Employer Expectations

To convince an employer to hire you instead of someone else will require you to meet
or exceed their expectations of a qualified candidate. Often, job descriptions detail
more specific expectations an employer has for your role. Employers are also looking
for some of the same, basic characteristics in an employee. Now, place yourself in
the employers’ shoes and think about what you as the employer would want from an employee.
You would probably want someone who is presentable, dependable, can work well with
others, and has acquired knowledge and skills you require. Here are some characteristics
of a strong employee that employers across industries are looking for:


  • Does your appearance convey pride in yourself and your ability to do the job?
  • Are you professionally dressed and do you present a professional image?
  • Is your behavior/attitude courteous, respectful, mature, and confident?

Communication Skills

  • Can you interact effectively with others?
  • Do you have strong verbal and written communication skills?
  • Are you a team player?


  • Can you be counted on to do the job? Are you accountable? Will you take initiative?
  • Will you be at work regularly and report to work on time?
  • Will you complete duties in a timely and accurate manner with minimal supervision?
  • Will you accept responsibility, recognize what needs to be done, and are willing to
    do it?


  • Can you realistically assess your own abilities?
  • Can you see yourself as others see you?
  • Can you clearly recognize your own strengths and weaknesses?


  •  Do you possess the skills to learn and perform the job?
  • Do you have experience or related experience in this field?
  • Are you willing to learn new skills? Are you coachable?

Finally, being teachable and coachable will enable you to learn the skills and knowledge
necessary to be successful with a company. The elements of coachability are intelligence,
discipline, creativity and initiative. An ideal candidate should be able to think
for themselves, but also be able to take and follow instructions.