Divisions: The Region VIII Social Studies Fair is divided into three Divisions. Each
school may submit a maximum of fifteen (15) projects for each appropriate Division.
Schools with a combination of Division I and Division II grades or Division II and
Division III grades may submit a total of thirty (30) projects, but no more than fifteen
(15) for each Division. Try to submit student projects in a variety of Disciplines.

Division I includes grades 4-5.
Division II includes grades 6-8.
Division III includes grades 9-12.

Disciplines: Each Division is divided into seven (7) Disciplines. Each school may
submit no more than five (5) projects per Division in any one of the seven (7) Disciplines.
For example, a school may submit no more than five projects in History for Division

Anthropology.Projects concerning how culture has developed by people living and thinking
together. Examples are Ancient civilizations, Native Americans, customs, festivals,
types of shelter and food, religion, etc.

Economics.Projects concerning the utilization of the natural environment to produce
the goods and services needed by man. Examples are money, manufacturing, trade, transportation
of goods, services, communication, inflation, stock exchange, Common Market, government
budgets, etc.

Geography.Projects concerning the relationship between man and his natural environment.
Examples include ecology, foreign countries, lands and peoples, maps, flooding, rivers,
lakes, cities, conservation, etc.

History.Projects concerning the written story of man and the development of civilizations.
Examples include historical events and trends, wars, diplomacy, politics, religious
institutions, biographies, etc.

Louisiana History. Any projects that would fall into the History Discipline but relate
to Louisiana.

Political Science.Projects concerning principles, organization, and methods of government.
Examples include government agencies, constitutions, courts, international agencies,
FBI, CIA, etc.

Sociology.Projects concerning people living in groups. Examples include the family,
crime, mental health, lifestyles, media, drug abuse, etc.

Important Note! Please note that local schools bear complete responsibility for seeing
that all projects are classified in the proper Discipline. Under no circumstances
will officials of the Region VIII Social Studies Fair change a project from one Discipline
to another. Your care and cooperation in this matter will be appreciated.

Individual and Group Projects: Projects may be either of the following.

Individual: Projects that one student prepares and presents.

Group: Projects that two or more students prepare and present. Group projects must
have a single designated spokesman. All students in the Group project may help present
their project to the judges at the Regional Fair, but NOTE the State Fair only allows
one designated spokesman to present their project to the judges.

Out of the fifeen (15) projects submitted for each Division, a school may submit any
combination of Individual and Group projects, though schools are urged to seek a balance
between the two. Again try and seek a balance with the Disciplines as well.

The different disciplines and types for each Division (I, II, and III) are as follows:

Anthropology Individual and Group Projects
Economics Individual and Group Projects
Geography Individual and Group Projects
History Individual and Group Projects Louisiana History Individual and Group Projects
Political Science Individual and Group Projects
Sociology Individual and Group Projects

Once submitted into a Discipline such as Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History,
Louisiana History, Political Science, or Sociology, the student or students project
will be judged in that category. No exceptions. Please make sure you list the correct
Discipline on the entry form.  No changes will be made on the day of the fair.  Students
will compete in the Discipline they are registered in.