Facility Planning

Our Mission Statement

The Facility Planning Department’s mission is to lead the strategic planning, design, construction, and management of the university’s assignable space and infrastructure as to insure the most effective and efficient learning environment for students, faculty, and the community.

Emergencies – Contact University Police at 985-549-2222


One of the primary functions of Facility Planning is to see that all new construction, renovations and repair projects are all properly reviewed through design, construction and completion of construction.  The department coordinates campus review for all feasibility and/or preliminary studies.

Capital Outlay projects are reviewed campus wide following programming, schematic design, design development and construction documents.

Minor projects are reviewed campus wide one or more times as required by scope and complexity of the project.

Reviews include but are not limited to the following Participants: President’s Council, Deans, Department Heads and/or Directors, Facility Users, Safety Department, Physical Plant Services, Technology Department, University Police Department, Vending Services and Horticultural.

Review comments are then incorporated into the design such that the design is modified to meet the needs of the reviewers.

Facility Planning coordinates the final inspection of all new construction and renovations including input from building users, Physical Plant Services, Technology Department, Safety Department and the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Our department helps organize necessary changes and modifications as directed by Fire Marshal reports.


Kenneth Howe, Director
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Edmond “Beau” Vige, Project & Systems Manager
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April Cutrer, Administrative Assistant
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