Our Team

Dr. Mary Ballard, Director

Mary B. Ballard, Ph.D.
Director, Center for                Faculty Excellence

Dane Bounds, Lab Coordinator/Manager.
 Kari Wall, M.Ed. 
Dane Bounds, M.S.
 Director, Southeastern
Lab Manager
Pattie Steib, Educational Technology Specialist 
 Mark Terranova, LMS Administrator
 Jared Wall, College Technology and Media Coordinator
 Mark Terranova, M.S.
 LMS Administrator and 
 Programs Manager
 Jared Wall, M.A., EdS
 College Technology and   Media Coordinator
 Miriam Lamy, Administrative Assistant
 Amber Narro, Ph.D.
 Miriam Lamy
 Multimedia                             Communication
Administrative Assistant
 Professor, Communication
 & Media Studies

The Center also employs a very talented group of

student workers, graduate assistants and interns.