On-Campus Interviews

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What are On-Campus Interviews?

On-Campus Interviews (OCIs) occur every Fall and Spring semester in the Office of Career Services. They begin when an employer contacts Career Services expressing an interest in conducting interviews here at Southeastern for students and alumni looking for full-time careers.  Learn more about the types of On Campus Interviews.

How can I find out about On-Campus Interviews?

Employers will notify us thirty to sixty days in advance of the date they would like to conduct their interviews. Career Services posts the interview information in Handshake and on the OCI Schedule webpage (schedule is found below). We also promote interviews via fliers posted around campus, emails to students, and through informing appropriate faculty about the opportunities available.

How can I sign up?

The entire On-Campus Interview sign up process occurs in Handshake.


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See a list of OCIs whose application deadlines have already passed.


Company Name Position (Salary) Classification & Major Desired Interview Type Min. GPA   Application Deadline Interview Date
*All listings' salary is TBD.



Student or alumni cancellations and no-shows are not acceptable and are not tolerated. By signing up for an on-campus interview, you have made a commitment with the employer, Career Services, and yourself; and, more importantly, you have made it impossible for others to interview in your place. Therefore, the Office of Career Services maintains a "no excuses" and "zero tolerance" policy

If you call to cancel your interview five days or less prior to the interview date or no-show, you will NOT be allowed to utilize Career Services again until you have met with one of Career Services' professional staff regarding your absence. Further, without a documented and legitimate excuse, as determined by CS Staff, your privilege to use our services may be revoked indefinitely or permanently.