How to Engage

One of Career Services' goals is to help bridge academic and career development, supporting the improvement of the career outcomes that are instrumental to the strategic plans of academic departments. Students are often compelled to take action after a conversation with a trusted professor, advisor, or faculty member. By partnering with our office and emphasizing the importance of engaging in professional development early in their academic careers, you can make an enormous impact.


Refer Students

Faculty and staff can be advocates for the free services available to students and alumni through the Office of Career Services (OCS). Refer students to topics such as:

  • Resume building or resume reviews
  • Learning interview strategies and practicing for specific interviews
  • Finding part-time jobs, internships, or full-time jobs
  • Receiving help with personal statements or applying to graduate school
  • Discovering how to network, both online and in person
  • Fostering professionalism and communication skills in the workplace

Encourage students to come to the Office of Career Services in the Student Union Annex, Room 2102 (upstairs, by the Student Union Theatre), email, or log in to Handshake to meet with us. Students who engage with OCS early can truly maximize their preparation for the workforce.


In The Classroom

The Office of Career Services can assist instructors in support of students as they prepare for life after Southeastern. 

Consider not canceling class, and instead, allowing a Career Services staff member to come to share about a relevant career-related topic. If class time is limited, consider making Career Fair attendance or engaging with an online resource a required class assignment or extra credit opportunity.

Interested in scheduling a class presentation? This brief form will connect you with a staff member to set up a workshop for your students!

*PLEASE NOTE: we ask that you make requests at least 2 weeks in advance of the date of your presentation. Presentation requests are on a first-come, first-served basis, and we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

Considering a career-related assignment to your course? Reach out to Jenna Lostritto-Simmons, Career & Job Search Career Consultant, to receive sample assignments and helpful tools at


Refer Employers

Recruiters and alumni may contact you with job postings. We encourage you to forward these requests to our team to add to our career management platform, Handshake. This will allow us to establish and maintain relationships with employers that wish to recruit and hire Southeastern students and alumni and provide recommendations to support their recruiting needs.

Connect recruiters to:
Carmen Maillet, Assistant Director of Employer Services & Systems Management,
OR  Craig Marinello, Manager of Student Employment & Internship Development,


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