Lending Laptops

Are you having technology issues? The Southeastern Livingston Center has laptops for
lending to be used free of charge by actively enrolled Southeastern students.  These
laptops can be checked out by students for academic or university related purposed
for up to 14 consecutive days “off campus” or for up to 4 consecutive hours “on campus”
at Livingston Center in Walker.



Please review these policies and procedures relating Southeastern Livingston Center
Lending Laptops Program Equipment Checkout before using this service and completing
the Online Laptop Reservation Form.

  • Actively enrolled Southeastern students are eligible to checkout equipment from Southeastern
    Livingston Center.
  • Services are free and funding for the equipment is provided by GEER funds, however
    applicant may be charged a fine if equipment and/or accessories are not returned,
    damaged, or lost.
  • Equipment can only be used during dates pertaining to the current semester.
  • Use of the equipment is for academic or Southeastern related purposes.
  • Agreeing to our disclaimer is required in order to use any of our equipment.
  • Applicant’s signature is required prior to being given any equipment/accessories.
  • Equipment will only be issued to the applicant.  A picture identification is required
    to pick-up and return equipment.
  • All original equipment and/or accessories should be returned.  Substitute equipment
    and/or accessories will not be accepted.
  • Equipment can be used “on campus” for 4 consecutive hours or can be used “off campus”
    for up to 14 consecutive calendar days.
  • “On campus” usage is issued on a first come, first served basis in Livingston Center
    Room 120.  Advanced holds on equipment will not be allowed.
  • “Off campus” usage requires completion of our online application process.
  • Apply for “off campus” equipment at least two working days prior to needing the items.
  • A faculty sponsor is required for “off campus” equipment use.  The faculty member’s
    email is required on the application.
  • When completing the online application, the applicant should review it for accuracy before
  • Automated system email messages will be sent for each step of our application, checkout,
    and checkin processes.
  • “Off campus” applications are processed once the faculty sponsorship is complete.


Faculty Sponsorship

Faculty sponsorship verifies that the purpose for the equipment is academic in nature
and that the applicant has a responsible and ethical character.  The faculty sponsor
is NOT responsible for the equipment and/or accessories.  The student is responsible
for the care and return of the equipment (see our disclaimer found on our login page
for important details regarding equipment usage).