Young Hispanics Leadership Program

The Young Hispanic Leadership Program is designed to identify, develop, and empower
the Hispanic Youth community in the Southeast region through a multifaceted program
that enhances and advances leadership capacities and professional growth. The Young
Hispanic Leadership Program incorporates some unique characteristics to fulfill its
mission and goals to promote sustainable social and educational development through
nurturing human capital with a particular focus on the young Hispanic population.

This program is an outstanding opportunity for Hispanic students to put their leadership
skills to work in practical and real-world applications.

The Young Hispanic Leadership Program will focus on the following topics:

  • Role of Leadership
  • Youth empowerment
  • Global Leadership
  • Entrepreneurial creativity
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Critical thinking
  • Community services 


Registration Information

Registration to the program is free. For registration, click below for Electronic
Application in both English and Spanish.


Registration to the Southeastern Hammond Campus program will be available in June.


HIspanic culture image

The Young Hispanic Leadership Program will go beyond the traditional instruction of
leadership courses by providing Latino youth with the tools and resources to develop
educational opportunities and become influential community leaders, given Hispanic
youth real-world learning experiences and interactions.

The Young Hispanic Leadership Program will examine the role of Leadership and social
development in the young Hispanic community and how this individual overcomes political,
educational, and socio-economic obstacles. The workshop series will address and encourage
more outstanding communication, cooperation, and opportunities for Hispanic youth,
cultivating and creating an environment for the progressive and inclusive development
of Hispanic youth leadership skills in high school.

This program is in alliance with The Southeastern Latin American Student Association.

Learn more about the Young Hispanics Leadership Program.

Duration and Location

The Young Hispanic Leadership Program will be held at Southeastern Louisiana University
(Hammond and Livingston campus). The program consists of three (3) Saturdays (once
every month), six (6) hours each, over a semester (Fall and Spring). The program will
be offered each year at both locations. 

Number of Participants: 30 for each session.

Anticipated Start Dates:

Southeastern Campus Fall 2022 TBA.

Southeastern Livingston Center: March 26 – April 23 and May 14, 2022

Program Requirements

  • Must be Hispanic (or Hispanic heritage)
  • Full-time student (9-12 grade) in any Tangipahoa or Livingston Parish High School
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Born in a Latin American country or having at least one parent who is a native from
    a Latin American country
  • Fluent in Spanish (Preferred)
  • Complete the registration form – EnglishSpanish

What should I expect?

A typical day will include guest speakers, round table discussions, seminars, and
workshops focused on providing students with innovative ways to reach their goals
and gain a broad understanding of leadership experiences. The Latin American Business
Development Initiative will provide participants a complete set of materials during
the days of the program. Refreshments and lunch will also be provided.