Why Live on Campus?


There are many advantages to living on campus!


Academic Success

Living on campus puts you in a prime position for academic success! You are within
walking distance of the library, classroom buildings, and computer labs. And because
our residential facilities house a mix of majors, there’s always someone you can partner
with to study.


Exciting Environment 

If you’re interested in getting involved in student life at Southeastern, living on
campus is a great place to start! You’ll be close to on campus meeting facilities,
on campus activities, athletic events, and the Pennington Student Activity Center.


New Friends 

A great benefit of living on campus is having the opportunity to meet other on campus
residents! You’ll meet interesting and diverse people from the region, the nation,
and even the world! Many of the friendships you form as an on campus resident will
last a lifetime.


Events and Activities

University Housing provides more than just a place to lay your head at night! All
of our residential facilities sponsor events and activities throughout the year, and
staff is always available to answer your questions. Our housing programs promote interaction,
personal development, and a spirit of community.