Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the Bookstore located?

We are located on the first floor of the War Memorial Student Union with union entrance from the open mall area.

What forms of payment does the Bookstore accept?

We accept cash, check, Lion's Lagniappe, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Apply Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Garmin Pay.

Can I use Cub Cash at the Bookstore?

No, Cub Cash is a part of your meal plan and can only be used at ARAMARK (campus dining) establishments.

Textbook prices sure seem high. How much profit does the Bookstore make on textbooks?

On average, about 4 cents on every dollar paid for new textbooks represents profit to the Bookstore. About 65.8% of the sticker price on new books goes back to the publisher, mostly to cover development of the book and normal business expenses. The author gets about 11.8% in royalties. The freight company that shipped the book gets 1.0%. The rest goes to the Bookstore which is used to cover staff wages and benefits, insurance and taxes as well as other overhead costs.

Why doesn't the Bookstore select cheaper books?

The Bookstore is not involved in textbook selection. Professors spend many hours reviewing dozens of books to find the most suitable ones for courses. The professor then submits a list of books for ordering. The Bookstore does put a great deal of effort into keeping textbook prices as affordable as possible including encouraging faculty to make book decisions early so that the store has more time to search for used copies.

Why do I get more money back for some books than others during buyback?

The value of a used book depends on whether that particular book is going to be assigned by an instructor for the next term. Books that are going to be used on the campus next term generally have a higher value than books that will be sent to wholesales for resale elsewhere.

Why did my friend get more money for the same book than I got?

If your friend received a higher value from the bookstore and you got the lower national market value, then it was probably a matter of timing. The bookstore may have already reached its campus quota (based on projected class enrollment for next term) by the time you brought your book in. Or, if you sold your book before your friend, the bookstore may not have received the instructor's book order yet and, therefore, could only offer the lower national market value at that time. 

I paid a lot of money for my books. Why doesn't the Bookstore give me more for them during buyback?

Used books are provided by the Bookstore as a less expensive alternative for students. Paying more at buyback means the Bookstore would have to raise the retail prices of used books.

When does the bookstore buy back books?

Buyback is always available. However, you will receive the best possible price the week before finals and the week of finals.