Find a Job

Whether you’re looking for a part-time job, an internship, or a full-time, degree-requiring
position, these resources can assist you in your job search! While this list is not
exhaustive, awareness of the options gives you more resources to expand and diversify
your job search plan.


Finding Jobs or Internships


Whether you are a current student, recent  graduate, or experienced alumnus of Southeastern,
you have access to thousands of part-time, full-time, and internship opportunities
with our “one-stop career shop”, Handshake. Create a “saved search” to set up email notifications when new positions are uploaded
to the system. In addition, you can register for on-campus interview opportunities
and Office of Career Services events, connect with like-minded students across the
country, network with employers, and more!

Career Fairs & On-Campus Recruiting

Use career fairs as a great opportunity to meet a large number of companies in one
place and learn about several career opportunities. Look at the list of participating
employers, make a list of who you would like to meet, and do your research! In addition,
prepare a brief introduction of yourself, have an updated copy of your resume ready
and wear business professional attire.


Sign-up to participate in on-campus recruiting events and on-campus interviews in
Handshake. Attend other on-campus events such as information sessions, employer panels, professional student organization meetings and webinars, and more!


In-person networking can give you an edge over the competition and is one of the top ways to find a job.
Conduct informational interviews to connect with professionals in your industry and continue building your network.
In addition, join LinkedIn to keep track of and connect with like-minded students
and professionals. Continue to reach out to your network to keep in touch.


Professional groups help connect individuals interested in similar career paths who can provide helpful
career advice. Be aware that you may need to pay a fee to join professional organizations
and access certain career opportunities. Look for a “Careers” or “Jobs” tab on their
websites to find opportunities. Attend professional conferences and meetings to develop
your network.


Connect online using platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter makes networking easier,
and many companies use social media for hiring purposes. Follow company/organization
accounts for insight in their culture, industry trends, services, and information.
Professionally interact with their posts.

Other Tools

Targeted searches for opportunities narrow down your search by your priorities. This could mean searching
for positions based on specific factors (company name, company values, geographic
location, position title, and more). Once you have your list of targeted companies,
look at the company’s website for open opportunities.


Job boards  are a good way to learn about opportunities and in-demand career areas, but competition
is higher because anyone is able to apply through the site. Keep in mind that you’re
competing with a lot of other candidates using this search method alone. Always follow
up an application with an email or try to find someone in your network who works for
that company to differentiate you from hundreds of other applicants.


Finding On-Campus Jobs 

Student Employment Network

Students can find jobs on campus, supporting dining, housing, recreation sports, the
library, and more. Many departments post their positions online on the Student Employment
Network. This website hosts on-campus jobs for undergraduate and graduate students.

Outreach to Departments

Some departments may not post all of their positions, so you can also go in-person
or reach out to different departments on campus. Many of our students work with offices
like the library, the Student Athletic Center (the Rec), housing, dining, transportation,
admissions, orientation, and more. Other students work with a faculty member doing
research on campus.



Professionalism in the Job Search  


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