Space Management

The most visible and identifiable part of any university are its buildings and the
space in and around those buildings.  Along with its students, faculty and staff,
the space that makes up a university setting is considered one of a university’s most
important assets. This asset influences almost every aspect of university life from
classroom scheduling, Physical Plant’s daily activities, to utilities costs. University
Space is important to many other aspects of the university in various ways including
the management of how personnel and students use the facilities. The university is
required to report on its buildings, rooms, and courses to the Board of Regents on
an annual basis. How the university is using its space directly impacts a portion
of the university’s state funding. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the university
it manage this space to evoke the most efficient and effective use.


The Office of Facility Planning helps manage this asset. Therefore, any proposed changes
to university space or how that space will be used, must be communicated with and
approved by the Office of Facility Planning. The following links are in place to help
with this endeavor.


Change in University Space Request

Room Assignment Request for Personnel  

Space Management Policy