Campus Card Operations


The Campus Card Operations office will be offering extended hours Monday, January 9 - Thursday, January 12.  Hours of operation on those days will be 7:30am - 6:00pm.  Normal operating hours will resume Friday, January 13. 


The mission of the Campus Card Operations Office is to provide the Southeastern community with an efficient technological one-card solution for a variety of campus operations including academic, financial, access, and identification.


Southeastern ID

It all starts with your Southeastern ID! GET the most with your ID!


All Southeastern students and employees are required to have a Southeastern ID. Used for a variety of things, you can think of it as your "dining, buying, identifying, do-almost-anything card"! The Southeastern ID is required for:


Life of the Southeastern ID
  • Your Southeastern ID is used throughout your college career at Southeastern

  • Unless your ID is lost, stolen or damaged you will continue to use the same ID as long as you are a Southeastern student or as long as you are employed by the University


Report ID Card Lost or Stolen

Immediately report your Southeastern ID lost or stolen by contacting Campus Card Operations at (985) 549-3990 or by accessing your GET account.  After logging into your GET account, you may report your card lost or stolen.  This immediately deactivates your cards.  If you find your ID before you replace it, you may change the status from lost to found.  If you have replaced your ID with a new one, the old ID may not be reactivated.


Replacement ID Cards

Replacement IDs are printed at the Campus Card Operations Office at a non-refundable cost of $15.  To replace your ID, you have the following options:


1.  If paying by cash, check or money order, you must first pay the $15 processing fee  at the Controller's Office, located on North Campus, and then bring your paid receipt to the Campus Card Operations office to have a new Southeastern ID taken and printed.


2.  If paying with Lion's Lagniappe, you may go directly to the Campus Card Operations Office to pay the non-refundable $15 fee and have a new Southeastern ID taken and printed.


3.  If paying with a credit card, you will need to log into your LEONet account.  At Self Service, click on Campus Finances and Purchase Miscellaneous Items.  At Replacement ID, add 1 to quantity, click Calculate Total and then click Next to confirm order.  At Specify Details, enter credit card information to complete the transaction.  Once the payment has been submitted, you may go the the Campus Card Operations Office to have a new Southeastern ID taken and printed.