louisiana University Basketball; Hammond High School Men's Basketball; Lady Lions
Env.  21 -  12/23-29/1979  News: Kids under Christmas Tree; Girl unwrapping presents; Fire on Easy Street; Gold players; Tree-lighting; stop sign; Southeastern Louisiana University construction; License check; Air force- Hammond Square Mall; Train blocking downtown; house fire; 1980- Miss New Year; Q.A.C.A.A. moving office; New truck stop at Airport Road
Env. 22  - 12/30/1979 to 1/5/1980 News: Kids with sparklers; Trouble- DOTY; Yogi Bear; Holy Ghost playground;  Independence Trip - miscellaneous; WV- winner of week; Dead Christmas Tree; wreck- Manchac; Drainage work- Ponchatoula; dumpster
Env.  23 - 12/30/1979 to 1/5/1980 Sports: Ponchatoula High School Basketball; Another dead deer; Southeastern Louisiana University Men's basketball;  Baglid- moving training equipment;  Southwood basketball; Basketball- Hammond High School Girls and boys
Env.  24 -  12/30/1979 to 1/5/1980 Society: None     1/6-12/1980 Society: T &C  Garden Club; Special Olymipcs Art show; Lab School Art Show; People watching white wall- ? (Religious Significance)
Env.  25 -  Daily Star Junior High Basketball Tournament
Env.  26 -  Life Insurance Tab; mug shots
Env.  27 -  Unlabelled miscellaneous photos
Env.  28 -  January Advertising: Real Estate; Porter Stevens; Popcorn Popper; Executive Center; All state Auto-Starters; Tank power; Lafayette Electronics; shoes; dale and Lavigne Logo
Env.  29 -  1/6-12/1980 News: First day of School pictures- Southwood; picking up Christmas Decorations; Sunrise on lake-fog; Train sharpening rails; mug shots- police jury; Kiwanis Basketball; Hammond High School Band; Salesman of month- Ross Downing; Miscellaneous business briefs and gymnastic shots; registering for EC symposium; Iran- "Let Out People Go"; Ballet Class- Ponchatoula Community Center; Economic Symposium; Mickey Mouse- Hammond Square Mall; Turnip man; Happy Birthday Joann; more mug shots; Buddy Billop receiving gift; Amite Chamber of Commerce; Career Personnel Services; Old Beacon at Airport; 2 drunks being arrested in Toyota pickup; broken sidewalks- Cate Square
Env.  30 -  1/6-12/1980 Sports: Independence- weight training; Hammond and Ponchatoula basketball; Hammond High School football banquet; Hammond High School Basketball
Env.  31 - 1/13-19/1980 Society: None  1/20-26/1980 Society: Artist of the Month- January- Guaranty Gallery; Senior citizen birthday; Bridal Show- Hammond Square Mall; Toy Soldiers
Env.  32 -  1/13-19/1980 News: Iran Parade; Ann and Jeff Stern- Electronic Soccer; Natalbany Baptist- Iran Slide Show; Gas for Sale- Litter; New building at Zemurray; Kid playing at Zemurray; Inst. Traffic Signal; baby contest- Holmes; Mandeville Bridge Scenes; New Garbage cans being built; Villa Roma Plaza; Tuntavern, Casa de Fresa; lab school Art Show- Clark Hall; Hey Iran Bumper Sticker
Env.  33 -  1/13-19/1980 Sports: Skeet shooting; Firemen practicing basketball; Southeastern Louisiana University Lady Lions; Independence High School Basketball; Southeastern Louisiana University Men Basketball; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball practice; Valley Forge Basketball
Env.  34 -  1/20-26/1980 News: Arbor Day- Mooney Ave, Ponchatoula Community Center, Holy Ghost; Green Acres Street Sign; Buddy Billops Receiving Award; kidnapping; dumpsters; house moving; Southeastern Louisiana University Radio Station; Southeastern Louisiana campus- McGehee Hall; Railroad work in Ponchatoula; Overcrowded and flooded schools; Kiwanis Club Speakers; Police Chief with patches; Tan terrific Bus Brief; Newspaper carrier- 92 years old; Southwood- new equipment; insurance week proclamation; Ward on Tour; Chamber of Commerce Banquet; More overcrowded school pictures; better schools- "YES"; washed out bridge
Env.  35 -  1/20-26/1980 Sports: Lab School Basketball; Bass Club Awards Dinner; Southeastern Louisiana University Basketball; Albany- Springfield Basketball; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball practice;  Southeastern Louisiana University football practice- including pictures of Coach Lofton; Kenton at Southeastern Louisiana University basketball game; Hammond High School vs. Amite- Basketball; Southeastern Louisiana University Lady Lions; Southeastern Louisiana University Football scrimmage
Env.  36 - 1/27/1980 to 2/2/1980 Sports: Ponchatoula High School Basketball; Southwood Academy football Banquet; Southeastern Louisiana University Basketball; Hammond High School Basketball; Albany Basketball
Env.  37 -  1/27/1980 to  2/2/1980 Sports: Ruddock- clearing Cemetery; Kids collecting cans; Peg House; Kindergarten Class building Snowman; Link Award- February; Southeastern Louisiana University- discussion about draft; mug shot; Ax tax; police- firing range; mug shots- Mrs. Dixon; new gas pumps- over $1 a gallon; Woodland Park- School Repairs needed; Thanks Canada; Bank Robbery pictures
Env. 38  - 1/27/1980 to  2/2/1980 Society:  Mail car Art gallery; Ladies Preparing Soup for Luncheon; Hungarian Needlepoint at Albany High School
Env.  39 - February 1980 Advertising:  Becky's Dolls- Ponchatoula; T &C Beauty Salon; Rhenette Watkins hair design- Cindy Henley; Merco- Ad picture; Realty- Business Briefs; Jeans and Cuts- Inside and Outside; Ramada Inn; Pontiac Dealership- used car salesmen
Env.  40 - February 1980 Adversting: Tic-Tock; Caroles; T. Maries
Env. 41  - 2/3-9/1980 News: Candidate mug shots- Jesse Wilson, Mrs. La Rock; Head Start Volunteers building play ground; Dance-a-thon at the mall; Tucker Elementary School (School condition series); mug shots- DKF; fire pictures; Tearing up bridge on Columbus drive; Boy Scout week; Lorganger- CPR course and trash behind gym; house fire- shot by mom; Boy Scouts Awards Banquet; National Dental Health Care for Children week; Teacher Training Amite; Catholic School Week; Right Face; Tree planting; Mardi Gras Parade- Hammond High School; Election Day pictures
Env.  42 -  2/3-9/1980 Society: None    2/10 - 16/1980 Society: Guaranty Gallery- Artist of the Month; D.H. Holmes- rabbits; Vonberger
Env.  43 -   2/3-9/1980 Sports: basketball League Jamboree, including Team shots; Southeastern Louisiana University Lady Lions Basketball vs. LSU; Southwood Academy basketball; Loranger Basketball tournament; Southeastern Louisiana University Football Practice; Hammond High School Basketball- boys and girls
Env.  44 -  2/10 - 16/1980 News:  Mardi Gras Masks; Independence Branch- FGB- Money winner; mug shots- school board; people inside Casa de Fresa; Albany High School Band; Recording Studio- B.R.; mug shot- Archie Crouch; Mike D. - Train Crossing in Independence; Washed out Bridge and mug shots; Schafer and Maturny;  Wainwright Realty-landscape seminar promo; Southwood Academy -Hammond High School; 7th Ward Hospital Fire Pictures; Prxmire at Southeastern Louisiana University; spic brushfire; Holy Ghost playground equipment; Fire at club Market; Mayor- Rugby Week and Fishing Rodeo; Mardi Gras Parades- Hammond, Mooney Ave, Zemurray Gardens; Southwood Academy Mardi Gras; nursing Home and Gymnastic Team
Env.  45 -  2/10-16/1980 Sports: Youth Basketball league; Team pictures- Southwood Academy Jr. High Basketball; Southeastern Louisiana University Baseball; Southeastern Louisiana University Basketball; Hammond High School and Southwood Academy - Basketball- playoffs; Basketball- Southwood Academy Jr. High girls and Mater Dolorosa Jr. High boys; Ponchatoula High School Baseball Team pictures; Basketball- Jr. High Tournment- Southwood Academy boys and Natalbany Baptist Boys; Southeastern Louisiana University football scrimmage; Jr High. Basketball tournaments
Env.  46 - 2/17-23/1980 News: Mooney Ave. School- fire; Wreck on Range road; File pictures- Casa de Fresa; Maurepas Community Center Opening; Dance-A-Thon winners; Mooney Ave  School- more fire pictures; School Board meeting- mug shots; Overturned trucks; Circus- Southeastern Louisiana University;  Girl Scout week; work on Post Office; Mooney Ave School "Ringing Bell"; mug shot- new innkeeper; fire in Independence- 6 Rocery Store; Southeastern Louisiana University Cheerleaders tryouts; Layrisson Talking; 7th Ward 100,000 patient; carrier awards; Jump Rope pictures; Science fair; Carrier Awards; shooting
Env.  47 -   2/17-23/1980  Society: D.A.R. meeting; medical Auxiliary- firelighter; Fagan School Natalbany; Learning Disabilities- Mooney Ave. School
Env.  48 -   2/24/1980 to  3/1/1980 News:  one car accident; Sweet Betsy of Pike; Sock hop; Strawberry; Car wreck, fires, snake; Holiday Day Inn- Retired worker; more fires; postman with  one arm; Dog catchers new truck; Trophy collection; A.F. Display- Loranger HS; Link Award; Construction at Southeastern Louisiana University; Grass fire; Lallie Kemp- Retirement Party; Dog Obedience Seminar; Girl Scouts working on posters; Wardline Road Bridge; Dr. Adelmann; goats; Ribbon cutting- Hammond Square Mall
Env.  49 -   2/24/1980 to 3/1/1980 Sports: Baseball- Hammond High School and Ponchatoula; Fireman's Basketball team; Baseball- Independence; Basketball- Hammond High School; Baseball- Hammond High School; SNA ALL District
Env.  50 -   2/24/1980 to 3/1/1980 Society: Collinswood Museum; Les Madammes at Right Face
Env.  51 -  3/2-8/1980 News: Police Chief Conventions; car-train wreck;  Shed damage by wind; Men's Day- Hammond Square Mall- Pipe Smoking Contest and Fashion Show; Fashion Show- Police Chief Wives; Bobby Freeman- Police Chiefs; Right face- business brief; mug shot- S.E., Mayson Foster; 4-h Club work; Oyster pictures; Salvation Army; Woodland Park School Roof; tour of Daily Star; H.S. Band Festival- Southeastern Louisiana University; House fire- Ruth Street; Hammond Volunteer Fire Department Presentation; mom's birthday cake; mug shot
Env.  52 -  3/2-8/1980 Sports: Southeastern Louisiana University Soccer Club; Hammond High School Girls Basketball- State Champions; Hammond High School Baseball vs. Slidell; Hammond High School Baseball team pictures; Southwood Academy Baseball- including team pictures; 3 kids with basketball trophy; Lady Lions basketball
Env.  53 -  3/2-8/1980 Society: Dr. William- Engagement Party;  Wiley Sharp; mail car art gallery- book; coins of the month- Hammond Square Mall; Art Guild promo
Env.  54 - unlabelled basketball pictures
Env.  55 -  3/9-15/1980 Society: Reception for new church; Jr. Auxiliary ball; Teachers meeting
Env.  56 - 3/9-15/1980 Sports: Perrin Jr. High Athletic Awards; Ponchatoula vs. Amite- Baseball; Southeastern Louisiana University Baseball; M&M Gymnasts
Env.  57 - 3/16-22/1980 Society: Womanless Beauty Contest; D.A.R. Hostesses & Guest Speaker; Isadora Perfume- Holmes; Quilts
Env. 58  - 3/16-22/1980 News: Mini dumps by National Guard Armory; 21 Gun salute; Artist at town and country; Carwash at Holmes; Wesmore Cemetery; American Legion Awards; Wet Day Pictures; Anything goes- Natalbany Baptist; Construction at Post Office; Mooney Ave School; Miss Southeastern Louisiana University; Policeman Banquet; cornstalk; plantworld promo; Loranger Senior Play; Bank Week proclamation; Casa de Fresa; Strawberry Queen;Durham- wreck; Ducks and kids; Post Office and Cass De Fresa; ribbon Cutting- Sue's Interior; Speaker
Env.  59 -  3/23-29/1980 Society: Independence Class Reunion 1928; Williams Party; Strawberry Queens (Little Ones); FGB- Artist of the Month; Hammond Nursing Home; Mime workshop; Art Council- planning ballet; Tour of homes; DTD Little Sisters
Env. 60  - 3/23-29/1980 Sports: Southeastern Louisiana University baseball (Sat. game); Saints at Ponchatoula; Timothy Hoover & Wayne Kelly- Turkeys; 2 more turkeys; Coyt Hodges with fish; Southeastern Louisiana University Baseball; Ponchatoula baseball vs. Salmen; Africans on Southeastern Louisiana University track; turkeys
Env.  61 -   3/30/1980 to 4/5/1980  Sports: M&M Gymnastics; Cat Bell Signs with USL; Turkey and more turkey; Southeastern Louisiana University Baseball vs. N.E.
Env.  62 -  3/30/1980 to 4/5/1980 Society: Hammond Needlepoint Guild; Stained glass and art; Party across from Lp&L; mug shot- Cindy Newton; Delta Kappa Gamma-Educators Society; Easter Party- Kindergarten Class- Natalbany Christian School
Env. 63  -   3/31/1980  Bealls Special Section
Env.  64 - March 1880 Amite Oyster Festival
Env. 65  -    March 1880 Advertising: Volkswagen Repair; Hammond Discount Center- mug shots; Greenebriar- Ad Pictures for monogrammed shirts; Hayden Village; Billy Abel- ?; Sunflower; Channel Drugs; Plantworld; Norwood Smith & Man by truck; Harpers TV; Realtors- (Mike Smith shots); Tic-Tock (2 kids); Norma Kraemer
Env.  66 -  4/6-12/1980 Society: Girl Scouts at Nursing home; Hammond State School Easter Party; Hammond High School Practicing for OZ; Guerin Home
Env.  67 -  4/6-12/1980 News: Easter pictures; Maxwell taking oath; HSM Egg contest winners; Alida Lane; Easter Bunny Delivering Flowers; J.A. Exhibit- F.G.B.; Pinball Machine; Stanley Dameron-mug; Shopping cart picture; Chamber Dinner- Dowey; TIDF speaker; Independence- Bridges to be closed; Rosenblums- H.D. Contest; Natalbany Y.F.D. moving booth; Rough Railroad crossing; J. Bennett Johnson at Pumpkin Center; Preparations for Strawberry Festival; Perrin Jr. High- Plywood Cutouts; Rev. Galey- Indian
Env. 68  - 4/6-12/1980 Sports: Turkey; Wayne Wells- turkey; Kim Mulkey Page; More Kim Mulkey; Independence High School Baseball; Rougeau signing; Ponchatoula High School Baseball; O.T. Landry- turkey
Env. 69 - 4/13-19/1980 Sports: Wayneschum- turkey; Independence High School Baseball; Skating Team; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Southern- Baseball; Hammond baseball; Chinups- Nesome Elementary Physical fitness; Southeastern Louisiana University Tennis; John Danna- turkey
Env.  70 -   4/13-19/1980 Society: Announcement Party- Simpson & Pregnant; New J.A. Members; Independence Announcement Party; Kentwood Art Guild- FGB; ABWA meeting; Hammond Garden Club- Garden of the month
Env.  71 -   4/13-19/1980 News: Depaula and Anderson pictures Rodeo week; 7th Ward Hospital Awards; Italian Festival Queen; Amite Jaycees Bathtub; Strawberry Festival #1 (Sack races in the rain); flood pictures; checking railroad tracks; WPS pictures; Dump truck- accident at Natalbany; 51 and 190 No traffic light (out); Mom and DKE Awards; Chris and Art Awards; Columbus St. Bridge; Garden Club planting planes downtown; proclamations- Senior citizen, Earth Day, Rabies Clinic; Retirement Party- Holiday Inn; Huey Givens and truck; Broken Septic Tank; Sign at First Savings; Fireman training; Arrest by Hammond Police Department; burned Quick Realty building; Guest Speaker- Architect Marines at Southwood practicing for canoe race; Casa de Fresa; Southwood Academy Science fair project
Env.  72 -   4/20-26/1980 Society: Round and Lobdell Engagement Party; Quave Bridal luncheon; Historical Association Banquet; Zemurray Gardens; Needlepoint Show- FGB; Babysitters seminar; Macaluso Home
Env.  73 - 4/20-26/1980 News: Hoffman Road pictures; Pinewood Derby- High school mall; fun run; Bike-a-thon; 4-H Day in Amite; Rock N Roll at Town and Country; OZ -Hammond High School at Columbia; putting up signs for Italian Festival ; New Police cars; New manager at man; Kids planting worms; Solar Gaze; Y.E.T. Money Donation; Marines at Albany High School; Kite Flying-Earth Day; Planting Shrubs downtown; Mug shot-Jerry Holliman; Clean up campaign- leaking water pipe; Italian Festival Booths; Sec. Day- Holiday Inn; Clerks Convention- Ramada Inn; Appreciation Day- FGP- Hammond State School; Kids Cleaning Up park; Rodeo At Southeastern Louisiana University; Rodeo parade;  Lab school at Southeastern Louisiana University; Environmental Facility; Southwood Academy play practice; Art contest- Natalbany Baptist
Env.  74 -   April Advertising:  Anton- China; Ramada Inn- Strawberry Patch Restaurant; Haussmann's- China with Strawberry Motif; Precision time; mug shot- sunflower manager; Anthony's mug; Channell Drugs; Schumaker shoes; Hayden Music
Env. 75 - 4/27/1980 to 5/3/1980 Society: Cheryl Johnson Party; Independence 1920 Class Reunion; Nelson Home; Care at Home check presentation; Sledge house
Env.  76 - 5/4-10/1980 Sports: Ponchatoula High School baseball vs. Abbeville; Ponchatoula High School vs. Menard  baseball; AAU basketball
Env.  77 -  5/4-10/1980 Society: Jean McGee Party; Pate- Bridal Shower; D.A.C. at Ramada Inn; Mother of the Year
Env.  78 - 5/4-10/1980 News:  Red Day at Eastside; Boy Scout Jamboree; Livestock show at Southeastern Louisiana University; Hammond High School Beta Club and Quest; Mary Miller- AP Award; Bike-a-thon winners; Hungarian Festival; Radio Proclamation; Cap and gown; Amtrak-New trains; Carrier Awards; Shop lifters sign; Hammond High School choir and Band; Mr. Lerch with Awards; Miss Irresistible; Dress Rehearsal- KC Annuals; Dance; Humane Society- Donating books to Hammond Jr. High; Hammond High School band equipment- bought by donations;  Mormons- church page;  broken garbage truck at Kintally; Southwood Academy Honor winners; Washing National Guard Parking Lot
Env.  79 - 5/11-17/1980 Society: Hammond nursing home- Mother's Day; Liz Pate- Party; BPW Banquet; Belle Oaks Garden Club- New Officers; J.A. Poison prevention; Ponchatoula Gardenettes; Mother's Day Party; J.A. - New members and new officers
Env. 80  -   5/11-17/1980 Sports: State track meet (including shots of Brooks); Ponchatoula High School baseball- State Championship game; A.A. U. Basketball- boys
Env.  81 - 5/18-24/1980 Sports: Turkey contest winner
Env.  82 - 5/18-24/1980 Society: Health fair for Senior Citizens; Bridal teas; D.A.R. Potluck supper; This is Your Life- Mrs. Muse
Env.  83 -  5/25-31/1980 Society: D.A.R. with flag at Heritage Day; Artist show at Rec. Center; Hammond High School 1930 Class Reunion; Kappa Kappa Iota0 new officers and new members; Howes- 60th Wedding Anniversary; Clark shower
Env. 84 -  May Advertising #1: CL9000- Hammond Motors; Greenebriar- monograms; Channel Drugs- Fragrances and Hallmark cards; American International car rental; woodworks; Schumacker shoes; Camels Hump; FGB- main office; Wainwright Realty
Env. 85  -  May Advertising #2:  Florida Parishes Homestead; Oliver treated products- Cresotie; Antons; Camel hump; quest; Rein motors; Strawberry Stadium; theatres
Env. 86 - May Advertising #3: Wizard of Scissors; realty; Wickes Lumber- picture of manager and business promo; Tangipahoa Parish Board of Realtors meeting; Ad pictures for Tic-Tock- Twins; Greenebriar; Dr. Adelmann's painting; Channel drug- Men's cologne, Father's Day Cards, Leather goods; trading post; Lafemme; Realty tab
Env. 87  -  6/1-7/1980 Sports: Steptoe signing; Check presentation to Rec. Department
Env.  88 -  6/1-7/1980 Society: Abel Shower; Hungarians
Env.  89 -  6/8-14/1980 Society: Abel Shower; Retired Teachers meeting; Jean McGehee Luau
Env.  90 -  6/8-14/1980 Sports: AAU Basketball; Little League Baseball
Env.  91 -  6/8-14/1980 News:  Police Jury Equipment on Private Property in Baptist; Buffalo shots #2; 21st Judicial District Bar Assn. - New Officers; 2 men with snake; work on Wardline Bridge Road; LPN Proclamation; New Torettes; Buffalo shot #3; Road crew putting tape down; Link Award; work on Southeastern Louisiana University Assembly Center;  house fire- Nashville Street; S.M. Galafora- Ditches; Father's Day and Hospital pictures- Mary Miller; burned truck; Friday 13th picture (black cat and calendar); Wardline Road Bridge; opening Wardline Road bridge; Father's Day special sign; Gomez Family- Father's Day pictures
Env.  92 -  6/15-21/1980 Society: D.A.R. Flag presentation; Dance winner (Little Girl doing Charleston); Eartha Cyprian shower
Env.  93 -  6/15-21/1980 Sports: AAU Basketball; Loranger Rodeo champion; Chuck Fagan with bass
Env. 94  -   6/15-21/1980 News: Kastle fire; Frank Davis Fishing Clinic at Town and Country; mug shot- Lou Engolia; Artists working on Pippin Poster and poster; A.H.S. Day Care Program; Kastle- morning after fire; Charlie got 253 angels; Ponchatoula High School Key Club painting library; Deliberto Park- Playground Library; Independence- Warehouse fire and picture of new man at school board; Tickfaw- road crew; Independence sewer work; North Cherry Street railroad crossing; Rainy Day picture; Gasohol picture; Realty Business briefs; StarWars V crowd; mug shot
Env. 95 -  6/15-21/1980 News:  Milton's saw; Dr. Maxwell- new equipment; Windy day pictures; Dr. Acosta- blood bank; Brad Holden- FFA winner; Burger King- business brief; Construction at Old Covington; Tangipahoa Parish Council on Aging
Env.  96 - 6/22-28/1980 Society: BPW Women meeting; RC check presentation- Happy Birthday Fund
Env. 97  -  6/22-28/1980 Sports: Mini League Baseball
Env.  98 -   6/22-28/1980 News: truck on I 12 near Baptist; Tree struck by lightning; accident by camel's hump; Pippin- practice; Dr. Maxwell- eye safety week; corn growing downtown; mug shot - Perkins; Clydesdales; police jury equipment; Retirees from Veterans Office at City Hall; Rec. Center- Dedication; Mooney Ave school- fire aftermath; Cheerleading clinic; Retirement- Lallie Kemp; Train conductor ticketed; Awards- Independence; Illegally parked cars; Rotary club Awards; mug shot- girl for church page, piñata, Rosaryville- pool party
Env.  99 -  6/29/1980 to 7/5/1980 Society: Jean McGee Party; Cinderella; Tally-Ho Station pictures; Garden of the month- s; Jo Burris- Airport
Env.  100 - 6/29/1980 to  7/5/1980 Sports: Steptoe Signing with Southeastern Louisiana University; Jerry Wilde and Dog; Baseball playoffs; Girls AAU Basketball;  Baseball playoffs; CPB presentation
Env. 101 -  6/29/1980 to 7/5/1980 News: Maxwell mug shot; Henson Moore-Awards; Edwards & Layrisson Together; No parking in front of grocery store; mug shot- Edwin Newman; Baseball swimming party at Holiday Inn; DOTD workers retirement Banquet;  CETA- Help Me Clean Up Hammond- group pictures; mug shot - Dentist; watermelon party- Southeastern Louisiana University; Lab School- workshop; Have A Safe Holiday- HPP; Southeastern Louisiana University Radio Station Pictures; APTS. - Independence; Alligator in Vickie' s Pool; Inaugurations - Sheriff, Independence City Council; Practicing for Pippin; Senator Lon Gat; Holiday Inn: Butane Tank fire; 4th of July pictures; Carrier Awards
Env.  102- Advertising- June : Realty Tab; Greenebriar- monograms; Candle Nook- Grand opening- miscellaneous shots; man by trailer; Wilsons All Appliance Service; mug shot; Maxwell optical; Real Estate Ads; Tangi Meat Packers; Shoes-?
Env. 103 - 7/6-12/1980 Society:  Kay McGehee Wine and Cheese Party; Bread Demonstration; Quave Shower
Env.  104 -   7/6-12/1980 News:   Rotary Club; Baton Twirlers- Southeastern Louisiana University; Plane Crash at airport; Wardline Road bridge- uncovered boards; cars overgrown by weeds; mug shot- new employees; Carrier Awards; CETA workers; Hungarian Visitor at Albany; Tower and Brumfield pictures (not used); Display at Hammond Square mall; mug shot- lemonade stand; Ramada Inn Baseball party; Link Award- Sears; Macaluso and Ross; Jazz Workshop; Katie; PKF at Coffee pot; Schoolboard mugs
Env.  105 -  7/6-12/1980 Sports: Rec. Center pictures; swimmers; softball trophies; Allstar Baseball team
Env.  106 -  7/13-19/1890 Society: Society pictures- weekend of 12th and 13th (teas and showers); Jaycee Jaynes Roller skating; Layrisson- Realtors Award; Guaranty Gallery- Artist of the Month
Env.  107 -  7/13-19/1980 News: tubing pictures; Big boar being housed; Father Donovan; Army Reserve- promotion and Awards; Minidumps by Vinyard Elementary; AM- Legion- Ponchatoula- new officers; Carrier Award; Pippin Ticket donation; DKF- Birthday Cake; Post Office- Perfect Attendance Awards; City Council Pictures; 102°at 2:57; New Ink Tank for press room; Whitmar Acres bridge; Durham Pontiac- Saleman of the Month; Kiwanis Awards; Al Clark-Union for Youth Camp; Sunrise; Snake Lady; Tornado; Wreck on I- 12; Reagan People at  AV Specialties; Ditch cleaning; Uneedus- Church Groundbreaking; Mini dumps at Natalbany
Env.  108 - 7/13-19/1980 Sports: T& C Bumper Stickers; Hammond Baseball at Covington; Girls softball; Little League Baseball- Hammond vs Ponchatoula; Tennis Pictures- Tuffy Clark; Baseball Check presentation and team pictures; Baseball- Ponchatoula; Red League Softball champions
Env.  109 - 7/20-26/1980 Society: Quave Tea; Home in Country; Care at Home; ABWA
Env.  110 -  7/20-26/1980 Sports: Independence Sports camp; Little League Baseball- Hammond vs. Ponchatoula; Al Clark and Athletes; Little League Baseball- Hammond National vs. American; AM Legion Baseball- Hammond vs. Ponchatoula; Little League Baseball at Jackson
Env.  111 -  7/20-26/1980 News: Bicycle Riders on way to New Orleans from Oregon; Promo pictures for Bike-a-thon- bike and watch; Dr. Maxwell speaking to R.N. Association; flower shop- Business Ave.; School board swearing in; Little kid watering flower; Belly dancer- Habeba- Azmau
Env.  112 -  7/20-26/1980 News: Dr. Parker- Retirement dinner; Joyce Evans- Cat drinking from cup; Stafford Road furniture fire; kids playing - Cate Square; Springfield American Legion; Wreck on Albany- Springfield Road; Tank Powell and fire truck; Pool party in Cate Square; kids playing in Cate Square; school board meeting- Parrow; Bad roads near Loranger- Pat Passman; business brief- Mike Smith; Fallen tree; Nurses at hospital
Env.  113 -  Advertising July: mug shots- body shop in Tickfaw; Carter Mobile Homoes; Realty; Merle Norman; Hausmann's mug
Env.  114 - 7/27/1980 to  8/2/1980 Society: Milburn Tea; Ranch house
Env.  115 - 7/27/1980 to 8/2/1980 Sports: Hammond National Little League- Holding trophy; Athletic shop- softball team pictures; High School All Star basketball; Binocular Winner- Billy Abel's; Baseball Tournament- Independence; Mulkey Banquet; Basketball camp
Env.  116 - 7/27/1980 to 8/2/1980 News: Puppet Ministry- First Assembly of God church; Hammond AM Legion Post 515 meeting- fund drive; Hidden Beach shots; Casa de Fresa- empty lot; Post Office- letters on new building; Dog and fan; Car and Railroad tracks at Pine Street; Over turned 18 wheeler; Lee's tree; Bogey and fan and pool; wreck on Range Road; Cade furniture store; Boys with alligator; police jury garbage cleanup; Opera singer; CETA workers
Env.  117 -  Advertising August: Supreme Ford; mug shot; mug shot- Norma Kraemer hair design; T &C Beauty Salon- new employee; Tangi Meats Visit #2; Realtors; Car Saleswoman; mug shots- new salesman- Rein; house on Green Lawn Street
Env.  118 -   8/3-9/1980 Society: Jones Shower; Shower for Marsha; first haircut- after picture; Merry Minister- Demarco Wedding reception dinner; Senior Citizen- Spring Fashion show preview
Env.  119 -   8/3-9/1980 Sports: Hymels signs with Pensacola; Lofton on Roller Skates
Env. 120 -  8/3-9/1980 News: Construction at Southeastern Louisiana University; Mr. Mouse at Town and Country; T.H. Burt Ice truck overturned #1 and #2; House fire on Oak Street; Art Class- Ponchatoula Community Center; Railroad crossing; mug shot- black girl; Sallie Moak- 101 birthday; Mogney Ave School- tearing down burnt section; Magicians at mall; city council; truck wreck- South Coburn Road bridge; girl scout day camp; handicapped kids; Jerry Lewis Promo; new wing on post office
Env. 121 -   8/10-16/1980 Society: BPW meeting; Guaranty gallery artist of the month
Env.  122 -   8/10-16/1980 Sports: Saints vs. Cards; 2 ½ pound Sacalait
Env. 123  -   8/10-16/1980 News: gifted kids at WFPR; Lucille sign; Magician at mall; Ribbon cutting- Century 21 Cucchiara, Ballards Educaids; Benefit for wheel chair  victims; Drainage equipment Mr. Strahaws property; check presentation- library (Hammond High School); kid catching crawfish in sewer; Calligrapher; Okra King; new sign at Senior Citizen center; mug shot- Lee; trustees cleaning substation; railroad disaster seminar
Env.  124 -   8/10-16/1980 News: Diabetes camp; wreck on interstate; street work; house fire- Easy Street; Drainage Board truck; check presentation- Depaula and Alford Smith; MDA proclamations- Anderson and Bonicard; People getting on bus
Env. 125  - 8/17-23/1980 Society: Slipping into Spring fashion show; Shower for Martia; Kiddie Kare- graduation
Env.  126 -  8/17-23/1980 Sports: Southeastern Louisiana University practice; Amite High School practice; Southeastern Louisiana University football practice
Env. 127  - 8/17-23/1980 News: Torettes practicing; Skate-a-thon winners; Parish tire and rims- business brief; grass fire; tearing down warehouse; Kids and teachers getting ready for school; kids on bikes; food workers seminar; work on Hazel Street; unemployment insurance seminar; Natalbany Baptist- first day of school; mug shot- Butchart; wreck on 51; sign- Pleasant Ridge Road
Env.  128 - 8/17-23/1980 News: Gun Destruction; Ribbon Cutting at Mall; Surveyor;  Registration at Southeastern Louisiana University; HJRHS- Luncheon with Parrino; police jury truck; Bill Dykes tide Check presentation; Home builders receiving national charter; new hospital wing; bridge work; drug bust
Env.  129-   8/24-30/1980 Society: Les Madammes planning brunch; Dixie Doll winner; Les Madammes- yearbook
Env.  130 -  8/24-30/1980 Sports: Volleyball- Rec. Center; Little Conference football- first day of registration
Env.  131-  8/24-30/1980 News: Rebecca Lupo- Dixie Doll Beauty Pageant; Natalbany Bapitst-new building dedication; Ravenwood Street; Camp Moore shots; Line for Dorm room Saturday- Southeastern Louisiana University; Wreck; Albin; Holy Ghost; traffic light at South Pine Street; new scoutmaster; Eyesore- old Hammond High School lot; Registration for Little Conference football; Link Award- September; New badges and cars- Independence
Env. 132 - 8/24-30/1980 News: Construction at Southeastern Louisiana University Assembly Center; New industry; Mr. Luther- retiring;  Jackknife  truck
Env. 133  - 8/31/1980 to 9/6/1980 Sports: High School football- Amite, Ponchatoula, Southwood Academy
Env.  134 -   8/31/1980 to 9/6/1980 News: Torettes Car Wash; Law enforcement day at the mall; MDA telethon; Construction- social services complex; Natalbany Baptist- flag contest winner; Constructin- commercial Federal and post; Southwood headphones young artist; fixing pipe; Collura- mug shot; CNB Grand opening; Elvis winner; United Way; Fan donation; Southwood Pep rally
Env.  135 -  Advertising September: Wickes- mug shots for football tab ad; Social club- bull; Sandy- Town and Country; Delta Marine; Wizard of Scissors; Ramada Inn
Env. 136  - Advertising September #2: Carter Mobile homes; Dean's Auto parts; Wickes Mug shots #2; Ramada Inn #2; T &C Beauty Salon; mug shots for Mary Lou; Channell Drugs- Elizabeth Arden; Rein C-P Salesman; Tricou & Associates
Env. 137 - Advertising September #3: Mug shot- Lorganer Bank Personnel, Hayden Music- new employee, Fall Fashion- Greenbriar,; mug shot- Hammond discount; Antin's Crystal; Realtors
Env.  138 -  Advertising September #4: WTGI clown; Realtor; Antin's - Monogram rings; Marco Polo; mug shot- Dixie olds; mug shot- 2 girls; mug shots- Ramada Inn; Farmer's Market
Env.  139- 8/31/1980 to 9/6/1980 and 9/7-13/1980 Society: Les Madammes Brunch; J.A. members- regional; Hammond Garden Club
Env. 140 - 9/7-13/1980 Sports: Lionettes- Practice and group pictures; High School football- Hammond and Ponchatoula
Env. 141 -   9/7-13/1980 News: Computers; Harvest Tabernacle Church; Check presentation- Sariners; Wreck on Loranger Road; Rev. honored for Radio Show; Holy Ghost- Grandparent's Day; Thomas St. Irregulars; Bike riders- California; SOUTHWOOD ACADEMY Cheerleaders
Env.  142 - 9/7-13/1980 News: Fire- Dr. Black's office; Show Stoppers at State school; police officers; bearded beard; mug shot; Parrino and retired teachers; N. Hazel St. Work; Narcotics; young prospectors; putting lines on field at Southeastern Louisiana University; Camp Moore shots; J.C. Penney; A-4 Specialties Business Brief; Southwood Academy library Ribbon cutting; Kid at mall in fountain; Tom Anderson; D.E. at Hammond High School; Albany High School  FFA; Carriers of the Monza
Env.  143 - 9/14-20/1980 Society:  Gabriel Tea Shower; D.A. R. Meeting; art show promo; Medical Auxiliary- new officers
Env.  144 -   9/14-20/1980 News: Playschool at Zemurray Rec. Center; Dr. Bugg at Southwood Academy; J.C. Penney's Retire men; snake man; Ribbon cutting- new industry; Quarterly communion- Tickfaw; Celebration at Southeastern Louisiana University; Election pictures; Dance team contest at mall; Woolco section pictures; Highway work; John Anderson Jr. campaigning; Tom Anderson and showstoppers; Pile driving- Wadesboro; Camp Moore pictures
Env.  145 - 9/14-20/1980 News: Dance Team contest at mall; K.C.- Columbian Squires show; Doggy Kittens and kid; FGB- New stanchions; flooding in parking lot; Gazemouth Brown; T&C Peprally; Loranger game- Robert News on with Umbrella; exchange student
Env.  146 -  9/21-27/1980 News: Fitzmorris at vo-tech school; Link Award- Brady's; Woodland Park- playground scenes; FBLA and girls letter club- Ponchatoula; Overturned Candy truck
Env. 147  - 9/28/1980 to 10/4/1980 Society: This is Your Life- POP; Springfield AM-legion ladies Auxiliary- Gold Star Mothers and Sisters; Art Show- Amite Community center; Bridge Club award; Beauty Contest- Natalbany Baptist; Cindy's birthday cake
Env. 148 - 9/28/1980 to 10/4/1980  Sports: P.E. M. Races; Cheerleader of the Week- Springfield and Amite; Soccer Jamboree; Daily Star- Land of Sports Bass Tournament; Hammond Jr. High School Football; M&M gymnastics; football- Loranger High School; Soccer- Zuggery Shop vs. C.N.B.
Env. 149  - 9/28/1980 to 10/4/1980 News: CSB Birthday; Treen Pictures- KC; Fire Prevention week; mug shot- black man; Hammond High School homecoming court; Bridge pictures; construction at 7th Ward and 2 Babies; DKF Check presentation; computers; Scenes from Tangipahoa fair (Amite) and Miss Poppy- Ponchatoula (Soc.); Hammond High School DECA officers; flag presentation- Pine Ridge Elementary; Crystal Mashon; Jr. High students at Rec center pool
Env.  150-  10/5-11/1980 Society: Grand opening- Senior Citizens Center; BPW meeting- to Shirley Robinson; Fashion show; Hammond Art Guild; Garden Club Presentation; TK Value sponsoring girl scouts; Terrie Frisbee exhibit at Southeastern Louisiana University Library; Hammond Garden Club- Garden of the month
Env. 151 - 10/5-11/1980 News: Hammond High School Homecoming Queen; Fire prevention display at Hammond Square mall; truck wreck; mayoral candidates; Parrino; Chief of Police; mug shots- new employees for NNF; Volleyball at Hammond Jr. High School I-55 Accident; Business brief- Pinball machines, Fred's; Parrino- Jr. High School
Env.  152 - 10/5-11/1980 News: Plane Crash at Kentwood; mug shots- Baham, City purchasing agent; OPE to Casa de Fresa; Tycer Ready Mix; new commander; Hammond High School F.H.A. Officers; Circus Inside mall; H.S.M. Birthday party; Keg Roll; Independence 4-H and Chic core; New flag at Dixie motors; Rest area photos; mug shots- new circulation employee; Independence Homecoming Queen
Env.  153 - 10/12-18/1980 Society: 40th Wedding Anniversary; Beauty Contest Winner; Bobby Freeman with Cystic Fibrosis Poster Children
Env. 154  - 10/12-18/1980 News: horse accident on Interstate 12; Girl scouts painting Little Barrels; Circus at H.S.M. Boy scouts at K.O.A. ; Craig Kraft 4-H Award; New Navy recruiter; fire prevention week poster winner; man with 2 goats; Layrisson at site of Loranger drug bust; fire on Rumsie St,; Terr, Frisae Demonstration- Southeastern Louisiana University; Brownie Awards- Ponchatoula; Church choir photo- group picture
Env.  155 - 10/12-18/1980 News: Tutoring-Natalbany; DTD new pledges; picture of Southeastern Louisiana University Stadium; Bikes in front of Police Station; Miss Hammond tickets; Bob Livingston at Southeastern Louisiana  University; Lioness Club- Guest Speakers; National Taco Day; Supreme Ford- Car Thru Showroom window; Ben Franklin display- First Guaranty Bank; Black Beauty Contest Winner; Tom Anderson- Proclamation; George Perkins; Humane Society Officers; Albany High School Beta Club -new members; Carrier pictures; Shotgun start- golf Tournament; First Aid skit- Eastside Elementary; Hammond Jr. High School- Fire Department
Env. 156 - 10/19-25/1980 Society: Demarco Shower; D.A.R. meeting; BPW woman of the Year; BPW Banquet; PHI MU Hike For Hope
Env.  157 - 10/19-25/1980 News: fire at Tickfaw school; Firestone store wreck; George Perkins- mug shot; Think God Winners; Violin player; Check presentation - Tom Anderson; Wrecked pickup truck; BPW Proclamation; Homecoming Queen and Activities; Wreck- General OTT Road; Anderson-Carter campaign; Albany Homecoming court
Env. 158 -  October Advertising: Kintally Day Care; Realtors; Mugshot- John Green; Hayden Beauty Salon; Candle Nook; Tangi Auto and Piesel; Goff's Music Center; Realtors- Stan Weber; Tootsie and Tiny's
Env.  159 -  10/26/1980 to 11/1/1980 Society: Banking Seminar;  AM Legion Auxiliary
Env.  160 - 10/26/1980 to 11/1/1980 News: Albany Volunteer Fire Department Spook House; Decorating cake at Vinyard Elementary School; Girl Scout mock presidential elections; Link Award -November- Core;  T &C poster winners- Vinyard and Lab School; Hammond High FFA new officers; Natalbany Baptist - Homecoming Court and Character Day; Southeastern Louisiana University pumpkin Carving; Durham Pontiac- new Drivers Ed Cars; map; pictures of Blue prints; mock elections at Daily Star; Mock disasters Lallie Kemp hospital; Halloween scenes
Env. 161 - 11/2-8/1980 Society: Lawyers Wives luncheon
Env.  162 - 11/2-8/1981 News: Halloween shots at Blood Bank at 7th Ward; Morrissons- Employee Awards; Homecoming Queens- Southwood Academy, Natalbany Baptist, Loranger;  Miss Hammond Pageant; Parish Fair Queens; A& P Retiree; Holiday Inn Party; D.H. Holmes- top ten sales people;  Candy drive Kick off- Annie Eastman; Thru container Awards; R.I. F.; mug shots- Buddy Rogers; Election picture, garbage pictures; Adventures unlimited
Env.  163 - 11/9-15/1980 Society: Les Madammes Party; Lizzie Miss Capital City; Albert Robertson Home; Dance class at Community center; J.A. Tea Preparations
Env. 164  - 11/9-15/1980 News: Goodyear Blimp at Airport; Civitan club Auction; painting parish jail; Buddy Poppy Day proclamation; DeKlump Antiques- open house promo; Fire at WFPR- WHMD; Interior Designer; bonfire at Cate Square; Drummer; Kids at D.C. Reeves with Mime
Env. 165 - 11/16-22/1980 News: Former Olympians; Drug Bust- Husser; Thanksgiving basket; Accident on Highway 190; H. TR. H.S. teaching assistants and student council officers; Peanuts play rehearsal; Jazz concert at Southeastern Louisiana University; Check presentation- Community Garden Club; old folks; Circle K Club Check Presentation; D.H. Holmes John Seron Zoyrpin
Env.  166 - 11/16-22/1980 News: Carondorm Steps; land bank Ribbon cutting; Candy Drive kickoff picture (2 ¼); Holy Ghost Fundraiser; Dentist at Natalbany Baptist;  BB Gun war; DKF- Check presentation; D.E. Students- Hammond High School; Southeastern Louisiana University Choral Group; "Fables" Lecture; Hammond exchange club student Award- Natalbany Baptist; Ricky Holland- bike winner; Ed Steimel - guest speaker
Env. 167 - 11/23-29/1980 Junior High Dance Committee
Env.  168 - 11/23-29/1980 Sports: Independence High School vs. Clinton; Independence Football- Dowty
Env.  169 - 11/23-29/1980 News: Kay Butler- play director; kid scraping ice; 24 fish; Santa's arrival; hanging trees; glass blower; window washing at First Guaranty; Mooney Thanksgiving; Animal shelter; D C Reeves Carnival; Majorette and Trophies; Church T- Day dinner- Dowty; Christmas Tree Farm - Dowty; Mooney- Construction; miscellaneous
Env.  170 -  November Advertising #1: Realtors; mug shots- Tom Simmons; Realtors; K&B Wine Bottles; Tic-Tock Kids clothes; Murphy's Dining room; mug shot- 2 women; mortgage- employees; Rein C-P salesman; T &C Santa Clause Boy; T & C Beauty Salon
Env.  171 -  November Advertising #2: Greenebriar Ad pictures; Candle nook; Tic-Tock; Watkins Beauty Salon; Duffy Borden; Carleen Tate- St. National Bank; Cindy Henley Beauty Salon; Insurance Office 606 E. Morris
Env.  172 - 11/30/1980 to 12/6/1980 News:  Holy Ghost- Contest Winners; Street Hockey; church; airplane; Antenna ?; 2 men with machine; Ponchatoula Community Center- Kiwanis; Brush fire on North Cherry Street; Durham Pontaic- TIDF Car donation; STYSA soccer party; House fire- Pumpkin Center; Drawing for Crisis phone Raffle; Business brief- makeup
Env. 173 - 11/30/1980 to 12/6/1980 News: Construction at Southeastern Louisiana University Assembly Center; YSB Check presentation; Link Award- Florida Parishes Homestead savings; You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown- opening night; Accident on North Cherry Street; Christmas Exhibit at Rec Center; DKF- Christmas Party; Christmas Tree; Baxis Interiors- Business brief; Swearing In; overturned truck on I-55
Env.  174 - 11/30/1980 to 12/6/1980 Society: Baby Miss Hope; ABWA Boss of the Year; Beauty Contest Winner; Belle Oaks Garden Club Christmas Bazaar
Env.  175 - 11/30/1980 to 12/6/1980 Sports: Independence High School Football; Southeastern Louisiana University- Men's Basketball vs. Tennessee State; STYSA playing at Southeastern Louisiana University; Southeastern Louisiana University Lady Lions vs. U.N.O; Practicing for bowl (Greeks vs. Non Greeks); Southeastern Louisiana University Men's  basketball vs. Centenary; "Roomie"- at Halftime at Centenary game; Independence High School football practice; Independence High School pep rally
Env. 176  - 11/30/1980 to 12/6/1980 News: Hammond Christmas Parade
Env. 177  - 12/7-13/1980 Society: Baby Beauty Queen; Retired Teachers meeting; Tour of Homes- Natalbany (Abene, Polito, Piazza); Award to Mrs. Rhettavail
Env.  178 - 12/7-13/1980 Sports: Hammond High School girls basketball; Independence High School football; Independence High School football team at Christmas parade; Ponchatoula High School girls basketball; LSU women's basketball vs. Tennessee; Hammond High School Boys basketball vs. St. Pauls; Covington vs. Lutcher- Boys basketball
Env.  179 - 12/7-13/1980 News:  Ponchatoula Christmas Parade; Lady with vegetables; Independence Christmas Parade (we thought the parade was next week); United Way contribution- Champion building products; New medical officers; Ben Williams- Poinsettia research; house moving; Albany Christmas parade; QACAA new buses; hearing test; Boy Scout Awards- To Hans Schneider and Order of the Arrow; program- Independence  Elementary
Env.  180 - 12/7-13/1980 News: Mr. Lerch- Award; New Strawberry Festival Poster and Kim Zabbia; Hammond High School Art Students working on Christmas parade; Rolled Frat House; Title I Reading at Hammond Jr. High School; Car wreck- beauty salon; Fire at the projects
Env.  181 - 12/14-20/1980 Society: Sew with cotton; Christmas cookies contest winners
Env.  182 - 12/14-20/1980 Sports: Ponchatoula Basketball vs. Walker; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. URBANA Men's Basketball; Southeastern Louisiana University Lady Lions vs. Nicholls
Env.  183 - 12/14-20/1980 News: T.A.R.C check presentation; Hammond State School explorer Check presentation (2); Groundbreaking ceremonies for Mormon church; Chris Bond and Ivy Howes; Amite Christmas Parade; CBDA Downtown Santa Claus; Hammond State School Christmas Parade; Toys for Tots movie at Hammond Square Mall; Cow in Ponchatoula; Kerry Dangerfield and Ty; mug shot- new principal at Natalbany Baptist; Daggs- Reid Christmas Decorations winners; Natalbany Baptist Quiz Bowl
Env.  184 - 12/14-20/1980 News: Tucker Elementary School Christmas Program; Ponchatoula High School games; Holy Ghost- practicing for Christmas program; Southwood Academy Spartanettes; Boy Scouts and sponsors; Mr. Black's House- Christmas Decorations; Trophy winner- gym company; Hammond Jr. High Christmas Program; Adoption of Bob Maurin; Salesman of the Year- Ross Downing; Civitan Club Check presentation; Petit Orleans- business brief; First Presbyterian Church- Christmas Program; Lab School Christmas Program; Cub Scouts with canned goods; Church- historical landmark; MS Read-a-thon winners; Pine Ridge Christmas Program
Env.  185 - 12/21-27/1980 News: United Way Sign; Santa Claus at Southwood Academy; Santa Claus asleep at Annie Eastman; Loranger Christmas Parade; Motor Route Carrier of the Year; Hammond State School Christmas Party; Katie's Pictures from Amite; Ponchatoula Community Center Christmas Program; FGB Doll Presentation; Nurses Association- new officers; Life Nativity Scene; Truck accident on Club Deluxe Road
Env.  186 -  12/21-27/1980 News:  Kid with Model airplane; 34° at 11:38; Heather Kropog- Christmas morning; Anderson and Police Officer; Otasco- Bicycle Donated; bonfire; Car in ditch
Env.  187 -  12/21-27/1980 Sports:  Independence High School Football Banquet
Env.  188 - 12/21-27/1980 Society: Mrs. Perrin Lighting Candles for Hostages; Guaranty Gallery- Artist of the Month; Party for Monica Adelmann; Homemade Christmas Tree
Envelope -December Advertising:  Brumfield Used Cars; mug shots- candlesticks; mug shot- Insurance Agent; Villa Roma Plaza and Realtors; Community State Bank Checks; mug shot- sunbelt Realtors; Magee Finance
Env. 189 -  Restaurant Tab 1980
Env. 190  - 1980 Balloon Festival
Env. 191 -  1980 Football Tab Southeastern Louisiana University- picture day
Env.  192 - 1980 Football Tab Southwood Academy
Env.  193 - 1980 Football Tab Independence High School
Env.  194 - 1980 Football Tab Valley Forge Academy
Env.  195 - 1980 Football Tab Oak Forest Academy
Env.  196 - 1980 Football Tab Natalbany Baptist High School
Env.  197 - 1980 Football Tab Amite High School
Env.  198 - 1980 Football Tab Ponchatoula High School
Env.  199 - 1980 Football Tab Albany
Env.  200 - 1980 Football Tab Springfield
Env.  201 - 1980 Football Tab Hammond High School
Env.  202 -  unlabelled football negatives
Env.  203- 1980 Hammond Balloon Festival
Env.  204 - Profile 1980; TK Value; Hammond Airport; Hammond Square Mall Scene; Holiday Inn; Amite Scene- Dianda; Press
Env.  205 - Baseball Tab 1980
Env.  206 - Strawberry Tab 1980 (includes pictures of Richardson's Home)
Env.  207 - Strawberry Festival 1980
Env.  208 - Royal Oak Spring Fashion Section
Env.  209 - Zales Spring Festival Section
Env.  210- Brass Bootery Spring Fashion Section
Env.  211 - Teens N Queens Spring Fashion Section
Env.  212 - Jeanse Voochees getting Hammond Kiwanis Award
Env.  213 - unlabelled pictures
Env.  214 - 12/28/1980 to 1/4/1981  Sports:  Southwood Academy Girls Basketball  West Scores 1000th point; 2 hunters and deer; Ponchatoula High School Basketball; mug shots- Debra Rougeau; Kim Muckey; Lady Lions Basketball vs. McNeese
Env.  215 - 12/28/1980 to 1/4/1981 Society: 2 Beauty Contest winners- Pinion and McCulluch; Bridal section pictures
Env.  216 - 12/28/1980 to 1/4/1981  News: Tennis Player- Karen Burton; Bridge Damage; Weekend traffic; TIDF check presentation- Ross Downing; Father Time and Baby New Year; Bonfire at Independence; Traffic Accident- Preacher Killed; Trustee working on voting precents; TIDF check presentation; First baby of the Year- 7th Ward; Bonfire at Independence; Accident on old B.R. Highway; Truck Accident in Ponchatoula; Balloon Festival promo (Good source of unused balloon shots)
Env.  217 - 1980 Last year's Balloon Festival
Env.  218 - 1/5-11/1981 Society
Env. 219 - 1/5-11/1981 Sports: Ponchatoula High School vs. St. Paul; High School Basketball- Albany vs. Springfield Boys and Girls, Hammond vs. Ponchatoula Boys and Girls; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Rice; Springfield vs. Independence- girls; Natalbany Baptist vs. OFA- boys; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Northern Iowa- men
Env.  220 - 1/5-11/1981 News:  House fire and brush fire; Construction of T-buildings at Nesom; Lp&L workers; Accident on Harrell Street; Bicycle Carriers of the Month- October and November; Bicycle Carriers of the Year; Paving frontage Road in Ponchatoula; car-train wreck; scenes at Hammond airport; mug shots for Nixon News; For Sale- J.C. Penney building; tax course for counseling Senior citizens; Levy building; Work on railroad tracks by Holy Ghost; moving Chairs at Southeastern Louisiana University; 2 gas leaks
Env.  221- 1/12-18/1981 Society: shower- Boudreaux; AM Legion Auxiliary Meeting- 50th Anniversary; BPW Mardi Gras Committee; Bridal Show at Hammond Square Mall
Env. 222 - 1/12-18/1981 Sports: Southwood Academy vs. Natalbany Baptist Boys; Bass Banquet pictures; Hammond High School vs. Salmen- girls; deer hunter; Independence vs. Live Oak- boys; Southwood Academy girls; Southeastern Louisiana University girls vs. Aggies; Lynette Steward- Albany- 1000th point; Hammond High School vs. St. Paul's
Env.  223-  1/12-18/1981 News: Lori Smithwier; Buckskin Bill- Noon Series; Concert for Non- Violence; J.C. Week Proclamation; mug shot- Assistant D.A.; Election Day pictures; registration at Southeastern Louisiana University
Env. 224 -  1/19-25/1981 Society: D.A.R. meeting; Birthdays at Nursing Home
Env. 225 - 1/19-25/1981 Sports: Southwood Academy girls; Southeastern Louisiana University Lady Lions vs. Louisiana State University;  Southwood Academy football banquet; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Louisiana College; Daily Star Jr. High Basketball Tournament- including shot of Holy Ghost Cheerleaders; Southeastern Louisiana University Lady Lions vs. Florida State; Jr. High Basketball Tournament; Natalbany girls vs. East Ascension; Amite vs. Hammond
Env. 226 - 1/19-25/1981 News: Nigell and sailboat; Arbor Day- Mooney Avenue; Episcopal Church; Election picture- Parrino; Eastside- building picture; Manchac scenes; bridge at Wadesboro; Grace Episcopal church; chamber banquet; Highway construction chart; Mrs. Heitman and Yellow Ribbon; Ballet- Ponchatoula Community Center; "Please fill up all Mini Dumps First"- guy picking cans out of mini dumps
Env. 227 -  1/19-25/1981 News:  working on plaster at Mmillets Barber Shop; PTO winners at Tucker Elementary; Yellow Ribbon at Natalbany Baptist; railroad workers; Hostage billboard- Holy Ghost; Arbor Day- Southwood Academy; dog on wrecker- Danny's Texaco; New sign at Town and Country; Quad Area buses; Scenes from music building
Env. 228 - 1/26/1981 to 2/1/1981 Society: Soup and Holy Ghost Dance- Preparations; mail car art gallery poster
Env.  229 - 1/26/1981 to 2/1/1981 Sports: Southeastern Louisiana University Lady Lions; Junior High Basketball Tournament; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. N.E.; Hammond High School football banquet; Rodeo Clown Picture; Independence; Southeastern Louisiana University Lady Lions; Westside Jr. High Basketball; Hammond vs. Ponchatoula; Southeastern Louisiana University Lady Lions
Env.  230 -  1/26/1981 to 2/1/1981 News: mugshot- Tom Anderson and girl scouts; saxophone player; Centenary Choir at Southwood Academy; car-truck wreck on Highway 190; wreck on I-55 over pass
Env.  231- 1/26/1981 to 2/1/1981 News: Richard Feder- JC Man of the Year; district honor band; Duncan Kemp Roast; FGB- Veteran Employees; mug shot- Gideon; road work; Southeastern Louisiana University Alumni Jazz Concert; mug shot- George Perkins; Boy Scout Awards banquet; Care at Home- new clothes; work on railroad tracks near Holy Ghost; overturned carrier truck; church; H.M. Seminar
Env.  232 - 2/9-15/1981 Sports: Southwood Academy basketball; Jr. High Tournament finals at CEFALU- girls and boys; Southeastern Louisiana University football practice; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball practice; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball vs. Houston Baptist; Hammond High School girls vs. Maurepas; Ponchatoula High School vs. Salmen- boys; Springfield vs. Pearl River
Env.  233-  1/12-18/1981 News: Drug Bust pictures; Train derailment; clean up of train derailment; First Guaranty Bank- Artist and Calendar; wreck on Wardline Road; Independence policewoman; bridge closed- Gen. Ott Road; private road; ducks at KOA; signs on interstate; civitan club donating equipment to Hammond State School; Truck- truck wreck on 51 bypass; truck in ditch on church street; fire at midland apartments
Env. 234 - January Advertising: Morgue pictures; Hammond motors-mechanics; Wizard of Scissors- Ken; Ratian furniture; Piano player- Lepetit Orleans; Durham Pontiac- new manager; Goudin used car lot; realtors; mugs for ads- Merle Norman; Insurance; Diet Center- Ad pictures; More insurance mugs; Gospel group at mall
Env.  235-  2/2-8/1981 Sports: Westside Jr. High tournament finals; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. N.W.; Independence Boys vs. Albany; Hammond High School girls; Mater Polorosa girls- Jr. High basketball tournament; opening of rec center Youth Basketball; Ponchatoula vs. Amite; OFA vs. VFA; Westside Jr. High tournament finals
Env. 236 - 2/2-8/1981 News: Greenfield Baptist Church Choir Day; car- Pedestrian accident; check presentation to Parrino and Jones; Teaser- record album; Candy Sale winners at Woodland Park; Wreck on South Cherry Street; Scenes at Manchac, Tangipahoa River; Baton twirlers from Holy Ghost; teaser- Take 2; council meeting; Tank Powell- mug shot; work on overpass at Ponchatoula
Env.  237- 2/2-8/1981 News: house fire on Magazine Street; child hit by car on East Charles Street; drainage work on Club Deluxe Road; Mater Polorosa Cheerleaders; mug shot- Wildebeast Jr.; broken window at Athletic shop; Holden Science fair winners; R.I.F. at Crystal St. Elementary; Ceremonies at Holy Ghost; Handicap Plaque presentations; new office building by China Inn; Dance-a-thon at Hammond Square Mall
Env.  238- 2/2-15/1981 Society: Hammond Garden Club- Joint meeting; First Guaranty Bank- Artist of the Month; Les Madammes Hostesses- Valentines Vittles
Env.  239 - 2/9-15/1981 News: Banquet Pictures; Cystic Fibrosis Skate-a-thon; Lady Walking six dogs; Club Deluxe Road- Unsurfaced Bridge; defaced Hammond American sign; brick layers; Flood pictures- North Hoover road; flood pictures- Springfield Pumpkin Center Area; Arsenic & Old Lace- Press Rehearsal; Boy Scout Awards; Bill Spence and Carrier of the Month; Motor Carrier of the Month
Env.  240 - 2/9-15/1981 News:  Kindergarten Kids making Valentines at Southwood Academy; Bridge closed on Club Deluxe Road; Wadesboro Bridge- stakes; National Association of Accountants; Miller Pick'Em Up Seminar; Games at Natalbany Baptist; Antin Quealy- Business Brief; Carrier Awards; Susan's Woodshed- Business Brief; Circle K Week; Opera at Eastside Elementary
Env. 241 - 2/16-22/1981 Society: Girl Scout Mother- Daughter Tea at Carter Plantation; BPW- New District Officers; D.A.R. meeting; Area Artist preparing for B.R. exhibit; BPW Mardi Gras Ball King and Queen
Env. 242 - 2/16-22/1981 Sports: Southeastern Louisiana University Basketball; Hammond High School Boys vs. Amite; Springfield High School Boys vs. Varnado; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Nichols; Basketball Practice at Independence; Rugby Tournament trophies; Southeastern Louisiana University Lady Lions vs. Dillards
Env. 243 -  2/16-22/1981 News: 4-H Pet Show at Cefalo Coliseum; 4-H Junior Livestock Show; School board on General Ott Road; Link Award; Elementary Elevators escalators and Dumbwaiters; Kentwood Spring Water Company; Laurie Weighing in at Diet Center; Science fair project-  Volcano; Science Fair and Art Exhibit; Sewing Machine; mug shots- Mattheny and Anderson; Start of Rugby Tournament
Env. 244- February Advertising: First Assembly of God Church- School; Durham Pontiac- Salesman of the Year; Carole's Fashion; mug shot- insurance section; mug shot- Thornton- Sentry Insurance; realtor; mug shot- Durham Salesman; Tootsie and Tiny; Realtor; LePetit Orleans- outside of building; Realtors; T&C Beautys Acon- new Operators
Env. 245 - 2/23/1981 to 3/1/1981 Society: Garden of the Month; Hammond Square Mall Fountain Coins donated to  J. Auxiliary
Env. 246 - 2/23/1981 to 3/1/1981 News: Ribbon cutting- Stafford furniture; Hammond High School 1923 Class Reunion; Crowning of new Strawberry Queen; College Night- Ponchatoula High School; man and turnip; new traffic lights at Columbus and 51; School Board meeting; Auto accident at Coleman and Cypress; Brick Layers- Take 2; Hammond High School Y.A.C.A. preparations; Mardi Gras King and Queen- Mooney Ave. School; Kathy Pittman and Banking Tour; Layrisson- Award Banquet; Greenfield Baptist Church for Church page
Env. 247 - 2/23/1981 to 3/1/1981 News: Introduction of N.H.S. students at Southwood Academy; 2 hit and run accidents; Mayor Candidate Forum; Business Brief- Antin Quealy; Toni Randazzo (Hammond High School)- Exchange Club Student of the Month; Mardi Gras Parade- Hammond; Crystal St. and Mooney Ave- Mardi Gras parades; Midway Elementary- Mardi Gras Floats; Grass fires and Oysters - Amite
Env. 248 - 2/23/1981 to 3/1/1981 Sports: Southeastern Louisiana University soccer- first game of the season (team picture included); Man and 7 pound fish; Hammond State School Ski Team; Albany High School Girls Basketball Team picture; Southeastern Louisiana University Lady Lions- LAIAW Round I, Round II vs. Louisiana State University; Southwood Academy All District Players; Southeastern Louisiana University Lady Lions- LAIAW Round III vs. Southern; Louisiana Tech- LAIAW; Independence High School Baseball Team- Team picture
Env. 249 - 3/2-8/1981 News: Miss Oyster and Little Miss Oyster pageant; Accident at W. Coleman and RR Ave.; violent Rome performance at D.C. Reeves; Hammond High School Band students with Mardi Gras trophy; Grand Opening and ribbon cutting- commercial Federal; Midway Elementary- Mardi Gras Parade
Env. 250 - 3/2-8/1981 Sports: LAIAW finals; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Lamar Baseball; Ponchatoula High School baseball team, team pictures, Individual shots of #24,18,5,23
Env. 251- 3/2-8/1981 Society: Marpon Foster- Junior Auxiliary Hall of Fame flag
Env. 252 -  3/12/1981 Mooney Elementary King and Queen; Oak Court- officers
Env. 253 -  3/17/1981 Job Proc- Gregory M. at C.H.; Lady at Holmes; Fashion Counselor- Liz Black D.S.
Env. 254 -  3/17/1981 Independence High School Construction of Greenhouse
Env. 255 -  3/17/1981 Tigers vs. Mount Hernon
Env. 256 - 3/17/1981 Lady's 99th Birthday
Env. 257 -  3/17/1981 First Strawberries- Simpson Sales
Env. 258 -  3/17/1981 Job Corp Recruiting Rally
Env. 259 - 3/17/1981 Vineyard Elementary Accred. Dr. James Jackson
Env.  260 - 3/17/1981 Dolls on display at Bowl
Env. 261 - 3/20/1981 ROTC demonstrations; nursery pictures; miscellaneous
Env. 262 - 3/21/1981 Italian Beauty Contest; T.K. Valve Fire; HRM Banquet; miscellaneous
Env. 263 - 3/30/1981 Ponchatoula Parade; Strawberry picker; 7th Ward Doctor's Day; Southeastern Louisiana University Cheerleaders; Pond inside mall; Lallie Kemp Hospital; Rec- Holiday Inn
Env. 264 -  March Advertising: LePetit Orleans- Band and Miss Piggy
Env. 265 - Laurie- Kingpin (negatives from practice session you shot)
Env. 266 -  March- track
Env.  267- Vickie
Env. 268 -  Advertisements
Env. 269 - March 1981 News: Lallie Kemp pictures- Lee Young; Nesom reopening; Reds Carnival parade; Invention- Travis pictures; Albany School meet- Laurie; Several fires; 10,000 check man and grand children; Pentecostal Preacher and family; Tulips- Lee; Blood bank; Liaison mug- Lee; Talent winner- piano; tree planting- post office; CBDA; Zemurray Garden
Env. 270 -  March 1981 Home and Garden Section
Env. 271 - March 1981 News: Nutrition poster-120; Pat D'Angelo- 120; Christmas Tree planters-120; YACA- kids art- 120; Toy baby beauty winner- 120; TARC clients preparing for Oyster Festival- 120; Jr. High band; Nesom reopening-120
Env. 272 -  March 1981 Oyster Parade; Strawberries 1st plat; Science Fair; Dude and Grass
Env. 273 - March 1981 Basketball Awards, Turkey
Env. 274-  March 1981 Dorton Day; Baseball; C.R.; Field; S.C.; Ads; Laurie; Railroad shots and field
Env. 275 -  March 1981 Motorcycle Show- Southeastern Louisiana University; Ex- governor Edwards at Southeastern Louisiana University; Century 21; Fire truck houses; turkeys
Env. 276- March 1981 Lallie Kemp Hospital; Porter Stevens Car Award; Youth Service Center
Env. 277 - March 1981 Sports
Env. 278 - March 1981 New Pizza Palace; Heritage Dresses; Proclamation; Forum; Natalbany Baptist DAR Awards
Env. 279 - March 1981 Good Breeding; Boy Scout ticket; miscellaneous
Env. 280 -  March 1981 mug shots; Southwood School; Black Lawyer; Hammond High Obs. Cause
Env. 281 -  March 1981 Balloon Festival Pole; Italian Festival; Baby
Env. 282 - March 1981 Police Banquet; Staff Toys; Layrisson mug shot
Env. 283 -  March 1981 Turnip
Env. 284 - Teachers meeting at Southwood
Env. 285 - Unlabeled Holy Ghost pictures
Env. 286 -  Miscellaneous March negatives
Env. 287 -  Unlabeled Sports negatives
Env. 288 - Billey Abel; Drug Raid man gets off; car wash; Southeastern Louisiana University band; Fighter; Lions picnic; Heritage Day;  Carriers; FGB; Javelin thrower; Tracker sales lot; Willie Brunner; Pon Bridge; Kids at River; turkey; ad- RIF; awards; Berry Fest; Fire Department basketball; Aerial shot;  Foster mother- retard kids; Italian Festival; Press; inside restaurant; Westpoint Apartments; hand bag; fresbee; Staff of Star dancers; girls in play; Bishop in Independence
Env. 289 - April 1981 Jon Kemp's negatives; Flower Sale Southeastern Louisiana University; Encyclopedia at Mooney; Easter Bunny at T&C; Hammond Mall- Easter Eggs; Durham Motor- Mr. Vice
Env. 290 - April 1981 Interior ads; Dance; Gymnists; Pre-festival shots (Strawberry); H.H. play; H.H. FFA Club
Env. 291 - April 1981 Jon Kemp's Society negatives; Hang glidder; Hammond High Banquet; Sunbelt Reality; Italian Festival Food; Don's baseball
Env. 292 - April 1981 Levy Building; Heritage Day Carriage
Env. 293 - April 1981 King and Queen- Hammond Nursery; Train shot- Timber; Bribery- main with slug in leg; Chuck; Old folk home; Guaranty Bank;  Athletes Shop; Road Construes I-51
Env. 294 -  April 1981 Strawberry Festival
Env. 295 - 4/23/1981 Moore; Jon Kep's negatives; 7th Ward Anniversary; Girl with trophy; Ponchatoula High; Friends of the Library; Sec. Day; Wizard of Scissors; Awards Banquet Southeastern Louisiana University; Ad shots
Env. 296 - 4/27/1981 to 5/3/1981 News:  Itlalian Festival 1980; Lab School Science Fair Winners; Sparkplug Award; Albany Springfield Jr. High Antiques; Daily Star Logo; JC Awards Banquet- Ponchatoula; Poppy Day Proclamation; Larry Crain; Amite Science Fair Winner; work on Casa De Fresa; Ballet Class- Southeastern Louisiana University; car wreck; tiny dancers; Deliberto Park; mug shot- Crain; Law Day; Hammond State School- planting plants downtown; work on Heritage Day Brochure; Ribbon cutting- woodworks
Env. 297 -  April 1981 Sports
Env. 298 - April 1981 Heritage Day Tab; Holy Ghost- Teacher of the Year; miscellaneous; American Legion; Heritage Porto; Foreign Exchange Student- Southwood; Holly Borne; turkey; Cate Square; Hungarian Dancers
Env. 299 - April 1981 Cherokee Bead fire; handicapped baseball; Strawberry pictures; Truck and basketball; Jon Kemp's Society; fire in Pumpkin; project; Hammond Square; Lee's Shot; Southeastern Louisiana University- SGA shots
Env. 300 - April 1981 Special Olympics; Strawberry Ball; Rodeo; Wedding mugs; Ponchatoula High Band; Art Show at Mall; Mike Roltro shot; turkey etc; miscellaneous
Env. 301 - April 1981 Hungarian Diplomats; Easter shots- Christ Church; mug shots; Bridesmaids; Interior ad; Mayor's Race- voting; Celery man; Molly Beauty Shop; Burner at 7th Ward; Mike's Trucks; mug shots; Tennis; Antenna; Stations of the cross; mug shots; Heritage Tab; Pine Ridge Elementary; Ladies Garden Club
Env. 302 -  April and May 1981 Lions picnic; Kid on rope swing; baseball; carrier; basketball team ?; Elvis imitator; Assembly of God preacher; shoe-house; turkey; Liz Black; Coffee machine; kids with trophy
Env. 303 - Scouts at Mormon Church; Police Chief with mop; Jim's Family Picture; Proc.; Store Ad; Kiwanas Club
Env. 304 - Antin Quealy; Ace Hardware; Voting
Env. 305 - Lee Amite- Sheriff, cows; Profile- TKV, Hospitals, Ro Dana- Candidate, Gabriel Building, Banks, Market St. Hardware, Mail car, Loan Place; Ambulance; Society shots; Boy Scott;  Chuck shots; Villa Roma
Env. 306 - Telephone Cable Cate St.; Ad for Audio Shop; Ad for Durham Pontiac; First Green pepper/ Simpson Sales; Biker; man at  Ban; Lallie Kemp Poster; Art Show Natalbany Baptist
Env. 307 - School Board; Proclamation; Convertible pair; bridge; meeting; Southeastern Louisiana University Band; try out
Env. 308 -  Dixie Youth
Env. 309 - Holmes; Trailer fire; Hammond library; Southern Corp; Ice Cream; Diet Centers;  Good year ad; CBD; Strawberry Stand; Turkey; Ballet Student #2; Award ad TKV
Env. 310-  Robinson Hold for Mayor; A. G. Edwards; Profile Shots; Hardware Ad; Nurses Proc.; Frisbee; Law Day/ Profile shots; Good year; PTA- Hammond High School; Strawberry Pickers; Merco and Ads
Env. 311 - Heritage Day Banner; Poppy Proc.; Maypole Dancers; miscellaneous; Natalbany Baptist Fair; Junior High Assembly; Hungarian Dinner for Air Tour; Multiple Science Fund Raiser
Env. 312- Southeastern Louisiana University Library; Big Boat; Southwood Awards; Ballet Students; Southern Corp Ad; Henson Moore, David?; miscellaneous; Henson Moore- Kentwood
Env. 313- Unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 314 - 5/2/1981 pool; root; mug of Roger; Central Business District; fire; science; man and vegetable; ad- Bobbi's ice cream; Mr. Potato; sickle cell
Env. 315 - 5/18-24/1981 News: Special Olympics; Voter Registration; Heritage Day- May 24 sign; Graduations- Albany and Springfield; Insurance Awards; First peppers of the Year; Florida Parishes Homestead- Ribbon Cutting; flood pictures; Graduations- Hammond High School, Southwood Academy, Independence; BPW proclamation; check donation- Vet. Club to State School; Welding Teacher at Votech School; Bible Reading Winner; Rupert the Rhino; Catfish man; Check presentation- Hammond Junior High School; Fire inspector; Cate Square- Heritage Day Preparations; Lab School Students doing College math work; Graduations- Chesbrough, Ponchatoula; Kiwanis Banquet- Citizen of the Year; Cate Square- Pre-heritage Day
Env. 316 -  5/20-24/1981 Heritage Day; Kids Choir; Spring football;  mud wrestle; Sullivan Suit filing; HS sports awards; First Baptist Church front; 8th Ward Fireman in truck; baseball; Ross, Atty award-Saik- Pope- Handicapped; Fire plug installation
Env. 317 - 5/20-24/1981 Southeastern Louisiana University Coliseum Construction; Society- Albany High Reunion; Graduation- Southeastern Louisiana University and HS; St. Spec. Olympics; Columbia Player wait until Dark; Kiwanis pancakes; Eastman in hat
Env. 318 -  5/25/1981 Woodlands- TKV Check; Vets Day in Albany; Nurses proclaim Ponchatoula; Special Olympics- Holy Ghost Church; Range Road hole
Env. 319-  5/25-31/1981 News: Heritage Day; Memorial Day Services- Ponchatoula, Hammond, Springfield; Graduations- Amite, Kentwood, Springcreek; Wreck outside Daily Star; Retiring Teachers- Eastside; man working on billboard; closed street- Hazel Street; Greco Road; Post Office- Clean Up; Independence Jaycees; Balloon pictures- including banner; retiring workers at Hammond Middle School; Russell Long with Mayor Anderson; Break in at Woolco Village- Lafayette Electronics; Foreign Students planning trip to Hungary; Jaycee Jaynes Check Presentation to 7th Ward; Mock disaster Drill;  2 car wrecks; Balloon Festival poster and Kim Zabbia
Env. 320 - May 1981 Sports
Env. 321 - May 1981 Heritage Day; Laurie Chauvin's Party; Southwood Pageant
Env. 322 - John's Business Page- Apartments; 120 negatives of choir; Dairy- Lee's; Twirlers; Amite Grad.; Mayoral Proclamation; Lee's Dump; Girl Scout Jamboree; South Central Beef Week; 7th Ward; Play at Columbia Theatre; Society shots; Hammond High School Graduation; car show; Retarded people at Morrison
Env. 323- Mayor of Tickfaw Accident; Southwood graduation; dedication of handicapped sidewalk; Link Award; Antin Quealy; Tangipahoa Citizen picnic; Valley Forge graduation; TARC check; metal detection; Fred's group at Holiday Inn; Patenote Pool; Audio shop ad; Don's Colleum; Bridal Luncheon; Ponchatoula High School
Env. 324-  Buffalo; Heritage Day; Male shopper; Groups of kids; Don Sergeant; Little Baseball player
Env. 325- Lallie Kemp Doctor's Day; Track; John's City Hall Shots' TKV check presentation; Holy Ghost Mary Ceremony; profile shot- Citizen Bank
Env. 326 - unlabeled miscellaneous negative
Env. 327 - 1981 Italian Festival
Env. 328 -  Heritage Day tab; miscellaneous; working on Maypole; Jules Prokop building; Scenes Downtown; Macaluso- Law Offices; Casa de Fresa; Scenes from Post Office; Cate Square; Nelson Office; Sign painter at Florida Parish Homestead
Env. 329 - 6/1-7/1981 News: Corinne Bohne- Exchange club award; Lesco balloon; Brownies- troops 70 and 44; Construction at 7th Ward; Buffalo at Amite; Day Care- Young Artist- Ponchatoula Community Center; Merissa Frisbee with dog; Macaluso incident; police jury Equipment; Mayor and Police Chief- proclamation; mini dump pictures- Robert and 445 at 22; preparations for Balloon Festival; Charlie's Angels sign; Balloon pictures for Laurie's Story; N.O. Balloon launching; Greensburg historic house
Env. 330 - 6/2/1981 Body builders; baseball
Env. 331 - 6/3/1981 old man; construction; weight loss; TK value; state school
Env. 332- 6/4/1981 nurse; kid by pool; canoe; lunch line; fish poles; sewer; truck; baseball; Reagan Letter
Env. 333 - 6/6/1981 Antique Show; Greenlawn; Tennis; Miss Southeastern Louisiana University; car wreck; check presentation; landfill; falling tree; pool construction; Ad- ballet sub; 3- wheeler; fish
Env. 334- 6/6/1981 Southeastern Louisiana University Reg.; navy; Balloon Queen; miscellaneous; Lion's Club
Env. 335 -  6/7/1981 Water slide; kittens; Nesom; kids summer; Baseball; women's business; 490th wedding
Env. 336 - 6/10/1981 ad- Pizza Palace; ad- beauty shop; dance; book donation; Potato man; Curb; kid with Trooper hat; Team Baseball; bulldogs; band; Roger; Balloon Festival party
Env. 337 - 6/11/1981 Preview air show; girl scouts; baseball
Env. 338 - 6/13/1981 Balloon Festival; Baseball
Env. 339 -  6/15/1981 Ad- Antin Quealy; baseball; jail escape
Env. 340 - 6/15/1981 women pilots; insurance; carrier
Env. 341 - 6/17/1981 H.S. windows; fire; pool; bike
Env. 342 - 6/17/1981 Road work; guy with saddle; state school; police; Crosby and TV; shovel; medication prescription
Env. 343- 6/19/1981 Cheerleaders; ad- old frame; house; Father's Day; baseball
Env. 344 -  6/20/1981 horseshoes; Chinese food; Square dancing; baseball; Chuck's cop
Env. 345 - 6/25/1981 John's Baton Rouge Mailmen; Boy with 2 certificate baseball; owl spelling bee; painter; babysitting; ad- Jax; man at desk; Chucks weeds; As- food
Env. 346 - 6/27/1981 bricks (lectures); umbrella; Mormon; telephone guy; (John) meeting
Env. 347 - 6/29/1981 Rec Center; truck accident; play; (John) business men; baseball
Env. 348 -  6/29/1981 baseball; traffic light
Env. 349 - 6/30/1981 gas; nursing home; mayor; handicap comm.; 56 Reunion; baseball; budman; fish; George Perkins
Env. 350 - Lee- Jurors
Env. 351 -  Poetry Club; 1931 Reunion
Env. 352 - Baseball; Lions; Baseball field construction; pool construction; ad- mug
Env. 353 - 7/2/1981 Advertisement car and food; advertisement Rhenette, bump burning, Henson Moore
Env.  354- 7/3/1981 accident; greenhouse; baseball; awards
Env. 355- 7/4/1981 Fireworks            
Env.  356- 7/4/1981 log rolling; Henson Moore; Lady firefighters; mug shot; building; New City Clerk; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball uniforms
Env. 357- 7/7/1981 Ad- H2O bed; miscellaneous; baseball; fig; popsicle day; classroom ruined
Env. 358- 7/8//1981 Root (Jim); Baseball; Star Employee and building; Contract signing; Culvert
Env. 359- 7/8/1981 fire
Env. 360- 7/9/1981 football; farmer; stair way; Advertisement  car mug; SETA; trophy    
Env. 361- 7/9/1981 blood; team BP; Jaylees; Army; swing; metal detector; Am. Leg; transformer
Env. 362- 7/13/1981 garbage; birth room; football; metal detector
Env. 363- 7/13/1981 Land of Sports; Keen; Swim Exercise; VFW; Baseball; People at Jim Roof; car ad; dolls; police migrant kids; Gar of Month; book sale; Tickfaw Mayor; farming
Env.  364- 7/14/1981 baseball; Art camp; tent; needle point; Firch yard; truck; Ben Baxley; Road Work; Cindy Heitman
Env. 365- 7/14/1981 Don Quixoce
Env. 366- 7/15/1981 baseball; Balloon Chair; Meteors; Cheerleaders; Pot; Don
Env. 367- 7/16/1981 Chickens; weight; accident; hubcap
Env. 368- 7/17/1981 Tickfaw Police; Award; Road Work; Library Party; Lawn mowing; scholarship; blanket; Pope Painting; Eclipse
Env.  369- 7/21/1981 Southeastern Louisiana University Concert; GS Parade; Depot Days; Louisiana State University; AM Legion; Advertisement Buster’s Firm
Env. 370- 7/22/1981 Symphony Pot
Env. 371- 7/23/1981 Drowning; Writer; Softball; Crabs
Env.  372- 7/23/1981 baseball; tennis; Mike Smith; Don; Auction; Watermelon
Env. 373- 7/29/1981 baseball; Ditch; team photos
Env. 374- 7/29/1981 SS Building; mugs
Env. 375- 7/29/1981 Insurance Guy; volleyball; Manchac; Carrier of the month; Baseball
Env. 376 - 7/30/1981 Construction; Durham; Baseball field; ducks

Box # 3 (August 14, 1981 to March 31, 1983)
Env.  1- 8/14/1981 Tadpoles; Basketball; Ad- mug beauty shop; Drain pipe
Env.  2- 8/14/1981 Trucks; New high School; SS Seminar; Ad- mug; Hammond Cheerleader; G. Scouts; Sausage; Quarterback Club; Football
Env.  3- 8/15/1981 Gatorball; Football; Mr. Frazer; Coke
Env.  4- 8/17/1981 Fire; La Puma Beach Wavettes; Lallie Kemp    
Env.  5- 8/18/1981 unlabelled miscellaneous pictures
Env.  6- 8/19/1981 Meters; Desks; rain; Railroad; horses; preschool
Env.  7- 8/19/1981 Electric Bill; Southeastern Louisiana University; Restaurant Fire; Am Leg Baseball Award; crawfish
Env.  8- 8/22/1981 Jail Preacher; Boat Accident; Belle Oaks; Estate Planners; Staford Fire; Southeastern Louisiana University Registration; Oscar Lofton; Boy Scout; LLC- Roons
Env.  9 - 8/25/1981 Hospital; JC Football registration; Blue Cross; Trucks
Env.  10 - 8/25/1981 Loranger Fire Tower; Boy Scout Clean Up; Ricky Sattoon; Jaycee Book sale; Sorority; Football
Env.  11 - 8/26/1981 Christmas Tree decorations; Crosswalk; Scout Ceremony; NASA exhibit; Boys on Railroad; Southeastern Louisiana University Tickets/Pope
Env.  12 - 8/29/1981 School Board mugs meeting; Ponchatoula depot; turtle
Env.  13 - 8/29/1981 Jamboree; Ad- TV Mr. Harper; Accident; Artifacts; Man with vegetable; Ad- Beauty Shop; Baby
Env.  14 - 9/1/1981 Rain/bike; Galleries; Liquor bottles; Trailer fire; Baby
Env.  15 - 9/3/1981 Hunting dogs; Ribaldo; Ad- mug; John- Secretary of State ?
Env.  16 - 9/4/1981 Fireworks; Yellow River; LSU Ex. Farm; Sumner High School
Env.  17 - 9/7/1981 Gator hunt
Env.  18 - 9/8/1981 Tulane vs. Mississippi
Env.  19 - 9/9/1981 Lec. - Fire; Don- Runners; Violin; Doll house
Env. 20 - 9/9/1981 Amite Fire; Soccer; Hay balling; Carrier of the Week; Before and after house; Ad- fireplace
Env. 21 - 9/12/1981 Mall Country Music; Doll house
Env. 22 - 9/14/1981 Flag day; Kids in rain; Am. Leg.; Boys Scouts; Ad- Durham Weight Clinic; Volleyball
Env. 23 - 9/15/1981 C.S. Bank Award; Rain; Bridge Tourney; mug shot; Tree on house; man with fish; Football team
Env. 24 - 9/15/1981 Building Maurin Ogden; fish derby; organ; Ad- mug; Rain football; Kiwanis Park; Bank Award; Clark Hall; Pope and new P.D. Chief; Ad- Weight Clinic; Lionettes; Tar; Football            
Env. 25 - 9/18/1981 football; Loranger; Ponchatoula/ Hammond; Albany
Env. 26 - 9/18/1981 Ditch; Amite Crafts; Hole in House; Pope- Tootsie Roll; Tree Trimmer
Env. 27 - 9/21/1981 Soccer
Env. 28 - Southwood Ac. Pep rally; Lolly Kemp Volunteers; DAR Constitution; Mr. Frazer; Baton Rouge Symphony; Charter Store Opening; (FB) S; Independence; Natalbany    
Env. 29 - 9/22/1981 Army; Newsstand; SS Committee
Env. 30 - 9/23/1981 Bows; Showtime Follies; (Mike S.) Stan Weber; Blood Drive; Little Kids pageant; October Fest
Env.  31 - 9/24/1981 Golf; Football; Heart Association; Belle Maison; mug- ad; traffic cop
Env.  32 - 9/25/1981 Weather map; school election; Samurai; Nat. Cheerleaders; Nat. Football; Art- papers in truck; Soccer; Games- sausage; Don- film project
Env.  33 - 9/29/1981 Strawberries; Jim Boughton; Little con. Football; Southeastern Louisiana University Soccer; Mail Car Art; Tickfaw City Hall Sign; Lee- Tangi Fair; John- Florist?; Grote Exhibit; Albany Float; Spring Bike-a-thon; Natalbany F.D. Beauty Contest; Ad- Sneaker; Scout meeting
Env.  34 - Campus Cars; Pep rally; Matheny; Link; United Fund; Craine and Legislators; Amite School Desks
Env. 35 - Hammond football
Env. 36 - Swamp
Env.  37 - Art Exhibit; WWII vet; Drowning
Env.  38 - Tennis; Fire; Sheriff; Ad- First Assembly
Env.  39 - unlabelled miscellaneous pictures
Env.  40 - unlabelled miscellaneous pictures
Env.  41 - unlabelled miscellaneous pictures
Env.  42 - unlabelled miscellaneous pictures
Env.  43 - unlabelled miscellaneous pictures
Env.  44 - unlabelled miscellaneous pictures
Env.  45 - unlabelled miscellaneous pictures
Env.  46 - unlabelled miscellaneous pictures
Env.  47 - Team photo football
Env.  48 - unlabelled miscellaneous pictures
Env.  49 - Robert’s Film; River City Bowl
Env.  50 - Echo machine            
Env. 51 - Jazz Camp; Faculty; Baseball awards; sprigging; advertisement used cars, National planes
Env. 52 - Jim’s employee photos
Env. 53 - 10/1/1981 Tailgate; Jim?; ditch; Picnic/ JC Jones; Chuck- mug; Sailboat Delta Marine; Poster Tangi Fair; mug Clara; Ad- weight; M. Dowry- meeting; Firemen/poster; Holmes Models; volleyball; New police chief
Env. 54- 10/2-5/1981 football; Guar gallery; Amite Fair; Steelers/Saints
Env. 55 - football; school board; Hammond Cate Square Birthday; Ad - Maria Beauty Salon; Amite Jr. Miss; Sims Painting
Env. 56 - 10/7/1981 Joanne Pav.; ad- mug; Loranger Home court; coins; phone/secretary; Southwood Academy; shirts; Albany fire
Env. 57 - 10/8/1981 Lee–bank; docks; baby with award; Yogi Bear; Police Banquet; Don- FB awards; barefoot dress rehearsal; birds (Parrots); coin; black lady; rape lecture; watermelon man; ad- Randy Hairdresser; Garden of the Month
Env. 58 - 10/8-9/1981 Rod Duvall; Japanese Teachers; Homecoming; Beauty contest; Ad- shoes
Env. 59 - 10/9/1981 Beauty Queen negative
Env. 60 - 10/11/1981 Football Hammond/Covington; Loranger/Albany; Southwood; Hammond Homecoming Parade; Queens; Vet declaration; Old Health Fair
Env. 61 - 10/12/1981 cow; Albany beauty; Champ Cooper Fair; Nixon mugs; Kevin Fortenberry
Env. 62 - 10/13/1981 ballet class; flag dedication; Humane Society; Lee- buildings, field; dog; cactus        
Env. 63 - 10/15/1981 volleyball; Old farmers; Wagon train; football; Livingston Fair Old Folks King and Queen; election
Env. 64 - 10/15/1981 Ad- Mike; meeting; Livingston Fair; Mayor signing; salad bar; Marines; Magic show; football
Env. 65 - 10/20/1981 Homeco; Liz - shoes; Old Farm; Joan - Brunch; Bike rider; Troy; Pep rally
Env. 66 - 10/21/1981 dining out guide; library; spuds; Murphy’s negatives
Env. 67 - 10/22/1981 Lee’s; mayor; BETA; Sceroler’s
Env. 68 - 10/23/1981 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 69 - 11/6/1981 Circus, Holiday Inn ad; chair
Env. 70 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 71 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 72 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 73 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 74 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 75 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 76 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 77 - Southeastern Louisiana University football vs. Tenn-Marton
Env. 78 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 79 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 80 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 81 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 82 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 83 - unlabeled miscellaneous sports negatives
Env. 84 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 85 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 86 - OFA football; Hammond High posed (Link, etc)
Env. 87 - Hammond High School football banquet ‘81
Env. 88 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 89 - 11/16/1981 Hammond High School; football vs. Boga.; banquet
Env. 90 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 91 - unlabeled miscellaneous sport negatives
Env. 92 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives including football
Env. 93- unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 94 - 12/14/1981 Bridge Club receiving check at Episcopal student center; DAR Anniversary tea-meeting; Ellen Anthony’s daughter with bike won from Pepsi; Ponchatoula Community concert; Southwood Academy cheerleaders
Env. 95 - Mayor’s Commission presenting plaque for handicapped; Bobbi’s Ice Cream place; Mug shot of Bruce Henderson; Magee’s Finance Co. Christmas Photo; Hammond High School girls basketball; New president Boy Scout Association; lady talking to students
Env. 96 - 12/16/1981 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Christmas decorations and babies playing; Daily Star Carriers Banquet for Christmas; Salvation Army presenting gifts to Belle Maison residents; Ponchatoula High School students entertaining children at hospital; other Christmas parties
Env. 97 - 12/17/1981 U.S. Post Office, Hammond; loading dock during Christmas rush
Env. 98 - 12/17/1981 Southeastern Louisiana University graduation; legal services advisory board; Tickfaw Mayor and Helen Miller with new house; Christmas Party at Hospital; choir; mug shot of Gena Sciortino; Directors of 1st Guaranty bank; Ben Williams at Experiment Station
Env. 99 - 12/18/1981 Children’s Christmas Party at Up and Away; Parade in Albany; Children singing at Belle Maison Nursing home; school play; Southwood Academy Mexican Christmas Party; Ponchatoula Elementary School Christmas program; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball
Env. 100 - Christmas Parade in Loranger; Christmas Parade in Amite; Up and Coming Christmas Party
Env. 101 - 12/21/1981 Housemann’s Jewelers; Cub scout pack 170 Christmas Party at Holy Ghost School; Carrier’s Christmas Party for Children Carriers; Children playing with display in mall; people painting window for Christmas
Env. 102 - 12/22/1981 Christmas ornaments for Ad; Hammond High basketball (boys and girls); Burned car in Manchac; Stereo presentation from Boy Scouts to Heritage Manor Nursing home; Quad Area Comm. Action Agency giving groceries away for Christmas; 20 ft. high bonfire in Springfield; boy with buck he shot; lady decorating a Christmas tree
Env. 103 - 12/23/1981 Danny Huber (carrier of the year); Christmas lights at night; Class of 1972 preparing for reunion; TARC children with Santa Clause; two men with package
Env. 104 - 12/24/1981 airport photos; Dugopolski family lighting candles; radio station contest winner; man shooting rifle
Env. 105 - 12/28/1981 construction work at University Center; Mr. Peco hoeing ditch for water
Env. 106 - 12/29/1981 playground at Woodland Park school; football field at Southwood Academy; Employees at McKneel Funeral Home; Hammond High basketball
Env. 107 - 12/30/1981 35 ft. bonfire in Independence; birds walking on railroad tracks; man with metal detector in Park; Steven P. Fedderly at his desk    
Env.  108 - 1/4/1982 Southeastern Louisiana University Basketball (girls); First Guarantee Bank; Special Olympics Telethon; Kids playing at Mooney Elementary School; Unemployment Office; Merco Building Supply employees; Education Rein at Dixie Motors; Hammond’s First Baby of 1982
Env.  109 - 1/5/1982 I-12 Highway Traffic; high school basketball- Amite vs. St. Paul, Springfield vs. Albany; Hammond’s New Year Baby; People in line at First Guarantee Bank; City Men loading Christmas Street Decorations in truck
Env.  110 - 1/6/1982 New road superintendent; mug shot of star employees; crowd of people at first Guarantee Bank
Env.  111 - 1/7/1982 Tucker Elementary School- Student winners; A Chef in a kitchen; A house on a barge; Sports awards, bass fishing; C.M. Fagan School; A group of ladies
Env.  112 - 1/7/1982 Joan Grosch School of Dance; Mr. St. Alexander (mug); bad roads with rain; C.M. Fagan Special School; Two Ladies with ERA book; Postmasters’ Retirement Party
Env.  113 - 1/8/1982 School Bus and Basketball playing on Pleasant Ridge Road; Basketball Action; Magic Show at Hammond; Jim Dick with Ham Radio; Walkers for Peace in Albany; Junior Auxiliary plans Ball
Env.  114 - 1/11/1982 Lowes Employees and Store; Mr. Thompson in Ponchatoula with ice covered tree
Env.  115 - 1/12/1982 Drug bust at Substation; Marion A. Peco with Strawberries; 2 men working at University Center; Wickes Lumber Company Employees; Ice Day- truck wrecks; Star employee; candid ice photos around town; fallen limbs, etc.    
Env.  116 - 1/13/1982 Independence Housing Authority; A&P Grocery Store; Southeastern Louisiana University Basketball; man sitting at desk
Env.  117 - 1/14/1982 Nash Roberts speaking; store fire on Thomas Street; Dr. Orr standing in front of downed Utility Pole; Ronnie Chauvin of Durham Pontiac
Env.  118 - Lowe’s Grand opening; locomotive in Ponchatoula; Basketball (High School girls); basketball (Southwood Academy)
Env.  119 - 1/16/1982 Leah Parnell Selling potatoes on Hwy 51; Ham Radio Show at Southeastern Louisiana University; High school basketball; photos taken at golf course
Env.  120 - 1/18/1982 Southeastern Louisiana University music faculty performance; Southeastern Louisiana University photo exhibit; Middendorfs’ in Manchac; The Manchac Bridge; high school basketball; Sheriff Layriss on talking at DAR meeting; Carl Monteleone (Pres. Chamber of Commerce); man sitting in lamp store; mug of Paul Gates
Env.  121 - 1/19/1982 high school and college basketball; cat sitting on carpet; Arbor Day parade; Baseball
Env.  122 - 1/20/1982 Indian dinner at All Saints Episcopal Church; Ronnie Jenkins at Home; Southwood Nursery; Radiology Clinic with New equipment; Ronnie at Fire Station #3; Contest Winner Mrs. Carter at Merco
Env.  123 - 1/21/1982 Holy Herbert at Southeastern Louisiana University; Chamber of Commerce annual meeting; Donkey Basketball in Independence; Southeastern Louisiana University girls basketball; Judge Debate with only one judge; meet packing plant; two girls watching track team at Southeastern Louisiana University
Env.  124 - 1/23/1982 J.A. Car wash; National Shopping Spree
Env. 125 - 1/23/1982 Auto Wreck; high school basketball; Hammond High Stage band; fishing winners; business and Pro. Women annual Mardi Gras Ball; planting at tree at Natalbany Middle School; special Olympics stuff
Env. 126 - 1/25/1982 Fire photo; Fagan school receiving check; high school basketball; Weather station at Amite; horse in front of house, man walking with suitcase; Lowes’ winner on riding mower; Wilson girl twirling baton
Env. 127 - 1/26/1982 Girl scout troop receiving check; Arts guild ladies; Volleyball and basketball; Lt. Governor talking to boy scouts; Gil Eagles/ psychic at Southeastern Louisiana University; Fire training at Zemurray Fire station
Env. 128 - 1/27/1982 TARC moving into new building; blood drive at Hammond High School; Zoologist with Jaguar and at Hammond Square; New Mormon church; Welding award winners at Southeastern Louisiana University; Fire in Ponchatoula and Fire at a person’s house; High School Basketball; Joe Davis Mug
Env. 129 - 1/28/1982 DAR planting a tree at Cate Square; New Mormon Church; Boys holding hornet’s nest; Mayor with proclamations for Holy Ghost school and DAR; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball    
Env. 130 - 1/29/1982 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; track meet; Apartment fire near college; Election ballot counting; Derailed train car; Southeastern Louisiana University student practicing rugby
Env. 131 - 2/1/1982 Pro- Boxing; Skat-a-thon at Roller Kingdom; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Head-on car crash near Baptist; Car in ditch; Joe Davis; Men’s basketball
Env. 132 - 2/1/1982 Kids with food; Group of ladies; Boy Scout meeting; Nurses at Belle Maison Nursing home
Env. 133 - 2/2/1982 Water flood photos; Senior Citizen eating at McDonalds; Food help in Loranger; Pro- Wrestling in Loranger
Env. 134 - 2/4/1982 Lady Lions Basketball; Hammond Cultural Foundation logo winner; Ronald McDonald House meeting at Belle Maison; Hayden Music ad photo; Girl scout group in seminar with dentist; Story time for little dudes at city library; CPR training for city police; Morrison Cafeteria employees; Amite/ Meeting about new jail, Amite High School Chorus; Golden Age Club, David Duhon; Ron Zaccari at Southeastern Louisiana University Clark Hall Gallery; Accident scene/ boy hit by bus
Env. 135 - 2/5/1982 Southwood Basketball; Special Olympics people watching Baton Rouge runner; Art Gallery at Clark Hall; Dance-a-thon at Hammond Square Mall; Students with mock shotgun; Carriers of the month for January; Senior Center photo
Env.  136 - 2/8/1982 fire photos/ apartment fire; Mailcar art gallery in Ponchatoula; Mr. Ambrusgalantai (handicapped) teaching his class; Soldier receiving mall; play at Southeastern Louisiana University
Env. 137 - 2/9/1982 Billy Able with award; Daily Star employees cleaning press; Coca-Cola triple cap winner; Villa West Club meeting to prevent crime; Goodyear Blimp over Hammond; Activity photo at Southeastern Louisiana University (students playing around); men with fish; males working out with weights; grand opening of beauty place in Vutera Plaza; pottery class for adults; basketball photos                     
Env. 138 - 2/11/1982 Mr. Frazer and associates receiving $6,000 check for the United Way; tutors at Youth Services Bureau; Independence High School student signing scholarship; Kevin Sharp signing scholarship; Hayden Music Co. Ad photos; Renaissance Banquet- preparation; Hammond Garden Club meeting
Env. 139 - 2/11/1982 Ric Abernathy of the Audubon Park Zoo in New Orleans; Skiing brothers at Town and Country Shopping Center; Mr. Moore and his junk yard; Southeastern Louisiana University students collecting money for leukemia; Link Award at Gasaway Architects office (Feb.); Hammond Square shopping center mall; PM magazine interviewing someone; Man holding up newspaper; Holmes Department Store; Man gymnast doing exercise
Env. 140 - 2/13/1982 Rugby Tournament at Southeastern Louisiana University; Baseball practice; city hall; Hammond High School basketball; First Guarantee Bank; Hammond Country Club; Hammond High School Chorus; Ricky Barksdale (mug)
Env. 141 -2/14/1982 cattle show in Amite; Amite Country Club; Southwood Basketball Tournament; Hammond Art Guild
Env. 142 - 2/15/1982 Ponchatoula Episcopal Church leaders; T.K. Value Co.; Hammond Dietetics Association; Crystal St. School history of Blacks program; TMCH Award (Burger King; TangipaH2Oa bumper sticker in water; Rain photos at the college
Env. 143 - 2/16/1982 Oil Wells in Ponchatoula; Easter Seals Skat-a-thon winners; Hospital photo; C.M. Fagan School with donation; Basketball action; Officer of the Year Banquet; Southeastern Louisiana University Library and McGehee Hall at Southeastern Louisiana University; firestone ad photo; Feature photos at Southeastern Louisiana University
Env. 144 - 2/17/1982 Renaissance Banquet; Hammond High School Tennis; Crises phone benefit publicity; C.M. Fagan receiving another check; Southeastern Louisiana University feature photos around campus; Southeastern Louisiana University Center; Student Union Construction at Southeastern Louisiana University; band trophy at Hammond High School ?;  Basketball players
Env. 145 - 2/18/1982 Merco Builders showroom; Hammond Mardi Gras Parade; Hammond High School basketball (girls); Mayor Pope and her newspaper articles; Antin- Quealy jewelry    
Env. 146 - 2/18/1982 Shadow growing up
 Env. 147 - 2/20/1982 Boxing in Loranger; Knights of Columbus proclamation; Hammond State School selling tickets for dinner; Serving dinner and check passing photo; Diamond rings at jewelry store
Env. 148 - 2/20/1982 Crystal St. School Mardi Gras Parade; Car wash at Hammond Square; New Computer System at Southeastern Louisiana University; Ponchatoula alligator; Armed robbery at Railroad Ave. Billups station; basketball action; two artist drawing Main St. In Independence; Girls basketball team in Independence; fishing winners
Env. 149 - 2/23/1982 Children playing in park at Cate Square; Belle Maison Nursing Home Mardi Gras parade; Amite Courthouse; Tony Anzalone at Durham Pontaic Truck Center; Brumfield Motors in Amite; Heritage Day planners at Cate Square; Mug shot of two men
Env. 150 - 2/23/1982 Ken Norton talking to Nurses at Holiday Inn; Cows in pasture; Hammond High School girls basketball players and coach; Community Action Agency giving away cheese; Citizens National Bank; Andrea Gregoire and Camille Kemp (mugs for Strawberry Queen); Antin Quealy ad photos
Env. 151 - 2/24/1982 Collective Bargaining vote for school teachers; Interstate Intersection at I-12 and I-55; Amite news scene; Antin Quealy ad photos; Basketball Action
Env. 152 - 2/24/1982 Policeman receiving diploma; Scenes around town for profile section; Lady sitting at a desk talking on the phone; Young couple that is going to get married; a cat
Env. 153 - 2/25/1982 Baseball- Independence High School vs. St. Paul; Basketball- Southeastern Louisiana University Lions vs. San Antonio; Square dancing at the Jaycee Hall; Lady who won $2000 at Winn Dixie in Ponchatoula; Miss Strawberry Queen contest; Hammond High School girls basketball; Jump rope-a-thon; Amite new photos; Man speaking behind a podium
Env. 154 - 2/27/1982 Crisis Phone Spring Fashion Show; Southeastern Louisiana University Basketball; City Men vacuuming up leaves in trash piles; Battery dump; Child playing in a room
Env. 155 - 3/1/1982 Blood drive at T. K. Value; Check presentation to Natalbany Volunteer Fire Station; Shoes for an ad; Beauty Contest Winners; Amite news photos; Superintendent Frank Parrino
Env. 156 - 3/2/1982 Children playing in park at Cate Square; Boy Scouts receiving awards; Can Crush- Holy Ghost School preparing for fair; Tom Watson at Country Club; High School Basketball Action; Lady Standing by sign- XXX J.A. Hall of Fame; Proclamation for clean-up week; ladies getting coins from fountain at Hammond Square Mall; group of men signing something; lady speaking to class of ladies; 7th Ward Hospital photos
Env. 157 - 3/4/1982 Battle of classes at Hammond High School; M.A. Bankston Co. With first strawberries of the season; Brownie Scout troop with Mayor in mayor’s office; Bike Carrier of the month; Fogg and Sims at a meeting; Southwood Academy’s girls state championship basketball team; The Swingsters at Belle Maison Nursing Home; 7th Ward General Hospital Photos; Indoor Volleyball photos
Env. 158 - 3/5/1982 T.V. movie being made in Springfield; D.r Levy at Southeastern Louisiana University; Children listening to stories at City Library; Heritage Manor Nursing Home award winners; AM track Train; Mayor signing proclamation for National Women’s Week; Natalbany Baptist School star basketball players; Auto wreck in Springfield; Police vs. firemen basketball game; Tumbling class in a gym; new computer being demonstrated at First Guarantee Bank
Env. 159 - 3/6/1982 Kids jumping rope at Eastside School; Miss Oyster beauty contest; Special Olympics winners at Hammond State School; Motor carrier of the Month; Couple engaged to get married; Art show at First Guarantee Bank
Env. 160 - 3/6/1982 Junior Auxiliary Charity Ball; Basketball action; flying kites at Southeastern Louisiana University; fishing winners; Mormon church open house; group banquet with candles; girl engaged to be married
Env. 161 -3/8/1982 New Trash containers being put on Thomas Street; Independence people with fresh strawberries; Wallace Simons jogging on S. Holly Street; Hospital photos; opening of art exhibit at Clark Hall at Southeastern Louisiana University; Charles Carter talking to group at Guarantee Bank; Bank Proclamation at City Hall; Annie Eastman students performing for nursing home residents
Env. 162 - 3/9/1982 Children playing at Clark Park; Albany Elementary School children with sign they made; ladies wearing fashions at Belle Maison Nursing Home; salesman of the month at Durham Pontaic; two ladies with proclamations; two men with fire department award; South Central Bell giving check to Youth Services Beauroext; Baseball game
Env. 163 - 3/10/1982 Kids playing Pac Man in Ponchatoula; Sculptur at Antin- Quealy; play on littering at Chrystal St. School; man with fish he caught; Hammond Garden Club; Italian Americans giving money to the Southeastern Louisiana University development foundation
Env. 164 - 3/11/1982 Art Lang speaking to group on space shuttle; Hammond High School practicing play “Once Upon a Mattress”; Hayden Music ad photos; Cultural Society Officers; Choir singing at First Guarantee Bank; Debbie Pope putting trash into brand new trash containers; First Strawberries of the season in Independence; Expo 82 at Hammond Square Mall; Town and Country Garden Club
Env. 165 - 3/12/1982 David Metzner talking to ladies about plastic surgery; Knights of Columbus with mayor about annual banquet; Proclamation for the Cattle Association; F.H.A. Energy for tomorrow; Big book sale at Hammond Square Mall; Science Fair at Southeastern Louisiana University; People with tickets for something; Tangi Farmers Cooperatives- Assn. Inc; man with award
Env. 166 - 3/15/1982 Man with big fish; ROTC adventure; Girl Scout parade; Boy with Giant Turtle; American Business Women’s Association; Flowers and things; Nicaragua Dude being interviewed; TMCH Award; Boy standing with trophy
Env. 167 - 3/16/1982 Spelling Bee and Candy Winners at Mooney School; Play rehearsal for Vanities; Fixing railroad track at Old Covington Hwy; TARC receiving tree; Girl and Guy playing tennis; McDonalds construction; Check passing at Tucker school in Ponchatoula; Houses on tour in Hammond (The College President House)
Env. 168 - 3/17/1982 Special Olympics bowling; Southeastern Louisiana University Baseball; Real estate people; Elvis Presley look a like winner; Amite Photos; Flowers and things; Natalbany Middle School Science Fair Winners; Lady custodians sweeping hall at Natalbany Middle School; Policemen Firemen Banquet; Little boy with giant trophy; Lanette Steward signing scholarship to Southeastern Louisiana University; Jim’s plumbing service; Tour of houses photos; Mongoose Day at the Daily Star
Env. 169 -3/18/1982 Concert at Southeastern Louisiana University; Joy drive in viewed from the street; Crosses on top of churches; sun set with flowers; Robert Baham planting a plant; car crash; man with award; boy with fish; people with turkey; race car; people sitting at a desk; Amite photos; Students teaching at Hammond High School; Dinner and Roast publicity photos and preacher being interviewed
Env. 170 - 3/19/1982 Lab School Art School; I-10 in Mobile near bay; Students at Natalbany Middle School in trashcans; Clean- up poster winners at First Guarantee Bank; Ronald McDonald Festival; 3 War World I Veterans; Oyster Festival in Amite; Clean- up drive in front of City Hall; Mardi- Gras parade award to Debbie Pope
Env. 171 - 3/22/1982 3rd Shuttle launch of the space shuttle Columbia
          3/23/1982 Pole Site at Southeastern Louisiana University; Beard Contestant photo at the Right Face; Coca- Cola plant after being sold to Daily Star; Annie Eastman school students Science Fair winners; Annie Eastman school students reading program; men with turkeys they shot; Clifton Charles Hoover with 14.5 pound bass he caught
Env. 172 - 3/24/1982 Circle- K Club helping retarded citizens ride horses; Link award; Strawberry wine fill in Ponchatoula; New Officers for F.H.A.; Couple engaged to be married; Doyle Brown (mug shot); E.J. Miller with walk-a-thon award; Hair stylist mug shots; Ladies with food and guest speaker showing slides; Speaker talking to group sitting on couch; Group of guys standing in a line
Env. 173 - 3/25/1982 Kiwanis Club citizens of Year; Holy Ghost School ticket selling drive; Brownie troupe with aquarium; Council on Aging Cert. Of Appreciation; Southeastern Louisiana University Baseball; Independence High School Teacher Appreciation Day; Trash; Ron Caruso
Env. 174 - 3/26/1982 Italian Queen Pageant Winners; Fire Department Annual meeting; man with turkey he shot; Chick fil-a manager; American Cancer Society people; Mr. Young’s farm and animals with first graders looking at animals; Special Olympics at Southeastern Louisiana University; Strawberry Ball in Ponchatoula; Redneck motor cross winner; St. Joseph’s school fair; Little Girl beauty contest in Independence; High School baseball
Env. 175 - 3/29/1982 People at Cate Square dressed up for Heritage Day; Pocket book and shoe for ad; Hammond Nursing Home preparation for “Rock and Roll”; Proclamation for handicapped week; Poster winners for clean up week; Pie baking contest preparation for Heritage Day; Bunch of negatives we couldn’t use
Env. 176 - 3/30/1982 Nigh time baseball; Broncing Bull of 1981 at Cefalo Colosseum; Man with the plans; Mayor Pope with group of black people talking discrimination; Golden Age Club (G.A.C’s) making Easter eggs for Nursing Homes;     Mayor Pope signing proclamation for cancer week; man with a dead turkey and a live dog; the number one team; 3 men with an award
Env. 177 - 3/31/1982 Ribbon cutting in Independence; Old Hardhide (alligator) in Ponchatoula; Elderly couple of people; Ladies exercising; First Presbyterian church in Ponchatoula; William Guste speaking to a crowd of people      
Env. 178 - 4/1/1982 Track meet; Southeastern Louisiana University Beauty Pageant; Jim Brown climbing up pole at Southeastern Louisiana University; Mayor of Gulfport at The Right Face; Rodeo opening night; man with turkey he killed; Easter play at Turker School in Ponchatoula; Group of people planting plants at Annie Eastman School; Girl engaged to be married; Dental School Graduates; Ladies in an exercise class; The Golden Age Club making a quilt; Garden of the month; American Legion awards to Holden students
Env. 179 - 4/2/1982 Rodeo at Southeastern Louisiana University; Clean City Judges looking at scrapbook; St. Joseph students learning about computers; Southern Quarter back club photo; Hammond High baseball; Pine Ridge Elementary School Chorus singing; Natalbany Middle School student with award
Env. 180 - 4/3/1982 Talent Show in Ponchatoula; Rock-a-thon in Hammond Square Mall; 4-H trophy winners in Amite; Art Gallery ribbon cutting in Ponchatoula; Mr. Edwards roast and dinner
Env. 181 - 4/5/1982 Strawberry fields in Ponchatoula; Southeastern Louisiana University Tennis team doing suicides; Baby contest winners; ROTC training at Southeastern Louisiana University; two guys getting a frisbee out of a tree at Southeastern Louisiana University; boy studying on campus; Mayor Pope going on a tour of Hammond Nursing Home; mug shots: George Lewis, Paul Gates, Mike Dowty, Neil Ralston, Lori Leitchman; baseball game
Env. 182 - 4/6/1982 Joe Bowman, Straight Shooter; Man sitting in penny arcade; Dance Contest Winners; Mayor with little boy; man with turkey; man sitting at a desk talking on the phone; woman of the year; New women’s club officers; Instalment of Officers of Delta Cappa Gamma
Env. 183 - 4/7/1982 Guys with turkeys; Loranger school play on teeth; Loranger school class on CPR training; Holy Ghost School meeting on their fair; School bus incident on 51 by-pass; Mr. T. Edwards; track meet; Annie Eastman School; Little Girl beauty contest winners; Motor carrier of the month; Ladies exercising class; Kim Mulkey with Mayor Pope for proclamation; Bicycle carrier of the month
Env. 184 - 4/8/1982 “The Master” at New Hope Baptist Church in Albany; Strawberry photos in Ponchatoula; Heritage Day poster; Durham Pontiac salesman of the month; Town and Country Beauty Salon; shoes for an ad; Rabbit cake and woman for Easter; R. Favre, Manger of Winn Dixie; Baseball and boy with Turkey; Man-size rabbit riding in a car; Little Miss Crescent City
Env. 185 - 4/9/1982 Mug shot of Mike Dowty; Easter Egg hunt in Pumpkin Center; Tycer Ready Mix for an ad; 3 ladies planting flowers across from Chamber of Commerce; Man and Woman at their house (various pictures around their house)
Env. 186 - 4/12/1982 House Trailer in ditch in Tickfaw; Boys fishing in Zemurray Park; New Poster for the Strawberry Festival; Dickie Lamp and his 60 feet sailboat he is building; Baseball; Elizabeth Lewis in her new office; Middle aged couple who rides bicycles everywhere; Mayor Pope with two ladies signing proclamation; 4 ladies standing together; Lady doctor giving a doll a shot
Env. 187 - 4/13/1982 Southeastern Louisiana University Student Union Construction; Baseball; Silver plate for ad; Lady with award; mug shots of people for an ad
Env. 188 - 4/15/1982 New Postmaster; 3 ladies with a check; Beta Club Officers at Hammond Jr. High; Cub Scouts in Natalbany receiving check; Heritage Day building photos; Welcome Hillis Downs; Girls with drawing of a balloon; man with turkey; Holy Ghost school fair preparation; Hammond High School Students making T-shirts for Heritage Day; Student Government Leader, Michael D. Richardson
Env.  189 - 4/15/1982 Jerre Worsham who was confirmed by the Catholic Church; Sarah Hunt talking to Senior Citizens about nursing homes; Balloon committee; Yvette Bernier, finalist in the 1982 Miss LA Teenage Pageant; Paul Hodges with his giant strawberries; Proclamation for National Women’s Week; D.H. Holmes department store photos; Jazz Concert at Southeastern Louisiana University; Ron Cox signing basketball scholarship; Cultural Foundations Heritage Day Play practice; Stop sign photos; Hair Works photos
Env. 190 - 4/16/1982 Crawfish boil at Villa West Cabana House; Lee Mack at Tootsi and Tiny’s beauty place; Golf Tournament; Inside of the train station; City Library with children reading books; Mayor Pope in front of Land of Sports; baseball; Ramada Inn/ man coming towards car/ cleaning ordeal; Buster’s in Amite/ couple that won contest; Lady holding up this years strawberry poster; track meet; People standing posed with drinks in hand
Env. 191 - 4/17/1982 Strawberry Festival photos; Joe Davis trying to look intelligent; Guy riding unusual bike; WHMD grand opening
Env. 192 - 4/19/1982 Power lines down on Hwy 51 because of fallen poles; poster contest winners; TMCH Award to the Mormon Church; Man dipping net into a trench; dogs lying on their backs; Miss Poppy pinning a poppy on Ponchatoula’s Mayor; Natalbany Baptist School prizes for walk-a-thon; Gingerbread house supplies for sale; Mayor’s Commission on the needs of women; Baseball and tennis
Env. 193 - 4/20/1982 7th Ward General Hospital Annual Cookout; Models at Penny’s; a shoe; highway photos; Ponchatoula High School players posing in front of the school; Sports personalities talking to a crowd; Children playing with worms; man standing in front of a mobile home; scholarship signing
Env. 194 - 4/21/1982 Italian Day museum in Independence; Elaine Partnow giving her new book to the Hammond Library; Auto wrecks in front of the Daily Star because of bad traffic light; Ribbon cutting at Levy’s; Real Estate award winners; Man with small model ship he built; Group of ladies standing for photo
Env. 195 - 4/22/1982 Holiday Inn Olympics; T-shirt day in Independence at Mater Dolorosa School; Heritage Day parade; Tom Costanza with the door he made; Brumfield employees; Rotary speaker; Speaker behind podium
Env. 196 - 4/23/1982 Book fair at Natalbany Baptist School; Drawing winner being drawn at Ponchatoula City Hall; Special surprise party given for National Secretary Week at Woodland Park School; Couple engaged to be married; groups of people holding up awards; track meet
Env. 197 - 4/24/1982 Italian Festival in Independence; Heritage Day in Cate Square; Heritage Day run; Ground breaking in Loranger
Env. 198 - 4/26/1982 Play rehearsal for 1000 Clowns; Earnest Collier mowing grass on Morris St.; Baseball
Env. 199  - 4/27/1982 Hot air balloon demonstration at the airport; stunt flying at the airport; Link Award; Models at Penny’s; Gymnastics; Charlie Kennedy at the 71 pound catfish he caught; Wheelchair donation at First Methodist Church
Env. 200 - 4/28/1982 Wreck on Wardline Road; Tennis players; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; Cookie Jar for ad; men with stuff for garage sale; flag raising at Mooney Ave. School; Independence Volunteer Fire Department banquet; Golden Age Club/ Benches at Chamber of Commerce
Env. 201 - 4/29/1982 Richard Pryer doing something for his new movie; old couple; tea pot, pen watch, hanger; baseball stuff; group of people standing being a table; den; Walk-a-thon at Natalbany Baptist School
Env. 202 - 4/30/1982 Play practice at Ponchatoula High School for Bye Bye Birdie; Holy Ghost School setting up fair; Henry Powell Junior; Physical fitness team at Natalbany Middle School; Activities at Holy Ghost School Fair; boy with cow; People with awards; Groups of people; man getting awards pinned on; Water slide    
Env. 203 - 5/1/1982 Fireworks show at Hammond Square Mall; Baseball
Env. 204 - 5/3/1982 Ducks and geese at Hammond Square Mall pond; young couple engaged to be married; little league baseball; man looking at diamond at Antin-Quealy; couple of people in the park
Env. 205 - 5/4/1982 Former Olympian Mr. Bowman; Town and Country carnival set up; New board members of the Hammond Arts Council; C.M. Fagan school receiving new books
Env. 206 - 5/5/1982 Farm Day for Kindergartners at Woodland Park School; mug shot for Big Jim’s Mobile Homes; Interior photos for Tour of Homes; Cub scouts pack 170; Carnival setting up a airport; Bank telling and clerical class being taught; ABWA women cleaning up parking lot; baseball; girl wearing Ponchatoula shirt; Girls mug shot who is engaged; group of women sitting behind a table; photos of houses and lots for ad; Ground Breaking in Loranger; Garden of the month; group of boys holding awards; Rotary Speaker Major Harvey Alsabrook
Env. 207 - 5/6/1982 Hospital photos for pictures page; Crawfish eating champion; Proclamations at the City Hall (take your pick); Pete Peavy giving a dog a shot for rabies; Motor carrier of the month; Mike Elliott at the airport with the plane he flies; group of people in the front of City Hall; Children on the floor with paper work; Man shooting an arrow from a bow; a lady in the middle of a wardrobe; A man and lady shaking hands; Sol with his vacuum cleaner; photo taken in the back of the Daily Star; Ribbon cutting
Env. 208 - 5/7/1982 Canceled balloon race in New Orleans; birds flying around on Pontchartrain beach
Env. 209 - 5/8/1982 Balloon festival at the airport; Air show at the airport; Mike Gaskin’s cat; Twirling show and contest at the Southeastern Louisiana University Lab School; sports photos; Lady getting flower pinned on for Mother’s Day; Bike carrier of the month; Hogan and Hogan Attorneys; Two award winners for band at Natalbany Middle School
Env. 210 - 5/10/1982 Independence High School math class that was in a walk-a-thon; a shoe for an ad; Lady and a boy with an award
Env. 211 - 5/11/1982 Six year old boy hit by car in front of Brady’s; Pouring cement on water lines on Highway 51; Scenes at the college, school is out; New McDonald’s hamburger place; sports teams of various places; Boy scouts mock trial; group of people sitting around a table; Jesus Name Holiness Church
Env. 212 - 5/12/1982 People standing in front of a restaurant; 7th Ward General Hospital open house; two men with a water snake they caught; Coach sitting at a desk; a band practicing; Junior Auxiliary ladies; TARC awards banquet        
Env. 213 - 5/13/1982 Valley forge High School Graduation; Mobile Home with roof that wind blew off; barber shop that car drove into; group of ladies; trash; mug shot of a valedictorian at a high school; a church; employees at WFPR; award winners; model of a house and two men with a basket of something; promo shot for bicycle rodeo; award winners at Belle Maison Nursing home; Turtle man with lots of turtle stuff; man with the plans; Men with Bell Peppers
Env. 214 - 5/14/1982 Policeman demonstrating arrest procedure; people looking at wrecked cars; choir singing and people with awards; Nurses checking blood pressure and breath test; Crystal Street school reading class play; Balloon Festival drawing contest winners; Capital Home Health Agency presentation
Env. 215 - 5/17/1982 Southeastern Louisiana University Graduation; Hammond High School graduation; Mayor Pope signing proclamation; Marco Polo articles for sale; mug shot of Dennis Gruse; mug shot of lady engaged to be married; Mayor Pope with group of ladies; Group of people listening to a speaker; man standing in the middle of a store; girl sitting on the floor eating crackers and beer
Env. 216 - 5/18/1982 Two men standing beside a tree; man standing with the boat he won; ;Area graduates from various schools; little league baseball; football practice; Senior league baseball
Env. 217 - 5/19/1982 Southwood graduation; Little Miss Hammond; man that won T.V. for having a balloon land in his yard; Mormon rescue plan at fire station #2 in Ponchatoula; mug shot of a man (wearing glasses); Bicycle rodeo at Hammond Square Mall; First Christian church; mug shot of a man (not wearing glasses); photos of a house; students at Tucker School in Ponchatoula (poster winner and French students); Holy Ghost Church; Frank Parrino being interviewed; Salesmen at Hammond Motors; Coke building; McDonald’s sign being put up; Scholarship winner of women’s club in Ponchatoula; Boy Scouts receiving flag at T.K. Value
Env. 218 - 5/20/1982 Independence High School Graduation; Ponchatoula High School Graduation; “Crime of the Century” Michael Kurtz autograph party; Hammond Jr. High students who are someone special
Env. 219 - 5/21/1982 Society for Creative Anachronism; books that children wrote at Southeastern Louisiana University Lab School; First peppers of the season in Independence; Hammond High School Spring Football game; two boys sitting in the back of a truck; Nursery school children playing at Southwood Academy; Graduation photos from area schools; men with a dead turkey; Southwood award winners (elementary); two ladies with flowers and plants; group of ladies standing behind a table; people working a VDT machine; Priest watching scouts and twirlers
Env. 220 - 5/24/1982 Fire in downtown Hammond; Group of women for Women’s Conference; Little Boy with moto cross trophy; Hammond Junior High Graduation; Women’s exercise class at Hammond Junior High
Env. 221 - 5/25/1982 Baseball action; business man signing a paper; girl holding a trophy; man standing in a warehouse; lady wearing a striped shirt holding a flower; ladies in the Mall with flowers
Env. 222 - 5/26/1982 Ponchatoula Junior High School Graduation; Women’s Conference at Southeastern Louisiana University; Lee Mack at Tootsie and Tiny’s; Salesmen at Chevy place on the by-pass; Rescue one vehicle with people standing around it; another graduation; New McDonald’s; Guy with balloons; Link Award; Burned down day care center
Env.  223 - 5/27/1982 Tangi Meats tour; Hammond High School cheerleaders; Children playing in the fountain at Cate Square; a man pointing his finger at a field; a shoe; a flashlight; a house; Little Miss Hammond; All kinds of sports teams; Ladies at First Baptist Church making crafts
Env. 224 - 5/31/1982 Memorial Day service at Springfield; Auto wreck; little league baseball; retiring nurse; luggage; people holding up a poster
Env. 225 - 5/31/1982 sports teams; stuff for women’s page; lady sitting at a desk writing; country school board members; Amite City board; Natalbany Bible School promo; Some people with an award; a beautiful girl; lunar leaves
Env. 226 - 6/1/1982 Carriers of the month; super woman working out with weights; Garden of the month; some tombstones
Env. 227 - 6/2/1982 Trailer fire in Pumpkin Center; Brush fire; a house; proclamation signing; group photo for an ad
Env.  228 - 6/3/1982 boys swimming at Zemurray park; Little league baseball at Zemurray Park; Teresa Ledbetter (New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders); man standing in front of a furniture store; McDonald’s receiving award from Boy Scouts; boy catwalking bicycle; couple engaged to be married; guy with trophies; man standing holding fish; two ladies holding plaques they won
Env. 229 - 6/4/1982 Little league baseball at Zemurray Park; McDonald’s grand opening; New York Jets vs. New Orleans Saints in basketball; Man painting sidewalk; people cleaning up around house; house that burned; baseball team pictures; John Carter kissing picture    
Env. 230 - 6/7/1982 Frame work at the student union at Southeastern Louisiana University; First day of summer school pictures at Southeastern Louisiana University; Turned over car in ditch near Ponchatoula; little league baseball; mug shot of Star Employee; mug shot of the Police Jury in Amite; mug shots of the City Council in Independence
Env. 231 - 6/8/1982 University Center at Southeastern Louisiana University; Arts Harley; Group of ladies (grip and grin); tidy Car people; Welcome to Hammond sing with new addition; model presentation (youth services bureau); new real estate agent holding up 100% test score; Ponchatoula American Legion hosting Miss Vets; Twins; Check passing in Independence; Garden of the Month; Little Miss Somebody; Man being upped in a police car
Env.  232 - 6/9/1982 Brush fire; Zemurray Park pool swim team; Rodeo Planners at McDonald’s; Little League baseball; Therese Patterson (Ponchatoula teacher)
Env. 233 - 6/10/1982 Dixie League baseball; Dixie league grip and grin; Levy building art display with artist; Children playing at water faucet at Zemurray Park; man sitting at a desk; man showing architect drawing of new Citizens National Bank; Men standing with wrecked cars; Ponchatoula City Council; Mr. And Mrs. Frazer
Env. 234 - 6/11/1982 Zemurray Gardens (armadillo); Little League baseball; L.P.Ns touring Belle Maison nursing home; Cow milking contest at Hammond Square Mall; Clean up day; Holy Ghost School new building being started
Env. 235 - 6/14/1982 New postmaster in Ponchatoula; little league baseball; two people in a store; log cabin that two boys built; flag raising; fire department with award; four men (grip and grin)
Env.  236 - 6/15/1982 Ducks at Zemurray Park; Baseball at Zemurray Park; YSB check passing; Christian Women’s Association at First Christian church; Torettes performing at Hammond State School; Man in front of a tray full of pastries; two men at a desk discussing something; Two people at a table outside
Env. 237 - 6/16/1982 Little league baseball; goat on Highway 51 south; Sean Gasgin playing with a cat; Lady Golf winners at Oak Knoll; Mr. Frazer with a check presentation; A man speaking to a group; a lady holding a plaque; two people with a plaque (real estate); an elderly lady with some papers
Env.  238 - 6/17/1982 John Notariano with his grapes; Sun flowers at Southeastern Louisiana University; Caves Enterprises with their first load of pipes; swimmers; music man rehearsal; Tennis camp at Southeastern Louisiana University; Dan Glazer speaks to hospice; Bryan Leonard at his desk
Env.  239 - 6/18/1982 Little league baseball; new bowling alley being worked on , men digging sewer lines; Little Miss Beauty Queen; Lions Club members; Group of children doing something; T.V. weather man talking to children at library
Env. 240  - 6/19/1982 “The Toy” being filmed at the Daily Star photos by Frank Williams
Env.  241 - 6/19/1982 “The Toy” being filmed at the Daily Star phots by Rich Gruse and Bruce Henderson
Env.  242 - 6/21/1982 flooded streets after the big rain; man with giant sunflower; man looking over wood molding; men with 25 pound carps they caught; TARC receiving a check for $500 from Internal Medicine Center; Lady with Yard Long string beans she grew; Used car for sale for ad; Girl engaged to be married
Env. 243 - 6/22/1982 flowers blooming in downtown Hammond; Buckskin Bill in Ponchatoula; Recreation Week Proclamation; Link Award at Shoe Center; Auto wreck in Amite; Little League Baseball; South Dixie Real estate; Welcome to Hammond sign
Env. 244 - 6 /23/1982 A Construction site; Room full of furniture; lady playing the guitar; a board meeting; play practice; book signing for Dr. Kurtz; women’s meeting in a library; people eating in a lunch room; lady standing in a room by herself
Env.  245 - 6/24/1982 baseball and ping pong; Star employees; group of young people doing something; a play being practiced; a man giving a lecture at the library; a man working a machine on a large object; two guys standing with trophies; a girl with a mouse
Env. 246 - 6/25/1982 a lady standing on a sofa reading; group dancing; band dancing picture of the flag section; man talking to a group of ladies; man playing the guitar to a group of kids; people playing tennis
Env. 247 - 6/26/1982 man playing pool; group picture with the mayor in it; the gazebo at Cate Square; John Block- Secretary of Agriculture
Env. 248 - 6/27/1982 STS-4 Colombis’ final test flight
Env. 249 - 6/28/1982 Train-car wreck; Little league baseball; two ladies with awards; 3 people posing; Bruce and Paul; Bruce’s house
Env. 250  - 6/29/1982 Little League Baseball championship game; Clowns at Hammond State School; man standing in a store; Downtown Ponchatoula; Real pit hickory Bar-b-q; Beauty Queen; a bug on the floor; a girl engaged to be married; lady with dolls in Ponchatoula; Youth Services Council Officers; Ponchatoula V.F.D. awards banquet
Env. 251  - 6/30/1982 Cheerleader camp at Southeastern Louisiana University; Oak Knoll swimming team; Jazzercise; Hammond State School- boy swimming; Girl with trophy- beauty queen; man standing with a car  
Env. 252 - 7/1/1982 New City officials in Tickfaw; Dixie League baseball final game; Pickets in Amite; Plaque presentation at Southeastern Louisiana University; Pollution in front of T.V. Cameras                                
Env. 253 - 7/2/1982 Fireworks at Town and Country shopping Center; Miss Poppy in Springfield; Mr. And Mrs. John’s and their pretty yard; Vacation Bible School at a local church; 4 people posing for the picture; Ready mix truck with people in front of it
Env. 254 - 7/3/1982 Boxing in Loranger; ERA rally in New Orleans’ Monuments
Env. 255 - 7/6/1982 Hammond City Council members; Camper wrecked on the highway; boy playing Pac Man in Ponchatoula; Dance Class; Two girls in an ice cream parlor; Boy Scout honors nights; New superintendent of schools; Team pictures for sports; someone being sworn it
Env.  256 - 7/7/1982 Ground breaking for new hospital; Promo photo for 1% sales tax increase with Mayor Pope; two boys with their train set; Flood waters in Ponchatoula; Photos of different photo labs
Env. 257 - 7/8/1982 “Music Man” play practice; Garden of the Month; Carrier’s party for carriers of the month; New employees at the Star; Man and Woman working on a computer; Oil Wells and oil rigs
Env. 258 - 7/9/1982 Depot Day in Ponchatoula; Lady signing book; churches for church page; boy standing with trophy; People standing holding up posters; Mayor Pope at a desk doing something; team pictures; rain
Env. 259 - 7/12/1982 House being moved in Ponchatoula; Old locomotive near old depot in Ponchatoula; baby contest winner; shoes; house trailer
Env. 260  - 7/13/1982 shed fire on Little Italy Road; girl engaged to be married; Art Gallery at Guaranty Bank; Group people picture- Kaite Wainwright Real Estate; Ponchatoula Mayor and associates; People putting line across Tangipahoa River; Two boys with fish they caught
Env. 261 - 7/14/1982 Flood on Blackburn Road; Construction work on Highway 51; New art exhibit being set up at the Levy Building; Ribbon cutting at Hammond Square for Golden Age Club; Up and Away awards Banquet; Garden of the Month; Beauty pageant with black girls; Overlooking the farm
Env. 262 - 7/16/1982 Sports: Offensive coach at Louisiana State University talking; Senior league baseball, Hammond All-Stars vs. St. Charles; Canoe race person with a trophy; Dixie youth playoffs
Env. 263 - 7/16/1982 Couple cooking; False alarm at Levy’s; Mug shot of a man for an ad; Oz Swallow, man from Africa; Two people in a store; Ground breaking for new Post Office in Tickfaw
Env. 264 - 7/17/1982 Mormon church in Ponchatoula being re-roofed; wasp next in Bruce’s Yard; man sitting at a desk for an ad; people being sworn in; Beauty Contest- Miss Poppy
Env. 265 - 7/19/1982 Funeral for the Iversines at Southeastern Louisiana University; Geese and duck at Zemurray Park
Env. 266 - 7/20/1982 Sports: Independence High School new weight room; Southeastern Louisiana University head coach speaking to group; Baseball team picture- Hammond All Stars; Softball team picture
Env. 267 - 7/20/1982 Governor Treen talking to Rotarians; Couple engaged to be married; The Golden Fryer manager with a chicken; Construction at the Southeastern Louisiana University College Union; Mug shot of Kathleen Donahue; Construction at Albany High School; New school board member, Kenny Ridgel
Env. 268 - 7/21/1982 Marshall Jackson diving at Zemurray Park pool; Ponchatoula’s Junior Miss; Concrete truck in ditch; New city sign in Independence; Springfield city hall and a tree that is split
Env. 269 - 7/22/1982 Funeral for fire chief; Donna Gay Borden; American Legion swearing in new officers; Martha Faller; Otto Kraft; House being moved down Highway 190
Env. 270  - 7/23/1982 Saul Cryer and his house with oak tree felled on it; Space day at Southwood School; Cheerleader camp; a shoe; Century 21 Banquet; Louisiana State University Booster club round-up
Env. 271 - 7/26/1982 Al Farrell and the pine tree that was hit by lightening; House on Cherry Street that had city work done to the driveway; Photos for women’s page, Altrusa International; Young boys boxing; People swimming; People playing basketball outside and tug of war; people standing by a car and by a pool
Env. 272 - 7/27/1982 New bowling alley being worked on; Phone man talking on the phone at a door; Vet. With a dog; Someone being sworn in
Env. 273 - 7/28/1982 Baseball
Env. 274 - 7/28/1982 New babies in hospital; Daily Star employees; a building with people in front for an ad; Link Award for July; Hugh Shows selling produce along the road; Hometown Hammond, looking north on Highway 51 at Hammond Square Mall; Old V.W. van with vines growing in it
Env. 275 - 7/29/1982 Ponchatoula Swingsters at Belle Maison Nursing Home; Wasp nest at Southeastern Louisiana University; Rick Settoon at The College; Preparation for opening of Bax; Frank Rick and his cranes on Highway 190; fire on Thomas Street at Bargain World; Chick-fil-a employees wearing T-shirt for Hammond; Hammond State School Softball team; Hammond All Stars baseball team at City Hall being honored
Env. 276 - 7/30/1982 Canoe race on the Tangipahoa River
Env. 277 - 7/30/1982 Balloon wedding at the Holiday Inn; car hit by a train
Env.  278- Springfield High School Football
Env. 279 - Amite High Football
Env. 280 - Doyle High School Football
Env. 281 - Southwood Academy Football
Env. 282 - Oak Forest Football
Env. 283 - Albany Football
Env. 284 - Football Tab- Loranger High School
Env. 285 - Kentwood Football
Env. 286 - Sumner High Football
Env. 287 - Hammond High School Football tab photos
Env. 288 - Ponchatoula High School Football tab photos
Env. 289 - Southeastern Louisiana University Football tab photos
Env. 290 - Independence High School Football photos
Env. 291 - Natalbany Football photos
Env. 292 - 8/2/1982 Rain photos around Hammond; two boys with a fish; dancing camp; a play; ambulance helicopter; two boys making stuff with clay; Lion’s Club receiving check; Little girl playing in the water; a man and woman painting
Env. 293 - 8/3/1982 mug shot of book exchange employees; proclamation; mug shot of Leslie Mabry; guys with rattle snake; warehouse; new paint store in Natalbany; mugs of George Lewis
Env. 294 - 8/3/1982 baseball practice; Jerry Stovall speaking to group (Louisiana State University’s football coach)
Env. 295 - 8/4/1982 Grand Opening of Hammond Tourist Center; Lady at Ponchatoula Tourist Center; Laura Lucas and her 99th Birthday; County agent meeting at Ramada Inn; Man and a woman in a field
Env.  296 - 8/5/1982 Robbery on Highway 51; Dixie Motors construction and new managers; new hospital construction; Hammond Nursing home volunteer awards; Old bowling alley destruction; small car wreck; man and lady in front of fashions. The Perfect 10.
Env. 297 - 8/5/1982 Hammond All Stars leaving for National Tournament; School buses being inspected at Zemurray Park; Garden Club Photo of New officers and members; Carrier of the month
Env. 298 - 8/6/1982 David Shepherd showing snakes to girl scouts; Fashion show at Holmes Department Store; TMCH Award of the month; Chick-fil-a presenting a TV to a lady; two men standing in front of freedom shrine; Department of youth services grand opening of their new building; Chick-fil-a presenting a check to a pregnant lady
Env. 299 - 8/9/1982 Press Conference at First Guarantee Bank; Tim Gautreaux and the pianos he builds; Ed Rushing sitting at a desk/ad photo; men doing resurfacing work on a road; engagement picture; man standing on a bridge; Story Lady Theater; People gathered around a bunch of gifts for a check presentation
Env. 300  - 8/10/1982 Dixie Lee Ross crawling on the floor at First Presbyterian; New members of the order of the arrow (boy scouts); mug shot of Sue Scott; Trip winner at McDonald’s; $500 check presentation for locomotive in Ponchatoula; Barbara Rogers
Env. 301 - 8/11/1982 Football practice at Ponchatoula High School; Football practice at Hammond High School
Env.  302 - 8/11/1982 First Guaranty Bank struck by lightening; men working on the University Center; meetings at Hammond High School
Env. 303 - 8/12/1982 Sports: pool players
Env. 304 - 8/12/1982 Zemurray Park pool underwater photos; First Assembly of God; A Queen; mug shots of the lady at the diet center; pre-school school
Env. 305 - 8/13/1982 Hospital helicopter; House fire that killed one; lady with problem ditch; Class reunion; Holmes fashion show for kids; Ground breaking for the 1984 World’s Fair; Swearing in Ceremony; Mayor Pope holding up a shirt
Env. 306  - 8/16/1982 Natalbany Baptist Church (Nursery School); Women’s meeting; Two boys sitting on some steps; bees on some flowers (killer bees)
Env. 307 - 8/17/1982 snake (cobra) killed in Robert; BBQ promo photo for Happy Woods Church of God; Ladies meeting a Ponchatoula First Methodist Church; Potholes in the streets of Ponchatoula
Env. 308 - 8/18/1982 Ponchatoula Council Meeting; Ponchatoula Alderman; Independence Army reunion; Ponchatoula Fire; Banquet at Holiday Inn for Parish Industry; Exercise class at Ponchatoula Community Center; Ambulance Inspection by Coroner
Env. 309 - 8/19/1982 Walgreens grand opening; Ponchatoula spotlight- Wilton Bourque; Mayor Pope with men in Front of Ambulance; Construction in Ponchatoula at shopping center; teacher orientation at Southeastern Louisiana University; Carol’s fashion store
Env. 310 - 8/20/1982 Man hit by train in Ponchatoula; Line down on street in the rain; Students sitting at desk working; Lady sitting at desk working; Lady sitting at a computer and man holding something; mug shot of a lady
Env. 311 - 8/21/1982 Rodeo; New Antique Store- The Gargoyle; Boy Scouts directing traffic; shopping spree; Road construction; New USA Auto Parts store construction
Env. 312 - 8/23/1982 Young man kicking soccer ball; Upside-down Flag at Courthouse; “Welcome Back” sign at Hammond High School; Sink holes in the street in Ponchatoula; A group picture; Natalbany Cheerleaders (Varsity); Trash dump in city limits; 3 men with Bass that they caught
Env. 313 - 8/24/1982 Fire Drill; Car wash at Hammond High School; Dog of the month; Link Award; ERA Realtors; Students feeding teachers at Hammond High School; Wood working shop (People making things with wood); Golden Age group making things
Env. 314 - 8/25/1982 Oak Ridge First Days of School photo; Check presentation at First Presbyterian Church; New Officers for Columbia Theater group; 4-H Convention at Ramada Inn; People eating; Ambulance Service Award; Natalbany Junior Varsity Cheerleaders
Env. 315 - 8/26/1982 Southeastern Louisiana University Lionettes practicing; Rooster Red’s Saloon; Fletcher Motors Used Cars; Dead Cow at the Dump
Env. 316 - 8/26/1982 Sports: Saints- Pre season game in New Orleans
Env. 317 - 8/27/1982 Football Jamboree at Strawberry Stadium; new parking lot being bulldozed; Johnny paycheck singing at the Rooster Red’s Saloon; people at a meeting
Env. 318 - 8/28/1982 A man and his dog; volleyball; Road Construction; Two ladies standing by a tree; trash dumpster; people working on a door; A country and Western singing group at a birthday party
Env. 319 - 8/30/1982 Bridge out on Orange Street; Vandalism at Woodland Park School; Burning marijuana plants; A man standing by a palm tree; sink hold being dug up
Env. 320 - 8/31/1982 Vandalism at Woodland Park School; Lady with glass in tire; New tower in Ponchatoula; Man riding bike down street with aluminum cans; 82 year old man working generator; man singing/ women’s page; Economist speaking to Kiwanis group; 3 people standing talking; gas pump    
Env. 321 - 9/1/1982 Car wreck on Thomas Street; Paving road in Livingston; Maurin and Piazza ad photo; Dance studio photo ad; Two men with marijuana plants; group of ladies gathered around a box; mayor stirring soup
Env. 322 - 9/2/1982 new roof being put on Cefalu Coliseum; New Taco Bell being built; Ad picture for Rooster Red’s; State students talking to American Legion; Holly’s house being built; Reading program at Crystal School; Shoes for an ad; Garden of the month; Construction
Env. 323 - 9/3/1982 Sports: High School football from around the area
Env. 324 - 9/3/1982 “Take Stock in America” Sign; Factory Outlet Store; people washing windows; T.V. soap stare at Hammond Square Mall; Men welding on a tractor; girls working on a computer; Hair works ad photo; Hair being cut- The Great American Hair Company; People looking at paintings
Env. 325  - 9/7/1982 Grass mower at Southeastern Louisiana University Dormitory; Reroofing Cefalu Coliseum; School signs hidden from view at Woodland Park; New building structure at U.S.A. Auto Parts; two men standing by a fireplace; Kiwanis speaker; 4 men holding plans in front of road construction; Blood pressure being taken at Senior Citizen Center; Ponchatoula museum with 175 year old blanket
Env. 326 - 9/8/1982 Coke plant being remodeled for Daily Star; Church conference in New Orleans
Env. 327 - 9/9/1982 Holiday dorm meeting; New Officers for LTBA at Levy Building; Girl Scouts receiving honors in Ponchatoula; Brass stuff for Ad; Kids coming out a backdoor; Jonathan riding a bike; Clearing lot for doctor’s office; people cleaning up lot
Env. 328 - 9/10/1982 Sports: Area High school football action
Env. 329 - 9/10/1982 Plane crash in Amite; Gun safety course; people painting; Grandparent’s Day at Holy Ghost School; Lady who won quilt at Belle Maison Nursing Home
Env. 330 - 9/12/1982 Pro-football Saints vs. Cardinals
Env. 331 - 9/13/1982 New Tickfaw Mayor; Turner Browne and his photo exhibit at Southeastern Louisiana University; New Officers for Alumni Club at Natalbany Baptist School; Motor Carrier of the month; Amanda Smith- Edwards and her frame shop; Ladies meeting (negatives out of focus); voting recount; 3 people posing for the camera; Women’s meeting
Env.  332- 9/14/1982 Students collecting money on Railroad Ave.; Diane Martinez and her daughter; New Volunteers at Independence Hospital; TMCH award at HiHo Sam’s on the Bypass; P.M. Magazine at the Right Face; Railroad tracks by the country market in Ponchatoula; Man with giant sweet potatoes; group of girls (cheerleaders)
Env. 333 - 9/15/1982 Big Pipe construction work on Highway 51 North; Elaine Partnow speaking to a group of people
Env. 334  - 9/16/1982 Jail wedding; Southwest Explosive storage; Manchac Volunteer Fire Department; People standing around near a truck; Homecoming court for Southwood; Accountants meeting at Holiday Inn; Children cutting a cake; House being moved on Highway 190; Air force cake giving to Collins Banicard; pot plants
Env. 335- 9/17/1982 Amite pipe work; Oktoberfest sign being put up; House fire; Car wreck; Senior Citizen bowling League; Road construction in Amite; Carrier of the Month; Chris Miaovlis speaking to group on marriage
Env. 336 - 9/17/1982 Area High School Football
Env. 337 - 9/18/1982 Woman artist with exhibit at Holiday Inn; Man showing little boy how to shoot; Kathleen Donahue in various positions
Env. 338 - 9/20/1982 House fire on Holly Street; Chairs for an ad; mugs of 2 ladies for Beauty Shop; narrow road; Rail worker going on strike; group of people holding photo; Handing out cheese
Env.  339 - 9/21/1982 construction week at Southwood; New PTA officers; Clearing lot on Church Street; Link Award; Moon over Holy Ghost Cross; man sitting by a piano; 3 ladies with book Volunteer Manager; ladies having a tea at Woodland Park School; Mini league football team pictures
Env. 340 - 9/22/1982 putting up traffic light at Hazel and Church Street; Hammond Motors Ad photo; Southeastern Louisiana University Student Union Construction; Knights of Columbus photos; men painting a house; thin negatives (some sort of hospital looking scene); typing class at St. Joseph school; New skylight at Southeastern Louisiana University student center; church looking ceremony
Env.  341 - 9/23/1982 Hammond High School vs. Baker High School football
Env.  342 - 9/23/1982 Southeastern Louisiana University Pep rally for First Home game; dogs of the month; Loranger High School homecoming court; Debbie Pope with Proclamation for First Lady of Hammond; Tastee Donuts; Debbie Pope at Senior Citizen Health fair; Lady Fire person; Car wreck
Env. 343  - 9/24/1982 Two men standing in front of a chart; Ponchatoula Greenies (football); new store-Large sizes for women; two men standing in the road looking at a chart; ladies sitting around a table; library promo for book fair; Ponchatoula City Council; Meeting at Southeastern Louisiana University Lab School; A pot
Env. 344 - 9/24/1982 Friday Night High School football
Env. 345 - 9/25/1982 Bass fishing contest in Manchac; Lady with a baby; ladies behind a table full of gifts; ribbon cutting; Man sitting in a stadium; truck on pothole road; magic show
Env. 346 - 9/25/1982 Southeastern Louisiana University Football vs. Lumberjacks Southeastern Louisiana University-0 vs Lumberjacks- 30
Env. 347 - 9/26/1982 Sunday afternoon soccer
Env. 348 - 9/27/1982 Brumfield Motors ad photo; Merco Builders- T-shirt promo; Ponchatoula Junior Miss; Man making pizza; Oasis- lady with her plants
Env. 349 -9/28/1982 Train wreck and explosions in Livingston
Env. 350 - 9/29/1982 Fatal Car wreck with train; Junior league football; Bevos- new store; Guys sitting around a table playing cards; men cooking Jambalaya; people crowded around a typewriter
Env. 351 - 9/30/1982 Hammond High School Football
Env. 352  - 9/30/1982 Rotary Club; Reading thing; Square dancing at Hammond Square; New picture  shop in the mall; ladies making a quilt; 2 guys with horns; Railroad work
Env. 353 - 9/30/1982 A fire; ladies sitting in a golf cart; coastguard; Flag raising; people looking at T.V.; 4 people; dog contest; 3 people
Env.  354 - 10/1/1982 Darlings Body Fashion in Kentwood; Torettes at Belle Maison Nursing Home; Car wreck; Oktoberfest; New Neighborhood watch; 3 ladies with a calendar; Explosion in Livingston; Trash truck in front of Brooks restaurant
Env. 355 - 10/1/1982 Friday Night Football
Env. 356 - 10/1/1982 New Hospital addition; poster contest; Coffee commercial being filmed; people waiting in line to buy tickets; new university center being toured; Delchamps Bonds being signed; painting of some ducks; gingerbread house ladies
Env. 357 - 10/1/1982 Railroad Tracks with billowing smoke
Env. 358 - 10/2/1982 Southeastern Louisiana University Football vs. S.W. Texas
Env. 359 - 10/2/1982 Farm pictures (man feeding chickens); photos at Livingston road block; “I survived the great Livingston derailment” T-shirt; fashion show; Southeastern Louisiana University Rugby; Art show; Little girl beauty contest; 3 men; replacing a utility pole
Env. 360 - 10/4/1982 New Stores in the mall (business page); Hammond High School girls holding up Bike-a-thon sing; little girl holding trophy; Ponchatoula students who cleaned “Hammond” sign; press running on 10,000+; Angel’s place; Cate Square prepared for Chamber of Commerce birthday party; People in a restaurant; group of people for society page
Env. 361 - 10/5/1982 The Amite Parish Fair; Circus being set up at the mall; Hammond High School Football practice; Chamber of Commerce birthday party at Cate Square; Loranger High School group; Hammond Seafood house; poster group at City Hall; Balcony house and restaurant; Ladies holding up Pac Man Calendar
Env. 362 - 10/5/1982 Volleyball; people standing in front of a building (maybe a bank)
Env. 363 - 10/6/1982 Circus at Hammond Square Mall; Homecoming Court for Hammond High School; Carrier of the month; 2 boys at Holy Ghost School with Trophies; 2 people in a kitchen; broken window of Daily Star
Env. 364 - 10/7/1982 Fire drill at Southeastern Louisiana University lab school; Bill Spence Birthday party; Proclamation for Knights of Columbus; lunch awards for Holy Ghost school; Tucker School little girl who named alligator; Diet Center ad photo; William Guste speaking on United Way
Env. 365 - 10/8/1982 Friday Night High School Football
Env.  366 - 10/8/1982 Springfield Anniversary with horse drawn carts; Fair and Parade in Amite; Book Fair at the City library; Carrier of the month; E.T. trying to phone home; Damaged rail car coming down Livingston tracks; Ambulance service activities
Env. 367 - 10/9/1982 lady making mark with paper; clerk of court stuff; ladies making a quilt
Env. 368 - 10/9/1982 Southeastern Louisiana University homecoming game and dance and parade
Env. 369 - 10/11/1982 Fashion show; Belle Maison Nursing home blue ribbon winners; check presentation; food on a counter for restaurant tab; Wendy’s; Brumfield Motors Ad; Lady sitting at a computer            
Env. 370 - 10/12/1982 People going back into Livingston; “Play” practice at the Columbia Theater; A group of ladies; Yogi bear; Burned up house
Env. 371 - 10/13/1982 Little League football; Lady with the mask; proclamations; Area Homecoming courts; Hammond Seafood; Hammond State School softball team; The Craft box art gallery
Env. 372 - 10/14/1982 Susan Blood at Ramada Inn; Little Marie’s Restaurant; girl with trophy; man standing behind a counter; E.T. with a lady; man cutting a chicken; boy with rattlesnake; proclamation signing
Env. 373 - 10/14-15/1982 Area High School football
Env. 374 - 10/15/1982 A party; men arrested for Livingston derailment; Fireman showing fire extinguisher; people sitting at a table; a speaker
Env. 375 - 10/16/1982 Mask party; Tommy’s Pizza; Covered wagons; Springfield Birthday Party; Strawberry Patch; Man in a kitchen
Env. 376 - 10/16/1982 Southeastern Louisiana University Football- Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Texas Southern
Env. 377 - 10/19/1982 Ladies doing paper work (Women’s page); Amite Chamber of Commerce; Four people looking at clothes; group pictures; boy scout group; man leaning over in car; Cemetery vandalism
Env. 378 - 10/20/1982 House fire; hospital check presentation (Lallie Kemp); St. Joseph Church father playing guitar
Env. 379 - 10/18/1982 Brumfield Motors Ad; Restaurant guide photos; Woodland Park School Activities; Mayor Pope receiving an award (citizen of the year); New housing project; Girl Scouts lighting candle; Women’s activities for Women’s page; Old V.W. Van in the weeds
Env. 380- 10/21/1982 86 year old man in plane; Children visiting fire department; East side School classroom with bad roof; Ad photos for Brumfield used car; Homecoming courts of various schools; Women’s page photos
Env. 381 - unlabeled football pictures
Env. 382 - February Twister
Env. 383 - Christmas Twister              
Env. 384 - April Twister
Env. 385 - Hammond High School Twister School Newspaper
Env. 386 - 10/22/1982 Weekend Car wrecks with fatalities; Speaker at Southeastern Louisiana University; buy a library legacy; people looking at paintings; Gymnastics at McDonald’s; four ladies; Garden of the Month; rope ladder climb
Env. 387  - 10/22/1982 Friday night Football
Env. 388 - 10/24/1982 Ponchatoula Volunteer Fire Department receiving check; new library construction at Southeastern Louisiana University; Poster contest winners; boy shooting a gun; Halloween proclamation in Ponchatoula; Cub scouts with new uniforms
Env. 389 - 10/25/1982 Southeastern Louisiana University Lion Basketball practices
Env. 390 - 10/26/1982 Carnival; reception at Holiday Inn; Smoke near Manchac; Wind chimes for Marco Polo; “Just Divorced” car; three people behind a desk; Lot #1- R.W. Smith Builder; Little League Football; Mr. Universe in Amite; Puppies of the month; burned up railroad cars; Women’s page photos
Env. 391 - 10/27/1982 Jazzercise Class at Southeastern Louisiana University; Hammond State School Trick of Treaters; Bike-a-thon prizes; St. Joseph Church pastor; Lallie Kemp Hospital Award; Construction work in Amite; E.T. in the news room; C.M. Fagan School Halloween photo
Env. 392 - 10/28/1982 Flea Market photos; Seven people sitting and standing behind a table; Classroom scene with Debbie Pope; Tucker school releasing balloons; Pizza Inn Kindergarden party; Library scene; Hammond High School art class with unusual sculptures; Man at podium (Rotary)
Env. 393 - 10/28/1982 Area Homecoming Courts; Group picture in front of a church; Brumfield motors ad photos; Clothing store ad photos; Garden of the month/ Group of Ladies; bazaar; Ladies working on a quilt; A people standing for the camera; Little league football
Env. 394 - 10/29/1982 Auto wreck complete with horses; Halloween stuff from around the area; E.T. visiting St. Joseph’s School; Debbie Pope with proclamation; Toys by Roy for business page; Link Award at Super Bowl; three people on bikes for bike-a-thon; tutoring class at Y.S.B.
Env. 395 - 10/30/1982 Beaux fantasy Ball; Ground breaking; band contest at Southeastern Louisiana University; Halloween Stuff; house coming down the road
Env. 396 - 10/29/1982 Friday night Football (Hammond High School Thursday Night)
Env. 397 - 11/1/1982 People voting; Coke plant; Holmes Toy store and Fashions; Pnie Ridge School Students parading YES; Hammond State School fire prevention awards; Ladies at American Filtration systems; Three people talking; gathering
Env. 398 - 11/2/1982 Hammond High School All State Choir; Lady in Ponchatoula Country Market who makes bread; Team pictures of the Eagles; two men and a plaque; man filling out a form; a baby on a desk; Joe Davis Drinking coffee; three people in an office working
Env. 399 - 11/3/1982 House that burned in Baptist; Junior High Football game; Brumfield Motors Car Ad photos; House moving down Highway 190; Car that was hit by a train; Louisiana Day at the Lab School; Principal’s being honored at Murphy’s Seafood
Env. 400  - 11/5/1982 High School Football
Env. 401 - 11/6/1982 Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Southern
Env.  402 - 11/8/1982 Trucks and Tractors in Dirt; United Way Billboard; Baby and People playing checkers; Old People making things; People working inside of building; kids with posters; bike-a-thon; Survey class; man with picture; boy scouts                
Env. 403 - 11/9/1982 Ponchatoula Gymnastics; People in front of window; male mug shot; mental health party; Humane Society; Priest and Nuns; Chello Player; Southeastern Louisiana University Center Concert; Cadillac and Boy; Artist and paintings; The One and Only “Stuffed Buffalo”; Marco Polo Ad; Garden of the Month
Env. 404 - 11/10/1982 kids with computers; Durham Sales man of month; Woodland Park Principal;  Albany Mayor- Police chief; Little Girl and Old Lady; Girl basketball; group with award; Football; Cefalu Soccer
Env.  405 - 11/10/1982 New Daily Star Presses; Presses being unloaded
Env. 406 - 11/11/192 Boy with Kitten; New sports store in mall; Columbia Theatre Players’ Patron Party; Durham Auto Salesmen; Cefalu new roof; Children getting milk; Puppet with books; Marco Polo Ad; Southeastern Louisiana University Campus and people
Env. 407 - 11/12/1982 People between flags; group of three; soldiers and flags; new sports store; Arts and Craft ladies; Statue presentation; flag pictures; three girls
Env. 408 - 11/12/1982 Prep Preseason basketball- Rockets, Hammond High School, Albany
Env. 409 - 11/15/1982 Walmart construction site; Basketball mugs (team pictures); voting photos; Little girl beauty contest; mugs of a girl
Env. 410 - 11/13/1982 Prep football playoffs
Env. 411 - 11/15/1982 Prep basketball- Hammond High School Tournament; Parents without partners; pumpkin man; Pac Man Tournament; New Ponchatoula Bank; New Commercial Park; Man with airplane; Hammond Square Art Show; Sigma Phi Tea meeting
Env. 412 - 11/15/1982 Grow is here (children with poster); a house; basketball action; people holding trophies; building on fire on East Church Street; Tennis Action; Hush Puppy for Ad; Bank Construction in Ponchatoula; Chateau village
Env. 413 - 11/16/1982 President Reagan in New Orleans
Env. 414 - 11/16/1982 A group picture; baby with a trophy; football players with a coach; three people playing band instruments; play at Southeastern Louisiana University; ladies with a quilt; kids with a check; Animals shelter animals; Southeastern Louisiana University Basketball action
Env. 415 - 11/17/1982 Watch security program at Hammond Square; lady in Ponchatoula with old house; Four year old kindergarten having Thanksgiving feast; picture frames; museum in Ponchatoula with sculptures; Belle Maison Bazaar promo; Six students standing on steps
Env. 416 - 11/18/1982 High school basketball; Southeastern Louisiana University band practice; little boy with giant Christmas stocking; a party- people with balloons, etc; Coke building construction; two girls behind a counter making sandwiches
Env.  417 - 11/19/1982 High school football- Independence play off; Albany High School football Banquet; Eastside School students eating; flag raising ceremony; six people looking at Books on a table; little boy with trophy; shooting range
Env. 418 - 11/20/1982 Parish fair; New piano at Levy Building; People holding up a video computer system; fire; Kids at Holiday Inn sliding down slide; four ladies with a check; check passing at Independence American Legion; Natalbany Baptist School Thanksgiving lunch
Env. 419  - 11/21/1982 New Orleans Saints Football; man in a garden; Little girl with a trophy; people at a desk
Env. 420 - 11/22/1982 play practice at Hammond High School; girl with toy Pelican; boy and girl with giant cauliflower; two nurses at Bell Maison who attended a workshop; J.C. Penny employees; Ku Klux Klan in front of the Daily Star; Elaine Partnow helping kids with play practice; horses in Ponchatoula
Env. 421 - 11/23/1982 Turkey; Construction at the Coke Plant; Ribbon cutting at new Industrial site; City Christmas tree being put up; Ponchatoula Country Market; Chemical dump in Livingston; a restaurant in Ponchatoula; large family in Ponchatoula; Award winning salesman at Ross Downing Chevy
Env. 422 - 11/25/1982 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; fire on Highway 190; Youth Service bureau house; locked doors; little Miss Ebony; Coach Strange; Walmart; girl with a poster; policeman in front of City Hall
Env. 423 - 11/26/1982 Santa Clause visiting Mall; Santa Clause at Town and Country; special Olympics float; Ad phot for T- Marie’s; link Award; Independence High School basketball; Valley Forge State Championship Football            
Env. 424 - 11/29/1982 Ladies Tennis Team; Basketball Tournament Action at Hammond Jr. High; Ad photo- T- Marie’s- Lady wearing outfit; All State football players
Env. 425 - 11/29/1982 Southeastern Louisiana University Basketball boys and girls
Env. 426 - 11/30/1982 Renovation of Depot in Independence; All District football players in Independence; Ad photos for the Range; Play practice at the Levy Building; Walmart Lake; Twirler in front of a Strawberry Patch; man driving a clown car; Rodeo clowns with a barrel; Hammond High School Basketball Action
Env. 427 - 12/1/1982 Southeastern Louisiana University Basketball- boys and girls; A field; A machine (tractor) in a field; Junior Belle Oaks Garden Club decorating a Christmas Tree at the Library; Mayor Pope receiving The Book of Mormon; a man
Env. 428 - 12/2/1982 Christmas Parade
Env. 429 - 12/3/1982 High School Basketball; Youth Service Bureau receiving a check; Mock Disaster at Holy Ghost School; Tree fallen on car; Car wreck in front of Daily Star; Lady holding snakes; Bax- Ad shot; New t-shirt shop in mall
Env. 430 - 12/4-5/1982 Saints football in New Orleans; Check passing by Lioness Club; Check passing, 3 people; four people at library at a table; Super bowl; Kids singing; mug shot of a man
Env. 431 - 12/6/1982 Independence Mayor receiving Checks for Depot; Water leak in street in Independence; Dance class; “Little Miss” photo; Verna Magee at Guarantee Bank; Construction photos; Special Olympics Volleyball
Env. 432 - 12/7/1982 Hammond High School Basketball; Brownies receiving check; Conservation Essay winners; Lallie Kemp hospital painting; Boy scout Ceremony; Ballet Dancer; KKK at City Hall; Sam Pigno and friends
Env. 433 - 12/7/1982 unlabelled envelope, but it is continued from the previous 12/7/1982 envelope
Env. 434 - 12/8/1982 Bax’s Ad photos; men putting in underground cable; 3 people passing check; First financial Ad photo; a house; underexposed pictures
Env. 435 - 12/9/1982 Ponchatoula Christmas Parade; Marco Polo Ad photo; Brumfield Motors Ad photos; Kiwanis Christmas Trees; Daily Star Construction at Coke Plant; Eddie and his cake; 3 men selling greens; New real estate officers
Env. 436 - 12/10/1982 Amite Christmas Parade; E.T. in his space ship; Ace Hardware store grand opening; Ad photo for beauty place; toys for Hammond State School; Magee Finance Ad photos; three car auto wreck; A Christmas Party    
Env. 437 - 12/11/1982 Two men on bikes; a man standing with a painting; bird perch at Guarantee Bank; People in an office eating; Band practice; Jolly Cholly’s; antique house on Range Road; Boy Scouts being honored; Santa with some children
Env. 438 - 12/13/1982 Southeastern Louisiana University boys basketball; A duck in the parking lot; Fagan Drive; Brownie Scouts at Hammond Nursing home; Heritage Day poster publicity shot; New Road Construction in Tickfaw; man raking up trash; man standing front of a fire truck; man with crawfish
Env. 439 - 12/14/1982 High School girls basketball; belly dancer; torettes; All district football players; Southwood computer dating service; Boy scouts at Belle Maison; McDonald’s Bowl-a-thon winners; Women’s page photos
Env. 440 - 12/15/1982 Janet Guthrie signing autographs; Mater Dolorosa Christmas play; Ad photos- car and a van; Fletcher motors; some shoes; Ponchatoula spotlight; Hammond Junior High Christmas Party; Women’s page photos
Env. 441 - 12/16/1982 Southeastern Louisiana University Boys basketball    
Env. 442 - 12/16/1982 Mr. Eckerd at Hammond Airport; Opening of Fagan Road; Construction; Christmas Party for Retarded Kids; Christmas Party at C.M. Fagan School; Historic house now on National Register; Independence football banquet; First Baptist Church of Ponchatoula singing at Belle Maison
Env. 443 - 12/16/1982 Coke Plant photos; Two students with horns; two people with award; mugs of some people; A Christmas Party (Women’s page); Students with canned goods; First Assembly of God Christmas program; Mooney Ave School Christmas program; Holy Ghost School Christmas Program
Env. 444 - 12/17/1982 Southeastern Louisiana University graduation; High School Basketball; Albany Christmas parade; man with a snake; Special Olympics at Southeastern Louisiana University; Lady dancing
Env. 445 - 12/18/1982 A Christmas Parade; man with a dead deer; man with a dead fox; High- school basketball; people in front of a tree; a group picture of some award winners
Env. 446 - 12/20/1982 Lady holding up Strawberry Festival poster; sink hole; Garden of the Month; Pet of the Month; Santa at TARC; Nativity Scene at Natalbany Baptist Church; High School basketball; lady standing in front of some paintings        
Env. 447 - 12/21/1982 High School Basketball; People getting butter and cheese; boy with giant drum fish; two girls fishing at Zemurray Park; little girls playing at playground at Zemurray Park; Garden of the month; Ad photos (Auto Parts store); Men fixing big hole in the road; Whit’s electric supplies
Env. 448 - 12/22/1982 Barn Fire on Holly Street; Cat under the Christmas Tree; Cross in front of lights; lady who won tri-motorcycle at the Honda shop; Terry Turnage and his old post cards; Boy dressed up as a Christmas ornament; Construction work
Env. 449 - 12/28/1982 Dead deer; a painting; log bonfire; hole in Railroad Ave; fallen tree
Env. 450 - 12/30/1982 Hammond High School basketball; 2 dead deer; Pat in pick-up; Old Santa negative; people at lunch; mug shot; mug shot of policeman; man changing Town and Country sign
Env. 451  - 12/31/1982 Ladies cleaning house; blood drive; flooded land; car wreck; fireman on roof
Env. 452 - 1983  Sue Scott
Env.  453- 1983 Sue Scott Photo: John Scott Glass
Env.  454 - 1983 unlabelled negatives
Env.  455 - 1/4/1983 Bent trailer; men in Albany Cleaning culverts; handing over key at Hammond State School; bridge out/ mug shot of a man in front of City Hall; high school basketball; new baby for 1983; art class at Hammond High School
Env.  456 - 1/5/1983 local business (new) for business page; Special Olympic poster contest judging; Louise Granger’s Fruit Stand in Ponchatoula; man sitting at desk with electrical equipment
Env.  457 - 1/6/1983 road construction in Loranger; road construction on Highway 51; man with giant squash; man sitting behind a desk (ad photo)
Env.  458 - 1/7/1983 Highschool basketball; Alley Square; Dirt Road leading to a water tower; Lady sitting in front of a VDT computer; four people at a desk signing something; Backhoe digging ditch behind houses; gun fight at Hammond Square Mall; gas war sign in Ponchatoula
Env.  459 - 1/8/1983 Basketball- Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Highschool boys
Env.  460 - 1/10/1983 train derailment on Columbus Drive; Mayor signing proclamation for Jaycee week; mug shot for an ad; salesman of the year- Durham Pontiac; YSB stuffing envelopes; Women’s club meeting PWO; people doing something out of the back of a truck
Env.  461 - 1/11/1983 Holmes Department Store Ad photos; clean city group to clean up Hammond; man pointing to a map; mug shot of white man; mug shot of a black man; Amite Bureau photos- two men; Officer receiving award; 3 men (stop ahead)
Env.  462   1/11/1983 Basketball- area high schools and Southeastern Louisiana University basketball
Env.  463 - 1/12/1983 two people with a check; bass fisherman with trophies; school bus with stolen tires; two people getting awards; two men pointing at something; Mayor Pope with girl scouts; Morrison’s Cafeteria Employee of the Year; Ponchatoula spot light; People playing music; people in the kitchen; Women’s page photos; Employees of the week; man speaking to a group
Env. 464 -1/14/1983 CNB groundbreaking; home builders award winners; real estate; Southeastern Louisiana University- NLU Basket; teacher in classroom
Env.  465 - 1/15/1983 Friday- High School area basketball
Env.  466 - 1/17/1983 DAR meeting; Scouts planting tree; Cherry Tree; Quilt in First Guaranty Bank; U.S.A. Auto Store
Env.  467 - 1/18/1983 mugs for State National Insurance Ad; Airport controlled fire; ditch digger; kids with male teacher; Merco mugs
Env.  468 - 1/19/1983 fire; potholes in road; ad mug shots; boys folding flag; crawfish stand; Louis Lambat; Southeastern Louisiana University Women’s Basketball; Natalbany B.B.; Hammond High B.B.
Env.  469 - 1/20/1983 Link Award Winner; John Geewalt; NeI’s Award at Hammond High- 10" at 5.6; Woman from Teen Center at Hammond High; House going down street; Mardi Gras Ball; Students spending the day with Mayor; Larry’s Taxidermy; mug shots of kids from Merco; Runner from Southeastern Louisiana University; F. Homemakers of America; People planting trees;  Coach and kids holding basketball; mug shot of man; man and woman looking at papers on desk
Env.  470   1/21/1983 fire at college    view; insurance men; 1 mug from insurance next door; Southeastern Louisiana University registration; Stroh’s ad; people at a reception; Interior of damaged room (ceiling); more Bridal Fair photos than you’d care to look at
Env.  471 - 1/22/1983 Amite and Holden Basketball    
Env.  472 - 1/24/1983 Wesley Foundation; mugs of man; Day care center (Learning Tree); mug of Athlete; Warden of Livingston Parish; Jailers of Livingston Parish; women cooking; girl’s basketball; Leukemia booth; soccer awards; Claude Henderson - jeweler; Antin- Quealy Ads; Southeastern Louisiana University Basketball
Env.  473 - 1/25/1983 Mardi Gras Mask; House torn down; mugs of two men; 2 women with poster; Arbor Day with Nesom School; fire man (Fire Prevention); Mardi Gras Queen; H2O cut off
Env.  474 - 1/26/1983    Albany Basketball; Boiling water (Belinda); Air Force Sgt. And man sitting; more mug shots; shots of watches; Boy Scouts; Shots of ditch; two men holding street sign
Env.  475 - 1/27/1983 Shoe hospital; Auto parts; Brownies Place (A.Alon); Water Threat #2; Debbie Pope on phone
Env.  476 - 1/28/1983 The Big Bust (bank arrest); Tricou Realtors; Auto store ad; Beginning construction Cit. Nat.; Youth Bureau benefit
Env.  477 - 1/29/1983 Southwood Academy and Holden and Albany High School basketball
Env.  478 - 1/31/1983 Mardi Gras Ball; Black history week; VP- with people; Doctor at Elementary School; 4-H Show; Carter Mobile Home Staff mug; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Tigers
Env.  479 - 2/1/1983 Milktruck in Mud; two men painting closet; fire truck; man installing window; mug of boy and girl; Survey Party in Ponchatoula; Strawberry grower; man riding bike to L.A.; men on roof with water tower behind them; Roseland road work; Brick yard
Env.  480 - 2/2/1983 Southeastern Louisiana University ladies vs. Mississippi College; Albany vs. Tigers; Insurance proclamation; Catholic schools proclamation; Schizophrenic; man playing piano; truck going down I-12 with Hammond Road sign; people eating at Senior Citizen Cente;r Hammond High Girls B.B.
Env.  481 - 2/3/1983 Edwin Edwards; Capt. Hammond Police; kids at post office; mug of man for ad; Ecology class; Blue Jean Queen; construction; Chamber of Commerce Banquet; Dance-a-thon kids; Check for nursing home
Env.  482 - 2/4/1983 Southeastern Louisiana University Basketball vs. UALR; Construction on 51-North; police car in parking lot; tennis shots; Real Estate; motor oil ad; Shoe Ad; mugs from Beauty Shop; Nurses who won scholarship
Env.  483 - 2/5/1983 State Police Awards; Dance-a-thon; Ponchatoula High Career Day; Students with plant science; FEATURE- man at Hospital; Albany Basketball; mug shot of man; Senior Citizen Center; Antin Quealy; Man with sports awards; teachers with no legs; young girl with painting
Env.  484 - 2/7/1983 K-Mart sign; kids at playground at Woodland Park Elementary; man with 3 different types of painters; Rugby; Dance-a-thon
Env.  485 - 2/8/1983 Southeastern Louisiana University Lady Lions vs. USL; Treen- Groundbreaking; man and 3 women sitting at desk; publicity shot from Youth Center
Env.  486 - 2/9/1983 Woman at hospital; man at new coffee shop; Amite Basketball (Ponchatoula); Hammond High basketball; Downtown bed planting; Handicapped Access award; Kiwanis award; school repair; Cheerleader award; books; Science Fair winners; man working with rocks; two women (sports)
Env.  487 - 2/10/1983 LSU signee; boy scout award; Vans ad; Wagon couple; Up with People arrival; Another prep signee; Holy Ghost nun and women; FFA week; Fair winners; Dr. Maxwell test eyes; Garden Club; Bulldozer; Patricia Hebert; Fire trucks
Env.  488 - 2/11/1983 Students at Bank with Kathy; Elementary Mardi Gras parade; Students teaching at Holy Ghost; Pump, dept and well at Independence; man with fish; kids signing to play ball; people giving blood; Mardi Gras parade; Himel Auto Ad; Livingston Jail; People at computers; Hair Stylist Ad; more Mardi Gras parade
Env.  489 - 2/12/1983 Amite High School basketball; roof job at Hammond Vo-tech School; mug shots for ad
Env.  490 - 2/14/1983 Ultra light airplane; Runners from Boston; cows and chicken
Env.  491 - 2/15/1983 Little kids in little costumes; Man holding big fish; King and Queen at Senior Citizen Center; Scouts getting check; The one and only Buck Rogers; Scenes from a movie
Env.  492 - 2/16/1983 Airport; man and woman with check; more photos at Buck Rodgers; King And Queen at Belle Maison Nursing Home; shots of new Guarantee Bank construction; Brumfield motors; a fish, a father, and a fairly young boy; Golden Corral restaurant Construction; Fender Mender; Laboudette Jewelers
Env.  493 - 2/17/1983 Potholes on 51-north; fire in home; artist; bowlers; strawberry man; Joan “Star”
Env.  494 - 2/18/1983 Springfield Girls B.B. - feature; Strawberry Festival Queen; Southeastern Louisiana University B.B.; King and Queen’s at Springfield Elementary; Water break at 51-South and Old Baton Rouge Road; Profile Stuff; Horizon house; New Fire Chief; Joan “Chalk Garden” Davis
Env.  495 - 2/19/1983 two guys with fish; Amite girls B.B.; Woman teaching class; Woman getting check at Southeastern Louisiana University Lab School; profile- several
Env.  496 - 2/21/1983 Livingston Jail opening; old people sitting at table doing something; Old woman signing a paper with a little kid looking on; girls basketball; profile
Env.  497 - 2/22/1983 man speaking; girls basketball; Southeastern Louisiana University Ludie; Mystery Roast; Good looking B.P.W. gals; more strawberries; Rock-a-thon- nursing home; poster winner; seaweed body wrap; Chalk Gargen
Env.  498 - 2/23/1983 Profile (last day); Mock Disaster
Env.  499 - 2/24/1983 Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Tulane; Ponchatoula Police grads and party; Tennis anyone?; Fashion at Holmes; two men in front of house; Chip Fletcher at WTGI Awards; mug shot of girl; Kids at Elementary School; Puppet show; 2 country musicians; woman receiving trip to New Orleans        
Env.  500 - 2/25/1983 Cemetery Shots; link award winners; 2 men at some meeting; 4 women at meeting; Garden Club; Renaissance Play
Env.  501 - 2/28/1983(includes Sunday)  Bowling for TARC; McDonald’s Award to little girl; 25' catfish; cub scouts; disabled American legions; Kid with turnip; roast for local Sheriff; Baseball- Hammond
Env.  502 - 2/29/1983 or 3/1/1983 Livingston Jail; Southeastern Louisiana University Baseball vs. San Anton’; Hammond Lady BB; Mr. SECO at Strawberry garden; Construction thru a pipe; Lady with turnips
Env.  503 - 3/2/1983 City Police and Sheriff of Year; Fred’s Store Awardee; Hammond Junior Jump Rope-a-thon; Holes in Ponchatoula- Mrs. Landry; fire tower; TV’s and 3 men; kids with cow; Chuck with map; Art Guild; Amite vs. St. James BB; Pro Women’s Club; Strawberry Festival Poster Winner
Env.  504 - 3/3/1983 Sewage lake-sunset; kid eating ice cream; workers at pancake house; men at lake; kids on playground equipment; 4 teens in group shots
Env.  505 - 3/4/1983 tug of war; athletes at school; mug of hearing aid man; kids at church playing potato; accident; kids sunbathing at Southeastern Louisiana University; ladies Cops Auxiliary; construction; beard contest; baskets in Ponchatoula; planning meeting at City Hall; Hair Stylist; more construction; burning house; mug of man; Police Jury working; Another Fish story; Retirement at J.C. Penny     
Env.  506 - 3/5/1983 Hammond High School lady TORS Championship Game
Env.  507 - 3/7/1983 Oyster Queen; D.H. Holmes Beauty Pageant; Renaissance Banquet; Group of people presenting certificate; inside the mall; decorating committee; oyster Festival poster; People looking at painting at Guaranty Art Gallery; sliding door construction; mug shot of man at desk; more stolen goods              
Env.  508 - 3/8/1983 D.H. Holmes Fashion Show; Band Students from Ponchatoula; Runners at Hammond Jr. High; girls doing exercise at Holy Ghost
Env.  509 - 3/9/1983 Council Meeting (Independence); Old Marine; little girl in wheelchair; someone receiving a check in parking lot; Bill Wilkinson; Debbie Pope (mugs); two girls sunbathing; Julie and Laurie; Hammond High girls BB players with D. Pope; Ribbon cutting at Truck parts store
Env.  510 - 3/10/1983 Ed Rushing mug; Independence High School Van; mugs of Hammond Motors; FFA of Natalbany Christian school; Interior of Alley Square; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Navy Track; Women at Some type of meeting; two groups of kids; black male teacher; man with burned house; First United Methodist Church Model; Tangi United Way Sign; Little Miss Whatever; Rape council meeting
Env.  511 - 3/11/1983 Merco Steps; mugs for Beauty Salon; Jazz concert at Columbia Theater; some meeting; Girl Scouts of Parachute; mugs of ladies; Employee’s house
Env.  512 - 3/14/1983 (includes Saturday) Home Ec. Associates; kids with rabbit; Walkers in B.R. with Special Olympics; Fireman and Policeman proclamation; Jumping ropes at Eastside Elementary; Confederate re-enactment; Artist with her work
Env.  513 - 3/15/1983 House moving; Artist Don Wright; Golden Corral; Truck wreck next to Train
Env.  514 - 3/16/1983 Man in Strawberry Field; Girl Scout leader; Shamrocks Muscular Dystrophy; house for Judy; Phi Mu Awards; Tangi Proclamation; TMCH Awardee’s; Garden of the Month; Religious mug shots; Ponchatoula Speedway; Artist- Wright; mug of bearded man; Firehouse construction; man speaking
Env.  515 - 3/17/1983 State school bowling; truck on train track; Kiwanis Club check; Continuing Ed talk; Louisiana State University vs. UNO (boo UNO); mug shots of a very cute girl; fire and police awards at K.C. Hall; Kelly Nix; mugs shot of Southeastern Louisiana University Student Evangelist; A real turkey of a shot; Home and Garden Stuff
Env.  516 - 3/17/1983 Town and Country  
Env.  517 - 3/18/1983 Cleanup woman; insurance president; Artist’s daughters talking; Labourdette Jewelers sign; House improvement; Library book presentation; Ad shot; Ceiling/ Home builders winners; Livingston Farm Bureau; Livingston Volunteer Fire; mug of Sorta cute girl; two people drinking
Env. 518 - 3/21/1983 Oyster Festival; Home Improvement; 3 kids at lake; people in the Army; mom speaking to large crowd; map of campus Arboretum; Walker from Hammond State School; Women fixing flowers; Hammond High parade; Southeastern Louisiana University intersquad football game; queens from Livingston; ROTC Day; Junior Auxiliary ball
Env.  519 - 3/22/1983 Hammond Baseball; Students at Holden High School; guy with turkey; First run on new press at new building; large woman with large turnip; Treen with FFA; FIRE on Little Italy Road; Blumfield Taxidermist; Wilkinson hearing KKK; woman at meeting at Levy building; Holy Ghost Students; mug shot of man; women in Kitchen
Env.  520 - 3/23/1983 Tangi Cleanup Comm; flowers for Home and Garden; Holy Ghost Fair Comm; Mike’s Photos; Officer with award; New hospital shots; more turkey shots
Env.  521 - Turkey Shot; KKK trial- Bill Wilkinson; Flower arranger; Crystal Street Program; women planting gardens; minor car wreck
Env.  522 - 3/25/1983 Rock-a-thon; jewelry for Wanda; play at Loranger; two people receiving check at Amite High School; roof leak at Vo-tech School; fire station; Miss Southeastern Louisiana University Pageant; ΔTΔ collecting money for heart foundation
Env.  523 - 3/29/1983 Mr. Strawberry; Mary Louis wedding shots; looking at man through door; Burnt cross; dead cow; turkey shots; Biz shot for Sue next to Toggry; Yam contest winners; quilting shots; Junior Miss Italian Festival; Hammond Baseball
Env.  524 - 3/30/1983 Independence vs. Loranger; Link Award; Sub station for mall signing; mug of woman; Golden Age Club; 3 people at piano; school Easter play; 3 men with stolen goods; Debbie on bull; Another turkey shot
Env.  525 - 3/31/1983 truck wreck in Livingston; Women’s Med. Auxiliary;   men standing around organ; mug shot of some kid; mug of Rich; NAACP Voter registration; Stained glass window; teacher at Eastside Elementary; mug of woman for ad

Box # 4  (April 1, 1983 to March 1984)
Env.  1 - 4/1/1983 (December 25 April Fools) Southeastern Louisiana University Tri-State Rodeo; Easter Activities at State School; World’s Fair Speaker; Little Miss Italy; X-ray machine at 7th Ward Hospital
Env.  2 - 4/4/1983 Shot of girl with Clarinet; Rodeo parade; Two guys with turkey; Rabbit that loves cats; little girl with rabbit; Some people on a wagon; poster artist; Garbage pickup
Env.  3 - 4/5/1983 American Legion Fair- Ponchatoula; Strawberry Festival Stuff; Fire at Mooney Ave. Elementary School; Play at Columbia Theatre; new computer at Ponchatoula Police Department; Biz page for Sue (man in front of Benz); wreck in or around Amite; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Nicholls State; women with ad space and Italian Festival Sign; Play at Columbia Theater
Env.  4 - 4/7/1983 Debbie and Realtors; Flood Shots; Ms. Ramses; too many shots for Heritage Day; Range Road for Berry Tab; Good Ole’ Dave Treen    
Env. 5 - 4/8/1983 The Flood of ‘83 (aerials and Southeastern Louisiana University and Ponchatoula Area); underwater Strawberry plants from tab; six people showing commission awards
Env. 6 - 4/11/1983 Strawberry Festival Ball; flood clean up; flood shots from Holden; 5 women baking bread; Another strawberry festival; Joan’s Art photos
Env. 7 - 4/12/1983 Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; Red Cross workers; Ad shots- Taxi- Pharmacy; mug shots of nice looking girl; Eagle scouts; Guitar teacher in Ponchatoula; Italian Festival Poster; Large group of people; kid swimming in his front yard; Columbia Theatre play
Env. 8 - Farmer’s Week; Southwood and Baseball; somebody’s patio; bud’s mug; house that was flooded; girl basketballers from Hammond High; Chief (police) getting something from beer distribution; mug of main; mug of new employee; turkey shot; Tom Thumb wedding
Env. 9 - Heritage Day kids giving tours; Library Week; Strawberry Festival setup; Atlantic life Insurance; Independence Police Plaque; Garden of the month; 6 women sitting at table; Louis “Crook” Lambert; Hairworks Ad; 7th Ward Hospital
Env. 10 - 4/14/1983 LeRoux; mug shot of man; Clean city people; People receiving plaque (Neil’s); turkey; U-haul wreck; Some kid and lady sitting at desk; basketballer  sinking with Nichols State; Construction shots; more people with Chief (police) in front of “unit”; ΔTΔ Cake
Env. 11 - 4/19/1983    Hammond Arts Council; A vocational teacher; Strawberry     cake; turkey; Strawberry fest cleanup; Vault at Citizens
Env. 12 - 4/20/1983 Captain Ed’s Crawfish; photos of buildings for Heritage Day; Hammond High Baseball; Employee awards; Southwood National Honor Society; Hair Depot; Gewalt Architect; man speaker at dinner; 7th Day Adventist Play    
Env. 13 - 4/21/1983 Holy Ghost Fair Stuff; Extension Homemakers at Mall; Little Kid at petting zoo; Fair at Ponchatoula School; Layrison at Jail; track mug sign; Independence scouts; shoe ad; turkey; People (a lot of them) at hospital    
Env. 14 - 4/22/1983 3 men with check ;mug of man; construction shots; Bob Vaughan construction shots; Crawfish boil at Southeastern Louisiana University; Balloon Festival poster winner; Girls baseball
Env. 15 - negatives from 7th Ward General Hospitals corresponds to cutlines volunteers honored; hard workers, singing volunteers. Goes with story, Luncheon Held to Honor Volunteers
Env. 16 - 4/25/1983 Disaster Area; Mission church; Natalbany walk for love; quilt lady; fire men getting or receiving checks; Albany basketball players; Society hop; baseball- KC; Presbyterian Minister; Town and Country Beauty Salon; Two women standing at Desk with woman sitting at desk (two new inkers at Southeastern Louisiana University); railroad depot; Sue Scott mug
Env. 17 - 4/26/1983 Lady with snowcone; woman fishing; Hammond High Booster shot; Controller and registrar baseball; Flood disaster center; Southeastern Louisiana University Choir; Southeastern Louisiana University Play- Valantino        
Env. 18 - 4/27/1983 Kathleen’s Stuff; Ponchatoula Spring Concert; Billups with Scouts; Construction shot; Heritage Festival Porter; Oven; McDonald’s; Link Award
Env. 19 - 4/28/1983 Baseball; three girls; mug of girls; Realtors meeting (mug); Billups giving bus to Southwood; car for Holy Ghost; Scholastic winners from Hammond High; Kappa Kappa teachers frat proclamation; Future Farmers of America; balloon Festival
Env. 20 - 4/29/1983 Poppy Seed proc.; Oriental teacher; 6 people receiving checks; Balloon Festival; Sue’s pilot; ROTC ball; TIDF People; two women with plaque; some kind of little queen
Env. 21 - 4/30-31/1983 Italian Festival and Heritage Day (other envelopes); baseball; group shot of students with “ET” in background; teacher appreciation at Woodland Park Elementary; Beta Sigma proclamation; Four women receiving checks; Crown Zellerbach building; Women’s Conferences; Sheriff Sub-station; Mrs. Cryer’s retirement (Sol’s mother); Geewalt; Women planting blueberries at Cate Square; Aerials
Env. 22 - 4/30-31/1983 Italian Festival and Heritage Day; Baseball
Env. 23 - 4/30-31/1983 Italian Festival and Heritage Day; Baseball
Env. 24 - 5/3/1983 upside down “bad road” sign; shoe ad; 2 girls with trophies and plaques; group of 9 High School girls; two women with plant; 3 shady looking characters at desk; two women with art work; a man with art work; clean city Comm; Springfield Elementary Choir; Springfield Elementary spelling bee contestants; mug of new jewelry store owner
Env. 25 - 5/4/1983 Nurse Proclamation; Pipe construction; Business woman of Year; Kiwanis, etc (Rich)    
Env. 26 - 5/5/1983 mugs of Athletes from Amite; Natalbany Play; Gulf distributor tanks; Shriners proclamation (Hammond and Ponchatoula); Tangi Magazine people; Dixie Youth Baseball; Two people with balloon festival t-shirts; mug and women giving lectures; Sister June; 7 women at meeting at Jecmel’s; shot of Athlete     
Env. 27 - 5/6/1983 Baseball from Houma; mugs for ad department; Eastside Elementary Art winners; Fireplace ad; Popcorn feature
Env. 28 - 5/7/1983 Grandparents day at Southeastern Louisiana University Lab School; Kathleen’s Stuff; New mother at 7th Ward Hospital; 51-N construction; Voting booth demo at Southwood Academy
Env. 29 - 5/9/1983 Oil Derick, truck wreck, people eating (Amite); Holy Ghost Festival; Dairy Livestock Show- Southeastern Louisiana University (Crain); Baseball
Env. 30 - 5/10/1983 Ex-Sheriff Edwards, kids with trophies (Amite); Craine at Southeastern Louisiana University; Stolen goods with HPP; BPW new officers; a lot of people eating; ad stuff for Mike; 2 students looking intelligent
Env. 31 - 5/11/1983 Bee keeper; Moody the evangelist; Handicap award; baseball; Women with tickets for Episcopal in Ponchatoula; Scout awards; Pulls Road; 3 women with awards; group of kids with awards; At Senior Citizen Center; M. Braddock mug; Dump site
Env. 32 - Negatives from 7th Ward General corresponding to cutlines Cast Demonstration, CT scanning, and Nuclear Medicine, Story: Life Science Class Tours Hospital
Env.  33 - 5/12/1983 Ceramic Winner; Missionary Proclamation; Special Olympics (3 girls); 5 people receiving awards; Bunch of woman at Jacmel’s; Stroll’s Rose; women with hats; Crime stoppers; Hungarian Ambassador at Albany; TARC awards; Place setting Champion     
Env. 34 - 5/13/1983 Balloon Race; Balloon Festival Window winner; Women’s Physical Fitness; Sports shots; C. Hutchinson- Attorney Claw; Kid with trophy in Strawberry Patch; two men looking at plans; little boy making faces
Env. 35 - 5/14-15/1983 Balloon Festival
Env. 36 - 5/14/1983 Henson Moore; Crawfish; Memorial Plaque for Southeastern Louisiana University Athletics; Ad for uniform store; Golden Age Nursing Home balloon Life off; Kindergarten at Southeastern Louisiana University Lab School; Retired club with painting at Hammond Mall;; Balloon Festival Queen; Mug for beauty salon ad            
Env. 37 - 5/17/1983 Athletic Awards at Ponchatoula and Southwood; women for Joan; cat and dog at animal shelter; Rafino Auto parts; 6 people lined up
Env. 38 - 5/18/1983 (H.B.) Mug of Senior “Val’s”; Sheriff Candidate; Shirley Robertson; Traffic at Roger Concert; Prize Winning Dog; Springfield’s “Val’s”; Dixie Youth League; Ken Rogers
Env. 39 - 5/19/1983 mugs of seniors; football; four men at meeting; field day at Fagan School; Fancy Pants Lingerie Ribbon Cutting; Nurse of the Year; mug of old women for Joan; graduation; women with quilt; group of women for Joan    
Env. 40 - 5/20/1983 Auto accident on 51-South; a car salesman ad; Boy Scouts; Kelly Nix at Rotey and Ponchatoula High; man looking at bridge (Bud’s); Natalbany Baptist Art Club; Woodland Park Elementary Play; Athletic Award Winners; CAT Scan at 7th Ward; Accountants Awards; Nurses style Show
Env. 41 - 5/23/1983 (includes weekend) Tennis Awards; Award at Army Reserves; Graduation; Doll house in Livingston; Potholes; USA Auto parts Go Cart giveaway; Women for Joan; Eddie Edwards (boo)
Env. 42 - 5/26/1983 Fire Chief; Car Speed Ad; Carl Speed; Fire “search and rescue”
Env. 43 - 5/25/1983 Link Award; Jackson Square Ribbon cutting; Gay painting at Mall; Tara Jewelers Ad; Ham and Independence Graduation; Women with fish
Env. 44 - 5/24/1983 (baseball) people doing work on school; Loranger graduation; Women’s tennis; Loranger Athletes; Guarantee Bank JA’s Award; garden of the month; kid with turtle; 3 people holding up boat wheel; horses
Env. 45 - 5/27/1983 baseball; big brothers; mug of students; 3 people with awards; mug of women; Ponchatoula High Graduation; Kathleen’s Stuff (group shots); Parent of the Year Eastside Elementary; Golden Age Fun Day; Swings at 1st Assembly; First Assembly Field Day; Belle Maison Nurses
Env. 46 - 5/30/1983 (includes weekend) Volunteer Award; New Orleans; more Rafino stuff; Rhonda and Jacob; 3 old ladies; some lady with a silver platter; baseball tab stuff; Amite High School graduation; 7th Ward Hospital; Nurse Shortage
Env. 47 - 5/31/1983 Landfill in Livingston; Memorial Day Ceremonies; mug of woman; Broken window at Eastside Elementary; graduation; Food Service Award; mug of Star Employee
Env. 48 - 6/1/1983 Auto wreck with train; Kathleen’s Go Carts; baseball
Env. 49 - 6/1/1983 Baseball; Overby’s bakery sign; Mickey Zaterain’s campaign opening; ambulance; mug of girl; construction at Alley Square; construction at K-Mart; construction at Walmart; Ed Steimel
Env. 50 - 6/3/1983 Baseball; Construction at Citizen Bank; stuff from Amite; Kathleen’s Stuff (Preacher); Kid in hole in road; Grand opening at Bill’s; Independence Police Station; Mike’s mug of Jamaican looking guy
Env. 51 - 6/6/1983 (includes weekend) Larisson rally; fire prevention banquet; dancing at mall; parade in Loranger; Livingston Parish Farm Bureau; some queen; Westside Hospital
Env. 52 - 6/7/1983 Kid’s swinging; people on rockers on a porch; ad shots    
Env. 53 - 6/8/1983 Check passing at Southeastern Louisiana University; Tennis camp at Southeastern Louisiana University; two women with trophy; Biddie Levy with art work; L.P.&L cutting down tree; baseball
Env. 54 - 6/9/1983 Balloon Festival at Rosenblum’s; Ad shots; Artist at Levy Building; K-mart; K-mart manager; man and woman sitting with dog; some type of police meeting; Safety First training
Env. 55 - 6/10/1983 Hammond Nursing Home; Tile Company ribbon cutting; pool player; girl at Southeastern Louisiana University library; boat safety proc.; Citizen National Bank Construction; Police stickers on window?; baseball; Bud’s stuff (little kids)
Env. 56 - 6/13/1983 (includes weekends) Lil at Fire Department; some rodeo queen; two people at Community Bank in Loranger; girl showing 2 women her art; dog out of window; Livingston Water Patrol; shoe ad; snow ball stand
Env. 57 - 6/14/1983 flags; 3 men with some type of scholarship; railroad stuff; Mrs. Lovell with painting; Neil’s school stuff (woman with kids)
Env. 58 - 6/15/1983 police jurors; Bishop Ott at Hammond State School; baseball; Art’s stuff at new plant; old guys in hospital; “out of gas” sign; wreck on 51-north; Family award winner
Env. 59 - 6/16/1983 Beauty queen’s with thousand of trophies; tile manufacturers; man sleeping on swing; flag presentation at Heritage Manor Nursing Home; Group of kids in school
Env. 60 - 6/17/1983 J.C.’s fun run promo’s; man with peppers; man filling gas tank in rain; mug of hearing aid man
Env. 61 - 6/20/1983 KKK march; 7th Ward Shot of people looking at new instruments; Natalbany Fire Department; Swimming lesson at Zemurray Park; horses (Bud’s stuff)
Env. 62 - 6/21/1983 Kathleen’s junk; Feature stuff (I-55 and Wood on rail car)
Env. 63 - 6/22/1983 Pawtucket the cat; Railroad workers; drainage construction on 190; mugs for Mike; girl on bicycle; two mugs of girls; City Council meeting (mugs); some of Bud’s stuff
Env. 64 - 6/23/1983 cops with stolen goods; nurses; ads; library proc. In Independence; Town and Country Plaza sign being put up
Env. 65 - 6/24/1983 mug of 2 guys; mug of hair dresser; mug of politician; Wal-mart sign; memory guy; Cub Scouts at Ponchatoula beach; mail trucks at night; Fiddler on Roof play shots; Citizen Bank Construction    
Env. 66 - 6/27/1983 (plus weekend) flooded street; group of people sitting behind desk; baseball; Hammond High School reunion; people getting sworn in; house on fire; Youth program at Zemurray Park Recreation Center; 7th Ward Hospital
Env. 67 - 6/28/1983 train wreck with car; car salesman; shoe ad; fresh produce in Springfield
Env. 68 - 6/29/1983 Link Award; drug bust in Ponchatoula; Chemical tank truck wreck; baseball; Tangi Village
Env. 69 - 6/30/1983 Tidy Car Ad; Stolen TV’s at Sheriff Station; Rotary Club; Curtis Mathis Ribbon; baseball; a failed attempt to get something for National car wash day; computer seminar at Southeastern Louisiana University
Env. 70 - unlabelled tennis photos
Env. 71 - 7/1/1983 Walmart Carts; Car Salesman at Community Mtrs; baseball; construction on 51-North; people with computers at Southeastern Louisiana University; two women with awards; Fiddler on Roof
Env. 72 - Berry Festival
Env. 73 - 7/5/1983 (plus weekend) black parade; Lions club new officers; Burnt out house in Baptist, LA; women on bicycle at Bank; people being sworn in for something; some activity with Handicapped kids; Artist at First Guarantee Art Gallery; New trash cans in Hammond (SFW); trash on side of street (E. Merry)
Env. 74 - 7/6/1983 blood bank at Lolly Kemp; Auto wreck on West Morris; Hammond State School Jaycee’s; Blown down tree from storm; Special Olympics gymnastics; two guys at a meeting; K-mart (inside store); mug of Police juror candidate
Env. 75 - 7/7/1983 K-Mart grand opening; baseball; Mug of art winners; American legion people; group of women; gymnastics for Special Olympics; Little Miss somebody; black feature
Env. 76 - 7/8/1983 Weight lifters; baseball team; Tree for Big Jim’s; Officer Ollier; Little kid at Ponchatoula library; raising a banner in Ponchatoula
Env. 77 - 7/11/1983 (plus weekend) three men with gavel; Citizen Construction; fire; Mike the Tiger; Ribbon cutting in Ponchatoula; mugs of kids; some teacher; Kid dressed as clown; fun run; gun fight in Ponchatoula            
Env. 78 - 7/12/1983 Sue Scott and Kathleen Donahue caught getting drunk at Brady’s; Fiddler on the Ole Roof; Artist at Southeastern Louisiana University library; baseball; mugs of new employees; mug of Mrs. Frazer
Env. 79 - 7/13/1983 baseball; mugs for Mike; Special Olympics; some school band; man on water tower; illegal political sign; Golden Age Club; Garden of the Month; some type of puppet show; People with library books        
Env. 80 - 7/14/1983 Stuff for Bud; Bridge work on Ponchatoula Beach Road; generator and electrical part at the mall; American Legion Post 51-South; baseball; mugs for Mike
Env. 81 - 7/15/1983 Neil’s Special Olympics; Some dishes; Some guy working on his house; Art camp at Roseyville; mug of police jurors; Atlantic Life Insurance Agents; mug of some guy
Env. 82 - 7/18/1983 Justin Wilson; Junior Olympics; Popeye’s opening; Ex-governor guards
Env. 83 - 7/19/1983 Special Olympics; working on Home; dishes; Hammond State School; Wal-Mart; mugs for Mike            
Env.  84 - 7/20/1983mugs for Ad Department; Wild Art in Rain; Campbell’s Garage; clean up of tree on Morris Road; 61 M walking day; June House on Historic Register
Env.  85 - 7/21/1983 Art classes at library; Abandon house on coalman
Env.  86 - 7/21/1983 Railway Station Art; Speaker at AARP; 7th Ward photos; Wal-Mart group; mugs for Mike; Little Miss Beauty winner; Author of Church Records book
Env.  87 - 7/22/1983 Rich Basketball; George Accident; Kathleen VOT; man with bike jackets; garbage dump; police jury meeting; 3 ladies accepting check; Society photo 6 ladies; jewelry promo  
Env.  88 - 7/23/1983 Abandon house; Olive and Merry Street
Env.  89 - Arch. Dig (Neil)
Env.  90 - 7/25/1983 Clay instructions in Ponchatoula; Abandoned House Olive and Merry Street; painting walls Kathleen; mugs
Env.  91 - 7/26/1983 Morrison Reception; Wal-Mart Construction; George at Camilia; Construction of Road Business Park; lady signing papers Kathleen; Kids playing with water and ice chest; Buster turn, turn; mug; horse (plow) for sale
Env.  92 - 7/27/1983 Scout Honors; two men with award; Link Award; man in Hole in street; pillow people two men with check; weight lifting; Ramada and Tiffin Inn
Env.  93 - 7/28/1983 Tiffin Inn; Ramada Inn         
Env.  94 - 7/28/1983 Construction on Bank; Little Miss Dixie; New addition to Student Union; mugs; leader tower; Golden Age Club
Env.  95 - 7/30/1983 Brady’s fire scare; nails on street; overturn truck; mugs; stuff for Kathleen; mall manager mug
Env.  96 - 8/1/1983 shots from air
Env.  97 - 8/1/1983 mugs (political); sheriff office dedication ribbon cutting; kids working in yard; baseball group shot; circulation party; dump; zoo
Env.  98 - 8/1/1983 Edwards at ground breaking; Shirley Robinson House; Acadian Ambulance; Cheese distribution; construction on Bank; Highway 51 improvement
Env.  99 - 8/2/1983 CYO trip to Epcot; shooting on Coleman; floods of 82-83; Wal-Mart opening; mugs for Mike
Env.  100 - 8/2/1983 Wal-Mart opening
Env.  101 - 8/4/1983 Tennis in Baton Rouge; Independence High Football prep; mug and house for Mike; Watermelon; football Coach; Seventh Day Advent Church children  
Env.  102 -8/4/1983 Dumpster; Zoe Chaney; dog; 100 yrs old; mug for Wanda; house damage
Env.  103 - negatives from 7th Ward General Hospital corresponds to Cutline Hospital materials manager
Env.  104 - negs 32, 38, & 43
Env.  105- 8/5/1983 Oak Knoll tournament; dead fireman memorial; ambulance; women tennis coiner; old man gets beat up; library reading program; new officers; dog at library door; old man with law mower; kids selling snowballs;2 boys with stinging snake; black guy resting in park
Env.  106 - 8/8/1983 American Legion Group; Spider Man; Bell telephone strike; Beth Borden; Oak Knoll Winners; Traffic Fatality (Bud); Art showing; swimming pool Oak Knoll
Env.  107 - 8/9/1983 Construction on Eckerd’s; community bank; Kinchin Bottle Collection
Env.  108 - 8/10/1983 stuff for Kathleen; shots in Marupas; church shots; Little league; man on Tickfaw Bridge; Consr. On Community Bank; mugs    
Env.  109- 8/11/1983 shots in Zemurray Park; school buses; Deli in Ponchatoula; Dance team
Env.  110 - 8/12/1983 mugs for Bud; Dr. Mounds and ID Machine; Hammond High Football team; Hammond High band; Winners at Wal-Mart; animal of the month; guy with large glasses
Env.  111 - 8/15/1983 Loranger High Football practice; Loranger Volunteer Fire Department water tank; construction for building; mug for Bud; Fire on First Street; FFA camp attendants; Southbell barn; lady sorting clothing  
Env. 112 - 8/17/1983 lady talking to group; child in women’s arm; watermelon sales; art action; snake handler; stuff for Kathleen; candy stripers         
Env. 113 - 8/18/1983 dance instructor; garbage clean-up; lady cooking; people watching for distribution of clothing; soccer committee; engagement shot; site clean-up (Kathleen); Cherechoe beach; demolition of church; bank construction; football practice Southeastern Louisiana University; Chamber of Commerce Crime stoppers picture;
Env. 114 - negs 26 & 37 tab
Env. 115 - 8/19/1983 English women; ad work hair studio; ad work, Country band; lady sorting through books; Construction on new library; Independence train depot; 4 guys on a ledge; dance team (Neil); Episcopal church; mayor or independence
Env. 116 - 8/19/1983 Ad. Work, Beauty Shop; Key Club; Delchamp’s construction; CWA workers
Env. 117 - 8/22/1983 American Legion dance; football scrimmage; car wreck; maternity ward
Env. 118 - 8/23/1983 construction Amite School; soccer League pictures; Livingston school opening; Highway 22 repair; Governor Treen headquarters; the Levi building; the Link Award
Env. 119 - 8/24/1983 Ad work, bulldog; school opening Kindergarten; Mother goose organizers; helicopter air lift at Eckerd’s; soil conservation; Basketball team
Env. 120 - 8/25/1983 railroad workers; Candidates for representative; man riding bike to D.C.; Acadian ambulance; Bingo winner
Env. 121 - 8/26/1983 Acadian ambulance feature; house for Mike; School shots; Construction on road; Soccer presentation
Env. 122 - 8/29/1983 small girl visits hungry; men working in a hole; grand opening drug store; boil conservation exhibit; golf course construction (more); fall fashions
Env. 123 - 8/29/1983 two guys selling insurance; man with big fish; air conditioners at elementary school; local artist with posters; superstar girl; Grace memorial Church cleaning; two shots for Joan
Env. 124 - 8/30/1983 Congressman Moore at Nursing home; flag raising; Larisson; Construction on golf course
Env. 125 - 8/31/1983 Construction on 51; Broken water Main; McGibbony; Sunflower winner; National guard in dump site; kid on Goal pool
Env. 126 - 8/31/1983 Mike Tilley, Hammond Motors; FitMorris; Construction on Southeastern Louisiana University library; Construction on new bank; work on Church on Church Street; installation of new officers business    
Env. 127 - August - Governor Treen in Hammond; Hammond High Dance Team
Env. 128 - 9/1/1983 Football tab
Env. 129 - 9/1/1983 football tab...continued
Env. 130 - 9/5/1983 football; assorted schools and pro
Env. 131 - 9/6/1983 Tornado in Amite; New Orleans Saints
Env. 132 - 9/7/1983 fallen tree on Woodbury Road; mug for Wanda; Group of Ladies for Joan; mug for Bud
Env. 133 - 9/8/1983 Nick Hayden/ Hayden village; golden age club; senior citizens and LP &L; mug at Durham; shots by lil ?; ICG district claims rep.; Independence High tiger; Happywoods Choir officers; Larisson and crime watch; group shot Neil
Env. 134 - 9/9/1983 construction on Bank; shots from roof of bank; doctor’s sign lease; new exit on 55 proposed; sewerage work on Railroad Ave.; Holiday Inn Manager; Westpark Hospital Interior; G.L. Williams of bank construction; shots for Neil at Oak Forest; Business luncheon; leaking fire hydrant
Env. 135 - 9/9/1983 Hammond High Football         
Env. 136 - 9/10/1983 Sammy’s daughters; Science Z fair; Cleark shot Neil; grandparents day at Holy Ghost; water tower; Construction of apartments
Env. 137 - 9/12/1983 Football....LSU, high school, Southeastern Louisiana University
Env. 138 - 9/12/1983 Lolli Kemp Chair donation; Girl feeding baby; Accident Saturday Nigh George; wedding shot Neil
Env. 139 - 9/14/1983 Mother Goose play; mug for Joan; Road boaring on Highway 22; El Ponca Hotel; Fire Prevention demonstration; Junior Miss Winner; Kelly Nix speaks; Little League football; Soccer practice begins; CPR lessons; Westpark Hospice; dump site in Livingston
Env. 140 - 9/14/1983 #2 Little League shots; Soccer; Computer System Inc.; Accident; Cake Story
Env. 141 - 9/15/1983 construction on culvert, university heights; Albany High Band; mug black woman; Unicycle rider; garden story for Joan; 6 ladies for Joan; parish fair promo; Fire destroys house; oil well shot; 2 shot for church page; free good distribution; blood donor at 7th Ward
Env. 142 - 9/16/1983 painting on Grace Memorial Church; Parish fair promo in Independence; mug for Bud; Art for Southeastern Louisiana University Neil; bugs on car; fire on Merry and Olive; three ladies for Joan; Hammond High vs. Mandeville
Env. 143 - 9/17/1983 football
Env. 144 - 9/19/1983 Fireman speak to children; 7th Ward promo shots; Lewis grocers ground break                        
Env. 145 - 9/19/1983 Livingston site; tree re-locator
Env. 146 - 9/20/1983 Livingston derailment shots; tree re-locators; construction Holtgreen
Env. 147 - 9/20/1983 two shots (Neil); Westpark hospital; Surveillance atop square; promo shots Southeastern Louisiana University foot race; Kiwanis Park group shot; Tree re-locator; society group
Env. 148 - 9/21/1983 Crisis line director; Holy Ghost mushrooms; Radio Award group; Ad work shoes; Group shot Belle Maison; Guy handing out football gear to kids; house on Railroad Ave; Remiers field remolding
Env. 149 - 9/22/1983 7th Ward promo shots; house with tent over it; traffic cop; accident on Range Road; Beauty Pageant contestants; eye testing; tiny bubbles; Southeastern Louisiana University practice
Env. 150 - 9/23/1983 health fair; treen at Hammond Square; Treen in Ponchatoula; Westpark grand opening; flag day; group shot school kids; eggs on equinox; barn on fire Lil
Env. 151 - 9/24/1983 High School football; LSU football
Env. 152 - 9/26/1983 Fishing Rodeo; group shot at Methodist Church; Kathleen wild art
Env. 153 - 9/28/1983 Crime stoppers; mug for Wanda; Boomarang; Link Award; Kaupa Kaupa members; antique truck for kids; lady is 80 years old; Japanese art for Joan; lady is hit by car; Friends of the library; truck fire Neil; gold winners at Oak Knoll; Winn Dixie a manager; makeup demonstration
Env. 154- 9/28/1983 State School Special Olympics
Env. 155 - 9/30/1983 dog pound; animal shelter; 7th Ward promo shots; ad work mugs; Westpark hospice; cop cars in Independence; homecoming court Hammond High and Ponchatoula; Editorial mug        
Env. 156 - unlabeled miscellaneous photos
Env. 157- unlabeled miscellaneous sport photos
Env. 158 - “nuclear medicine”- neg 10 or 11; “x-ray explanation” -neg 15
Env. 159 - operating room day
Env. 160 - “fluroscopy” neg 36; CT scanning- neg 13A/14
Env. 161 - Neil receiving awards; a cop looking at stolen goods
Env. 162- October- mug for edit; Hammond Jr. High teacher parent mtg.; Am. Business women mtg; reading program at Eastside School; craft exhibit at mall; road preparation in Ponchatoula; play rehearsal
Env. 163 - football; Western events; suspected rapist; three ladies with wine glasses; lady speaker (old age); greenhouse; auto accident (car and van); woman on ground, injury from AA
Env. 164 - bank construction first floor; kids poster contest; mail processing room; group sp. Dance-a-thon  
Env. 165 - 10/1/1983 DECA officers Hammond High School; bank construction; speaker shots bud; mug of black girl; young girls dressed up; lady giving demonstration; road race; high school football    
Env. 166 - 10/3/1983 Southeastern Louisiana University in Kentucky
Env. 167 - 10/3/1983 soccer; art show; Bishop Pope; fire in loranger; opening of Zack’s Yogurt; Rugby at Southeastern Louisiana University
Env. 168 - 10/4/1983 kid with bat; work on cateferiea; ad work; scuba diver (bud); Fireman near truck; tennis team
Env. 169 - 10/5/1983 Amite Fair promo; Carmon Moore; exchange student
Env. 170 - 10/6/1983 Chamber birthday party; High school football; 4-H; Independence High Parade; Joan shoots lady getting hair cut; Amite beauty queen; ad work    
Env. 171 - 10/8/1983 Hammond Square shots; Pizza Hut opens; new employee mugs; High School football; Ponchatoula High Ground breaking; Fire Department open housed
Env. 172 - 10/8/1983 Little Queen; Amite parade; High Schol Football; Edwin Edwards in Amite; Zoo visits nursing home; Southwood parade
Env. 173 - 10/10/1983 Card game for Joan; disaster drill in Amite; ad work; two black kids; Southwood homecoming; truck crossing bridge; October Fest promo
Env. 174 - 10/10/1983 American Vets Day; CY Tobb Lanier and hand dap plate; real estate shot; Buddy Poppy promo with mayor; auto accident; ad shot; two women art exhibit; kids in library; soccer at Loranger; work on railroad; high school football        
Env. 175 - 10/11/1983 Doyle High Group Shots; ABW night meeting; Old man city employee; Ad work Ford Salesman; Ad work Trailer sales; Dancers for October Fest; October Fest promo band shot; handicap award of the month
Env. 176 - 10/13/1983 Farmer’s Day promo; Cato grand opening; man working on water tower; KC Tootsie Roll Drive; Fireman retires; St. Joseph School Art and Crafts; Livingston Fair; money machine; Chick-fil- it robot; Road Construction in Ponchatoula
Env. 177 - 10/15/1983 Natalbany Baptist Parade; October Fest; kids with balloons; old people; Natalbany Baptist Queen; Sumner Homecoming; High School football
Env. 178 - 10/17/1983 Old Farmer Day; Livingston Beauty Queen; Little Girl painting; Livingston art; book fair; Southeastern Louisiana University Band camp; garden club; Hammond High Clean Up; LSU
Env. 179 - 10/18/1983 Golden Age Club; Hammond High Choral Winners; Basketball; Humane Society; Group shot Joan; KC Presentation Civitan Club; Loranger Homecoming Court
Env. 180 - 10/21/1983 football games; high school homecoming
Env. 181 - 10/22/1983 Friday bond fire; Southeastern Louisiana University Homecoming Parade; elections; girls collecting money
Env. 182 - 10/23/1983 Singers (single and group); Layrisson Party
Env. 183 - 10/25/1983 Bank robbery and killing; Southeastern Louisiana University Homecoming Queen; road construction; van on fire (put out by fireman); building on fire; Society group
Env. 184 - 10/28/1983 High School Football; High School homecoming
Env. 185 - 10/28/1983 Southeastern Louisiana University football; Southeastern Louisiana University banquet; Head Start; Pumpkin Decorations; teacher; flea market; Guy working on concert sign
Env. 186 - 10/29/1983 Southeastern Louisiana University football; Pizza Hut grand opening; bank construction; Halloween; Construction of Street Improvement; bank vault being moved; Construction of Dentist office; town meeting
Env. 187 - 10/31/1983 fire on Corbin Road; Halloween costume at Cate Square; groundbreaking; Neil receives appreciation award; kid costume contest; Jerry starts walk west; Hammond State School; ad work; Hammond High Art Department; Images on TV; Boy Scouts and Lioness Receives plaque; black guy and plaque; Society shot for Joan; more pumpkin contest
Env. 188 - 10/31/1983 Bales of Hay near Husser; Fashion Shoe; Louisiana State University football; School board; new sidewalk; TARC guest speaker; parade; Dee Bentz speaks to Holy Ghost; Air Force story; promo for Levy building; Junior High Queen; Business women party; trucker at Ramada Inn; food donations for Granada; drain pipe on 51 North; two women at Levy building; old grass cutter lawn ornament
Env. 189 - November- Kiddy play; new sidewalk west of Hammond; girl win computer; policy jury; Hammond nursing home; Mayor and the Drug Abuse program; High School football; two women artist at Levy building; help and aid to aging talk an at university center; two ladies painting; Southeastern Louisiana University Day game; High School football; teacher and school board members gets award
Env. 190 - 11/1/1983 (labeled 11/1/1993, but was located in the 1983 box) strawberry planting; Mashburns; Halloween costume contest at shop; cat jumping off roof; restaurant tab; Jacmel; Catfish hut; Trucker at Ramada Inn        
Env. 191 - 11/1/1983 new sidewalk; opera singer; Hammond Nursing Home; Ground breaking; ad work; ad work at Junior’s jewelry; Hammond High football; Disabled vest ceremony; women artist at Levy building; Hammond Junior High; play at Levy building; substance abuse promo at Mayor’s office; Costume contest at Cate Square; TARC speaker on Teeth; letters to soldiers; Saints football; bus depot         
Env. 192 - 11/7/1983 7th Ward Hospital operating room; substance abuse meeting; Chris Bond mug; Removing roof of Danny’s Texaco; School board group; Roy Backwood Exhibit; fashion show; Verine Parinpo
Env. 193 - 11/14/1983 two principles at school; construction site; dance a thon; old canoe and kids; lady and quilt; Ramada Inn renovations; Spouse abuse run; advertising; puppies for sale; soccer; basketball
Env. 194 - 11/14/1983 soccer; basketball; Eckerd hires; Southeastern Louisiana University football; Art in mall; auto accident; Oak Knoll reception
Env. 195 - 11/15/1983 Hunter kills a deer; Stolen truck; Kentwood; Hospice shot; Jazz band at Southeastern Louisiana University; Spouse abuse run promo; bookmobile; David Spano
Env. 196 - 11/16/1983 Southeastern Louisiana University fashion show; fire new airport; police juror; man/lady looking at lockers; paving roads; track team Hammond High; Cefalu two shot; Reading program at Sumner High; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; flea market; floral decoration Joan; citizen bank gives crime stoppers; food basket at Holy Ghost; mug of Dennis
Env. 197 - 11/17/1983 Hammond Junior High Basketball tourney; guy on tractor; Weldon Russell promo and mug; campgrounds near Pumpkin Center; new road opens in Livingston; new track at Southwood; Oak Forest football; Tucker Hall protest; Erwin Jenkings ad; ad work; new officers at chamber; street sign; TARC wheelchair; basketball; Holy Ghost food drive
Env. 198 - 11/18/1983 Thanksgiving dinner old folks; ad shot cars; picture framing story; two shot; link awards; lady in clown suit; fair in Hammond Square lot; flower show; guy on top of water tower; 1,000 dollar winner at A&P; 6 shot for Joan; houses for mike; Oak Forest academy football; YumYum Drive In’; Marco Polo ad shot
Env. 199 - 11/21/1983 Crime stoppers check donation; Vicky Cobb at Holmes; Saints; Bell exhibit in Ponchatoula; Scouts in the air; basketball; producer video; basketball; Amite Courthouse; Spouse abuse run; culvert in Ponchatoula; Christmas exhibit; protest at Tucker Hall; Art Exhibit; outdoor mass     
Env. 200 - 11/22/1983 new road construction; Foreign student dinner; advertising; Belle Maison doll house; Coyote killed near Robert
Env. 201 - “surgical loser”
Env. 202- strawberry tab; old Hardhide negatives (Ponchatoula alligator)
Env. 203 - “Donors get burgers”
Env. 204 - pictures from sound
Env. 205 - mug shot for Joan; Santa in Mary Lu’s front yard; Schewagmans Construction begins; Boy Scouts at Belle Maison; Joan’s Christmas Feature; Winning doors and Mrs. Martin Maude
Env. 206 - 11/25/1983 Kentwood playoff championship game; McDonald run
Env. 207- ad work shoes; Christmas winners; Santa; TMR students and teachers; Construction strawberry shopping center; LSU scholarships; Joan’s story on dying kid; Garden of Month; Christmas decoration; ad work group shots
Env. 208 - baby in stocking at 7th Ward; Nativity at Natalbany; mass at heritage manor; Feature shot by Bud; Construction on library; man retires from TK Values; long lines at Century 21 office; new officers at 7th Ward; winners at Antin Wuely in the mall
Env. 209 - Santa Clause for Lil; flower train opening; guy washing windows at bank; Independence Cop Award; 7th Ward new doctor; ad shot Citizen loan; Nativity scene in Ponchatoula; Accident on 443; Wreck car in front of mall; house for Mike
Env. 210 - House decoration winners; Santa in hall with kids; bonfire in Springfield; painting Hammond on tower; 4 shots; Santa with kids; birds; LSU scholarships
Env. 211 - Water tower in Albany; mug of Joan; Honor band and group shot Kath; coral group at Hammond Nursing home; construction on Fagan Road; Ladies golf association; Kentwood basketball; Society shots for Joan; Amite Fireman
Env. 212 - 11/18/1983 Loranger dance-a-thon winners; High School football; Girl Scout food drive; Loranger Homemakers Club officer; Southeastern Louisiana University handicap Awareness Day; Senior s citizen Thanksgiving Dinner; Amtrack; Art show; Southeastern Louisiana University football in the rain; election night 1983
Env. 213- Saints vs. the Rams
Env. 214 - Circulation Party and Rout Winner for 1983
Env. 215 - Three Guys looking over construction plans; TMR children at Woodland park; Comic at Belle Maison; band concert; voting
Env. 216 - Realtors banquet; mug black guy; basketball Natalbany; Santa on Fire truck
Env. 217 - Christmas Tree; black teacher and kids; forest meeting; Cefelu gets plaque; Reading program at Sumner High; Sue Sciles and artist in mall
Env. 218 - painting walls at 7th Ward; Dr. Crain shows new guns; wild art for Lee; Old black couple; Construction at Ponchatoula High office; Interior designer on Cate Street; Lady gets blood pressure check
Env. 219 - 12/7/1983 shots by John Glass
Env. 220 - Tree decoration at library; LSU basketball; Air Force band; Construction in Ponchatoula on Highway 22; Art Projects at Ponchatoula High; Hammond High Girls basketball; 4 girls reading book under tower
Env. 221 - first grade teacher returns to Woodland Park School; Mayor Pope meets Semore d Fair; Woodland Park Toy Drive; Kentwood boys basketball; Rail Road shot by Lee; Mouth to mouth to a baby; group shot by Kath; ad shot cars; old lady with tree; ad shot bea and Shirley; abandon house and garbage; mug car salesman; Independence Fire Department Wills bags of goodies; Alley Square; TARC; Molly’s Beauty Shop
Env. 222 - Italian Lady visits Independence
Env. 223 - 7th Ward handicap film shot
Env. 224 - TARC gift wrapping in mall; construction at Community State bank; TW shop Joan; Mrs. Watts in her new flower shop; Christmas Play; Ponchatoula Community Center Program; Jack Eckerd visits new plant; night parade
Env. 225 - ad work; the book exchange and range house gifts; Fire damage at Ponchatoula High; chamber fashion show; Kathleen near sign of same name; man digging a hole in Hammond; mayor with many women; new yellow freight rep
Env. 226- 11/29/1983 Lady Lions vs SUNO; City outs up Christmas decorations; Christmas caroling; work in library
Env. 227- 11/30/1983 Independence gets new Christmas Tree; Kentwood High football; Money winner at A&P; ad work at mall
Env. 228 - kid doing homework; guy kills deer; Lee’s landing; new telephone office; cops in Ponchatoula; Judging art for Special Olympics; kid on computer; Navy Seal; School construction; health month proclamation; county agent demonstrates
Env. 229- Physical Therapist
Env. 230 - Chicken for Donors- picture only
Env. 231 - “November Twins”
Env. 232 - Hammond Christmas Parade
Env. 233 - Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Tampa; aboard Lee’s boat; t-shirt shot on Oak Street
Env. 234 - 12/30/1983 (labeled 1/11/1984 and also labeled 12/30/1984 but located in box stating Nov, Dec, Jan 1983-1984) ad work two houses; guy checks water heater; city water employees work on pipes; kids with firecrackers; inside Grace Memorial; firefighting a gas leak; firefighting a house fire; party for S. Bell mgr.
Env. 235 - 1/6/1984 Road Intersection; Albany basketball; grass fires; Capaces grocery; Ad work brass; School shots high
Env. 236- 1/8/1984 Chalmette Battlefield; LSU vs. Kentucky; Southeastern Louisiana basketball; Girl Scout Volleyball team; Tickfaw Grocery Store cleanup; Paving 51 north; new principal at Chesborough; wagon wheel old ford; ad shot; udc meeting
Env. 237- 1/8/1984 Rainy Monday shots; mugs by Lil; Bud neg on police jury; 2 shot by Kath
Env. 238 - 1/9/1984 Birthday party; sunset; kid with sling shot; baby; 7th Ward after birth room; Hammond High Basketball; Log cabin & Rolls Royce; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball
Env. 239 - Southeastern Louisiana University vs. North Park; blood letting at Lallie Kemp; Kentwood basketball
Env. 240 - Southeastern Louisiana University vs. UALR; story telling at library; Southwood football stars; group shot ?; Road to dump blocked; friends of the library; Mr. Hymel speaks
Env. 241 - Thomas Funeral Home parking problem; Santa Visits Hammond State School; Funeral service for dead fireman; Christmas play at First Assembly; Loranger High group shot; Kids lighting candle; baskets donated to elderly at Ponchatoula; school shots
Env. 242 - Fruit baskets at Hammond Nursing Home; New police jury Musa; Dump site on Holly Street; Santa in the mall; Gus Williams at the new bank; Ed’s piano service; Christmas Tree farm; Vernies; beauty new guy
Env. 243 - 1/11/1984 LPL spokeswomen and Civis class; guy working on streetlights; new pharmacist; getting ready for carnival ball; Eleine Parker; New railroad spur for Eckerd; auto-train wreck; ROTC; two shot Kath; Ponchatoula basketball      
Env. 244 - Family feed Family; Artist story for Joan; Rainy night in Wal-Mart; ad work beauty salon
Env. 245- (to run 1/8/1984) Diabetes Ad
Env. 246 - 1/12/1984 New librarian in Ponchatoula; Welding of new bank vault; Mayor Pope and Girl Scouts; wheel damage on 51; Kids near globe
Env. 247 -1/12/1984 7th Ward kid and playroom; airport retires two; World Fair Poster Artist; Husky dog in Ponchatoula; Independence Chamber Office; Ad work mug; street repair on Holly Street; basketball
Env. 248 - 1/16/1984 tax forms at Library; Guy trimming trees; group shot Kath; blood letting; Morton Anderson; school play; 5th generation shot
Env. 249 - 1/17/1984 Holy Ghost Exchange student; new hair dresser; honor band students; rainy day shots; food baskets in ditch; students buying books; N O World’s Fair trip; Hammond High basketball; Southwood vs. Valley Forge; wedding shower
Env. 250 - 1/18/1984 Insurance tab; new pharmacist and owner of University pharmacy;     Chamber president singer man; Durham and Special Olympics; mug two guys here in hospital; mugs and houses for Mike; Lady with salt and pepper shakers; guy with wild animals; Nike court; Chris and Gearge Anne; lady speaker; group shot old folks
Env. 251 - 1/20/1984 kid on three-wheeler; Arbor Day; Belle Maison new bath tub; mug for George; teachers
Env. 252 - 1/20/1984 Arbor Day; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Texas; Southwood; Hammond girls; new staff at Belle Maison; hair cutter from France; firefighter; Auto accident
Env. 253 - 1/21/1984 Teacher society members; group shot Bud; mugs, cross, herbert, rousell; ofa sports banquet; basketball winner in Independence; Riverpark campground; guys with ghetto blaster; break dancing; lady teaching black child; old folks with animals
Env. 254 - 1/23/1984 Durham Pontiac Ad; exercising class; installing plate glass at Westpark; mug of hair cutter; ad work; mug; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Nicholls
Env. 255 - 1/24/1984 Hammond High basketball; cow and calf; Tangi River and fog; bowling; mug of girl; Southeastern Louisiana University ladies vs. Badgers; Tickfaw Mayor; pipers near Amite; ad work; rainy scenes at Southeastern Louisiana University; fishing winners; group shot Bud; press work
Env. 256- 1/24/1984 group shot Bud; Book Fair at Tucker Elementary; Guy in paint store; Group shot Bud
Env. 257 - 1/26/1984 guy speaking; old folks center; chamber dinner; mug of bald guy; cooks at school
Env. 258 - 1/27/1984 lab school basketball team; Larrission receives award from horizon house; bridal fashion show in mall; carnival ball; Easter Seal promo
Env. 259 - 1/30/1984 downtown night shots; fireman washing concrete; Westpark hospital; food baskets at Delchamps; TARC; artist and printer Oyster Fest poster
Env. 260 - 1/31/1984 Delchamps construction site; Hammond High basketball; Southeastern Louisiana University women vs. Mississippi State; guy fishing on 190 E; new computer for athletes; Link Award; house fire bill; carpet cleaners; soccer team; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Jackson state
Env. 261 - Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Tulane; construction on hospital on 190 W; heater on fire at Elementary School; Doug Spears; tax forms; mug for Mike
Env. 262 - Easter Seals promo; Henson Moore in Ponchatoula; guy washing school bus; Albany basketball; mug of Bill; ladies art show; kids learning CPR; water tower; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. ....; mug; bank construction; mu go Byron
Env. 263 - 2/1/1984 man at desk- Mike; Science and Social studies fair at St. Joseph; Guy saves children; Front view Citizen Bank; mug insurance guy; kids with snowman; Hammond High exercise class; Group of ladies with Minks on; new oil and lube center; Hammond High basketball
Env. 264 - Charles Gibson; press work; replanting garden; guy in boat fishing; mug; school shot; Dave Frazier mug; inside Grace Memorial
Env. 265- Ranby’s negatives
Env. 266 - 2/2/1984 (labeled 2/2/1983, but was located in box labeled Nov, Dec, Jan 83-84) play rehearsal; night scene atop bank; speaker for Joan; kids dancing; cat and bird feeder; fire Bruce; new exhibit at bank; mug white guy; new bedding store in mall; Fred Smith at Ponchatoula Elementary; Science Faire Kentwood; Ad work Tara Jewelry; guys looking over plans; teacher and students; kids with balloons; Holy Ghost school; kids singing; old man by tree; Valley Forge, ofa, Hammond High Basketball
Env. 267 - mugs for Mike; flag pole at Holy Ghost; guy at Walnut Tree; Belle Maison; black family; large group shot Kath; Hammond High girls basketball; lady getting weighed; Lady Lions vs. Tech State
Env. 268- February- horse story; group shot Kath; Hungarian Settlement sign; Cate Square; statue; group fireman; 3 shot; cop killer arrested; Field Day at LTI
Env. 269 - February 1984 Southeastern Louisiana University vs. McNeese State
Env. 270 - February - profile negatives
Env. 271- 2/2/1984 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 272 - 2/4/1984     Bill and Kathleen backpacking; Fireman at airport; house fire; Southwood honor band; mug; night scenes; Belly dancer    
Env. 273- 2/6/1984 Society mug; construction on Town and Country parking lot; shoes; fire off old Baton Rouge highway; TMR student teacher; Southeastern Louisiana University Basketball; real estate bill; kid
Env. 274- 2/7/1984 cop shot in Amite; Shriners group; Boy Scouts visits library; Eckerd warehouse; blood donor; two shot art show; mugs
Env. 275 - 2/10/1984    OFA basketball; Hammond High Basketball; mug; Alley Square; blimp; Lt. Harold Banks; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Senior Citizen Club Valentine Party; Large group baseball; Engine repair; mug; WTGI group; 4 shot Joan; handicap shot
Env. 276 - 2/10/1984 speaker; basketball group; fallen tree; Ronald McDonald in Ponchatoula; Hammond High Basketball; key to city; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; down town; blimp; train conductor; cop killer in Livingston
Env. 277- 2/13/1984 Nigh accident; TARC; house fire in Roseland; Hammond High basketball; New Texaco on 51; Chef and owner of Castaway Restaurant; 3 shot bill; blood donor at Hammond High; Poster winner Tucker Elementary; Antin Quely group; Deca Week and Mayor; group Joan; mug Joan; WFPR telethon; ladies selling crafts in Independence; flu test in mall....murphy’s; black band at Union; oil tank explosion; Ponchatoula downtown...WHMD Duran Duran winner; Geen Tallow seafood    
Env. 278 - 2/14/1984 three shot Bud; Amite Antiques; mug; pm mag
Env. 279- 2/15/1984 mugs; Hammond High basketball; 2 kids crawfishing; Railroad tracks; gem show at mall; telethon at WFPR; basketball; tooth decay prevention; mugs; stop and copy; lady speaking; 3 shot Joan; Career Awareness at Southeastern Louisiana University; black lady and kids
Env. 280- unlabelled miscellaneous negatives            
Env. 281 - 2/15/1984 Area shots from the air AERIALS
Env. 282- 2/18/1984 (labeled 2/18/1983 but located in February/March 1984 box)    Mike Smith
Env. 283 - 2/20/1984 mug hairdresser; mug women; 7th Ward Volunteer; flute sales; Holmes; art exhibit; Gospel group; Junior Garden Club; Tornado in Husser; Stolen Property; Tickfaw Grocery Burns
Env. 284- 2/20/1984 four shot ROTC Corlel in middle; 6 shots ladies; Westpark and Miller library; Louisiana Meats; Livingston mug (Hunt, Steward, Berery)
Env. 285- 2/21/1984 New Food Store Site; All State Auto; Hayden Music; Tennis; Lacassios Hardware; Bud Shots in Amite; TARC; 3 kids in tent; Liter campaign group; Tallo’s Seafood; School café; Basketball; Commercial Federal; Carr printing; Mail car art; box company; Link Award; Team shot; mug; Carry Grey
Env. 286 - 2/22/1984 Tutor and kids; four shot kids; Hammond band winners; mug; kids painting; Tennis shots; cows on road; Berry Beauty Queen
Env. 287- 2/23/1984 School board member helps out; ladies sitting near paper pineapple; library construction; Independence Church and museum; Oyster Poster artist
Env. 288- 2/24/1984 Large group Bud; Southeastern Louisiana University campus shots; Tucker Elementary book fair; mug at desk; paint store employee; group shot; Kath exercising; press room shots; Cadillac salesmen; bowling
Env. 289 - 2/24/1984 black guy speaks to Woodland Park kids; Black History Week; ground breaking; Hammond High girls and boys basketball; horse farm; large group Kath.; dental prevention week; Scouts go bowling; black guy and kids on drum
Env. 290 - 2/26/1984 Profile work including ads
Env. 291- 2/27/1984 fallen tree on old frame house; Loranger post office; Hammond High basketball; Scouts get turned over
Env. 292- 2/28/1984 Scout award; Ponchatoula birthday party; Jeanne Vorhees looks at plants; show in Hammond; Louis Lambert mails rebates; wedding shot; Science fair; Amite store fire
Env. 293 - 2/28/1984 Citizen bank; Girls Basketball; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Chief Collulora; Broken window; water pipe repair; group shot; police chief; boy scout award; organ grinder
Env. 294 - February 1984 Art Exhibit; Eckerd Warehouse tour; 1 hour photo; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Hammond High Basketball
Env. 295 - 3/1/1984 new construction Fagan Road; FHA convention; boy scouts; power outage; frame shop; bridge on Club Deluxe; basketball; baseball; Lil; Honor band; Lowe’s; ad work; Strawberry Queen; new hairdresser; Fireman rips old car
Env. 296 - mug; outdoor shot at Alley Square; Royal Aooak store; working on floor at Alley Square; street signs        
Env. 297- 3/1/1984 Mardi Gras Hammond
Env. 298 - 3/2/1984 group shot; Mardi Gras; FHA officer; basketball; ad work; flowers; track meet; water tower; Mardi Gras make up; mug; quilt making; mug; group shot; collecting money on road
Env. 299- 3/2/1984 Night baseball; plans for road race; planting plants in front of Levy building; group of kids; fight cancer group; power outage; proclamation; ad work; lady with kids; poster winner; kid in the middle of a balloon; school kids; Mardi Gras at School; Herbet; Stimel; Roussell    
Env. 300 - 3/2/1984 new hairdresser; fireman smashing car window; bridge on Club Deluxe Road; frame shop; berry queen; berry crown; kids at LTI; Lowe’s ; car salesman
Env. 301 - 3/15/1984 Old guy; 4 people with berries; picking berries; Woodland park group shot; tourist at depot museum; blooding letting at 7th Ward; new management at WTGI; road race; mug old lady; Edwards at Southeastern Louisiana University; moonset
Env. 302- March- Ponchatoula cops; horse; Fagan Road construction; kids making butter; group shot Kath; awards for cops
Env. 303- 3/13/1984 two shots; spring flowers; art show; 4 shot; group; bridge out; guy in wheelchair; mug; looking over plans    
Env. 304 -unlabelled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 305 - parade in Independence; Hammond Radio operator; military presentation; filming a movie at Camp Moore
Env. 306- 3/15/1984 Oyster Festival Preparation; looking over plans; 5 guys and wheelbarrow; award; police fireman volleyball; C. Gibson; guy with turkey; Cink cooking food; Ponchatoula museum visitors
Env. 307 - 3/16/1984 Construction US 51; school year; Chief Duvall and man on street; two shot; chimp; Chemistry class; new hair dresser; body shop manager; baby blowing bubbles; lady speaking
Env. 308 - 3/17/1984 CPR; Alley Square; Holy procession; Oyster Festival; 4 shot in Cate Square
Env. 309- 3/8/1984 Knife maker; 3 shot; group; ad work; little flowers estate; kids with computer; Highway Department- head; art week proc.; Ponchatoula dance team girl; Roast of mayor; hunting demonstration; horse; ad work 7th Ward; Mardi Gras at Belle Maison    
Env. 310- 3/19/1984 Oyster Festival; new crop of berries; play; yard sale; batters; Dorothy
Env. 311 - 3/19/1984 two shots; horse judging; group shot; speaker; kids group; WHMD, Italian Festival; Dixie Body shop
Env. 312 - 3/20/1984 Street signs; pinewoods derby; house; speaker; Kophler swears in black organizers; St. Joseph Altar; ball; play practice
Env. 313 - 3/21/1984 Strawberry poster; sunflower manager; Southwood track manager; voting; fireman shot; turkey
Env. 314- 3/22/1984 turkey; Senate floor; state capital; 3 shot realtors; 3 guys with snake; glaucoma testing; learning about trees and fertilizer; large group plants tree at bank; Special Olympics; fireman speaking at dinner; train passing through town
Env. 315 - 3/22/1984 guy with berries; new manager of cable television; hospital director; heart month jump rope; Ponchatoula high students; turkey; cop and recovered goods; planting trees and fertilizer; plant work; turkey; large group kids plant tree; group shot; crippled women and large group; two guys and instrument panel
Env. 316 - 3/22/1984 Southwood Track met; ad work; turkey; Special Olympic; house shot; Interior for house and garden; Ponchatoula High Foreign Speaking club; jump rope for life; trash; kids wins patio furniture
Env. 317- 3/23/1984 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 318 - 3/26/1984 Southeastern Louisiana University track; inside bookstore; planting flowers downtown; man with two deer head; interior; accident on I-12; Mayor Proc.
Env. 319 - 3/27/1984 Independence Italian Queen; Accident on I-12; Art week proc.; fire in Amite
Env. 320 - 3/28/1984 mug; Woodland Park Elementary; Holy Ghost kids; fair; guys near wheelbarrow; strawberry winner group winners; kids planting; Steve Pugh and WHMD; guys near blue prints; large group kids; poster winner; interior tour of homes
Env. 321 - 3/28/1984 Jazzercise classes; mugs; Steve Pugh; flower lady; speaker; group of ladies; Dr. Mould’s gets goat; Dart Tourney; new business owner
Env. 322- 3/28/1984 Interiors; walker home; nurse gets pinned
Env. 323- 3/28/1984 A school kid Kath; turkey shot; house on Pine Street; mug insurance salesman; Cafeteria workers; Belle Maison; lady with strawberry; two shot with Hulen Robert; Independence baseball team picture        
Env. 324 - 3/29/1984 Award for kids; baseball Independence vs. Sumner; two tennis players; new hairdresser; car in Ponchatoula; tree on old 51; ad work 7th Ward; group with checks; Hulen Roberys
Env. 325- 3/30/1984 A Mayor Proc.; turkey; Doctor’s Day; poster winner; baseball
Env. 326 - 3/31/1984 to 4/1/1984 one chain in New Orleans; downtown clean up; strawberry King at hospital; picking berries; ambulance and 7th Ward; berry ball; guy with sprinkler systems

Box # 5 (April 1984 to November 30, 1984)    
Env. 1 - 4/5/1984 Exterior Southwood Academy; Railroad Museum; mug; Car outside City Hall; Poster; plants; roller skating; group shot outside City Hall; Science Fair; Southeastern Louisiana University teaches old folks to clean floor; roof work on Hammond Jr. High; Exterior Berry Fest; farmer meeting; group shot; divers
Env. 2- unlabelled festival negatives
Env. 3- April 1984 Baxes Interiors
Env. 4 - 4/3/1984 lady with trophy; alligator story; old wagon in Loranger; Eckerd’s; Accident outside shop; game playing at Ponchatoula library; art exhibit; Livingston Parish police jury; dart game
Env. 5- 4/8/1984 shoes; mugs; school exterior; speaker; EE Industrial Arts building; salesman; male beauty contest; Zemurray Rec Area; two black kids; group shot black; Science Fair; happy 30th Brother Oswalt; TK Value open house; lamps; groups of ladies; turkey; Anti-litter group; ground breaking; play; road repair; Mayor Proc.; Flood of 1983; lady at altar; Gedion
Env. 6 - 4/8/1984 kids with their posters; turkeys; a speaker in front of an Elementary school; pool shot for Sue; Strawberry Cake; Hebert inking by Southeastern Louisiana University; woman speaker; mom speaker; someone being sworn in; Strawberry fest; Athletes from Albany; Society Hop; Jolly Chillup
Env. 7 - 4/12/1984 Turkey shot; Italian Festival promo; Italian Festival poster; Tire Center ad; Water drainage problem in Ponchatoula; X Country biker; handicap award; mug; mug of Judy; working on roof
Env. 8 - 4/14-15/1984 Strawberry Festival including color
Env. 9 - 4/15-21/1984 play at Levy building; Easter Art; Columbia Theater; WHMD building; Hammond Heritage Day Promo; two guys near blue prints; Doug Johnson; wedding shot; ad work hair dressers; fire in Amite; Tour of Homes; Et at Hammond State School; turkey shot; track meet at Tickfaw; Mayor Proc.; SGA banquet; Ford Salesman
Env. 10 - 4/16/1984 Bidy Levy; Southwood Car wash; Ladies ad Art’s and Craft’s; art show; Artist; Strawberry farmers; Hammond Oak runners from shop; new employees; new stop sign; Railroad crossing; group shot check passing; Fashion show Rosenblum; EE plus Industrial arts building; air lift at 7th Ward Herbert; turkey; camp
Env. 11 - 4/15-21/1984 Superdome; breakers; library book fair; ground breaking; car wash at Southwood; kids ride a train; Hammond High leaves for NY; tennis shots; night track meet; black guy signs up; speaker; rdeqa- real estate tab; mug; fashion shot; Holy Ghost Passover Play; Art show; School kids; Guy near a microscope; new video store; Road Construction; Poster Sales at Berry fest; two shot shaking hands; guy by a desk
Env. 12 - 4/18/1984 Envelope #2
Env. 13 - 4/19/1984 Graduation; Italian Festival; Exchange club student; parade; car driving clinic; Levi building play
Env. 14 - 4/23/1984 Heritage Day poster; kids; Crime Stoppers re-enactment; House trailer crossing highway; bringing the cows home; garbage cans; turkey; speaker at plant on Finance
Env. 15 - 4/23-27/1984 garbage can at entrance of city; repair work to fence; house trailer; Heritage Day poster; moving cows; cow head shot; Columbia theater; Crime stoppers; Mayor Pope; Lions group shot; old barn; kids swinging
Env.  16 - Loranger fireman fair; new basketball coach; Southeastern Louisiana University gymnastics; Canal project in Ponchatoula; cat in window; state capital; Jazz band; VFW and cake; girl scout planting flowers
Env. 17 - 4/25/1984 mug; Antique at Amite; Sect. Week; R truck salesman; librarian retires; Damaged inserts; Holy Ghost Fair promo; Live music arrest in Independence; fashion show; 3 shot men; Mike Smith staff
Env. 18 - Road race
Env. 19- collecting money; baseball; Larry Grey; basketball; kids on mats; Mayor and bike race; fireman cut through car; group shot
Env. 20 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives    
Env. 21 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives    
Env. 22 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives    
Env. 23 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives    
Env. 24 - Ponchatoula Councilman Claude
Env. 25 - 4/24/1984 choir concert in Southeastern Louisiana University; lady speaks; mug for Mike; Citizen Bank; mug; balloon Festival poster; fire on Happy Woods Road; Stink Award for April; John Hoover; Finger printing; librarian
Env. 26 -   unlabeled miscellaneous photos    
Env. 27 - unlabeled miscellaneous photos
Env. 28 - 4/30/1984 Air show preview; Mike Smith; Diet Center; fire; Nurses week; Dog vaccine promo; mug shot; Society picture
Env. 29 - 4/30/1984 Balloon Fest. Beauty contest; flea market; Amtrak station; soccer; Grannies fabrics; Kentwood Fest promo; Fingerprinting; Dixie Youth team picture; bridge construction; Italian Fest promo; Antiques in Amite; Hammond High Band; guy with fish; Italian Fest; group shot Randy; Civil War camp
Env. 30 - May- Fishing along 51; flea market; cows in water; Fagan special school; groups; Ponchatoula grad; fair in Town and Country parking lot; Olympics for old folks; two guys resting; Ponchatoula cop; groups; kids from Woodland Park; mug black guy
Env. 31- 5/1/1984 music awards; Hammond lab school; Marco Polo; mugs of car salesman; guys with live snake; Mike Smith stuff; Bill in parking lot; Southeastern Louisiana University music contest; Old lady plays tennis; Marco Polo; mugs; Holy Ghost promo; large gathering; David at post all
Env. 32 - 5/1/1984 Hammond break dancers; soccer; cleanest city contest; Gertrude Kraft; lady with quilts; High school play; Murchy’s Department Store manager; outdoor concert by Southeastern Louisiana University; 7th Ward lets balloons go; ladies prepare for photo exhibit; Leslie the black artist
Env. 33 - 5/1/1984 Blues Fest in Baton Rouge; Real Estate shots; music awards; dance clinic; two shot; group-old folks; Mayor proc.; essay winner; brass bed; Southeast bank; 3 shot kids
Env. 34 - 5/2/1984 Vaccination Day; basketball; tennis team at Oak Knoll; housing developer; Prep for Heritage Day; little league; Car salesman; Scouts visits a seafood restaurant; mugs for Bruce; house moving on 51; Opera Singer; Dixie olds donates
Env. 35- 5/5/1984 man with fish; Heritage Day; bike show; mugs Claude Lil Joan; Holy Ghost; High school shots; baseball
Env. 36 - 5/8/1984 mugs white guy; Lallie Kemp hospital; group pink ladies; Oak trees on Thomas; Ponchatoula water tower; Society pictures; Nurses’ Day; Oak Knoll golf pro; group shot; mug Bill Robertson; Southwood track; Jayced’s; car salesman
Env. 37 - 5/9/1984 World’s Fair
Env. 38 - 5/11/1984 World’s Fair, Friday press day; B. Ball group shot; Ponchatoula grocery store; dog vaccination; coral group; blood letting; balloon at 7th Ward
Env. 39- 5/12/1984 World’s Fair opening day; golf winners; Ponchatoula supermarket; contest winners; taxidermy exhibit; tennis; old lady; summer program at Woodland Park; Dan Wright; proclamation; Balloon inflation, Bruce
Env. 40- 5/15/1984 police gets new dog; Ms. Spano; balloons at Heritage Manor; Claude’s new camera; boy scout wins pine wood derby; city council; accident on Morris; Marco Polo; swamp near Ponchatoula; Springfield Jaycees; Tiger farm in Springfield; horse near Loranger; horses near Loranger
Env. 41 - 5/15/1984 Hammond State School band; Southwood group; Society pictures; kids; guys looking at plans; student art show; fireman; essay winner; World’s Fair art; Elementary kids; Nurse of the Year; church women; Holy Ghost kids; golf driving range; Marco Polo; tree on hill; TARC hole rep; grand opening of so-and-sew
Env. 42 - 5/17/1984 kids swimming; Town and Country; Best Western; Sue pictures; Robot at mall; man with doll house; mugs
Env. 43 - 5/18/1984 Handicap award; Fagan special school; congressman Moore and city police; graduation; Southeastern Louisiana University graduation; flea market; football; two students Woodland Park; balloon’s Randy
Env. 44 - 5/19/1984 air show; graduation; water purification
Env. 45 - 5/19/1984 air show; group shot
Env. 46 - 5/21-22/1984 World’s Fair art rain; graduation; air show; play at Natalbany bts.; Society pictures; kids on swing; baseball; religious event at Fair
Env. 47 - 5/23/1984 road survey, US 51; Natalbany Baptist awards; tutor program; graduation; Dixie olds; two shots; 1 shot
Env. 48 - 5/24/1984 Johnny Cash; Citizen Bank; New X-ray machine; Mayor Pope; baseball; graduation; Society picture; Holy Ghost kids
Env. 49 - 5/24/1984 Society picture; Hammond State School group; Carmon Moore looking at plants; Hammond High band; Manchac gets new tourist sign; Kick boxing; Johnny Cash; Al Clark
Env. 50 - 5/25/1984 graduation; Special Olympics; mug shot
Env. 51 - 5/26/1984 Special Olympics; graduation        
Env. 52 -5/28/1984 Memorial Day Services; graduation; VFW/American Legion; June house; Relator mugs
Env. 53 - 5/29/1984 baseball; turkey winner; Link Award; Buster’s furniture; Road Construction on Pecan; Natalbany graduation; lots of kids; Garden Club officers
Env. 54 - 5/31/1984 two ladies Baxley; walk across America; mug; interstate traffic; Tangi w/ fair committee; BBQ dinner hop Paul Keller; Construction workers in Ponchatoula; Retiring teachers; new director Ponchatoula Community Center; Commercial Federal; lady and dog
Env. 55 - 5/31/1984 Accident on I-12; turtle farm; new store in mall; Bill skipping rocks; Eclipse
Env. 56 - lady speaker; Maurice Spears; group shot ladies; Bill in K-Mart parking lot; post-all services; art show; balloons and old people; baseball; baseball group; Art from Morris Road; Kentwood co-op; Canoe Race
Env. 57 - World’s Fair
Env. 58 - Fingerprinting at hospital
Env. 59 - May - Eckerd Tab
Env. 60 - Goodyear Blimp
Env. 61 - (labeled “print one marked”) miscellaneous graduation
Env. 62- unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 63- old miscellaneous negatives
Env. 64 - tiger with cub; meeting; police jury sale; downtown Ponchatoula; Vacation Bible School; Casa del amigo; Bill Robert mug; Society picture; Eckerd opening; fresh shrimp; baseball; house fire
Env. 65 - First Commercial Federal; group shot; soccer clinic; grand opening national video; K-Mart car wash; Eckerd grand opening; J Bennet Johnson; 7th Ward Doctors; Monopoly’s ground breaking; accident on 55; church group; fashion ad        
Env. 66 - 6/3-5/1984 baseball action and groups; birds near oxidation pond; water slide; radio club; teacher; construction school; dump custodian; actress and fire prevention; Randy art; fire department, cripple and mayor; World’s Fair art; check pres. Mayor Bonnicarfd; Lil Miss Poppy; K-Mart and operation patient
Env. 67 - 6/4/1984 public meeting; World’s Fair art; ducks; Amite baseball player
Env. 68 - 6/6/1984 break dancing; cheers; City council; baseball; library; Soccer; Citizen bank; motor cycle; tuning piano; Amite River; over turned van on Morris; kids in the fountain; little king; Old MacDonald
Env. 69 - 6/7/1984 guy building roof; art show; Golden Age Club; blood letting; fire; cable manager; picketers; Society hop promo; home demo agent; group shots; new school principal; Ponchatoula Kiwanis and Hammond State School gym; Antique show, Amite; Senior Citizen Speaker
Env. 70 - 6/8/1984 Citizen Bank Construction; little league; Dairy days; new firehouse in Independence; public meeting; tennis camp; mug of Randy; wreck outside office; fire; county agent
Env. 71 - 6/8/1984 Citizen bank grand opening; golf shots
Env. 72 - 6/9/1984 real estate; little league; rain downtown; fish tourney; alligator round up
Env. 73 - 6/9/1984 hospital shot Dorothy; graduation shot Kath; mug; airport; golf winner; baseball camp
Env. 74 - 6/11/1984 Heritage Manor Garden Shot; black guy speaking; kids swimming; two fireman; Sox picture
Env. 75 - 6/11/1984 Church building; baseball; Larrission; car wreck; Antique auction; tennis
Env. 76 - 6/16/1984 Construction of church; library gets new catalogs; tree cutting; 3 shot; Giddion; Fish tourney winner; handicap bowling
Env. 77 - 6/18/1984 hair dressers; baseball; Maurice Spears/Golden Age Club; water tube
Env. 78 - 6/23/1984 inside limo; group baseball; play; tubing plant; garden of the month; World’s Fair Art; Kiwanis Club; Maxwell; Ponchatoula mug; Friends of the Library; Scholarship Winner; Kids swimming; fashion show; Livy picture
Env. 79 - 6/25/1984 Beauty pageant; cow show; Jerry Clower; Columns; Amite River; World’s Fair art; repair of power plant; Society picture
Env. 80 - 6/28/1984 Exchange Club student of the Year; Heart breakers; 60,000 Yard of the month; finger printing; new Marshall; black guest t-shirt; Livy pictures
Env. 81 - three fish tourney; fish tourney; looking for bank robbery; baseball action
Env. 82 - 7/2/1984 16 cent gas tax; baseball; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Bob Livingston; water slide; alligator wrestling; fire works; man with antique drum; Minnesota Street
Env. 83 - 7/3/1984 kids and hose pipe; Cody Vega; Link Award; VFW group; group; Willie Amaker; swearing in Ponchatoula; win a bundle; quilt making; birds; Day car center; face painting
Env. 84 - 7/5/1984 basketball camp; ceramics class; bridge at Club Deluxe; shots by Bill; new employees; Doug Johnson; swearing in at Ponchatoula and Independence; group shot; Bob Livingston/ Southeastern Louisiana University
Env. 85 - 7/6/1984 Magnolia Plaza; singing group; Henson Moore; art show; baseball; working on roof
Env. 86 - 7/7-8/1984 Continued Education graduation; group ladies; baseball; depot; depot days; new head of something the other
Env. 87 - 7/8/1984 courthouse; day care center; water tower; 2 shots; baseball; speaker; balloon fest poster winner; artist; Willie Yeas
Env. 88 - 7/9/1984 2 shots; Fulton street; Italian Day at World’s Fair
Env. 89 - 7/9/1984 baseball; man hunt; art’s camp; tree struck by lightning
Env. 90 - 7/10/1984 black mug; baseball; church and pecan construction; real estate; candy striper; bowling award; new mall manager; Regan Bush team; Carl Speed
Env. 91 - 7/12/1984 Kids playing with water; et playland; Oschner helicopter; Lil’s shower; Amtrak in town; baseball
Env. 92 - Acadian gets new machine; large group; fair art; real estate
Env. 93 - 7/16/1984 accident in front of building; VFW group; old HardHide; Jacyee women winner; Century 21; Wrong Way Wooton; ladies in law library; mug; lady with hat on head; Zemurray rec kids; real estate; large group ladies; computer store; play practice; mug 2 shot
Env. 94 - 7/16/1984 mugs; Independence swearing in; two builders; black mug; Ralph Maxwell; Senior Citizen; Group shot ladies; accident in front of shop
Env. 95 - 7/16/1984 baseball; bowling; ladies group; fair; cooking; mug; special kids; K-C group shot; monkeys; horse shot; Society pictures; ex-cons makes music; mugs
Env. 96 - Springfield students; K-Mart group shot Special Olympics; Highway shots; 4-H poster winners; Coach Chaneel with summer camp; Livy pictures
Env. 97 - Dave’s parents
Env. 98 -7/18/1984 Shriners; new art store; baseball; Duvall; builder; Accident 190 West; Barber shot; French kitchen; new medical office, Albany; post office; Rolls Royce collection; Amite picture; Road construction Independence; Rotary Club
Env. 99 -7/19/1984 City Ponchatoula Street Department; water works; Hammond Nursing Home; ad shot; Group ladies
Env. 100- July Marco Polo ad
Env. 101 - 7/23/1984 new bank; Leslire Henery; 3 shot; Bud group; people with computer; real estate mugs; baseball
Env. 102 - 7/23/1984 Tangi Day at the Fair; Jim Jenking; Blues guitarist; Exuma
Env. 103 - baseball action; Old folks Olympics; kid with skateboard; overturned van on Lee Landing; Ducan Kemps Wife; money winner; TARC; Livy picture; Accident 51; train derailment; dupont shot; hair dresser
Env. 104 - 7/29/1984 water tower; man with tiger; mug black women; kids; picket at Big Jims; weak bridge; Livy pictures; state school adm and Lion’s Club; Accident 190 E and Morris; Accident Night; Link Award
Env. 105- 7/29/1984 Chamber party Christmas
Env. 106 - 7/29/1984 Square dancing; Auto accident on Old Baton Rouge Highway; kids letting balloon go; George at desk ;4-H; grand opening; speaker; police Jury sign
Env. 107 - Miscellaneous July/August negatives - lady speakers; ducks; World’s Fair play; Indian artist; Ladies group
Env. 108 - 8/1/1984 little girl; kids at Cate Square; Geo at Southeastern Louisiana University; school buses; construction; Boy Scouts; bank employees retire
Env. 109 - 8/2/1984 ball team; Satellite dish; golf winners; Delchamp construction; Kitchen on Wheels; Striking trailer owners; Acadian Ambulance Ad; Abandoned Car in Springfield; Old Church Baton Rouge Highway; sunset; two ladies at desk; Layaraysonn and others; new downtown directors; new officer
Env. 110- 8/3/1984 Levy building play; Baton Rouge Zoo at library; Solider; Independence band; Butch shows
Env. 111- 8/3/1984 Square dancing
Env. 112 - 8/7/1984 Tornado; North Shore Randy; Natalbany construction; dump closed; man cutting grass; working on Citizen Bank; Levy building; Soccer registration; black fest poster; baseball team; School bus; new policeman; Salvation Army
Env. 113 - 8/8/1984 Ammaco sign; downtown night shots; painting desk at Ponchatoula; World’s Fair; tornado in Albany; Ross building; mug; lady; fire hydrant; oil well roughnecks
Env. 114 - 8/8/1984 Saints
Env. 115- miscellaneous unlabelled negatives
Env. 116- miscellaneous unlabelled negatives
Env. 117 - Volleyball; tire center; Independence Church; Baptist Church; group black leader
Env. 118 - 8/8/1984 Kim Mulkey Day; Foreign students; tree cutting; fire in Ponchatoula; Albertson’s construction; Acadian Ambulance
Env. 119  - 8/9/1984 kids near Cate Square; Natalbany Fire house; Albertson Construction; dump closed; man cutting grass; working on Citizen clock; Levy building play; Soccer registration; black fest poster; baseball team; school bus; new police man; Salvation Army
Env. 120 - 8/11/1984 Road grading in Ponchatoula; Kim Mulkey; Black Beauty pageant
Env. 121- 8/14/1984 accident; Garden of the Month; K-Mart Sunday Shopping
Env. 122 - 8/15/1984 Kentwood High; Art Show; cook book; Jaycees bowling; little girl with squirrel; lake in Amite; political speaker; large group; kids in river; Citizen bank; mug fair
Env. 123 - 8/17/1984 group addressing letter; Rothchild for Congress; Hammond High Band; Dance team; Real estate; Al Link; Health fair; Low Interest loans; Lydia Rhodes
Env. 124 - 8/20/1984 Inside Ma Bell; kids at school; grand opening; ground breaking Albany School; art in Ponchatoula; grand opening at Southeast bank; low interest loans; Randy Art
Env. 125 - 8/22/1984 Beauty Queen; mug; Old MacDonald; mug politicians; 51 construction; Black Fest poster                    
Env. 126 - 8/23/1984 Airplane downtown; lady with pear; Bridian shower ad; La Grey and Friends; Southeastern Louisiana University band practice; volley ball team; football practice; Kiwanis Club
Env. 127 - 8/24/1984 football; water and dog; dance team; real estate; kid fishing; accident on 190W; meet the players; Greenville Courthouse; new hairdressers; prep for black artist; Erin’s Team; Link Award; Brumfield Motors
Env. 128 - 8/25/1984 Black Fest; school opens; oil drilling; Ronald McDonald; parade; Roomy the Lion
Env. 120 - 8/29/1984 Hanging Art; Freshman group at Southeastern Louisiana University; Md’s at Senior Citizen Center; Old men and checkers; new salad bar at Hammond High; 7th Ward exterior
Env. 121 - 8/29/1984 First day at school Holy Ghost; fire; Inside Ma Ball; old fire truck; real estate; 7th Ward exterior; library shot; finger printing; Southeastern Louisiana University football practice
Env. 122 - 8/30/1984 inside class; Trafton Academy; Hammond High Football; Concrete pump; Alligator campground; Ponchatoula City Council; Tornado in Livingston; Speaker
Env. 123 - 8/31/1984 James Stuff; Bridge for Randy; piano bar; real estate; fiddle and guitar; Independence City Hall; Randy Art; Art show; Concrete workers; US 51 Construction; Town and Country; Albany Football; Chris and Kim Mulkey; Inside Gym; basketball Coach and cop; spaceman
Env. 124- August- chamber officer; car giveaway; boy scouts in Ponchatoula; road construction; Chanfing speed limit signs; Mayor plays Ponchatoula; Ame Zion Church bishop; ladies speak
Env. 125 - 9/1/1984 Lion’s Club at Woodlawn Park; High school football
Env. 126 - 9/3/1984 Saints and locker room shots
Env. 127 - 9/4/1984 High School football; Trafton Academy; mall shots; George Busg
Env. 128 - 9/5/1984 Large group; baby; Chris Sizemore; Jail in Amite; Eggs and issues; Southwood Open house; Diamond Setter
Env. 129 - 9/6/1984 Loranger Hwy 40; Hammond State School; Columbia Officers; Kids in Cate Square; Loranger Fire station; Handicap Award; phototorial; Andy of Acadian Ambulance; Porter Horgan
Env. 130- Black Beauty Queen
Env. 131 - 9/7/1984 Oak Forest; Amite; Accident Morris and Holly
Env. 132 - 9/8/1984 Holy Ghost; volleyball; handicap; car show; Mayor and Kim Mulkey; car wash
Env. 133 - 9/8/1984 real estate; Woodlawn Park Classroom; health fair; Library construction; Driol Team; fire ATR Woodlawn Park
Env. 134 - 9/10/1984 Lions past presidents; Loranger Elementary; Group of men; cheers; lady; Livingston Fair; movie at alligator farm; zoo exhibit at Ponchatoula; globetrotters; mug; chief day poster artist; 2 shot; World fair art; Ray long; car show; Independence Key Club; Don Bankston; Ad work
 Env. 135- 9/12/1984 Delchamp Warehouse; car give away; WHMD pledge; mug car dealer; bike story; classified mug; road work on US 51; night work; University Center
Env. 136 - 9/13/1984 Levy building play Larry Gray; mugs; Regan headquarters; Clowns at Senior Citizen Center; pulling down old trees; Society pictures        
Env. 138 - 9/15/1984 football; wedding shot; mugs; accident
Env. 139 - 9/18/1984 gifts by Anne; Kim Mulkey in Tickfaw; mugs of Teri; Henson Moore; Real Estate
Env. 140 - 9/18/1984 Art show; Southeastern Louisiana University football; Society pictures; LSU football; fishing tourney; bus and kids
Env. 141 - Acadian Ambulance Ad; Kim Mulkey
Env. 142 - Saints vs. Bucs
Env. 143 - September - Oak Knoll winners; finishing concrete; fire tower; Railroad crossing; Ponchotoula shots by Judy; New PoBoy business
Env. 144 - 9/20/1984 Real estate; traffic on 51; accident; flowers; mug; car ad; Garden of the month; Society pictures; Class pictures; group of kids; two shot; lady with lamp    
Env. 145 - 9/21/1984 fire station poster; lady in chair; Hammond motors; Port in Manchac; lady speaker; two shot; Tickfaw river development; Mayor Proc.; postoffice; Joe Lupo; KC dance; new school site; insurance group; grand opening; Erin; Kids in boat
Env. 146 - 9/22/1984 Southeastern Louisiana University football; Health fair; monopoly opening; Tickfaw groundbreaking; Hammond football
Env. 147 - LSU
Env. 148 - 9/24/1984 bridge on Whitmar; trailer on Airport Road; TGY manager; award; ad work; handicap shot; Link Award; mugs
Env. 149 - 9/24/1984 Sea King; Railroad crossing; fire tower; Soccer; mugs; LSU; tree farm; Depot days; parade; Health fair; Saints
Env. 150 - 9/26/1984 real estate; Junior High football; Link Award
Env. 151- 9/26/1984 fire; Kim Mulkey; Hairdresser in Springfield; speakers; lady with computer; accident; art show; Drainage meeting; Winn Dixie manager
Env. 152 - 9/27/1984 face; karate; Lee shots; fire; Mayor Pope; Large group of kids; Hammond Ford; Marco Polo; Southeastern Louisiana University ad club; Hammond football
Env. 153 - 9/28/1984 High School football; Southeastern Louisiana University dairy farm; ad shot
Env. 154 - Randy best plant
Env. 155 - 10/1/1984 Southeastern Louisiana University football; Clerk of Court office; Watermain; Tootsie Roll Drive; Beauty queen mugs; Bruce tries out cameras
Env. 156 - 10/3/1984 kids playing; mall shots; library gets new camera; people bank of Amite; new officers of Levy building; Teri shots; Employee mugs; street washing; Construction Cate Street; Society pictures; water main repair
Env. 157 - 10/5/1984 Chamber birthday; real estate; Loranger High beat and homecoming; car salesman; employee mugs; High School football; Fire department poster and essay winners; tree cut along Old Covington Highway
Env. 158 - 10/6/1984 Friday Night High School football
Env. 159 - 10/8/1984 Beauty Fair; Amite Parade; Art opening; guy with clock; spouse abuse program; Burger King playland; fire house open house; new employee; Heritage Festival; baby
Env. 160 - 10/9/1984 Society pictures; construction; painting of post office; large plaque; ad work; McGruff; Beauty queen; group shot; Delchamps
Env. 161 - 10/11/1984 Stuffed animals; Loranger post office; promo for book fair; promo for October Fest; Special Olympics fund drive; large group; school kids
Env. 162 - 10/12/1984 Football; 3 men; blood pressure checked; sonic; golf; kids; Society pictures; voter registrations; restaurant tab; K-Mart; some guy
Env. 163 - 10/13-14/1984 Saints; basketball; battered women; book fair; radio station; LSU football
Env. 164 - 10/15/1984 Mayor Proc.; Murphy’s outside; mug; battered women; trailer fore; guy with accordion; Chief day under the Oaks; kids play; picnic in Cate Square; restaurant tab work; Lewis Grocer warehouse; Lidya; auto mechanic; Randy Art; Tommy Tallo; installing door at First commercial; guys with toy merry go round; group shot kids; road work 51; Lee’s; Heritage Festival; lady with painting; Ponchatoula road work; Levy building officers
Env. 165 - Albany homecoming; fire; sarc; Hammond Jr. High parade; fireman and United Way; house speaker; Realtors; Inside post office; group of women; truck fire; real estate
Env. 166 - 10/18/1984 Club Deluxe bridge; postmaster; chip; experimental station; little girl and bull; Gerald Brunett and farm
Env. 167 - restaurant guide  
Env. 168 - 10/19/1984 lady and computer; homecoming; Mayor Proc.; mug; accident; football; awards banquet; trees cut down
Env. 169 - 10/20-21/1984 band contest; Randy’s art; KC something; Old farmer’s Day; arrest; October Fest; t-shirt; two fireman
Env. 170 - 10/23/1984 school kids; postmaster; group school girls; mug black guy; art show; USA auto; band competition; tank car; grand opening; Tommy Tallo; society pictures; homecoming; scholarship winners
Env. 171 - 10/24-28/1984 mug shot; kids with big bat; pep rally; working on floats; football; St. Paul court homecoming
Env. 172 - 10/29/1984 real estate; old building at Southeastern Louisiana University; group by Terry; Society group; meeting; courthouse site by Lee; kids by term; ? Officials; hunters; lumber on the road
Env. 173 - 10/30/1984 LSU; Southeastern Louisiana University homecoming; Howard Farrell; Senior Citizen Center; handicap awareness in mall; night dance; Stuffed animal; MSS shop; Society pictures; mug; ad work; Independence new fore station; pumpkins; mugs
Env. 174 - 11/1/1984 Halloween shots; mock disaster; blood donor awards; finger printing
Env. 175 - 11/2/1984 art show; kids and computer; group shot; Society pictures; engagement shots; mugs business page; black people in clothing store; Ponchatoula Garden award; Belle Maison Nursing home; Head of Highway Department #62
Env. 176 - 11/2/1984 Football Jamboree
Env. 177 - 11/5/1984 Tennis; LSU; education stuff; gymnastics; art opening; Mr. Crawfish; library shots; High school football and homecoming
Env. 178 - 11/5/1984 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; deer shots; Carrier of the Year; High School Basketball
Env. 179 - 11/6/1984 All State Auto; two shot bill; trampoline; voting shot; Ray Long story; real estate; Election Day shots; art opening; 3 shot; Mayor Proc; 3 shot kids
Env. 180 - 11/7/1984 Society shots; road sweeper; real estate; tennis; Rainbow shop
Env. 181 - 11/8/1984 Downtown planner; Independence Football team; Danny Keen; Baseball; Levy building play; World’s Fair; Renovation work in Independence; Old Folks
Env. 182 - 11/9/1984 Group shot; Nursing awards; Antiques, groundbreaking; ladies with union jack flag; Southeastern Louisiana University pottery; school kids; rat poison; used fair shuttle buses; new bowling reporter; lady runs over pedestrian downtown; ad work; mug        
Env. 183 - 11/10/1984  Inside new plant; kids; K-Mart; football High School; art show; First Daily page; parade; Independence football
Env. 184 - 11/12/1984 Society pictures; last day at fair; mug man in cowboy hat; classified sales mugs; Christmas Decorations in mall; grasshopper by Randy; Saints Southeastern Louisiana University; Danny Keen
Env. 185 - 11/13/1984 mug; alcohol abuse talk; Society pictures; Bob Breck; group shot; dead horses; Levy building play; Railroad safety talk
Env. 186 - 11/14/1984 new fire truck; people; David at shopper shoes; Howard K. Smith; Caves oranges; court reporter; Antin Quealy ad shot
Env. 187 -11/15/1984 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; turkey shots; Society pictures; Bum Phillips; Debbie Pope and kids with flag
Env. 188 - Hammond High groundbreaking; Chamber Fashion Show; Independence Band; Especially by Anne; Real Estate; Ladies dressed old timey; Thomas Street; Hospital shots; Society group pictures
Env. 189 - Saints/ Steelers
Env. 190 - Saints vs. Greenbay
Env. 191 - 11/19/1984 Four shots high school kids; Lee’s stuff; bikers; High School Football; mug shots; kids by Teri; McDonald’s Westpark Hospice; TV winners; police car accident; kids at Feline Survival Center; basketball
Env. 192 - Survey fire damage; Ponchatoula Mayor Proc.; new hairdresser; Marsha and Joan; Independence basketball; Wild Art by Lee    
Env. 193 - 11/23/1984 Kentwood Football; Oakfore Street; Mall shopper; big fish    
Env. 194 - 11/24/1984 hunter; Wedgewood sub; LSU; old house by Lee; Little Beauty Queen; spouse abuse pictures; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Saints        
Env. 195 - 11/26/1984 Jenkins firewood; Burger King winner; three shot by Teri; airplane crash; hunter; cop and goat; Christmas Tree; Southwood Basketball Southeastern Louisiana University basketball
Env. 196 - 11/27/1984 ad shot; overturned truck; swearing in; water shortage; real estate; society feature; clothing store; kids; ladies sewing; Southeastern Louisiana University ladies
Env. 197 - picture day; Kentwood; Summer
Env. 198 - Saints vs. Redskins
Env. 199 - press conference; old ladies; Teri Thanksgiving shots; poor conditions at Southeastern Louisiana University; four guys in front of house; mugs; Greenland Baptist eats
Env. 120 - Ponchatoula High Football; speaker; muddy game Hammond High; speaker; girls basketball; hotdogs and football practice; grand opening medical center; break dancing; Marco Polo; Mayor Proclamation; inside new plant; Pumpkin Center oranges; Society picture; larger group; swearing in
Env. 201 - Southeastern Louisiana University photo day
Env. 202 - 11/29/1984 Eggs and Issues; overturned truck; demolishing old Southeastern Louisiana University building; Livy parish sign; group shot ladies; real estate; school pictures    
Env. 203 - 11/30/1984 Southeastern Louisiana University poor condition; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; Guy on skateboard; Ponchatoula construction; installing Christmas lights    

Box # 6 ( December 1, 1984 to November 27, 1985)
Env. 1 - 12/1-2/1984 Basketball; soccer; deer shot; Durham Motors mugs; heli pad; Natalbany Baptist football; Allegra; Boy Scouts; Garden Club; LSU
Env. 2 - 12/3/1984 Highway Rezoning Board; Local politicians; Southwood Bonfire; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; group with trophy; real estate; fire investigating team; LSU basketball
Env. 3 - 12/6/1984 Hammond Parade; basketball; mug; 2 shot Teri; real estate; Petep Drago; hairdresser; proclamation; hospice; Senior citizen; Boy Scouts; Garden Club; LSU    
Env. 4 - 12/10/1984 Saints; basketball; Christmas Parade; baby crib; good looking Santa    
Env. 5 - 12/11/1984 Two guys getting gas; working on transformer; Bud shots; blood donor; Levy building; work on Ponchatoula High; Ponchatoula High Honor Band; Teri Shots; Albany Parade
Env. 6 - 12/12/1984 Ball-Basketball; lady with child; Dollar Store; Christmas Stuff; Amtrak Station
Env. 7 - Finance Co.; Ponchatoula High; lady with two kids; Albany Christmas Parade; Many ladies; Abused Children Story; Student at Southeastern Louisiana University; Senior Citizens; Hammond Band Room; basketball; BPW party; Jean Decoto; Christmas Lights; Holy Ghost School; Deer shots; mugs
Env. 8 - Santa; Christmas Flowers; Debbie Pope and child; dancer; hospice; food distributions; Living Nativity Scene; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Group pictures; fire; land clearing; party
Env. 9 - Basketball; real estate; mug; Albany Medical Center; Ravel Agent
Env. 10 - 12/14/1984 (labeled 12-14-1985, but in the December 1984- January 1984 box) - Ponchatoula Street shots; Finance pictures; sports group spi; Christmas play; guy with truck; basketball; Lewis Warehouse; Citizen Bank Christmas Tree; Preservation Society; group; J Bennet Johnson; Denise Holls at Library; Group skids
Env. 11 - Basketball; Living Nativity; lady clown; Hools building; Christmas decoration; Awards; mugs; eyeglasses; Belle Maison; group shot; spouse abuse office; Pat Turker; Staff group shot
Env. 12 - 12/17/1984 parade; graduation; guy puts line down; toy donation WHMD
Env. 13 - 12/20/1984 Auction
Env. 14 - 12/26/1984 kids with Christmas gifts; Queen
Env. 15 - Loranger Girl; Sister Jeanne    
Env. 16 - Charlotte
Env. 17 - Basketball
Env. 18 - 12/27/1984 kids in accident; guys with ghetto blaster; mug; kids playing; basketball
Env. 19 - 1/1/1985 Sugar Bowl        
Env. 20 - 1/2/1985 City Council; Downtown Rain
Env. 21 - 1/3/1985 Engine on Highway; Seaward; Michael Thrown’s paper; fire; Swearing in; Hammond Oaks; Strawberry poster; basketball; cold spell; swearing in; fire; deer
Env. 22 -Range village; Independence basketball; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Albany Medical Center; Inside Post Office; Southwood Christmas Pageant; Ponchatoula Creek High Water; Genesis award; cold weather downtown Hammond; mug
Env. 23 - 1/10/1985    Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; work on parking lot tiger bingo; Leslie Henry; Sailboat on land; mug- Dave Frazier
Env. 24 - 1/11/1985 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; house Ford; Kenny’s Quick Stop; mug; speed limit sign; Kentwood water plant
Env. 25 - 1/14/1985 Tiger skating; guy walks on; basketball; fashion show; Hammond State show; car salesman; fire tower; Bab Fagan
Env. 26 - kid in tree; kids playing marbles; group pictures; Hammond Motors; group pictures ladies; Mr. Laboo in front of his building; John Feduchia Atty.; basketball; Santa; work on first commercial
Env. 27 - donation dinner for charities; swearing in; traffic; mugs; bell employee repairs lines; guy relic hunting; Loranger fire department; ladies in front of door; guys getting eyes check; Independence police department
Env. 28 - 1/15/1985 basketball; tree in road; trash; Southeastern Louisiana University library; mug; fire Larry Hymel; LPL worker
Env. 29 -1/16/1985 ball; house moving; sunset; no dumping; speaker; king of Mardi Gras
Env. 30 - alligator bread; clean up at the boos building; swearing in; road work in Ponchatoula; lady gets mugged; 7th Ward ad work; 3 shot; mug Dorothy
Env. 31 - Southeastern Louisiana University basketball
Env. 32 - power lines; basketball; Civil War relics; mug of Jill; 7th Ward ad work; Joanne Drago; Mayor in book shot
Env. 33 - real estate; Southeastern Louisiana University art/history show; control freeze; Morrison Employee of the Year; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; proc.; TARC; Happy Stop; Insurance mug; sports awards
Env. 34 - 1/23/1985 basketball; Bud pictures; this Bud for you; real estate; port commission; group; Arbor Day; Monopoly’s; Icing roads; group shots; 4-H officers; Mayor Proclamation; fire
Env. 35 - group shot; awards dinner; Senior citizen; football negative; kids along fence; Albertson’s; new employees; 3 shot; deep pictures; Erin’s        
Env. 36 - 1/15/1985 - Doyle Basketball; kids playing; art show; post office; ad work
Env. 37 - 1/21/1985 Basketball; Tom Anderson/ Ken Jenkins; kids in ice
Env. 38 - 1/24/1985 Road work on St. Charles; Res. Promo; Chris Bond speaks; Highway sign; Jodi Travel
Env. 39 - Lady Lions basketball; group picture co soc; Civil War relics; ad work
Env. 40 - 1/29/1985 Business shot; Casino night promo; ad mug Merco; real estate; Link Award; work on phone line Robert St.; Mayor Committee; work on Holy Ghost; cabbies; port commission
Env. 41 - 1/31/1985 mug; Lady Lions; Mayor Youth Committee; Easter Seals; poor garbage conditions; new building inspector; man fishes; Teri Stuff; swingsters; large group
Env. 42 - 2/1-2/1985 car with snow; mug; miscellaneous; genesis award; 2 shots old ladies; Teri Stuff; old folks; Lady Lions; lady with letter; Tax forms; Amite basketball; Delchamps
Env. 43 - 2/4/1985 Scout Awards; Shirley Robinson; Balloon Day at Holy Ghost; frat house; basketball; ad work; mugs; black forest opening
Env. 44 - Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Nicholls
Env. 45 - religious exhibit; king and queen BPW; inside Delchamps; Amite basketball girls; beauty pageant; tax forms; Teri Stuff; kid beauty pageant; basketball
Env. 46 - 2/11/1985 Dance winners; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; two ladies; sports pictures; kids and soccer; kids looking at volcano; hospice promo; Teri Stuff
Env. 47 - 2/16-17/1985 Old HardHide cage; cars; salesman; real estate; Hammond State School; new light near Albertson; Spanish guitarist; fire station Christmas Party; Garden of the Month; Pugh’s florist shop; Traffic parking in Southeastern Louisiana University; trimming trees; new sign at Monopoly’s    
Env. 48 - 2/16-18/1985 Hammond Parade; proc signing; Huey Long story; real estate; ad work; house fire (labeled “horse fire”); basketball; Tickfaw gets new tractor; neighborhood watch in Independence; old folks group; car/train accident; Boy Scout cleaning up; scouting awards for councilors; Society pictures    
Env. 49 - 2/18/1985 fish factory; Hammond High; Dance class; balloonitics; antiques; mug black guy; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball
Env. 50 - 2/21/1985 Girls basketball; real estate; marking of distant; Emmitt Perrilloux; Diet center; dog winner; d’; mail car; auto’s; quick reality; Mardi Gras at Belle Maison; catfish plant; Lady Lions; kids with water hose; water well
Env. 51 - 2/22/1985 Construction 51 at LA 22; 51 South protest; Hammond tire center; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; cutting trees; ad work; Strawberry Fest promo; real estate; hospice promo; society pictures; bad accident; quick reality; baseball team picture; new band director        
Env. 52 -2/25/1985 Rain; accident; weight lifting; Lady Lions
Env. 53 - 2/27-28/1985 Adults with kids; flooding in Albany; TARC; real estate Mayor forum; concert; St. Joseph Alter; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; library shot; Teri Stuff
Env. 54 - 2/27/1985 Girls basketball; happy stop; exchange club; Science Fair; Work on phone lines; kids with pluggie; Ann Struthers; Bishop Ott; Charles Cefelau
Env. 55 - 2/28/1985 Basketball; Amite basketball; Boy Scout group; artist; 3 shot; inside food store; Jimmy Klein oil well; Link Award            
Env. 56 - February - George Jones; fire; Independence fore team; mail box; Victory Baptist Church; group picture girls; real estate; Doyle Basketball; Society picture
Env. 57 - 3/3/1985 two ladies at P.O.; rain pictures; fashion show; art show; cat in a tree; Teri Stuff
Env. 58 - 3/5/1985 Mayor Forum; Livy Trial; one stop floor covering; kids on 3 wheelers; ad work; Ponchatoula cops; Klein Farm; Link Award; Soldier; Sabestians; road closed
Env. 59 - 3/7/1985 Town and Country; Commercial Federal; art in Amite; court house; flowers; baby
Env. 60 - 3/9-10/1985 Green house in Robert; tomatoes; loose chemical dump; Amite fire; kids and kite; Ricky Crain; Real estate; Elmer’s Candy; school stuff; 3 ladies great American; Independence fire department; Amite basketball champs; Randy Beer and flower
Env. 61 - 3/10/1985 Hammond Oaks run; Maraupas basketball; Southeastern Louisiana University track; big group; kid with computer; Archery camp
Env. 62 - 3/12/1985 Real estate; Kevin Fortenberry; Work on Thomas at Cate; WHMD ad work; Charter Board; Hammond High new site; Belle Oak Garden Club; Francis Merchant; berries in Ponchatoula; Cop in Independence
Env. 63 - 3/13/1985 Rich gruse; ad work; real estate; alligator; corp. cup.; fire safety; mayor and fireman; Frank Demarco; ducks; Haz met unit
Env. 64 - 3/14/1985 Comm. Federal; Easter Seal; Volley ball police and fireman; new berries; Livy Jail; auto wreck; Denise Holly
Env. 65 - 3/15/1985 Spring section Town and Country; Teri Shot; help with texexa; large society pictures; ad work; mug; Levy building play; construction; hospice promo; mailman
Env.  66 - 3/16/1985 Caves Enterprises; Margie Morrison; Oyster parade; pageant; proc. Signing; St. Patrick Day parade; two shot; fashion show; Enos Baily; old age fashion show
Env. 67 - 3/19/1985 real estate; 3 black men; football; St. Joseph Alter; dog in Cate Square; new press at call; beauty winner child; Chuck Reed; fashion show; smashed car; truck breaks car; truck; turkey shot; new berries; Lil’s baby
Env. 68 - 3/19/1985 Fire safety; Joan’s kids; Cave’s Enterprise; doctor awards; dentist and kids; St. Patrick’s stuff Teri; first berries; mandragula; McDonald’s and Hammond police; Newton Chelet and Boy Scouts; Library shot; Comm. Federal; t-shirt artist
Env. 69 - 3/20/1985 miscellaneous files
Env. 70 - 3/21/1985 Alabama Concert
Env.  71- 3/22/1985 Art winner; parade; Mike Kenny; real estate; track meet; fashion show
Env. 72 - 3/23/1985 Officer of the Year; Fireman of the Year; parade; Oyster Fest
Env. 73 - Insurance Tab
Env. 74 - Teri Shot; Beauty contestants; sport pictures; ad work; real estate; Kelly Beavers
Env. 75 - 3/26/1985 Turkey Shot; Bahm Patonotte; ad; Real Estate; N.O.; Giddion in new drug company; two medal winners; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Joan’s; John Nixon; Teri Stuff
Env. 76 - 3/27/1985 Fire department - putting blue reflectors in Street; Strawberry field insecticide man; man fishing; Chris Bond & son with fish; dress rehearsal of play; man speaking; Award group; science fair; Link Award
Env. 77 - 3/28/1985 Link Award; Indoor track; Lallie Kemp party; Turkey hunter; Black man speaking
Env. 78 - 3/29/1985 Rocky- HPD dog; Bishop Ott; Mayor’s Forum- Ramada Inn; fire; Science Fair; Old Huddle building; baseball; Southeastern Louisiana University football Spring Scrimmage; man fishing
Env. 79 - March miscellaneous
Env. 80 - Strawberry Queen contest; Golden Age Club; Southeastern Louisiana University football Awards
Env. 81 - Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; ladies in Post Office; Art opening
Env. 82 - Kentwood basketball; Accident on 190 at Orange Street; Capital Home Health; Grand opening; Teri Stuff; Spider Web; ladies in Post Office; Self defense
Env. 83 - Southeastern Louisiana University basketball
Env. 84 -poor road conditions
Env. 85 - High School basketball; Society pictures; Doug Frazier; Elmer’ chocolate factory
Env. 86 - 4/1/1985 Turkey Hunter; girls by playground; loading strawberries on truck; Daily Star building construction; strawberries; Special Olympics; Easter Bunny
Env. 87 - 4/1/1985 Special Olympics; Mooney Ave. School; baseball; family in living room; police with new vest; wreck; mayor candidates; CBDA ‘eggtivity day’; rodeo; dental poster contest; wreck; Strawberry Ball
Env. 88 - 4/2/1985 strawberries; turkey hunter; Christ play-American Legion-Independence; Ponchatoula City Hall; Genesis Award- The Country Cobbler
Env. 89 - 4/4/1985 American Cander Society- Mayor Proclamation; Mr. Body Builder Contest; wreck- pickup truck; Robin & Debbie mugs; Sumner track meet; Cadillac and Camaro wreck; Strawberry Festival board; Dr. Genevese
Env. 90 - 4/4/1985 hot air balloon; Southeastern Louisiana University track; group of kids
Env. 91- 4/8/1985 Kim Zabbia; police news conference; girl swinging; group of ladies; construction work; airplanes
Env. 92 - 4/9/1985 Quick Day care; Quick’s Quick stop; man in greenhouse; Gov. Edwards; strawberries; curb building
Env. 93 - 4/10/1985 furniture; photo at Murphy’s; art show; Ponchatoula welcome sign; man with turkey; girls with awards; berry poster; new vans; scholarship signing; St. Joseph’s convent- St. Jude donations; old desk; couple in front of big house, also interior shots; Billy Able
Env. 94 - 4/11/1985 Hospice photo; land clearing; banquet speakers; small group pictures; track action; LP&L putting up B.R. Symphony banner
Env. 95 - 4/12-14/1985- wreck; art show; basketball; ladies with flowers; clothes ad shot; strawberry festival; hospice bash at Schneider home; men at drawing board; black guy with trophies
Env. 96 - 4/12/1985 ticket berry seller; man with turkey; Mayor Gideon with four men; students in classroom; baseball; house; kids with puppies; airplane; strawberry pies; Jerry Clower
Env. 97 - 4/12-14/1985 Strawberry Festival
Env. 98 - 4/16/1985 traffic; Robin’s pictures at campground; 3 ladies; basketball; speakers; poster contest; real estate mugs; painters; basketball camp Southeastern Louisiana University; photo of girl by tree    
Env. 99- 4/17/1985 construction; wreck; choir practice in University Center; car salesman; art show; play; Southeastern Louisiana University crawfish night
Env. 100 - 4/18/1985 Tower or pole sitting; Albany Fest; boy and dog; turkey; fireman demonstrations
Env. 101 - 4/19/1985 mugs; Realtors banquet; Kim Mulkey; turkey; young authors; accident; instructor
Env. 102 - 4/22/1985 Miss Balloon Festival; Radio Sponser; old folks; areobsize; Great Gatsby night; John Fecucia; Hungarian Dancers; Train derailment; ladies group; old men with doll house; new car accident
Env. 103 - 4/23/1985 ladies with flowers; ground breaking; Southwood; art show; large group in Cate Square; Zappata Officials; baseball
Env. 104 - 4/24/1985 Three ladies in storm; play at Levy building; Chauvin family; Senior Citizen; Paul Fambrough; mugs
Env. 105 - 4/25/1985Special people on train; Southeastern Louisiana University roof collapse; Al Clark meeting; Ray Long pickets city hall; lady in rabbit suit; man shot on Hanson; ladies tie ribbon to mail box; Mayor Rally; Al Clark; air show poster
Env. 106 - 4/26/1985 library; mug; flower; archer; Boy Scouts; work on fitness track; McDonald’s
Env. 107 - 4/27/1985 School kids; Amusement rides; group; roof collapse at Southeastern Louisiana University; large group
Env. 108 - 4/28/1985 parade; baseball; soccer; meeting; Italian Fest
Env. 109 - 4/30/1985 baseball; groundbreaking; ladies with awards; Link Award; library picture; large award group; air show t-shirt; Nurse Day proclamation
Env. 110 - April- miscellaneous- turkey; Al Clark; baseball; lady with flower hat; art show; Bahm Patnotte; medal of honor; group; hospice
Env. 111 - 5/1/1985 Dentist; furniture; fire; girls with trophies; large group of guys; gator; mug of woman; Ponchatoula road construction
Env. 112 - 5/4/1985 Special Olympics building; Accordion player; oversized load; Independence football practice        
Env. 113 - 5/4/1985 Fugi blimp; Ponchatoula JayCees; Bargain World; Feline Survival place; signs; group of ladies
Env. 114 - 5/7/1985 large group; Heritage Day; Oak Forrest Track
Env. 115 - 5/8/1985 Garden of the Month; Seaborn ad shot; Kleiberts; window washer; volleyball; fire; bulldozer    
Env. 116 - 5/10/1985 Holy Ghost group; group awards; artist with painting; Boy Scout TV giveaway; greenhouse; football; Kim Zabbia; Joe T. With big base; Daily Star volleyball team; Natalbany Baptist art show; fire; play; baseball
Env. 117 - 5/11-12/1985 7th Ward fit trail opening; old bridge; Natalbany sports awards; women looking at clothes; Daily Star building construction; Albany girls basketball banner; Mooney Ave. School party; new lights on police cars-Hammond; Fulfords food store; Society pictures; volleyball team first place
Env. 118 - 5/14/1985 child fingerprinting; flag presentation to Midway Elementary; proclamation; large group of kids; Range Road; Slip ‘n’ Slide; Albertson; kids with big fish; four people with awards
Env. 119 -5/15/1985 Resurfacing Range Road; Nurse of the Year; Patti Giannoble; Security Homestead groundbreaking; Scholarship signing; Lucy Mirando; BPW officers
Env. 120 - 5/16/1985 Albertson’s; fire; High School awards; fireman training class; Holy Ghost Awards Banquet
Env. 121 - 5/17/1985 Proclamation; Hospice check presentation; Southwood awards; balloons; air show picture (parade); parachuting; football; group picture.
Env. 122 - 5/21/1985 - Daughters of Revolution group; graduation; proclamation; Zemurray ducks; Award group; Old Huddle building; four girls with awards        
Env. 123 - 5/22/1985 graduation; alligator campground; library photos; Ponchatoula Artesians; lightning struck man; ground breaking; today show train; tornado destruction; ladies speaking
Env. 124 - 5/25/1985 graduation; kids on tricycle; baseball; groundbreaking; Special Olympics; parade; Adelman painting; party a Pirosko’s parish; Memorial Day in Ponchatoula
Env. 125 - 5/27/1985 J.C. pool painting; graduation; kids in garden; fire; Independence sports banquet; K-Mart fund drives; Quick’s stores on Wardline Road
Env. 126 - 5/28/1985 Albany lift-a-thon; Natalbany twins; Golden Age Hall of Fame; Ponchatoula football; graduation; Drew foam; Society pictures; Round travel grand opening; Link Award
Env. 127 - 5/29-31/1985 Dagg-Rieds fire; flag pole in Ponchatoula; fashion show; play; retiree from Mater Delorosa; Ponchatoula Scenes; Link Award; boat giveaway; Rotary essays; linesman; Lady with dolls; water ski; Tickfaw City Hall; Hammond High Awards; construction; baseball
Env. 128 -Construction
Env. 129 - 6/1-3/1985 Ponchatoula alligator races; man with musical instrument; soccer groundbreaking; Kentwood Dairy Fest; Jaycee’s bike safety; 1st American bank ribbon cutting; K-Mart drawing; soccer action; fashion show; Randy with big fish
Env. 130 - 6/6/1985 Theater officer; new chevy; ladies make alter; kids with Mr. T water machine; AARP; emergency drill; kids with poster; Merco microwave; baseball; bell peppers; rodeo clown; Neol Settoon; tree falls on truck; buster; used car
Env. 131 -6/7/1985 baseball; trash on I-10; interior new office; man by timber; Kelly Beavers; grand opening; three shots; art show; Indian on street; Tickfaw City Hall
Env. 132 - 6/10/1985 Lewis grocer; interior design ribbon cutting; Henson Moore mug; fire; cheerleaders; gunfighters; men golf tourney; large group groundbreaking; Legion baseball; Daily Star working in new building
Env. 133 - 6/11/1985 Daily Star cake; China Inn construction; Homicide/suicide; Old McDonald’s; Hammond traffic; flowers
Env. 134 - 6/12/1985 Ronnie Schillace mug; baseball; volleyball team; Kiwanis picture; mug of Jill; Dwayne Lato mug; Les Madames group
Env. 135 - 6/13/1985 Olympic Torch; Hammond Cablevision sign painting; swimmers and weightlifters; the frame house picture; Magnolia peace officers; three men with one lady    
Env. 136 - 6/14/1985 Lewis Grocer; large catfish with man; three ladies; Rhennettes; airplane; man speaking; mug of girl; Ponchatoula flag making; Amite police award
Env. 137 - Eckerd’s Optical; presentation; ribbons at City Hall; cars of road; art showing; dance group; Tom’s sporting goods; tree cutter; flowers; Magnolia peace officers; cows
Env. 138 - 6/19/1985 baseball; hair place; kids playing; dance group; Ronnie Schillace and Boy Scouts
Env. 139 -6/20/1985 Construction; lady by plant (diet center); library; street corner lights; kids playing; baseball; real estate; Albertson’s; Rotary installation; group of guys; party
Env. 140- 6/25/1985 Livy American Legion flag protest; pipe spill; Dixie Youth; Commercial Federal speaker; golf photos; party
Env. 141 - 6/27/1985 Summer Poinsettia; kids fishing; girls sunbathing and studying; Livy flag protest; Link Award; church cross lift; self defense; sunflower; Dixie Youth championship; canal digging; Sam?
Env. 142 - 6/28/1985 Accident with injury - Natalbany; VCR giveaway; black man mug; dress rehearsal; hospice group; Annie Perrin 100th birthday; Independence wreck; chiropractic pictures; golf tourney-women; Loranger fire department water tank; glass repair; ribbon cutting        
Env. 143 - June- miscellaneous- river jumpers; large watermelon; cows; mug of a man; Roseland fire department; award snake killers    
Env. 144 - 7/5/1985 Fourth of July fireworks- Ponchatoula; mug of Randy; miniature train man; Ponchatoula flag; Westwood plaza construction; bulldozer; John Henry Scott; Archer
Env. 145 - 7/6/1985 Hammond’s first five; Hammond American Legion installation; Charles Daigle mug; Miss Poppy; playground tear down; Wal-mart group
Env. 146 - 7/9/1985 baseball; dress rehearsal for play; drunk with broken car; houses; play dress rehearsal; police officer with computer; Daily Star volleyball trophy picture; man changing Gulf sign
Env. 147 - 7/11/1985 cars; kids on Slip ‘n’ Slide; Billy Abel; church on Range Raod; John Fishing; Springfield Amvets; mug- Annie Eardy    
Env. 148 - 7/13-14/1985 truck and house wreck; baseball; Medieval group; ground breaking; truck accident; car accident; Independence Legion Women and men
Env. 149 - 7/15/1985 Jimmy Davis signing; John Gewalt; Cline-buckner; John Lens mug; black fest pageant; mug of man; three ladies with drawing of worm
Env. 150 - 7/16/1985 LP&L man in bucket; cheerleaders; tree falls over; baseball team; McCain family; dump site; cars riding through water
Env. 151 - 7/17/1985 Hammond under water; Portrait of lady and man; Miss Poppy; swimming pool; presentation to Hammond fire department
Env. 152 - 7/18/1985 car salesman group; oil well; lady and boy; baseball; turtle in road
Env. 153 - 7/19/1985 Torch carrying trough parish; lady portrait; land clearing
Env. 154 - 7/23/1985 outdoor concert (High School Band); lakefront New Orleans; Joy Drive In; accident; baseball
Env. 155 - 7/23/1985 Camaro wrapped around tree; baseball action and group; award; fire safety; rabies shots
Env. 156 - 7/23-24/1985 Canal digging; proclamation; wreck; drying out baseball field; Manchac house; houses
Env. 157 - 7/25/1985 fire; bingo; Link Award; group of ladies; presentation; medical checkups; stolen goods; state police officer; violin player; school stuff
Env. 158 - 7/26/1985 Violin players; man in an office; keyboard players; people around table; wrecked car
Env. 159 - 7/27/1985 Sports Fest opening ceremonies; Little League baseball
Env. 160 - 7/29/1985 diving; ice-skating; baseball; scholarship signing; rowing; Jim Jenkins; art show Robins Bayou photos
Env. 161 - 7/29/1985 Chess players; Mayor Gideon makes presentation at store; Sander’s archery; George Perkins; drowning in Ponchatoula
Env. 162 - 7/29/1985 basketball; group of women; football; baseball; ice skating; women pilots
Env. 163 - 7/31/1985 Independence, Loranger, Springfield, Natalbany fire department, presentation; volleyball; Mike Dowty at desk
Env. 164 - 7/31/1985 baseball; R&V sanitation; Wendy’s People; Dave Frazier, Weldon Russell and Independence Mayor; mushroom ground breaking
Env. 165 - July - miscellaneous- house; Southeastern Louisiana University library lions; speaker; street work; presentation to fire department; street car painting; lady; nurse portrait; Charles mug    
Env. 166 - August 1985- football tab
Env. 167 -8/1/1985 trucks; houses; mugs; Wanda’s shower; party at Golden Age Club; new cars; new building; airport road closed; photo of lady; Durham mugs
Env. 168 - 8/5/1985 truck, 18-wheeler wreck; Southwood cheerleaders; painting airport runways; bullet proof vest Hammond; couple in grocery store; roofers; Tickfaw City Hall corner stone; portrait black man; award in auto shop; Pat Watkins mug; fishing tourney for kids
Env. 169 - 8/9/1985 black festival preparations; old cars
Env. 170 - 8/10/1985 Southeastern Louisiana University football practice; First Guarantee art show; fair at mall
Env. 171 - 8/12/1985 Black festival; LSU football picnic
Env. 172 - 8/13/1985 house; Ponchatoula new high school; construction; fire scare at theatre
Env. 173 - 8/19/1985 Saints
Env. 174 - 8/21/1985 people in store; organist; digging in canal; ladies looking at dress; lady in office; bowling; house
Env. 175 - 8/24/1985 football; auto place people; speaker; bad bridge; changing; sign at Scarlett’s; boarding school bus; children playing; Air national guard retiring; mugs of ladies
Env. 176 - 8/24/1985 Independence football groups; football; my answering service ad; Heritage Manor party; construction; cheerleaders
Env. 177 - 8/30/1985 football; Hurricane preparations; Columbia Theater
Env. 178 - August miscellaneous- Shool Hallways; bad bridge; Rocky the dog; football; organist; fish place; cheerleaders; airstrip painting; first cable customers; painting Benny’s bar; baseball group; wagon parade; mug shot; Ponchatoula bad weather
Env. 179 - Southeastern Louisiana University football photo day
Env. 180 - August-September miscellaneous- movie pictures; tent sale; fire; football; Anne Erdy’s; wreck; Mike and John; Les Madames brunch
Env. 181 - 9/1/1985 Hurricane, football
Env. 182 - 9/6/1985 Cars and dealers; kids in school; speaker; golfer; Independence PD’s new sign
Env. 183 - 9/8/1985 Southeastern Louisiana University football action
Env. 184 - 9/11/1985 Lady with lions; movie; lady with basket; long speakers; Daily Star advertising mugs; Classroom visiting crawfish; group of women
Env. 185 - 9/12/1985 lady with house trailer; traffic; mug; canal digging; construction; old couple; group of people; kids cleaning up; wreck; kids pruning trees; guy lying out in sun; bushy plants; mug shot; two group shots
Env. 186 - 9/12-17/1985 three ladies at Murphy’s; Ponchatoula painter; Chris’ belly dancer
Env. 187 - 9/13/1985 Hammond Cheerleaders with sign; Mickey Mouse; football; check presentation; mug shot
Env. 188 - 9/14-15/1985 Millville reunion; Southeastern Louisiana University football; bass tourney
Env. 189 - 9/16/1985 Hammond Council Meeting; belly dancers; Lu Ann (play)
Env. 190 - 9/17/1985 Cotton pest control; art show at Southeastern Louisiana University; construction; flower; kid swimming
Env. 191 - 9/18/1985 house; black group; cheerleaders; sidewalk surfer; classroom photos; fashion show; Independence crossing guard; fire prevention week; cars football
Env. 192 - 9/19-24/1985 football tab; kids in class; painters; Ponchatoula Dance Team; Baseball awards; watermelon sign; pigs
Env. 193 - 9/19/1985 play; bridge construction; ribbon cutting; classroom; cars; Hammond Fire Department
Env. 194 - 9/20/1985 Football; Ponchatoula Road Construction
Env. 195 - 9/23/1985 Bike-a-thon; Saints; fishing tourney
Env. 196 - 9/24/1985 Football
Env. 197 - 9/28/1985 Soccer; car drives into house; Adventist parade; Forestry department; pet world opening; clown; kids playing; sugar can man; Elmo the clown; group of important looking people                                            
Env. 198 - 9/28/1985 Greensburg Forest Fest.; Elmo the clown; fashion show; Kim Reno; Gail in classified
Env. 199 - 9/28/1985 painter in doorway; Kiwanis installation; Cottons pest control; Independence appliance and furniture; real estate; speaker; cabby’s; wreck; football
Env. 200 - 9/31/1985 mug shots; circus; group of men; signing of paper
Env. 201 - 10/1/1985 Circus; group of women; Dr. Benson; Catholic daughters proclamation; Dave in Jail
Env. 202 - 10/2/1985 FBLA of Albany; parish fair; man with potatoes; car dealer; real estate; mugs of men; mug of Vivian; speaker and seminar
Env. 203- 10/4/1985 High school football; Burger King hot air balloon; Dancer; Boy Scout group; young school kids; Mr. Frazier getting arrested; Kids with fire department awarded plaques; classroom of small children; two men from National food store
Env. 204 - 10/5/1985 football; parish fair parade; Stephanie mug
Env. 205 - 10/5-6/1985 accident in Manchac; Tangi parish fair; LSU football; Saints football; ABWA style show; ABWA officers; Lamar Burton filming at Kleibert’s Montelepre ribbon cutting and flag raising; Ponchatoula ribbon cutting; Fire department open house; Trey Hughes on tractor; Halloween decorations; Ponchatoula mail car gallery interior
Env. 206 - 10/9/1985 Save Southeastern Louisiana University football; black festival officers; mug of man; welder; Fire department at school; students in library; construction; road closed; man with fish; Mrs. Louisiana; proclamations; art; mental health center opening
Env. 207 - 10/10/1985 - cheerleaders; water shooting out of ground; horse show in mall; Southeastern Louisiana University football protest; church service; pizza; four ladies; 2 women mugs; new manager Wal-Mart; car salesman
Env. 208 - 10/11/1985 student of month; ladies in grass skirts; homecoming queen; Oktober Fest. At Holy Ghost; Spider web; football; horse show at mall; Parr prosthetics; Soccer teams cleaning grounds
Env. 209 - 10/11-13/1985 Ponchatoula Oktober Fest; restaurant guide; church dedication; Old Farmer’s day; Hammond and Ponchatoula parades; Cultural Day at Levy building        
Env. 210 - 10/13/1985 Tommy’s Pizza; Southeastern Louisiana University football
Env. 211 - 10/13/1985 Homecoming queen; black man mug; chef night; Ponchatoula fire department open house; group photo; man with kids carving pumpkin
Env. 212 - 10/15/1985 Loranger High photo; Don’s seafood; basketball; Garden of the Month; Kids at fire department and library; proclamation; mug shot; an artist; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball team mugs; Southeastern Louisiana University ‘don’t drop football’ rally; speaker at Southeastern Louisiana University; Cindy Newton with flags; Horse shoer
Env. 213 - 10/16/1985 Carlos- Daily Star; mugs of men and women- auto sales; Restaurant guide stuff; Tommy Tallo; Hammond Jr. High homecoming parade; Homecoming court; groups of girls; society stuff; cattle skulls on a roof; tour of Ponchatoula High; real estate; bee keeper; cars and salesmen; Dr. Crain and group of old ladies; ladies meeting; group of kids; flower show
Env. 214 - 10/17/1985 real estate; home coming; man in camo mug shot; pile of pumpkins; football; Bill Spence with contest winners; group of boys with plaque; two young girls
Env. 215 - 10/18/1985 Hammond High football; Independence football; Oakforest football; Ponchatoula football; float building
Env. 216 - 10/19/1985 Southeastern Louisiana University homecoming; LSU vs. Kentucky
Env. 217 - 10/19/1985 Southeastern Louisiana University homecoming parade and activities; culture day in downtown; Old farmers day; Oktober Fest in Ponchatoula; poster people; Trey Yuen construction; kids with makeup; basketball winners; lady speaker at KC banquet; Southeastern Louisiana University scholarship winners; black lady speaking; Southeastern Louisiana University football        
Env. 218 - 10/22/1985 Jacmels
Env. 219 - 10/26/1985 football; homecoming queens; parade; George Simmons Award; computers; face painting; kids on the block
Env. 220 - 10/28/1985 presentation; fashion show; real estate; classroom; kids on the block; St. Joseph’s halloween party; Muscular distrophy square dance; two men with book; ladies blowing out candles on cake; mug shots parade; homecoming court; wildlife photographer; goat
Env. 221 - 10/29/1985 flooding; ribbon cutting; rotary; group of kids with trophys; pumpkin painting; group of men with presents; floral shop
Env. 222 - 10/30-31/1985 Montelepre Halloween party; kids in classroom; construction; K-Mart costume contest; HMD. Eastside Halloween carnival; houses; Hammond Square Costume Contest; wreck; mug of man; Loranger homecoming court
Env. 223 - October 1985- Restaurant guide
Env. 224 - 11/1/1985 High School football; harmful Halloween candy; Jeff at work and mugs
Env. 225- 11/2/1985 Chorus singers; wire in candy
Env. 226 - 11/4/1985 Aerial shots; police award; Link Award; Ponchatoula proclamation; mug shot woman
Env. 227 - 11/7/1985 bloodgiving; mugs; Southeastern Louisiana University jazz band; basketball; Colonial Inn; car dealer; kids playing; nuns and kids; wheel barreling; dump; group of women
Env. 228 - 11/6/1985 greenhouse; church destruction; dance team; basketball; mug of boy; fiberglass worker; President Crain; group around outdoor table
Env. 229 - 11/8/1985 Southeastern Louisiana University football; big potato; speaker; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball promo; Guaranty artist; wreck
Env. 230 - 11/13/1985 Opera workshop at Brady’s; Wal-Mart United Way check; Eastside Elementary book district; football; basketball; weeds; Satellite setup; real estate; fashion show; scholarship signing; downtown painting; watering strawberries; doll house builder; broadwalk records
Env. 231 - 11/12/1985 Real estate; Southeastern Louisiana University vets day memorial
Env. 232 - 11/14/1985 dog wash; drug abuse seminar; Custom Cut; Garden of the Month; Eagle Scout; Students of the Month
Env. 233 - 11/15/1985 High School football; real estate; award and signing of paper; lab school book week
Env. 234 - 11/18/1985 Southeastern Louisiana University football; lady lions; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Dukes of Southeastern Louisiana University; Eastside video; school lunch; Southeastern Louisiana University professor; three kids; business seminar; High school basketball; Mater Delorosa Brownies
Env. 235 - 11/18/1985 Spouse Abuse check; March of dimes; soccer; realtor mug; boy in library
Env. 236 - 11/22/1985 High School football; The Whittingtons making syrup; fireplace ad shot
Env. 237 - 11/25/1985 Especially by Ann; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Nicholls
Env. 238 - 11/27/1985 man with big raccoon; Terrell Adams; K-Mart shot; mug of man; car shots; Smilin’ bankers; house moving; real estate sign changing
Env. 239 - November 1985 miscellaneous- football; Rotary photo; various mugs; lady and two men at microphone; proclamation; bridge construction; clothing store opening; main street Ponchatoula; Pat Tucker group; real estate; antique wooden horses

Box # 7 (December 1985 to November 15, 1986)
Env. 1 - December 1985 miscellaneous sports
Env. 2 - December 1985 reading Christmas cards at Montelere Nursing Home; basketball; mug of a man
Env. 3 - 12/2/1985 Downtown at Night; Cub scouts; Independence Fire department; High School basketball; eggs and issues; operation Santa Clause
Env. 4 - 12/2/1985 Basketball Southeastern Louisiana University; Country market; operation Santa Claus; Levy Play; Asphalt party
Env. 5 - 12/5/1985 Circus; Amite Fire Department
Env. 6 - 12/6/1985 Hammond Christmas parade; fire ; Seville Plaza opening; Angle parking in Ponchatoula; magic show at Southeastern Louisiana University
Env. 7 - 12/2-6/1985 classroom; Newton Chalette; log cabin; mug shot of man; K-Mart check presentation; basketball; Daily Star Tree decoration; Up with People mug; play; fire; circus; construction; classroom
Env. 8 - 12/7-8/1985 Range village; Ponchatoula Christmas parade; wreck on 51 North; group of women; basketball; LSU basketball
Env. 9 - 12/9/1985 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball
Env. 10 - 12/9/1985 putting up Christmas decorations in Ponchatoula; group ad shot; fire; Christmas parade; marijuana
Env. 11 - 12/11/1985 musicians; window painting; auto accident; kids with books; lady speaking and mug
Env. 12 - 12/12/1985 Cub Scout mistletoe drive; Marco Polo ad shot; basketball; Mrs. Santa at Ponchatoula library; Santa and kid; Piano tuner in mall; kids singing in mall; Hammond Preservation Society officer; presentation; group at table
Env. 13 - 12/15/1985 High School basketball; Christmas Concert in Ponchatoula; accident with injury
Env. 14 - 12/16/1985 Independence Parade; Hammond State School Christmas Parade; group of ladies; Weeds with frost; High School basketball
Env. 15 - 12/16/1985 Ward’s large stocking; High School basketball; man with deer head; ladies with vacation display; finance ad shots; Loranger Christmas Parade; K-Mart presentation; mug of guy; Independence fire department; Santa; lady with doll; lady baking pie
Env. 16 - 12/17/1985 Finance group shot; City workers picking up trash; new building shot; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; eagle scout; students of the month; kids singing St. Citizens; D.C.  Reeves Christmas Card
Env. 17 - 12/18/1985 Bike riding; Loranger scene; Holy Ghost kids; Baseball in Husser; group shot; Mayor Gideon; inside old citizen bank; kids; real estate; USA auto
Env. 18 - 12/18/1985 Ponchatoula High basketball players of week mugs; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Seville Plaza ribbon cutting; Children’s play; Ponchatoula parking on Main Street; Radiation Center photo; group of people; four ladies; high school basketball; men splitting wood; man with deer; group of seven
Env. 19 - 12/21/1985 Finance Ad shot; Ponchatoula parking and traffic; Loranger Santa Candy giveaway; LSU vs. Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; graduation (Southeastern Louisiana University); mug shot of boy
Env. 20 - 12/22/1985 Saints vs. Atlanta; country shadows ribbon cutting; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Cement workers at McNeeley’s; kids dressed up
Env. 21 - 12/26/1985 Bonfires in Gramercy; building; lady behind counter
Env. 22 - 12/27/1985 bridge over highway 55 at Ponchatoula; Smokehouse in Tickfaw; Moonrise; a weed
Env. 23 - 12/30/1985 Link award; Baron chasing cow; Manchac Bayou scenes; Advertising greetings group shot
Env. 24 - 12/31/1985 Fireworks for sale; basketball; auto accidents
Env. 25 - December 1985 miscellaneous - marijuana in bags; lady speaking; ribbon cutting; Christmas boxes; construction; houses; Santa; glass blower
Env. 26 - December 1985- miscellaneous
Env. 27 -1/12/1986 Gene Tallo’s burned restaurant; Christmas trash
Env. 28 - 1/3/1986 three black girls on skates; Bill Spence with award winners; lady lions basketball; High school basketball; fire; door with welcome mat
Env. 29 - 1/4/1986 Lady lions basketball; Up with people arriving; high school basketball; trash; goldtek business shot
Env. 30 - 1/6/1986 (labeled 1985 but located in January 1986 box) Up with People
Env. 31 - 1/7/1986 Old man mug; Artist; Tickfaw, food for Senior citizens; Up with People at Southeastern Louisiana University stadium; tennis; basketball (Southeastern Louisiana University); high school basketball; Artists; cable ad photos
Env. 32 - 1/8/1986 Special Olympics art contest; putting up a light pole in Hammond; house fire; catfish restaurant; three women; seafood and vegetable market on 51 bypass; houses; woman speaking; ladies club installation; Hammond motors salesman
Env. 33 - 1/9/1986 swamp scene; stained glass; man putting up a street light; Billups Motors, salesman; mug of man; Ponchatoula football player; houses; kids in classroom; Ponchatoula High library; group of people
Env. 34 - 1/11/1986 High School basketball; tree planting; kids with certificate; house fire; Hammond train station
Env. 35 - 1/11/1986 Presentation to Hospital volunteer at 7th Ward; High School basketball; phone a friend; Lady Lions basketball
Env. 36 - 1/13/1986 Dump site; mug of man; workers on lunch break; kids in cafeteria; Mayor Gideon with lady; mugs of Hammond firemen
Env. 37 - 1/14/1986 house fire; Egret; Port; basketball; real estate mugs; kids on bike; tree planting; bird house; American Legion/Boy Scout plaque; Hospice photo
Env. 38 - 1/14/1986 car in ditch; dump sight; two girls; library photos; fungi on a tree; Lady Lions; houses; high school basketball
Env. 39 -1/17/1986 Insurance group and mugs; house; basketball, high school; flag raising; construction
Env. 40 - 1/20/1986 lady with child at playground; basketball; Mardi Gras ball; real estate mugs
Env. 41 - 1/21/1986 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Construction; Country singers; old gas pump; old cars; Sheriff’s Department dog; Wal-Mart Special Olympics Check presentation
Env. 42 - January- February 1986 - miscellaneous sports
Env. 43 - 1/25/1986- miscellaneous negatives
Env. 44 - 1/28/1986 Saints Press Conference
Env. 45 - 1/30/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 46 - 1/30/1986 Aerials
Env. 47 - 2/1-2/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 48 - 2/2/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 49 - 2/3/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 50 - 2/4/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 51 - miscellaneous stuff
Env. 52 - 2/5/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 53 - 2/7/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 54 - 2/10/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 55 - 2/10-16/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 56 - 2/10-14/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 57 - 2/11/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 58 - 2/12/1986 ice on berries
Env. 59 - 2/13/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 60 - 2/14-15/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 61 - 2/15/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 62 - 2/15/1986 miscellaneous sports negatives
Env. 63 - 2/17-21/1986 - Singers
Env. 64 - 2/20/1986- Strawberry Pageant
Env. 65 - 2/24/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 66 - 2/25/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 67 - 2/25/1986 High School basketball- girls; speakers; ad shot, building; real estate mugs; students of the month; ladies mailing envelopes (Junior auxiliary); ad mug and houses; especially by Anne’s Link Awards; crisis pregnancy center building donation; exchange club crime prevention banquet                
Env. 68 - 2/26/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 69 - 2/27/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 70 - Air attendants
Env. 71 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 72 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 73 - Girl Basketball
Env. 74 - basketball, etc
Env. 75 - Southeastern Louisiana University baseball
Env. 76 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 77 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 78 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 79 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 80 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 81 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 82 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 83 -unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 84 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 85 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 86 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 87 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 88 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 89 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 90 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 91 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 92 -  unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 93 -unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 94 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env.  95 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 96 - football
Env. 97 - Player of the Week
Env. 98 - 1st and 2nd week of March - miscellaneous negatives
Env. 99 - 3/1/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 100 - 3/5/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 101 - 3/6/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 102 - 3/8-9/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env.  103 - 3/12/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 104 - 3/13/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 105 -3/13/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 106 - 3/15-16/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 107- 3/17/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 108 - 3/18/1986 University Madison School
Env. 109 - 3/19/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 110 - 3/20/1986  miscellaneous negatives
Env. 111 - 3/20-21/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 112 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 113 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 114 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 115 - 3/22/1986  miscellaneous negatives
Env. 116 - 3/25/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 117 - 3/25/1986 swamp tour
Env.  118 - 3/26/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 119 - 3/29/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 120 - Hammond Oaks Race
Env. 121 - Progress
Env. 122 - 4/3/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 123 - 4/3/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 124 - 4/4/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 125 - miscellaneous negatives
Env. 126 - 4/5/1986  miscellaneous negatives
Env. 127 - 4/5-6/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 128 - 4/7/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 129 - 4/8/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 130 - Emmit Perriloux; Iema Thomas
Env. 131 - 4/9/1986 - miscellaneous negatives
Env. 132- 4/10/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 133 - 4/13/1986 Strawberry Fest. Parade 1986
Env. 134 - 4/13/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 135 - 4/14/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 136 - 4/15/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 137 - 4/16/1986  miscellaneous negatives
Env. 138 - 4/18/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 139 - 4/19/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 140 - 4/19-20/1986 lady with basket on head
Env. 141 - 4/21/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 142 - 4/22/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 143 - 4/24/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env.  144 - Strawberry King/ Marshall
Env. 145 - miscellaneous negatives
Env. 146 - 4/26/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 147 - 4/28/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 148 - Haley
Env. 149 -unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env.  150 - 4/30/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 151 - last week of April - Leslie; miscellaneous
Env. 152 - April- May - miscellaneous negatives
Env. 153 - 5/1/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 154 - 5/3/1986 Duffy Ricks Buffalo farm
Env. 155 - 5/3/1986 Jazzfest ‘86- Bruce; Miami Sound Machine; Frankie Ford; Tommy Ridgeley; new Leviathan Fountain        
Env. 156 - miscellaneous negatives
Env. 157 - miscellaneous negatives
Env. 158 - wrestling
Env. 159 - miscellaneous negatives    
Env. 160 - 5/4/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 161 - 5/5/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 162 - 5/8/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 163 - 5/10-11/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 164 - 5/12/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 165 - 5/13/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 166 - 5/14/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 167 - 5/15/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 168 - 5/15/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env.  169 - 5/17/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 170 - 5/19/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 171 - 5/20/1986 Air show promo
Env. 172 - 5/20/1986 Air show promo
Env. 173 - 5/21/1986miscellaneous negatives
Env.  174 - 5/22/1986 Special Olympics
Env. 175 - 5/26/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 176 - 5/26/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 177 - 5/27/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 178 - 5/29/1986 bell peppers
Env. 179 - 5/30/1986 Gayle
Env. 180 - Strawberry Festival Parade    
Env. 181 -6/3/1986 unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 182 - 6/4/1986 Ex-police chief
Env. 183 - 6/4/1986 Riley Smith
Env. 184 - 6/5/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 185 - 1986 air show
Env. 186 - 1986 air show
Env. 187 - 6/11/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 188- miscellaneous
Env. 189 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 190 - March of Dimes miscellaneous negatives
Env. 191 - Trey Yuen
Env. 192- Steel Work
Env. 193 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 194 - miscellaneous
Env. 195 - Sharon Sledge
Env. 196 - May-June-July- miscellaneous
Env. 197 - 6/6/1986  miscellaneous negatives
Env. 198 - 6/7-8/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 199 - 6/9/1986 tourist story
Env. 200 - 6/12/1986  miscellaneous negatives
Env. 201 - 6/14-15/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 202 - 6/16/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 203 - 6/17/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 204 - 6/18/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 205 - 6/19/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 206 -6/21-22/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 207 - 6/23/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 208 - 6/24/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 209 - 6/25/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 210 - 6/26/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 211- 6/28/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 212 - 6/30/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 213 - June- miscellaneous
Env. 214- miscellaneous negatives
Env. 215 - miscellaneous negatives
Env. 216 - 7/1/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 217 - 7/1/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 218 - 7/4/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env.  219 - 7/5-6/1986 School Board members
Env. 220 - 7/7/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 221 - 7/8/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 222 - 7/9/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 223 - 7/10/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 224 - 7/16/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 225 - 7/18-20/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 226 - 7/21-25/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 227 - 7/23/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 228 - 7/24/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 229 -7/26-27/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 230 - 7/28/1986 Prop stop
Env. 231 - 7/29/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 232 - 7/30/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 233 - 7/30/1986  miscellaneous negatives
Env. 234 - 7/31/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 235 - July 1986 - miscellaneous
Env. 236 - outdoor band show
Env. 237 - 8/1-3/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 238 - 8/4/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 239 - 8/5/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 240 - 8/6/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 241 - 8/7/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 242 - 8/9/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 243 - 8/10/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 244 - 8/13/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 245 - 8/16-17/1986  miscellaneous negatives
Env. 246 - 8/18/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 247 - 8/18-22/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 248 - 8/21/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 249 - 8/23-24/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 250 - 8/26/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 251 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 252 - Saints Camp- scrimmage
Env. 253 - Parade of Homes
Env. 254 - dog training
Env. 255- August- miscellaneous; mugs big part
Env. 256  - August miscellaneous
Env. 257 - 8/28/1986 play
Env. 258 - 9/2/1986 miscellaneous negatives]
Env. 259 - 9/4/1986 play
Env. 260 - 9/4/1986 Bonnie
Env. 261 - 9/6/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 262 - 9/5-7/1986 football
Env. 263 - 9/5-7/1986 Environmental Quality
Env.  264 - 9/8/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env.  265 - 9/8/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 266 - 9/12-14/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 267 - 9/15/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 268 - 9/16/1986 Austin photos
Env. 269 - 9/16/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 270 - 9/17/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 271 - 9/20/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 272 - 9/20/1986 Real Estate Agents
Env. 273 - 9/23/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 274 - 9/25/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 275 - 9/27-28/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env.  276 - 9/27-28/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 277 - 9/29/19868 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 278 - 9/30/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 279 - 10/1/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 280 - 10/2/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 281 - 10/3-5/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 282 - 10/6/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 283 - 10/8/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 284 - 10/10/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 285 - 10/11/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 286 - 10/13/1986 LSU
Env. 287 - 10/13-17/1986 LSU
Env. 288 - 10/18/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 289 - 10/18-19/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 290- September - October 1986 - miscellaneous negatives
Env. 291 - music co-op
Env. 292 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 293 -  unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 294 - Southeastern Louisiana University basketball
Env. 295 -unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 296 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 297 - Boy Scout ceremony
Env. 298 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 299 - Trail Ride
Env. 300 - graveyard
Env. 301 - Dracula
Env. 302 - 10/13-17/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 303 - 10/21/1986 Hammond State School
Env. 304 - 10/22/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 305 - 10/23/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 306 - 10/24/1986 Ski
Env. 307 - 10/25/1986 High School football; Halloween Dance photographed by Joan; Halloween scenes; Beverly dressed up at Daily Star; Beverly dressed up at Daily Star; Hammond Fire Department with equipment
Env. 308 - 10/25/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 309 - 10/28/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 310 - 10/29/1986 color
Env. 311 - 10/29/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 312 - 10/30/1986 muddy waters
Env. 313 - 10/31/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 314 - October- November miscellaneous negatives
Env. 315 - 11/1/1986 Halloween Stuff; High School football
Env. 316 - 11/4/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 317 - 11/10/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 318 - 11/14-15/1986 miscellaneous negatives

Box # 8 (November 17, 1986 to December 30, 1987)
Env. 1 - 11/17/1986 very Jazz band
Env. 2 - 11/18/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 3 - 11/20/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 4 - 11/22/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 5 - Accident- in front of Old Daily Star building
Env. 6 - End of November 1986 - miscellaneous negatives
Env.  7 - Beginning of December 1986 - miscellaneous negatives
Env. 16 - 12/5/1986 Kentwood Feature
Env. 17 - December 1986 - miscellaneous negatives
 Env. 6 - 12/6/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 7 - 12/8/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 8 - unlabeled miscellaneous negatives
Env. 9 - miscellaneous negatives
Env. 10 - miscellaneous sports
Env. 11 - miscellaneous sports
Env. 12 - Saints Football
Env. 13 - End of October 1986 - miscellaneous negatives
Env. 14 - End of October 1986 - miscellaneous negatives
Env. 15 - LSU
Env. 16 - Exotic Farm; cookie baking; Albany Beta Club
Env. 17 - December - miscellaneous negatives
Env. 18 - 12/11/1986 Mr. Fazer with antlers
Env. 19  - 12/13/1986 Kentwood Parade; Natalbany; Group of K-Mart Managers
Env. 20 - 12/16/1986 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 21 - 12/17/1986 mug of Jimmy Steward- Pizza Palace; Tangi Finance; Citizen’s Finance; Trapping photos for Gumbo; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; C.J. Moore’s Christmas party; Westpark Ad
Env. 22 - 12/18/1986 Boy playing in puddle; 51 Roadside; Society; Women Gulfers officers; Holy Ghost caroling; Christmas Lights; Debbie Blank; Steve Wells
Env. 23 - 12/19/1986 Oyster Contest; fire; Abita Beer; Joan’s Stuff; Ponchatoula Jr. High Banner; High School Basketball; Morrison Dedication Blvd.
Env. 24 - 12/20/1986 High School Basketball; Loranger Parade; Southeastern Louisiana University graduation; beakinz; Author book signing
Env. 25 - 12/22/1986 Independence Christmas Parade; USA Auto- Albany; High School Basketball
Env. 26 - 12/23/1986 High School Basketball; mall shots; man with deer head; house in Ponchatula; Dixie Motors Salesman; Strawberry Poster
Env. 27 - 12/24/1986 Christmas Lights in Kentwood; man with clocks; Santa with elderly; High School basketball; 3 people taken by Jill; Ginger Romero book signing
Env. 28 - 12/27/1986 man, boy, and deer; little boy on seats; little girl playing in sand; two girls with plaque; bonfires on river; owl on fire hydrant
Env. 29 -12/29/1986 Steeple painting; muddy bridge
Env. 30 - 12/30/1986 basketball; Tickfaw swearing in; man with deer
Env. 31 - 12/31/1986 Link Award; fire department presentation; woman with deer head; gumbo painter; kids playing; house; Loranger fire department test; High school basketball
Env. 32 - 1986- miscellaneous; Ron Whitaker mug; K-Mart food baskets; Mayor signing proclamation; art show; Taxidermist-Gumbo story; painting at Humane Society; basketball; Pumpkin carving; weight station; Jaycees food drive; feeding the elderly at Heritage Manor
Env. 33 - 1986 miscellaneous; Gumbo Taxidermist story; LSU football; Wardline Road Bridge collapse; Mayor Saladino; Link Award; Construction; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball
Env. 34 - 1986- miscellaneous; Thrift stores- Gumbo story; fashion show; Dr. Crain’s Resignation; basketball; Butch Meyn’s Studio; River Scenes
Env. 35 - 1-2/1987 Fireworks; Sugarbowl- LSU
Env. 36 - 1/3/1987 (labeled 1-3/1986 but in the January 1987 box) Black man washing bus; 2 kids playing football; Inauguration at Kentwood; Fire work with Robin
Env. 37 - 1/6/1987 High School basketball; New Hammond High Construction; Westpark ribbon cutting; blood letting; proclamation
Env. 38 - 1/7/1987 Lewis Grocer; High School Basketball; mug of Randy; Guys with frisbee; kids fishing for crawfish
Env. 39 -1/8/1987 Pressmen mug; judging of Special Olympics Art; Ponchatoula Alligator Cake; Coker-Vail; Man with deer; Chief Collura; fishing in Zemurray Park; Carriers of the Year
Env. 40 - 1/9/1987 Computer kids; Play “Same Time Next Year”; House; State Trooper giving tickets; construction; mug of Dennis; mug of Mark; Gumbo- Band photos
Env. 41 - 1/12/1987 Frost Photos; Daughters of Confederacy; Free Spirits; All-State Choral Members
Env. 42 - 1/13/1987 Livingston; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; mug of man; Youth of the month
Env. 43 - 1/14/1987 High School Basketball; USS KIDD: Southeastern Louisiana University bookstore; Window Painting; mug of man; 2 men; construction
Env. 44 - 1/15/1987 Jeff, Judy, Rhonda; Junior Auxiliary at Trey Yuen; All State Employee; Bass Club; Math group at Hammond Jr. High; Special Olympics check up; Sheriff Department Busts
Env. 45 - 1/16/1987 Sports groups awards; Pat Norton; mug of man; group planting tree; girl-scouts with mayor; art from Manchac
Env. 46 - 1/17/1987 High School Baseball (boy & girls); mug of queen; The Dixie Band; City Hall Employee on phone; Grace Tabernacle Celebration; Man pointing; building; group of People in ROTC Room; Will’s Car
Env. 47 - 1/20/1987 Martin Luther King Marches; Railroad putting up crosswalks; Antin’s storefront; Arbor Day at Southeastern Louisiana University lab school
Env. 48 - 1/21/1987 House Interior; 3 car wreck at Baptist; Fire in Amite; High School Basketball; Telephone at City Hall; Raising of Traffic Lights in Hammond; New Fire Truck
Env. 49 - 1/22/1987 Susan Moore- Gumbo; Chamber officers; Westpark CPR Demonstration; Balloonatics; mug of a man; Woman speakers
Env. 50 - 1/23/1987 potholes; Insurance tab; Eagle Scouts; Real Estate
Env. 51 - 1/27/1987 Gayle Sarrat; Mardi Gras Emblem; Telephone men in Roseland; Security Officer training; insurance men mugs; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; High School Basketball; ribbon cutting
Env. 52 - 1/28/1987 K-Mart Ad; Link Award; Southeastern Louisiana University Hawaii Day; Mugs of Bobby, Jeff, Liz; Water spraying from faucet; WestPark Doctors; Pat’s photos; house; high school basketball; Nesom Basketball team; Louisiana Electric Supply Fire
Env. 53 - 1/29/1987 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Social Services Council; Department of Transportation metering S. Morrison Blvd.; Road work Taken by Pat; Old Comm. Fed. On S. Morrison
Env. 54 - 1/30/1987 Sam Pigno speaking; Jill’s school kids; men picking turnip; Amite Auction; Ponchatoula High SADD; Fireman training
Env. 55 - 1/31/1987 Louisiana Gas Service Working; Southeastern Louisiana University preparing for Homecoming; kids dancing; fire man putting out a car; Ad shot for Balado Insurance; pledging in group
Env. 56 - 2/2/1987 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Homecoming Parade; Jimmy Morrison; two ribbon cutting; mushroom picking
Env. 57 - 2/3/1987 Speakers at Holy Ghost Church; Mayor Gideon signing proclamation; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; St. Joseph’s Balloon launch; officer Susie; ribbon cutting; cleaning ditches on 190 East
Env. 58 - 2/4/1987 Women’s Club group; Computer Donation to Hammond High; Beauty Queen??; Pipe laying on Minnesota Street; LoRe’s photos; High School Basketball; mug of man at Desk
Env. 59 - 2/5/1987 Blaine Kerne; Truck in Ditch; Golden Age Club meeting; Krewe of Omega; Deputy Susie; Dynamation
Env. 60 - 2/6/1987 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Hope’s Non Traditional Students-Gumbo; Weldon Russell; Hungarian Festival Posters; Rain Photos at Southeastern Louisiana University; Murphy’s Ad shots
Env. 61 - 2/7/1987 High School B-Bay; Gov. Edwards; protest; Nun & students; city workers filling holes; Belle Maison Ad; Romer
Env. 62 - 2/9/1987 Mardi Gras floats; High School basketball; Strawberry Festival pageant girls; Real estate section; church stuff; mailcar art gallery
Env. 63 - 2/10/1987 two men working on roof; trash pile; insurance section; man with large turnips; Popeye’s groundbreaking; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball
Env. 64 - 2/11/1987 High School basketball; Social Studies projects; Mardi Gras- Jill’s; Crisis plane; screen porch posters; blood donations; proclamations
Env. 65 - 2/12/1987 7th Ward Ad; Water lines construction in Hammond; Scholarship Signers; Wagon Train; Firestone Ad
Env. 66 -2/13/1987 High School basketball; Ponchatoula player signing scholarship; Brumfield Ad; mugs
Env. 67 - 2/15/1987 two runners; businesses; Bush C. Ribbon cutting; Balloons and people; 7th Radiation building (Construction); K-Mart; Scouts; Southeastern Louisiana University students playing pool and baseball; people enjoying the shade; mayor and kids; speaker to kids; High School baseball; Mr. Frazer and guys with gun
Env. 68 - 2/16/1987 Mardi Gras Ball; Tornado; Soccer
Env. 69 - 2/17/1987 High School girls basketball; fire; cutting trees for Parade; new fire truck; mug of lady; Tastee ad; speakers; group shot
Env. 70 - 2/19/1987 mugs; Joan’s photos; Bobby’s photos; bricklayer; Smoothing cement; baseball
Env. 71 - 2/20/1987 Harry Gabriel; Ponchatoula berry Queen; man at Carr printing; Car salesman; classroom; soccer practice; high school basketball; Boy Scouts; cold fans; old fire hose
Env. 72 - 2/21/1987 Babs Tricou; Cub Scout P-181; Art Judge at Levy Building; K-Mart; Doppler Machine; High School Basketball; Tree planting; Mr. Frazer; girls in rain
Env. 73 - 2/22/1987 Catholic High Ceremony; basketball; Oyster Queen; Bumper Factory; Math group at Hammond Jr. High; 2 men- Ad; St. Thomas High- Ad; Margie Morrison- Gumbo; groups  of people; Ribbon cutting; Mall wedding giveaway
Env. 74 - 2/23/1987 Truck float building; Manchac; Gumbo-Entertainment; TDIF- Brochure; Noel Porier
Env. 75 - 2/24/1987 man walking along street; sports group; cars; Albany-Gumbo story; mug of lady; Link Award; car salesmen; church stuff; carrier
Env. 76 - 2/25/1987 TDIF Brochure- Felder; Eyesight Proclamation; lady in Rain; Japanese Dancer; High School girls basketball; Jim Brown; Water Leaks in Lincoln Park
Env. 77 - 2/27/1987 Hammond Parade; High School Basketball; Parade Stuff- toasting; flood photos; proclamation; ad shot
Env. 78 - 3/1/1987 high School B-Bay; Dunnington Beach Flood; Donkey and Rooster; Pine Ridge Elementary Talent Show; Irma Thomas and Mayor Gideon; Jerry Correjolles- GNB
Env. 79 - 3/2/1987 River Parades; Politicians- Jail Ribbon Cutting; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball
Env. 80 - 3/3/1987 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; New Parish Jail; Kid’s Parade; Brickyard Road Potholes; Bacchus; proclamation
Env. 81 - 3/4/1987 High School Basketball; Mardi Gras
Env. 82  -3/5/1987 Launching of a shrimp boat; group shots; Home and Garden Stuff; Garden Club officers
Env. 83 - 3/6/1987 Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; Home and Garden; Social Studies fair winners; Gumbo- Sweetwater Ranch; Howard Farrell; Ads- Cars, salesman; fireman- policemen volleyball; fire
Env. 84 - 3/8/1987 Lite beer ad; truck wreck; reading award winners (Springfield High School Basketball and baseball); Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; Lisa Willey; Man with tree, man with flower; group shots (kids); Girls scout with Mayor Pope
Env. 85 - 3/10/1987 Home and Garden stuff; mug of girl; school group shots; Holy Ghost basketball runners-up; horseback riding; fishing; Patsy Audry; boy in library; Max Martin
Env. 86 - 3/11/1987 St. Joseph Day Alter prep; man picking strawberries; baseball; proclamation; school groups; airport
Env. 87 - 3/12/1987 High School basketball; man painting curbs; Frank Vought-Gumbo; group of school kids; Brumfield Ad; man speaking; food line; mug of a woman; house; road work
Env. 88 - 3/13/1987 American Tire and Rim Ad; Edna- Old Golfer; Cafeteria Workers at Albany Middle; Girl scouts; train; cars; houses; coaches- mugs; Southeastern Louisiana University horticulture center
Env. 89 - 3/16/1987 St. Joseph’s fair; Japanese Dancers; British Tea; Students at Southeastern Louisiana University; Italian Festival Queen; Albany Wreck
Env.  90 - 3/17/1987 Girls studying in Cate Square; scarecrow; baseball; Springfield Elementary Students; Crossing Guard at Holy Ghost; man at desk
Env. 91 - 3/18/1987 Fallen Tree; Science Fair winners; flag raising at Station 5; Hammond High Sports group; weather damage in Amite; man speaking; school groups; Student of Month- Woodland Park
Env. 92 - 3/19/1987 Baseball; girls leaving for Liver transplant; man selling berries; cookbook promo; K of C banquet; Dixie Motors Ad; Night workers- Gumbo
Env. 93 - 3/20/1987 High School Baseball; Art Show; Student of the Month; Houses for Joan; Oil Rig Fire; men building a greenhouse; Beta Club winners; turtle crossing road; wild art
Env. 94 - 3/22/1987 Oyster Festival Parade; Officers of Year; Art Show (Levy); Kids flipping; Cheerleaders at Nursing Home; Southeastern Louisiana University tennis; High School Baseball; High School track; Realty Ad
Env. 95 - 3/24/1987 Pothole on Jerry Wilde Road; group photo-Black Ladies; Lady at Clothing Store; Carwash construction; Strawberry Poster Winner; Old house; Link Award; mug of man; Rex; City employee with sign
Env. 96 - 3/25/1987 Baseball; Apartment Construction; Garden Club Show Promo; United Way; Westpark pre natal unit; turkeys; band at church; Ponchatoula shots for tab
Env. 97 - 3/26/1987 fireman training at airport; baseball; Natalbany Middle Science Fair; Hammond High FBLA; lady speaking; poster winner- Ponchatoula; Loranger fire fair promo
Env. 98 - 3/29/1987 Women Month Parade; Grooming kids; mug of man; man with garden; High School Baseball; Special Olympics; John Breaux; Welcome at Gator Camp; Truck wreck; play rehearsal and prop work
Env. 99- 3/30/1987 Charlie Pugh; Archie Manning speaking; Puppet Show at ABC Daycare; Loranger Fireman Fair; Garden Club show; Ribbon cutting; Byron
Env. 100 - 3/31/1987 Hammond State School Nurses; Doctors Party at Westpark; Mental Health Center Advisory Board; Holy Ghost proclamation; Strawberry pickers; hole in bridge; Mayor Pope with dog; man speaking to group; CTP play
Env. 101 - 4/1/1987 Pet of the week; Spelling Bee Winners; Girl Scouts project
Env. 102 - 4/2/1987 Baseball; mug of man- sports; Albany Elementary Social Studies Fair winners; Roofers at Hammond High School; Nurse at Day Car; Art Student at Hammond High; Dance School Ribbon cutting; Secretary of the Year; Strawberry Festival Board
Env. 103 - 4/3/1987 Track; Hospice Promo; Strawberry Queen visits nursing home; Mailcar Art Gallery- Gumbo; 3 men group shot; Woodland Park Elementary Principals; Girl with Award winning Dog; group meeting; salesman
Env. 104 - 4/5/1987 Group with art; man at desk; Pine Ridge Elementary Stuff; Group swearing in; Ad– shot Jim Carey Brewery; High School Baseball; High School Awards; Holy Ghost Fair
Env. 105 - 4/6/1987 Bob’s Pharmacy; Strawberry Ball
Env. 106 - 4/7/1987 Baseball; cows; surveying- DOTD
Env. 107 - 4/8/1987 United Way; Baseball; Popeyes Ribbon Cutting; Street construction; Crawfish boil; fashion show; Klieberts Alligator Farm
Env. 108 - 4/9/1987 Speed limit 65; sports signing; Nursing scholarship; turkey; Southeastern Louisiana University strawberry Jubilee; Mary Lou with birthday cake; lady with large berry; girl with Volkswagen; lady speaker; Karate ribbon cutting
Env. 109 - 4/12/1987 Bird; ΔTΔ Easter Egg hunt; Daily Star basket winners; Strawberry Festival Parade; group of men; baseball; boxing
Env. 110 - 4/13/1987 Strawberry Festival; Hospice Bash; pothole filling; play at Woodland Park Elementary
Env. 111 - 4/15/1987 Real Estate mugs; Child Abuse Illustrations; fishing in Zemurray Park; Holidome construction; turkey; Easter baskets; Sammie’s Hair Co.- Ad; Baseball
Env. 112 - 4/16/1987 Gumbo- LoRe’s Therapy photos; Senior Citizens Picnic; Pat Norton; baseball
Env. 113 - 4/17/1987 Gumbo- Therapy Story; Houses; Waterline Construction; Baseball; Weldon Russell; Garden of the Month
Env. 114 - 4/17-18/1987 Zoo- Gumbo; Easter Egg hunt in Robert; Turkey; Holidome
Env. 115 - 4/18/1987 a baby with crown; Italian Festival Poster; Edna Campbell; Egg Grading Co.
Env. 116 - 4/21/1987 man painting Rexall Drugs; Imperial Shoe Ad; two black kids; Diet Center- Ad; Margie Morrison; Preparing Hammond High for Grass
Env. 117 - 4/22/1987 Teddy Bear Collection; baseball; Saints; Mannino’s Drug Store; Lady with kid at Cate Square; mug; ad group; Bishop Ott; Award Photo; Robotics
Env. 118 - 4/23/1987 baseball; kids in wading pool; emergency Highway work; houses; Russian Doctor- Gumbo; Heritage Day Poster; Hungarian Day Poster; Hammond High Play Rehearsal; Lila Hogan Mug; Joan’s Stuff; Photos by Pat
Env. 4/24/1987 Track; new scales at Baptist; ROTC Awards; Les Mesdames; Robotics; group shot
Env. 119 - 4/26/1987 Lil’ Italy Parade; High School Baseball; couple with cows; guy with crawfish; guy swearing in; guy eating spaghetti
Env. 120 -  4/27/1987 wreck in Albany; Dinosaur Demonstration; Link Award; Boy Scouts; Bridge Tourney; Lewis Grocer opening; LoRe’s photos
Env. 121- 4/28/1987 houses; balloon launches; March of Dimes winners; two men in a field; laying cable on General Pershing; hospital ad shot
Env. 122 - 4/29/1987 Baseball; Pipeline in Amite; Student of the Month; Trash in Amite; Music at Southeastern Louisiana University; Mug; Parent School Protest; Heritage Day Poster Winners; Honor Society at Ponchatoula High
Env. 123 - 4/30/1987 Livingston Dumpsite; 3 and 2 people groups; men working on roof; Amite Library- Gumbo
Env. 124 - 5/1/1987 Baseball; Math-a-thon winners; Junior Garden Club; Pet of the Month; Sharon Bond- mug; March of Dimes- winners
Env. 125 - 5/2/1987 Ad shot; Style show; High School track; men with tree; men with plaque; Laura Gray signing; Hungarian Festival; Tennis Tourney; Practicing May Poll
Env. 126 - 5/5/1987 50 cents gas in Ponchatoula; Michael Holly Singing Contract; Midas Ribbon cutting; Garden of the Month; Dixie Motors Award; Berry Seller; Turkey; Black Queen
Env. 127 - 5/6/1987 Teacher Appreciation at Springfield; DOTD putting up signs; proclamation; ribbon cutting; kids playing at Zemurray; Amorous flea- CTP Play
Env. 128 - 5/7/1987 Telephone repairman; Minnesota Park Road Construction; man speaking; group shot
Env. 129 - 5/8/1987 Library- Gumbo; house; proclamation; airplane; K-Mart Acid spill
Env. 130 - 5/10/1987 two boys with metal detectors; Village Fiddlers; man and lady with poster; Golden Age Art Show; Independence Band Awards; Carrier of the Month; squirrel; one arm bicyclist; Albany sports awards; High School track; High School baseball
Env. 131 - 5/12/19887 Otasco’s Fire; French Students; Senior Olympians; Baseball; Sports Awards; Montelepre Balloon Release                
Env. 132 - 5/13/1987 UFW Installation; Ad mugs; Karate Winners; bug on thistle; rides in Independence; Positive side; proclamation
Env.  133 - 5/14/1987 Robin Photos; sports awards; French Students; Women at Trey Yuen; mug of lady; Robotics; Home builders; ground breaking; Accident on I-12; House; cars
Env. 134 - 5/17/1987 Senior Olympics; High School Baseball; Air show poster winner; home teaching group; Independence High School- SADD; Soap Opera watchers; Daily Star Crawfish Boil; Construction; C.M. Fagan Field Day; Les Mesdames; Kentwood Graduation
Env. 135 - 5/20/1987 Oak Knoll; Garden of the Month; Zemurray Park; Strawberry Farm; Ronnie Lloyd; Graduations; Construction; Awards; Artists Picnic; Ponchatoula Junior High Softball team
Env. 136 - 5/21/1987 High School football; sports awards; positive side; torch run; Real Estate Board Essay Winners; Natalbany; Graduation; Lore’s Photos
Env. 137 - 5/22/1987 Torch Run; Ponchatoula Graduation; Special Olympics opening; Gumbo
Env. 138 - 5/24/1987 Southeastern Louisiana University graduation; High School graduation; LSU baseball; Special Olympics; Hug a Bear program; Hammond High School SADD Officer; Ribbon Cutting at Nissan; Principal Appreciation at Crystal St. Elementary
Env. 139 - 5/25/1987 Football Scrimmage; Adult Education Graduation
Env. 140 - 5/26/1987 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 141 - 5/27/1987 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 142 - 5/28/1987 Special Olympics
Env. 143 - 5/28/1987 Preschool visiting Animal Shelter; Lady speaking; car overturned; Pete Maravich; houses; John Curb Market Construction; River photos; men at port
Env. 144 - 5/29/1987 Durham Ad; Burnell Hegwood; Group shot- air show; mug shot; baseball; Pat Norton; Tony Murallo
Env. 145 - 5/29/1987 Burnell Hegwood Case
Env. 146 - 5/31/1987 VFW Post 156 Mem. Day; man speaking; baseball; Balloon Festival ; Tacky Party- Old People; Eagle Scout Wagner
Env. 147 - 6/2/1987 Crab with deformed claw; Buster Guzzardo speaking; Cindy Newton; Moving into New High School; Monkey thrown away; Retiring Secretary; Antin’s Contest winners; Cart-wheel-a-thon; Mugs- Awards; Retiring café workers
Env. 148 - 6/3/1987 SCA- Medieval Characters; Fire; houses; AD- Receptionists; Gail, Vivian, and Kim
Env. 149 - 6/4/1987 man speaking; group shot; mug; Liver transplant patient; play photos; basketball camp
Env. 150 - 6/8/1987 houses; car winners; large group; black queen; American Legion shot; basketball; Mike Landry
Env. 151 - 6/9/1987 Dog show; guy in trunk; sports; Florida Art; Ladies group officers; house
Env. 152 - 6/10/1987 Baseball - Dixie Youth; Bob Hastings at Library; Ribbon cutting; Garden of Month; Natalbany Baptist
Env. 153 - 6/11/1987 Kids on Slip ‘n’ Slide; Airport Tour; Chamber prize winner; First Baptist Church; Olympics Seniors
Env. 154 - 6/12/1987 two women with posters; kids playing in ditch; Garden of the Month; sports-speakers; CBDA Award; Ronnie Schillace with Award
Env.  155 - 6/14/1987 Baseball- Amite; Someone signing; Dairy Winners; Mug of man; ladies filing papers; City Employee of Year; Artist; United Way- Vacuums; Milk and Boy; Little Boy Playing Catch
Env. 156 - 6/15/1987 Animal Shelter; Ad- auto salesmen; Group shot
Env. 157 - 6/16/1987 Sno-ball stand; Kids crawfishing mugs; Livingston shots; Springfield- Gumbo
Env. 158 - 6/17/1987 Dr. Maxwell speaking; Commercial Federal Prize winners; Kids swimming
Env. 159 - 6/18/1987 Picking Bell Peppers; birds; Bobby Freeman; Accident on 55; Gov. Edwards; presentations; Bruce’s Gumbo; groundbreaking; Wedding Announcement photos
Env. 160 - 6/19/1987 Musicians loading car; ladies group; Bank Women; Gail’s Accident; Officer Suzie; Girls with doll head; Baseball
Env. 161 - 6/21/1987 Flooding; Father’s Day Photos; Mini- League Baseball; Independence Police; Scout presentation; cafeteria
Env. 162 - 6/22/1987 Layrisson Campaign; Boating Scenes; Barry Laundry
Env. 163 - 6/23/1987 Tomato plants; Robert- Gumbo; Sunflower
Env. 164 - 6/24/1987 Music Story- Gumbo; Dump site; Baseball; kids playing; Annie Perrins Birthday Party; Road work; ladies group shot
Env. 165 - 6/25/1987 Paul Hardy; Road Construction; Ground breaking
Env. 166 - 6/26/1987 Boats- Ad; Baseball; kids playing baseball; Ad- Monica
Env. 167 - 6/27/1987 Ribbon cutting; Body dragging; black group; Radio Club; group; Joan’s photos
Env. 168 - 6/28/1987 Baseball; mug shots; Hammond State School shots (groups); people with check
Env. 169 - 6/30/1987 Roof work at Southeastern Louisiana University; mugs for Dixie Ad; Fireman washing truck
Env. 170 - 7/1/1987 River boat Cruise; Group photo
Env. 171 - 7/2/1987 Peaches; flowers; golf; skateboarding; baseball team; Don’s Ad; Cox Craft Building; Senior Olympics Winner; mug of David
Env. 172 - 7/3/1987 Baseball; mugs- ad; posters; retiring Maintenance workers; softball team; houses; fireworks        
Env. 173  - 7/6/1987 Car Wreck; Bat Man; Tangi River Scenes; lightening; guys with guitar
Env. 174 - 7/7/1987 wreck; Independence Parade; River- Gumbo
Env. 175 - 7/8/1987 Auto Salesman; Plaque; kids with geese; Egret; test exposures
Env. 176 - 7/9/1987 Annie; Kids swimming in Ponchatoula; Auto salesman mugs; Photos from Amite; Positive side; Pat Norton; Rotary
Env. 177 - 7/10/1987 Man painting parking lot; Baseball; Kids activities; Antin’s; Religion event at Southeastern Louisiana University; Ad for Marylou; mug; Carrier of the Month
Env. 178 - 7/13/1987 Skeet shooting; AmVets groups; American Legion groups; Cemetery Ceremony
Env. 179 - 7/14/1987 Annie-play; Picnic- kids; house moving; downtown scenes; Gumbo- SCA
Env. 180 - 7/15/1987 Annie
Env. 181 - 7/15/1987 Annie; Hammond Library- birds; Hammond Lioness Club; Baseball
Env. 182 - 7/16/1987 Annie
Env. 183 - 7/16/1987 Ceramic Award Winner; Baseball team; Annie; mug; Queen; skateboarders; rocket launching
Env. 184 - 7/19/1987 Guy Cleaning pool; Egret; Richard Baker; Construction; two ladies; American Legion- Springfield; Fire; baseball
Env. 185 - 7/21/1987 man speaking; New School Construction; Real Estate Group; New School Tour (Elementary); Candidates; Underwater photos; Curb painting at Southeastern Louisiana University; Students studying; Old MacDonalds; Southeastern Louisiana University registration    
Env. 186 - 7/22/1987 Baseball team; bank people (2); Vic Couvillion check presentation; Goose and Ducks; Candidates; Ad- taken by Jerry; Buddy Roemer; LSU sports
Env. 187 - 7/23/1987 Saints tower construction; Karate winners; Artist at Levy Building; House; Goose; Shells in driveway in Ponchatoula
Env. 188 - 7/28/1987 Saints camp; Camp Art; Real Estate Agents
Env. 189 - 7/29/1987 Saints; flowers; man painting
Env. 190 - 7/30/1987 Baseball game; Saints; marking roads; kid in Park; Susan Patenotte; Rain photo; play at Southeastern Louisiana University-kids
Env. 191 - 7/31/1987 Saints; fire; School Ad; Wreck on Coleman; Black Festival Booth Construction; Softball team; House Salesman
Env. 192 - 8/4/1987 boy walking on fence; mug of black man; Saints; Joan’s Photos; Art Exhibit Photo
Env. 193 - 8/5/1987 Pressure cleaning at Southeastern Louisiana University; Saints; Boys swimming in rain; Garden of the Month; Crucifixion; flooding
Env. 194 - 8/6/1987 Saints; Rhenette’s Ad; TIDF Officers; mug of man; photos by Joan
Env. 195 - 8/7/1987 Pit Bulldogs; Bridge with high water; Dragonfly; birdhouse; Antin’s; man speaking; Don’s Seafood; Saints; Louris’ Photos
Env. 196 - 8/8/1987 Saints Scrimmage
Env. 197 - 8/9/1987 United Way- Balloons; Office Susie Program; Saints training Camp; Ad Shot; Guy Painting Numbers on field; People at Salad Bar; kid eating watermelon
Env. 198 - 8/13/1987 Commercial Federal Ad; Kids in wading pool; wreck on Cate Street; Sand bagging; flood photos; dump site; baseball team; cow at Migrant School; kids playing in flood; Football tab (Amite)
Env. 199 - 8/14/1987 Stained Glass; Woman knitting Quilt
Env. 200 - 8/15/1987 Eastside Elementary; Pine Ridge Elementary; Crystal Street Elementary; Mooney Ave Elementary; man picking muscadines; men fixing sewage lines; K-Mart; ladies luncheon; present presentation; old house; football team
Env. 201 - 8/16/1987 School Tab; kid on skateboard        
Env. 202 - 8/17/1987 Saints vs. Vikings; Southwood 1st Day of School
Env. 203 - 8/18/1987 School tab; Torettes Practice; Joan’s Photos; Trophy Presentation; Plane Wreck; Altrusa Club; Nursing Home; two guys signing paper
Env. 204 - 8/19/1987 Training Camp; School Tab; Football Tab; men putting up billboards; road work; fire training; kids with shovels; real estate agents
Env. 205 - 8/20/1987 Alligator babies; Manchac and Swamp; Football Tab; Houses; Gymnasts
Env. 206 - 8/21/1987 Real Estate; Ad photos; New Machine in Ponchatoula; Tony Elliot at Nursing Home; Saints Practice; Dr. Suber- Gumbo; Moses; Kids at table; Harvester Machine; Football tab
Env. 207 - 8/22/1987 Hammond High Registration; School Tab; Positive Side; Ducks; football Tab; Link Award; Check Presentation
Env. 208 - 8/25/1987 Saints Practice; Ponchatoula High Freshman Orientation; Mayor Gideon and Group; football tab
Env. 209 - 8/26/1987 Saints Practice; Bookstore; Ladies playing tennis; Pope Gumbo stories; mug shot; man speaking
Env. 210 - 8/27/1987 mug of Judge; Lions Club; Saints Practice; man on tractor; Pope Gumbo Story; house; computer recovery
Env. 211 - 8/28/1987 New Band uniforms; tire ad; Lions Club; telethon promo; nursing home; Saints practice; Man cutting grass on roof; New Cadillac
Env. 212 - 8/30/1987 landfill shots; guy trimming trees; construction at Lewis Grocer; Garden of the Month; House with Wheel missing; Ad shot of lady; Man speaking; men a oil plant
Env. 213 - 8/31/1987 Saints vs. Pittsburg; kids first day of school; kids playing in sand; Football Jamboree
Env. 214 - 9/1/1987 Couple; painting; new artist
Env. 215 - 9/2/1987 guy reading Bible; Care-at-Home line
Env. 216- 9/3/1987 Joan’s photos of ladies; High School football practice; Candidate mugs; Rotary; Car Wash sign; Jill Schwartz Center; three men check passing; police dogs
Env. 217 - 9/4/1987 singing German; Hammond High Cheerleaders; Fast Track construction; nursing home grads; mug of man; group- girls; group- guys; man speaking; welder
Env. 218 - 9/5/1987 High School Football; Hammond vs. Rummell; Amite vs. Independence
Env. 219 - 9/9/1987 Manchac Bridge; Auto Salesman Ad; kids playing baseball
Env. 220 - 9/10/1987 - CTP play; Old Cannery; Sewer System Plant; Photo at First Guaranty; Ceramic Club winners; people looking at a wall; Billy Tauzin
Env. 221 - 9/11/1987 Proclamation signing; Springfield Council meeting; Pope flags in New Orleans; mass site
Env. 222 - 9/12/1987 High School football: (1) Hammond Vs. Carver, (2) St. Amant vs. Ponchatoula, (3) Kentwood vs. Loranger; people to see the Pope; faculty wives’ officers; Kid’s Day at Westpark; bicycles; mug of man; group shot; Dixie Ad shot
Env. 223 - 9/14/1987 Antique Cars; football (kid with); Kiwanis
Env. 224 - 9/15/1987 Fagan Drive; Gumbo- Weather Watchers; K-Mart Bike-a-thon; NABW; cheerleaders; Queen
Env. 225 - 9/16/1987 Girl doing homework; men painting curb; man receiving building permit; woods fire; fire prevention week photos
Env. 226 - 9/17/1987 kids on Monkey bars; people eating; ad shot; American Legion; mug of lady; Flag dedication and ceremonies; man building bleachers; boy on Merry-go-Round; Karate group
Env. 227 - 9/20/1987 High School Football: Independence vs. Port Allen, Ponchatoula vs. Amite, Parkview Baptist vs. Sumner
Env. 228 - 9/20/1987 Link Awards; two ad shots; hearing dog shots; Gumbo- Allen Saltus; Christian Family Festival; Kevin Reilly Arts Presentation
Env. 229 - 9/22/1987 Mike Sweeney’s old cars; bike riding; sewer treatment plant; hospice group
Env. 230 - 9/23/1987 Antique Cars; Check presentation; New Winn-Dixie Site; Love Bugs; Saints on Strike
Env. 231 - 9/24/1987 Spider on flower; houses; mugs; sun through tree
Env. 232 - 9/24/1987 houses; golf winners; Cuts n Stuff mugs; Vineyard Elementary flag dedication; mug of lady; girl in wheelchair; group of men; men putting up an awning; blood donors; mug- black man; insurance group mug; ad mugs
Env. 233 - 9/27/1987 High School football; Sumner vs. Albany; Independence vs. Springfield; South Pike vs. Amite
Env. 234 - 9/28/1987 LSU vs. Ohio; parade; drug bust
Env. 235- 9/29/1987 United Way; luncheon; girl studying; Campus Cop writing ticket
Env. 236- 9/30/1987 Parish Fair photos; Demonstration at V. Watts; man speaking at Albany
Env. 237 - 10/1/1987 Parish Fair photos- Pat; painter- Gumbo; cheerleaders; group of girls; mug of man; floral show; Black Festival Banquet; kids rolling meatballs; torn up American Flag; shopping center; Birthday card
Env. 238 - 10/2/1987 Head start Program; house; PTO at Perrin; Man with heat pump; balloon release; fire departments- David; football- Loranger and Sumner; man with fish
Env. 239 - 10/5/1987 Saints vs. Rams; LSU vs. Florida; Ribbon Cutting; Circus morning; Amite Fair
Env. 240 - 10/6/1987 Circus; fire prevention speakers at Camp Cooper; Golden Age Club photos; livestock; street cleaners; houses
Env. 241 - 10/7/1987 Kiwanis officers; Fire with victims; Beta Club; mugs; Art Students; painting United thermometer; handicap people
Env. 242 - 10/11/1987 High School Football: Oak Forest (HC) Springfield (HC) vs. Sumner
Env. 243 - 10/11/1987 Candidates; flag; Livingston Fair set up; proclamation; two groups of ladies; man saving a tree; Garden of the Month
Env. 244 - 10/12/1987 Bike Race; girl fishing; Garden of the Month; man speaking; Hole-in-one check presentation; fireman; fire station open house; Sonny with squirrel; mugs
Env. 245 - 10/13/1987 Political signs; deaf girl; railroad crossing; man standing
Env. 246 - 10/14/1987 tree planting; check presentation; Independence Homecoming Court
Env. 247 - 10/15/1987 Basketball
Env. 248 - 10/15/1987 Car Salesmen; Couple at table; flag raising in Ponchatoula
Env. 249 - 10/15/1987 people eating ice cream; butterfly collection; house; Tootsie Roll proclamation; calf; No More Secrets program; Livy Parish Fair; Wreck; Southeastern Louisiana University police with Radar; Halloween House
Env. 250 - 10/16/1987 Cars; football; Old Farmers Day; Candidates; Roemer
Env. 251 - 10/19/1987 LSU; Construction; Play (?); Fashion Show        
Env. 252 - 10/20/1987 Dr. Romero; Check Presentation; Pumpkin painting; Girl Scouts; All State Choir; Mug- politician; Welcome to Southeastern Louisiana University sign; Hammond High Homecoming Court; Hammond Cheerleaders
Env. 253 - 10/21/1987 Play; Beta Club- Hammond; Old Folks photos; Haunted House; houses; Youth of Month
Env. 254 - 10/22/1987 Volleyball Teams; Weight Station Construction; 1000 Fagan Drive; House; proclamation; Dancer; Beta Club; homecoming
Env. 255 - 10/23/1987 mug of man; bridge repair; Holy Ghost lunch; man speaking to nurses; cooking class; Lions Club Barrels; mugs; tractor; groups
Env. 256 - 10/24/1987 High School Football; Independence vs. Sumner; Hammond vs. Bogolusa; Springfield vs. Loranger
Env. 257 - 10/25/1987 Elections 1987
Env. 258 - 10/25/1987 Link Award; Lady Painting Sign; Golden Age Club; Hammond High Homecoming Queen; Mug of Lady
Env. 259 - 10/27/1987 Ceramic Club Presentation; pumpkins; mugs; Girl in Wheelchair- ad
Env. 260 - 10/28/1987 Klein Farm; CTP Haunted House; Football; mugs; Group around table; drug sign; Airstream campers
Env. 261 - 10/29/1987 Pumpkin Contest Winners; Bud Cason speaking to class; Lee Michael’s Grand Opening; Little League Football; Airstream campers; Renaissance Banquet; fire at Southeastern Louisiana University; mugs
Env. 262 - 10/30/1987 Proclamations; Lovie Henry- Gumbo; Garbage Cans
Env. 263 - 10/31/1987 mug; Cindy Newton; Halloween Pictures; group; fire
Env. 264 - 11/1/1987 Football: Amite HC, Albany (HC) vs. Varnado, Loranger (HC) vs. Sumner
Env. 265 - 11/1/1987 Antin’s Ad; Eastside Primary Elementary; Pasty as a Nut; All Saints Day Picture; A Teacher; Proclamation; Hammond Mayor with Vets
Env. 266 - 11/2/1987 Car winners; marching bands; Antin’s; Chef’s Night; Hammond Square Costume Winners
Env. 267 - 11/3/1987 Mrs. Baglie- Gumbo; D.C. Reeves- winners; Midas Group- Ad
Env. 268 - 11/4/1987 Teacher- Kentwood Elementary; Dancers; United Way; Wreath on Tree; Teachers with candles; mug; play; Truck- crossing state line
Env. 269- 11/5/1987 Amite Football practice; Hammond football practice; putting up fence along I-12; poster contest winners; Albany SBLA officers; play; check presentation
Env. 270 - 11/6/1987 War Veterans; Road Work- potholes; flag presentation; Girl collecting money; house; cheerleaders; proclamation; Mike and John
Env. 271 - 11/7/1987 Hammond vs. Ponchatoula; Amite Vs. Franklinton; Southeastern Louisiana University Women’s Volleyball; Moving into City Hall Annex; Independence vs. Loranger
Env. 272 - 11/9/1987 Over-exposed fair photos; Art exhibit; Hay rake- Antique; basketball; lady with Chinchilla; Man with motorbike
Env. 273 - 11/10/1987 Luncheon- Joan’s Photos; Clerk of Courts Seminar; football practice; Conversion vans; flowers and close-ups; war vet; Teacher- Joey Wade; Group with shotgun
Env. 274 - 11/11/1987 man speaking; kids playing basketball; Mrs. Addie cooking and Comic books - Gumbo; American Vets with flags
Env. 275 - 11/12/1987 Pottery; Vets at Southeastern Louisiana University; People working in Garden; school stuff- Judy Claucy; football practice; check presentation
Env. 276 - 11/13/1987 proclamation; Karate winners; ladies with bears; River scenes; basketball; houses; accident; speaker; Winn-Dixie Manager
Env. 277 - 11/15/1987 High School P.O: Independence, Oak Forest, Loranger; Hammond Junior High Ice Cream Party; Link Award; House; lady with doll; Fidelity Ad
Env. 278 - 11/16/1987 Funeral Home Ribbon cutting; Up with Youth; Gumbo- Holden Riding Club      Env. 279 - 11/16/1987 Ladies; LSU; fire; car in canal
Env. 280 - 11/17/1987 Mrs. Penn; Auto salesman; fallen tree; Penny’s Ad; ladies around table; house; inserts; man in garden
Env. 281 - 11/18/1987 Comic books; kids with picture; proclamation; ducks; smoke out- baby; mugs; ladies with blanket; burning tree; basketball
Env. 282 - 11/19/1987 Jugglers; groups; lab school library; accident; football line; lady with Santa; ladies with wreath; fire; houses; wreck; check presentation
Env. 283 - 11/20/1987 mug; Chinese Delegates; car washing; car ads (salesman)
Env. 284 - 11/22/1987 High School Football (play offs); Amite; Oak Forest vs. Telulla Academy; Election 1987; Dancers
Env. 285 - 11/23/1987 play; Beta Club; group outdoors; ladies with cans; class having T-Day dinner; group shot; circus; guy studying; award winners; balloon release
Env. 286 -11/24/1987 basketball; teachers convention; Santa Bears; T-Day baskets; Senator Breaux; David Ramsey and Family; mug
Env. 287 - 11/25/1987 guy with deer head; proclamation; guys doing brick work for movie; building moving; queen; basketball; K-Mart presentation; Waterbed Store ribbon cutting; Accident on Thomas Street; basketball
Env. 288 - 11/29/1987 girls walking on Railroad track; parked cars; squirrel; Kiwanis picking up litter; High School Football (play offs): Independence vs. St. Charles
Env. 289 - 12/1/1987 Guy painting carwash; guy with deer head; cement work at USA Auto; basketball
Env. 290 - 12/2/1987 movie set; chorus; basketball; hospice photo; toastmaster; traffic director- DOTD; hairdresser groups and mug
Env. 291 - 12/4/1987 Cooking- Gumbo; Children’s Baptist Choir; houses; Golden Age Club; Fashion Show; car ad; Man with sign; black kid playing
Env. 292 - 12/4/1987 Amite Football Practice; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball
Env. 293 - 12/5/1987 man with tapes; proclamation; dance class; men working on sign; Hammond Christmas Parade
Env. 294 - 12/6/1987 Ponchatoula Christmas Parade; Belle Oaks Junior Garden Club; Toy for Tots at Holy Ghost; Kids with big reflectors; O’Conner’s Drawing a raffle; Old School house
Env. 295 - 12/8/1987 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Traffic Director; painter
Env. 296 - 12/9/1987 Hodson signing autographs; School photos; proclamation; group of ladies; group for Joan; car ad
Env.  297 - 12/10/1987 trip winners; group- Joan’s; lady in Kentwood- Gumbo; Manger Scene; Christmas- Gumbo; Swimmer- Gumbo; Santa Bear Photo; groups; play
Env. 298 - 12/11/1987 Art at Southeastern Louisiana University; Deer head; Amite Parade; Runner- Gumbo; Christmas- Gumbo; Basketball
Env. 299 - 12/15/1987 two men; tower construction; Albany Parade; mugs; group Christmas greeting; Boy scouts at Westpark; Auto salesman; Real Estate group; Deer head (boy)
Env. 300 - 12/16/1987 Debbie Pope with Key; Lisa Willie engagement; basketball; people at Computer; kids singing; Gumbo- kids at Old Folks Home; houses            
Env. 301 - 12/17/1987 Hammond High School groups; Joan’s photos; Judy Clancy’s photos; Basketball; Westpark Employee of Year; Women golfers
Env. 302 - 12/19/1987 Christmas Program- hearts; Dance Program; Southeastern Louisiana University Athletic give food; Rodd with water tower; police give food; Hammond State School Christmas Party; Citizen’s Bank Retirees; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; dancers; seven person group shot; 4 person group shot; 7 person group shot; Carol d’ Conner; Man putting up a sign; Saints flowers; man with a plant
Env. 303 - 12/20/1987 Five guys and three kids - Judy’s; High School basketball; Southeastern Louisiana University graduation; Independence Christmas Parade; Westside Elementary - kid’s mail letter to Saints; two people; Mayor Gideon with lady; a Hammond High Athletic Team with coaches
Env. 304 - 12/21/1987 Loranger Parade; Depots- Gumbo; Link Award; Knights of Columbus Group; Deer head; Contempo group; Band; Christmas Play
Env. 305 - 12/22/1987 Movie set; people singing; wreck; police with food baskets; Downtown photos; car ad; circulation awards
Env. 306 - 12/23/1987 Ponchatoula Depot; Joan- mug; Engagement photo; car fire; Basketball; Citizen finance; family; house with Christmas Lights
Env. 307 - 12/24/1987 Basketball; man with deer head; Christmas lights
Env. 308 - 12/26/1987 Daily Star Christmas Party; New Christmas toys (kids)
Env. 309 - 12/30/1987 Garbage Pickup in Amite; Kentucky Fried Chicken Ad; house; goats; deer head; Pete Aranyosi picking berries

Box # 9 (January 1, 1988 to January 31 , 1989)
Env. 1 - 1/1/1988 Guy with deer head; mug of lady; wine- Gumbo; Syracuse Practice - Sugar Bowl; guy sitting with sound equipment
Env. 2 - 1/2/1988 Fire crackers; firework trash; boy fixing bike; farm art
Env.  3 - 1/5/1988 couple with garden; bus fire; deer heads; Ball invitations; swearing in photos; Accident in Ponchatoula; mugs; First five; Zemurray Park
Env. 4  - 1/6/1988 Water pipe leaking at school; students in jackets; man painting snowball stand; basketball
Env. 5 - 1/7/1988 Art contest judges; people speaking; apartment fire; morning rain photo; Dixie salesmen mugs; basketball; movie set at hospital
Env. 6 - 1/8/1988 movie set; Billy Abel’s; pile of desks; deer heads; man with cabbage
Env. 7 - 1/9/1988 Al Clark - Gumbo; Oscar Lofton- Gumbo; Ducks; High School Basketball; Two City employees working on pipe
 Env. 8 - 1/11/1988 Daughters of Confederacy; St. Thomas Open House; hospital group; School group
Env. 9 - 1/12/1988 Lady sitting with heater; kids watching Exotic Animals; mug of a man; lady at desk by Mike Smith; man with slide show; man and woman talking; A swearing in; a group - includes Jimmy Morrison; lady at desk; group of High School kids
Env. 10 - 1/13/1988 two ladies with plaque; high school basketball; a house; movie set - car hitting dummy on bike; signs; two ladies - sign language; drug poster winners; Pine Grove Lodge- new officers; lady with painting; Kids on Merry- Go- Round; Group- two teachers, 2 kids
Env. 11 - 1/14/1988 Car Ad; mug of lady; mug of man; Southeastern Louisiana University registration; Accident- wreck
Env. 12 - 1/15/1988 Sports group with awards; bird watching; man with large vegetable; lady at desk; group of ladies; Arbor Day Tree planting; mug; Garden of Month
Env. 13 - 1/16/1988 Four Arbor Day Tree planting; mug of man; Daily Star People; High School basketball; Officer Susie at Westpark; Drug Awareness at Springfield; Martin Luther King Program at Eastside Elementary; I-55 Construction Sign    
Env. 14 - 1/16/1988 Group with Ponchatoula (Mayor and Police Chief); Honor Bands; Krewe of Omega Mardi Gras Ball; Southeastern Louisiana University Women’s Basketball vs USL; mug
Env. 15 - 1/20/1988 basketball; walking in rain; crossing guard
Env. 16 - 1/21/1988 18- Wheeler wreck; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Model trains; Accident- car wreck; mug; Adult Sock Hop
Env. 17 - 1/22/1988 Light; tree planting; Ad- houses; Martin Luther King- March; mug; Alcohol testing; deer head; prisoner’s GEP
Env. 18 - 1/23/1988 Helicopter; wreck; trash; 18- Wheeler; Randy’s Construction Ad
Env. 19 - 1/24/1988 High School Basketball; Construction Art; Teacher with student; Al’s Gumbo
Env. 20 - 1/25/1988 Albany Middle’s Balloon Launch; Up with Youth; Kids of Quadrunner; Krewe of Omega (King and Queen)
Env. 21 - 1/25/1988 Seiko Ad Woman
Env. 22 - 1/26/1988 Link Award; Mug of Officer; wreck; man with fish; Bahm mug
Env. 23 - 1/27/1988 Kids at Zemurray; Dump Site; Mug of woman; house; high school basketball
Env. 24 - 1/28/1988 B.B. “Sixty” Rayburn; Quartet at Holy Ghost; Joan’s photos; Pelicans at LSU; Group at Trey Yuen; black police officer mug; accident; basketball; baseball cards
Env. 25 - 1/29/1988 Kiwanis Awards; mug of Candidate; Southeastern Louisiana University photos; Bass Club; Scholarship signing
Env. 26 - 1/30/1988 High School Basketball; Rodeo; Southeastern Louisiana University homecoming float builders; City Hall moving; rodeo; mug of Gibson- Gumbo; Business- Ambulance Service; The New Chamber Officers; Poster Winners; Lady at desk- Gumbo; mug of two men speaking
Env. 27 - 2/1/1988 Baptist Church Anniversary; Stanley Cowen band; Eagle Scout; Southeastern Louisiana University Homecoming Parade; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball
Env. 28 - 2/2/1988 Basketball; Trophies; flooded library; Barbara Ladner mug; rain photos
Env. 29 - 2/3/1988 Group of ladies; Basketball; Workshop at St. Thomas Aquinas; work at City Hall; Wash out bridges
Env. 30 - 2/4/1988 men speaking; mug of policeman; group of kids; city worker putting up flags; Albany Middle Arbor Day; group of Eagles (Scouts); Indian Mound- Gumbo; Kids in church
Env. 31 - 2/5/1988 Cars- Ad; man speaking; Mardi Gras Ball - Nursing Home; Insurance Group- Tab; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Bird on sign; Boy Scout Awards
Env. 32 - 2/5/1988 Snow
Env. 33 - 2/6/1988 Proclamation; Snow; Hairdresser mug        
Env. 34 - 2/8/1988 Artist; Chicken Coop cave in; Girl making Valentines; basketball
Env. 35 - 2/9/1988 Man caulking woodwork; basketball; weight station
Env. 36 - 2/10/1988 basketball; nursing home Mardi Gras; insurance mugs; Church Festival planning; Krewe of Omega presentation to band; Walmart at night; woman with sewing machine; man with fish
Env. 37 - 2/11/1988 (Continued 2) - floats arriving in Hammond; movie set at Holidome; train cars; Parents Drug Awareness; crew tearing down building; proclamation; college signings; Lila Hogan; Nursing Home King and Queen; School groups; Kenny
Env. 38 - 2/11/1988 (Continued 2) - group of ladies; groups; Wildlife Agents; cars; collection signing photos
Env. 39 - 2/12/1988 K-Mart Trio; Mardi Gras; Mardi Gras at Southwood; mug; lady at desk; two men with little girl; toast; presentation; group at Midway Elementary; salesman
Env. 40 - 2/14/1988 High School Basketball; LSU basketball; Barber Shop cut; Mardi Gras- New Orleans; Movie- O’Conner and girls; Randy’s Copywork
Env. 41 - 2/15/1988 Play- Tribute; Aircraft carrier with Captain; car- ad; Ribbon cutting; car salesman; insurance mugs; wagon train; ladies group; kids on seesaw; kid working on car
Env. 42 - 2/17/1988 Insurance mugs; Construction Art; Belle Maison Mardi Gras Dance; Buildings for Ads
Env. 43 - 2/17/1988 “Tribute”- CTP play; Carroll O’Connor; Jill, Teri, David, et. al.
Env. 44 - 2/18/1988 Basketball- LSU, Southeastern Louisiana University; Scholarship signing; group photos; Strawberry plants
Env. 45 - 2/19/1988 mugs; rain photos; insurance proclamation; hairdressers; driving award; chamber after hours; basketball; cars
Env. 46 - 2/21/1988 Flood pictures; High School basketball; Game Warden- Gumbo; movie pictures - Gumbo; Construction; presentation
Env. 47 - 2/22/1988 Road Work- By Alice
Env. 48 - 2/23/1988 Profile; fire station #5; Lallie Kemp; Marco Polo (Independence); Hearing Dog Program; 7th Ward Hospital; Westpark Hospital; Holidome- rec. room; Lewis Grocers; Seville Plaza; Mayor Popes Office; City Hall; Walmart (back)
Env. 49 - 2/23/1988 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; business proclamation; Homemakers - Gumbo; Tennis Court Cleaning; Mayor office; mug; Greensburg photos; cars
Env. 50 - 2/24/1988 Hairdressers for Ad; can shaking for Special Olympia; mug; group shot; school groups; man cleaning alligator and cage; Matchbook collector- Gumbo; man speaking; basketball; house; Dixie Ad
Env. 51 - 2/25/1988 Baseball; mug; house; groups; kids fishing; girl feeding Geese; lady at Desk
Env. 52 - 2/26/1988 Cars; salesman; man with lemon- caves; Honor students pizza party; Merle Norman Ad; Award Banquet; American Heros Statute
Env. 53 - 2/28/1988 Kid’s playing soccer; lady cutting hair; High School Basketball; lady at Desk; house mover; building for Gumbo lovers; Bruce’s “In the Heat of the Night” picture when filmed at Daily Star
Env. 54 - 2/29/1988 Fashion Show; Movie people softball game; baseball; basketball; Joan’s photos; Strawberry Queen Hopefuls; Groups
Env. 55 - 3/1/1988 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Girls Basketball; St. Patrick Parade Queen Hopefuls; Groups; Link Award; Man working in Street; Positive Side; Police Officer directing traffic; mailing LP &L Refunds; Lady with plates
Env. 56 - 3/2/1988 School Vandalism; groups; group of ladies at Sculptur location; track; Merle Norman Ad; Fountain Café; Church- movie set
Env. 57 - 3/3/1988 Boys doing Acrobats; Art Show at bank; Girls basketball; men at table
Env. 58 - 3/4/1988 RIF Poster Winner; Judy Clancy’s Photos; Boy fishing in rain; Artist at First Guaranty; Cars; Turtle crossing road; Natalbany River at Wardline
Env. 59 - 3/5/1988 Basketball; Band for Ad; Group shots; wreck; Hammond Oak Race; Man at Cleaners; Garden of the month
Env. 60 - 3/7/1988 Artwork; wildflower group; people speaking to crowd; Strawberry Queen; Amite Oyster Queen
Env. 61 - 3/8/1988 Voting polls; mugs; accident; man hoeing strawberry patch; signing scholarship at Hammond High; cars; basketball- LSU; Baseball- Southeastern Louisiana University
Env. 62 - 3/9/1988 Tennis; Election and mugs; Deputy Susie; Airport Garden- Ad; Cars    
Env. 63 - 3/10/1988 Career Day at Hammond Jr. High; Home and Garden; Hair Salon Ad; baby; Clerk of Court facility; group
Env. 64 - 3/11/1988 Pete’s Cleaners group; River scene; LSU experiment station; wood photo- Cypress; FBLA winners- Springfield; Baseball; cars- ad; salesman        
Env. 65 - 3/11/1988 Men working on Billboard; movie picture; Miss Southeastern Louisiana University
Env. 66 - 3/13/1988 High School Baseball; St. Paddy’s Day Parade; Cub Scouts; Outstanding Young People; St. Joseph’s Fair; Literacy Rally
Env. 67 - 3/14/1988 Holy Ghost Winner Groups; March of Dimes Promo; School photos; Joan’s photos; United Way; Road Construction; Kid flying kite; Campground- Gumbo
Env. 68 - 3/15/1988 Retired Teachers Memorial Service; mug; proclamation; Social Security Award; Garden of the Month; A’s Gas Award Winner; Cars- Ad
Env. 69 - 3/16/1988 Basketball; potholes on Crapanzano Road; Presentation to Carroll O’Connor; Science Fair at Southeastern Louisiana University; March of Dimes Promo; Holy Ghost Winner groups
Env. 70 - 3/17/1988 Bees on Flowers; Interior Design Class working on a house; Mugs- Durham Pontiac
Env. 71 - 3/18/1988 Baseball; Proclamation; people with food; Party at Nursing Home
Env. 72 - 3/21/1988 Oyster Festival Picture; Joan’s photos; Science project winners; Baseball; Yogi Bear; mug shot; group; man with fish; cars
Env. 73 - 3/22/1988 Baseball; old house; police station; Vic Anderson- Gumbo; March of Dimes group; Road patching; port; hospice group; Accident in St. Tammany
Env. 74 - 3/23/1988 Real Estate Agent; Motel Fire; baseball; mugs
Env. 75 - 3/24/1988 track; baseball; log truck turn over; Durham Ad photos; Springfield Balloon launch; man with turkey; lady with quilt
Env. 76 - 3/25/1988 Train derailment; tennis; Ross Downing cars; groups; lizard; Civil War Buff; lady with pumpkin
 Env. 77 - 3/28/1988 Strawberry Queen; Art gallery; Loranger Fireman fair; kids with Easter Tree; cars; Booths in mall; Groups; Plywood plant; Special Olympics
Env. 78 - 3/29/1988 Proclamations; Hospice groups with Easter baskets; Accident on I-12; Dump site
Env. 79 - 3/30/1988 Kids in costume; lady speaking to Garden Clubs; Bank Ad; Old Folks at Day Care; Strawberry Sellers; Baseball
Env. 80 - 3/31/1988 Sewer workers; kids swimming in ditch; Durham Ads; Dome church; Tangi Feed and Seed
Env. 81 - 4/2/1988 house; K-Mart baskets; mugs; high water; wreck; wet baseball field
Env. 82 - 4/3/1988 Easter photos; wreck- will; Strawberry Festival Poster; French Kids- Gumbo
Env. 83 - 4/4/1988 Cornerstone at Ponchatoula City Hall; River Scene; wedding at plantation; French kids; Strawberry Poster; accident; mug of Joey; guy launching rocket
Env. 84 - 4/5/1988 Cars; Accident on 43; swearing in; baseball; Independence Fire Department training; blimp; David in Studio; Cemetery; Railroad tracks; French kids
Env. 85 - 4/6/1988 baseball; Amber Gregoire and Grandfather; CBT Ribbon cutting; groundbreaking; Picture at old folks home; DAU officers installation
Env. 86 - 4/7/1988 Basketball teams; track; I-55 Construction; baseball; cars; school stuff
Env. 87 - 4/8/1988 Strawberry Festival Promo; cars; Richard Baker; Baseball; track; Strawberry recipe contest
Env. 88 - 4/10/1988 Strawberry Festival Parade; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball- will; High School baseball; Soccer -will; mug of man; group of kids; Cub Scout Pinewood p. 181- Independence Derby
Env. 89 - 4/11/1988 Strawberry Festival (one of two envelopes)
Env. 90 - 4/11/1988 Strawberry Festival (one of two envelopes)
Env. 91  - 4/12/1988 Just Say No- Gumbo; Play- CTP; kids with kites; bridge wash out
Env. 92 - 4/ 13/1988 baseball; track; play at Southeastern Louisiana University; Strawberry Jubilee; Hearing Dog Center
Env. 93 - 4/14/1988 baseball; crawfish boil at Southeastern Louisiana University; Chamber photos; proclamation; wedding preparations; woodpecker; poster winner; Holy Ghost Fair promo; fire
Env. 94 - 4/15/1988 baseball- Southeastern Louisiana University vs. LSU; accident; cars; Amite photos; groups; carwash; putting in water lines; painting barrels
Env. 95 - 4/16/1988 track; baseball; Boy Scouts; Holy Ghost Fair; trash pickup; Salad Barr Ad photo; Link Award; School photos; Camper group
Env. 96 - 4/17/1988 March of Dimes; Fire; Buddy Roemer; Track overturned
Env. 97 - 4/18/1988 Balloon release; ladies eating; lady speaking; wildflower sign; sculpture erecting
Env. 98 - 4/19/1988 school play; baseball; Gumbo stuff    
Env. 99- 4/20/1988 Lady speaking; track; teachers rally; horse with colt; mug; proclamation; Volunteer Award; baseball; fire department dedication
Env. 100 - 4/24/1988 Volunteer’s Group Photo; Guantee Gallery artist; special kids at Amtrak; kids sleeping in Southeastern Louisiana University lab’s library; Girl Scouts weeding; Little Italy Parade; High School track
Env. 101 - 4/25/1988 Moto Cross
Env. 102 - USF &G; Greg’s Film
Env. 103 - 4/25/1988 Italian Festival; Dance; Teachers picketing; medical demonstration; school photos
Env. 104 - 4/26/1988 Springfield; Check presentation; proclamation; baby; dancers
Env. 105 - 4/27/1988 Baseball; Caterpillars; Montessori Ad
Env. 106 - 4/28/1988 Proclamation; Volunteer lunch at Cate; Joan’s photos; Baseball; Oozeball
Env. 107 - 4/29/1988 baseball; fishing at Zemurray; pig roast at Southeastern Louisiana University; lady with baby; thistle; Poppy Proclamation; Group -SADD; Cars; mug; Rotary Awards
Env. 108 - 5/1/1988 Old Folks; Killian Fire Substation; Susan’s Store-Ad; Springfield Birthday Day- Demo; Construction- Pat; Fire- by Daily Star; High School baseball
Env. 109 - 5/2/1988 Track; hospice bash; Bonzai Planta; Church Walk a thon; Byon Happenings
Env. 110 - 5/3/1988 Courthouse with no lights; groups; Maypole Dance; Boats on trailer; Bennett Johnson
Env. 111 - 5/4/1988 Fire; baseball; Society stuff; Centennial group; Student; girl studying
Env. 112 - 5/5/1988 I-55 Construction; Strawberry Pickers; Roddy Duvall with stolen stuff; Salesman; Teachers luncheon; hairdresser; Pat Tucker group
Env. 113 - 5/6/1988 Ribbon cutting; lady golfer; cars; Joan’s photos; Hospital photos; sewer improvements; Pitman House; baseball; football
Env. 114 - 5/7/1988 Tree through windshield; mock accident; track; nursing home photos
Env. 115 - 5/10/1988 Southern Showroom mugs; proclamation; Ad group at Southeastern Louisiana University; cars; man with snake; P3200 test roll; building demolished along railroad
Env. 116 - 5/11/1988 football; Hacky sack; mug of Liz Black; Boogie boys rap; welding couple
Env. 117 - 5/12/1988 Hairdressers; church; Gary Sanders Jr.; Softball teams; Amite Football; signing; signing shirts at Hammond Elementary; Gardenettes
Env. 118 - 5/13/1988 football; balloon release; water pipe repair; mug of Sandy; American Bank Ad; Bikers from Canada; Air show picture; American Legion officers; cars
Env. 119 - 5/14/1988 mug; baseball; boy studying- asleep; Graduation photos; football; Ads- cars; Daily Star crawfish boil; ribbon cutting; Balloon release
Env. 120 - 5/16/1988 blacks in Tuxes; National Guard; Fire; Ladies picking up trash
Env. 121 - 5/17/1988 Girl at Cate Square; Instant Rent to own; Bullet-ridden refrigerator; First bell peppers; play at Hammond High; graduate mugs; groups positive side photo; signing
Env. 122 - 5/18-19/1988 Plywood plant; Instant rent to own; Awards; Antin’s Ad pictures; high school pictures; High School play; football coaches; boy waiting for train; girls looking at art at Southeastern Louisiana University; Relief Center ribbon cutting; tractor Auction; Graduation pictures; Special Olympics open house
Env. 123- 5/20/1988 football; parents signing anti-litter cards; mug of man; mock disaster; Joy Jackson; check presentation; art show; groups; cars; young authors
Env. 124 - 5/21/1988 Graduations; Link Award; football; Pompeii Youth Center; Old Folks group
Env. 125 - 5/24/1988 football; 18- Wheeler in yard; Springfest promo; Tennis instructor; turtle; Boy on skateboard; Dr. Lipscomb
Env. 126 - 5/25/1988 rained out baseball game; high schoolers in water truck; men taking Hallmark sign down; Garden Club; groups; Abita Beer; puppet show
Env. 127 - 5/27/1988 Water department manhole; presentation with Dr. Crain; t-shirt presentation; groups; Spring Fest preparation; Dixie Youth; Hairdressers; Student of the Month; K-Mart presentation; boats
Env. 128 - 5/29/1988 Hammond Tennis Tourney; Coach (Baseball); lady with a child; man talking to crowd; Torch run; kids at shelter; man with organ; ribbon cutting (two); Kentwood graduation; Hammond High Special Ed Awards
Env. 129 - 5/31/1988 Hammond High Award winners; Loranger Graduation; Grasshopper; S &W wholesale; Wreck; flag and stone; Brad Sibley playing piano
Env. 130 - 6/1/1988 Hammond High Graduation; signing; Monopoly presentation; post office- Aids pamphlets
Env. 131- 6/2/1988 Softball action; signing; water main work; graduation- Independence High; baseball        
Env. 132 - 6/3/1988 baseball; Ponchatoula high graduation; cars; Lincoln Park Sewer work; First Baptist Brick work
Env. 133 - 6/4/1988 Kentwood Parade; Girl playing tennis; people in front of pictures; football practice; fish picture; baseball; bike-a-thon; old man; people singing
Env. 134 - 1988 - Air show (one of three envelopes)
Env. 135 - 1988 - Air show (one of three envelopes)
Env. 136 - - 1988 - Air show (one of three envelopes)
Env. 137 - 6/6/1988 Kentwood Dairy Festival ;fire at Crapanzano
Env. 138 - 6/7/1988 Loranger Reunion; Baseball; Accident on N. Morrison; Dr. Cefalu’s Family; Frog close-up; large striped bass; basketball team; bike-a-thon
Env. 139 - 6/8/1988 River posted signs; Marion Peco picking peppers; signing; GED graduation; Water Day at C.M. Fagen; Baseball; Church group
Env. 140 - 6/9/1988 Chaucer Financial; Ribbon cutting; Hammond Jr. Auxiliary; Retired Teacher; baseball
Env. 141 - 6/10/1988 baseball; wading pool at Cate Square; Tree trimming on Range Road; houses
Env. 142 - 1988 State Special Olympics
Env. 143 - 6/12/1988 Dart thrower; kid at pool; cow awards; two men at Southeastern Louisiana University Covington Center
Env. 144 - 6/13/1988 men watching baseball; skateboarders
Env. 145 - 6/13/1988 Fire; skateboarder; Kentucky Ad
Env. 146 - 6/14/1988 Carrier groups; Old Lady- 102 years; LSU research station
Env. 147 - 6/15/1988 kids in tree; baseball; basketball camp
Env. 148- 6/16/1988 Boat ad; signing; city paving drive; guy with balls; ship builder; Garden picture; Omega group; Smith and Purvis Ad
Env. 149 - 6/17/1988 baseball; train-car-collision; Gordon Burgers speaking; realtor award; water pipe construction in Ponchatoula; boats- ad
Env. 150 - 6/18/1988 baseball; John Fred
Env. 151 - 6/19/1988 Girls’ softball; Archery Champs; three men in wheelchair; kids on kayak; 3 teenager; lady with dog; Guarantee gallery
Env. 152 - 6/21/1988 brick laying at Marco Polo; mug; Downtown scene; sign painting- Balado; baseball; Bob’s picture; Soul Cryer; Garden of Month
Env. 153 - 6/22/1988 Police Chief Peltier; Boys camp; Hooks Marine; paint can; beach; baseball; Dangerfield with award
Env. 154 - 6/23/1988 trawling; water on bridge; houses; group of fathers; baseball; signing
Env. 155 - 6/24/1988 kids with pig; proclamation- TIDF; Luke Pigno; Legislature picture; Bob Brodhead; groups
Env. 156 - 6/25/1988 hairdresser; man with fish; Link Award; signing; baseball; cars
Env. 157 - 6/27/1988 guy working on car; speaker; Macedonia group; Radio operators
Env. 158 - 6/28/1988 Garden of the month; TARC and Chiropractors (Med Section); Happy woods Ad; mugs; palm tree; painter; water pipe repair; Joan’s photos
Env. 159 - 6/29/1988 football; baseball; guy resting at Cate Square; Med Section- Heritage Manor Adult Day Care
Env. 160 - 6/30/1988 guy cutting grass; school with weeds; baseball; Gumbo- Cowboy
Env. 161 - 6/30/1988 fire; man speaking; team photo; Dr. Crapanzano Ad; Jazz Funeral; three girls
Env. 162 - 7/1/1988 baseball; Med Section; Gumbo- Baton Rouge; houses
Env. 163 - 7/3/1988 Bridge Construction; mug of man and woman; swearing in: Independence Officials, Ponchatoula Officials, Layrisson Officials, Moore Officials; Ribbon cutting; cheerleader; people raising flag; kids picking out fireworks
Env. 164 - 7/5/1988 Chief’s Football game
Env. 165 - 7/7/1988 Doctors - Mike’s Ad; girls walking in rain; Hungarian Settlement; Satanic Symbols; Buddy Roemer; TIDF; cars; mug; hospital; physical therapy
Env. 166 - 7/8/1988 Chain Alarm; hospital; auto salesman; old ladies with quilt; house; tire group- ad; man with award; zoo people at library; Doctors - Joey’s Ad; Gumbo - Hungarian Settlement; Golden Age Club; Golf; play
Env. 167 - 7/10/1988 Guarantee Gallery; Dr. Miller; Ribbon cutting; Houses and building; railroad track and car; man working on street; softball; guy with dog; Ponchatoula Mayor on phone
Env. 168 - 7/11/1988 Guy with Frisbee; Accident on 190; Dog dip
Env. 169 - 7/12/1988 Seventh Day Adventist Church; Med tab; boy sleeping on watermelons; couple with baby; baseball; guy studying at Southeastern Louisiana University
Env. 170 - 7/13/1988 St. Margaret’s Church; Swimming pool in Ponchatoula; baseball; road crew stuck
Env. 171 - 7/14/1988 Accident on 51 North; Husser Post Office
Env. 172 - 7/15/1988 Rotary officers; girls dancing; mug; police chief Pingno; Joan’s Stuff
Env. 173 - 7/15/1988 Gumbo - Forestry Department and Aerial photos; proclamation; Key to the City; Archer Award
Env. 174 - 7/17/1988 Lady with Dog; softball Champs from Tickfaw; Wreck between train and truck; People with fish
Env. 175 - 7/18/1988 Alligator near Zemurray; Car Accident on Range Road; Groups; Gas station giveaway
Env. 176 - 7/19/1988 Coke memorabilia; Gas station giveaway; garbage truck; baseball groups; Hammond water tower
Env. 177 - 7/20/1988 United Way Chairmen; kids on trampoline; house; baseball; mug; man painting building
Env. 178 - 7/21/1988 Northlake Arts Camp; Loranger Fire Department Test; Train- car accident; cars
Env. 179 - 7/22/1988 Repairing gas line at Southeastern Louisiana University; Nursing Home visiting 7th Ward; Decanter Display; Earnest Collier with gator; Stop line- Road Work; Deer caught in yard; NABW group
Env. 180 - 7/25/1988 Guys in Swimming pool; Flugie’s Chair and Cane; cat; signing; Link Award; taste test
Env. 181 - 7/26/1988 Man braiding girl’s hair; group; road work; Ad- Allstate; Dufreche’s - Gumbo
Env. 182 - 7/27/1988 baseball; group; pool cleaning; school board work; hairdressers
Env. 183 - 7/28/1988 Ducks in Rain; family; road work in Loranger; Storm Damage; New Damage; New Amite Postmaster; Man speaking
Env. 184 - 7/29/1988 Gumbo - Llama Farm potholes; School Road construction; Group John Ware
Env. 185 - 7/30/1988 Unclaimed Furniture; Drum and Bugle Corps; Nursing Home; Kid with puzzle; Skate boarder
Env. 186 - 8/2/1988 Couple in pool; Pat’s film; Softball group; golf picture
Env. 187 - 8/3/1988 Man on tractor; Hammond High Dance team; Southeastern Louisiana University press conference; Group of women; cement work; All Star Band
Env. 188 - 8/3/1988 Bruce’s negatives
Env. 189 - 8/4/1988 Car in Canal; Hammond Library Program; mug; Kiwanis Garage Sale promo; United Way picture at Holmes
Env. 190 - 8/5/1988 Southeastern Louisiana University Administration Building repairs; Ponchatoula Library Program; Soccer; Karate Winner
Env. 191 - 8/8/1988 Kiwanis Garage Sale; Cows crossing river
Env. 192 - 8/9/1988 Grass cutting and fence spraying at Zemurray; Gumbo- Dinner Bell; Drum Corps
Env. 193 - 8/10/1988 Real Estate Agents; mug of Suzanne Huber; Bird Caught in tree; baby; Milton Road; rain reflected in road; woman with umbrella; Farris Agency
Env. 194 - 8/11/1988 Honda Ad; Maurin Motors Ad; overturned truck; Rain on Service Road; Group at American Legion; Nursing Home Bowlers; Black Fest Queen; Football
Env. 195 - 8/12/1988 Football groups; Actor- Gumbo; house; Asplundh workers; road work; pot plants; Dan Durham; Kids with lemonade stand
Env. 196 - 8/15/1988 Chief’s Football game; girls at capital; guy photographing flowers; Accident on I-12; River race; mug of kid; New Orleans- Convention; Lightning at Lakefront
Env. 197 - 8/16/1988 Football- tab; Republican Convention; Wavettes; Church photos
Env. 198 - 8/17/1988 Football- tab; Dr. Crapanzano; Gumbo - mugs- teacher- ad; group- hairdressers- ad; painter at Southeastern Louisiana University; Montessori School- Ad
Env. 199 - 8/18/1988 First Day of School; New Tickfaw Mayor; Zemurray Wildlife; Care-at-home
Env. 200 - 8/19/1988 Football; George Bush at Convention; Garden Club; Gumbo- Dolls; Guy hanging sign
Env.  201 - 8/20/1988 Picture at Post Office; hairdressers; Buloua Commercial; football
Env. 202 - 8/21/1988 7th Ward Cardiac Training; mug of man; group by fire truck; Link Award; Southeastern Louisiana University painting baseball locker room; bald man painting; football teams: Independence, Hammond, Albany, Springfield; Football Scrimmage: Amite vs. Sumner and Independence vs. Greensburg
Env. 203 - 8/23/1988 mug of Laureen; guy waxing car; Artist; guy reading paper; ribbon cutting; art
Env. 204 - 8/24/1988 Acadian Mug; Sonny Yokum with snake; Fence building at Cin. Ridge; Cultural foundation; police promotions; new bar; Drusillas
Env. 205 - 8/25/1988 Alligator hunting; mug of man
Env. 206 - 8/25/1988 Barber shop; hearing dog and owner; Salesman
Env. 207 - 8/26/1988 Football- Livy Jam; grass planting at Southeastern Louisiana University; T.V. presentation; Chamber meeting; banking women; school walkway Construction; cheerleaders; play poster
Env. 208 - 8/29/1988 Strawberry Jamboree; Black Festival Float; Acadian Am. Robot; Tree Planters; Telethon Promo; Dog obedience competition          
Env. 209 - 8/29/1988 Up with Youth; mug of a man; school stuff; black Fest affair; Saints vs. Steelers
Env. 210 - 8/29/1988 Continued –
Env. 211 - 8/30/1988 Festival prep at Zemurray; Women speaking; man at water cooler; dolls
Env. 212 - 8/31/1988 Tractor- Pat’s film; cars; Southeastern Louisiana University financial Aid; Booth construction- Black Festival; dolls; United Way; Guy at table; Gumbo- ladies with quilts; Hammond High Group
Env. 213 - 9/1/1988 football; mug- Daily Star; Church roof repair; football registration
Env. 214 - 9/2/1988 Bricking sidewalk; Jerry’s Ad; Hammond High Student Council; Lady painter- Gumbo; Minority group at Southeastern Louisiana University; Hammond Jr. High
Env. 215 - 9/58/1988 High School Football; Ponchatoula; Independence vs. Amite; Kentwood vs. Springfield; Sumner vs. Woodland
Env. 216 - 9/5/1988 Black Fest Parade; Golf ball egg; man at table; Rattle snakes- Gumbo
Env. 217 - 9/7/1988 group; black festival; mechanical reunion
Env. 218 - 9/8/1988 Krewe of Omega; Southeastern Louisiana University bookstore; Kiwanis books; guy on horseback
Env. 219 - 9/9/1988 Gumbo - Quilting; Insurance manager mug; guy with poster; Sears ribbon cutting; Chief Gideon speaking; mug; Hammond football practice; pump shelter construction
Env. 220 - 9/10/1988 Wildlife agent; award presentation; speaker- Joan’s; Gumbo - Ponchatoula game; men working on sign; oil tank explosion
Env. 221 - 9/11/1988 Cheryl Bennett; football- Independence; window taping; accident on 190; mug; Helicopter- Army; Just Say No Club- Mater Delorosa; ribbon cutting
Env. 222 - 9/12/1988 football- Hammond, Loranger; girls- Volleyball- St. James; fog
Env.  223 - 9/13/1988 Sharon Monestere; poster presentation; log cutting and hauling; moving at Southeastern Louisiana University; cows; paint cans
Env. 224 - 9/14/1988 Gumbo- Gerald Brunett; Joan’s prints; Patti Road; S. Morrison Blvd. Drainage construction; mug; real estate homes
Env. 225 - 9/15/1988 Cheerleaders; S. Baptist Road bridge; Gen. Ott Road Bridge; Archie Manning- Speaking
Env. 226 - 9/16/1988 Deaf couple with dog; rain shots; Amite, Ponchatoula, Loranger football; play photos- Joan’s; food bank; Hammond Radio operator; telephone line workers
Env. 227 - 9/17/1988 Kentwood vs. St. Helena (78); Little Baby; Rain Art; Les Madames; Nurse giving demonstration; ladies reading with Children
Env. 228 - 9/19/1988 lady watering plants; preachers
Env. 229 - 9/20/1988 High line Construction on Morris; men welding grating; Cafeteria shots; mug
Env. 230 -  9/21/1988 boy scouts; Leslie Henry; groups; Ponchatoula lunch group; houses; Amite fire department
Env. 231 - 9/22-23/1988 Hammond landfill; proclamation; mug of woman; boy scouts; truck- ad; work on J.W. Davis; genealogy books; Garden of the Month; Sewer Treatment Plant; hospice picture
Env. 232 - 9/25/1988 - High School Football; Link Award; Overturned truck; Forest Festival parade; Garden of the Month
Env. 234 - 9/28/1988 Fire Department; Cheerleaders; Barge at Port; arm wrestling; flag football worker; men rebuilding porch; mug
Env. 235 - 9/29/1988 Hummingbirds; mug; grass fire; I-55 construction
Env. 236 - 9/30/1988 Women golfers; cars; positive side; United Way Check pres.; Accident- fatality; houses; Bush headquarters; nursing home party; tap dance rehearsal; Suzanne Campbell; man and woman by fence; man speaking
Env. 237 - 10/2/1988 High School football: Independence, Springfield, Oak Forest, Ponchatuola Homecoming; Kids Dancing Hammond Elementary; tap dances; election pictures; bike-a-thon; Gumbo Dancing (Cajun)
Env. 238 - 10/3/1988 United Way; Trucks- Gumbo
Env. 239 - 10/4/1988 cars; parish fair setting up; Kiwanis Officers; Cemetery Vandalism; Wal-Mart ribbon cutting
Env. 240 - 10/5/1988 Art Gallery; Circus setting up; meeting; groups- fire department; lamp; parish fair promos; toastmasters
Env. 241 - 10/6/1988 Al Ferrera speaking; circus; guy at Southeastern Louisiana University studying; lamp for ad
Env. 242 - 10/7/1988 Tootsie Roll drive; Proclamation photos; groups; cars; cheerleaders; mug; car giveaway; parish fair; parade
Env. 243 - 10/9/1988 Garden of the Month; artist; Kirkland- Gumbo; man sheering lamb; George Perkin @ McDonald; Ladies getting ready for book fair
Env. 244  - 10/9/1988 High School football; St. Helena and Greensburg’s Queen
Env. 245 - 10/11/1988 United Way Thermometer; Kid playing in sand; I.V. class at Westpark; Beta Club- Loranger; food pantry; cars; cows
Env. 246 - 10/12/1988 Albany homecoming; mug; dresses; United Way thermometer; can shake; fireman at Loranger School; woman speaking; group; Hammond Jr. High football
Env. 247 - 10/13/1988 Southeastern Louisiana University Rally; fishing trip; Livy Parish fair promo; cheerleaders; proclamation; house; ad- 3 girls
Env. 248 - 10/14/1988 mug of Mona, Lil; ad photos; lady with baby; houses; Golden Age winners; dignitaries at school lunch; Chuck Reed’s picture
Env. 249 - 10/16/1988 two groups; man with award; trash men; cooking contest; High school football; Old farmer’s Day; Miss and Little Miss Poppy
Env. 250 - 10/17/1988 Cookoff; Old Farmer’s Day; man with sausage; chamber winners; Balloon launch
Env. 251 - 10/18/1988 continued
Env. 252 - 10/19/1988 houses; mugs; Art show; 103 year old lady; football players on bike
Env. 253 - 10/20/1988 Hammond Homecoming Court; scholarship; Belle Oaks group; Pat’s collapsed bridge
Env. 254 - 10/21/1988 Old bottle; Trofton Band at Southeastern Louisiana University; Cinnamon Ridge Apartment; kids looking through fence; balloon launch; kids with computers; pumpkin painting; sewer plant; awards
Env. 255 - 10/21/1988 women golfers; Knights of Columbus; Southeastern Louisiana University homecoming
Env. 256 - 10/22/1988 Group of ladies; Link Award; Fire department demonstration; Southeastern Louisiana University; lady with award; football parade
Env. 257 - 10/25/1988 Balloon launches; Girl Scout Groups; Patti Roemer speaking; Poetry winners; Ponchatoula proclamation
Env. 258 - 10/26/1988 Ad- Hammond Square Mall; Cinnamon Ridge Apartments; Dr. Nelson’s office; Springfield High Homecoming court; ladies with craft; mug
Env. 259 - 10/27/1988 Little Conference football champs; Scouts with B. Brodhead; queen; kids making poster; man; bridge out; Homecoming Court- Kentwood; Joan’s picture
Env. 260 - 10/28/1988 Church pew construction; bad bridge; cow eating hay; basketball; fun run at Holy Ghost; guy with car; helicopter; Adopt-a-school groups
Env. 261 - 10/29/1988 Kids in costume; proclamation; ribbon cutting; balloon release; Hammond High Band; Len Yokum with snakes; High School football; parade
Env. 262 - 10/31/1988 Banquet; Costume winners; First Baptist Church; mock wedding
Env. 263 - 11/1/1988 face painting; costume contest; Chef’s - Joan’s; Pumpkin carving
Env. 264 - 11/2/1988 Gulf Coast Plywood plant
Env. 265 - 11/2/1988 Liz Black mug; Cafeteria; groups; man with model ship
Env. 266 - 11/3/1988 men working on sign; proclamation; classroom picture; football practice
Env. 267 - 11/4/1988 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; mug; group; classroom; cleaning downtown; football
Env. 268 - 11/6/1988 man reading; Mater Dolorosa fair; man with pumpkin and Mirliton
Env. 269 - 11/6/1988 High School football: Hammond vs. Ponchatoula, Independence vs. Loranger; Amite
Env. 270 - 11/7/1988 Group; skateboarder; LP&L show; face painting; Garden of the Month
Env. 271 - 11/8/1988 Voters; mug; man on tractor; Peggy Stevens and Bob Brodhead; Pat’s film
Env. 272 - 11/9/1988 Art at Southeastern Louisiana University; Old man WWI Vet; traffic at Train; Winn Dixie groundbreaking; kids parade at library
Env. 273 - 11/10/1988 Play at Southeastern Louisiana University; kids playing soccer; groups; guy catching crawfish; Lion’s food barrels
Env. 274 - 11/11/1988 Chamber fashion show
Env. 275 - 11/11/1988 basketball; Gumbo - Milk Plant, Tables in Husser; Plywood plant opening; road work on 51- North
Env. 276 - 11/13/1988 Men with medals; cookbooks- Gumbo; mug of man; scouts with flag; kids loading on bus; kids getting finger printed; Southeastern Louisiana University ROTC FIAB Ceremony; man with oranges; man with group; Oyster shoots on boat
Env. 277 - 11/13/1988 High School Playoffs- first round
Env. 278 - 11/15/1988 Pig lip plant; men working on sign; Gumbo- The Cave; Gumbo- pictures- music; award; rodeo; dancers
Env. 279 - 11/16/1988 Birds; leaves in water; Check presentation; mug; group; tree cutters; cookbooks; basketball
Env. 280 - 11/17/1988 house; tree transplanting at Southeastern Louisiana University; Dr. Smith swimming; dresses; group; basketball
Env. 281 - 11/18/1988 mug; balloon release; groups
Env. 282 - 11/20/1988 People playing cards; balloon launch; Harmony Tours; house; proclamation; kids running; group of kids; Circus opera
Env. 283 - 11/20/1988 High School football; playoffs
Env. 284 - 11/22/1988 Loranger Election Door; basketball; School stuff; Ad for Mike; Driving; Circus
Env. 285 - 11/23/1988 Basketball; man in Garden; Ponchatoula Library Sale; play; groundbreaking; house; K-Mart food giveaway
Env. 286 - 11/25/1988 Hairdressers; Murder Scene; Construction near Tickfaw
Env. 287 - 11/27/1988 Garden of the Month; Lady wrapping gifts; Twins- Gumbo; Santa Claus with kids
Env. 288 - 11/27/1988 High School football playoffs: Amite vs. Independence
Env. 288 - 11/28/1988 Continued
Env. 289 - 11/29/1988 Decorating tree downtown; man painting downtown; man making flies; classroom; basketball
Env. 290 - 11/30/1988 Lady at Desk; mug; scarecrow; toggery shop ad; lady with oranges
Env. 291 - 12/2/1988 Kids Christmas Show; trains; men with logo; fireman with equipment; mug of woman; Art on Southeastern Louisiana University; Amite Sign; man with machine; man speaking; men with garbage bag; Mayor with C. Tree; man speaking; blacks painting sign; decorating; High School basketball; Rumrano- Ad Shot- Hairdresser
Env. 292 - 12/3/1988 Hammond Christmas Parade
Env. 293 - 12/6/1988 Hammond Library Christmas Program; Southeastern Louisiana University Men’s Basketball; Ponchatoula Parade; Independence parade; Kentwood Parade; Guarantee Gallery - Hammond Art Guild
Env. 294 - 12/7/1988 Guys studying; Candlelight Caroler; group of ladies; ladies with candle; mug of women
Env. 295 - 12/8/1988 man hanging lights in Oak Tree; High School Basketball (girls and guys); ad shots at Susan’s; mug of man; Old people
Env. 296 - 12/9/1988 People’s with trophies; Southeastern Louisiana University girls basketball; train wreck; Christmas Play (in Bethlehem); Old Southeastern Louisiana University football players; Dr. Smith wit care package; discuss throwers; McClendon
Env. 297 - 12/11/1988 mug of man; group of ladies; group of men; group of mayors; NABW; Squirrel; Student of Compilers; Ornament in Cate Square; Wreck by Southeastern Louisiana University- Will; Vaudeville Acts; Ad- House; man speaking; Astronaut speaking; High School basketball; parent protest- Greensburg
Env. 298 - 12/12/1988 Parade; American Legion groups
Env. 299 - 12/13/1988 mug; school play; group; Daily Star Christmas Party; Party by Junior Auxiliary; Joan’s Picture; flooded road; Amite parade; Gas station        
Env. 300 - 12/14/1988 Basketball; Amite Christmas Parade; Christmas Party at Ponchatoula Community Center; Check presentation at Chic-fil-a; candle making in mall; house with lights; house- ad; Columbus Construction
Env. 301 - 12/15/1988 Basketball; Construction; Joan’s picture; Women golfers; house; Joggery Ad; 2 ladies mug; Sonny with deer
Env. 302 - 12/16/1988 I-55 bridge erosion; fatal wreck; Christmas party- Montessori School; Brownies at Hammond State School; Fagan School Christmas Program
Env. 303 - 12/18/1988 High School Basketball; Kiwanis Baskets; Link Award; mugs; Parent protestors; Auxiliary Cop Grad; Loranger Christmas Parade; Southeastern Louisiana University grad    
Env. 304 - 12/19/1988 Toggery- ad; Garden of the Month; Christmas Lights- houses; Santa Clause; Knights of Columbus Groups; Santa; People singing; ground breaking
Env. 305 - 12/20/1988 Daily Group- Christmas; Bank Christmas photo; Toggery Ad- underwear; Springfield Parade; people with presents; kids from Holy Ghost singing; kids with duck; Christmas decorating
Env. 306 - 12/21/1988 Dave’s carpeting; basketball; mug; (Christmas) houses with lights
Env. 307 - 12/22/1988 Police with food baskets; Joan’s Gumbo feature; Elderly lady; group at Comm. Motors; Cate Square Motors; AARP Officers; Basketball
Env. 308 - 12/23/1988 Boy lighting candles in bags; tree decorated in shells; moon rise over trees; dump site; Carrier of Year Awards; houses lit up; basketball; police with food baskets
Env. 309 - 12/24/1988 Nativity Scene; Lion’s Club group; Salesmen group- Ford; Pee Wee Big Top video
Env. 310 - 12/28/1988 Geese at park; kids playing at tree; Jerry’s Ad; birds in trees; Basketball; Jacmel Gingerbread house
Env. 311 - 1/1/1989 Cat playing; Hokie speaking; group of old men
Env. 312 - 1/2/1989 Southeastern Louisiana University women (baseball) vs. Dartmoth; Manhunt in swamp; road closed
Env. 313 - 1/3/1989 manhunt in swamp; people with Mayor Dafreshe; old building; Pine Grove school; Black Man building; helicopter
Env. 314 - 1/4/1989 Prep basketball; Ponchatoula taking down Christmas decorations; girl looking at Hardhide; swearing in; manhunt in swamp; man with fish; mug of men
Env. 315 - 1/5/1989 Group; construction at Burger King; Garbage piled up; swearing in; United Way check presentation; Women going to Washington D.C.; proclamation; sheltered workers; Gumbo- Taste of Bavaria
Env. 315 - 1/5/1989 Swearing in; trailer; group of kids; Cabinet; school portable; LSU basketball
Env. 316 - 1/6/1989 mug of Dennis; Lady Hunter; man with tomatoes; tree transplanting; First Day of School in Greensburg
Env. 317 - 1/7/1989 Guy working; group (3); kid playing in sand; High School baseball; Group of Old People; Group of Young people
Env. 318 - 1/10/1989 Groups; paying fees at Southeastern Louisiana University; award presentation in Independence
Env. 319 - 1/11/1989 basketball; Rainy day at Southeastern Louisiana University; Garbage pickup
Env. 320 - 1/12/1989 Cars; group; new mail cars; man welding sign; Ad- photos- contest
Env. 321 - 1/13/1989 Southeastern Louisiana University men’s and women’s basketball; mugs- Realtors; Ruddock scenes; accident; house
Env. 322 - 1/14/1989 (labeled 1/4/88, but in the January 1989 box) Guy welding; Randy’s Nature Art; mug of ladies; office shot; people with dogs; people around table; hunting lady- Gumbo; classroom shots; man on dock; consolidation school shot; man painting line on street; judging art; man with pigeons; words written on ground
Env. 323 - 1/15/1988 mug of Doug Frazer; Guys playing Guitars; Picture of Quick’s Grocery and Deli; High School basketball; spider
Env. 324 - 1/17/1989 boy looking out of window; picture around office; accident
Env. 325 - 1/22/1989 group of kids; High school basketball; Kid playing Pistol Pete; trash pick-up; Link Award; Old Lady; social service group; kid with deer; guy with fish; people voting
Env. 326 - 1/23/1989 Garbage trucks; LP&L with power line; soccer; Rodeo; guy with bike; man speaking; Arbor Day- chamber
Env. 327 - 1/24/1989 School at Home- Gumbo; Arbor Day- Springfield Middle; men painting; garbage trucks
Env. 328 - 1/25/1989 basketball; groups; couple with kite; play; box culverts; round travel
Env. 339 - 1/26/1989 houses; group of students; Joan’s pictures; men with organ; kids throwing mud; Ponchatoula Kiwanis; wreck photos; groups
Env. 340 - January 1989 - swearing in; Port Manchac; Basketball; Joan’s Group
Env. 341 - January 1989 MLK speakers; mall walkers; Woodland Park School; basketball; construction
Env. 342 - 1/27/1989 basketball; house; tennis; Pack of Dogs; Downtown; Arbor Day planting; Senior Citizen Board of Directors; Garden of the Month; Omega Flag presentation
Env. 343 - 1/28/1989 Lady with dolls; fishing group; Westside fire; Chemical spill at Southeastern Louisiana University; Ponchatoula school building
Env. 344 - 1/29/1989 Jacmel’s Chef; Hammond High Exhibits @ Guarantee; High school basketball; black kids singing; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; men restoring tomb
Env. 345 - 1/31/1989 school picture; groups; strawberries; Lewis Grocer; Jaycees mug; group; 18- wheeler        

Box # 10 (February 1, 1989 to April 20, 1990)
Env. 1 - 2/1/1989 movie crew working; student studying; Holy Ghost breakfast; basketball
Env. 2 - 2/2/1989 lizards; fire; floats; basketball; Delchamps Warehouse; train depot; play; mug
Env. 3 - 2/3/1989 basketball; Mardi Gras Parade
Env. 4 - 2/5/1988 Home school- Gumbo; Trafton Academy Mari Gras Parade; St. Thomas A. Class Rings with Bishop Ott; kid in Pistol Pete; High School basketball
Env. 5 - 2/6/1988 boat parade- Killian; High School Basketball; N.O. Mardi Gras Parade; Profile shot with old folks
Env. 6 - 2/7/1989 kids blowing bubbles; cast of Pistol studying; high school basketball; hunters with deer; Mageehee Hall; Play- Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead
Env. 7 - 2/8/1989 Burnt trailer; guy fixing kite; owl on sign; frosted berry plants
Env. 8 - 2/9/1989 FB mugs; man with metal detector; scout group; movie crew pictures; Joan’s pictures
Env. 9 - 2/10/1989 swamp sunset; marsh fire; poster winners; Pat’s group; mugs; Kentucky Fried Chicken
Env. 10 - 2/12/1989 kid with toy car; Valentine workshop; high school basketball; Westside Elementary: (1) Principles (2) Terrific Kids
Env. 11 - 2/12/1989 profile photos
Env. 12 - 2/13/1989 basketball; people with a frisbee; Joan’s pictures; Dixie Salesmen mugs
Env. 13 - 2/14/1989 basketball; dump site; cars; groups
Env. 14 - 2/15/1989 Guys flying a kite; basketball; downtown Hammond; mug; care-at-home; senior citizens
Env. 15 - 2/16/1989 LSU basketball; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; building cleaning at Southeastern Louisiana University; groups; check presentation; Daily Star employees; poster child
Env. 16 - 2/17/1989 Lion Dance at Southeastern Louisiana University; groups; basketball; strawberry farmer
Env. 17 - 2/18/1989 man with strawberry; Gumbo- cooking gumbo; high school basketball; bunch of groups of students; building; Senator Johnston; boy with glider
Env. 18 - 2/20/1989 basketball; baseball; girl with bike; family in stadium
Env. 19 - 2/21/1989 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; high school basketball; Work on I-55; Old lady; groups; March at Southeastern Louisiana University; dairy farm
Env. 20 - 2/22/1989 Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; team pictures; Construction on Columbus Drive; Real Estate houses; boy scouts; man with fish; Sumner Drug free Rally
Env. 21 - 2/23/1989 baseball; welder on Columbus Drive; Girl Scouts at Mall; hairdressers; presentation; woman speaking to group; houses; group; lock ad; Tommy’s
Env. 22 - 2/24/1989 Basketball; ice on strawberries; ROTC training; group
Env. 23 - 2/26/1989 101 year old man; high school basketball; Pigno; Ribbon Cutting- M&M; Ponchatoula High Talent Show
Env. 24 - 2/27/1989 Artist; guy with camera
Env. 25 - 2/28/1989 Wagon train; Maurin Motors; buildings; basketball; young authors
Env. 26 - Tickfaw Shrine
Env. 27 - fire; strawberry patch; baseball; track
Env. 28 - 3/1/1989 basketball; man speaking; book presentation; doctors; Gumbo - computer farm; baseball; band groups
Env. 29 - 3/2/1989 LSU basketball; kids on swing; ducks; mug; fireman awards; cars        
Env. 30 - 3/3/1989 Sewer leak; people at van; group; George Perkins; Newspaper for ad; Basketball; Joan’s pictures; man working on sign
Env. 31 - 3/5/1989 Hammond Oaks; Mayor Bobby Interview; cross in Tickfaw
Env. 32 - 3/6/1989 Basketball; St. Thomas Benefit; Groundbreaking
Env. 33 - 3/7/1989 Man with cross; Junior Auxiliary with invitation; Southeastern Louisiana University computer lab; Oyster Queen; cars; Elmer’s candy; box with fish
Env. 34 - 3/9/1989 Fashion show; boy on pony; Vandalism at schools; groups; Bishop Ott; woman in trash can; school board meeting; art; baseball; basketball    
Env. 35 - 3/10/1989 Pugh’s Ad photos; vans; paper dumpster; fathers serving dinner at Holy Ghost; painter at Ponchatoula Jr. High
Env. 36 - 3/11/1989 St. Paddy’s Day parade; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; working Mothers- Gumbo; St. Joseph’s Fair; Group; Burgess Signing
Env. 37 - 3/13/1989 Pilgrimage to Tickfaw; mug of Mike Smith; basketball; baseball; art; groups; Gumbo- Working mothers
Env. 38 - 3/17/1989 - kids picnic with egg race; morning advocate lady talking to students; St. Joseph Alter; Kiwanis working; Group of Ladies; lady by files; guy by old car; lady with plaque; guys with plaque; High School trash; Prep baseball; Oyster Festival Parade; Guys working on power line; working mom Gumbo; St. Paul Lutheran Pre school; group of students; Easter Egg hunt
Env. 39 - 3/18/1989 Southeastern Louisiana University Baseball; track (High School); Joan’s pictures (fashion); KC’s fireman and Policemen of year; guy with nose; Conveyer belt- sewerage; engines; USA Auto
Env. 40 - 3/18/1989 students working bingo; Christmas; Cate Square at night
Env.  41 -3/19/1989 Oyster Festival; Auxiliary Ball
Env. 42 - 3/21/1989 Men with kites; Tourism Center Construction
Env. 43 - 3/22/1989 Queen; poster winners; setting up carnival; boy with Easter Basket; car salesmen
Env. 44 - 3/23/1989 paper recycling bin; fire hoses; golf; Queens; Gumbo- working mothers    
Env. 45 - 3/24/1989 Baseball; parade; ceiling collapse at Courthouse; truck accident; Easter basket winners; Link Award                
Env. 46 - 3/25/1989 Asst. Police Chief- Ponchatoula; Airbrush artist; egg hunt; parade; man with poster; drug bust; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball
Env. 47 - 3/28/1989 Weatherly- Gumbo; fire department training; Card players- Gumbo; Southeastern Louisiana University- man with Jackhammer; girl reading in park; Med. Aux. Award
Env. 48 - 3/29/1989 Groups; Guys crawfishing; Gloria Weatherly; Drug Bust- lab; track; baseball
Env.  49 - 3/29/1989- High School Track; Teacher teaching; McDonald’s Award; Mary Byrd Perkin - “A Day in the Park”; baseball; men with turkeys; people registering to vote
Env. 50 - 3/31/1989 wreck; Doctor’s Day at 7th Ward; Marco Polo Ad; Groups; Man with turkey; cars; mugs- women; man with coon; Pat’s photos
Env. 51 - 4/1/1989 Election Photos; crawfish boil at D. Star; Dog recipient
Env. 52 - 4/2/1989 mule pull; river photos; mayor in hot air balloon; school; group
Env. 53 - 4/3/1989 Special Olympics; crawfish boil; art gallery; ribbon cutting
Env. 54 - 4/4/1989 mug of man; mug of girl; R.O.A.R- group; camouflage kids; Holy Ghost Kids; man with book; man with bird; car ads
Env. 55 - 4/4/1989 Accident-log truck; man with baby; lady with dolls; groups, cars
Env. 56 - 4/5/1989 C. J. Moore Award; Hospice Pearls; baseball; 3 ladies with toys; construction; girl with dog; Southeastern Louisiana University tennis    
Env. 57 - 4/6/1989 - Southeastern Louisiana University Press Conference; baseball; Navy Steel band; house; recycling winners; group; man speaking; girl with violin
Env. 58 - 4/8/1989 Strawberry Festival Parade; baseball; track; women speaking to Hospice
Env. 59 - 4/10/1989 track; Strawberry Festival (one of two envelopes)
Env. 60 - 4/10/1989 - Strawberry Festival (one of two envelopes)
Env. 61 - 4/11/1989 - People (couple with bike); trash pick-up; lady speaking in house; Strawberry Festival Parade; Award group; balloon launch; group of kids; mug of kids; mug of man
Env. 62 - 4/12/1989 Artist; mug; road construction
Env. 63 - 4/13/1989 LSU- Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; girl scouts on tour; Strawberry Jubilee; Judge- clean city; Joan’s picture; man with daughter; Community Motors; proclamation in office; crawfish dinner at Southeastern Louisiana University; work on downtown parking lot; French kids performing
Env. 64 - 4/14/1989 Pat Tucker speaking; tennis; bridge on Church Street; dump trucks on I-55; City equipment surplus; man on city tractor; mug; lab school guest reader; students in class; radio DJs
Env. 65 - 4/15/1989 girl with bagpipes; boy playing in sand; face painting; ribbon cutting; wreck; Westside group
Env. 66 - 4/16/1989 garbage in ditch; baseball; wreck; boy scouts
Env. 67 - 4/17/1989 baseball; Tickfaw Alderman; library book fair; plant-flower; man with Jackhammer; mug
Env. 68 - 4/18/1989 baseball; Southeastern Louisiana University plant sale; Mary Bails mug; Poppy proclamation; school groups
Env. 69 - 4/20/1989 man speaking; man playing with boys; play; man with lights; people planting in Cate St. Pocket Park
Env. 70 - 4/21/1989 Ooze ball; Roemer; sidewalk construction; Lady with Elderly lady; Big strawberry; 2 gymnasts; Car ads;     house ads
Env. 71 - 4/22/1989 track; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; hospice dance; book signing; bricks; ACLs class; ribbon cutting; Insurance women of year award; mugs of men; auction
Env. 72 - 4/24/1989 Miss Hammond Talent Show
Env. 73 - 4/25/1989 group; Jake Bailey and Mike Dunn mugs; Ponchatoula flag at half mast; hospice presentation; Holy Ghost groups; Helen Entriken
Env. 74 - 4/27/1989 gymnast; Arlene Knighten mug; group; Garden of the Month; Insects; proclamation; mug; art show; real estate guide            
Env. 75 - 4/28/1989 cars; Phi Mu trash pickup; dust at Winn Dixie Site; Anti Drug rally; Gumbo- Yearbook photo; Hammond Mayoral race
Env. 76 - 4/29/1989 Italian Festival; baseball
Env. 77 - 4/30/1989 Hospice Bash; Trucks kicking up dust; Springfield Festival
Env. 78 - 5/2/1989 Antin’s mug; girls singing; tree limb through roof; courthouse tour; Heritage Day banner hanging
Env. 79 - 5/3/1989 Vandalism at Mooney Elementary; Positive Side- CPR; Mechanics- ad; groups; Cent. Poster with artist; cows crossing bridge; man painting at church; proclamations
Env. 80 - 5/4/1989 Rudolph Gibson with award; Ponchatoula High Student- Powell; Tourist commission; Empty food shelves; prisoner picking up trash; warehouse furniture; talent show
Env. 81 - 5/5/1989 man with turkey; houses; tourist information center; Patsy mug; warehouse furniture
Env. 82 - 5/6/1989 Air National Guard; track; Heritage Day (construction)
Env. 83 - 5/10/1989 Memorial; Dog with kittens; Fashion Show; trash; Railroad crossing guard construction; lady playing tennis
Env. 84 - 5/11/1989 construction; Garbage Patch Growers; flowers by road; Group in a library
Env. 85 - 5/12/1989 Graduate from Holland; man by sign; Play- St. Thomas; Mayor Dufreche giving award; ad- mugs of 3 ladies; men with plaque; ducks and water; artist; frat
Env. 86 - 5/13/1989 Limbo dancer; mug; garbage truck; Rotary Presentation; Hospice donation; groundbreaking; graduation- Southeastern Louisiana University
Env. 87 - 5/15/1989 Teacher’s Rally; groups; Fraternity’s- Gumbo; garbage in Pumpkin Center; pot hole patching; turtles on logs
Env. 88 - 5/17/1989 tree growing from post; man painting at Drive-in; shower in circulation; people eating crawfish; man with guitar; group; alligator at Police station; football; Kiwanis Group
Env. 89 - 5/18/1989 Beta Club- Hammond High School; mug; Gumbo- Dairy sewerage; Pat’s film; group; ad-photo
Env.  90 - 5/20/1989 High School Spring Football; Link Award; Kentwood or Oak Forest Grads; Men by desk; 2 men and 1 man; duck; ring ceremony
Env. 91 - 5/21/1989 Murder Game- Hospice; ditch; girl swimming
Env. 92 - 5/23/1989 Classroom Game; tire ad; Hammond High Top 10; Baseball- little league; Guitar player in park; graduation; cactus blooming; houses; Ford Tri-motor
Env. 93 - 5/24/1989 Garden of the Month; man at desk; John presenting award; skating group; garbage in Chesbrough; River scenes; Hammond High Graduation
Env. 94 - 5/25/1989 Independence graduation; farm stuff; baseball; gunsmith; mug; education rally; Olympic town set-up
Env. 95 - 5/26/1989 Baseball; picnic; Ponchatoula graduation; Harvest Church; Gumbo- Yokum, people playing in park; Gumbo- Milo Beaver; Gumbo - Civil War Artifacts
Env. 96 - 5/27/1989 High School grads; baseball; ad shot; Special Olympic opening; Tucker School
Env. 97 - 5/29/1989 Memorial Day Services; Special Olympics; Kiwanis Breakfast; Bowlers with trophies
Env. 98 - 5/30/1989 Women with art; dancers; Boy and Dad on bikes; Baby bird in nest; billboard painting
Env. 99 - 5/31/1989 Community Motors- ad; Drainage work; baseball; student Council
Env. 100 - 5/31/1989 baseball; retiring teachers; drainage work; leaking fire hydrant; 3 wheeler giveaway ad; river scenes
Env. 101 - 6/1/1989 Group of women; kids in pool; salesmen mugs; Jones’ Road
Env. 102 - 6/4/1989 Roemer in Ponchatoula; wreck; Dairy Day Parade; People at computer; scouts
Env. 103 - 6/5/1989 cow calling contest; boy drinking water
Env. 104 - 6/6/1989 cars on flooded road; advertising department inserting; lawyer ad mugs; group at Hammond Junior High
Env. 105 - 6/7/1989 Pool cleaning; balloon launch; baseball
Env. 106 - 6/8/1989 Motorcycle; Rotary award; pastor at church; kids walking in rain; Toggery Ad; tornado; mugs; fallen tree
Env. 107 - 6/9/1989 boys with 3 wheeler; guys with turtle; mug; turtle in road; river scenes
Env. 108 - 6/9/1989 Air National Guard; Guy speaking (Bob’s shot); Chinese lady; Ribbon cutting; man and boy in sand; Little League baseball; Old timer’s baseball; man with hose; 3 people with award; Ponchatoula Jaycee Scholarship; Lawyer Ad shot; man with peppers; mug of boy
Env. 109 - 6/13/1989 Bridge tear-down in Bedico; check presentation; play; group; doctor shot; school construction
Env. 110 - 6/14/1989 baseball; Magician at library; Dillards Sign hanging; Driving winners; Houma YMCA
Env. 111 - 6/15/1989 kids on bikes in rain; Ponchatoula library construction
Env. 112 - 6/17/1989 Guy digging flowers; gross; baseball; Toxic Waste
Env. 113 - 6/19/1989 Bogalusa YMCA; couple in rain; frog in ditch; baseball; presentation of flag
Env. 114 - 6/20/1989 Animal Shelter; Range Road railroad work
Env. 115 - 6/21/1989 From Sat before; kids at movie-a-thon; lady with dolls; kids painting; baseball; softball champs; softball batting champ; Saul Cryer; kids at picnic
Env. 116 - 6/22/1989 Southeastern Louisiana University’s Lee Hall; Mary Lou; café; kids painting; house; Randy’s Apartment
Env. 117 - 6/24/1989 Dog; McDonald; People walking in mall; 3 men with Award; man sitting at Desk; Pigno Rally; Link Award; Sandy’s Gumbo; Baby Bird in nest; Tennis Tourney; Ribbon cutting; Baseball Team Champions
Env. 118 - 6/26/1989 Fitness Section- Bike Riders
Env. 119 - 6/27/1989 Baseball group; baby snakes at Southeastern Louisiana University; Ponchatoula library work; Dr. Group
Env. 120 - 6/28/1989 Cate Square landscaping; Zemurray Park; Baseball
Env. 121 - 6/29/1989 Collider Magnet Conference; guys fishing; Mary Lou Mug
Env. 122 - 6/30/1989 baseball; Chris Mauoulis; house; Protest March in Amite; Mary Lou retirement Party
Env. 123 - 7/1/1989 kid in pool; Black protest; bow and arrows; Mary Bird Perkins
Env. 124 - 7/3/1989 Mayoral Inauguration
Env. 125 - 7/5/1989 People working out
Env. 126 - 7/6/1989 Car in ditch; 100 year old man; Cynthia Tricou; Chinese Restaurant Construction
Env. 127 - 7/7/1989 Ponchatoula Library face painting; Amite library tile laying; baseball team; Veteran’s group; Doctor group; Amite protesters; mug of dancer
Env. 128 - 7/8/1989 skateboarding
Env. 129 - 7/9/1989 Kid with Camera; mug; wreck; People giving blood; kid’s baseball group; Guaranty Gallery
Env. 130 - 7/11/1989 Snake at library; Skateboarders; city buses; baseball; mug and group; Pine Ridge Elementary
Env. 131 - 7/12/1989 Dogs; Aerial view of Sewer Treatment plant; work on road a Winn Dixie; Car salesmen; Aerial view of Hammond
Env. 132 - 7/13/1989 3 ladies with awards; picking grapes; birds following tractor
Env. 133 - 7/14/1989 American Advantage ribbon cutting; baseball; Zemurray Park; Westpark Hospital Ad; Joan’s picture; Home Adoption; baseball team- All-stars
Env. 134 - 7/16/1989 Guy with pressure hose; guy receiving award; Firemen’s group; 25 year award; Bi Plane
Env. 135 - 7/18/1989 Zemurray Park Pool; Puppetry Camp; baseball player mug; presentation
Env. 136 - 7/18/1989 Oliver (Southeastern Louisiana University musical)
Env. 137 - 7/19/1989 mug of Dennis; Medical group; girl looking at Hardhide; Painters at Post Office; Skateboard
Env. 138 - 7/20/1989 boy on scooter
Env. 139 - 7/21/1989 mug of Billie Jo; baby swimmers; puppet show; ladies walking with umbrella; mug; Amite fire
Env. 140 - 7/22/1989 Boys playing tennis; Depot Art; Puppets; Renne’ Maurin
Env. 141 - 7/25/1989 people cooking; house; Zoo mobile at Library; people lifting weights; group shot
Env. 142 - 7/26/1989 Mall Lip Sync; fishing group
Env. 143 - 7/26/1989 Hair dressers; fish kill; city picking up limbs; Chic-fil-a Ad; man with turtle crossing; group; mug; Toggery Ad; Link Award
Env. 144 - 7/27/1989 house fire; man on tractor; art supply ad; mug; baseball; Ponchatoula sewer
Env. 145 - 7/28/1989 pigs; Durbin Road Bridge; United Way group; Baseball; basketball; Body shop Ad; Joan’s group
Env. 146 - 7/30/1989 Water Fountain Repair; boy trying on uniform
Env. 147 - 8/1/1989 car salesmen; retired T-K Valve man; Independence Police Awards; Marco Polo Ad; Lady watching soccer in rain; welcome sign
Env. 148 - 8/2/1989 River at Springfield; cat-tail with vine; Miss River Bridge at Baton Rouge; kids playing ball
Env. 149 - 8/3/1989 Karate Sign Construction; mug-positive side; tiles; overturned truck; old lady; Volunteer Fire department sign
Env. 150 - 8/4/1989 baseball; houses; ribbon cutting; dentist office construction; kids on swing; railroad workers    
Env. 151 - 8/6/1989 National Guard Hauling dirt; State Dixie Youth Champs Parade; Guy fixing bike; Guaranty Gallery; Larisson and Two men; Bad road; Vegetable Stand
Env. 152 - 8/8/1989 Gumbo- Mechanical Equipment; Work in Cate Square; Seat removal at Southeastern Louisiana University; football tab; Garden of the Month; Dart winners        
Env. 153 - 8/6/1989 Car Salesman; group with teddy bears; fire department with poster child; dog catcher; Ponchatoula cemetery; First Assembly teachers; balloons; Ponchatoula Football team
Env. 154 - 8/10/1989 Strawberry Patch workers; People painting bridge; Black Fest queen; students in class; fish cleaning
Env. 155 - 8/11/1989 River water study; Amite library packing; Zemurray Park pool; hot air balloons
Env. 156 - 8/12/1989 mug of man; kid playing in fire truck; fire station ribbon cutting; Independence football team; Football scrimmage and Independence vs. Ponchatoula; soccer; gator
Env. 157 - 8/1989 baseball; mug- Howard Farrell; group; truck; houses; road work; baseball
Env. 158 - 8/15/1989 fire; accident; baseball; football team; street stripe painting
Env. 159 - 8/16/1989 football; Gumbo- shell training facility; flag presentation
Env. 160 - 8/17/1989 pamphlets; First Guaranty Bank; Care-at-home; St. Thomas Fundraiser; Baseball; Marco Polo furniture
Env. 161 - 8/19/1989 AFSCME Council; man with children; Southeastern Louisiana University picnic; Driving range; football
Env. 162 - 8/22/1989 Comm. Pride group; Open House 1990; blood donors; 2nd day of school; Kingdom Hall; Acadian Ad
Env. 163 - 8/23/1989 Shoe Tree; group; Southeastern Louisiana University registration
Env. 164 - 8/24/1989 State meeting at Southeastern Louisiana University; new pre-school; road construction
Env. 165 - 8/25/1989 Rosa Dunn; group; Link Award; people with fruit bags; Cate Square work; MD promo with poster child; WWII Vet with medal
Env. 166 - 8/26/1989 Two Grand Opening; High School Jamborees: Ponchatoula vs. Independence, Hammond vs. Amite; Mansion; two black men; guy sitting under tree
Env. 167 - 8/26/1989 Football Jamboree
Env. 168 - 8/28/1989 Black Fest black tie; Gumbo- Old Ship; presentation; mansion; football; guy under tree
Env. 169 - 8/29/1989 Strong men; ladies with puppets; motorcycle accident; cotton picking; proclamation
Env. 170 - 8/30/1989 Bridge Out; Gumbo- Girl Scouts; meeting; Kiwanis Ad
Env. 171 - 8/31/1989 Old Couple; Black Fest Stage construction; Ponchatoula Flag Team; man with fish; Civil Defense Drill; Ad shot; Ribbon cutting
Env. 172 - 9/1/1989 Alligator Farm; United Way; Cars; Float building; group signing paper
Env. 173 - 9/2/1989 High School football: Independence vs. Amite, Hammond vs. Lawless; Ponchatoula vs Destrehan; Black Fest Parade; Woman with two children
Env. 174 - 9/5/1989 Black Fest
Env. 175 - 9/6/1989 Elderly Lady who was robbed; girl writing in Diary; HCF promo; group; work at Cate Square; Al LeBlanc; fire engine; CTP play
Env. 176 - 9/7/1989 Old House; Ponchatoula Library painting; City bus seized; Bank Letterhead Ad
Env. 177 - 9/8/1989 Car Salesmen; Ponchatoula flags; crossing guard; St. Thomas volleyball team; Hammond High Honor Society officer; D.C. Reeves Adoption; Girls/Boys State
Env. 178 - 9/9/1989 High School football: Hammond vs. Independence, Ponchatoula, Sumner, Amite vs. Kentwood; Lady; people by fire truck; ribbon cuttings; recycling
Env. 179 - 9/13/1989 Chemical Spill; Gallery Artist; Old house; butterfly; Billboard construction; mug; Commercial filming; Veteran Couple; Hotel Award; Garden of the Month
Env.  180 - 9/14/1989 Drainage work; Window artwork; old houses; CBD group; cars; centennial stuff; bank letterhead ad
Env. 181 - 9/15/1989 cars; lady looking at old photos; hearing dog recipients; Kiwanis speaker; Gumbo- massages; old houses; proclamation; guy playing golf        
Env. 182 - 9/16/1989 Recycling Convention; German Band/Dancers; High School Football; Burger King Construction; lady with baskets; people by wheelchair; fishing tourney
Env. 183 - 9/20/1989 Car Salesman; United Way speaker; Southeastern Louisiana University- students with horseshoes; houses; Tickfaw sewer ribbon cutting; boy playing in sand; Imperial Shoe owner; Old barber chair
Env. 184 - 9/21/1989 Fire prevention photo; man with jackhammer; street striping; Dr. Crapanzano’s Door; Junior Auxiliary new members; mug; car dealers with awards
Env. 185 - 9/22/1989 Southeastern Louisiana University hanging banner; Railroad workers; Ponchatoula student group; speaker; Celeste at Hi-Ho; swearing-in
Env. 186 - 9/24/1989 High School football; Link Award; play ground equipment donation; Kiwanis Kid Movie Day; Ranger Challenge; Insurance mugs; Collapsed Bridge; Opening Soccer ceremonies
Env. 187 - 9/25/1989 Golfers; girl fishing; people dancing
Env. 188 - 9/26/1989 Youth Service building fire; Egret with fish; proclamation; First Guaranty Building; Community Motors Building; Cate Tomb; Girl with dog
Env. 189 - 9/27/1989 man with wheelchair; car salesman; group at St. Thomas; Paper Airplane contest at Southeastern Louisiana University; Railroad taking down poles; bank documents
Env. 190 - 9/28/1989 Miss Southeastern Louisiana University with new crown; Miss USA; Lady Golfers; Sandblasting Hardhide’s cage; T-shirt tie dye
Env. 191 - 9/29/1989 C.M. Fagan on Amtrak; LP&L Supply donation; Ponchatoula High FBLA Officers; Loranger football; group shot; Library shots; Kiwanis pictures; teacher
Env. 192 - 10/1/1989 High School football; Ribbon cutting- Friendly hard work; Mail car art gallery; Springfield Homecoming Queen; Westpark Hospital Birthday
Env. 193 - 10/2/1989 Car wreck; proclamation; Chef’s Night; People climbing pole
Env. 194 - 10/3/1989 Albany High 4-H; Gumbo- Shots around office; large group; balloon launch; proclamation; chemical spill at Petro                    
Env. 195 - 10/4/1989 Tiger scouts at Depot; News department; Composing department; press room; Tootsie Roll Drive promo; brick layer in Cate Square; press
Env. 196 - 10/5/1989 mug; Parish Fair; salesmen; Office group- departments; new ad reps; Ponchatoula High Homecoming Court; walk-a-thon
Env. 197 - 10/6/1989 Wreck on I-12; Physical Therapy Week; Cave Tangi; Cub Scouts Popcorn; three ladies; house; salesmen; Willie Morris; football
Env. 198 - 10/8/1989 Tour for Care; people signing in to vote; High School Football; Mayor at McDonald’s; two Art exhibits; Albany and Oak Forest Homecoming Queen; people with Ponchatoula flag; Tangi Fair; Truck winner; hotdog sales
Env. 199 - 10/10/1989 Press room- Centennial; Sandy’s Picture; Ad pictures; mug; police with clothes
Env. 200 - 10/11/1989 Circus elephants; groups; fake I.D.’s; LSU Ag Research; Natalbany- Fire Department presentation
Env. 201 - 10/12/1989 mug; men picking up hay bales; Bill Hood Ford check presentation; Circus; United Way thermometer
Env. 202 - 10/13/1989 man; Hammond Homecoming Court; car; Thunderbirds; Cate Square Bricks; Carrier’s Ad; Ground breaking; Fencing Balloon Fest grounds
Env. 203 - 10/15/1989 Student’s Group shots; High School football; Homecoming Queens; Balloon Fest.; Balloon Launch
Env. 204 - 1989 Air show
Env. 205 - 1989 Air show
Env. 206 - 10/15/1989 Teen at mall; balloon launch; students working; Balloon Fest; Student groups shots; people by fire trucks
Env. 207 - 10/17/1989 ladies function; truck in ditch; man at desk; Garden Club working on decorations; Old McDonald’s Ad; Southeastern Louisiana University’s Girl’s Basketball Coach
Env. 208 - 10/18/1989 Black Cat- Store; Classroom stuff; G. Warren typing; Clock-purse Ad; Group of kids with art; proclamation; man working on flagpole; man with fish; DuFresh/McKaskle- Locked/ Dress Up; Coastal Training Inst. - Ad
Env. 209 - 10/19/1989 Car Ad; Interstate Art; Under Milkwood- Play
Env. 210 - 10/20/1989 House- Ad; group of kids; Guaranty Ads- on location; Garden of the Month; People working on railroad; house with Halloween Decorations
Env. 211 - 10/22/1989 Centennial Weekend            
Env. 212 - 10/22/1989 High School football; Nixon’s Birthday; Link Award; Albany Beta Club Officers; Mug of man; flag raising; Amite Homecoming Parade; Amite, Loranger, Hammond Homecoming Queens
Env. 213 - 1989 Race Cars
Env. 214 - 10/24/1989 Ad mug; Adult Literacy Program; Award Banquet; old lady; cars; Ruth Nesom; Cate Square New Swings; Popcorn proclamation; loading pumpkins in car
Env. 215 - 10/25/1989 Anti-Drug March; Albany Coach; Man speaking; Bar foot mug; plastics recycling; wreck; swearing in; preacher- Bank Ad        
Env. 216 - 10/26/1989 Baby bottle sucking contest; the exterminators; Pumpkin carvers; Albany Just Say No Club; mug; Ribbon cutting; homemakers
Env. 217 - 10/27/1989 Football team; Just Say No March and Rally; Men taking down signs; Positive side- two ladies; group; old lady with kids; man holding something; bridge out; ad    
Env. 218 - 10/29/1989 High School football; Haunted House; Girl with staffed Man; Student group; surgery- Bob; Governor; Balloon Launch
Env. 219 - 10/31/1989 7th Ward Halloween Party; Bridge repaired; Fire; Gun tourney
Env. 220 - 11/1/1989 Fire; Mooney Ave. School; Pumpkin; Halloween Photos; man watering garden; log truck wreck; press
Env. 221 - 11/2/1989 house; mug of Phil; boy on slide; mug
Env. 222 - 11/3/1989 LSU basketball; Midas ad; Event at mall; cars; Southeastern Louisiana University Homecoming Rally
Env. 223 - 11/5/1989 High School Football; Horse- Gumbo; Car in Lake; Southeastern Louisiana University Homecoming Parade
Env. 224 - 11/6/1989 Saintsations at USA Auto; Southeastern Louisiana University Homecoming
Env. 225 - 11/7/1989 Art Show; group of ladies; Balloon Launch; Phi Mu picking up trash; Poppy proclamation; flood at Ponchatoula High
Env. 226 - 11/8/1989 Gumbo- Horses; Football team photo; lady at desk; mug; boats; couple at new restaurant; railroad work; 2 men; mugs
Env. 227 - 11/9/1989 Car through window; Old McDonald’s owners; washed out bridge; Southeastern Louisiana University Art vandalized; students in rain at Southeastern Louisiana University; group of women; kids reading; mug of Joe Davis
Env. 228 - 11/10/1989 School group; basketball; singing group; fire; Loranger Elementary Lunch with parents; Accident with injuries; Southeastern Louisiana University Vets. Day Ceremony
Env. 229 - 11/12/1989 High School football playoffs; Veterans Day Art; Guaranty Artist; Wreck; Kids with flags
Env. 230 - 11/15/1989 Lab School Beta Club; Math Club- Hammond Junior High; Gumbo Cover- MADD
Env. 231 - 11/16/1989 LSU basketball; Joan’s Pictures; Beta Club Officers and Inductees; ribbon cutting; salesmen; car-train wreck; Thanksgiving dinner- children; Rainy Day photos
Env. 232 - 11/17/1989 Rainy Day at Mall; ABC Daycare T-Day dinner; Fishing Clinic; Community Motors; Council Officers; Car and house; Man with newspaper; Homemakers Family of Year
Env. 233 - 11/19/1989 High School Football Play offs; Students Activities; Boy in Sand; lady putting stuff in trunk; People with donated food; kid with Shoney’s Mascot; Dance-a-thon winners; Link Award; Scholarship Winners
Env. 234 - 11/20/1989 Syrup making; Shrine Circus; People serving food; Post Office winners
Env. 235 - 11/22/1989 Basketball; Soccer team; food baskets- Phi Mu; downtown window painting; proclamation; tree presentation; houses; food pantry; group
Env. 236 - 11/24/1989 Chamber Sign Construction; Drug Paraphernalia; Work on I-55
Env. 237 - 11/26/1989 mall decoration; people in mall; man with furniture; Student’s Collecting food; ribbon cutting
Env. 238 - 11/27/1989 kids playing football; Play
Env. 239 - 11/29/1989 man speaking; basketball; mug; flag presentation; Lip Sync. Contest; Christmas decoration; Ronnie Schillace mug; Christmas Trees
Env. 240 - 11/30/1989 $10 apparel Ad; Merle Norman Ad; Basketball; Ponchatoula Gardenettes winners; work at Old Mooney Elementary; Steve Wells
Env. 241 - November 1989 Amite Dog pound; Wreck; Barber Shop; Stolen Things recovered; basketball; mug
Env. 242 - 12/1/1989 Car Ads; clothes Ads; Syrup - Gumbo; Group; Buggy race; Lady Lions Basketball; Byonic Blayde; St. Thomas Aquinas Honor Students; Candle Lighting; food pantry
Env. 243 - 12/2/1989 St. Joseph Alter; Hammond Feed and Seed Ad; Nativity Scene- Independence; Group shot; People with Big Christmas Card; Guaranty Artist; Proclamation; Optimist person of Year; Ponchatoula Parade; Wreck; High School basketball; Hammond Parade
Env. 244 - 12/4/1989 man speaking; Santa with kids; girl riding bike; Basketball
Env. 245 - 12/5/1989 Wreck singers; group; magicians; Jewelers; Cement pouring at Ponchatoula Library
Env. 246 - 12/6/1989 Welder; St. Joe’s Alter; school kids; group; basketball
Env. 247 - 12/7/1989 Kathy Pittman speaking; rain at Southeastern Louisiana University; Joan’s pictures; basketball; Cows in the rain
Env. 248 - December 1989 basketball; Premier Furniture; hooks Marine; house fire; Guys building fire; couple; Chamber group
Env. 249 - December 1989 Christmas Party at Phoenix Square; Livy Parade; basketball; Loranger Parade
Env. 250 - 12/8/1989 Coastal College Check presentation; St. Thomas Play; Southeastern Louisiana University; basketball; kids with computers
Env. 251 - 12/9/1989 Joan’s Pictures; Accident- fatality; Dancewear Ad; Kids singing; Cate Square; football; group of ladies
Env. 252 - 12/10/1989 Football; High Basketball; Lady Lions basketball; Kentwood Parade; Sheriff people wrapping gifts; Santa with kids; group shots of St. Thomas High Students; Perron Shoe Ad- (Gym wear); furniture ads
Env. 253 - 12/12/1989 football; Marco Polo Ad; meeting; Dog pound; Chick-fil-a mugs; Albany Christmas Parade; Long Pine Forest- Gumbo; DTD Bed roll
Env. 254 - 12/13/1989 Toggery Ad; basketball; Candlelight caroling; meeting; Amite Parade; Board of Realtors
Env. 255 - 12/14/1989 Gumbo- Chalmette Battlefield; group; Gingerbread houses; Santa in car- ad
Env. 256 - 12/15/1989 Cheerleaders; group; Hammond High loading gifts; Life underwriters directors; ABC Daycare Christmas Party; Basketball; Christmas Dinner for retarded; Pine Forest- Gumbo
Env. 257 - 12/17/1989 High School basketball male and female; Joan’s Stuff; Court Christmas Party; Link Award- Natural; Southeastern Louisiana University grad; Independence Christmas Parade
Env. 258 - 12/20/1989 Police Department filling boxes; AARP officers; moss; ice in tree; train derailment; basketball
Env. 259 - 12/24/1989 Nativity Scene; ice sculptures; ad shots?’ frozen Pontchartrain; boy with firecrackers
Env. 260 - 12/26/1989 bike under truck; door decoration; Joan’s pictures; Santa at Senior citizens
Env. 261 - 12/27/1989 fireman with grass fire; kids in big toy car; car ads- M.S.
Env. 262 - 12/28/1989 guy with bow and arrow; guy working on building downtown; Dr. Setton- Gumbo; man fixing leak
Env. 263 - Southeastern Louisiana University basketball
Env. 264 - 12/29/1989 Ponchatoula High School Work; Rod Brunet
Env. 265 - 12/31/1989 Ponchatoula Ball; people buying fireworks
Env. 266 - 1989 Miscellaneous
Env. 267 - 1/3/1990 Basketball; Window caulking at Southeastern Louisiana University; I-55 striping
Env. 268 - 1/3/1990 Bruce Alford Mug; packing up old library; plane crash; Lady Lions basketball vs. Sam Houston
Env. 269 -1/7/1990 Dragon Art; kid making dragon; recycling; New Southeastern Louisiana University Art Dean; Kiwanis Check presentation
Env. 270 - 1/9/1990 LSU basketball; house fire; kid at Cate Square; restaurant opening; salesmen; mug
Env. 271 - 1/10/1990 basketball; railroad crossing work; Southeastern Louisiana University registration
Env. 272 - 1/11/1990 mug; Strawberry Patch with balloons; frisbee throwers; open house
Env. 273 - 1/12/1990 Omega King and Queen on radio; work at Southeastern Louisiana University; Sunken Restaurant; Marco Polo Ad; Gary Sandifer
Env. 274 - 1/14/1990 Civil Air Patrol; Kids making masks; Parents signing kids into soccer; Social Service Officers; Springfield Am. Vets. Auxiliary; Artist- Guaranty; Hammond 2000 Club; High School basketball; mug of woman
Env. 275 - January 1990 Drilling for soil sample; Basketball; taking down Christmas decorations in Cate Square
Env. 276 - 1/16/1990 Basketball; MLK march; cars; Mooney Ave Elementary renovation; salesman; group
Env. 277 - 1/17/1990 Bringing books to library; Air force Jazzband; Sunken barge; Kiwanis picture
Env. 278 - 1/18/1990 Woodland Park Elementary renovation; mug; potholes on Fagan; kid riding bike in park
Env. 279 - 1/19/1990 MLK March; computer presentation; mug; proclamation; basketball
Env. 280 - 1/21/1990 tree planting; Link Award; High School basketball; Art Judging; Electric work; truck inspecting class; riverside restaurant
Env. 281 - 1/23/1990 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Woman at desk; cars; accident; Students at Ponchatoula Cityhall; tree planting at depot; new parish grader
Env. 282 - 1/24/1990 Moss; balloons; trains; tree planting; post office painting; downtown; man with satellite dish; basketball; check presentation; proclamation
Env. 283 - 1/25/1990 River-high water; rain at Southeastern Louisiana University; LSU basketball; Hammond High Social Studies Fair winners; mug; tree planting; Hardhide funeral wreath
Env. 284 - 1/26/1990 Newspaper pile; J.A. making decorations; Ponchatoula library; hearing dog recipient; basketball; Lallie Kemp
Env. 285 - 1/28/1990 Winn Dixie Construction; Baseball Card Show; Ponchatoula Antique City; Up with People; Chamber Officers; Richard Baker; Superbowl Fans; lady with dolls; High School B-bail
Env. 286 - 1/28/1990 Winn Dixie Construction; Baseball Card Show; Ponchatoula Antique City; Up with People; Chamber Officers; Richard Baker; Superbowl Fans; Lady with Dolls; High School B-Bail
Env. 287 - 1/30/1990 Hardhide replacement; proclamation; Jewelry winner; PAC pinning; basketball; Awards
Env. 288 - 1/31/1990 Dixie- Car salesmen mug; Omega Banner presentation; fire; Phi Mu proclamation; City Water Department Digging hole; basketball; Hammond High Dressed up
Env. 289 - 2/2/1990 houses; check presentation; ribbon cutting; Ponchatoula library opening
Env. 290 - 2/4/1990 High School basketball; wreck; Hammond High Fans; recycle shots; tree planting
Env. 291 - 2/5/1990 Mail car gallery; basketball; art work
Env. 292 - 2/6/1990 striping parking lot; golf at Southeastern Louisiana University; Port Manchac
Env. 293 - 2/6/1990 man with plane; goose with eggs; LSU basketball vs. Mississippi State
Env. 294 - 2/7/1990 School board meeting; Tourism office; basketball
Env. 295 - 2/8/1990 LSU basketball; Headstart class; videotaping in Cate Square; Drilling under I-55
Env. 296 - 2/11/1990 Bobby Herbert; Black Artist; Guy with level; 3 in a group; High School basketball; Settoon Party; Car fire
Env. 297 - 2/13/1990 First Berries; man with Berlin Wall pieces; Gumbo picture; King Cake making; Southeastern Louisiana University activities; baseball and tennis
Env. 298 - 2/14/1990 Baseball; baseball fence construction; houses; cars; I-55 concrete sawing; drug video winners; Lady with trophy; Trafton Science Fair
Env. 299 - 2/15/1990 Sports mugs; Valentine Day at Southeastern Louisiana University; Firemen filling can; Senior Citizens King and Queen; Art Show; Science Fair winners; Food pantry
Env. 300 - 2/16/1990 King Cake making; Mechanics; Link Award; group; students dissecting hearts; bad road
Env. 301 - 2/18/1990 Firemen with equipment; 100 year old man; Lion’s Club program
Env. 302 - 2/18/1990 High School Basketball; 100 year old Roy Mehil; Capital Hospice Dinner; Black Play
Env. 303 - 2/20/1990 Sweatshirts; fire inspection; picket in Greensburg; City filling potholes; groups; basketball
Env. 304 - 2/21/1990 Gospel singers; Joiner Lane; kids working; Garden of month; Cars; Pimento Queen; basketball; group with trophy; Fallen tree
Env. 305 - 2/23/1990 Krewe of Omega; parade
Env. 306 - 2/23/1990 Basketball; Girl Scout Ceremony; Library Parade; Nursing Home Parade; Hammond State School group; mugs
Env. 307 - 2/26/1990 Mardi Gras New Orleans; High School baseball; Independence Elementary float winners; “My Hero” writer; Kids with floats; Lallie Kemp Rally; Proclamation; Sheriff/Police; Killian Boat Parade
Env. 308 - 2/27/1990 Mug of woman; Outstanding Young People; Costume Contest Winners; Dixie Trail Ride
Env. 309 - 2/28/1990 Waterworks People; Belle Maison Mardi Gras Dance; West Park Mardi Gras Parade; High School baseball; baseball; mugs of Durham Salesman
Env. 310 - 3/1/1990 Guy painting; Southeastern Louisiana University moving bleachers; Doyle Baseball; car ad mugs; taco bell group
Env. 311 - 3/2/1990 Girl studying; guy with wires; High School baseball
Env. 312 - 3/4/1990 Girl with plant; group with mayors; legal services check; guy with grapefruit;2 group of kids; Southeastern Louisiana University tennis; Hammond Oaks; two football mugs; high school baseball
Env. 313 - 3/6/1990 cars; play at Hammond High; Motor Vehicles office; mug of; baseball; Clean City meeting; presentation; proclamation; groups
Env. 314 - 3/7/1990 Southeastern Louisiana University Rally; Home and Garden; Chemical Spill at Petro
Env. 315 - 3/8/1990 Fire; Bishop Ott; Home and Garden; women speaking; literacy program; cars; Lutheran School Class; Women at table
Env. 316 - 3/8/1990 Gumbo- St. Joseph Alter food; Gumbo- Sherri Lobue; group; salesmen; can shake
Env. 317 - 3/11/1990 Pimento Queen and Cookbook; Guaranty Artist; St. Paddy’s Queen and Court; Pinewood Derby; people giving trees; baseball; basketball Top 24
Env. 318 - 3/13/1990 Taylor Insurance Ribbon Cutting; Puppet Show; Home and Garden; man painting Sunflower; Airport Garden Center Ad; Bridge Repair; Flag presentation; new downtown planters; Society pictures
Env. 319 - 3/15/1990 baseball; man selling strawberries; strawberry relays; kids singing; Dr. Gideon’s Strawberry Stuff; group
Env. 320 - 3/16/1990 Real Estate mugs; inspecting depot; boy walking in rain; group; man building plane
Env. 321 - 3/18/1990 Hammond Clean Ad; Four girls; man with fish; St. Paddy’s Parade; Wreck on 190 and Robert; 3 men with award; four Hammond State School 29 year employees; two girls with map; Heritage Hall & George Perkins; Clothes Ad
Env. 322 - 3/19/1990 Clean City trash bin; St. Joseph March in Independence
Env. 323 - 3/20/1990 Art Show; cars; group; boys in backpack; Water department boring road; baseball
Env. 324 - 3/21/1990 Westminister Apartment Construction; Fagan Drive Levy; Ponchatoula- Gumbo; basketball- Saints; group
Env. 325 - 3/22/1990 cars; baseball; groups; SGA elections; decorating for registrars; mug; fixing light at Southeastern Louisiana University; Boy with dog and frisbee; Hammond High Band
Env. 326 - 3/23/1990 Lee Micheals; Oyster Fest Promo
Env. 327 - 3/25/1990 Loranger Fireman Fest; Oyster Fest Parade; track; group swearing in; speaker; lady and boy by school work; City- Gumbo; Link Award; Dance-a-thon; Womanless Beauty Pageant
Env. 328 - 3/27/1990 Proclamation; Stolen Property Recovered; Strawberry Festival Poster; groups; Headstart
Env. 329 - 3/29/1990 Southeastern Louisiana University election; Kliebert’s Gator Farm; play at Hammond Jr. High; Collinswood Museum
Env. 330 - 3/30/1990 Strawberry Field Ad; groups; striping road; baseball; trash pick up; man and boy with turkey
Env. 331 - 4/1/1990 Strawberry Festival Pageant; fashion show; trash bash; Southeastern Louisiana University tennis; writers signing book; Antique store; Dress Ads; Ladies watching tv; Recycle holder; Amite F.D. water shuttle
Env. 332 - 4/2/1990 Canterbury Re-enactment; burned Pogue building
Env. 333 - 4/3/1990 baseball; fan-ad; can shake; proclamation; group
Env. 334 - 4/4/1990 baseball; car wash; Fontenil kids visiting; group at table
Env. 335 - 4/5/1990 baseball; bees; Hospice chefs
Env. 336 - 4/6/1990 Festival preparation; Easter Egg hunt; baseball; Springbreak at Southeastern Louisiana University; Strawberry farm tour; day care ad; Eric Brumfield; cars; Art Show; berry cookoff
Env. 337 - 4/7/1990 Gumbo- Strawberry Patch; bees on bumper; med. Tab
Env. 338 - 4/8/1990 Strawberry Festival Parade; Easter Bunny; SADD conference; track; baseball
Env. 339 - 4/9/1990 Strawberry Festival; Hospice Brunch
Env. 340 - 4/10/1990 Walmart/TARC workers; baseball
Env. 341 - 4/11/1990 cars; geese; Heavy equipment for auction; Tennis players in rain; mug
Env. 342 - 4/12/1990 Gymnasts winners; poet at nursing home; proclamation; mugs; Easter basket winners; I-55 on ramp construction; track; flowers on roadside; baseball
Env. 343 - 4/12/1990 police picketing; mug; Southeastern Louisiana University strawberry Jubilee; Holy Ghost song rehearsal; track; baseball; groups
Env. 344 - 4/13/1990 Produce stand construction; mug; auction
Env. 345 - 4/15/1990 Guys with binoculars; trash pails; people studying
Env. 346 - 4/17/1990 Baseball; two girls in park; Dress rehearsal (play); proclamation
Env. 347 - 4/18/1990 Baseball; Discarded newspapers; coloring contest winners; Sheriff Department farm; hot air balloon
Env. 348 - 4/20/1990 baseball; man speaking; home school proclamation; computer presentation; Seale, Macalusa and Ross mugs    

Box # 11  (April 22, 1990 to December 31, 1991)
Env. 1 - 4/22/1990 Literacy Skater; Holy Ghost Fair; Belle Maison Skin Care Give Away; Albany Sports Awards; mail car wreck; track; baseball; commercial art; Link Award; Natalbany Middle School Earth Day; 7th Ward 30th Birthday
Env. 2 - 4/23/1990 man speaking; cars; commercial filming; groups
Env. 3 - 4/25/1990 baseball; Port Manchac; Trains; A/C repairman; houses; United Companies; Retired Postal Worker
Env. 4 - 4/26/1990 Baseball; track; house; People with Award; interstate construction; mug of woman; lady reading to kids
Env. 5 - 4/29/1990 three groups; artist (sculpture); Southeastern Louisiana University Lab- Library Sleepover; waste protest; Italian Fest Parade
Env. 6 - 4/30/1990 Hospice Bash; Italian Fest; Boy Scouts
Env. 7 - 5/1/1990 Burglar Arrest; Accident
Env. 8 - 5/2-3/1990 Trees sprayed in Manchac; mugs; Waffle House Construction Site; sign painting; maypole; post office ribbon cutting; City water department workers; Spring Garden Party Promo; proclamations
Env. 9 - 5/4/1990 Albany Elementary School; Hammond High Student Council; houses; salesmen; Torrance Ad; mug; play; organ
Env. 10 - 5/6/1990 Pow Wow; Bloomer Bowl; Depot work; track; LHS sports banquet; two ribbon cuttings; proclamation; Heritage Day; State trooper with medals; Southeastern Louisiana University Post Office
Env. 11 - 5/8/1990 Victims Rights Fair; Pharmacy; Fatality Accident; 3 Fires; mug
Env. 12 - 5/10/1990 Delchamps Construction Site; Sports group; houses; Women groups; proclamation; recycling dance at Southeastern Louisiana University lab school; fashion show
Env. 13 - 5/11/1990 Bridge Out; baseball
Env. 14 - 5/13/1990 Mother Day Tea; Dance program; Day in the Park; ACLs Class at 7th Ward; Southeastern Louisiana University graduation; proclamation; mug of woman; men with awards; ribbon cutting
Env. 15 - 5/15/1990 Play
Env. 16 -5/16/1990 Gumbo- Police Dog; play; animal shelter
Env. 17 - 5/18/1990 Ribbon Cutting; Leukemia Fundraiser; Delchamps Construction; school uniforms; Broddy I. with award; Spring football; artist; play; group of students
Env. 18 - 5/21/1990 groups; Spring Party- Hospice; bike riders; church stuff
Env. 19 - 5/22/1990 Dixie Youth Baseball; Hammond High graduation; tree; group of students
Env. 20 - 5/22/1990 man with turtle; graduates; computer presentation; railroad crossing
Env. 21 - 5/24/1990 graduates; groups; man with miniature furniture; painters; awards    
Env. 22 - 5/25/1990 Snowball stands; Ad shots; man repairing pool; school photos; playground equipment; baseball
Env. 23 - 5/27/1990 Girl washing dog; man working on playground equipment; LSU baseball; Oak Forest baseball
Env. 24 - 5/29/1990 Fallen Tree; Ponchatoula Junior High Grads; group
Env. 25 - 5/30/1990 Last day of school; two women; tourism sign; recycling plant
Env. 26 - 5/31/1990 Susan’s General Store; Parent Appreciation Award; Memorial Day Ceremony; teachers painting
Env. 27 - 6/1/1990 Karate; I-55 on ramp repair; Delchamps construction; jewelry
Env. 28 - 6/3/1990 Boy with snake; ladies by grave; Pimento King and Queen; Dairy Fest; Ribbon Cutting
Env. 29 - 6/7/1990 Toggery Ad; Food Stamp Ribbon Cutting; Zoo mobile at Library
Env. 30 - 6/8/1990 mug; triplet calves; baseball; free lunches
Env. 31 - 6/9/1990 Jesus Festival; Cake Contest; block dance; guy signing Pro contract; two groups of ladies; Clarke Park Renovation; Antique Festival
Env. 32 - 6/12/1990 Theater camp; accident; boats; man with fish; coastal college; preacher filming
Env. 33 - 6/13/1990 Trash can- Eagle Scout; Alligators at library; National Guard Exercises; baseball; birdbath
Env. 34 - 6/14/1990 Rotary Pictures; flag raising; Durham Awards; baseball; group pictures; Gumbo- Bottle Collector
Env. 35 - 6/15/1990 houses; library- story time; kids in pool; baseball
Env. 36 - 6/18/1990 Springfield Fest; Richard Baker Luau; Baseball Card Show; Baseball team; Karate Demo
Env. 37 - 6/19/1990 Football Coach; Senior Olympics; Girl by window; baseball team- Ponchatoula; Street work; proclamation; men building treehouse
Env. 38 - 6/19/1990 Baseball; group at library; D.C. Reeves; boy scouts; nursing home awards; mugs; recreation park; houses; Golden Age presentation; Richard Baker presentation
Env. 39 - 6/20/1990 Baseball; house ad; man speaking; food bank; Zemurray Ad; girl singing
Env. 40 - 6/21/1990 Girl with fish; Ad- van; Mom teaching son to swim; Academic Award- Ranking; man with award- Kiwanis; Joan’s pictures; new bridge on Vitrano; couple with summer poinsettias
Env. 41 - 6/22/1990 baseball; torn down building in Independence; man with doll furniture; puppet show; Commercial saving ad: (1) man at CS Bank, (2) Man at post office, (3) couple at Ryan’s
Env. 42 - 6/24/1990 Black Fest Queen; mug of girl; Hammond baseball Mini League Champs; Link Award; Mini League photos; Guy teaching boy golf; guy in golf cart –> Commercial saving ad shot; fishing rodeo
Env. 43 - 6/26/1990 Cucumbers; boy; salesmen; drawing in street    
Env. 44 - 10/7/1990 High School football; C. Moore’s Opening House; Gumbo Doctor; Bike Race; Parade
Env. 45 - 10/8/1990 Election returns; Circus; Ponchatoula Home Coming Court; Air show
Env. 46 - 10/9/1990 Circus; man speaking; Book donation to Southeastern Louisiana University; Scanner lady; Advertising department
Env. 47 - 10/10/1990 Football players; Volleyball; log truck overturned; proclamation; Albany Home Coming Court; forestry judges; man with sweet potatoes; pressroom
Env. 48 - 10/11/1990 Strawberry Patch; Brassband; Construction; guy- Gumbo- grambling
Env. 49 - 10/11/1990 Old MacDonalds; Livy Parish fair; Copy of Old photo; French couple
Env. 50 - 10/13/1990 Kids at Southeastern Louisiana University Auditorium; ribbon cutting; mug; groups; Melissa Thorburn
Env. 51 - 10/13/1990 High School football
Env. 52 - 10/13/1990 Bike-a-thon; ribbon cutting; Oktoberfest; Kid flying kite; Opera Singer-Gumbo; Fashion Show-Ad; Flag ceremony
Env. 53 - 10/16/1990 Proclamation; Bridge Construction; Judge Anzalone; Society pictures; overturned truck; basketball practice
Env. 54 - 10/17/1990 U-Way thermometer; Ponchatoula Beta Club; Gumbo pictures- Dr. White; Springfield Homecoming; couple; pumpkin painting; volleyball; Chaucter Fiancé; Ribbons At Cate Square
Env. 55 - 10/18/1990 Hairdressers; School pictures; School lunch week; Hammond High groups; Bee on flower
Env. 56 - 10/19/1990 Puppet Show; pond; School fire; U-Way thermometer
Env. 57 - 10/21/1990 Pumpkin painters; High School football; Jail and Bail
Env. 58 - 10/23/1990 Pumpkin Carver; Shoe Ad; Car salesmen; Haunted House; Proclamation- Hope Week; Video donation
Env. 59 - 10/24/1990 Milk bags at School; speaker at school; music director; mug; groups; school; proclamation; Parish Fair; Chemical fire
Env. 60 - 10/25/1990 Group at table; mug; measuring Columbia theater; Kids making banner; football players; guy on guitar
Env. 61 - 10/26/1990 High School football; Salesmen (Autoparts); Homecoming Court; Fun Run- Lab School; Guy in wheelchair; Grambling People- Gumbo; Football team
Env. 62 - 10/28/1990 Ribbon cutting; mug of woman; pumpkin; 2 groups; group with McGruff; cheerleaders; sculpture exhibit; Hammond Homecoming parade; Homecoming Queens; Swamp Rome; ACLS Class; People with Christmas Crafts; Baby with Bush’s Auto; Lab School Carnival; Lab School Artists
Env. 63 - 10/28/1990 High School football
Env. 64 - 10/30/1990 Packages for soldiers; clothes-Ad; Art students at Southeastern Louisiana University; School pictures; mail lady
Env. 65 - 11/3/1990 Hair Ad- Robert’s; All Saints Day; Check Presentation; Ornament Making; Bank Employees in Costume; Costume Contest Winner; Proclamation; Daily Star People in Costume
Env. 66 - 11/3/1990 Prep football; three guys; three ladies; furniture company guy
Env. 67 - 11/6/1990 Basketball (Southeastern Louisiana University); School pictures; Train-Truck wreck; proclamation; presentation
Env. 68 - 11/7/1990 Southeastern Louisiana University Homecoming Activities; Young preservationists; mugs; Daily Star; Westpark reception
Env. 69 - 11/9/1990 Building; Accident; Kids reading; Governor Roemer
Env. 70 - 11/11/1990 Poppy proclamation; Ponchatoula flag pole; Ponchatoula Garden of the Month; Loranger Middle’s Troop donation; Art Guild Show; Southeastern Louisiana University Homecoming Parade; Hammond High FAN; kids painting Zemurray building; Westpark health fair; High School Basketball; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball (HC)
Env. 71 - 11/11/1990 High School Football Playoffs (1st Round)
Env. 72 - 11/17/1990 Southeastern Louisiana University baseball lights donation; car wash; basketball; Highway in front of mall
Env. 73 - 11/15/1990 Speaker; man with emus; proclamation
Env. 74 - 11/15/1990 Fire; School kids dressed up; group
Env. 75 - 11/18/1990 Link Award; Garden of the Month; ROAR group; Group; Egg drop; Coast Guard Reserve- Gumbo; Senior Citizen Thanksgiving Dinner; Susan’s Store-Ad
Env. 76 - 11/18/1990 High School football; Playoff: Amite vs. J.C., Hammond vs. Sham, Loranger vs. Ed White
Env. 77 - 11/20/1990 Meeting; Clothes giveaway; girls reading in Cate Square; presentation
Env. 78 - 11/20/1990 mall decorating; basketball; ostrich form; smoke machine; truck in fire zone
Env. 79 - 11/23/1990 man with tomatoes; wreaths; Dennis Hopper; basketball; proclamation
Env. 80 - 11/27/1990 Price LeBlanc; construction- Oak Street; J.A. Women; Christmas decorating; Southeastern Louisiana University vs LSU
Env. 81 - 11/28/1990 High School basketball; Child Death Trial- Amite; Decorating House
Env.  82 -11/28/1990 High School basketball; Hair products- Ad; Statue- Ad
Env. 83 - 11/30/1990 Soccer; basketball; groundbreaking; house; clothes    
Env. 84 - 12/2/1990 High School basketball; Junior high basketball; refurbishing building; Santa Bear Breakfast; man charging street life; family buying Christmas Tree; Play; Memory Tree
Env. 55 - 12/4/1990 Basketball; magic show; Christmas Parade; Christmas lighting- Gumbo
Env. 86 - 12/5/1990 “Joy” photos; Independence kids singing; guy with paintings
Env. 87 - 12/6/1990 group with supplies; groups; road construction; judge; basketball- Southeastern Louisiana University; Christmas Tree; basketball; mug; jewelry
Env. 88 - 12/7/1990 Volleyball team; Bubble light; Sleigh decorating; Headstart children; 7th Ward tree lighting            
Env. 89 - 12/8/1990 Lady who visited USSR
Env. 90 - 12/9/1990 Hammond Christmas Parade; Ponchatoula Christmas Parade; Youth Service open house; group with Mr. Frazer; High School basketball; State Final football; Santa Bear
Env. 91 - 12/12/1990 Belle Maison; fire
Env.  92 - 12/13/1990 Christmas decorations; library Christmas Party; Loranger Kids shopping; Hair style show; ribbon cutting
Env. 93 - 12/14/1990 Basketball; award winners; building construction; Ad photos; Recovered stolen goods; groups; mugs; accident
Env. 94 - 12/16/1990 two ribbon cuttings; two groups of students; Garden of the Month; Dr. Office ad; wreath ceremony; Church’s Christmas Scene; Independence Parade; Loranger Parade; Loranger Volunteer Fire Department’s Santa; KC’s Charity; High School basketball; Rymour’s Ad
Env. 95 - 12/18/1990 Louis Lambert on phone; Christmas Program; man painting window; ad; Loranger school
Env. 96 - 12/19/1990 Albany play; groups; Christmas decorations; basketball
Env. 97 - 12/20/1990 Hammond High Christmas door; Santa at Nursing home; kids singing; AARP groups; backwards wedding; basketball- Southeastern Louisiana University
Env. 98 - 12/21/1990 LSU basketball; Christmas lights in Manchac; library presentation; bonfire; family
Env. 99 - 12/22/1990 guy with deer; bad road; I-55 road crew; school kids
Env. 100 - 12/23/1990 Old school; High School basketball; soldier and baby; Nativity Scene; people filling food boxes; Joe and Debbie filling food boxes; Link Award
Env. 101 - 12/27/1990 Mail box vandalism; Chairs- ad; road construction
Env. 102 - 1990 Miscellaneous
Env. 103 - 1/3/1991 LSU, Lady Lions, Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Strawberry Farmer; D.A. oath of office; Christmas Stuff
Env. 104 - 1/4/1991 Strawberry Farm; Garden of Month; basketball
Env. 105 - 1/6/1991 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Bird Breeder; basketball; lights in Cate Square tree; Genesis Award; Artist; Guy with snakes
Env. 106 - 1/8/1991 Tree decorating; Tree un-decorating; Judges swearing in; new business; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; LSU basketball
Env. 107 - 1/9/1991 School board meeting; Realtors; basketball; Cate Square Ceremony; Lady taking down Christmas Lights    
Env. 108 - 1/10/1991 Sign erecting; Archer boy; Homecoming Court; Fish in Zemurray
Env. 109 - 1/11/1991 Christmas Tree Discarded; Line with umbrellas; Homemaker group; check presentation
Env. 110 - 1/13/1991 High School basketball; roosters; mall ad; Guy with camcorder; ribbon cutting; Aamco Ad; two wrecks; foam art; Art Judging (S.O.); Dot
Env. 111 - 1/14/1991 Ronald McDonald; Soccer
Env. 112 - 1/15/1991 Christmas Tree pile; painting U-Way sign; Ponchatoula proclamation
Env. 113 - 1/16/1991 Trains; State capital; Army Reserves; Basketball
Env. 114 - 1/17/1991 Basketball; mall; Hood Ford Flag
Env. 115 - 1/18/1991 Cooking; poster judging; boy with remote control car; war on TV; car covers
Env. 116 - 1/22/1991 Martin Luther King Marches; Circus
Env. 117 - 1/23/1991 Basketball; Tax Class; Proclamation; Ribbon Cutting
Env. 118 - 1/24/1991 Ribbon Cutting; sidewalk construction
Env. 119 - 1/25/1991 Picking up trash; flag presentation; check presentation; mug; group
Env. 120 - 1/26/1991 High School basketball; three groups of students; speaker; two guys with flags; chefs; Ponchatoula Jaycee Banquet; Guy Fixing car
Env. 121 - 1/29/1991 Airport manager; Basketball; Christmas tree for troops
Env. 122 - 1/30/1991 Guy picking up golf balls; cows; swings in rain; basketball; proclamation; finger with ribbon
Env. 123 - 1/31/1991 groups; speaker; Rally at Southeastern Louisiana University; LSU basketball
Env. 124 - 2/1/1991 U-Way Banquet; bow maker; prayer ceremony- Holy Ghost; Tour at Airport
Env. 125 - 2/3/1991 Messed up Roll; Desert Storm Ceremony; USA –> Elementary School’s; Detention Center; Special Olympics
Env. 126 - 2/10/1991 Colonel Swearing in Daughter; State school Mardi Gras Party; Trafton Mardi Gras Parade; Independence Elementary Floats; Father Camerilli; Mug; High School Basketball; side walk construction; Nursing home Mardi Gras Party
Env. 127 - 2/17/1991 Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; High School baseball; Fireman; Lady with Arab Head gear; trees; Mall- ad; Youth Service Bureau; Man decorating Sign; Mr. Kraft picking up Litter
Env. 128 - 2/19/1991 Basketball; ground breaking; car ran into store; proclamation; salesmen; building at Southeastern Louisiana University torn down; baseball
Env. 129 - 2/20/1991 kids in Cate Square; guys on wagon; basketball; Independence Middle Basketball team
Env. 130 - 2/22/1991 Basketball; Police Substation opening; wagon train
Env. 131 - 2/24/1991 People playing in Park; tree ceremony; Link Award; flag program; High basketball playoffs; light pole construction; high waters; Guaranty Gallery; Military Ball
Env. 132 - 2/25/1991 Door decorating winners; pre-school dress-up parade; baseball; ribbons- downtown; Sheriff with check
Env. 133 - 2/27/1991 School Cafeteria; turnip; overturned truck; cops with new cars; decaling cop cars; basketball
Env. 134 - 2/28/1991 Al’s photos; fire; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball scoreboard; football signers; rally; groups; Strawberry Patch Ad    
Env. 135 - 3/1/1991 Ad; Saudi Nurse; speaker; Hospital Ad
Env. 136 - 3/3/1991 High School basketball; Realtor stuff; girl reading; little girl coloring; little girl with doll; Genesis Award; Artist (Levy); Steve Pugh pictures    
Env. 137 - 3/4/1991 Groups; Fireworks; Depot Day; Basketball
Env. 138 - 3/5/1991 Airplane Gumbo- John’s; Handicap Awareness; group; guy with Ponchatoula Mayor; group of ladies
Env. 139 - 3/6/1991 groups; couples; lady speaking; mayor speaking; cop in classroom
Env. 140 - 3/7/1991 Southeastern Louisiana University Tennis- women’s; basketball; Southeastern Louisiana University presidential debate
Env. 141 - 3/8/1991 Fixing potholes; Rally meeting; baseball; girl watering plants; mug; smiley lady; Mosley’s Ad
Env. 142 - 3/9/1991 (labeled as having baseball, kids singing, Patsy Atkins, mug of queen, group, and ladies with displays. However, only one baseball strip was located inside the envelope.)  Baseball
Env. 143 - 3/9/1991 Troops Rally; Honey bees
Env. 144 - 3/11/1991 Accident; beekeeper; ants
Env. 145 - 3/11/1991 Baseball; ants
Env. 146 - 3/12/1991 Azaleas; Fire; baseball; Home and Garden
Env. 147 - 3/12/1991 Fire; mugs; baseball; St. Joseph’s Alter; Jazz Band; house; mug; groups
Env. 148 - 3/13/1991 Wood floors; house-ad; flag donation; baseball; track; downtown landscaping
Env. 149 - 3/14/1991 mug; stolen goods; track meet; groups; Southeastern Louisiana University elections; Dress down day
Env. 150 - 3/15/1991 Oyster Fest preparation; Salt Shaker lady; baseball; land clearing; track
Env. 151 - 3/16/1991 Groups; General; library; music
Env. 152 - 3/17/1991 Science Fair; Patriotic March; Hammond Oaks; St. Paddy’s Parade; High School Baseball
Env. 153 -3/17/1991 Oyster Fest and Parade; Patriotic Day at School
Env. 154 - 3/18/1991 Oyster; Oyster Fest Grounds; Rio Ball- Junior Auxiliary; St. Joseph’s Fair
Env. 155 - 3/19/1991 Proclamation; fire dog; Fallen tree; baseball- Southeastern Louisiana University
Env. 156 -3/20/1991 Jazz Band; mug; baseball; ribbon cutting; art show; art student; couple; group
Env. 157 -3/21/1991 Baseball; School lunch week; Ad; Road construction; fire and Police Banquet
Env. 158 - 3/23/1991 Continue
Env. 159 - 3/23/1991 Kids on slide; Group; Springfield Elementary groups; Hammond High groups; Trash bash; Special Olympics; Soccer- Gumbo; Oyster Fest; softball; kid swinging bat
Env. 160 - 3/24/1991 kid eating; groups; guy playing music; Desert Storm Stuff; Heritage Day
Env. 161 - 3/25/1991 Desert Storm Stuff; Colonial Inn Construction; Dixie Mugs; Guy laying bricks
Env. 162 - 3/26/1991 Basketball; baseball; groups; Ventriloquist
Env. 163 - 3/27/1991 Boxes for soldiers; mug; kids fishing; swing set donation
Env. 164 - 3/28/1991 Strawberry Fest Board; Ponchatoula Library Parade; Baseball; mug; Strawberry Fest Poster
Env. 165 - 3/29/1991 Coloring contest winners; ragdolls for play; Link Award; mug; City Office dress down; Hammond State School employees; Easter Egg Hunt    
Env. 166 - 4/1/1991 Easter Bunny; Band at Nursing Home; Style Show; Police Award; AARP Convention; Easter Egg Hunt
Env. 167 - 4/2/1991 Blood donors; scrap yard
Env. 168 - 4/3/1991 John Breaux; School groups; flowers; boy fishing; basket maker- Gumbo
Env. 169 - 4/4/1991 Blimp ride; Strawberry Field- ad; mug; ribbon cutting; construction; old ladies
Env. 170 - 4/5/1991 Artist downtown; trucks; kids in strawberry field; guys with fish; mug; teachers; adopt-a-school; baseball; groups; mugs
Env. 171 - 4/6/1991 dog; Cate Square lights on tree; Young cheerleader
Env. 172 - 4/7/1991 Strawberry Fest Ball; Strawberry Fest Golf Tourney; Strawberry Fest Fish Tourney; Banana Split building; group of school kids; artist; guy fixing sign; Walk America Prom; Trafton Spring Fling; mugs; car wreck in Lake; Baseball; High School track
Env. 173 - 4/8/1991 Accident; track; Joan’s photos; soccer
Env. 174 - 4/9/1991 Sherri’s photo; Big Change at Southeastern Louisiana University
Env. 175 - 4/10/1991 Baseball; mug; mulching downtown; soldier at school; baseball memorabilia; groups; Sonny Yokum with snakes
Env. 176  - 4/11/1991 Library week; Balloon Walk and Release; Old Church; Strawberry Pickers
Env. 177 - 4/12/1991 Radio show; school stuff; Soldier speaking to class; Strawberry Fest preparation; house; baseball; soccer
Env. 178 - 4/14/1991 Strawberry Fest; Belle Maison Strawberry Fest; High School Baseball; Loranger’s Firemen’s Fair; S.B. Fest Parade; Sandy Seal
Env. 179 - 4/15/1991 Strawberry Fest; basketball
Env. 180 - 4/16/1991 baseball; Library Week Reading; man and boy; puppets; party
Env. 181 - 4/17/1991 Springfield FBLA; Eastside building; Baseball; Sandy Seal with Award; mug; Water pipe leak repair
Env. 182 - 4/18/1991 Library Week photo; Checks presentation; tennis; Tour of Homes; Southeastern Louisiana University Strawberry Jubilee; Baseball
Env. 183 - 4/19/1991 Doctors; mall group; tent raising; school; High water; ad; baseball new business
Env. 184 - 4/21/1991 Scout show; Holy Ghost Fair; ACLS Class; Easter Seals Dance; Library Sleep over; Guy reading to Students; High School baseball; soccer    
Env. 185 - 4/24/1991 Baseball; Music rehearsal; tree planting; track
Env. 186 - 4/25/1991 tree cutting; baseball; Rotary Club; groups; track; Optometrist Office- Ad; downed trees; dog; Martin Luther King Park; Proclamation
Env. 187 - 4/26/1991 Italian Fest Booth Setup; Kids Drug-free program; Rainy weather; track
Env. 188 - 4/29/1991 Levy Building Prom; High Water; Furniture Gallery; Ducky Dip; “Bad Seed” Play; Art Exhibit; Teacher with students; Westminister Volunteer; Link Award
Env. 189 - 4/30/1991 Wrecked Police Car; rings; mugs; Car winners
Env. 190 - 1991 Omega Parade
Env. 191 - 1991 Blood donor; High Water; Basketball; Burned bar
Env. 192 - 1991 Basketball; girl with check; trash
Env. 193 - 1991 Car Raminto pawnshop; library; Hammond High group; groups; mall; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball Lady Lions and Lady Cajuns; Ponchatoula Football banquet; Omega ball; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball vs. Nicholls
Env. 194 - 1991 Play rehearsal; presentation; working on ride; football; basketball- Lady Lions vs. Cornell; Volleyball; groups; Queen; baseball- Southeastern Louisiana vs. S. Alabama
Env. 195 - 1991 Sailor; speaker; baseball; Strawberry farmer
Env. 196 - 1991 Fallen Tree; Father Camilari; group; Scout proclamation; play; Basketball- Slidell and Ponchatoula; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball vs. Centenary; flood
Env. 197 - 1991 Gumbo- Lighthouse camp
Env. 198 - Global Wildlife; animal preserve
Env. 199 - 5/1/1991 mugs; flooded pepper field; watch donated; group; flooded camps; Old Folks party
Env. 200 -5/1/1991 Catfish; groups; Buddy Balado; Marsh fire; house; mall
Env. 201 - 5/2/1991 mug; Bridge construction; school presentation; proclamations; salesmen mugs; Genesis Award; Road Repair; Baseball; group
Env. 202 - 5/3/1991 Soldier speaking to class; Fagan school marathon; groups
Env. 203- 5/6/1991 Hospice Bash; Indian Pow Wow
Env. 204 - 5/7/1991 Road Construction; Optometrist; Musical Auditions    
Env. 205 - 5/8/1991 Teacher Appreciation; groups; Baseball; lab school kids; play
Env. 206 - 5/9/1991 School teacher lunch; Fagan Intersection; accident; group
Env. 207 - 5/10/1991 Dr. Whitley- Ad; Solding Speaking to Class; High Water; Watermelon sign; Patsy and Money; Group Toasting; Loranger Athletic Awards
Env. 208 - 5/13/1991 Kiwanis; Washing fire engine; Mom pushing swing; garage sale; fire; stolen cigarettes
Env. 209 - 5/14/1991 Group; House of Lagniappe; Gymnasts; painter; Linda DePaula; groups; football; ribbon cutting; balloon launch
Env. 210 - 5/16/1991 Ditch digging; Belle Maison Olympics; pipe laying; Library board; weird car; houses; signers; race car; farming    
Env. 211 - 5/17/1991 computers; kill deer; pepper crops; group
Env. 212  - 5/19/1991 Hungarian Night; Black Fest Opening; Troop support; Spring football; Garage Sales; Hot Guy; physicals
Env. 213 - 5/21/1991 Ponchatoula Library; Seminar; Graduates; proclamation; groups; football
Env. 214 -5/22/1991 K&B sign removal; Jay Seal; Construction; proclamation
Env. 215 - 5/23/1991 woman speaking; group; jewelry; fixing street light; Independence Bar; mall; baseball
Env. 216 - 5/24/1991 Dogs bodies dumped; High Water- Manchac; groups; salesman; Carl Drude
Env. 217 - 5/26/1991 Drug dogs; Link Award; Spring Football; LSU baseball; High Water- Manchac; Kid reading; ribbon cutting; groups; graduations
Env. 218 - 5/29/1991 Soldier speaking; LSU baseball; men with fish; awards; tree planting; ribbon cutting; rain
Env. 219 - 5/30/1991 Wedding Gown; last day of school; crystal lake; high water- head of Island; football; musical
Env. 220 - 5/31/1991 Thursday, May 30th; Legion baseball- S &S; City pool renovations; presentations; Ads; laying pipe
Env. 221 - 6/3/1991 Dairy Festival Parade; Boat inspection; flea powdering; two men; baseball game; baseball workout; Job Fair; eating snowball
Env. 222 - 6/4/1991 Fixing Crossgate; B-17 bomber; 2 guys
Env. 223 - 6/6/1991 B-17 Flight Out; Gulf Stuff; group; Thomas- Wood funeral Home; Kids on slide
Env. 224 - 6/7/1991 Schaffer’s Farm; Strawberry Patch; fire; wreck; houses; clothes; Alligator; firemen monument; New Tourism Commissioner
Env. 225 - 6/11/1991 mugs; ducklings; Hammond Pool repair; Accident; group; Tree cutters; underwear; mortgage burning
Env. 226 -6/13/1991 Kentwood Library; Alligator release; Scout camp
Env. 227 - 6/14/1991 Interstate; rain; group; ribbon cutting; mugs; banner hanging
Env. 228 - 6/18/1991 manhole; Mayors for CTP; The Teak burned
Env. 229 - 6/19/1991 Baseball; Play
Env. 230 - 6/19/1991 mugs; Easter seals; Ponchatoula pool; Annie Eastman Building; group
Env. 231 - 6/20/1991 Poster Winners; Pen set presentation; swimmers; drain pipe cleaning; Award presentation
Env. 232 - 6/21/1991 baseball; Burned lounges; Library storyteller; Mall window decorating; Senior Olympic winners
Env. 233 - 6/22/1991 Dr. Ferachi- Med TAB; Puppet Show; Kid eating cookies; Baseball- Stires Field
Env. 234 - 6/25/1991 Laying water lines; Cheerleaders camp; Heart Association; nursing home winners; mugs; baseball
Env. 235 - 6/26/1991 Coastal Med. Assts; TARC Awards; sidewalk; Vision Plaza; house; baseball
Env. 236 - 7/2/1991 Baseball; July 4th Celebration Preparation; loading up WFPR Van; Medical Tab                    
Env. 237 - 7/3/1991 Baseball; mugs; People by car; people in office
Env. 238 - 7/4/1991 Construction; Reading Program
Env. 239 - 7/5/1991 Little Miss Hammond; Nursing Homes picnics; Poster Artist; mug; Construction; mall celebration
Env. 240 - 7/6/1991 mugs; Reading Program; Navy Woman showing Gulf War Stuff
Env. 241 - 7/8/1991 Old Folks; mugs; fixing fire engine
Env. 242 - 7/9/1991 Medical Tab; City Pool; river; baseball; Pigs- Gumbo
Env. 243 - 7/10/1991 Baseball; Hammond Library; Construction
Env. 244 - 7/11/1991 CARE Agency; Med. Tab; Ponchatoula Pool; Baseball; Washboard man
Env. 245 - 7/12/1991 Steve Pugh; Smoothie King Ad; Ponchatoula Pool; groups; baseball; eclipse; telescope
Env. 246 - 7/14/1991 Ponchatoula Feed and Seed Celebration; mushroom grower; mugs; Ads; ribbon cutting; group; baseball; baseball Card Show; Bill Hood Ford; Guy working on AC; Otter
Env. 247 - 7/16/1991 Baseball; doctor; boy with jeep; salesmen
Env. 248 - 7/17/1991 Baseball; Guy laying concrete; guy showing snake; guy with fish
Env. 249 - 7/18/1991 Construction; mug; Adult Reading to Kids (2); mug; baseball
Env. 250 - 7/19/1991 Ad mug; Mona’s Baby Shower; basketball; group; Teaching kids
Env. 251 - 7/23/1991 Baseball; play at Levy building; portrait; fireman; gas spill; construction
Env. 252 - 7/24/1991 Kiwanis; Accident; swimming pool; library; country market tour
Env. 253 - 7/25/1991 Air National Guard; Roof painting; swim meet; cars; houses
Env. 254 - 7/26/1991 baseball; Cheerleader camp; mug
Env. 254 - 7/30/1991 Hospital Construction; baseball; groups; swimming pool
Env. 255 - 7/31/1991 Golden Age Club Party; baseball; library-Kentwood
Env. 256 - 7/1991 baseball, groups
Env. 257 - 8/1991 Church accident; Southeastern Louisiana University Teacher Appreciation; Trench work; guy with book
Env. 258 - 8/1991 Cars; Salesmen group; Southeastern Louisiana University Registration; swimmers        
Env. 259 - 8/1/1991 McDonald’s signs; Girl with Smoothie Kin; Baseball light poles; Air National Guard with plane
Env. 260 - 8/2/1991 Swim Team; baseball light poles; Sidewalk construction; Kiwanis Garage Sale; Artist
Env. 261 - 8/4/1991 Air National Guard Award; Ribbon Cutting; Fountain Work; Cate Street Flea Market; Dog show; visiting Queens; Boat Motor work; mug; guy with picture of Ed
Env. 262 - 8/6/1991 Baby-winner; Smoothie King Ad; Chorus; pigs for sale; police- Tickfaw; Baseball
Env. 263 - 8/7/1991 Map painting; mug- Joe Taquino; Library party; baseball; fire; General Dynamics
Env. 264 - 8/8/1991 Lake; mug; gumbo
Env. 265 - 8/9/1991 General Dynamics
Env. 266 - 8/11/1991 Guaranty Artist; Anti-Drug Rally; Foot patrol man; cover ups-ad; soccer
Env. 267 - 8/13/1991 Acadian Ad; Smoothie King Ad; Bus Driver; Holden Gym
Env. 268 - 8/14/1991 Day care; football tab; NASA program
Env. 269 - 8/15/1991 Ponchatoula Police; Ads; Baseball light poles; Asbestos; football tab
Env. 270 - 8/16/1991 Joan’s pictures; trash; Edwin Edwards; School teachers; Hawkins prints; Daycare; Loranger map; Hammond coach
Env. 271 - 8/18/1991 Girl with snake; girl petting alligator; Barber shop- Gumbo; Curly Hallman; Springfield High football team; graduation; Card collection; guy laying cement
Env. 272 - 8/19/1991 Oak Forest team; Water Department workers
Env. 273 - 8/21/1991 Albany first day of school; Tucker Elementary floor; Retiring city worker; ditch digging
Env. 274 - 8/23/1991 Commercial filming; football; group; team; ad; ribbon cutting
Env. 275 - 8/25/1991 High School football (Scrimmages); Link Award; Drink Ad; Trains Gumbo; Mug of Woman; Health fair; Guy fixing windshield
Env. 276 - 8/25/1991 football; kids with trucks; forest fest; ribbon cutting
Env. 277 - 8/27/1991 Southeastern Louisiana University bookstore; Deputy Susie; dance team
Env. 278 - 8/28/1991 Festival exhibit; rainy day; mug; fishing; group
Env. 279 - 8/30/1991 football; fire; Black Festival stage construction; bridge construction; building
Env. 280 - 8/1991 City employee; Garden of the Month; BBQ; scarecrow; mug; ribbon cutting; hay bales; bricklayers; bank employees; mug; fire; TK value
Env. 281 - 8/1991 Brady’s Construction; recipe contest; Bomb at house; mugs
Env. 282 - 9/1991 groups; bike repair; Picnic shelter construction
Env. 283 - 9/1991 Church; mug; sign down; speakers; three men
Env. 284 - 9/1/1991 Jamboree- High School football; Genesis Award; Black Fest and parade; guy with bugle; Jerry Lewis MD Telethon; Couple getting married
Env. 285 - 9/4/1991 Buddy Ridgel; Scholarship; ribbon cuttings; man waiting for train; Candidate filing; wedding license couple; stop sign removed
Env. 286 - 9/8/1991 Celebration II; Ceramic Show and Winners; School Supply Gathering; Burned Apartments; High School football; Lottery; Kiwanis gives to Southeastern Louisiana University b-ball; group of guy with computers; landscaping
Env. 287 - 9/8/1991 High School football; people with supplies; ceramics; guy with lottery tickets; burned building; brick laying; celebration
Env. 288 - 9/11/1991 Gov. Roemer; mug; presentation; train wreck; volleyball
Env. 289 - 9/12/1991 bikers; bank group; mugs; welder; JA Groups; Ribbon cutting; library; TK Value
Env. 290 - 9/13/1991 miscellaneous photo negatives
Env. 291 - 9/15/1991 Hammond vs. Brother Martin football
Env. 292 - 9/15/1991 St. Thomas Sign; Guy playing bass; Fraternity Party Construction; Tour de Tangi; High School Football; Gallon Donor Banquet; Guaranty Artist; Street Life Party
Env. 293 - 9/17/1991 Bank Officer; Holloway Breakfast; Holden cheerleaders; proclamation
Env. 294 - 9/18/1991 Kids with pecans; Strawberry Queen
Env. 295 - 9/19/1991 Cars; reading program; speakers; hay bales; fall leaves; bridge construction; lynhaven event; baseball lights; scarecrow
Env. 296 - 9/20/1991 sign; volleyball; play
Env. 297 - 9/22/1991 River clean up; Les Madame Club; Cook-off (Will’s); High school football; Link Award; Clown; Canadians; proclamation; golf classic
Env. 298 - 9/23/1991 Shirts; cook-off; fishing tourney; EMS Awards
Env. 299 - 9/24/1991 Beta Club Officers; Book fair promo; DARE Program
Env. 300 - 9/26/1991 Groups- golfers; Circus tent raising; water project; Garden of the Month; Depot painter; elephant ride; houses
Env. 301 - 9/29/1991 High School football; kids performing; painter
Env. 302 - 9/30/1991 volleyball; chef’s evening; woodpecker
Env. 303 - September- October 1991 Miscellaneous photo negatives
Env. 304 - 10/1/1991 Pumpkins; Tootsie Roll drive; Juvenile Detention Center; Toastmasters
Env. 305 - 10/2/1991 Parish fair; wreck; Police Chief; Buses; Candidates; truck wreck; groups; dalmatian
Env. 306 - 10/3/1991 Homecoming courts; Junior Beta Club; Litter pickup; cow with egrets; guy with fish; Elementary School practice
Env. 307 - 10/4/1991 play; flag donation; composing; Advertising; football; salesman; fair photos; parade
Env. 308 - 10/7/1991 Flowers; Albany Homecoming Court; Bet loser; mug; News staff; mug; Chemical spill; police awards; garden club; suicide- homicide
Env. 309 - 10/9/1991 Halloween decoration; pressroom employees; Southeastern Louisiana University Artists
Env. 310 - 10/11/1991 David Duke; mug; Senior Citizen of Year
Env. 311 - 10/11/1991 Levy building; mug; Celebrity waiters; Garden of the Month; Southeastern Louisiana University balloons; fireman at school; old folks winners; fire poster winner; volleyball; groups
Env. 312 - 10/13/1991 High School football; Antique Oktoberfest; Judging Fall Day Decorations; Mother Goose reading; Mater Delorosa School fair; Jellystone Check donation    
Env. 313- 10/15/1991 Groups; Ad; Independence sidewalks; debate; school stuff
Env. 314 - 10/16/1991 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball practice; proclamation; Banner at Hammond High; food drive; can shake; Garden of the Month; Queen; police
Env. 315 - 10/18/1991 groups; ribbon cutting; Strawberry Patch Ad; Pumpkin painting; 4-H Club; Springfield
Env. 316 - 10/22/1991 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 317 - 10/23/1991 groups; speaker; houses; pumpkin painting
Env. 318 - 10/24/1991 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 319  -10/25/1991 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 320 - 10/27/1991 American Legion playground repair; Boy Scout painting U.S. Map; Craft Show (Ponchatoula); 3 Homecoming Queens; Nurse helping elderly; High School football; ABWA Officers; Anti-drug Parade; Hammond High Homecoming Parade; Chamber After Hours party; St. Thomas Fundraiser; Cuco’s Award
Env. 321 - 10/29/1991 Dinosaur puppets; Student groups; Garden of the Month; Hi Ho Ad
Env.  322 - 10/1991 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 323 - 11/1991 River signs; Veteran’s Day Ceremony
Env. 324 - 11/1991 Construction; trains; Basketball
Env. 325 - 11/1991 Construction; filming in Ponchatoula
Env. 326 - 11/1991 Disney Woman; speaker; Southeastern Louisiana University Tarzan Yell; artist; post office; Halloween
Env. 327 - 11/1/1991 Halloween stuff; presentations; groups
Env. 328 - 11/7/1991 Egg toss at Southeastern Louisiana University; basketball free throw
Env. 329 - 11/7/1991 cars
Env. 330 - 11/10/1991 High School football; Cate Street fire; Merchant’s Showcase; cold fans; Southeastern Louisiana University bonfire; float building; Southeastern Louisiana University Homecoming Parade; American Legion Vet Day Ceremony
Env. 331 - 11/11/1991 Cate Street fire
Env. 332 - 11/17/1991 High School football (P.O. –> 1st Round); National Book week: Neesom, DC Reeves, Oaks Montessor; 4-H Food Drive; Girl Scout Food Drive; Photo show; election; Las Vegas Night
Env. 333 - 11/19/1991 Couple; library sign; fountain cleaning; paint donation
Env. 334 - 11/20/1991 Houses; duck watching; Fagan intersection; Rosenblum’s; basketball; Quilt lady; flag folding; Tony’s tire; Sandy’s pictures
Env. 335 - 11/22/1991 Train/car wreck; Student groups; adult groups; speaker; AAIR Ad; Another wreck; food baskets; flag raising; Heart Zap –> Gumbo; Indian women; Joan Davis
Env. 336 - 11/23/1991 High School football; Guy working on sign; Guy drilling; guy praying; Toastmasters group; Natalbany Middle Groups; Students with Food baskets; glasses; lady with plant; dancing winners
Env. 337 - 11/24/1991 Cooking for Seniors; Fireman Equipment and Check
Env. 338 - 11/25/1991 Shrine Circus; K-Mart food donation; City Christmas Lights
Env. 339 - 11/29/1991 Guy with snake; LP & L putting up Christmas decorations in Ponchatoula; Winn-Dixie manager; proclamation
Env. 340 - 12/1/1991 (labeled 12/1/1990 but located in the December 1991 box) Girl with wreath; High School football P.O.: Hammond, Independence, Kentwood; guy wood sculpting; guy painting on glass; Kentwood Christmas parade
Env. 341 - 12/4/1991 Fairy Godmother; thumbsuckers; pole decorating; basketball
Env. 342 - 12/7/1991 Hammond Christmas Parade; Santa Bear Breakfast; K-Mart Shopping Spree; Amite High football Game; Genesis Award; Ribbon cutting; Ponchatoula and Independence Christmas Parade; Old People Groups; Big Group of people; cement work; caroling in park
Env. 343 - 12/10/1991 Jewelry Ads; Street Lights; Albany Christmas Parade; Coat Drive
Env. 344 - 12/13/1991 Basketball; DWI testing; Realtors; Chemical Spill on I-12; women; drug bust; ladies with quilt; bowling awards
Env. 345 - 12/15/1991 Ponchatoula lighting ceremony; Loranger parade; Guaranty Artist; Dr. Wrinkler and Employees; KC Donation; Girls playing flute; Daily Star Christmas Parade; Southeastern Louisiana University graduation; Live Nativity Scene; Group making Christmas baskets    
Env. 346 - 12/17/1991 miscellaneous photo negatives
Env. 347 - 12/19/1991 Rosenblum’s; Teacher lunch; AARP officers; computer donation; window washer; basketball; group
Env. 348 - 12/20/1991 Angel; Holy Ghost Christmas Program; Trafton- Civil War; Soccer check presentation
Env. 349 - 12/22/1991 Lady Lion’s basketball; Link Award; Recycling; Lighting Decorations; Sign repair; Nativity Scene; Baby eating candy
Env. 350 - 12/23/1991 Macedonia Baptist Church; Girl with doll; Stolen Items; Ladies baking cookies
Env. 351 - 12/24/1991 kids walking on tracks; ladies at meeting; kids with toys; bowling; masonry work; bonfire; gift wrapping; Santa with kids
Env. 352 - 12/27/1991 Egret; Water tower (Missile); Man with books; stolen items; Santa Stuck in chimney
Env. 353 - 12/29/1991 Wreck; lady and priest; Joe Davis with Trophy; Father and Son cutting; Guy with toy
Env. 354 - 12/30/1991 kid raking leaves; guy playing sax
Env. 355 - 12/31/1991 People buying fireworks; guy working on lights; guy with jackhammer; Walgreens construction; guy painting parking lot; Southeastern Louisiana University women’s basketball
Env. 356 - 12/1991 Reading at Nursing home; Christmas tree at Ponchatoula; Reading program at library; teacher at Independence Middle
Env. 357 - 12/1991 Cate Square lighting; Zoomobile; cars

Box # 12 (January 1, 1992 to April 20, 1993)
Env. 1    - January 1992 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Amite pictures; Lil Johnny’s
Env. 2 - January 1992 Berryland Shopping Center; Arbor Day; Tickfaw Fire; Groups
Env. 3 - 1/3/1992 Amite Steel Mill; Soccer; House; Car; Fire; Phone Office
Env. 4 - 1/5/1992 High School Basketball- Hammond vs. Springfield (boys and girls); Guy laying slab; guy painting sign; guy with fish; guys hanging lights
Env. 5 - 1/7/1992 Juvenile Detention Center; Comm. Fed. Building; Real Estate pictures; Krewe of Omega
Env. 6 - 1/7/1992 Theta Xi Fire; Park building construction; park watering
Env. 7  - 1/8/1992 Hammond High Basketball; rainy day
Env. 8 - 1/9/1992 Ole Miss vs. Southeastern Louisiana University; Accident; Beta Club; two guys; Independence HeadStart
Env. 9 -1/12/1992 Students with hats; Belle Oaks Officers; boys painting map; Youth basketball; guy hanging neon sign; fertilizing and pruning speech; Mug of Annie CoCo; Guy lay cement
Env. 10 - 1/13/1992 Basketball; Lil Johnny’s fire
Env. 11 - 1/13/1992 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Lil Johnny’s fire; Flag ceremony
Env. 12 - 1/15/1992 High School basketball; Frost shots; People walking; HOME-ad
Env. 13 - 1/17/1992 Motorcycle Club; Mall parking lot; cars; city cleaning ditches
Env. 14 - 1/18/1992 Church opening; High School basketball; 2 Arbor Day pictures; Wrestlers at K-Mart; Southeastern Louisiana University student’s getting books; Science Fair; M.L. King Celebration; Group of men; Senator Cleo Fields; Sherry Abel; Guy building campfire; Guy with deer
Env. 15 - 1/21/1992 (labeled 1/21/1991 but located in January 1992 box) Basketball; water tower construction; catfish plant; MLK celebration
Env. 16 - 1/22/1992 Basketball; houses; Ponchatoula parking lot construction; group; high water; mug
Env. 17 - 1/22/1992 Flood waters; science fair; groups; speaker; fish; mugs
Env. 18 - 1/23/1992 Liter in ditch; Lotto machine; kids with computer; mug; group; basketball camp      
Env. 19 - 1/26/1992 Gardenettes; Boy riding toy truck; old Lil Johnnies; Bass boat raffle; Link Award; Jewelry Ad; Realtor; Man with Dirty water; DARE graduation; Cindy’s Mug; High School Ball; Boy playing tennis
Env. 20 - 1/27/1992 Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Stetson (basketball)
Env. 21 - 1/28/1992 mug; bridge washout; laundry in rain; group
Env. 22 - 1/29/1992 Cafeteria; Illegal Southeastern Louisiana University building; groups; basketball; Levy’s
Env. 23 - 1/31/1992 Trees with foil; groups; basketball; girl with bike; water station pumping
Env. 24 - 1/30/1992 mugs; umbrella shot; school groups
Env. 25 - 2/1/1992 Groups of kids; St. Joseph Career Day; Card Show; DARE graduation; Ducky Dip Promo; Genesis Award; High School basketball; play; Hydrant painting; Biddy basketball
Env.  26 - 2/4/1992 play; group- Senior Citizens; Tony’s Tire Ad; Fire Hydrant Testing; Downtown painter; mugs
Env. 27 - 2/5/1992 Basketball; Chamber membership drive; Boat give-a-way
Env. 28 - 2/7/1992 Carpet Cleaner; Check presentation; high water; groups; teacher workshop; homemakers
Env. 29 - 2/9/1992 McGovern’s Jewelry; mugs
Env. 30 - 2/10/1992 Basketball
Env. 31 - 2/11/1992 Ponchatoula photos; groups; Bracelets- Ad; Sewer hookups; pot growing; Global wildlife; construction
Env. 32 - 2/12/1992 Ponchatoula Memorial Park Cleanup; Natalbany Post Office; Sign painting; Groups; Animal Shelter
Env. 33 - 2/13/1992 Business Seminar; Speaker; sign change; groups; Mityy muffler
Env. 34 - 2/14/1992 Springfield City Hall; Basketball; group; Southeastern Louisiana University; profile pictures
Env. 35 - 2/16/1992 Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; High School basketball
Env. 36 - 2/18/1992 Baseball; man with snake; Westpark People; luncheon; group; sing on SE Railroad; presentation; Comm. Fed. Sign painting
Env. 37  - 2/20/1992 Hammond Athletes; Covered wagon; SBDC group; Baseball; ribbon cutting
Env. 38 - 2/21/1992 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 39 -2/22/1992 DAR passing out flags; meeting; basketball; groups; Quilt; Tornado Aftermath
Env. 40 - 2/25/1992 Basketball; Handicapped Puppet Show; Athletic Park Bleachers; School group; Water work in Ponchatoula; Art exhibit; groups; parade
Env. 41 - 2/26/1992 Southeastern Louisiana University baseball
Env. 42 - 2/29/1992 Chiropractor Ad shots; Basketball; mugs; parade; Violin player; Hammond baseball team; group
Env. 43 - 3/5/1992 Water shots; school patrol group; construction
Env. 44 - 3/6/1992 (also 3/4 and 3/5 basketball) Alb. State Champ basketball
Env. 45 - 3/6/1992 St. Helena Schools
Env. 46 - 3/10/1992 Al’s pictures; Ad pictures; Holy Ghost kids dressed up; baseball; basketball
Env. 47 - 3/12/1992 Building moving; Adult Literacy Promo; Pawn shop mugs; man with furniture; Julian Dufreche with man; Holden fire; Robert’s Salon mug; proclamation
Env. 48 - 3/13/1992 Poster winners; Mosely’s Jewelers; voters; St. Joseph’s Alter; woman with dog; baseball; basketball; group; salesman; business resource program; can shakers; Randy Livingston at State
Env. 49 - 3/15/1992 Southeastern Louisiana University baseball
Env. 50 - 3/17/1992 Paddle game in Park; Ryan’s Construction
Env. 51 - 3/18/1992 Quilt; DOTD Tour; Boys and Girls Club signing; Wheelchair winners; Swamp walk alligator; Jugler; Baseball
Env. 52 - 3/20/1992 Proclamation; poster winners; airport tour; Italian Queen Pageant; Strawberries; Food boxes for Russia
Env. 53 - 3/23/1992 JA Ball; Art Show
Env. 54 - 3/25/1992 mugs; St. Thomas Groups; Artist; 4-H cooking contest; Columbus Street Work; Cemetery Trimming; Ponchatoula Information building; Home Tour; Baseball; Azaleas
Env. 55 - 3/26/1992 mugs; truck winner; LP&L Truck sale; Van-Go museum exhibit; Career Day Hammond Jr. High ; Cemetery painting; Math Club; Nursing Home Ad
Env. 56 - 3/27/1992 Alligator Farm; Science Fair Winners; U-Way members
Env. 57 - 3/29/1992 Track
Env. 58 - 3/31/1992 Garden of the Month; ribbon cutting; Miss. River Scenes; Ponchatoula painting; mug; apartments; group
Env. 59 - 4/1/1992 mugs; kids with rabbit; Hokey Pokey; Parent Ed. Program; groups; track meet
Env. 60 - 4/2/1992 mugs; baseball; Garden of the Month; I-12 wreck; Police Comm. Dept.; Clay Shaw’s Cousin; groups; Clean City Judges
Env. 61 - 4/4/1992 Golf; mugs; groups; Singing teachers; Independence Chaucer Class; Rosenblum’s
Env. 62 - 4/7/1992 Headstart opening; Mayor at Luncheon; Baseball; Art show; Trey Yuen
Env. 63 - 4/8/1992 Toggery Ad; Mermaid; mug; Accident; Baseball; mug; Easter Program; Homemakers
Env. 64 - 4/9/1992 Strawberry King and Queen; ladies with shirt; mugs; Story time at library; baseball Link Award; egg farm
Env. 65 - 4/10/1992 Strawberry King and Queen; train trip; group; man on tall bike; Southeastern Louisiana University track; HeadStart picnic; Kathy and Donna
Env. 66 - 4/11/1992 Garden of the Month; Groups; Tickets purchase; track; ribbon cutting; science show
Env. 67 - 4/11/1992 Strawberry Festival; Baseball; Hammond High Bloomer Bowl; Retiring Janitor
Env. 68 - 4/17/1992 Baseball; Living Cross; Groups; Easter Basket winners; Easter egg hunt; Hospice Ad; Testimonials
Env. 69 - 4/19/1992 Southeastern Louisiana University baseball Camp; Easter egg hunt; Easter Coloring winners; big stuck truck
Env. 70 - 4/20/1992 ribbon cutting; car show; cement work
Env. 71 - 4/21/1992 School assembly; play; train; Lil Johnny’s
Env. 72 - 4/22/1992 mugs; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. LSU; Drug program; St. Joseph Alter food; Hungarian Display; school pictures
Env. 73 - 4/23/1992 Jerry’s Ad’s; Strawberry Jubilee; mugs; Tree planting; teacher
Env. 74 - 4/24/1992 Tree planting; hospital tour; archer; Nesom fitness contest; Link Award; mug; plane
Env. 75 - 4/28/1992 Construction- road; wedding dress
Env. 76 - 4/26/1992 Tennis; baseball
               4/28/1992 Bungee Jump; Railroad school for cops; Curly Hallman; Youth Managers; Home Association Show; Italian Fest; Track; High School Baseball; Bike-a-thon
Env. 77 - 4/29/1992 Global Wildlife; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; Groups; mugs; Al’s pictures
Env. 78 - 4/30/1992 Andy Thiel; car wash; groups; Van-go exhibit; ribbon cutting; wood pecker
Env. 79  - 5/1/1992 Strawberry picking
Env. 80 - 5/3/1992 Hospice Gala; Church Fair; Ribbon cutting; Baseball(Southeastern Louisiana University); Mosely’s Ad; Indian Pow Wow; British Tea Party; Art Judging; Long Group Shot; Magician; Can Drive; Bee catching
Env. 81 - 5/5/1992 Mugs; Tangi Village; Check presentation; School pictures
Env. 82 - 5/7/1992 Dance Rehearsal; groups
Env. 83 - 5/8/1992 Nursing Home Party; School group; ladies
Env. 84 - 5/8/1992 Cubs- baseball; groups; golf; Craft show signs; Track; house
Env. 85 - 5/10/1992 Music Association Picnic; Cultural Foundation Picnic; Picnic in Park; Tree planter; Southeastern Louisiana University in baseball Tourney; Athlete’s Signing Scholarship; Groups of students; parachuting
Env. 86 - 5/12/1992 Awards- optimist; groups; Columbus Dr. Construction; man with jar; Cultural foundation party; Cafeteria workers
Env. 87 - 5/14/1992 Closed parish opened park; mug; school field event; Winn-Dixie groundbreaking; teachers; groups
Env. 88 - 5/15/1992 Nature Shots; Groups; ReMax opening
Env. 89 - 5/17/1992 Nursing Home Week; Close Up of Easter Lilly; Balloon Fest; Construction; Ponchatoula Jaycees Awards; two groups of students; Water Shuttle drill; guy with snake; Ponchatoula Friends of Library Celebration; Southeastern Louisiana University graduation; LSU baseball
Env. 90 - 5/18/1992 Air show; police car; speaker
Env. 91 - 5/19/1992 Groups; tree watering; Garden of the Month; tree cutting
Env. 92 - 1992 Russian pins; Sonic opening; mushroom picking; kids reading; guy with sitar; fossils at library; lady bugs; wrapping light poles; Civil War at Trafton; miscellaneous
Env. 93 - 1992 Amite Courthouse; Optimist check; mugs; groups; basketball; Juvenile Detention Center construction; Link Award; miscellaneous
Env. 94 - 5/20/1992 Baseball; Westpark employee of the month; lab school inventions; Sonic construction; Special Olympics party; mugs; cars; groups
Env. 95 - 5/21/1992 Cars; Nursery Tour; Awards
Env. 96 - 5/22/1992 Baseball- LSU; rain; groups; building; memorial marker
Env. 97 - 5/27/1992 school speaker; salesman; house; groups; Lil Johnny’s; fallen tree
Env. 98 - 5/28/1992 Cars; processing plant; Shroud exhibit; Ribbon cutting; storm damage; library pictures; award presentation
Env. 99 - 5/29/1992 Rosenblum’s Fashions; Teacher Storytime; J&M groundbreaking; plant show; Cate Square play
Env. 100 - 5/30/1992 Insurance Women groups; school groups; Navy groups; girls on monkey bars; Treasure hunters; Bonsai Demos; Body fat testing; baseball
Env. 101 - 6/1992 Group; Fossil display; Karate demonstration; Lee Hall window; Link Award; Garden of the Month; Baseball
Env. 102 - 6/2/1992 Pool cleaning; kids running to bus; Collingswood Museum; Ponchatoula- parking lot; Lightfoot photography
Env. 103 - 6/3/1992 City laying waterline; bus treats
Env. 104 - 6/4/1992 Finance Offices; Levy building play; teacher unpacking; shroud exhibit
Env. 105 - 6/5/1992 Softball action; dance camp; guy painting sign; business expo; police youth camp; military guard photo’s; Eagle Scouts; Guaranty Gallery Artist; Pig races
Env. 106 - 6/5/1992 mugs; Ice Cream Social; Boys and Girls Club; Biz Expo Setup
Env. 107 -6/8/1992 Ryan’s hiring; Aaron’s ribbon cutting; Ponchatoula pool repair; coke machine; mug
Env. 108 - 6/9/1992 100 year old party; library storytime; Olympic training tables
Env. 109 - 6/11/1992 Accident; Swimming pool; U.W. training session
Env. 110 - 6/12/1992 Miscellaneous; Shooting competition
Env. 111 - 6/18/1992 Tad Gormley Stadium; Lee Hall- Southeastern Louisiana University; cars; sunset; Hackey Sackplayers; Cub Scout Camp; Baseball; check presentation; guitar player
Env. 112 - 6/19/1992 Billboard baby; General Dynamics building; Finance group; Guzzardo office
Env. 113- 6/21/1992 Kids Rodeo (fishing); Father and Daughter; kid in pool; Junior Police Program; New Fathers; group
Env. 114 - 6/22/1992 Recycling bin
Env. 115 - 6/23/1992 Man with banner; Cheerleader camp; bell peppers
Env. 116  - 6/24/1992 Old Car Race; Light Pole work; house; people with T.V.; Ronnie Atkins; Sewing/ Clothes Manufacturing
Env. 117 - 6/24/1992 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 118 - 6/25/1992 Guy playing guitar; kids watching movies; two speakers; group presenting award; guys working in car; Walgreens ribbon cutting; Amtrak sign
Env. 119 - 6/27/1992 Dart Tourney; Kentwood 4th of July; Construction; Fireworks Stand; Play class
Env. 120 - 7/1/1992 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 121 - 7/2/1992 Officials swearing in; Officials’ mugs; telephone line works; kids making mask
Env. 122- 7/4/1992 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 123 - 7/7/1992 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 124 - 7/8/1992 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 125 - 7/9/1992 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 126 - 7/10/1992 Medicine Show; puppet workshop; baseball
Env. 127 - 7/11/1992 Garden of the Month; groups- blood donors; MLK Park- Kids Day; baseball; Probable New Recreation Director mug; guy fixing car; Sear’s Kids Day; Arena fb
Env. 128 - 7/12/1992 M.L. King Pavilion Opening; Holy Ghost Gym work; North Oak Park work; baseball
Env. 129 - 7/16/1992 Baseball camp; presentation; Gabriel’s Construction; Southeastern Louisiana University track; mug
Env. 130 - 7/17/1992 Pizza party; Ponchatoula High work; Westside Elementary; mug; dance camp
Env. 131 - 7/17/1992 Sign painting; two people with bear shirt; mugs with plaques; Old Augustine’s Building Construction; parachuting; teacher orientation
Env. 132 - 7/19/1992 Volleyball; AC work; Garden of Month; Amvets Officers; Dogs at play; crane work
Env. 133 - 7/21/1992 Gasline on Columbus; Mooney pool work; Amite Accident; Baseball; presentation
Env. 134 - 7/22/1992 Trudy’s house; mug; library singer; Old Library site construction; Baseball group
Env. 135 - 7/24/1992 group; City water chlorination; hydrant repair; ruined landscaping
Env. 136 - 7/26/1992 Police softball game; wreck; art workshop; Music workshop; Link Award; Baseball; High School football- All-star game; Fun Day (Domino’s)
Env. 137 - 7/28/1992 Baseball; play; swimmers; Library Talent Show; Blueberry pruning
Env. 138 - 7/29/1992 Blood pressure check; church roofing; merry makers building; TK Value check presentation
Env. 139 - 7/30/1992 Art Camp; baseball; food driver; scout camp
Env. 140 - 7/31/1992 Softball; bowling groups; Old Cemetery; Range Road Streetlight
Env. 141 - 7/1992 Baseball; Ponchatoula pool; Frank van Mullem treadmill
Env. 142 - 8/1992 Rain photos; Pelican Savings; baseball; miscellaneous
Env. 143 - 8/2/1992 Library groups; Roseland’s OTP Processors Grand Opening; Trumpet Player; Field Markers; Kid’s Day
Env. 144 - 8/3/1992 I-55 fatality
Env. 145 - 8/4/1992 LP&L Man; Fanfare poster; Man on boat
Env. 146 - 8/5/1992 Hammond High Football Practice; Mooney Park Pool Construction; two houses-ad; KAJUN alligator and kid; Hammond Lincoln Mercury Group; Building Construction; Hammond Police Department Police with lay out
Env. 147 - 8/6/1992 Band camp; softball; fishing; group signing
Env. 148 - 8/7/1992 Ponchatoula Oxidation Pond; Bohnings and A&P; police; Ted Cason
Env. 149 - 8/9/1992 Summer Camp Party; Parking Lot Painting; Self-defense Class; two winning softball teams; Apartment Renovations; Business Painting
Env. 150 - 8/11/1992 ABC Daycare Thank-you; Light changing at Southeastern Louisiana University; St. Helena Pre-K; Sumner Football team; Sumner High Practice
Env. 151 - 8/12/1992 Fireman Inspection; Tour de La Promo; Independence Cheerleaders; Voter Registration; Ponchatoula library computer
Env. 152 - 8/13/1992 Surveying work; painting work; Garden of the Month; LA War Veterans Dinner; Hammond High Football practice
Env. 153 - 8/14/1992 Hammond High Football team; Hammond baseball Field work; guy with organ; Ponchatoula parking ribbon cutting; homes for ad; cars for ads; Southeastern Louisiana University parking lot work; Veterans Dinner; Teacher Orientation
Env. 154 - 8/16/1992 Machinist at Work; Ponchatoula football practice; Ponchatoula football group; mug of woman; Tour de LA registration; Kentwood football team; Loranger football team; Feast of Blessed Mother; Card Show; Parachuting; tennis
Env. 155 - 8/18/1992 Southeastern Louisiana University Dorm check-in; kids on swing; police pictures; Durham group; Gabriel’s Construction
Env. 156 - 8/19/1992 Mother with son; Torrance; First day of school; General Ott Bridge construction
Env. 157 - 8/20/1992 Oak Park Construction; School photos; group; speaker; Southeastern Louisiana University registration
Env. 158 - 8/21/1992 house; mug; Bleaches construction; Albany football team; Springfield football team; painting; sign hanging; speaker
Env. 159 - 8/23/1992 Football scrimmages; group with awards; Garden of Month; St. Helena Football team; Independence football team; mugs; boat inspections; Children’s Picnic; Southeastern Louisiana University’s picnic; Kid’s Day at Sears; Guy fixing car
Env. 160 - 8/25/1992 Holy Ghost gym; Window boarding; Stocking store shelves; Fallen Tree; evacuating traffic
Env. 161 - 8/26/1992 Hurricane Andrew
Env. 162 - 8/26/1992 Hurricane Andrew
Env. 163 - 8/27/1992 Hurricane pictures
Env. 164 - 8/28/1992 Hurricane aftermath; flooding; blobs
Env. 165 - 8/30/1992 Black Fest and Parade; TARC picnic; Independence Jamboree: St. Helena vs. Loranger, Amite vs. Kentwood, Independence vs. Sumner; Proclamation; Power Lights truck Caravan
Env. 166 - 9/1/1992 Bohnings; Sign painting; play props
Env. 167 - 9/2/1992 Car fire; Heritage Day planning; Fish kill; Greenhouse repair
Env. 168 - 9/3/1992 power lifter; mug; Holy Ghost fundraiser; woodchipper; Business women; cheerleaders; relief supplies
Env. 169 - 9/4/1992 Hammond High Football group; Trailer fire; Guys with plates; bridge- Florida Street; Walmart Site
Env. 170 - 9/5/1992 Pot holes; two construction guys; ribbon cutting; High School football; lady painting; Operation Safe Driving; Unveiled painting; Dart winners; kids with state troopers; blob experiments; mugs; two ladies with plaque
Env. 171 - 9/9/1992 Escapee capture; cheerleaders; Garden of the Month; picketer; mug
Env. 172 - 9/10/1992 Holden 4-H; Nesom Cheerleaders; Audubon LivingCenter groundbreaking; teachers; dog with puppies; cars; awards; General Dynamics
Env. 173 - 9/11/1992 Fashion and Beauty Mart; wrecked truck; USA auto mugs; United Way kickoff; Generator and Meter box; Albany High football; hairdressers; group; mug
Env. 174 - 9/13/1992 High School football- Hammond vs. Bro Martin, Kentwood vs. Independence
Env. 175 - 9/13/1992 two ribbon cuttings; Creole Fest; guys putting up Bohning’s Sign; Fatal Wreck at Livingston; National Guard’s City Cleanup; Tour De Tangi; Boy’s First Haircut; Boat raffle; Group of students
Env. 176 - 9/15/1992 Little Shop of Horror Play; Group of students (teens); mug of students; students hanging Art; Policewoman with guy; fireman group; Mooney Pool work; mug of Sherry Brown; Lady in Wheelchair; Another Student group (Young)
Env. 177 - 9/16/1992 People with can food; kids in front of Miller Library Sign; kids with lady police; realty group; trash pick-up; group in front fire truck
Env. 178-  9/17/1992 Tour de LA Race; Gator Day
Env. 179 - 9/17/1992 Big Group of Ladies; two smaller groups of ladies; Mike Smith’s Shower; Elderly ladies doing art; Garden of the Month; Group of Elderly ladies
Env. 180 - 9/18/1992 Loranger football game; man with picture; kids by Miller Memorial Library Sign; two old men; City of Tickfaw; Mrs. McKaskle and Man; Hair stylist group-ad; wreck with fallen tree; KC Tootsie Roll Drive; Houses-Ad; sold houses/businesses; Row of trailers
Env. 181 - 9/19/1992 Doc Goodwin with an Atlantic Falcons football
Env. 182 - 9/20/1992 High School football- Kentwood vs. St. Helena, Amite vs. Hammond, Ponchatoula vs. Independence, Springfield vs. ?
Env. 183 - 9/20/1992 Bowling Alley ribbon cutting; Horse Ranch open house; Daily Star fishing tourney; Link Award; Genesis Award; Lost lumber; Tickfaw Craft Show; Jesus Fest; Indian Dancing at lab school; People with picture of Black leaders
Env. 184 - 9/22/1992 Hurricane waste- bulldozer work; Art in Levy building; Boy with t-shirt; RV Shop; Old people working
Env. 185 - 9/23/1992 Guy drinking; guys playing football; three mugs; TK Ball Value Group; Southeastern Louisiana University volleyball action
Env.  186 - 9/24/1992 Group of Ladies; Mosely’s Jeweler with lady; guy seated; Holy Ghost Cafeteria; two groups of Holy Ghost Students; Oriental with exhibit; Cars-ad; Men putting up fence post; Big group of people
Env. 187 - 9/25/1992 Group of students; Teachers; Church; mug of man; black lady; black lady and white lady
Env. 188 - 9/27/1992 Les Madames Officers; Hammond High Dancers and Pepsters; big group of people; Little Miss Audubon; fun fest; Holy Ghost Open House; Kid making dog house; trash pick-up; group of ladies with crafts
Env. 189 - 9/29/1992 mugs; groups (2); woman with refrigerator; kids doing art; adults making art; two ladies behind desk; wheelchair guy; FFA work
Env. 190 - 9/30/1992 mug of young guy; group-7 people; lady with book talking to students; family eating in Holy Ghost Cafeteria; group- 4 people; guy hanging fanfare sign; four more groups with four people; kids planting flowers; two adults talking to kids; Vic Couvillion with LSU football helmet; Kiwanis group of 5; Kiwanis Group of 3
Env.  191 - 10/1/1992 Ponchatoula Construction Site; “Test Your Detector”- group of firemen with mayor; TARC photos; ribbon cutting; group of students
Env. 192 - 10/2/1992 High School football: Hammond vs. Higgins, Ponchatoula vs. Amite, Independence vs. Sumner
Env. 193 - 10/2/1992 Couple in Cate Square; Garden of the Month- Gardenettes; two kids; ladies working with milk cartons; three kids and lady with leaves; people (mugs) in Town and Country Parking lot; ladies at check-out counter; graduation; barbed wire fence; bike; fence tanks?, house-ad; group-large
Env. 194 - 10/4/1992 Scott Pharmacy Ribbon Cutting; Tour de Cure; two Homecoming Queen; Health Fair; spelling bee; Election coverage; scholarship winners; Hammond High Band; Hammond Heritage Day; 236th Combat Comm. Ceremonies; Chef’s Night
Env. 195 - 10/4/1992 High School football
Env. 196 - 10/6/1992 Mug of Kim Reno; Debbie Bittola, Robbie Gianoble, Dave Frazo- group; mug of kids; Group of students (6); Magnolia Financial Ribbon cutting; spouse abuse proclamation; spouse abuse greetings; Legs hanging out “Miracle of Grace” bin; medical photos; dog; optimist club photos; people talking
Env. 197 - 10/7/1992 kids with limo; group of 6 in an office; wreck; group of cafeteria workers (5); four people by desk; group of elderly people; proclamation
Env. 198 - 10/7/1992 Marilyn Quayle visits
Env. 199 - 10/8/1992 Holy Ghost students; group of kids in library; fireman Carl with something smoking; ladies hanging clothes; man on sofa; mug of old lady; kids watching teacher; group of 3
Env. 200 - 10/9/1992 Float building; Women’s pavilion ribbon cutting; hospital photos; group of 5 ladies; party- guy in tux; old lady; two black men; mug of lady; fireman demo at school; lady with art; electrical work; Columbus Costumes; group of students (5)
Env. 201 - 10/12/1992 Columbus Day Parade; Kingfish Junior Ribbon Cutting; bike zone ribbon cutting; Springfield Elementary Skating Party; theater work; skate boarding; survey work; four Albany High Student Club Groups; United Way Thermometer work; Doctor talking with couple at Table; man in fields and with stacked pots; Karl Ingram and book
Env. 202 - 10/12/1992 High School football: Hammond vs. Slidell, Loranger vs. Springfield, Independence vs. Albany
Env. 203 - 10/13/1992 “Cinderella” Auditions; “Deathtrap” rehearsal; lady painting; 5 groups
Env. 204 - 10/15/1992 Jail and Bail fundraiser; Joe’s Arrest; mug of old Blackman; two groups with four people; ribbon cutting; mug of white man; old people pitching horse shoes; Ardillo’s Grocery; Ponchatoula Halloween decorations        
Env. 205 - 10/16/1992 Bennett Johnson at G.D.; Holy Ghost Farewell; Old Folks exercising; Hammond Elementary pictures; man with fish; baseball
Env. 206 - 10/16/1992 mug- hospice; man with car; mugs; Charlie Pittman; Art Club with poster; Old folks; birdhouses
Env. 207 - 10/18/1992 mugs; Strawberry Patch Ads; Independence’s Community State Bank Ads; Church groups; Old Farmers Day; Oktoberfest; Children’s Play; Jazz Downtown; Dot’s mug
Env. 208 - 10/18/1992 High School football
Env. 209 -10/20/1992 School pictures; Joan’s pictures; tent pickup; building demolition
Env. 210 - 10/21/1992 Southeastern Louisiana University volleyball; women with jack-o-lanterns; three group shots; lady working with milk cartons; construction; two people by computer
Env. 211 - 10/22/1992 Audubon Living Center; Ideas workshop speaker; boy scouts
Env. 212 - 10/23/1992 Halloween Cemetery; ribbon cutting; microwave giveaway; LSU research station; Independence parade; group; downtown construction; haircuts- coaches
Env. 213 - 10/25/1992 Homecoming Queens; guy working on car; lab school carnival; pumpkin painting; mug of young girl; four students; ladies decorating light pole; Oktoberfest Art; group of seven; Link Award; St. Thomas Group; Earth Day; Yogi Bear Donation; Picnic and pops
Env. 214 - 10/25/1992 High School Football
Env. 215 - 9/27/1992 High School football- Amite vs. Carver, Independence vs. Riverside, Ponchatoula vs. Loranger
Env. 216 - 10/27/1992 PTA officers; pumpkins; pumpkin carving; People by counter
Env. 217 - 10/28/1992 church pictures; drug free parade; mug; groups
Env. 218 - 10/29/1992 mug of students; cheerleaders; student group; Ponchatoula Safety sign; new bridge; Erdey press conference
Env. 219 - 10/31/1992 Halloween pictures; Erdey body recovery; pumpkin carving; mugs; proclamation        
Env. 220 - 11/1/1992 guy shooting gun; Optimist Club Haunted House; Red Fair Day; Nursing Home party; Guy studying; Nursing Volunteer Appreciation; Hammond High Homecoming Parade and Queen; Perot backers
Env. 221 - 11/1/1992 High School football
Env. 222 - 11/3/1992 Student groups and mugs; lady teaching; guy working on light pole; 443 wreck
Env. 223 - 11/4/1992 Circus Elephants
Env. 224 - 11/5/1992 Bike-a-thon winners; Circus scenes; proclamation; Office group
Env. 225 - 11/6/1992 Football team; Holy Ghost pictures; school pictures; mug; Trafton Roman Lunch; Black leaders; Joan’s pictures; bikes
Env. 226 - 11/7/1992 High school football; portrait; art show; library group; groups; pig kissing; marching band
Env. 227 - 11/9/1992 ribbon cutting; trash pickup; alligator mascot; car accident and fire
Env. 228 - 11/10/1992 Lady at Desk; people dancing; cars-ad; people in an office; car salesman; people with a globe
Env. 229 - 11/11/1992 kids with books; high school basketball; construction; mayor with plaques; ZZ Top Car; flag ceremony; student groups
Env. 230 - 11/12/1992 basketball; St. Helena school; groups; Vets day ceremony; hospital group
Env. 231 - 11/13/1992 Football team; proclamation; check presentation; swamp machine
Env. 232 - 11/15/1992 Jewelry Ad; LP&L Show; High school football; fashion show; Lionette Alum!; ROTC fall dining out; building dedication; swamp romp; computer workshop; Genesis Award; Lady with sleeping kill; MLK March
Env. 233 - 11/17/1992 Southeastern Louisiana University pep rally; library; Ponchatoula Industrial Park
Env. 234 - 11/18/1992 Basketball; Southeastern Louisiana University Gumbo Ya-Ya; Award; Houses; speaker
Env. 235 - 11/19/1992 Cars; groups; quilt
Env. 236 - 11/19/1992 Bus/car wreck; volleyball players; lab school run; food collection; groups; mall; speaker; parents lunch; groundbreaking; garden of the month
Env. 237 - 11/22/1992 Wreck; Mall shots (Dori); Santa Bear breakfast; Christian Jubilee; Ponchatoula Chamber Award winners; Link Award; school groups; Southeastern Louisiana University Homecoming parade; Hammond Nursing Home Party
Env. 238 - 11/22/1992 High School football playoffs: Amite, Independence, Kentwood
Env. 239 - 11/24/1992 Shrine Circus; Group of ladies; light decorating in the City
Env. 240 - 11/26/1992 Shop local group; trademark site; triplets; artist signing books; basketball
Env. 241 - 11/29/1992 Herding Seminar; Tree farm work; Nora’s Ad shot; wrapping person in mall; K-Mart fundraising; Coach house gifts employee working
Env. 242 - 11/29/1992 High School playoffs: Amite vs. Breaux Bridge, Independence vs ?; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball vs. Budapest
Env. 243 - 12/2/1992 Rosenblum Ad; Jim rice; railroad work; groups; HDC lights; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; school water problem
Env. 244 - 12/3/1992 Schwegmann speaking; Christmas caroling; basketball; play rehearsals
Env. 245 - 12/4/1992 LSU/Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; house; billboard construction; fashion show; group
Env. 246 - 12/5/1992 basketball; Karate group; pole decorations; birds; school group
Env. 247 - 12/6/1992 Lady mug; Westpart mug; guys putting up tree; Hammond Christmas Parade; can crushing man; Student groups; St. Thomas tree planting; Livingston Parish basketball tourney; Independence High Football playoff; 236th Awards; Children’s play; Caroling in the park; Kiwanis stuff
Env. 248 - 12/8/1992 People in Office; Cars-ad; Christmas decorations; student groups; broken bridge
Env. 249 - 12/10/1992 Choir practice; groups; Saints tab; Joan’s pictures; mug; kids shopping; truck wreck
Env. 250 - 12/11/1992 groups; Love light tree; Chlorine leak; ribbon cutting; parade
Env. 251 - 12/14/1992 Loranger library; ladies filling box; kids singing; Southeastern Louisiana University graduation; Springfield Parade
Env. 252 - 12/16/1992 Basketball; group; parade
Env. 253 - 12/17/1992 U-Way; Nesom groups; Christmas lights
Env. 254 - 12/18/1992 Christmas performance; Westpark; Winn-Dixie donation; Basketball; groups; Christmas decorations
Env. 255 - 12/19/1992 Basketball; groups; parade; KSLU
Env. 256 - 12/20/1992 Loranger Christmas Parade; KC Awards; Students Christmas Stuff; Gabriel’s New location; Methodist Live Nativity; K-Mart bike give away; auction; Children’s Christmas Crusade
Env. 257 - 12/23/1992 Basketball; roadside trash; sidewalk illuminaries; accident; Mrs. Claus at library
Env. 258 - 12/28/1992 Guys playing guitar; guy making sign; Hammond Square mall parking; people waiting for tickets; People at fireworks stand
Env. 259 - 12/30/1992 (labeled 12/30/1993 but in the 1992 box) Apartment fire; basketball; Woodstone bridge work; vet with goat            
Env.  260 - 1/2/1993 mug of pressman; boy and grandfather on slide; Mason work; backhoe work; guy working in flowerbed
Env. 261 - 1/5/1993 Road drainage work; basketball court; speakers
Env. 262 - 1/6/1993 Dogs in park; park fence; library food drive; smoke alarm; basketball; Winn-Dixie
Env. 263 - 1/7/1993 mugs; phone line moving work; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball
Env. 264 - 1/7/1993 First Guaranty Bank building; Coastal College mugs; S. Morrison phone line work; deer; couple with baby; Hood Food accident;
Env. 265 - 1/10/1993 High School basketball; Genesis Award; Vet giving blood; Elvis stamp sale; Jeep driving through water; proclamation; Guaranty Artist; two student groups
Env. 266 - 1/12/1993 Basketball; groups; Boys and girls club; Columbus Dr. Railroad crossing; recycling bin
Env. 267 - 1/13/1993 mugs; groups; Christmas Trees; trash at Manchac; fire; Tulane/UNO- basketball
Env. 268 - 1/13/1993 I-55 Truck overturned; Home grant work; cars going thru railroad crossing; basketball
Env. 269 - 1/14/1993 Bus Accident; Real Estate; Collinswood Museum
Env. 270 - 1/15/1993 Springfield Amvets flag raising; City zoning map; proclamation; basketball
Env. 271 - 1/16/1993 Kentwood Centennial; Southeastern Louisiana University semester preparations; Art Show decorations; Arbor Day tree planting; Cloogers dancing; High School basketball        
Env. 272 - 1/19/1993 MLK speakers; fire; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball
Env. 273  - 1/20/1993 Holy Ghost students; ribbon cutting; Southeastern Louisiana University painters; basketball; girl in rain; accident
Env. 274 - 1/21/1993 flood; group
Env. 275 - 1/22/1993 flood
Env. 276 - 1/24/1993 5-mug; flooding; Daily Star Check presentation; Roof repair; Fireman washing truck; 2 Arbor Day photos; Cement work; Link Award; Bob Livingston’s Office
Env. 277 - 1/26/1993 Old Ponchatoula High; Car fire; tree planting; Art Show; soup promo
Env. 278 - 1/27/1993 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; McDonald’s; mugs; painter; Steve Wells speaking; homemakers
Env. 279 - 1/29/1993 tree planting; groups; Drainage work; basketball
Env. 280 - 1/30/1993 Guy painting; High school basketball; social studies fair winners; ribbon cutting; ROTC Competition; College Fair
Env. 281 - 2/2/1993 Annie Eastman tour; groups; Southeastern Louisiana University portable buildings; Woodstone bridge
Env. 282 - 2/3/1993 PMS Ad; Timber land fire; Dance-a-thon promo; painter; groups; basketball
Env. 283 - 2/4/1993 group; Channell fire; Juvenile Detention Center
Env. 284 - 2/4/1993 Bud Daredevils; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Southern
Env. 285 - 2/5/1993 TK Value; Link Award; Lil with group; groups; Bob Livingston; Garden of the Month; Basketball; Teacher with kid
Env. 286 - 2/7/1993 High School basketball; Rugby Game; Volleyball players; Bob Livingston speaking; 2 groups; Genesis Award; Gary’s Group shot; Garden of the month
Env. 287 - 2/7/1993 Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Centenary
Env. 288 - 2/9/1993 Ribbon cutting; coastal college mugs; Hammond High School play; groups; drainage work
Env. 289 - 2/10/1993 Airport; school pictures; salesman; teddy bears; Westpark painters; can shake; price-rite; Hammond Rec. Director
Env. 290 - 2/11/1993 mug; proclamation; teachers group; tooth care program
Env. 291 - 2/12/1993 Insurance mugs; Dennis Darouse; house; school pictures; school groups; Omega Ball decorations; North Oak park sidewalk work
Env. 292 - 2/14/1993 Valentine King and Queen; Fashion Show; Steel Guitar Convention; A Special Place; High School basketball; Dr. Maxwell giving eye exam; Guy BBQing; Belle Maison- guy singing; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; Krewe of Omega Ball
Env. 293 - 2/15/1993 Baseball; Hotrods; Hair shop
Env. 294 - 2/16/1993 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; groups; water tower; road wash-out; fence construction
Env. 295 - 2/17/1993 Basketball; 190 Water tower; North Oak Park; Hammond High Banner; Mardi Gras speakers; mug; group
Env. 296 - 2/18/1993 Eastside Elementary Parade; mug; Gumbo pictures; Fire department training; salesmen; cars
Env. 297 - 2/19/1993 Omega Parade; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Teacher/student volleyball; groups; Omega toasting
Env. 298 - 2/20/1993 basketball; baseball; groups; school program
Env. 299 - 2/22/1993 Krewe of wrecks; float contest winners; strawberry poster
Env. 300 - 2/23/1993 Kid’s parade; Dixie Motors mugs
Env. 301 - 2/24/1993 houses; Gabriel’s Nursing Home pictures; Southeastern Louisiana University firewall construction
Env. 302 - 2/25/1993 Lawyer speaking to kids; power line work; group
Env. 303 - 2/26/1993 Marge Frahm retirement; Gen. OTT bridge construction; basketball
Env. 304 - 2/28/1993 Broken glass by Mike’s desk; baseball; High b-buy playoffs; window washing; mug; group of kids; fireman checking equipment; Collinswood Museum Clean up; Kirkin’ of the Tartars
Env. 305 - 3/2/1993 Accident; Reimer’s field’s lights; check presentation
Env. 306 - 3/3/1993 Maurepas AARP group; coastal ad; wagon train; fire; proclamation; basketball
Env. 307  - 3/4/1993 Amite House fire; Holy Ghost books; Jim Rice at D.C. Reeves; Amite Library; baseball
Env. 308 - 3/5/1993 Levy building pictures; groups; rugs- home and garden; garden of the month; houses
Env. 309  -3/7/1993 JA Photos 3 different; Azalea Garden Tour Promo; Azalea Garden being built; St. Joseph’s Fair preparation; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; Boy with bubbles; Lighted Oak Tree; Guaranty Gallery Artist; Hammond Art Guild Spring Show
Env. 310 - 3/9/1993 Baseball; TB testing; Brownies Grotto; Accident
Env. 311 - 3/11/1993 Baseball; tennis; mug; groups; Home and Garden
Env. 312 - 3/12/1993 Hearing Dog Center; Trey Yuen/J.A.; Blood drive; Teacher workshop; KSLU petition
Env. 313 - 3/14/1993 Yard photos; Azalea sale; Newman B-ball game; St. Joseph’s Fair; Snow and cold photo’s; Rescued man and family; boy with bike; fashion show; Math-a-thon students; Field dedication; Oyster King and Queen
Env. 314 - 3/16/1993 Baseball; New Ponchatoula librarian; Old Drew Foam building; 911 Address changes; lady with crafts; groups; ribbon cutting; azaleas
Env. 315 - 3/17/1993 Windrush site; circus; check presentation; door; mugs
Env. 316 - 3/19/1993 berry farmer; Albany Middle principal; houses; groups; metal building construction; pony rides; baseball; Holy Ghost fair t-shirts; Kentwood festivities
Env. 317 - 3/20/1993 Link Award; Student groups; student mugs; Realtor mugs; Midway Elementary Talent Show; St. Joseph Alter; Clerk of Court convention; Handicap shoot out; Kentwood Centennial; JA Ball; Fishing winner
Env. 318 - 3/22/1993 baseball
Env. 319 - 3/23/1993 baseball; tennis; Albany Sewer construction; Art Show hanging; groups
Env. 320 - 3/24/1993 baseball; Bob Odom; Springfield Elementary groups
Env. 321 -3/25/1993 BBB speaker; Holy Ghost fair practice; Audubon Living Center; groups; Eagle Scout project
Env. 322 - 3/26/1993 A.G. Edwards; fire tax; Joe T. With fish; Accident
Env. 323 - 3/28/1993 Chile cook-off; Student groups; bike-a-thon winners; Trash bash; Oyster Fest; AARP meeting; Holy Ghost Fair; Talent Show; Hammond High field day
Env. 324 - 3/30/1993 groups; TV donation; fashion show; fair rides setup; sewer work
Env. 325 - 3/31/1993 Hammond baseball; High School track; Joan’s pictures; pizza party; Clean city judges; Southeastern Louisiana University lab school grandparents day
Env. 326 - 4/4/1993 Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; Magic Show; Easter Egg hunt; Car show; Strawberry Fest and Parade; Fashion; student groups
Env. 327 - 4/5/1993 (labeled 4/5/1992 but located in the 1993 box) Strawberry Fest; groups; baseball
Env. 328 - 4/6/1993 voting booth verification; AMVETS
Env. 329 - 4/6/1993 Morrison Blvd/ I-12 overpass; railroad construction; play rehearsal; Daily Star mugs
Env. 330 - 4/7/1993 baseball; Trafton Easter hats; Loranger Library; groups; Tree fallen on house
Env. 331 - 4/8/1993 Baseball; Art Show; groups
Env. 332 - 4/9/1993 Independence Fire and police department preparing Easter Egg hunt; two mugs of Easter basket
Env. 333 - 4/12/1993 Easter Egg hunts
Env. 334 - 4/13/1993 Baseball; soccer; Amite Librarian; Roseland Library; Chef John Folse
Env. 335 - 4/14/1993 Strawberry Jubilee; Hook Marine Construction; ladies with art; student group; Independence Fire station; Old People walking
Env. 336 - 4/15/1993 Hammond High Baseball; Guy painting furniture building; Construction- two different ones; guy with turkey; Annie CoCo; student group; two girls signing with Southeastern Louisiana University women’s baseball
Env. 337 - 4/16/1993 Art Exhibit; Options’ dancers; guy putting up overhang; guys putting on Synthetic plaster; nun on scooter; student group; guy hanging satellite dish
Env. 338 - 4/18/1993 Ducky Dip Dash; Horse and buggy Prom ride; girl shooting hoops; Zephyrs baseball; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Cent. baseball; Old Teacher/Student reunion; Art Show; Construction; Summer fun sign up; Student group; soccer
Env. 339 - 4/19/1993 baseball
Env. 340 - 4/20/1993 Baseball; Parking lot paving; group; Italian fest museum; Police Officer shot


Box # 13 (April 21, 1993 to August 31, 1994 )
Env. 1 - 4/21/1993 Joan’s pictures; Hanson St. Railroad crossing; First American Bank Ad; Southeastern Louisiana University President debate; houses
Env. 2 - 4/22/1993 Independence Library; Accidents; Stop sign- Columbus Dr.; proclamation; Business Festival
Env. 3 - 4/23/1993 Groups; I-12 accidents; Ad photos; Albany Middle School; baseball
Env. 4 - 4/25/1993 Italian Fest; Strawberry Festival Queen, pageant, participants; tree planting
Env. 5 - 4/25/1993 High School track; Link Award; Jump-rope-a-thon; Secretary Day; Library Opening; mug; Blood Center moving; Story teller; Italian Fest Parade
Env. 6 - 4/27/1993 Ponchatoula Key Club; Southeastern Louisiana University park; groups; Candidate debate; mug
Env. 7 - 4/28/1993 Jazz Fest; baseball; softball; Hammond Jr. High play; Lila Hogan Speaking; Ponchatoula pipe bomb; groups; man with dog
Env. 8 - 4/29/1993 Camp Moore; Kentwood Library fax; mugs
Env. 9 - 4/30/1993 4-H Show; Nesom- horse; speaker; Award presentation
Env. 10 - 5/2/1993 Brownie’s Crawfish boil; Student groups; student mugs; St. Thomas Play; Trafton Talent Show; Church Fair; Gabriel’s Ribbon Cutting; Ham Cul. Foundation; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball vs. Samford
Env. 11 - 5/3/1993 Hospice; group; Hammond Eastside Field Day; Accident; Maypole; baseball
Env. 12 - 5/4/1993 Man with flag; groups; Delmar Craig; Baseball
Env. 13 - 5/5/1993 Apperson goes home; Mike Cooper Road; Jewelry; baseball
Env. 14 - 5/7/1993 Dameron House; Lab school; groups; Baseball; Man with fish; Nesom; Vandalized House; Bonsai Trees
Env. 15 - 5/9/1993 Painting Musical Props; Bob Priez at Library; group; Daily Star Circulation; softball
Env. 16 - 5/11/1993 play; police race car; Daily Star; Crawfish boil; Hunt Plywood sign; Independence Police Station; Daily Star Computers; Independence Acadian Ambulance; proclamation
Env. 17 - 5/11/1993 Cars
Env. 18 - 5/12/1993 Round Travel; Albany Library; Hammond Library; Cars; guns; School stuff; mugs; group
Env. 19 - 5/13/1993 house; Saints players at school; groups; proclamation
Env. 20  - 5/14/1993 Crawfish boil; pig kissing; Tomato planting; School stuff; salesman
Env. 21 - 5/18/1993 Art gallery; Mollere’s; Garden of the Month; Bedico Church
Env. 22 - 5/20/1993 Waterproofing; Library Officers/Party; Garden of the Month; Trafton Concert; Minor League Baseball; Football; Kid reading book; two wrecks; mug of man; ABWA Awards; Hammond High Football Booster; Church; Group of Old People
Env. 23 - 5/21/1993 Group; Vet in Classroom; baseball; Bridge construction; library pictures; Westside Activity Day; Swimming
Env. 24 - 5/22/1993 Baseball; Garden of the Month; School groups; Long Ice-Cream Sundae; Krewe of Omega; Gumbo picture; March of Dimes
Env. 25 - 5/24/1993 Groups; School pictures
Env. 26 - 5/25/1993 School groups; Commercial filming; doctor; Graduation practice
Env. 27 - 5/26/1993 School pictures; pressure cleaning; groups
Env. 28 - 5/27/1993 Daggs-Reid planning; Track feature; garden judging; graduates
Env. 29 - 5/28/1993 mugs; rocket launching; plates; bank commercial; groups; baseball
Env. 30 - 5/30/1993 Guy painting; Ponchatoula Memorial Day Service; Grace Memorial Memorial Day Service; Lady under umbrella; kid mug; kid with Award; Handicapp swimmers with medals; LSU baseball; Gary’s Cemetery shots; Traffic Light Work
Env. 31 - 6/2/1993 NCAA Track; Saints Camp; proclamation; Check presentation; two ribbon cuttings; man with two students holding trophies; garden winner; conference; Adult b-ball league winners
Env. 32 - 6/2/1993 Recycling newspapers; Realtors; kindergarten graduation
Env. 33 - 6/3/1993 Bus driver with goodies; Belle Maison- Ad; Food pantry workers; Construction- Music Express
Env. 34 - 6/4/1993 NCAA Track (etc)
Env. 35 - 6/6/1993 Mug of Kid; retirement Roast; mug of man; flower; Construction- Manniro’s; boat check; Kentwood Dairy Fest; Ribbon cutting; Pool cleaning; Track and Field
Env. 36 - 6/8/1993 Mooney Ave. Pool; Garden of the Month; Grant-a-wish; Dancers; Old Folks; salesman
Env. 37 - 6/10/1993 Old Ladies; house; mug; old papers
Env. 38 - 6/11/1993 Bella Rose; Coastal College; Alligator at library; Gardening at library; Train/Truck wreck; Swimming pool; baseball; Street work
Env. 39 - 6/15/1993 Nursing Home bowling; mug; Garden of the Month; Tennis camp; Summer feeding program
Env. 40 - 6/15/1993 Lemonade Stand; Scout camp; group; presentation; Country Market
Env. 41 - 6/16/1993 Circulation Department; Cox Craft; bike at library; baseball; ladies with quilt; group; swimmer; golf
Env. 42 - 6/17/1993 bees; tennis; Ponchatoula Industrial Park; Speaker; Cheerleader camp; Shorty Rogers; groups
Env. 43 - 6/21/1993 People in store
Env. 44 - 6/23/1993 Man with torch; Adopting Couple; Car dealers; group; Treasure Hunter; Cucumber Sorters
Env. 45 - 6/24/1993 T-shirt workshop; Hardware store; Ponchatoula Oxidation pond; Senior Olympians; Robert House burned down; baseball; people eating
Env. 46 - 6/25/1993 Collingswood plates; Levy play
Env. 47 - 6/27/1993 B. Livingston at General Dynamics; Marriage Proposal; Baseball signing (Southeastern Louisiana University); baseball group; Marker dedication; tree stump removal
Env. 48 - 6/28/1993 Burned trailer; rain shelter; construction
Env. 49 - 6/30/1993 Plasma Donation; Fireworks Dealer; Bus painting; Tennis and Track
Env. 50 - 7/1/1993 mugs; Jail construction; Pontchartrain group; face painting; blood donation; Garden of the Month; Lallie Kemp Check presentation
Env. 51 - 7/2/1993 Tree planting; Church; migrant Christian
Env. 52 - 7/6/1993 Fireworks; Construction; Surveying; Restoration House Project; Sign work
Env. 53 - 7/8/1993 Hospital Volunteers; Southeastern Louisiana University orientation; Rotary Award; house; group; Ronald McDonald at library; Nurse with baby
Env. 54 - 7/9/1993 Power lifter; tree fallen; mug-doctor; Erdey Van; library program
Env. 55 - 7/11/1993 K &B Construction; Duck watching; Country Market b-day; Hearing Dog; Rosenblum Mental Health; Lab Photos; Artist at Guaranty Bank
Env. 56 - 7/15/1993 group; mayor with group; bridge opening; Dance school; Zemurray pool; police donation; Exercise group; Groundbreaking; pool work; science class; baseball
Env. 57 - 7/20/1993 K & B at mall construction; Gun and drugs; big watermelon; Amite Steel Mill; Roseland City Hall; Guy with wheelchair
Env. 58 - 7/21/1993 cars; Tuttle road work; American Legion group; Bike race sign; track; You-pick-em
Env. 59 - 7/22/1993 Willie A; mug; two-headed turtle; rotary officers; TARC
Env. 60 - 7/25/1993 Tour De Louisiane; Balcony construction; Dori’s mill shot; Wal-Mart tree removal; Kid’s Art Camp; 55 Alive Class; Shorty’s Grand opening; floats for funds; car salesman people; team photo
Env. 61 - 7/27/1993 Golden wrench award; Trashy lot-house; Eagle Scout; Library winners; Lions Club presentation
Env. 62 - 7/28/1993 Barge in Springfield; Dragonflies; dairy farm; man with fish; Momosa seed pods; collecting supplies
Env. 63 - 7/30/1993 Thrift Store; Trash can vandalism; Sen. Hainkel; Hammond Eastside Principal; Concrete Saw
Env. 64 - 8/1/1993 Chef; Physicals; painting church; painting mural and car; track (Junior Olympiads)
 Env. 65 - 8/2/1993 painting classes; mugs
Env. 66 - 8/3/1993 Sign construction; church group
Env. 67 - 8/4/1993 Cypress Trees; Amite River; Manchac Swamp; Tickfaw River; Groups-library; proclamation- football; mug; lightning struck trailer; weight lifter; Taxidermist
Env. 68 - 8/5/1993 groups; mugs; tree planting; football team; Rita Robertson; Baseball team; U-Way pins; Air National Guard dish
Env. 69 - 8/8/1993 Lil Mug; Hammond High School football booster shot; kid with baseball mit; fixing baseball field; Guaranty Gallery; Center Clean-up; lightning; baseball; guy with watermelon; under bridge (Dori’s bats); Cemetery desecration; litter
Env. 70 - 8/9/1993 Ribbon cutting; new business car photo; lightning struck tree; painting map at Loranger Elementary; Guy fixing light pole
Env. 71 - 8/10/1993 Wildlife and fisheries; football practice; man and lady with plaque; two mugs; speaker; car wreck in building; check presentation; sack rack; pole work for signal light
Env. 72 - 8/11/1993 Veterans; Oak Forest football team; Curly Hallman; Jamie Howart; Intercom work; Asphalt work
Env. 73 - 8/16/1993 Skeet Club; I-12 accident; cook
Env. 74 - 8/17/1993 Corbin Road Bridge; Drainage work; football practice; Amite Team
Env. 75 - 8/19/1993 Fire-Heat Victims; Daggs-Reid; groups; mug; Oak Park gator; mugs; cars; teacher luncheon
Env. 76 - 8/20/1993 Monte Moncreif; Deer Heads; Acadian mugs; Teacher’s first Day; Independence Football team; Kentwood Football team; School pictures; football practice
Env. 77 - 8/22/1993 Ponchatoula high Scrimmage; two ribbon cutting; CeCos photos; Health fair; Library work; Gator Day; Pancake breakfast; Football- High School; Tree lightning struck; Link Award; Southeastern Louisiana University picnic
Env. 78 - 8/24/1993 Construction woman; St. Helena Football team
Env. 79 - 8/25/1993 Hotel Construction Site; Hammond Band practice; Dump site; spider; groups
Env. 80 - 8/25/1993 D.C. Reeves Fire; Spider at Dump site; Motel Construction; Band practice; fisher women; teachers; mug
Env. 81 - 8/26/1993 Cars; committee; house; volleyball
Env. 82 - 8/27/1993 Football; French school visitors
Env. 83 - 8/29/1993 Man picketing; high school football- Oak Forest; Girl Cooling off; Drug bust; Lt. Dazerfield talking; Tree cutting
Env. 84 - 8/31/1993 Wreck I-55; D.C. Reeves First Day        
Env. 85 - 9/2/1993 Hammond Eggs; motorcycle Accident; volleyball; Oysterfest grounds; mugs
Env. 86 - 9/3/1993 The Sandbar; Ducks; groups; black fest grounds; revival; ants on desk; General Dynamics
Env. 87 - 9/5/1993 High School football- Kentwood vs. Sumner- Wil, Independence vs. Loranger- John, Springfield vs. Albany- Randy; Black Fest; Wreck with train; artists; flood relief truck loading; track work
Env. 88 - 9/9/1993 Group meeting; groundbreaking
Env. 89 - 9/9/1993 Amite Library; Miller library; mugs; JA groups; School group meeting
Env. 90 - 9/10/1993 Nesom Spelling Bee; Independence Fire Truck; groundbreaking; Chaucer Finance; Check presentation; Bench building- D.C. Reeves; Tony’s Tire; recycling center; group
Env. 91 - 9/11/1993 Swimming; Ponchatoula-Albany football
Env. 92 - 9/12/1993 Helicopter Demo; Krewe of Omega Queen and King; High School football; Ribbon cutting; Golf Classic; swimming lessons
Env. 93 - 9/14/1993 Ceramic group; love bugs; birdhouses; mug; football practice
Env. 94 - 9/15/1993 Independence Fire queen; cars; Anthon ribbon cutting; Cfact check presentation; Hemp supporters; bus accident; mugs
Env. 95 - 9/16/1993 Holy Ghost lunch; Chuck Reed with pot; picketers; Kiwanis phone
Env. 96 - 9/17/1993 mugs; cars; car salesmen; group; birdhouses; river trash; Larry Dykes
Env. 97 - 9/19/1993 High School football- Independence vs. Ponchatoula, Amite vs. Hammond
Env. 98 - 9/19/1993 Birdhouse Auction; Belle Maison workers; Link Award; Garden of the Month; Library Book Fair; Tour de Tangi; Springfield Fireman’s Fest; Independence’s Fireman’s Fest; Community Service Talk; Sheri B’s Cop Stuff
Env. 99 - 9/21/1993 Up with people practice; Amite Winn-Dixie site; blood donors; Gloria Ross mug; Donation; mug; ribbon cutting; groups; Greensburg Sewer pond
Env. 100 -9/22/1993 Simplex Servi-cycles; Garden of the Month; Up with People with kids
Env. 101 -9/23/1993 Up with People; Wine and Cheese party; Golf winners; DWI accident
Env. 102 -9/24/1993 Children’s Poet; Adopt-a-school; Servi-cycle Fest grounds; Options Awards; groups
Env. 103- 9/26/1993 Football; Fishing Rodeo; People talking; boy with basketball; musical rehearsal
Env. 104 - 9/27/1993 Water Dist. New office
Env. 105 - 9/28/1993 Accident; Musical rehearsal; Salvation Army; Dumpster; School Graffiti
Env. 106 -9/29/1993 Southeastern Louisiana University press box; Red ribbon meeting; Robert Accident; Football practice; school pictures    
Env. 107 - 9/30/1993 Ride set-up; mug; Joan’s pictures; mock disaster; groups; foresters
Env. 108 - 10/1/1993 Groups; woman with check; D.C. Reeves; Fountain café; football
Env. 109 - 10/3/1993 Ponchatoula Cheerleaders; Ponchatoula Play; Kids painting t-shirts; kids making hats; kids touching something; Tour de Cour; Basketball Court; High School football
Env. 110 - 10/4/1993 Chef’s Evening; downtown group
Env. 111 - 10/5/1993 mugs; reading program; artist; swamp; bikers; Daggs-Reid; Accident; gas price signs
Env. 112 - 10/6/1993 volleyball; Parish Fair; Tootsie Roll group; City and Parish councils
Env. 113 - 10/7/1993 Groups; Parish Fair; tractor Accident; Fire Dept. Visit
Env. 114 - 10/8/1993 Turtle Cove project; Green Safety Day; Pumpkin; mugs; proclamation; last supper; meeting
Env. 115 - 10/10/1993 High School football
Env. 116 -10/10/1993 Tangi Fair and Parade; Mall b-day; Hammond Heritage Day; Indian Day in Livingston; Student Groups
Env. 117 - 10/12/1993 mugs; Tennis Clinic; Bowlers; groups; Ronald McDonald; Garden of the Month
Env. 118 - 10/13/1993 Volleyball; Musicals rehearsals; groups; mug
Env. 119 - 10/14/1993 mugs; Water meter readers; Garden of the Month; bicyclers; Garden Club; groups
Env. 120 - 10/15/1993 Basketball; Baseball field; Livy Fair; clowns at library; groups; swim meet; drug dog at school; sign; mug; house
Env. 121 - 10/17/1993 High School football; Springfield; Hammond vs. Ponchatoula, Sumner, Independence vs. Kentwood
Env. 122 - 10/17/1993 Student Groups; Guy with fish; Old Farmer’s Day; Livingston Fair Parade; Ray Bradbury; Dozer work
Env. 123- 10/19/1993 man with flags; old lady; Drainage work; apartment construction; groups; tea party
Env. 124 - 10/20/1993 eye doctor with kids; mug; astronaut; 911 mug; Independence Band Practice; Bus loading; Homecoming Court; computer donation
Env. 125 - 10/21/1993 groups; mugs; woman speaking; couple; Robert Waller; sewer project; Barney
Env. 126 - 10/22/1993 proclamation; Loranger Homecoming court; Kentwood Seniors; Kentwood parade
Env. 127 - 10/23/1993 High School football
Env. 128 - 10/23/1993 Fireman’s training; Pumpkin painting; Oktoberfest; Hammond High School Homecoming Parade; Veterans (2); Lady Golfers; Environmental Day; STA on Radio; Pet Therapy; Ribbon cutting; TV Report KPHS; Swamp Romp; Sparacello; Old People in Costumes
Env. 129 -10/26/1993 School group; drug rally
Env. 130 - 10/27/1993 country market; check presentation; volleyball; Hoover Road construction; pumpkin carving
Env. 131 - 10/28/1993 drug fair; parents at school; boys and girls art
Env. 132 - 10/29/1993 Library board; groups; Genesis Award; Jail and Bail; pumpkin painting; house
Env. 133 - 10/30/1993 Rodeo; Halloween; wreck in store; Juvenile Center; Church people; Billie Jo; proclamation; STA Students Acting
Env.  134 - 10/30/1993 High School football
Env. 135 - 11/1/1993 Cemetery Candles
Env. 136 - 11/3/1993 Groups; mugs; accident; old ladies eating; Wal-Mart site
Env. 137 - 11/4/1993 Tooth demonstration; check presentation; house; teacher
Env. 138- 11/5/1993 volleyball; I-12 wreck; Robert’s Ad; Senior of Year; Traffic light pole
Env. 139 - 11/7/1993 three mugs; book fair; car underwater; guy fixing window display; art reception; building; guy doing cement work; St. Helena Homecoming; Clown show; kid with art; Ponchatoula football fans
Env. 140 - 11/7/1993 Ponchatoula vs. Bogalusa; Amite vs. Independence
Env. 141 - 11/9/1993 Health care campaign; Garden of the Month; railroad crossing
Env. 142 - 11/10/1993 one arm man; umbrellas; ribbon cutting; ad; mugs; groups
Env. 143 -11/11/1993 groups; Thanksgiving play; GOP speakers; fruit display; check presentation; mug; boat; nursing home
Env. 144 - 11/12/1993 Memorial Day
Env. 145- 11/14/1993 Sign work; ribbon cutting; Scrabble games; Airport Open House; two Little League Football teams; Amite Library Open house; ladies planting; girls with books; mug of lady; mug of girl
Env. 146 -11/14/1993 1st Round High School football playoffs
Env. 147- 11/16/1993 Southeastern Louisiana University pep rally; ribbon cutting; Wardline planning; Columbus crossing; group
Env. 148 - 11/17/1993 School groups; house; real estate banquet; mug; motorcycle Accident; Southeastern Louisiana University fun run
Env. 149 - 11/18/1993 Pet Stop ad; Gumbo Ya-Ya; mug; food drive; school pictures; check presentation; accident; Barney
Env. 150 - 11/19/1993 Girl in walker; kids with parachute; Ice Cream party; Tax bills; shoe repair business; kids with teepee; speaker; groups; mug
Env. 151 - 11/21/1993 Southeastern Louisiana University homecoming queen; Southeastern Louisiana University homecoming parade; kids on toys; painting work; light work; mug of lady; Link Award; Students with food
Env. 152 - 11/21/1993 2nd Round high school playoffs
Env. 153 - 11/24/1993 HDC decorating; mugs; food pantry; groups; accident I-55; cars; trash
Env. 154 - 11/26/1993 Old folks; guy with clothes; basketball; play
Env. 155 - 11/28/1993 Girl studying; student group; Kentwood football; guy by car; Boy Scouts; girl shopping; girl decorating tree
Env. 156 - 11/29/1993 Pat’s Old folks shots; tree hunting; giving blood; Joan’s shots
Env. 157 - 12/1/1993 Basketball; lab school pictures
Env. 158 - 12/2/1993 Tree lights decorating; hair salon group; group; traffic director; basketball
Env. 159 - 12/3/1993 food; job fair; groups; hay snowman; Winn-Dixie site
Env. 160 - 12/4/1993 Ponchatoula Christmas Parade; Kentwood Christmas Parade; K-Mart Christmas Party; high school basketball
Env. 161 - 12/5/1993 Hammond Christmas Parade; Choral Singers in mall; high school basketball
Env. 162 - 12/6/1993 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball
Env. 163 - 12/7/1993 Independence Christmas Parade; Gardens of the Month; “Messiah” at Bank; Belle Maison Ad; Joan’s pictures    
Env. 164 - 12/8/1993 Boys and Girls Club; mug; Cate Square; Basketball
Env. 165 - 12/9/1993 Raccoon Island; Basketball; Cheerleaders; check presentation; man speaking; Angel silhouette; mug; Ponchatoula play practice; party
Env. 166 - 12/10/1993 Tools bought at school; (94) new mustang; Genesis Award; Decorated Wall; Kids singing; love light tree; Noisy bar; basketball
Env. 167 - 12/11/1993 State football; basketball; Southeastern Louisiana University graduation; Daggs-Reid trees; Fire-Lincoln park; ABC Day Care play; Check presentation; Cate Square decorating; mugs; steel mill
Env. 168 - 12/13/1993 Christmas party-Joan; Art show; Springfield Christmas parade; candle light caroling
Env. 169 - 12/14/1993 Albany Parade; mug; Habitat house; group; Angel tree
Env. 170 - 12/15/1993 house; 40-445 Accident; Amite Christmas parade; family with Christmas Tree; Senior Citizen officers
Env. 171 - 12/16/1993 Basketball; Santa at Eastside Elementary; TARC-Santa; Drainage Construction; AARP officers; Holy Ghost Program
Env. 172 - 12/17/1993 mug; house; Santa Clause; Road work; Ads; Teacher award; school pictures; Adopt- a- couple; basketball
Env. 173 - 12/19/1993 K-Mart Christmas; 1st Methodist Church program; Loranger Christmas Parade; Lallie Kemp with Santa; Ladies with Cookies
Env. 174 - 12/20/1993 Albany Christmas Program; Check donation; group; mug; guy surveying
Env. 175 - 12/22/1993 Fake Deer; Ad groups; married couple; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. LSU; sign work; school fire; Santa with gifts; High School basketball; St. Thomas Group
Env. 176 - 12/23/1993 wreck; kids Id’s; Audubon Christmas Party; Mini storage work
Env. 177 - 12/24/1993 Christmas Decoration winners; mug of girl; Santa waving; Group- ad; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Southern
Env. 178 - 12/25/1993 Santa cutting hair; boy with metal detector; boys playing tennis; TPSO with needy family; three mugs
Env. 179 - 12/27/1993 bottles; Dairy stuff; fire; couple; building bon fire
Env. 180 - 12/28/1993 Litter pick-up; street work; guy painting; fire plug work; crossing guard
Env. 181 -12/29/1993 Health Center Construction; bridge construction; basketball
Env. 182 - Misc. 1993 basketball; go-cart racer; basketball; volleyball; track; parade; Christmas tree; cooking; golf; Ponchatoula High Traffic; baseball; ribbon cuttings; Garden of the Month; Morrison Blvd. Construction; Amite main street; Tree planting
Env. 183 - 1993 Link Award
Env. 184 - miscellaneous mugs
Env. 185 - 1993 miscellaneous negatives- land clearing; Genesis Award; Humanity House; Guy changing light
Env. 186 - 1993 Band; Coastal College
Env. 187 - 1993 Groups; Trench digging; house; Salesman; art gallery; Winn-Dixie
Env.  188 - 1/2/1994 Guys taking down big tent; girl cooking; guy working on car; two mugs; women’s basketball (Southeastern Louisiana University); wreck; fire; Dixie Story by Gary
Env. 189 - 1/4/1993 1994 first baby; guy’s playing football; sign; Dori’s Court photos
Env. 190 - 1/5/1993 Blood donors (plasma); basketball
Env. 191 - 1/6/1993 Car Ads for Kim Reno; Work Maine Busted (Dori); AARP Officers (Joan); two ladies with awards (Joan); message (Joan); lady painting (Joan); karate group; group at table; Randy’s art
Env. 192 - 1/7/1994 lady with plaque; lady with baby food; drug bust; lady giving blood; water tower; train crossing construction
Env. 193 - 1/9/1994 house fire; Auto place- Jerry’s Ad; Dori Profile Mugs of SBA; Boy with remote control car; Street hokey; Belle Oaks GC officer; sign work; high school basketball
Env. 194 - 1/11/1994 fire; ladies with garden; mug of lady; kids with animals and fake animals
Env. 195 - 1/12/1994 paint ball war grounds; mobile ray van; basketball; bricklayers, After school class; sign washing; Boy Scouts; drug dog
Env. 196 - 1/13/1994 Football mugs; mug of an old man; lady working on tree; lady decorating alligator; railroad work; student with project; group of students; students cooking; dogs
Env. 197 - 1/15/1994 Aaron’s Ad; students at computer; animal shelter meeting; house; plenty of mugs; kids listening to Adults read
Env. 198 - 1/16/1994 High School basketball; mugs; Memorial Service for Hammond High School student; Pinata kids; church; detention center open house; Purina Plant
Env. 199 - 1/17/1994 kids with bow and arrow; bridal affair; guy with jack hammer; gym dedication
Env. 200 - 1/18/1994 D.S. Employee mugs; M.L. King thing; Police funeral lady fixing wreath; mug-wheat- Doss
Env. 201 - 1/19/1994 Student with clothes; guy at computer; high school basketball
Env. 202 - 1/20/1994 Speaker (Gary’s photos); lady with bad police note; house; student groups; artist; Arbor Day photo; mug of lady
Env. 203 - 1/21/1994 Lady Lions; woman with plants; dog biscuits; student groups; speaker; Randy’s Baby shower; church construction; Arbor Day photo’s; plywood company photos
Env. 204 - 1/23/1994 Gary’s speaker; St. Thomas work group; Skate boarders; Link Award; Arbor Day photos; mug of woman; Southeastern Louisiana University Alumni construction; high school basketball; DARE graduation; Wong brothers
Env. 205 - 1/24/1994 Lady Lion basketball; Roof construction; Water tower construction; people cooking; cheerleaders
Env. 206 - 1/25/1994 Hammond Jr. High Fence; Arbor Day photo; Annie Eastman gym; Kiwanis “Shots for Tots”
Env. 207 - 1/27/1994 Amite meeting; mug; greenhouse; B&G Club check; Roof-sonic; group; Armored Car wreck
Env. 208 - 1/28/1994 Cows; blood donors; groups; house; mug; ad pictures
Env. 209 - 1/30/1994 High School basketball; Charity Barbeque; Petition Signing; cop shot; Boys and Girls Club photos; Amy’s Ad shots
Env. 210 - 2/1/1994 People with snake; guy building shelves; Gateway fords; mugs for ads; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Southern
Env. 211 - 2/2/1994 Blood drive; basketball; basketball jersey; park; mug-retired man; blacksmith; class project
Env. 212 - 2/3/1994 Street construction; Adults at school cafeteria; student group; ad group; football signing; family looking at Noah’s Ark; East Elementary School play ground
Env. 213 -2/4/1994 Water Tower Accident; Holy Ghost parade; groups; Auto repair; basketball; Animal shelter meeting; dry cleaners; Lallie Kemp
Env. 214 - 2/6/1994 Mardi Gras Ball; Teacher workshop; check presentation; Eagle Scout project; Shriner funeral; horse; baseball field press box; High School basketball
Env. 215 - 2/7/1994 groups; school bench; trailer fire; mug check presentation; parish truck accident; strike; puppy
Env. 216 - 2/10/1994 play rehearsal; houses; meeting; groups; bank ads; school parade- Eastside; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball field; Southeastern Louisiana University Mardi Gras Celebration
Env. 217 - 2/11/1994 Dixie Motors Ad; School parade; school float builders; scrap iron; mug; circle of care; parents/school lunch; Garden of the Month
Env. 218 - 2/13/1994 ribbon cutting; groups; masonry work; boat parade; billboard; mug; Southeastern Louisiana University track; basketball
Env. 219 - 2/16/1994 Mardi Gras; mugs- Walmart
Env. 220 - 2/17/1994 Kite flying; groups; bulldozer; guys in store; building; road closed
Env. 221 -2/18/1994 mugs; baseball; basketball; groups; Neill Corp check; bike accident; bridge work
Env. 222 - 2/19/1994 Basketball; strawberry ball; baseball; sign painting; roof work; construction; Link Award; Hammond High band; Rotary Club; bleachers destruction
Env. 223 - 2/22/1994 Basketball; National Symphony guys; groups; Joan’s pictures; pigeons
Env. 224 -2/23/1994 Basketball; house; children at work; fire- Woodhaven Road
Env. 225 -2/24/1994 dogs; Patriotic Parade; groups; circus; plant decorating; wagon train; working moms; mugs
Env. 226 -2/25/1994 three people at desk; sign construction; car salesman; kids; groups; construction; Joan’s picture; Lion’s club; jugglers; mug; basketball
Env. 227 - 2/26/1994 Buddy Balado; rabies shots; school pictures; ribbon cutting; CPR class; painting; basketball; baseball; pie toss
Env. 228 - 3/1/1994 Commercial filming; man speaking; art show; mug
Env. 229 - 3/2/1994 Bill Wheat with dog; guy in rain; basketball; church renovation; Holy Ghost Elements shirts; 4-H cooking contest; mugs; Daily Star shots
Env. 230 - 3/5/1994 Prison addition; David Doss Mug; group; Genesis Award; Construction; Ad mugs
Env. 231 - 3/6/1994 High School baseball; fish tagging; school fair; Country singer; Hammond Jr. High Promo picture; Krewe of Erin Court; Easter bunny; baseball; art show; Jr. High school fire
Env. 232 - 3/8/1994 Horse photos; basketball; ribbon cutting; mug of a man (ad); garden of the month
Env. 234 - 3/9/1994 Sign work “T&Q”; TV’s; kids looking at prizes; Senior Citizens at work/play; speaker; student groups; check presentation
Env. 235 - 3/9/1994 Southeastern Louisiana University vs. LSU baseball
Env. 236 - 3/10/1994 fire; mugs; speaker; banquet; plants
Env. 237 - 3/10/1994 Tornado pictures
Env. 238 - 3/11/1994 Coastal College; houses; 190 E. Accident; Miss Southeastern Louisiana University; Garden of the Month; Group; Baseball; Basketball
Env. 239 - 3/12/1994 Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; Southeastern Louisiana University women’s baseball; High School baseball; Krewe of Omega Parade; Fishing winners; ribbon cutting; Guaranty Artist; Boy with glider; Cement work; student group; St. Patrick’s Parade
Env. 240 - 3/15/1994 Coastal- Ponchatoula Jr. High reopening; baseball; Amite Pizza Hut; groups; St. Joseph fair setup
Env. 241 - 3/16/1994 baseball; car salesman; trailer on tracks; mugs; groups
Env. 242 -3/17/1994 baseball; welder; groups; kit making; road work; mug
Env. 243 - 3/18/1994 mugs; Southeastern Louisiana University St. Patrick’s Day; Baseball; food; Daily Star at School; groups; Art Contest judging; Heritage Manor
Env. 244 - 3/22/1994 Bridge Column Construction; group; cooking contest
Env. 245 - 3/23/1994 Special Olympics Jumper; Southeastern Louisiana University ticket writer; baseball; mugs; Azalea proclamation; Groups; Lenz mugs; Neelis House
Env. 246 - 3/21/1994 accident; group; mug
Env. 247 - 3/24/1994 groups; 201 E. Thomas; old church; mugs; Rif books
Env. 248 - 3/25/1994 track; Dancer visiting school; Easter bunny in Loranger; magazines; Trash-prison crew; Sherri Brown with award; mugs; Oyster plant; Chile Cookoff; RV people; fruit buyers; animal control group
Env. 249 - 3/29/1994 Baseball; Wheelchair awareness; mugs; school magician; S. Morrison Center closed
Env. 250 - 3/30/1994 Easter at Schools; Arrowhead maker; Rotary Awards; groups; car salesman; track; ribbon cutting; baseball
Env. 251 - 3/31/1994 dogwoods; Cars on I-55; crawfisher man; bank building; artist; food; baseball
Env. 252 - 4/1/1994 Conor with iguana; Morrison Blvd. Construction
Env. 253 - 4/4/1994 Cars; garden planters; poster winners
Env. 254 - 4/5/1994 1994 Strawberry Fest. Poster; North Star photos: house, painted windows; two male mug shots; P.A. system work; wreck- overturned vehicle
Env. 255 - 4/6/1994 96 strawberry festival rides; baseball; golf; car dealer; tree; group; Joan’s pictures
Env. 256 - 4/7/1994 old couple by Joan; students walking to class; girl with medal; Adam- lillie neighborhood
Env. 257 - 4/8/1994 five mugs; house; fire; construction
Env. 258 - 4/10/1994 Strawberry Festival photos’ K-Mart sign work; New pole installed; track; soccer photos
Env. 259 - 4/11/1994 Student groups; British tea by Joan; Strawberry Festival photos by Randy; mug of guy by Kim Reno; Journalism Party
Env. 260 - 4/12/1994 Play; New Burger King; baseball; Garden of the Month; group; Hydrant work; Columbus Drive; mug
Env. 261 - 4/13/1994 State National building; ribbon cuttings; group; car accident; building; mug; painter; wild flowers; mug
Env. 262 - 4/13/1994 LSU vs. Southeastern Louisiana University baseball
Env. 263 - 4/14/1994 Winn- Dixie; groups; proclamation; check presentation; volunteer of the year; baseball; NOMC lab open house; school building and playground; landscaper; mug; banner hanging
Env. 264 - 4/15/1994 baseball; Jimmie Davis; Italian Fest board; Hammond Jr. High play; visiting cook; Lab school fun run; Joan’s pictures; Amite Winn-Dixie; strawberries
Env. 265 - 4/18/1994 Crawfish boil; Holy Ghost Fair; Winn- Dixie manger day; artist; Scout show; sign work; wreck; group; baseball; soccer
Env. 266 - 4/19/1994 baseball; D.S.  Crawfish boil; Schwegmanns in town; Earth Day; Global Wildlife; play; mugs; group; accident; proclamation
Env. 267 - 4/21/1994 mugs; Strawberry Jubilee; groups; mug
Env. 268 - 4/22/1994wreck; speakers; lady applying make-up; booth in University Center; Nurse checking blood pressure; police and fireman awards; buildings
Env. 269 - 4/25/1994 Italian Festival
Env. 270 - 4/25/1994 Baseball; Basketball; Accident I-12; Beta Convention; Curtain making; nursing home; ribbon cuttings; storyteller
Env. 271 - 4/26/1994 Baseball; tree planting; track winner; garden; Amite Road construction
Env. 272 - 4/27/1994 Snake; Jail and Bail; Baseball; mug; library books; fence construction; scholarship signing; health brunies
Env. 273 - 4/28/1994 Sonny Wells’ Funeral; Baseball; DMV line; Strawberry Crown; Joan’s Pictures; Mall-mom/daughter
Env. 274 - 4/29/1994 mug; ribbon cutting; group; old folks; radio class; pig kissing
Env. 275 - 4/30/1994 Boys and Girls Club; Spring Fair; Hibbet openign; STA play; Toyna Delatte; Secretary Luncheon; book donation; baseball
Env. 276 - 5/1/1994 Heritage Manor Party; Strawberry Queen Pageant; Swim team; STA play
Env. 277 -5/3/1994 mugs; fire; purple martins; ribbon cutting
Env. 278 - 5/4/1994 Group; scholarship signing; Camp Moore; Water tower; Hammond High Groups
Env. 279 - 5/5/1994 Baseball; triplets; cabin; high wire people; apartment; pow wow; Springfield Elementary Program; Tree planting; mug; caterpillar; Senior protection
Env. 280- 5/6/1994 Water tower; mugs; party; campground; Hospice set-up; baseball; track
Env. 281 -5/7/1994 baseball; fisherman; Jazz luncheon; hospital group working; artist; poster presentation
Env. 282 - 5/9/1994 mug; group; hospice bash; baseball
Env. 283 - 5/10/1994 Accident; fish kill; balloon launch; Joan’s pictures; pork donation
Env. 284 - 5/11/1994 fish kill; Tangi River; Tennis; golf; mugs; groups; taxidermist
Env. 285 - 5/12/1994 Baseball- Hammond; Old Baton Rouge- bridge construction; Southeastern Louisiana University students packing cars; Joan’s pictures; gas station; group
Env. 286 - 5/13/1994 football; mugs; inventions; ice cream social
Env. 287 - 5/14/1994 groups; awards; mugs; poisons-garden; Southeastern Louisiana University graduation
Env. 288 - 5/17/1994 Drainage work; road construction; Dixie dealership; model building; artists; fire; guy with snake; mail carriers with food; ribbon cutting
Env. 289 - 5/18/1994 teacher; mugs; woman of the year; groups; Eagle Scout; slide copies
Env. 290 - 5/19/1994 Hammond High proclamation; women; Mayor and woman
Env. 291 - 5/19/1994 Golden Agers Fair
Env. 292 - 5/19/1994 Hammond High Awards; Tangi River
Env. 293 - 5/20/1994 Football; Hammond High Graduation; mugs; bank people; road construction
Env. 294 - 5/21/1994 School children; Link Award; grassy lot at 800 E. Thomas; children playing at Cate Square
Env. 295 - 5/21/1994 football; baseball; mug; insurance building
Env. 296 - 5/22/1994 Walk America at Cate Street Park; Ducks at Hammond Square Mall
Env. 297 - 5/24/1994 Illegal Dump site; Garden of the Month; graduation; quilt donors; I-55 and Wardline Road; Dr. Cefalu; mug
Env. 298 - 5/25/1994 Baseball; ads; bridge construction; Grass cut; Joan’s pictures
Env. 299 - 5/26/1994 Building moving; Joan’s pictures; sign hanging; check presentation; Garden of the Month; Airport light bulbs; locust shedding
Env. 300 - 5/27/1994 Southeastern Louisiana University bike police; School end party; Bingo Jamboree; mugs
Env. 301 - 5/31/1994 Hotel Ponder; kids; St. Thomas groups; Memorial Services
Env. 302 - 6/1/1994 NAACP rally; gas leak with victim; LP&L clearing limbs; check presentation- pledge; wildlife manager area sign; deer heads; building
Env. 303 - 6/2/1994 weed eater; movie theater; road construction- Crapanzano; Garden of the Month; house; cars
Env. 304 - 6/3/1994 River photos; dairy day; mugs; Plywood plant; tomatoes
Env. 305 - 6/4/1994 Dairy Parade; boat safety; Saints training camp; Walter Parker; Army Reserves building; mug; artist; baseball
Env. 306 - 6/7/1994 plane moving; bell peppers; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball stadium; car salesmen; computer; awards
Env. 307 - 6/8/1994 Library Show; baseball; ribbon cutting; kids in pool; man working
Env. 308 - 6/9/1994 mug; Hickory Street- Ponchatoula; Research Station; fishermen
Env. 309 - 6/10/1994 mug; bank photos-group; puppet show; pool welder; sign; Joan’s pictures; baseball; 102 year old woman
Env. 310 - 6/14/1994 Baseball camp; baseball; flags; Port Manchac; cooking; eye doctor
Env. 311 - 6/15/1994 mugs; cars; projectionist; guy with mounted fish
Env. 312 - 6/16/1994 Joan’s pictures; baseball; Boy Scout camp; pool pump work
Env. 313 - 6/17/1994 mug-couple; houses; speaker; city trash van; jail opening; bowling; Dickerson and Bowen site
Env. 314 - 6/19/1994 Stan Hebert; Link Award
Env. 315 - 6/19/1994 building; mug; Frazer party; groups; cars
Env. 316 - 6/21/1994 gas leak; mug; people with art; check presentation; fire; swimming pool; baseball; tennis camp
Env. 317 - 6/22/1994 Blind guy; baseball; tennis; woman with painting; mugs; Health Center construction; plywood plant
Env.  318 - 6/23/1994 Eagle Scout project; accident; Art camp
Env. 319 - 6/26/1994 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 320 - 6/27/1994 Girls in library; tennis; Genesis Award
Env. 321 - 6/28/1994 Cheerleader camp; Scholarship signing; To Your Health; Wardline interchange
Env. 322 - 6/29/1994 Loranger library; baseball; mug
Env. 323  - 6/30/1994 Library photos; Saintsation; mug; accident; Acadian Ambulance; Street signs; computer donation; ribbon cutting    
Env. 324 - 7/1/1994 Ricky Manino; Nursing home; Old Glory; New Police training center; Boys in fireworks stand; Old Covington Highway accident; fireworks
Env. 325 - 7/2/1994 TARC awards; Affiliated Therapy Center; mugs; man finds pipe; Dori
Env. 326 - 7/3/1994 Mall Fireworks; Tin Can band
Env. 327 - 7/6/1994 Mall Walkers; baseball; mugs
Env. 328 - 7/7/1994 Trudy; Lallie Kemp; kids playing basketball; drug awareness; cars    
Env. 329 - 7/8/1994 Snakes at library; salesmen; pool filter work; baseball; Charley Vance’s Art
Env. 330  -7/10/1994 softball; group; Karate group; mug; old refrigerator; Upward Bound program; mug; Wal-Mart Helicopter; dancing; logging; cooking
Env. 331 - 7/12/1994 water aerobics; rain riders; scholarship winners; cartoonist at library; Dr. Office group; mug; baseball
Env. 332 - 7/13/1994 Baseball; mug; Dr. Office group; house construction; tennis camp; baseball field; old photo copy
Env. 333 - 7/15/1994 Baseball fieldwork; parking lot painter; mugs; baseball
Env. 334 - 7/17/1994 Precinct works; Link Awards; American Legion Auxiliary; Bogle and Sheriff for award; ribbon cutting at Canola; Baseball; Babe Ruth Regional champs
Env. 335 - 7/18/1994 Snowball stand; speakers
Env. 336 - 7/19/1994 Baseball; mug; missing boy photos
Env. 337 - 7/20/1994 Accidents; missing box search; library open house; swim winners; blood donors; baseball; mugs
Env. 338 - 7/21/1994 art workshop; group; car in building
Env. 339 - 7/22/1994 houses; painter; library winners; library party; play; Robin Populis; mugs
Env. 340 - 7/23/1994 baseball; Charley Vance; mugs; Populis Funeral; football
Env. 341 - 7/25/1994 S. Morrison construction; U-Way donation
Env. 342 - 7/26/1994 Options Award; Culvert cleaner; Hornet nest
Env. 343 - 7/27/1994 baseball; mugs; construction; Juvenile Detention Center
Env. 344 - 7/28/1994 Yellow Jackets; mugs; groups; arts; alligator; proclamation
Env. 345 - 7/29/1994 mugs; cheerleaders; baseball; U-Way group
Env. 346 - 7/30/1994 American Legion Officers; Mugs-oldies; Baseball-Bill Hood
Env. 347 - 8/1/1994 Bits of Hammond; Bill Hood baseball
Env. 348 - 8/2/1994 Peacock; scrap yard; lady with books; fire; baseball # 17 S. Pitaro
Env. 349 - 8/3/1994 Mock Disaster/ Lallie Kemp; woman at dispatch; North Star stuff; mugs of lady and Dixie Motor; Larry —; Boys and Girls Club; Southeastern Louisiana University birdhouses; Habitat for Humanity
Env. 350 - 8/4/1994 Phillis Mire; mugs for Dixie Motors; Southeastern Louisiana University Registration; Highway Construction; Chemical truck
Env. 351 - 8/5/1994 Washboard Leo Thomas at Independence library; Mugs of lady and candidates; houses; Primary Care; van; tennis tournament; Manninob ad; cars for ad    
Env. 352 - 8/7/1994 Man fish on Miller Lake; boys loading trucks for Benevolence foundation; baseball; Soccer- Jeffers; Artists; donation at Sheriffs Office; boys with frigerator
Env. 353 - 8/9/1994 man with statue; ducks; limespraying; cars; old house
Env. 354 - 8/10/1994 proclamation; mug; elderly picnic; cook; Pat Tallo; football practice
Env. 355 - 8/11/1994 Check presentation; Bunk CEOs; mug; house; cars; chorus; sewer smoking
Env. 356 - 8/12/1994 Ostrich farm; artist; football teams; fire; check presentation
Env. 357 - 8/14/1994 LSU media day; cat; salesmen group; old cemetery; Genesis Award; Artist football team; overturned truck; library work
Env. 358  - 8/16/1994 Ponchatoula cheerleaders; Manchac Erosion project
Env. 359 - 8/17/1994 water garden; D.C. Reeves; groups; mug; fence construction; team groups; football tab; weight lifting
Env. 360 - 8/18/1994 water gardens; mugs; cook; mobile phone office; library; 190 East roadwork
Env. 361 - 8/19/1994 Football (Hammond High); Alumni Centers Picnic; New Parking lot; Friendship Circle; Link Award; Health Fair
Env. 362 - 8/19/1994 copy slides; car fire; Albany Football team; new principal
Env. 363 - 8/21/1994 (envelope says 8/21/1984 but was located in 1994 box) Pancake Breakfast (STA); Chef Andrea
Env. 364 - 8/23/1994 Jeff (Cartoonist); Construction worker; parking stickers line; hurricane route; couple with flag; couple; football teams; mug
Env. 365 - 8/24/1994 (labeled 8-24-1991 but was located in the 1994 box); KOA fire; Ponchatoula football practice; mug; group
Env. 366 - 8/25/1994 Band at Southeastern Louisiana University; mugs; school donation; Catholic Schools social; Traffic light worker
Env. 367 - 8/26/1994 Furniture maker; teacher/students; mug female; mug male; Chamber photos; Independence football team; Orbotron picture; concrete worker
Env. 368 - 8/27/1994 High School football; mugs; squirrel; tire boot; Niell Corp (teamwork); Nutcracker tryouts; Greensburg Pine Festival; Line for Store’s tickets
Env. 369 - 8/30/1994 mugs; Inmates mowing; piano loan
Env. 370 - 8/31/1994 mugs; fatality; cars; groups

Box # 14 ( September 1, 1994 to February 29, 1996)
Env. 1 - 9/1/1994 mugs; teacher group; crawfishing kid; artists; cars
Env. 2 - 9/2/1994 artists; group; car donation; bridge construction; road work; volleyball
Env. 3 - 9/4/1994 mugs; train station store; Black Heritage Festival; Aurhaven Opening
Env. 4 - 9/4/1994 High School; football
Env. 5 - 9/6/1994 Sunbathers; kids fishing; kid at mall
Env. 6 - 9/7/1994 Motorcycle fatality
Env. 7 - 9/8/1994 Political signs; bridge construction; mugs; speakers; chef
Env. 8 - 9/9/1994 volleyball; pile drivers; mugs; Southeastern Louisiana University Rush; Garden of the Month
Env. 9 - 9/11/1994 High School football; Girl Scouts; mugs; store opening; Holy Ghost
Env. 10 - 9/11/1994 High School football
Env. 11 - 9/12/1994 Ceramic show; artist; chef; mug
Env. 12 - 9/13/1994 man with flowers; mugs; Wal-Mart; Parish-Councilmen mugs; S. Morrison Blvd.+
Env. 13 - 9/14/1994 Southeastern Louisiana University pictures; Salvation Army; mug; retired policemen
Env. 14 - 9/16/1994 Volleyball (Southeastern Louisiana University); firemen training; alligator; lab school authors; mug; groups; high water
Env. 15 - 9/18/1994 High School football
Env. 16 - 9/19/1994 people with shoes; motor in street; I-12 sunrise; school adopters; group; crossing guard
Env. 17 - 9/21/1994 School board meeting; cook; groups; Thi Chi; roofers
Env. 18 - 9/22/1994 mug; spelling bee winners; Reynolds Institute
Env. 19 - 9/24/1994 United Way Day; Springfield Homecoming; Holy Ghost Eggs; AHS Baseball Dugout; Global Wildlife; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball field (parades); Car and truck wreck
Env.  20 - 9/24/1994 High School football
Env. 21 - 9/24/1994 Southeastern Louisiana University soccer
Env. 22 - 9/25/1994 Daily Star Bass Tourney; Crewe of Omega
Env. 23 - 9/27/1994 Neill Quality College; fishermen; kids with flag; group; Southeastern Louisiana University Career Day; cars
Env. 24 - 9/28/1994 volleyball; mugs; house; groups; parachute drop
Env. 25 - 9/29/1994 Tile layer; hay wagon; groups
Env. 26 - 9/30/1994 lamp recyclers; scarecrow; Independence Homecoming Court; Deaf football players
Env. 27 - 10/1/1994 Election; Camp Moore
Env. 28 - 10/1/1994 High School football
Env. 29 - 10/4/1994 Southeastern Louisiana University road construction; mug
Env. 30 - 10/5/1994 Hammond Junior High principal and fire drill; Wal-Mart groups; lady with sign; cook of the week; Limo Ride; Tootsie Roll drive group; Dr. Maxwell
Env. 31 - 10/7/1994 fair ride; mugs; football; No parking signs; group
Env. 32 - 10/ 8/1994 mugs; parade pictures at Amite; Parade (old cars); Charter ins.; Tangy Fair- livestock show and pet show
Env. 33 - 10/10/1994 Biketober Fest at Lynhaven; Chef’s Evening
Env. 34 - 10/11/1994 Ponchatoula groups; Musical Auditions; mug; Wal-Mart sign
Env. 35 - 10/12/1994 Detention program; Wal-Mart opening; Spelling Bee; mug; man with hog; homemakers
Env. 36 - 10/13/1994 Homemakers; cars; author; salad bar
Env. 37 - 10/14/1994 miscellaneous negatives
Env. 38 - 10/15/1994 18 wheeler crash; owls at museum; scarecrows; Champ Cooper Fair; Tocker Elementary Construction (playground); artists; Jazz in park; house fire
Env. 39 - 10/18/1994 Ponchatoula Drama Club; artists; Loranger Band group; Chef of the Week; Artists at school; scarecrows
Env. 40 - 10/19/1994 Hammond Jr. High parade; Hammond Jr. High Homecoming Court; bus accident; food pantry presentation; singer
Env. 41 - 10/20/1994 Snapple lady; mug; LP&L check presentation; Collingswood museum
Env. 42 - 10/21/1994 Truck Accident; Birds bathing; bowling; football; mug; gardens; tree trimmers; proclamation
Env. 43 - 10/22/1994 Homecoming Queen; Link Award; car crash; Positive proof; mugs
Env. 44 - 10/24/1994 Amite Art Show; Southeastern Louisiana University construction; Southeastern Louisiana University Art students; H/G students signing for Career Day
Env. 45 - 10/25/1994 McGruff; Graffiti; Fence building; Johnny Cooper
Env. 46 - 10/36/1994 Volleyball; mug; lady with painting; road striping; Japanese school visitors; family; house; bird houses; Red Ribbon Rally
Env. 47 - 10/27/1994 House; coloring contest winners; accident; Hydrant testing; pumpkin painting; Hammond Homecoming court; Ronnie Schillace; Artists
Env. 48 - 10/28/1994 Ghost story; Collinswood; Artist; Kentwood Homecoming; Flag pole; Teddy Bear winner; Columbia Players
Env. 49 - 10/29/1994 Hunt plywood; Clean city; groups; wreck (Hammond); mayor mug; Independence mug; Swamp Romp; East side Elementary Carnival; Boy and Girls Club; St. Joseph; Pathfinders and Adventurers
Env. 50 - 10/31/1994 Louise Mandrell; Baton Rouge Symphony
Env. 51 - 11/2/1994 Halloween Shots; K-Mart shots; groups; mugs; Halloween Office shots
Env. 52 - 11/3/1994 PM School; Southeastern Louisiana University union “massage”; Tri Sigma; Cook; mug; Smitty’s; playground; metal detector
Env. 53 - 11/4/1994 NNI Shots; Randy with shots; cars; house; Jeff Perey; Registrar candidate; Loranger Football; kid locked in car; Big Snake!; construction shot; groups; mug
Env. 54 - 11/6/1994 Independence firemen paraded Fest; Alumni Center; the Ritz; group with flag; mug; artist
Env. 55 - 11/7/1994 Environmental Awareness Day; Cate Square
Env. 56 - 11/8/1994 Southeastern Louisiana University/ Laser Tag; “Birdhouses”
Env. 57 - 11/9/1994 groups; Court appointments; mugs; cook; alligator; cowboy
Env. 58 - 11/10/1994 Hawk on fence; proclamation; mugs; car salesmen; Calvert construction
Env. 59 - 11/11/1994 High School football (Ponchatoula); Cement Truck accident; Veterans Day Activities; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; speaker; mug; Frank van Mallem with flag
Env. 60 - 11/12/1994 Swamp walk; Train Depot; Key Club trash P/U; mugs; birdhouses; scouts; art show; Nutcracker practice; Kids soccer; Southeastern Louisiana University Volley
Env. 61 - 11/15/1994 Mall Stores; Southeastern Louisiana University fashion show; ribbon cutting; mug; grocery store
Env. 62 - 11/16/1994 Southeastern Louisiana University games; Basketball; Ponchatoula Business; St. Joseph’s costumes; guy at river; Chimney Sweep
Env. 63 - 11/17/1994 School groups; Gumbo ya-ya; cars; mall store; Garden of the Month
Env. 64 - 11/18/1994 Kids on train tracks; Pictorial History Books; mugs (speakers); construction workers; Garden of the Month; transporter; groups; Hammond High Girls basketball; Southeastern Louisiana University parade; Southeastern Louisiana University bonfire; TARC members
Env. 65 - 11/19/1994 Alumni Centers dedication; Southeastern Louisiana University Home Coming parade; Southeastern Louisiana University home coming court; yearbook pictures; group with cans; learn and serve America program
Env. 66 - 11/19/1994 High School football; Southeastern Louisiana University football players and coach 1954 at Strawberry Stadium
Env. 67 - 11/21/1994 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; sign maker
Env. 68 - 11/23/1994 Basketball; mugs; guy with turkeys; good baskets; Southeastern Louisiana University construction; Garden of the Month
Env. 69 - 11/25/1994 Hammond High basketball; Boat Wreck; Deer
Env. 70 - 11/26/1994 Amite football; wreck; Cellular Bell South; Pow Wow at Tchufuncta Campgrounds; Santa with kids
Env. 71 - 11/29/1994 Ribbon cutting; plaque presentation; road construction; mug
Env. 72 - 11/30/1994 Basketball; check presentation; mug; umbrellas in rain
Env. 73 - 12/1/1994 mug; violinists; smoking apparatus; Chapter 1 class; Christmas decorating; proclamation; Debbie Bittola; Basketball
Env. 74 - 12/2/1994 mug; The zoo
Env. 75 - 12/3/1994 Amite/ Cecilia football; Doyle/Denham Springs basketball
Env. 76 - 12/3/1994 Santa Bear Breakfast; Dixie Motors; mugs; groups; movie set; bank opening; painters; salesmen
Env. 77 - 12/5/1994 Hammond Christmas Parade; Basketball; crafts; cars in rain; mugs; Blythwood; group
Env. 78 - 12/6/1994 Amato’s Wine; Amite Shots; mall shots; mug
Env. 79 - 12/7/1994 Ribbon cutting; Basketball action and groups; accident; mug; carolers; artists
Env. 80 - 12/8/1994 Holy Ghost singers; accident; mug; groups; basketball teams (Hammond)
Env. 81 - 12/9/1994 Basketball; Lovelight tree; Seniors Lunch; groups
Env. 82 - 12/12/1994 Christmas Parade; wreck; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; sub-teacher
Env. 83 - 12/13/1994 Ponchatoula Basketball team; collected toys; school groups; mugs; Albany parade; new school site; Amite fire
Env. 84 - 12/14/1994 Basketball; Holy Ghost play; Team photos; Amite parade; Railroad crossing; Award ceremony; fire
Env. 85 - 12/15/1994 Basketball; TARC party; The Nutcracker; mug; toys collected; shooting victim mom
Env. 86 - 12/16/1994 Train wreck; soon to come Post Office; St. Jude Research Hospital
Env. 87 - 12/17/1994 Basketball; Lallie Kemp/Santa; Loranger Parade; Harvest Ministries Christmas Play; mugs; groups
Env. 88 - 12/19/1994 Church of God Nativity Scene; Cate Square/ Jaycees
Env. 89 -12/20/1994 mug; cabby’s Link Award
Env. 90 - 12/21/1994 Groups with toys; cookies with kids; kids; basketball
Env. 91 - 12/22/1994 Registrar pictures
Env. 92 - 12/22/1994 High School basketball; kids with Santa; groups; mugs; WABL; truck wreck; motel fire
Env. 93 - 12/23/1994 wreck; sewing factory; shooting
Env. 94 - 12/24/1994 Hammond High School baseball field; Joe Granger (Santa with kids); Salvation Army; mugs behind cash register
Env. 95 - 12/27/1994 Welder at carwash; Construction at carwash; strawberries; fireworks (Red Rockets)
Env. 96 - 12/28/1994 I-55 overpass construction; go cart; Independence basketball; house (advertising); drug arrest
Env. 97 - 12/30/1994 Southeastern Louisiana University vs. USM; High School basketball; Mayor’s Cup basketball; women cooking; kids and video machines; Electric construction        
Env. 98 - 12/31/1994 fireworks buy; Christmas trees trash; Christmas lights coming down    
Env. 99 - 1/03/1995 Remember when; Antiques fire; Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Centenary
Env. 100 - 1/04/1995 High School basketball; teen spot; North Star; Inauguration
Env. 101 - 1/05/1995 Artists; Tickfaw Clerks; shopping channel; Library; cars
Env. 102 - 1/06/1995 Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Sanford; Prissy Gebaver; Andy Newton; Skip Lemoine; Cars
Env. 103 -1/07/1995 Krewe of Omega; K’s of C; library (kids studying); Dixie Motors; Hammond High Basketball; Loranger High play
Env. 104 - 1/09/1995 Miss LA- Elizabeth Cox; group mug; men by river
Env. 105 - 1/10/1995 mugs; construction; Christmas tree recycling
Env. 106 - 1/11/1995 High School basketball; Magnet School group; Kids, Inc. Footsteps to fitness group; Southeastern Louisiana University Stadium Construction
Env. 107 - 1/12/1995 TABA; mugs; the Zoo; cook; steel workers; painter
Env. 108 - 1/13/1995 (Girls) Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Georgia State; SBA; Depot dedication; mug; Columbus Road Bridge construction; kids in power car
Env. 109 - 1/14/1995 High School basketball; Antique Store “Brick Salvage”; Comic Book Buyer; B &G Club Tree planting; Jerry McPowell; Trooper/police of Year; lamps; wreck
Env. 110 - 1/14/1995 Barge and Boat blocking Natalbany River; Mack Norred
Env. 111 - 1/17/1995 MLK march; go-carts
Env. 112- 1/18/1995 High School basketball; Southeastern Louisiana University registration; Arbor Day planting; Southeastern Louisiana University Tunnel; mugs; people in RV
Env. 113 - 1/19/1995 David Gorurm; “Falls”; Baby sitting class; proclamation; Jean Voorhees
Env. 114 -1/20/1995 Chamber Night Art; Krewe of Omega; Independence Basketball Court; Groups; ponds
Env. 115 -1/21/1995 High School basketball; Teachers Conference at Ponchatoula; Miss LA; lamps; Arbor Day Stuff; Arbor Day at STA; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball
Env. 116 - 1/23/1995 wreck; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; Southeastern Louisiana University students moving in
Env. 117 - 1/24/1995 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; group; railroad stuff
Env. 118 -1/25/1995 High School basketball; Track surfacing; Dastague
Env. 119 - 1/26/1995 Cows; playhouse; cars; Link Award; Ad section pictures; School post office; mugs
Env. 120 - 1/27/1995 Junior High School basketball tourney; Store opening; car sale persons; cars; clean up at
Env. 121 - 1/28/1995 Bridal Show; grand opening; mugs; irrigation shots
Env. 122 - 1/29/1995 Chamber pictures; girls on swings; kids on skateboard
Env. 123 - 1/31/1995 Southeastern Louisiana University parking lot construction; cows; billboard painters; Haitian art; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball
Env. 124 - 2/1/1995 High School basketball; artist
Env. 125 - 2/2/1995 Artists; house; play at First Baptist; ducks; brick layers
Env. 126 - 2/3/1995 Cops and robbers; cowboy; Jessie Davis; Tom Anderson; Artist; cars
Env. 127 - 2/4/1995 High School basketball; man painting sign; roof construction; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball pitchers; groups
Env. 128 - 2/5/1995 Southeastern Louisiana University Rodeo; Southeastern Louisiana University head; baseball coach
Env. 129 - 2/7/1995 Voting Official Class; cook; mug; firemen; Hacky sack players; groups
Env. 130 - 2/8/1995 High School basketball; construction equipment; mugs; groups
Env. 131 - 2/9/1995 kid with violin; kids; Garden Club; FCE; Mexicans; Hammond Jr. High SA Winners; Southeastern Louisiana University Aids talk
Env. 132 - 2/10/1995 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; mugs; Mitch Williams
Env. 133 - 2/11/1995 Southeastern Louisiana University baseball/Basketball; High School basketball; Haitian Art Show; Bayou Thunder Sign up; Baby and me; TPSO; Bill Spence
Env. 134 - 2/14/1995 High School baseball; School groups; Southeastern Louisiana University ticket writer; waste tires; teen spot light; United Way
Env. 135 - 2/15/1995 High School basketball; group; “Wall Drop” Southeastern Louisiana University; Valentine Singers
Env. 136 - 2/16/1995 Hospital Workshop; cook of the week; outdoor store; (mug) Rose Strabrea; Kentwood Fastlane; Leaky Train; Classroom shots
Env. 137 - 2/17/1995 Firemen in lift; mug; HSBBall; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball
Env. 138 - 2/18/1995 Girl Scouts planting pines; High School baseball; traffic barrels; groups; mug; plaque; art show
Env. 139 - 2/20/1995 Krewe of Omega Ball
Env. 140 - 2/21/1995 play; “rolls” cooking; High School basketball
Env. 141 - 2/22/1995 High School baseball; Mother and Daughter at Cate Square; HSM “Kids Club”; Teen spotlight; school board shots
Env. 142 - 2/23/1995 Musicians; Math Club; mugs; Link Award; wagon; Strawberry field
Env. 143 - 2/24/1995 Krewe of Omega Parade; Bud Horses with girl; Bunch of Dorks with shovels; Krewe of Daily Star
Env. 144 - 2/25/1995 Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; High School baseball; groups; mugs; Krewe of wrecks; traffic
Env. 145 - 2/28/1995 Flag football; train wreck; “Oyster and Pearl”; New armory; mugs; firemen at house

Env. 146 - 4/19/1995 Southeastern Louisiana University Baseball; High School Baseball; Owls with lady; scholarship signing; Teen spotlight; group; mug; tree planting; car wreck; girls soccer
Env. 147 - 4/20/1995 Cars; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; mugs; N.O. Detitions lunch; TV Shots of OK Explosion; Hammond Baseball
Env. 148 - 4/21/1995 Fashion Show; Hammond High School Baseball; Senator John Breaux Party; Groups; advertising pictures; glasses office; groundbreakings: Westside and North Oaks    
Env. 149  - 4/23/1995 Mugs; AARP; Garden demonstration; Janie Hogan; Sen. Breaux; HS Baseball; Southeastern Louisiana University softball; Holy Ghost Fair; Strawberry Queen Contestant; Trike-a-thon; Bike-a-thon
Env. 150 - 4/24/1995 Prop stop; Daily Star Crawfish boil; HCR- Art Show and Membership Party
Env. 151 - 4/25/1995 Bunch of old women; Tammy Serpas; welder; Book sale; Tree planting (group shot only) (Earth Day); Church shots
Env. 152 - 4/26/1995 Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; Strawberry Jubilee; Library Shots; Roses/Roses and Flower girl; mugs; groups
Env. 153 - 4/27/1995     HS Track; Mayor signing; Bill Benedetto; Couple with award
Env. 154 - 4/28/1995 Wreck; horse and people hit by car; swamp pictures; Z. Murphy group; Deep South Gold; Cook of week
Env. 155 - 4/30/1995 N.O. Ballet Ensemble at H/G; Victims at Cate Square; Ponchatoula Baseball; Independence High School Gym Floor; Buddy Roemer; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball
Env. 156 - 4/30/1995 Independence; Italian Festival
Env. 157 - 5/3/1995 Homer Hardin; Boy with acne; Garden of Month; Teen spotlight; Southeastern Louisiana University crowd shots; Garry Dinardo
Env. 158 -5/4/1995 Hammond Library Shots; Springfield Shots; two artist; Cajun musicians; School notes; Disaster prep
Env. 159 - 5/5/1995 Elaine St. Peiere; Ted Cason; Natalbany Prayer Day Proclamation; Dare Check group; Garden of the Month T/C
Env. 160 - 5/7/1995 Mugs; Groups; Grand Opening Torrance
Env. 161 - 5/8/1995 Hospice Photos
Env. 162 - 5/9/1995 Ducks; Groups; mugs
Env. 163 - 5/10/1995 Groups; mugs; Natalbany Tourism Day; Preseason Football
Env. 164 - 5/11/1995 Southeastern Louisiana University “Rain” Shots; Hammond High School Fundaiser baseball (girls); Howard Edwards; Home-buying Seminar; Gardenettes Award; Flood shots in Mandeville; Magnolia Isle Boat Shots
Env. 165 - 5/12/1995 Guy waiting on train to go by; Ponchatoula High School pictures; cook of the Week; Rev. Clayton; cars; Olin Noto mug
Env. 166 - 5/14/1995 Walk for Life; Dance Clinic; A.J. Bodker; mon with two girls kissing her
Env. 167 - 5/15/1995 Ponchatoula Strawberry Queen; Pageant/Coronation        
Env. 168 - 5/17/1995 Springfield Football; Virgil Allen; Cook of the Week; Student studying sleeping; HS spring training games; HS Baseball (summer)
Env. 169 - 5/16/1995 Truck wreck; Scholarship signing; picketers; Southeastern Louisiana University gas leak; Torrance fitness; football; mug
Env. 170 - 5/18/1995 Daylilies; ABWA banquet; Football training game; N.O. Saints Jim Everette, etc.; groups; mugs
Env. 171 - 5/19/1995 Boys/ Girls Club (finger prints); HS Spring Football; groups with flowers; Natalbany Bowling winners
Env. 172 - 5/20/1995 Southeastern Louisiana University graduation; football; Southeastern Louisiana University negatives; Chuck Reed; Groundbreaking; Health Fair
Env. 173 - 5/22/1995 Father and Son at HMS Mall at duck pond; Inlia Sims Art Show; PPP Fundraiser; STA Banquet
Env. 174 - 5/23/1995 Mug; wreck; guy smoothing concrete; Link Award; OB GYN grand opening (Doctor); PM School honor grads; Baseball (Bill Hood Post 47)
Env. 175 -5/24/1995 Softball; cows; African Lawyers; Recycle meeting; kids playing baseball; guy lining baseball field
Env. 176 - 5/25/1995 HS Spring Football; wreck; mugs; cars; guys in woods
Env. 177 - 5/26/1995 Trailer Fire; LSU baseball
Env. 178 - 5/29/1995 Gospel Day Pictures; Dance of the Ponder Hotel; Space Day at Southeastern Louisiana University Lab School; Play rehearsal
Env. 179 - 5/31/1995 Meal Sites for Council on Aging; Bus Rides getting drinks and cupcakes; Thomas Street flooding
Env. 180 - 6/1/1995 Basketball; Swimming Pool Construction; group; Waste spill; Michael Domez with photos
Env. 181 - 6/2/1995 Legion Baseball; Cook of week; Fletcher; Mooney Pool; Hammond Square Mall Oak; Cars
Env. 182 - 8/2/1995 mug; Link Award; Pregnancy Center; Gramm; Couple at Table
Env. 183 - 8/3/1995 Kid with ice cream; House; Ponchatoula Community Center Radio Communication
Env. 184 - 8/4/1995 Umpires with rain; big black Wall of Thunder Clouds; truck; recycling pictures
Env. 185 - 8/6/1995 Dizzy Dean Tourn.; Thunder Football; two mugs
Env. 186 - 8/7/1995 Dizzy Dean
Env. 187 - 8/8/1995 Dizzy Dean; guy putting up sign; Blimp; mugs; ducks; Southeastern Louisiana University building; Ben Darras’ mother
Env. 188 - 8/9/1995 Dizzy Dean; Trees (with flies ?); tennis; wreck; beach; house; football group
Env. 189 - 8/10/1995 Earl Bankston; woman with Rotary; fire (west); kid signing to Southern
Env. 190 - 8/11/1995 Dizzy Dean Tourn.
Env. 191 - 8/13/1995 Dizzy Dean Finals; three wrecks; WWII commemoration; cows; Football LSU shots
Env. 192 - 8/14/1995 Basketball Camp; people in water
Env. 193 - 8/15/1995 Check presentation; STA mug; Oak Forrest Football; Fire department; door painting; gas meter checker
Env. 194 - 8/16/1995 House; Lady talking; Football Team Albany
Env. 195 - 8/18/1995 Faces (old man with t-shirt); cook of week; kids at school; groups; cars; Football scrimmage
Env. 196 - 8/21/1995 wreck
Env. 197 - 8/22/1995 Rev. Clayton; Southeastern Louisiana University New street; Construction
Env. 198 - 8/23/1995 Cleo Fields; mug; Southeastern Louisiana University lab school group
Env. 199 - 8/24/1995 Evon Bell (faces); Kentwood Elementary and High School; Jim Brown at Rotary; Fire; groups; mugs
Env. 200 - 8/25/1995 Alligator; Dump (Regional); house with election signs; Albany vs. Pine football; Scenic river shots
Env. 201 - 8/27/1995 Forest Festival; Nutcracker tryouts
Env. 202 - 8/29/1995 Groups; Highway signs; small business administration
Env. 203 - 8/30/1995 cop shots; Peggy Shorkey H/G Principal; mug (Ricks); Japanese exhibit
Env. 204 - 8/31/1995 Steel Magnolias (play); home school ?; construction
Env. 205 - 9/1/1995 STA vs. Albany; Ceramic artists; Band practice
Env. 206 - 9/3/1995 Southeastern Louisiana University girls volleyball; STA carwash; State Trooper/Labor Day traffic; fire; mug; United Way Guy
Env. 207 - 9/5/1995 MPA Drive at HSM
Env. 208 - 9/6/1995 Soccer; poster sale; wreck
Env. 209 - 9/7/1995 Cook of week; mug; Art show; Boxers at train station
Env. 210 - 9/8/1995 artist; Alley Oop; faces; Louisiana sign on building; Country music at Walmart; HS football
Env. 211 - 9/10/1995 Alley Oop Couple; Grandparent Day at Springfield Elementary; Global Wildlife PowPow; Model “A” car show; “Mary Ann” in a uniform
Env. 212 - 9/11/1995 Audubon Zoo; Pictures
Env. 213 - 9/12/1995 Kid on swing; construction; donation check; mugs (new policemen); group; wreck; cook of the week
Env. 214 - 9/13/1995 Tippy; cars; Tim Owens; kids; Cheerleaders; Firemen; Women recycling paper
Env. 215 - 9/14/1995 mugs; guy painting poles; groups; Silhouette
Env. 216 - 9/15/1995 Southeastern Louisiana University shots; Fire department inside shots; mug; group
Env. 217 - 9/19/1995 mugs; guy working on overhang; street shots
Env. 218 - 9/21/1995 mugs (students); hospice seminar; kids with bass; cook of the week
Env. 219 - 9/22/1995 Cheerleader competition; mugs; groups; lady with blanket
Env. 220 - 9/24/1995 wreck; flag ceremony; beach scenes; group
Env. 221 - 9/25/1995 Fishing tournament; Heritage Party; Omega King and Queen
Env. 222 - 9/26/1995 Roy LeBlanc; Rollie Bigner; Willie Mae King; H.S. Career Day at Southeastern Louisiana University; Gubernatorial debate
Env. 223 - 10/1/1995 Groups; mugs; Brown Bag Concert; homecomings
Env. 224 - 10/2/1995 Heritage Festival; golf; bulldozer; dust sweeper
Env. 225 - 10/3/1995 Homecoming Court; Valenti’s Funeral; Karate guy
Env. 226 - 10/4/1995 Cooking School; OJ Trial reaction in dorms pictures; Ponchatoula and Hammond Homecoming Court
Env. 227 - 10/5/1995 wreck; Ochsner; rain shots; mug; Archeology show
Env. 228 - 10/6/1995 Independence vs. Live Oak; golf; wreck; group; cook of the week; mugs
Env. 229 - 10/8/1995 Tangi Parish Fair Queen; miscelleanous; spelling bee; St. Helena vs. Christian Life; Ponchatoula vs. Covington; Sumner and Springfield
Env. 230 - 10/9/1995 Women and pumpkins; woodcraft on corner
Env. 231 - 10/10/1995 Don’s Seafood exterior; play audition; planting on Thomas Street; Family pictures        
Env. 232 - 10/11/1995 Sewer piping; Principal serving lunch; Hammond Junior High School Homecoming Court; Hammond Junior vs. Mandeville
Env. 233 - 10/12/1995 Kids under parachute; reading stack; Springfield Headstart; cook of the week; FCE “Fun Day”; Kennedy Signs building; mug
Env. 234 - 10/13/1995 StA vs. Loranger Jr; groups; mugs; aids kid playing guitar; musician at Southeastern Louisiana University; Chamber Bon Appetite (Amite)
Env. 235 - 10/15/1995 Scarecrow judging; Puppet show; Manchac Fall Fling; Kissin’ a Pig; Amite Art Club Show; mugs
Env. 236 - 10/16/1995 Art show stuff; mug
Env. 237 - 10/17/1995 Secure meeting; Mike Petitto sign; Kiwanis Park Pool
Env. 238 - 10/18/1995 Cook of the week; Family Night Tucker Elementary; Pal’s Tore down; house; Loranger High School; Strawberry Manor; Old Man with boat; bird; Joe
Env. 239 - 10/19/1995 mug; party; Maya Angelou; Tunnel Construction
Env. 240 - 10/20/1995 Washington Parish Fair; STA vs. CSD; Mini house convention; Arsenic and Lace Play; Harry Lee; mug; Kid at computer; Homecoming Court
Env. 241 - 10/22/1995 Store Shots; ASAP; Old Farmer’s Day; mug (Jim); Election (Voters pictures); Election Party of two
Env. 242 - 10/23/1995 STYSA Soccer; Hurricanes
Env. 243 - 10/24/1995 Poster Contest Winners; signs; PHS All State Choir; mug
Env. 244 - 10/25/1995 911 Story pictures; Amite Water Tower; cook book; Ponchatoula Gardenettes; Pumpkin painting; houses, business
Env. 245 - 10/26/1995 Wreck; Nesom Club pictures; Kentwood High School Murals; Cook of the Week; group; ribbon cutting; boxing; Instant furniture; construction
Env. 246 - 10/27/1995 mug; Instant Home; house; Seized guns (HPD); H. Westside Bank with students; book signing; Ponchatoula Junior vs. Hammond Junior
Env. 247 - 10/29/1995 mug; groups; Field dedicatin; Swamp ramp; Berrytown Festival; Ross Downing “Pie in Face”; Sherley’s Carwash
Env. 248 - 10/30/1995 Golf (women’s); STA students (paint); fire; church meeting
Env. 249 - 10/31/1995 Cook of the week; IMS students; Wayne Sutton; mug; Haunted House; wreck
Env. 250 - 11/1/1995 Halloween Shots; Herbert Quinn; Tucker kids study rain forest
Env. 251 - 11/2/1995 Rotary Speech; Hospice (North Oaks); Birthday for elderly lady; Hungarian Presbyterian candle light vigil; house
Env. 252 - 11/3/1995 Southeastern Louisiana University girls volleyball; Old Pumpkins; Fraternity house; Genesis Award; LFIA ribbon cut; Day of the Dead
Env. 253 - 11/5/1995 Tucker pictures; Perrin pictures; Art Show; Bayou Thunder
Env. 254 - 11/7/1995 Richard Murphy Gala; Wreck; Jimmie Morris with award; construction; house
Env. 255 - 11/8/1995 Southeastern Louisiana University basketball- men’s and women’s green/gold games; lady hit by truck; seatbelt tickets with cop; nursing home/Independence band; Lady cleaning window/down; check donation habitat; cook of week; satellite dish winner
Env. 256 - 11/10/1995 North Oaks Bridge; Mike Foster; Larry Crain/Callier; Patriotic shot for file; Independence High Check presentation; wreck; Southeastern Louisiana University girls volleyball
Env. 257 - 11/12/1995 Police woman; cutting trees at Hammond Square Mall; Manchac Fall Fest; kissing a pig; Vet Day at Ponchatoula Cemetery
Env. 258 - 11/13/1995 Prairie Dog; horse; Bayou Thunder vs. Shreveport
Env. 259 - 11/14/1995 Ponchatoula High School Construction; Southeastern Louisiana University male street dancers; Garden of month; African visitor in Walter’s Court; Cook of the week
Env. 260 - 11/15/1995 Egg heads; Cleo Fields at Southeastern Louisiana University; Bellezar and Mercedes; Tank Powell Ad shot
Env. 261 - 11/16/1995 Tree cutting; wreck shot; Jessica Bethune; Pilgrims sing at Nursing home; mom with kid at church; Autistic kid; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball
Env. 262 - 11/17/1995 Peer mediators; Southeastern Louisiana University Big Switch; Kids with turkey; ribbon cutting; groups
Env. 263 - 11/19/1995 Southeastern Louisiana University Homecoming Parade; voting lines; Home Health month pictures; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; Bayou Thunder; Art Show; grand opening group; wreck; construction; Nutcracker Rehearsal; Holy Ghost Groups
Env. 264 - 11/20/1995 Guys playing with soccer ball; Loranger Fire department; girl sweeping
Env. 265 - 11/21/1995 Cook of the Week; Groups; Outhouse; mall fire; small horse; Ricky’s Pitiful Basketball
Env. 266 - 11/22/1995 Food drive; basketball; Seatbelt roadblock
Env. 267 - 11/24/1995 Canal Embankment work; Holiday Shopping
Env. 268 - 11/26/1995 Southeastern Louisiana University girls basketball; Kentwood vs. ; H.S. Basketball (Hammond vs. Catholic High); Little Girl with Santa; Big Lots grand opening; Father and Son putting bikes together; father and son putting up Christmas lights
Env. 269 - 11/27/1995 Rodeo; faces
Env. 270 - 11/29/1995 Prep basketball- Livingston Tourney, Oakforest games, Doyle; Package of shots from fire training; Santa sighting; Westside
Env. 271 - 11/30/1995 Zemurray lights; Handicapped guy with mom; kids in play; Nick Gag; CASA woman; Metal detectors at Courthouse; H.S. basketball
Env. 272 - 12/1/1995 Gloria Ross; Durham Ad mugs; FBLA officers; water tank; Calamias for faces; Teachers of Year; Screaming kids at University Center; Southeastern Louisiana University Boys basketball
Env. 273 - 12/2/1995 Hammond Parade; Independence Parade; Bluegrass Festival; Prep basketball; mugs: Sheriff reporter, 15 year old preacher; Cattle show
Env. 274 - 12/4/1995 Polly; fire
Env. 275 - 12/5/1995 Columbus Dr. Ext; Garden Burgess dozer; Cook of the Week; Springfield Christmas Parade
Env. 276 - 12/6/1995 House; Fence Post at Southeastern Louisiana University Tunnel; Reindeer; Nesom Toy Drive; Post Office Leafblower; Ribbon cutting; Sumner High School grant writers; mug; Prep Basketball: Boys- Hammond Vs. Walker, Boys and Girls- Amite vs. Sumner
Env. 277 - 12/7/1995 Golden Age Club Officers; Martha Kelly; Hammond Jr. High School Choir at Nursing Home; Walmart Check presentation; Colored High Reunion
Env. 278 - 12/10/1995 Continued Southeastern Louisiana University graduation
Env. 279 - 12/10/1995 Football; Basketball; School pictures; Hazard Material training; Kentwood parade; Ponchatoula parade; Maurepas Parade; Mrs. Gramm; Christmas Tree Farm; Zemurray Park
Env. 280 - 12/11/1995 Cate Square caroling; Amite Fire; Joan’s pictures
Env. 281 - 12/13/1995 Team photos; Independence shelter; Southeastern Louisiana University basketball; H-School basketball; Amite Parade; Ad mugs; presentation
Env. 282 - 12/12/1995 School groups; Albany Parade; Artists; groups; cook; Southeastern Louisiana University buildings
Env. 283 - 12/14/1995 Santa Bear; fire; AARP Officers; Prep basketball; Hammond Garden Club; Collins Wood; Ponchatoula Gardenettes
Env. 284 - 12/15/1995 Train Wreck; Nutcracker; Choir (HS); Groups and mugs; prep basketball: Hammond vs. Ponchatoula
Env. 285 - 12/17/1995 HJA; Christmas Program; Good behavior store; groups; mugs; boy with Santa; Loranger Christmas Parade; Blizzard at Cate; Prep basketball
Env. 286 - 12/18/1995 K of C party; Krewe of Omega; Nativity Scene; Weather Shots
Env. 287 - 12/19/1995 Brumfield Funeral; Ponchatoula Gardenettes lights winner; Dancing at Old Folks home; First Strawberries; Santa Bear
Env. 288 - 12/20/1995 Christmas business winner; library scammer; WABC mug/groups; Insurance photos; Parish Christmas Lights for page
Env. 289 - 12/22/1995 Prep basketball; funeral; two guys going to Bosnia; recall pin
Env. 290 - 12/26/1995 Fireworks Stand Candy
Env. 291 - 12/27/1995 Skateboard kids; kid on slide; fire; Cook of week; Bank; Christmas Tree on curb; truck wreck; mall shot
Env. 292 - 12/28/1995 North Pass Junior Bass Club; Velma Sign; Sandblaster; Oak St. Bridge; 10,000 mile man
Env. 293 - 12/29/1995 Trash dumping; Hunger walker; Construction on Columbus (sand blasting); Mayor’s Cup: Hammond vs. STA
Env. 294 - 12/31/1995 Fire (airport road); New Years hats; Fireworks buying couple; prep basketball
Env. 295 - 1/2/1996 “Rain” close-ups; fire
Env. 296 - 1/3/1996 Prep basketball: Springfield vs. STA; two girls with SHS cheerleaders; Cook of Week; Metal Detector at courthouse
Env. 297 - 1/4/1996 Prep basketball: Hammond vs. Ponchatoula; Frozen Strawberries; Cook of Week; rundown building; Rotary speaker; Artist of Month; First 1996 Baby        
Env. 298 - 1/5/1996 Downtown Hammond; Dry ice in underground tank; mugs
Env. 299 - 1/7/1996 (labeled 1/7/1995 but located in the 1996 box) fire; murder; firework tent; prep basketball: Ponchatoula vs. Amite, Springfield vs. Sumner; Mug (Genora); Ponchatoula Gardenettes Dec home; mugs; watershot
Env. 301 - 1/9/1996 Gubernatorial (color); Parish Council (file shots); Gov. Mike; group; sign
Env. 302 - 1/10/1996 Prep basketball: STA vs. Loranger, Independence vs. St. James; ice on logs; Liner pictures; Hammond Garden of Month; Ad mugs
Env. 303 - 1/11/1996 Old School buses; fire drill at Holy Ghost; fire; groups; mugs; Railroad sign shot up
Env. 304 - 1/12/1996 Railroad Gate Construction; Arbor Day; mug; Basketball
Env. 305 -1/14/1996 Lighthouse; Cellular tower; mugs; Reid fence; Christmas tree bundling; pictures from Eastside Upper; STA Homecoming Court; blood drive pictures     
Env. 306 - 1/15/1996 Group        
Env. 307 - 1/16/1996 Cook of Week; MLK March; Wheelchair; Sonic; Clark Construction for Durham; girl speaking
Env. 308 - 1/17/1996 Prep basketball; Students (Southeastern Louisiana University registrar); Columbus Dr. Lights; telephone girl; mug
Env. 309 -1/18/1996 18 wheelers overturns; murder scene with witness; cars; teacher with class?; students (Southeastern Louisiana University moving in)
Env. 310 - 1/21/1996 Prep basketball; breakfast groups; Air patrol exercises; Holden High Science Fair
Env. 311 - 1/22/1996 Columbus Drive; Early morning near Southeastern Louisiana University
Env. 312 - 1/23/1996 Cook of Week; mugs; Hammond High School play rehearsal; Holden Gift; Link Award; Stop sign construction
Env. 313 - 1/24/1996 Murder scene; United Way lunch; clown; mugs; Clinton on TV
Env. 314  - 1/25/1996 House Construction; mugs; Artist Show; house        
Env. 315 -1/26/1996 Frank Pitts; Mirror Trees; Jewelry; teacher (Columbus); Groups; mugs; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball pre season
Env. 316 - 1/28/1996 Catholic School pictures; mugs (police); Winborn’s Geo; MLK March; North Oak Construction; Chamber dinner; Murder/ Suicide Scene
Env. 317 -1/28/1996 Prep basketball; Ponchatoula vs. Slidell; STA vs. Springfield
Env. 318 - 1/29/1996 Flag football; car fire
Env. 319 - 1/30/1996 Mugs; Trafton Student; Jessie Pingno; Band uniforms; Water tower sandblast; storyteller; house fire
Env. 320 - 1/31/1996 Sleep lab; Cars SSS; Ritz Theater Alley Pictures; groups; mugs; Students with flag
Env. 321 - 2/1/1996 Rev. Randall; planting tree; singing at lab school; two checks at STA; mugs; groups; Cook of Week; Artist; dietitian; Junior High AA Tourney
Env. 322 - 2/2/1996 Hammond High School Football banquet; mugs; house; guy working on sign (Toggery); groups; mailing invites; Roffino’s Trailer
Env. 323 - 2/4/1996 Prep basketball; guy running bleachers; loading firewood; mugs; groups
Env. 324 - 2/5/1996 Time and Temp picks; ice over faucet; fire pictures
Env. 325 - 2/6/1996 mugs; fires; ice; construction; speaker
Env. 326 - 2/8/1996 kids at Mall (building floats); groups; city workers fix bench; teacher appreciation
Env. 327 - 2/9/1996 Cars; students with paper balls; mugs
Env. 328 - 2/11/1996 Prep ball: Hammond vs. Salmen, Amite vs. Independence; Kappa Sigma house; fishing mirror; African Dancers (Barbons)
Env. 329 - 2/12/1996 Krewe of O ball; African Dancers; artist; Fire truck stuck; fire (grass)
Env. 330 - 2/13/1996 Kids; fires (trailer fire); ad pictures; prep basketball
Env. 331 - 2/15/1996 Shots from plane; wreck; mugs
Env. 332 - 2/19/1996 truck wreck; mug; fire; wreck
Env. 333 -2/20/1996 Prep Girl’s regional basketball; ducks; building
Env. 334 -2/21/1996 Mardi Gras; Video Games; King Cakes; puppy
Env. 335 -2/22/1996 Color: Girl in park; Ash Wednesday Father Bob; B/W: mugs; Realistate agents        
Env. 336 - 2/23/1996 Color- Gospel Extravaganza; B/W- Dentist; Color - Westside Construction tour
Env. 337 - 2/27/1996 Art Studio; School group; Link Award; AHS Football group awarders; 18 wheelers wreck; two guys doing roof work; Tony’s Tires
Env. 338 - 2/28/1996 Train; Construction; Birthday (Leap Year) mugs and party; ad pictures; School note pictures
Env. 339 - 2/29/1996 Mugs; groups; scouts; library; cook; fountain

Box # 15 (March 1, 1996 to May 30, 1997)
Env. 1 - 3/1/1996 Speaker; Guy at computer; Girls High School Basketball; Girls Southeastern Louisiana University Basketball; Police Training
Env. 2 - 3/2/1996 Pow Wow; groups; mugs; State Troopers; Basketball; Accident; Joan’s Pictures
Env. 3 -3/4/1996 Carnival Rides at night; faces (horses); mugs; cooking; art show; search for little girl
Env. 4 - 3/6/1996 Search for little girl; strawberries; dog at school; mug
Env. 5 - 3/7/1996 Fire men training; search continued; Springfield High School boy baseball; group; pictures at school
Env. 6 - 3/8/1996 Washing parking lot; Columbia Players Auction Shot; Mag school Tourney group
Env. 7 - 3/10/1996 Zemurray Gardens; Krewe of Erin; Quilting Ladies
Env. 8 - 3/11/1996 Football tryouts at Southeastern Louisiana University; Bridal Show/ Ponchatoula; Girls Picnic
Env. 9 - 3/12/1996 Groups; little girls body found; park clean-up; mug
Env. 10 - 3/13/1996 Therapist; Cook; girl in pool; welder; 51 lbs. Catfish; mug; Hammond High School vs. Ponchatoula baseball; wedding show
Env. 11 - 3/14/1996 Mogoarello’s; North Oak Bridge; Proclamation (Mayor); Kids at Habitat; Dan Joneau; John Hainkel @ Rotary
Env. 12 - 3/15/1996 St. Joseph fair ride; Food pantry; grass fire; High School baseball: Amite vs. Albany, Ponchatoula vs. Fountianbleu
Env. 13 - 3/17/1996 Irish Parade; Plane “Warbird”; Easter Egg hunt; mugs; faces
Env. 14 - 3/19/1996 President Clinton; Sadie’s funeral; Cook of the Week; Southeastern Louisiana University Tennis; Casino
Env. 15 - 3/20/1996 Storm Damage; Prep Baseball; group; ribbon cutting; Tonya; Strawberry Queen Alane; Literacy Group; Greenhouse
Env. 16 - 3/21/1996 Southeastern Louisiana University Play pictures; Azaleas; Teacher with Award; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; play
Env. 17 - 3/24/1996 Southeastern Louisiana University Baseball; Ponchatoula Baseball; St. Joseph Altar; Trash bash; space lab; lunch week; Special Olympics
Env. 18 - 3/25/1996 Lincoln Park; Joan’s pictures
Env. 19 - 3/26/1996 Oak Street Bridge; Lincoln Park Traffic Stops; Link Award; mug
Env. 20 - 3/27/1996 Fire; Southeastern Louisiana University Pride Day; Play; prep baseball
Env. 21 - 3/28/1996 Self-defense course; School note group; bus wreck; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball
Env. 22 - 3/29/1996 Soccer photo; Chamber spruce up park in Amite; Gas leak in Amite; Senior Citizen; speaker; Southeastern Louisiana University softball; garden of month; Deputy with pot/gons; LEAP rally
Env. 23 - 3/31/1996 Stysa soccer; PC Reeves; Oyster Festival; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; Hammond High Baseball
Env. 24 - 4/1/1996 Baseball player Cuntz; Strawberry Festival Bas Tourney; ball
Env. 25 - 4/2/1996 Baseball; mug; Eggs
Env. 26 - 4/3/1996 Baseball: Southeastern Louisiana University vs. Tulane, STA vs. Sumner; kids in Cate Square; Tree planting; mugs
Env. 27 - 4/4/1996 Track; last supper; Joan’s pictures; Easter Drawing winners; lady on swing
Env. 28 - 4/5/1996 Crawfish; Ponchatoula Prep baseball; artist; Easter winners; James Davis Family
Env. 29 - 4/7/1996 Car Show; egg hunt; Union Field; cloggers; rabbits
Env. 30 - 4/8/1996 Faces; tree
Env. 31 - 4/9/1996 Crime re-enactment; Cook of the Week; Collin’s woods; roadside strawberries
Env. 32 - 4/10/1996 Prep baseball; cop mug; rebel flag on I-55
Env. 33 - 4/11/1996 Jennifer Graff signs; cars; houses; fishery people; chamber mug; Lincoln Park; Strawberry Poster
Env. 34 - 4/12/1996 Prep baseball: Independence vs. Albany; kid on mini bike; Pre-strawberry Festival; truck turned over with timber
Env. 35 - 4/15/1996 Strawberry Festival (Randy’s); Prep Tourney Girls Softball; DWI stops; fire
Env. 36 - 4/16/1996 Southeastern Louisiana University vs. La Tech Baseball; Post Office; Mayor’s office; Library Window; Uruguay visitors; Cook of the Week; Gomez signs
Env. 37 - 4/17/1996 Downtown buildings; Scholarship signing (Labbe); baseball
Env. 38 - 4/18/1996 Loranger High Girls basketball team; T-shirts designers; Teacher of the Year; house/lot; Holy Ghost set up; Garden of the Month; Trooper mugs; Horses (camp)
Env. 39 - 4/19/1996 La Legislature General Assembly; Prep ball; STA vs. Sumner; STA student with trees; Civil War stuff at Hammond Jr. High; Rody; Play (Columbia Players)
Env. 40 - 4/21/1996 H/G Fair; Boy/Cub Scout Derby Race; Davis Funeral; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; Hammond High baseball; Soccer (girls)
Env. 41 - 4/25/1996 CFACT; Earth Day at H/G; CASA; good grooming; mug; Strawberry Jubilee; Ponchatoula vs. Slidell; Prep baseball; soccer
Env. 42 - 4/26/1996 Global Wildlife photos
Env. 43 - 4/26/1996 Mug; Garden of the Month; boxing
Env. 44 - 4/28/1996 Italian Festival; Air Safety Show; soccer; Dixie opening; MS Walk
Env. 45 - 4/30/1996 Court Day; Legislature; Cook of Week; Roof construction
Env. 46 - 5/1/1996 Fire wreck; mug; Harry Wong
Env. 47 - 5/2/1996 Grass cutting at Golf Club; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; man reading
Env. 48 - 5/3/1996 Education searching; Posting signs at bridge; New furniture store; Prayer day
Env. 49 - 5/5/1996 Trash bash; Pow Wow
Env. 50 - 5/6/1996 Foundation Gala; Wreck; Southeastern Louisiana University baseball; fire
Env. 51 - 5/7/1996 Dixie Youth; STA play; Artists; Police ID; Railroad crossing; group
Env. 52 - 5/8/1996 Flag donation; Roseland City Hall; Adams St. Bridge; Check Presentation; Kids of field trip
Env. 53 - 5/9/1996 Mayor Lunch; mugs; Eagle Scout; Dixie Boys baseball; group; sport signing
Env. 54 - 5/10/1996 Clean City judging; Garden of Month; Mother’s Day shopping; Log truck on Thomas Street; Spring Football: Kentwood vs. W. Feliciana
Env. 55 - 5/12/1996 Athletic Park; Trash Clean Up Ponchatoula High School; Animal Shelter Garage Sale; P.O. Food Drive; faces        
Env. 56  - 5/14/1996 Poet; Hammond High School State winner; Nursing Home week; Eye Clinic; Little Girl dancing
Env. 57 - 5/15/1996 Mugs (ad); Little girl in wagon; Southeastern Louisiana University Provost; cars for ad
Env. 58 - 5/16/1996 Dixie Softball 11-12 age; Grad class Hammond reserve; H.S. grads; mugs for editorial cut-out; fishing; gas pumps and sign; Garden of the Month; Independence Awards
Env. 59 - 5/17/1996 Group; Army Mail Bosnia; Trumpet boy; Guy reading in sun; Horses; Independence Spring football
Env. 60 - 5/19/1996 Hammond Spring football; Southeastern Louisiana University graduation; Habitat Groundbreak; La Fest at Champ Cooper
Env. 61 - 5/20/1996 Fire; March of Dimes; Meals on Wheels walk
Env. 62 - 5/21/1996 Runner; Dairy men protest; Landry signing Southeastern Louisiana University; Link Award
Env. 63 - 5/22/1996 Dare group; Street shots; Hammond High Honors; Dixie Youth baseball
Env. 64 - 5/23/1996 Trash cans; Grad Vals Ponchatoula; Albany Spring Football; H.S. grad; DePaula
Env. 65 - 5/24/1996 Southeastern Louisiana University building; Child museum; H.S. gardeners; Garden of the Month
Env. 66 - 5/26/1996 Wreck enactment; Torch beaver
Env. 67 - 5/28/1996 Memorial Day (Ponchatoula); Zephyr Comp at Ponchatoula; Baby in window; Jeweler
Env. 68 - 5/29/1996 11-12 girls softball; First grader update; Iguana; firemen
Env. 69 - 5/30/1996 Rain; Iguana reunion; Last Day at School
Env. 70 - 5/31/1996 Clinton; Search (Cherokee Beach); Memorial Day at Amite Court house; employee shot
Env. 71 - 6/2/1996 Mid Parish baseball; Ponchatoula baseball; Hammond Girls Softball; Search; Kentwood Dairy Fest; Tennis instruction
        6/3/1996 City Pool at Zemurray
Env. 72 - 6/4/1996 Swimming Pool; wreck; fire; cook
Env. 73 - 6/5/1996 Tennis; Railroad crossing gate; check presentation; mural painting; Thunder football; baseball ribbon cutting
Env. 74 - 6/6/1996 Search; Dry fields; balloons; church; groups; shooting
Env. 75 - 6/7/1996 Hammond Mini League (Dixie); cars; kids at capitol; girls softball; Dinardo Golfing (Independence High School); Lemonade Stand
Env. 76 - 6/9/1996 Westside Elementary; Police in Class; Livy Fun Day; Red Cross cook-off; Bob Livingston                                            
Env. 77 - 6/10/1996 Strawberry Queen
Env. 78 - 6/12/1996 Basketball trophy; Cook of the Week; Heart group; logging; football camp; baseball
Env. 79 - 6/13/1996 Joan’s Garden Stuff; Garden of Month; Fishing Spoons; Cat Food; Boy Scout camp
Env. 80 - 6/14/1996 Fern Lady; Gymnastics; Teachers learning; mug
Env. 81 - 6/15/1996 Barbara’s Pictures; Rain in Zemurray; Father with daughter; baseball; kid hit by car
Env. 82 - 6/17/1996 Golf; baseball
Env. 83 -6/18/1996 Damaged mailboxes; NOMC construction; graduation; softball
Env. 84 - 6/19/1996 D.S. employees; Legion baseball; softball; Tangi Feed and Seed
Env. 85 - 6/20/1996 Weather; McGruff; Dixie Little League; Watermelon Party Southeastern Louisiana University
Env. 86 - 6/21/1996 Girls; HDC building; dancer; house; bridge construction; Garden of Month
Env. 87 - 6/23/1996 Librarian; Fireworks tent going up; Women/HDC issue pictures
Env. 88 - 6/24/1996 McDonald’s donation check; Dixie Boys
Env. 89 - 6/25/1996 Cook of week; City hall uniform; Southeastern Louisiana University entrance columns; Dixie Youth American League group picture; Link Award    
Env. 90 - 6/26/1996 Fireworks Tent; camp; artist; employees; fire test
Env. 91 - 6/27/1996 Kids in Hope Park at Daggs-Reid; Heinkle at Lynn Haven
Env. 92 - 6/28/1996 Bear tracker (with radio antenna); park lights; swim meet; feed mill
Env. 93 - 6/30/1996 Camp Moore; Michael Jackson; Carol Knight; Mid Summer Classic; Girls Fast pitch softball; park lights; Neesom Marine; Women looks for bear
Env. 94 - 7/1/1996 Flotilla; Ieyoub; tennis; fire
Env. 95 - 7/2/1996 Groups; mugs; Sheriffs sworn in; Dixie Boys and minors; ad shots; Hay bailer
Env. 96 - 7/3/1996 Dixie Boys/ Legion; “Non Sense” STA Donation; Doctors; DuFeeche retiring; Port-o-Potty; Check presentation
Env. 97 - 7/5/1996 Dixie Fireworks; Jazz at Cate Square; Bayou Jazz girls; Puppet Show at library; Dixie Boys subdistrict playoffs
Env. 98 - 7/8/1996 People swimming in Tangipahoa River at Amite; political signs in Amite; Finals of LaVixon’s Mid-Sum class
Env. 99 - 7/9/1996 Ponchatoula Dixie Boys/Youth playoffs; fire basket weaver; school construction
Env. 100 - 7/11/1996 Mayor’s dinner; check presentation; Pro Physical therapy; mugs; kids play with H2O in pool; Annie Eastman School
Env. 101 - 7/12/1996 Bayou Thunder practice; McDonald at Bill Hood Tourn; cook of week; Old Café on Thomas; Construction; March of Dimes; Drug bust
Env. 102 - 7/15/1996 Faces; scales; pastor; theater camp; art camp; kids weekend at Salvation Army Park; Bill Hood Classic; Provost “kid”
Env. 103 - 7/16/1996 Family with remote car; cook of week; cars
Env. 104 - 7/17/1996 Dolls; fire; check presentation
Env. 105 - 7/18/1996 Kid Awareness “Annie”; group; sidewalk construction; boy scout; police group
Env. 106 - 7/19/1996 Postal Workers
Env. 107 - 7/21/1996 Family Court pictures; French Music at Loranger Library; car wash; Construction workers; Check presentation; kids bowling; voting poles; Dixie Youth in Gonzales
Env. 108 - 7/23/1996 Swimmers; Inmate Trash collection
Env. 109- 7/24/1996 Dizzy Dean Tourney; Mud presentation; moving house; cars
Env. 110 -7/25/1996 Globetrotter; tree; Southeastern Louisiana University event; Dizzy Dear; Groups
Env. 111 -7/26/1996 Couples with babies; Trailer on Sonya Drive; Girl Scout camp; Ad mug; Baglio painting Baseball line
Env. 112 - 7/28/1996 Mud Mania; H.S. All Star football; Dizzy Dear State Tourney; Drug Store; Delchamps Credit; Flower Garden (Ponchatoula); mugs; Boy Scout; wreck in front of DS
Env.  113 - 7/30/1996 Ponchatoula Library Program; Oil Rig; Ad mug
Env. 114 - 7/31/1996 Fatal accident; Drilling at pond; fair board; Dizzy Dear
Env. 115 -8/1/1996 Cars for Him; Truck wreck; cats nurse off dog; Library; mug; computers screen shot
Env. 116 - 8/2/1996 Artist (Troxclair)
Env. 117 - 8/4/1996 Patsy Byers; D.C. Reeves; Protest at Holiday Inn; Grand Opening
Env. 118 - 8/6/1996 Patrolling Tickfaw River; Football track at Hammond High School; students in Amite; mug; 76ers group shot; New Van in Ponchatoula; Albany Library winners
Env. 119 - 8/7/1996 check presentation; Animal shelter; kids at Levy building; teachers move in new school; post office pictures
Env. 120 - 8/8/1996 Snowball stand; painting lines on field at Southeastern Louisiana University; flag corps; Sumner football team (football tab); Suarez at New Orleans; Artist; cook; ad mug
Env. 121 - 8/9/1996 Thunder players in stands; Sign on locked door; nursing home bowling tourney; cutting down tree
Env. 122 - 8/11/1996 ad shots; group; book mobile; WET project; 18 wheeler; check presentation; New platelet machine; 96-97 board players Columbia
        8/12/1996 Rainy Interstate shot                                
Env. 123 - 8/13/1996 Bus cleaning; Southeastern Louisiana University cable TV Service; Cook of Week; Shots at LSU
Env. 124 - 8/14/1996 Karate Kid; kids at pool watching
Env. 125 - 8/15/1996 Crystal St. School; commercial filming; Loranger football team; Detention Center; 2 firemen with time capsule; faces- older men with kids; house fire; Olympic uneven bars; STA football team; Oak Forest Football team
Env. 126 - 8/16/1996 Wreck; Humming bird; Karate Kid; cook; Tulane practice at St. Paul’s Group
Env. 127 - 8/19/1996 Fire; Westside Dedication at grand opening
Env. 128 - 8/21/1996 Amite Football group; house; sky; Southeastern Louisiana University kids get books
Env. 129 - 8/23/1996 Southeastern Louisiana University parking construction; wreck; cook; Amite Scrimmage; Bell South; Collinswood; mug (CASA); 100 year old lady; Teacher’s with pay raise proposal
Env. 130 - 8/25/1996 Hammond Scrimmage; Independence scrimmage; Judge forum; buses; Southeastern Louisiana University convocation/ BBQ; Fellowship comp.; Ponchatoula Key Club carwash
Env. 131 - 8/27/1996 Southeastern Louisiana University shots; Train depot; building; Germany guy
Env. 132 - 8/28/1996 Flowers close up; dogs; rainy weather; cows; sunshine boys (play); groups
Env. 133 - 8/29/1996 Gang graffiti; traffic lights installed; Southeastern Louisiana University endowment; Lacessioz Hairdresser; Senator table at Rotary; Scout
Env. 134 - 8/30/1996 Southeastern Louisiana University Pride Day; mug; Cars; Band practice
Env. 135 - August 1996 Bob Dole
Env. 136 - 9/1/1996 Holy Ghost Fund Drive; St. Helena Forest Fest; wreck
Env. 137 - 9/4/1996 Teacher’s picketing; Gambling meeting
Env. 138 - 9/5/1996 City Judge Forum; Deputy directs traffic; cook; music store’s ribbon cutting; candidate mugs; D.S. Department head mugs        
Env. 139 - 9/6/1996 Bug lady; wet weather with wrecks; mugs; groups; grand opening
Env. 140 - 9/8/1996 United Way Day; Child with tumor; Grandparent Day; Cheerleading Camp; wreck with school bus
Env. 141 - 9/10/1996 Loranger Sign; Book signing; Tangi Fair board reception for Queen; New Albany City Hall
Env. 142 - 9/11/1996 Bob Dole; Fire proclamation; Cook of the Week; Cancer Breakfast
Env. 143 - 9/12/1996 Southeastern Louisiana University girls soccer; Love Bugs; Hams Schneider; Garden Club
Env. 144 - 9/13/1996 Christmas Tree moving; group; DA Forum; CASA volunteer; sickle cell group; STA vs. BTW; Tennis group
Env. 145 - 9/15/1996 Pow Wow; Shell Show; Hammond Jr. High Cheerleaders; work Thunder; J.C. Penny photo contest group
Env. 146 - 9/18/1996 Empty parking lot at Southeastern Louisiana University; Southeastern Louisiana University soccer; political forum; Jerry J. Hills (accused rape/murder)
Env. 147 - 9/19/1996 Southeastern Louisiana University pictures; Train wreck
Env. 148 - 9/17/1996 wreck; gambling machine; computer lab; no parking signs
Env. 149 - 9/20/1996 Spirit Night at Dixie; Herpest; group (proc.); mugs (employees); kids and soccer ball
Env. 150 - 9/22/1996 Womanless pageant; Election pictures at parties; Tour De Tangy; mugs; SSI office award
Env. 151  - 9/23/1996 Krewe of Omega; Red Cross; Art Show; Oak Knoll golf        
Env. 152 - 9/24/1996 Bridge; Ribbon cut; Link Award; Crystal Academy; Tim Gautreaux
Env. 153 - 9/25/1996 Book mobile; voting machine; power line tree trim; Loranger Sign
Env. 154 - 9/26/1996 Homemakers; Cook of Week; River; Women Golfers; TARC Fall Fest
Env. 155 - 9/27/1996 Garden of Month; Black Fest Booth; Woodland Park; Albany Students at Reach Conference; Leonard Kroft
Env. 156 - 9/29/1996 Brown Bag lunch at Cate Square; Heritage Restaurant; Tangi Parish Fair Sign            
Env. 157 - 9/30/1996 Minimum wage worker; Parish Far preparation; bass tournament
Env. 158 - 10/1/1996 Tangi Fair prep shots; chickens; scarecrows; police men awarded
Env. 159 - 10/2/1996 Police Dog; Employee mugs; 100 year post office; clothes; Teacher of Year
Env. 160 - 10/3/1996 Fire; Jugglers; mugs (employee); groups; Tangi Fair shots; DOTD paints
Env. 161 - 10/6/1996 Tour for Cure; Project Wet group; Hungarian Fest
Env. 162 - 10/7/1996 Manchac Flooding
Env. 163 - 10/8/1996 D.S. building; Animal Shelter sign; Teacher of Year; train wreck
Env. 164 - 10/8/1996 Volunteer and man of Year (Ponchatoula); Supertruck; group
Env. 165 - 10/9/1996 Dairy; Mother Goose; CFAET group; Homecoming Court; Kiwanis Speaker; Anchor Woman
Env. 166 - 10/10/1996 Lovell; teacher; fire; fire speech; capsule; NNI mugs; Entergy spray; Junior Auxiliary
Env. 167  -10/11/1996 Guy sees Mary; Fence; truck wreck; ribbon cut; painting (girls); check presentation; cook; Tank Powell; 75 year party    
Env. 168 - 10/14/1996 Gallery Stroll; Ponchatoula Fire Department Celebration
Env. 169 - 10/15/1996 Jazz at Nite downtown; Pinocchio; Drama Workshop; Rodeo prep; Hammond High School Parade; Relay for life; Beautification Day at Independence Elementary; Champ Cooper Carwash; grand opening        
Env. 169 - 10/15/1996 Homecoming group; Park (kids playing); Logging truck turned over
Env. 170 - 10/16/1996 Fire; Net Day ‘96 Award; Web page award; proclamation; K.C. proclamation; Lunch room
Env. 171 - 10/17/1996 Tomato Lady; Kid in commercial; Hot Dog mobile; Sister Helen Prejean; Tickfaw proclamation; Latino Art Lecture
Env. 172 - 10/18/1996 Water Tower; Homecoming; Home builders; check presentation; Loranger book; guy with fish; water hydrant install; Halloween stuff at store
Env. 173 - 10/20/1996 Junior ROTC competition; Old Farmer’s Day; Oktober Fest; Russian Dancers; Egg drops; bookmobile; groups; Net Day ‘96
Env. 174 - 10/21/1996 Candle light Rosary
Env. 175 - 10/22/1996 Voting; Pumpkin carving; library; mugs
Env. 176 - 10/23/1996 Hammond Eastside Primary; Senate Education Committee; Cook    
Env. 177 - 10/24/1996 Puppy; Kenya; Dance team; Citizen of the Year; H/G Mock Election; Silent Auction
Env. 178 - 10/25/1996 STA vs. Louisiana School for Deaf; Collinswood; Jindal; Southeastern Louisiana University CBS-sports; HWP Traffic kid; volunteer parents; Mock Debate, Springfield Elementary
Env. 179 - 10/27/1996 Pumpkin painting; Albany lunch; Truck wreck; Option C signs; bunches of groups
Env. 180 - 10/28/1996 Picnic-n-pops; Mary Landrau; St. Joseph’s Craft Show; Car wash g/o
Env. 181 - 10/29/1996 Boat in wreck; Link Award; Ribbon cutting; “Pet primps”; artist; Milk lab ground breaking; cheese plant class
Env. 182 - 10/30/1996 Kids with pumpkins; man with dog; groups; Red Ribbon Day; Guy cleaning up inserts
Env. 183 - 10/31/1996 Patriotic program; Blanco visits Hammond; Halloween at Springfield Elementary; Independence High School sign; cook; men with fish
Env. 184 - 11/1/1996 Books; Hat guy; Halloween; florist
Env. 185 - 11/3/1996 ORI at 236th airport; Sears re-opening; A/G award; All Saints Day; 101 year old; Art shot
Env. 186 - 11/5/1996 Traffic; voting; 12 year old violinist; Bridge construction
Env. 187 - 11/6/1996 Election photos; man with no arms; construction; fire
Env. 188 - 11/7/1996 CASA; architect; Guy with dog
Env. 189 - 11/10/1996 A/G “Spirit Day”; mug; Veterans
Env. 190 - 11/11/1996 Kids practice for Nutcracker
Env. 191 - 11/12/1996 Veteran’s Day Services; Miss USA; construction at Hood; Genesis Award
Env. 192 - 11/13/1996 Emergency Room set up; signs on interstate
Env. 193 - 11/14/1996 Rotary Group check presentation; Christmas Auction; Hammond Garden Club; Town and Country Club visits Faller; Woody’s People at Courthouse; Trafton Cross Country meet
Env. 194  - 11/15/1996 Shoppers at J.C. Penney; Lighting Oak Tree; LSU fans at Depot; group shots; School wood shop
Env. 195 - 11/17/1996 Gambling Machines; faces; medalist; H/G Wizard of Oz; Santa at HSM; Ricks Sworn in; Winery
Env. 196 - 11/18/1996 Davis ceremony; Southeastern Louisiana University boys basketball scrimmage with Arkansas Express
Env. 197 - 11/19/1996 Construction; Pep rally and fashion show at Southeastern Louisiana University; Link Award; Paw print group
Env. 198 - 11/21/1996 mugs; Indian; Southeastern Louisiana University picks; Christmas Decoration; cook; groups
Env. 199 - 11/22/1996 Bonfire; Jersey Day Hammond High School; Kids play “Indians”; McDonalds; building; funeral
Env. 200 - 11/22/1996 Santa Bear; group
Env. 201 - 11/23/1996 McAlister’s; Pedestrian hit; Champ Cooper “Indian Women”; Independence Elementary; kids
Env. 202 - 11/24/1996 Southeastern Louisiana University Homecoming Parade; Alumni BBQ; groups; car; country dancing
Env. 203 - 11/25/1996 Southeastern Louisiana University Homecoming Queen; Christmas Trees
Env. 204 - 11/26/1996 Santa at HSM; Hammond Basketball; Boy’s and Girl’s Club dinner; Christmas trees
Env. 205 - 11/27/1996 Stringing Lights; Hammond High School food baskets; Cook of Week
Env. 206 - 11/29/1996 Fire; plane wreck; group; Thanksgiving volunteer; K-Mart Line of people
Env. 207 - 11/30/1996 Pow Wow; Kids with heart condition; Pep rally; Amite Girls; basketball group
Env. 208 - 12/2/1996 Christmas Lights (Loranger); Bike Trail
Env. 209 - 12/3/1996 Veterinarian; School notes pictures; Cook of the Week
Env. 210  - 12/4/1996 Prep basketball; Ponchatoula group; Action (Ponchatoula/Amite Games); Christmas Tree decorations; group; Garden of the Month; Jake Bailey
Env. 211 - 12/5/1996 Cowboy Classic Basketball; prebasketball group shots; Ponchatoula High School Student; STA Students; Fire; Golden Age Club
Env. 212 - 12/6/1996 Mr. Wizard Kids; The Wall Opening Ceremony; Love Tree lighting; tree; Menora lighting; Score speaker
Env. 213 - 12/8/1996 Christmas Parades (Hammond and Independence); The Vietnam Wall; Santa Bear
Env. 214 - 12/9/1996 The V. Wall Closing ceremony; Friend of shelter Auction; Christmas Light Zemurray
Env. 215 - 12/10/1996 Kids; Groups; Albany Christmas Parade
Env. 216- 12/11/1996 Santa Check; Amite Parade; Prep basketball; kids; golf course clearing
Env. 217 - 12/12/1996 Reindeer Fall; Narcotics Officer; group; mugs
Env. 218 - 12/13/1996 Albany Lower Elementary Program; Judge Retires Party; Prep-basketball group; ROTC obstacle course; Old Hardware store
Env. 219 - 12/15/1996 Kentwood Parade; Ponchatoula Parade; fire; Southeastern Louisiana University graduation; Pictures for Thomas Story; Santa on Corner; Library winners
Env. 220 - 12/16/1996 HDC parade; Church service; Joan’s pictures; Art Guild party
Env. 221 - 12/17/1996 Weather shots; mug; groups; First Strawberries
Env. 222 - 12/18/1996 Elementary; Sign language Christmas; Prep basketball; Roseland parade; Train at park; Christmas Program
Env. 223 - 12/19/1996 Santa Bear; Rotary; Christmas Light Winners; Weather girl; School notes groups
Env. 224 - 12/22/1996 Loranger Parade; Tangipahoa Parade; Ponchatoula Jr. High School; Southeastern Louisiana University mens basketball; prep basketball; live nativity scene; Santa Bear
Env. 225 - 12/26/1996 Thank You Santa Bear Group; H.S. Mall shot; kids on Bikes; Recovered Goods
Env. 227 - 12/27/1996 Train Leak; Park kid; Rosland swearing in Mayor, Alderman
Env. 228 - 12/29/1996 Computer at City Hall; group Murphy
Env. 229 - 12/31/1996 Fireworks; Lions; Southeastern Louisiana University; DJ at Southeastern Louisiana University; Southeastern Louisiana University girls basketball
Env. 230 - 1/2/1997 Stroke Victim; Welder; Accidents; Sugar bowl fans
Env. 231 - 1/5/1997 Kid on bike; new fire chief; new photo; Lee’s construction; prep basketball; guy with dog and pen/lost game bird; Tangipahoa trash signs
Env. 232 - 1/6/1997 Kids with remote cars; Southeastern Louisiana University man’s basketball
Env. 233 - 1/7/1997 Soccer; Cook of Week; Krewe of Omega- 12th night party; Garbage meeting at Parish Council; Street Cleaner
Env. 234 - 1/8/1997 Weather Shots; Elementary School; Water Tower; food pantry; Judge swearing in; Cook of Week; Quilt- Turnbull; fire; school board members; Prep-basketball action
Env. 235 - 1/9/1997 JA Group; Southeastern Louisiana University Drop/Add; Man walking; leaf raking; bank Merger; City Pay meeting; Frame shop; mug for Kim-ad
Env. 236 - 1/10/1997 Cold Weather Art; Hospital Volunteer; Southeastern Louisiana University Road construction; Fire hoses; Dump site; Quad area; Christmas Tree recycling
Env. 237 - 1/12/1997 Librarian Conference; Garbage Truck; Frame Shop; groups; mugs
Env. 238 - 1/14/1997 Hammond High Play; dead deer; Cook of the Week; Link Award; Darnel