East Feliciana Parish

Photo Collection


Pix # Date of Pix Size of Pix No. of Pix Kind of image Negative

1 1979 11 x 14 1 original B&W print none

Old barn near Clinton, Louisiana. (IN OVERSIZE PHOTO FILE CABINET)

2 1908 5 x 7 2 B&W copy print 35mm B&W

Louisiana State Insane Asylum, Jackson, Louisiana, now called East Feliciana State Hospital. Copy of original postcard which was postmarked January 31, 1908.

3 early 1900s 2¾ x 4½ 1 original B&W print none

Old Centenary College, Jackson, Louisiana.

4 1979 9 x 12½ 1 original B&W print none

Scene of the statue of the Confederate soldier in front of the East Feliciana Courthouse. (IN OVERSIZE PHOTO FILE CABINET)

5 ca. 1890 8 x 10 1 original B&W print 35mm B&W (4)

Scene of a large group of men standing and sitting in front of Centenary College, Jackson, Louisiana. Some are holding tennis rackets. Samuel Nye Bass (on 2nd row, 6th from right side-books in right hand). He is the father of Mary Bell Bass .

Negs. 1 and 2--Two views of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Clinton, Louisiana taken in 1980. The present church dates from 1871.