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Southeast Louisiana Review Journal


Contents of Volume 2, Winter 2009/2010

Simmons, Neal. "The Divergent Colony: British West Florida"

Harrison, Lucia Guzzi and Francesco Fiumara. "Le Nuove Donne del Focolare: Women's Role in Preserving Sicilian American Traditions in Tangipahoa Parish"

Perrin, James. "Railroad Development in the Ponchatoula, Louisiana Area: 1852-1922"

Talley, Dera. "The Washington Parish Fair: A Mirror Reflecting the evolution of the Greater Community"


Contents of Volume 1, Fall 2008

Robinson, King S. "Sustaining the Glory: Spain's Melting Pot Army in the Lower Mississippi Valley, 1779-1781"

Ford, Judge Leon, III. "When Hammond, Louisiana was the Southern Terminal of the Illinois Central Railroad"

Davoll, Emma. "The Road Less Traveled By"


Southeast Louisiana Historical Papers


Contents of Volume 1, 1974
Perrin, James M. "The Sixth Congressional District Elections of 1933 and 1934" 
Baiamonte, John V., Jr. "The Ethnic Appeal of Longism Among the Italians of Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana" 
Perrin, William E., Jr. "The Lottery, Louisiana, and John A. Morris" Forrest, Clark, Jr. "Various Locations of the Livingston Parish Courthouse" 
Vial, Harry J., Jr. "A History of the News Digest, Amite City, Louisiana, 1863-1890" 
Bennett, Cheryl Ann. "The Creation of Tangipahoa Parish--1869"


Contents of Volume 2, 1975
Jenkins,Gary Bruce. "Folsom, Louisiana, A Wilderness Town" 
Forrest, Clark, Jr. "Macedonia Baptist Church, Livingston Parish, Louisiana" 
Robertson, Tommie Jean. "The Louisiana Farmers' Protective Union and its Effects on the Farmers of Ponchatoula" 
Robbins, Donna Evelyne. "Buildings from Hammond's Past" 
Kelly, Mortimore F. III. "Fort St. John" 
Fox, Joseph H. "The Empson Family and Brick Making in the Florida Parishes" 
Gordon, Barbara J. "Public Education in St. Helena Parish, 1865-1974" 
"Lagniappe from the Greensburg Imperial, September 15, 1860"


Contents of Volume 3, 1976
McDonough, Edward D., Jr. "Antonio Ulloa, Alejandro O'Reilly and the Louisiana Revolution of 1768" 
Murphy, James E. Early. "Aviation in Louisiana" 
Day, Susan Brent. "Brief History of Bayou Lacombe" 
Elliott, Angela M. "Branch Camp No. 10: The Hammond Prisoner of War Experience, 1944-1946" 
Arthur, Karen. "Mandeville: A Resort" 
Ridgel, Elizabeth. "Natalbany, Louisiana: Mill Town, U.S.A."


Contents of Volume 4, 1977
Couvillion, Vic. "James Renshaw's Hammond of 1893-1894" 
Anderson, Daniel. "The Presidential Election of 1964 in Tangipahoa Parish" 
Maurin, Charles H. III. "Pere Eyraud: Soldier of God"


Contents of Volume 5, 1978
Reynolds, Vickie. "George Campbell: "The Stroller," 1941-1967" 
Campbell, Edna. "History of the Hotel Casa De Fresa" 
Corkern, Carole F. "U-Boats in the Gulf of Mexico World War II" 
"1870 Federal Population Census for St. Tammany Parish, Wards One and Two"


Contents of Volume 6, 1979
Randazzo, Lydia. "The Battle of New Orleans: Victory that Saved a Nation" 
Frindik, Kevin. "Hammond, Louisiana: An Historical Sketch of its Governmental Forms" 
Forrest, Clark , Jr. "History of Farmers' Cooperatives and Associations of Albany, Livingston Parish, Louisiana" 
Morris, Irene. "Sidelights on Family History: Tangipahoa Parish Tombstone Connects to Canadian History" 
"1870 Federal Population Census for St. Tammany Parish, Ward Two Continued"


Contents of Volume 7, 1980
Taylor, Joe Gray. "The Black Family in Louisiana" 
Randazzo, Lydia. "From Can to Can't: The Story of Italian Immigrants to Tangipahoa Parish" 
Varnado, Michael. "The Brooks-Scanlon Company: A Description of its Kentwood, Louisiana Operation" 
Trippi, Maurice C. "The History of the Baton Rouge, Hammond and Eastern Railroad" 
Schwab, Lucille B. "Andrew Jackson Higgins: Boatbuilder" 
Casey, Powell A. "Masonic Lodges in the Florida Parishes" 
"1870 Federal Population Census for St. Tammany Parish, Mandeville, Ward Three Continued"


Contents for Volume 8, 1982
Kurtz, Michael L. "The Struggle for Reform in Louisiana: 1928-1981" 
Blanchard, Deborah Ann. "D-Day: Desegregation in the New Orleans Public Schools" 
Campbell, Edna. "Hammond's Historic District" 
Forrest, Clark, Jr. "The Denkmanns: A Pioneer American Lumbering Family and Their Florida Parishes Operations" 
Mentz, Henry A. Jr. "A Glimpse of Hammond, 1925-1945" 
Morgan, Virgie. "Macedonia Baptist Church" 
"1870 Federal Population Census for St. Tammany Parish, Mandeville, Ward Three Completed and Madisonville, Ward Four begun"


Contents of Volume 9, 1983
Salomone, Jerome & Anthony V. Margavio. "Italian Culture and Familism in Nineteenth Century Louisiana and Today" 
Perrin, James Morris. "Ponchatoula and the Cypress Industry: 1920-1930" 
Jackson, Joy. "Recollections of Life in Natalbany: An Oral History Interview with Frances Robinson" 
Ryan, Michael. "The Beginnings of the Washington Parish Fair" 
Bankston, Beth. "Opera and the French Opera House in New Orleans" 
"1870 Federal Population Census for St. Tammany Parish"


Contents of Volume 10, 1984-85
Murray, Patricia H. "CCC Camp 4422, Kentwood, Louisiana: An Educational Experience" 
Walden, Linda. "I. C. G. Railroad and Hammond's Forgotten Landmark" 
Ratcliff, Sharon F. "The Hungarian Settlement" 
"1870 Federal Population Census for St. Tammany Parish, 6th Ward Covington"


Contents of Volume 11, 1986-87 
Jackson, Joy J. "Plain Living in the Piney Woods: How it Was and Why it is no More" 
Hewitt, Lawrence L. "They fought splendidly!": The Black Soldiers at Port Hudson" 
"1870 Federal Population Census for St. Tammany Parish, 6th Ward Covington"


Contents of Volume 12, 1987-88
Hewitt, Lawrence L. "Mississippians Defend the Florida Parishes: August, 1862-July, 1863" Mocsary, Victoria Ann. "Strangers in a Foreign Land: An Early History of Hungarian Settlement, Livingston Parish, Louisiana" 
"1870 Federal Population Census for St. Tammany Parish, 6th Ward Covington"


Contents of Volume 13, 1988-8
Couvillion, Vic. "James Renshaw's Hammond of 1893-1894" 
Cowart, Claire J. "Charles Joiner's Recollections" 
Douglas, Amy Lynn. "The Williams Family" 
Milchanowski, Karen. "The Early Political Career of Jimmy Morrison"

Contents of Volume 14, 1990-91
Welch, Gregory. "St. Tammany Parish, The Antebellum Years; 1820-1860" 
Meeker, Margaret. "Ponchatoula During World War II" 
Saltus, Allen R. , Jr. "Watercraft Remains in the Central Gulf Coast Riverine Environment" 
"1870 Federal Population Census for St. Tammany Parish"


Contents of Volume 15, 1991-92
Gathright, Isabel Singer. "Bernard Marigny: A Forgotten Patriot" 
Jackson, Joy. "Foreign Images and Influences in Nineteenth Century New Orleans Drama and Music" 
Sanders, Charlene L. "Covington High School: The First 50 Years"


Contents of Volume 16, 1992-93 
Dranguet, Victoria Reynolds. "Jean Laffite: Privateer, Hero, Pirate" 
Threadgill, George Hilliard, revised and edited by Isabel Singer Gathright. "A History of Springfield, Louisiana" 
Fiegel, Laurie Smith. "John Slidell" 
Mirando, Joseph A. "D Vickers and the Early Development of Southeastern Louisiana University"


Contents of Volume 17, 1993-94
Gunter, Erin R. "The First Post Offices in the Florida Parishes of Louisiana" 
Chauvin, Munson Tim. "Andrew Jackson and Martial Law in New Orleans" 
Hyde, Samuel C., Jr. "Cultural Assimilation in Confederate New Orleans"


Contents of Volume 18, 1994 
Haydel, Richard P. "The First Political Victory of Jimmy Morrison" 
Mentz, Judge Henry A., Jr. "A Glimpse of Hammond, Part II" 
Rod, Alan J. "Robert E. Carr and the Hammond Daily Herald" 
Estopinal, Jerry G. "Albert Estopinal, Soldier and Statesman, From St. Bernard Parish" 
"Mr. Kidder Goes to Paris, Letters from the Paris Exposition of 1889" 
"Report of the Louisiana Board of Pension Commissioners for the period, 1904-1906."


Regional Dimensions


Contents of Volume 1, 1983
Wyche, Billy H. "Labor in the Florida Parishes Lumber Industry, 1900-1920" 
Parrill, William. "Filmmaking in Louisiana During the Silent Period: The Lone Wolf" 
Levy, Louis H. and George M. Hess. "A Statistical Overview of the Florida Parishes" 
Lockwood, Maryjo C. "The Significance of Ethnicity in "Hungarian Settlement"


Contents of Volume 2, 1984
Walker, Barbara C. "A Kind of Archaeology or Why Dig That Up? It's Better Forgotten!" 
Nichols, C. Howard. "Art Deco Architecture on the Southeastern Louisiana University Campus" 
Becnel, Harry P. "Courtship and Marriage Customs Among First and Second Generation Italian- 
Americans in a Rural Southern Town" 
Fanning, Michael. "Evil Innocent Little Nell of New Orleans"


Contents of Volume 3, 1985
Dranguet, Charles A., Jr. and Roman J. Heleniak. "Backdoor to the Gulf: The Pass Manchac Region, 1699-1863" 
Groene, Bertram H. "A Brief Survey of the Principal Naval Actions on the Mississippi Sound-Lakes Borgne, Pontchartrain and Maurepas, 1861-1865" 
Falgoust, Hymel G., Jr. "Toward Sophistication in the Visual Arts of Tangipahoa Parish" 
Kurtz, Michael L. "Earl K. Long as Governor: The First Administration, 1939-1940"


Contents of Volume 4, Number 1, 1986
Special Edition, The Longs of Louisiana 
Kurtz, Michael. "Introduction: Longism and Louisiana Politics" 
Hair, William I. "Huey Long: A Historical Perspective" 
Jeansonne, Glen. "Huey P. Long, Robin Hood or Tyrant? A Critique of Huey Long" 
Dowie, William. "Huey Long's Literary Shadow" 
Baiamonte, John. "Charles Anzalone: A Political Profile of a Tangipahoa Longite" 
Peoples, Morgan. "Earl Long's Last Campaign"


Contents of Volume 4, Number 2, 1986
Wyche,Billy H. "William H. Sullivan and the Early Years of Bogalusa, Louisiana, 1905-1929" 
Groene, Bertram. "An Overview of Fifty Years of Steamboating from 1850 to 1900" 
Walker, Barbara C. "The Woodward Brothers, Apostles of Art Education" 
Parrill, William. "How the Movies Came to New Orleans, or How "Pop" Rock Brought the Vitascope to the Crescent City"


Contents of Volume 5, 1987
Dowie, William. "The Thanatos Syndrome: Or, Why Living in Louisiana Ain't So Bad After All, According to Walker Percy" 
Gautreaux,Tim. "Same Place, Same Things, A short story" 
Gautreaux, Tim. "Louisiana Man, A short story" 
Nethercutt, Ron. "You Are My Sunshine: Theme and Variation" 
Marshall, Margaret M. "A Louisiana Creole Speech Continuum"


Contents of Volume 6, 1988 
Gaines, James F. "A Dream Colony: Geosocial (Mis)representations of Louisiana in French Literature 1682-1805" 
Hewitt, Lawrence L. "Louisiana Tigers in Virginia: Company K, 14th Louisiana Infantry Regiment, C.S.A." 
Parrill, Anna Sue. "Mark Twain on Disease, Burial, and Cremation in Old New Orleans" 
Fanning, Michael. "Little Bill: A Chapter" 
Tardo, Barbara L. ". . . From the Louisiana Landscape: An Exhibition of Sculpture and Drawing"


Contents of Volume 7, 1989
Hewitt, Lawrence L. "Halbert Eleazer Paine: A Yankee in Louisiana" 
McAllister, Carole. "Grace King's Short Fiction: The Effects of Place on Women's Experiences" 
Parrill, William. "The Nola Film Company and the Diamond Film Company, with some notes on the Film Writings of William Morgan Hannon" 
Gautreaux, Tim. "The Causeway Flash, A short story" 
Gautreaux, Tim. "The Courtship of Merlin LeBlanc, A short story"


Contents of Volume 8, 1990 
Gaines, James F. "Early New Orleans and the Myth of Napoleon: The Testimony of Le Moniteur de la Louisiane" 
Marshall, Margaret M. "The Origins of Creole French in Louisiana" Dorrill, George. "Black and White Speech in the Florida Parishes" 
Fick, Thomas H. "Realism, Romance, and the Drama of National Reconciliation in Miss Ravenel's Conversion"


Contents of Volume 9, 1991
Hood, Gail. "Pine Island: A Visual Document" 
German, Norman. "No Other World, Chapter Two, 1754" 
Dowie, William. "Walker Percy on the Place of Love: The Second Coming" 
Finley-Stansbury, Kim. "Caroline Wogan Durieux and the WPA Federal Art Project in Louisiana"


Contents of Volume 10, 1992
Gautreaux Tim. "Making Ripples, A short story" 
German, Norman. "The Girl and the Green Gas Can, A short story" 
Parrill, William. "Big Pictures": More Films Made in Louisiana During the Silent Period" 
Tytler, Graeme. "Martha Lacy Hall, Louisiana Short-Story Writer"


Contents of Volume 11, 1993
Salomone, Jerome J. "Multiculturalism in America: Virtue or Vice" 
Gaines, James F. "The Natchez Tribe in Early Literature of Frency Louisiana" 
Gold, Eva and Thomas Fick. "The Cultural Matrices of Towards the Gulf: Race, Region, and the Reconstruction of the Southern Gentleman" 
Penn, James. "Paths Through the Piney Woods: A Study of Early Roads in the Eastern Florida Parishes, (cartography by Laura Penn)" 
Dowie, William. "Visions of Place, Revisions of Self in James Wilcox's Sort of Rich"


Contents of Volume 12, 1994
Finley-Stansbury, Kim. "An Angel's Education: New Orleans Sculptor Angela Gregory, 1920-1929" 
German, Norman. "Zero at the Bone" (2 chapters from his novel) Hanson, David C. "Art and Letters Illustrated Magazine and the Beginnings of Arts and Crafts in New Orleans" 
Bedell, Jack B. "Sleeping with the Net-Maker" (Poems of Southeastern Louisiana)


Contents of Volume 13, 1995 
Gautreaux, Tim. "Sorry Blood, a short story" 
Finley-Stansbury, Kim. "An Angel's Life: New Orleans Sculptor Angela Gregory, 1930-1990" Bedell, Jack B. "Sleeping with the Net-Maker" (Poems of Southeastern Louisiana) 
Gold, Eva. "The Tragic Mulatto in The Octoroon: Melodrama and the Question of Boundaries"



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