Move Out Information

End of Fall Semester Move Out

Residents are not required to remove belongings from their rooms during the Winter Break unless they are not returning for the spring semester.  All on-campus housing, with the exception of Taylor Hall, Southeastern Oaks and Organizational Houses located on North Campus, will close for Winter Break.  During this period, residents are not allowed to enter their room.  Residents not returning for the spring semester will be required to remove all belongings and complete the checkout process with the University Housing office.

End of Spring Semester Move Out

Resident Assistants will post a spring checkout schedule for their section, and residents are responsible for scheduling their times. 

At the end of the Spring semester, the Resident Assistant will post a check-out schedule for their section: 

  1. Each resident is responsible for scheduling a check-out time with his or her Resident Assistant.
  2. The resident will have the room in good order and broom clean before the Resident Assistant arrives to check the room. All personal items must be removed, including additional furniture not belonging to University Housing.
  3. The Resident Assistant will review the Room Condition Report (RCR) issued during check in and will assess any damages. Room key must be returned at this time to avoid charges for lost keys.
  4. The Resident Assistant will post damages and any key charges to the RCR. Both the Resident Assistant and the student will initial by the damage charges and sign the RCR.
  5. The student has 24 hours to contest any damages in writing to the Area Coordinator by emailing
  6. Any resident who does not check out properly during a scheduled time with the Resident Assistant will be charged $250.00 for improper check-out and will waive any right to contest any damages or additional charges posted to his or her personal data card and university account.
  7. Residents may be given the option to complete an Express Check-Out if living in an eligible area. This option requires the resident to turn in keys directly to the Housing Office. The resident waives the right to contest any damages or additional charges after the room is checked by a Resident Assistant.
  8. All charges are posted to the student’s university account (LEONet). The student may pay these charges during registration or anytime at the Controller’s Office or online (LEONet).  Any debt owed to the University must be paid in full before transcripts or grades are released.  Your debt may be sent to a collection agency for collection of payment.


General Guidelines for Checking Out

Cleaning (failure to complete will result in cleaning fee charges):

  • Sweep and mop the room (move furniture)
  • Dust all furniture and baseboards
  • Dust blinds
  • Dust furniture tops
  • Wipe down inside furniture
  • Dust Window Ledges
  • Clean the mirrors
  • Clean the bathroom, tub, toilet (leave no rings), baseboard, floor, basin, etc.
  • Remove all trash from the room
  • Do not place furniture outside of the room while cleaning, and do not drape any carpets or other items over exterior railings of the residence halls or apartments.

Damage charges may be assessed to both occupants unless one claims the damage.  Damages include, but are not limited to; neglect, misuse, use of incorrect or unauthorized cleaning materials, vandalism, etc. Students residing in shared spaces are expected to communicate regarding cleaning of the room for check out. If the space is not clean at the time of check out, the last student to check out is responsible for the cleanliness of the shared space and will be charged a cleaning fee.

Residents leaving after the Fall semester must make an appointment with their Resident Assistant to check out.  All personal items of the departing resident must be removed from the room before the Resident Assistant is able to complete the check-out process.  The same procedures listed above (1-8) will be followed for a student checking out after the Fall semester.

Summer Transition

Current residents who have applied for summer housing must check out completely from their spring semester assignment.  They will move into their new summer housing assignment on the schedule check in day.