Admission Classifications

Degree Status

Degree Status includes all graduate students intending to pursue a graduate degree. The listing of regular, provisional, and contingent admission status does not mean that all programs admit students in each of the classifications.

A bachelor's degree is required of any individual admitted for graduate study.


Regular Admission

Graduate programs may prescribe requirements for regular admission in addition to those described below. In addition to holding an undergraduate degree, an applicant who receives regular admission status must satisfy one of the following minimum graduate admissions requirements based on the level of work completed at the time of the application and program/degree specific admission requirements.

  1. 2.50 GPA on the undergraduate degree or

  2. 2.75 GPA on the last two years (approximately 60-70 semester hours or 90-100 quarter hours) of upper level undergraduate academic course work or

  3. 2.75 GPA on 30 or more semester hours undergraduate credit after earning the first bachelor's degree or

  4. 2.75 GPA on the last two years (approximately 60-70 semester hours or 90-100 quarter hours) of undergraduate academic course work and a 3.00 GPA on fewer than 24 hours graduate course work or

  5. 3.00 GPA on 24 or more graduate hours or

  6. An earned master's degree or higher-level degree and

  7. Earned satisfactory scores on the standardized tests required by the individual degree program.

  8. Be in satisfactory academic standing at the last institution attended.

An applicant not satisfying the academic standards noted above (minimum GPA) may be admitted to a degree program as a provisional student if recommended by the graduate coordinator of the academic unit offering the degree program.

A student in a Regular admission status is eligible for a graduate assistantship.


Provisional Admission

The University offers provisional admission status to students who do not meet one of the academic standards noted under regular admission. Some graduate degree programs do not admit students with provisional status; therefore, a student must check the specific program requirements. A student admitted in provision status must advance to regular status as prescribed below:

A student admitted to provisional status is eligible (not guaranteed) for advancement to regular status after receiving a 3.00 GPA on the first nine hours of regular graduate level courses taken during the first semester at Southeastern Louisiana University. Part-time students will be allowed a maximum of 12 consecutive months in provisional status in order to complete the required nine hours with a 3.00 GPA in all courses taken while in provisional status. A student must be continuously enrolled to achieve the nine hour requirement. Graduate programs will specify for each student admitted in provisional status the academic requirements that must be met to advance to regular status. Once the required nine hours is met an admission decision will be made. Neither transfer credits nor credits earned while in Unclassified status can be used to satisfy this nine-hour requirement. A student in provisional status may be dismissed from the graduate program if the student does not complete the required 9 hours within 12 consecutive months, or if the required 3.00 GPA on all courses taken while in provisional status is not attained. Otherwise, the student's status will be changed to Regular or Unclassified as appropriate. Academic departments may set higher standards for students admitted provisionally into their programs. While in the provisional status, a student is not eligible to hold a graduate assistantship; however, an exception may be granted by the Director of Graduate Studies in well-justified cases if approved by the academic department head and/or academic dean.

Contingent Admission

A student needing the final transcript recording the bachelor's degree or to provide particular scores, .e.g., GRE, GMAT or PRAXIS scores may be admitted in contingent status. For example, if the applicant has met all admission requirements but is in the final semester of a bachelor's degree, the applicant will be admitted in contingent status until recript of the official verification documents that the degree has been awarded; at that time the applicant will advance to regular admission status. A contingent admission can also be changed to regular when the Office of Graduate Studies receives GRE/GMAT or other required test scores.

An applicant may also be admitted with one or more departmental contingencies, requirements the department expects the student to fulfill by a certain deadline. Departmental contingencies are monitored by the department and usually are prerequisite courses, standardized tests, or another similar requirement.

A student in contingent status is eligible for a graduate assistantship. Continued eligibility for a graduate assistantship beyond the initial semester would require that any such graduate assistants advance to regular status by the completion of the initial semester. Students may not be moved from contingent status to provisional status. Failure to qualify for regular admission status will prevent the student from registering for the next semester.

Non-Degree Classified

An applicant not wishing to pursue a graduate degree but wishing to achieve a special certification or Master's plus 30 for teaching purposes (applicant must have a Master's degree), would apply for admission to the University through the Office of Admissions as a Non-degree-seeking ALT CERT, ADD-ON, or Masters plus 30 student. A student enrolled at least half-time in this status is eligible for specific types of financial aid. Individuals should contact the Student Financial Aid Office for additional information. Students seeking admission as non-degree classified must meet or exceed the university minimum requirements for admission (see minimum requirements stated under Regular admissions).


Unclassified Admission

A student wishing to pursue graduate-level study for purposes other than advanced degree, certificate program, or master plus 30 credit hours for teachers may be admitted in unclassified status. Upon completion of one semester in unclassified status a student wishing to be considered for admission to a degree is eligible to apply. No more than nine (9) graduate hours of work received as an unclassified student may be counted toward credit for a degree program. For courses taken in the unclassified status that are to be counted for credit toward a graduate degree the student must have earned a grade of B or A and the courses must be approved by the department graduate coordinator and department head. In cases where a student has a graduate advisory committee, approval of courses to count toward the graduate degree must be approved by the student's graduate committee and the departmental graduate coordinator. Hours completed in this status may not be used to satisfy provisional admission requirements. Financial aid may be limited for student in unclassified status. Contact the Student Financial Aid Office for additional information. Students seeking admission as unclassified must meet or exceed the university minimum requirements for admission (see minimum requirements stated under Regular admissions).

No more than 9 hours earned by a student in Provisional, Contingent, Non-Degree Classified, or Non-Degree Unclassified Status may be counted towards a graduate degree, provided the Director of Graduate Studies approves the credit that is recommended by the appropriate graduate coordinator/director or graduate faculty adviser.

In order to be admitted in unclassified status, an international student who does not meet criteria under English Language Requirements for International Students must submit an appropriate TOEFL score for admission.


Steps for application and registration as an unclassified graduate student are as follows:

  1. The student must submit an application for admission and an official transcript showing proof of an earned baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution to the Office Admissions, SLU 10752, Hammond, LA 70402 (on campus address: North Campus Main Building). All applicants must submit a non-refundable application fee.

  2. To register for classes, the student must seek permission from the academic department in which she/he wishes to take a course(s).

  3. The student can complete registration once the authorization is provided.