Preparing for Online and Hybrid Learning


Southeastern Online

Working, Teaching, and Taking Courses Remotely

In the event face-to-face instruction is interrupted due to illness, isolation or
restricted access to campus, Southeastern Online understands that many faculty need information on how to transition your face-to-face
courses to online formats and many students need support in transitioning to taking
online courses. With preparation and planning, disruptions in course activity can
be minimized and continuity in teaching and learning ensured.

By utilizing the following resources, you can successfully complete your courses without
interruption if they are transitioned to an online format.

Meet Virtually On Campus

Need to meet a class “virtually” while on campus?  Here’s how.
1. Smartphone, laptop or your personal device – Southeastern’s WiFi will allow you
to access the course at both indoor and outdoor locations.

2. Student Technology Center — Fayard 126, 127, and 129
3. Tinsley Lab –Tinsley 101
4. Library 

On Campus Computer Lab Access

  • Please note that Student Tech Fee Computer Lab in Fayard Hall will be continue to
    remain open for student use. The hours are Monday-Thursday 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM. 
  • The lab will only make a limited number of computers available to allow for the appropriate
    spacing per the social distancing guidelines. No more than ten students will be allowed
    to use the lab at one time. 
  • Fayard Hall Computer Lab

Computer and Equipment Checkout

Be Prepared

In preparation, you should make sure you have tested your access to the following

  • A desktop or laptop computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Headset with a microphone.
  • Webcam – a camera may already be built into your computer, but you can also use an
    external USB camera for video conferencing. Your instructor may use Google Meet for
    web conferencing. Google Meet recommends these webcams through Logitech: Webcams. However, most webcams will work with Google Meet.
  • Internet – either connected to a wireless network commercially provided in your off-campus
    apartment or home, or a wireless hotspot through your mobile phone. You may also gain
    Wifi access at certain establishments, such as libraries and coffee shops.


Be prepared! It’s best to know these options will work for you before you actually
need them. Test access to your equipment and resources before the need arises.

Monitor University Updates

Southeastern’s website provides continuous, up-to-date information on the status of
university operations. Also, be sure to register for emergency alert text messages
and voice calls.

Stay in Communication


It is important that you stay in communication with your teachers and are able to
receive communications from the university. All official communication regarding the
university and regarding online classes will be done through Webmail. Make sure your
Webmail account is set up and active. You might also want to follow Southeastern on
Social Media for up to date announcements. You should check your university Webmail
a minimum on once a day and preferably multiple times if possible.


Tablet and Books

Student Help Desk

The Student Help Desk can assist you with most of your technical issues should any
occur, including assisting you with Moodle where your online courses will take place.


Moodle is Southeastern’s Learning Management System where online classes take place.
You should make sure your Moodle access is set up and begin familiarizing yourself
with the environment.

Meeting Online

Google Meet is a simple platform designed to run an online meeting with minimal effort.
Using only your web browser or a mobile device, meeting participants can share audio,
video, and screens with colleagues and guests. Some of your faculty may have you attend
lectures online, host virtual office hours, or have you do class presentations online.
This will be done through a Google Meet link which would be set up in your Moodle


Center for Student Excellence


The Center for Student Excellence has many support programs in place to assist you
including academic coaching and online tutoring.