Mayor Saleem “Sam” Emile Saik Photo Collection

Folder 1:
1. Mayor Saik posing with members of the Blue Angels Air Force Unit
2. Mayor Saik, Mr. Bickham, and Mr. Bonnell at SLC Homecoming, 1969
3. Mayor Saik posing with men wearing cowboy and Indian attire
4. Signed picture from “Bill” Formof to Mayor Sam Saik
5. Mayor Saik posing with woman
6. Mayor Saik posing with men and pageant queen
7. Mayor Saik at Mississippi Interstate 55 dedication
8. Mayor Saik holding a lecture for the Grand Masons
9. Mayor Saik posing with men
10. Mayor Saik cutting a dedication ribbon at Hammond courthouse
11. Mayor Saik awarding trophy to horse Bayou Bengal and jockey at the Hammond Purse,
Jefferson Downs, Kenner, LA, November 13, 1971
12. Mayor Saik posing with “Dixie”
13. Signed picture from Cleo E. Stone to Mayor Saik
14. Mayor Saik sitting at table with another man
15. Mayor Saik awarding trophy to horse Dark Point and jockey, Jefferson Downs, Kenner,
LA, April 29, 1972


Folder 2:
16. Mayor Saik riding in a parade
17. Signed photo from Clark to Mayor Saik
18. Mayor Saik presenting a trophy to Miss Hammond, 1968
19. Mayor Saik posing with Louisiana Miss University
20. Mayor Saik cutting ribbon for grand opening in downtown Hammond
21. Mayor Saik with woman in his office
22. Mayor Saik with the B.P.W. Club, 1969
23. Mayor Saik at groundbreaking for First Guaranty Bank in Hammond
24. Mayor Saik signing papers in office
25. Mayor Saik toasting with Miss Hammond in office
26. Mayor Saik posing with Miss Hammond
27. Mayor Saik with Miss Hammond at a pageant
28. Mayor Saik and men at a cooking class
29. Mayor Saik with Miss Hammond, 1971
30. Mayor Saik with two men


Folder 3:
31. Signed photo of Mayor Saik by Justin Ward
32. Mayor Saik posing with two men
33. Mayor Saik cutting a cake for Hammond 156 celebration
34. Signed portrait by Guy Durente to Mayor Saik
35. Mayor Saik being inaugurated as mayor of Hammond
36. Mayor and Mrs. Saik riding in the Hammond parade
37. Mayor Saik in downtown Hammond
38. Mayor Saik presenting certificate to U.S. Army official
39. Hammond Lumber Company mill, Hammond, LA, 1913
40. Signed picture by the Hammond Dance Team members Ginger Temple, Alice Finch, Cindy
Ferguson, Pam Badeaux, and Sue Ann Ray
41. Mayor Saik speaking at formal dinner
42. Mayor Saik with small child in wheelchair
43. Mayor Saik showing award to two men
44. Mayor Saik posing with Miss Hammond
45. Mayor Saik signing papers on desk


Folder 4:
46. Signed photograph of Debbie Ward, Miss Louisiana
47. Mayor Saik at the Tangipahoa Parish Centennial
48. SLC Alumni Association; State Representative Lawrence A. “Buster” Sheridan of
Angie; Hammond Mayor Sam Saik; Representative Carl Wagner of Albany; Representative
Nicholas “Nic” Cefalu of Amite; Southeastern President Clea Parker; Representative
Jessie D. McClain of Covington; Sen. Grady Stewart of Albany, Francis Bickham of Hammond,
immediate past president of SLC Alumni Association, Rep. Francis Bicford of Hammond
49. Mayor Saik crowning Miss Hammond
50. Mayor Saik with wife
51. Signed portrait of Major General “Junior” of the U.S. Marines, March 1969
52. Mayor Saik posing with Miss Hammond
53. Mayor Saik receiving Jaycee award
54. Mayor Saik receiving distinguished service award by the Jaycees
55. Mayor Saik receiving plaque from Jaycees
56. Mayor Saik at the Jaycee benefit meeting
57. Signed portrait of Medal of Honor recipient Private Raymond M. Clausen, Jr., June
15, 1971
58. Mayor Saik with two boy scouts
59. Mayor Saik with Miss Hammond at pageant
60. Mayor Saik posing with Miss Hammond


Folder 5:
61. Mayor Saik with Miss Hammond
62. Marine shaking hands with man
63. Mayor Saik with young man
64. Mayor Saik with women’s dance team
65. Mayor Saik posing with a group of men
66. Mayor Saik with Miss Hammond 1967
67. Mayor Saik posing with Miss Louisiana
68. Mayor Saik sitting at desk in office
69. Signed portrait by John J. McKeithen to Mayor Saik
70.  Mayor Saik with Linda Ferguson, Miss Louisiana 1965
71. Mayor Saik with women
72. Mayor Saik with Miss Louisiana at pageant awards
73. Mayor Saik with Miss Hammond
74. Vice President of the United States Alben Berkley’s visit to Hammond, 1950
75. Mayor Saik with Miss Hammond
76. Mayor Saik posing with dance team
77. Mayor Saik with Miss Hammond
78. Mayor Saik with woman and man
79. Photograph of the interior of a department store
80. Mayor Saik standing with women in department store
81. 22 images of a performance by “The Lettermen”


Folder 6 (Restricted Access):
1. Signed Joe Namath Picture with letter, August 8, 1974
2. Autographed Warren Bankston picture
3. Autographed Pete Maravich picture
4. Autographed Archie Manning picture
5. Autographed Jimmy Pike, Tom Butler, and Billy: aka “The Lettermen” picture
6. Autographed Brad Davis picture
7. Autographed Jim Taylor picture
8. Autographed Jim Taylor picture (oversized)
9. Signed photograph of the Girls National Championship Basketball team of 1977


Folder 7 (Oversized Photos Placed in Saik Archival Collection Box 1)

1. Signed photo by Shirley and Kitty to Mayor Saik

2. Picture of thanks from Director Otto Preminger to Mayor Saik

3. Photo signed by the Saints team to Mayor Saik

4. Autographed photo by Sid Bowman from the 1928 and 1932 Olympics

5. Signed picture of the Blue Angels to Mayor Saik (in oversized photo cabinet)

6. Mayor Saik overseeing construction in Hammond

7. Mayor Saik Standing with a group of men at a construction site

8. Mayor Saik with man at construction site