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Travel Pocket Guide 2020-2021

PPM49 Travel Guide 2020-2021

Travel Checklist

Current Travel Updates

 Addendum #01 Tier I and Tier II Lodging Rate Changes

 Addendum #02 Personal Owned Vehicles Reimbursement

  • Vehicle Rentals – Effective June 1, 2020, the VLF (vehicle recovery license fee) for vehicle rentals from Enterprise increased from $0.38/day to $0.78/day.

  • Cash Advances – Cash advances must have an original and itemized receipt to support all expenditures in which a cash advance was given, including meals.

  • Mileage Rate - Decreased from $0.57/mile to $0.56/mile. The maximum of 99 miles per trip remains in place.

  • Lodging and Meal Rates – Tier rates for lodging and meals have changed. Please refer to the travel guide or below for the new rates.

  • Conference Lodging Allowance – Employees may be allowed conference lodging rates with a receipt and documentation showing the actual conference rate.

  • New Orleans Airport Parking – Only USPARK’s uncovered parking is reimbursable with a receipt (as published on

  • Special Meals - Sign-in sheets are required for authorized special meals served in conjunction with a working meeting of departmental staff.

  • Airfare - The state’s current mandated travel management company, Short’s Travel Management, is effective through December 31, 2020. Effective January 1, 2021, the state’s mandated travel management company will be Christopherson Business Travel.



State Travel Policies and Procedure
Louisiana Travel Guide - provides complete travel regulations

Southeastern Travel Policy

Safe Driving Policy


General Information

State Travel Regulations state that expense reports for travel must be submitted no later than thirty days following travel.  Failure to submit an expense report on time could jeopardize reimbursement.

Registration fees may be paid for with Pcard (within Pcard policy).  All other travel expenses must be paid for by the employee and reimbursement to be requested via an expense report once the travel has concluded.  Registration and airfare that is purchased prior to travel may be reimbursed before the trip begins by turning in a completed Travel Advance Form with attached receipts.

Interviewees must have an approved Spend Authorization and Travel Approval for Non-State Employee form.  Consult the Human Resource Office for any questions concerning interviewee travel.

Anyone who is not an official state employee, and will be driving or transported in a state-owned vehicle and/or a vehicle which has been rented to the State of Louisiana must sign the Non-Employee Use of State Vehicle Acknowledgement (formerly known as Hold Harmless Agreement).  If you have any questions, you may contact the travel desk.

As a state agency, the university cannot reimburse Louisiana State Sales tax. 

  • For in-state lodging, please use the Hotel Tax Exemption Form.  The "Government Agency Representative" listed on the Hotel Tax Exemption Form should be either the Controller or the Assistant Controller.
  • For in-state Enterprise vehicle rentals, use the State Tax Exemption Form.


Spend Authorization Information

Spend Authorizations are to be done on-line in Workday.  On-Line Spend Authorizations are required for in-state conferences or seminars and for ALL out-of-state and International travel.  The following points are offered for your assistance in completing Spend Authorizations and Expense Reports:

1. All Spend Authorizations are to be submitted and approved prior to travel.  An approved Spend Authorization will ensure the person traveling will be covered by the State Insurance and will be reimbursed for expenses within state travel regulations.  Travel without approval may result in non-reimbursement. In the event an online Spend Authorization is not submitted and/or approved prior to travel, a late online Spend Authorization must be submitted, including justification why it was submitted late, and approved before reimbursement can be processed.


2. When submitting a Spend Authorization in which you are to be reimbursed by a cost center other than your home cost center, you must update the Worktags for the expense(s) being paid for by another cost center.

3. When completing an online Spend Authorization, remember to use the correct business purpose for the travel expenses. 

4. International Travel: All international travel, whether traveling to or from international territories, must use the international travel business purpose.  The online Spend Authorization system is designed to alert the appropriate office to obtain permission for international travel.  If the correct business purpose is not used, this approval will not be obtained and travel outside the United States MUST be pre-approved in order to be reimbursed.

Expense Report Information

State Travel Regulations state that Expense Reports for travel must be submitted no later than thirty days following travel.  Failure to submit expense reports on time could jeopardize reimbursement.

It is required that employees submit expense reports through Workday when requesting reimbursement for expenses related to travel.  Each Spend Authorization requires a separate Expense Report.

All travel related expenses must be included on the Expense Report.  This includes expenses incurred on a Pcard.

A copy of the formal agenda and/or program for conferences MUST be attached to the Expense Report for meals to be reimbursed, per audit guidelines.


State employees must purchase airfare through the State Contracted Travel Agency, Christopherson Business Travel.

Transactions made by phone or email have a $24.00 agent fee per domestic ticket and a $31.00 agent fee per international ticket.  Tickets purchased using the website have a $7.00 booking fee.

The State always supports purchasing the "best value" ticket.  Once all rates are received, the traveler is to compare costs and determine which fare would be the "best value" for their trip.


Christopherson Business Travel

Toll Free Online Support: (800) 535-0179

Online Email:

Toll Free Travel Advisor Team: (800) 961-0720

Travel Advisor Email:



If you previously had a profile set up with Shorts Travel Management, you should have received a welcome email from Christopherson Business Travel with a link to set up your new password only.  

If you need help logging in, please contact the travel desk at (985) 549-2089.

Lodging and Meals

Employees will be reimbursed lodging rates, plus allowable taxes and surcharges/fees according to the tiers below (receipts required).  When traveling in-state, a Hotel Tax Exempt form is to be used.  When lodging rates are higher than the listed tier rates, the traveler can complete and have approved the Hotel Overage Request form with all necessary documentation attached in order to receive maximum reimbursement.

Meal allowance includes tax and tips. Receipts are not required for routine meals, unless a cash advance was received.  Reimbursement for alcohol is prohibited.  Note: When a meal is included in the conference schedule, it is considered part of the registration fee - additional reimbursement will not be given for that meal.


*The rates listed are from PPM-49 2020-2021, policy effective until June 30, 2021.


Breakfast $10 / Lunch $14 / Dinner $29 / Total $53


In-State Cities (except as listed)  $96

Alexandria/Leesville/Natchitoches $99

Baton Rouge - EBR $99, effective Oct 1, 2020


Breakfast $13 / Lunch $18 / Dinner $30 / Total $61


New Orleans - Orleans, St. Bernard, Jefferson and Plaquemine Parishes:

  • June - September  $136, effective Oct 1, 2020
  • October - December  $136, effective Oct 1, 2020
  • January - May  $158, effective Oct 1, 2020

Out-of-State Cities (except as listed in Tier III & IV)  $96


Breakfast $13 / Lunch $19 / Dinner $33 / Total $65


For all cities listed below  $170

Atlanta, GA;  Austin, TX;  Cleveland, OH;  Dallas/Fort Worth, TX;  Denver, CO;  Ft, Lauderdale, FL;  Hartford, CT;  Houston, TX;  Kansas City, MO;  Las Vegas, NV;  Los Angeles, CA;  Miami, FL;  Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN;  Nashville, TN;  Oakland, CA;  Orlando, FL;  Philadelphia, PA;  Phoenix, AZ;  Pittsburgh, PA;  Portland, OR;  Sacramento, CA;  San Antonio, TX;  San Diego, CA;  Sedona, AZ;  St. Louis, MO;  Wilmington, DE;  all of Alaska and Hawaii;  Puerto Rico;  US Virgin Island;  American Samoa;  Guam, Saipan


Breakfast $14 / Lunch $21 / Dinner $36 / Total $71


Baltimore, MD;  San Francisco, CA;  Seattle, WA;  Chicago, IL,  Boston, MA  $212

Alexandria, VA;  Arlington, VA;  New York City, NY;  Washington, DC  $225

International Cities  $200



*The following is taken verbatim from PPM-49.

Baton Rouge Airport - the state’s current contract rate is $4.50 per day (receipts required) for parking in the indoor parking garage as well as the outside fenced parking lot at the Baton Rouge Airport. Documentation required to receive the contract price is the airport certificate and a State ID. If the agency does not issue a State ID, the traveler would need a business card and a driver’s license along with the certificate to be eligible for the state contracted rate. Airport certificate may be found on State Travel Office’s website at:

New Orleans Airport Parking - At this time, only USPARK's, uncovered parking is reimbursable with a receipt (as published on A reservation must be made for Louisiana State Employees in order to receive the discounted state rate of $8.50 per day. An employee may be paid actual expenses, at another location, up to $8.50 per day with a receipt.

Travelers using motor vehicles on official state business may be reimbursed for all other parking, including airport parking except as listed in A and B above, ferry fares, and road and bridge tolls. For each transaction over $5, a receipt is required.

Tips for valet parking not to exceed $5 per day.

Motor Vehicle Travel

Travel with a personal vehicle is limited to 99 miles per roundtrip/day.  If you are traveling more than 99 miles, it is encouraged that you use a rental vehicle with the State's contracted vendors/rates (see below for details).

Rental vehicle expenses must be included in the online Spend Authorization.  Also, an approved Vehicle Rental Request Form must be forwarded to the Controller's Office with the online TA number recorded on it.  Routine in-state field travel does not require a Spend Authorization; however, it does require a Vehicle Rental Request Form.  This must be on file in the Controller's Office when the Expense Account is submitted for reimbursement.

The Vehicle Rental Request Form must be completed and signed by the person taking the trip, it must be signed by the appropriate Vice President for that budget unit, and then forwarded to the VP for Administration & Finance for signature before the trip is taken.

Employees are allowed up to the Standard Size Vehicle for rentals.  If you are traveling with more than 2 people and/or need a larger rental for a specific business function, you may request to be allowed a larger rental vehicle on the vehicle rental.  Provide justification why the larger vehicle should be allowed.

No State Agencies should be paying state taxes on instate vehicle rentals for official state business.  If you receive any invoice(s) where the taxes are added,please contact the Enterprise branch you rented the vehicle from to request that taxes are removed from your receipt.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car in-state and out-of-state account code is L142174

National Rental out-of-state discount code is NA1403

Hertz Rental out-of-state discount code is 70592

Foreign Currency Conversion

Currency Conversion Requirements for Foreign Travel

When requesting travel reimbursement, all expenses incurred in foreign currencies or exchanges of currency must be converted to U.S. dollars. The request for reimbursement must document the calculation using an approved foreign currency conversion methodology. Multiple methodologies may be used in a single trip. Travelers may utilize the following methodologies:

Onsite Exchange Rate: If the traveler converts U.S. dollars to a foreign currency, the traveler must provide the receipt showing the actual exchange rate. This single rate may be used for all expenses paid for with the converted currency, with the total of the expenses not to exceed the amount converted. Additional fees charged by the foreign currency exchange vendor may be reimbursed, if included on the receipt, itemized, and explained. Note: The receipt for the currency exchange cannot be dated more than 3 days prior to the first date of travel or after the last date of trip per the travel authorization form.

Credit Card Rate: If the traveler charges expenses to a credit or debit card, the card issuer will perform the currency exchange. The rate will be detailed on the traveler’s card statement, which may be used as documentation of the exchange rate. Additional fees charged by the card issuer for foreign currency transactions may be reimbursed, if itemized and explained on the statement.

Online Rate: The traveler may use the website for the historical currency exchange as a standard conversion rate. The OANDA website provides exchange rates on a daily basis. Documentation of the conversion rate should be provided for each date where an expense was charged. If a traveler does not provide any documentation of the currency exchange rate used, the online rate option will be used. Note: For lodging, a conversion should only be provided for the day of the charge, not for each day of the stay.

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