Frequently Asked Questions

Application and Assignments

When should I apply for University Housing?

First, apply to Southeastern through Admissions at  Once you are fully admitted to the University, apply for housing online at  

Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible since residential housing is limited. It is anticipated that all spaces will be filled for the fall semester prior to June 1st.  The earlier the student applies, the better the chance of securing a desired accommodation and roommate request. It is strongly suggested that students apply in the early spring for the fall semester.

How do I apply for on-campus housing?

You may submit your University Housing application online by visiting the University Housing webpage – - and click on "Apply" in the side navigation bar. The $100 processing fee and $300 prepayment are required at the time of application: these charges must be paid in full online before the application is considered complete. All must be submitted by June 15th for the fall semester, November 15th for the spring semester, and May 15th for the summer semester to avoid late fees. 

Applications submitted after June 15th for the fall, November 15th for the spring, and May 15th for the summer must include a $100 processing fee, $50 late processing fee along with the $300 prepayment.

Is my University Housing application a binding agreement?

Once a student’s University Housing application has been processed, it becomes a binding agreement to which the student is financially committed. Students submitting an application agree to live in housing and are responsible for all housing and meal charges through May commencement, unless applying for summer school housing only. 

Do I have to submit any money with the application?

All applications require a prepayment of $300. There is a non-refundable $100 application fee for applicants applying before June 15th for the fall, May 15th for the summer, and November 15th for the spring. Applications submitted after these dates must include an additional $50 late processing fee. These fees are due at the time the application is submitted.

What are the eligibility requirements for new students applying to University Housing?

First time Southeastern students must be fully admitted to the university prior to applying for University Housing.  All non-resident returners (students not currently residents) must have a 2.0 overall GPA prior to applying for University Housing. Some residence halls have additional criteria for placement.

If I apply for housing and then decide to commute or live off-campus, what should I do?

If you have NOT paid fees, you may log into the Housing portal to cancel.

If you HAVE paid fees, you will need to submit the Cancellation Form.  

If you cancel after June 15th for Fall or November 15th for Spring, there will be no credit given for the processing fee or prepayment.

Are there any other requirements for University Housing?

Students should participate in Early Registration for the upcoming fall semester if applying for the fall/spring academic year (returning students only).

Students should have good financial standing with the University and University Housing (current with all fee payments).

Students should have good behavioral standing with the University and University Housing (no interim suspensions or lease terminations from University Housing).

What happens if I am unable to secure 12 hours of classes before 15th class day?

Students who do not register for twelve hours or more or who drop below twelve hours prior to the fifteenth class day will be required to submit a Permission to Live form which will be reviewed by the Assistant Director of Operations.  If approved, the student will be notified that they have been placed on “residence hall probation” as a provision of their part-time status. Students who live in University Housing are encouraged to maintain full-time status; however dropping to part-time status does not terminate the housing agreement.

What happens if I drop below 12 hours of classes after the 15th class day?

Students who drop below twelve hours after the fifteenth class day will be required to submit a Permission to Remain in University Housing As a Part-time Student form which will be reviewed by the Assistant Director of Residence Life for University Housing. If approved, students will be allowed to remain in the residence hall but will be placed on “residence hall probation” because of their part-time status.  Students may have their probation status removed by increasing their enrolled hours to at least twelve by registering for one or more Term II classes. University Housing policy states that there are no credits given after the fifteenth class day. Students will also be required to fulfill their University Housing agreement obligation through May commencement if applicable.

If I drop below the required GPA, how can I appeal to live on campus, and what are the deadlines?

Residents are contractually obligated to reside in on-campus housing for one year (consecutive Fall and Spring semesters), including residents that are below the 2.0 GPA requirement and/or part-time status. Residents below the minimum GPA requirement will be allowed to participate in the Fall Reapplication process. All appeal decisions are final. Consult the Resident Guidebook for appeal deadlines. 

What happens if I fail to turn in my appeal before the academic appeal deadline?

Any appeals submitted after the deadline will be processed and considered for the following semesters. In the meantime, students must find alternate housing as on-campus housing will not be an option.

Does anyone ever not get a room?

University Housing encourages students to apply early since space is contingent on the number of applicants each semester. On-campus housing is encouraged for all students, but is not required or guaranteed.

When is it too late to apply for housing?

It is never too late to apply for housing.  Students are encouraged to apply and complete their application as early as possible in order to have a better chance of securing an assignment.

If I choose to live on campus, how long must I reside there?

Residents are obligated to remain in housing through the Agreement period. Residents have the option to pay the buyout fee of $750 if they choose not to remain on campus for the extent of the Academic Year Agreement.

Do you have gender specific residence halls?

Yes, we have two all-female residence halls. Pride Hall is located on the main campus and is eligible to all females. Village M is also an all-female residence hall located on north campus. Priority for Village M is given to females going through sorority recruitment. 

Am I required to move out of my room in between the fall and spring semester?

No, residents are not required to remove belongings from their rooms during the Winter Break unless they are not returning for the spring semester. All on-campus housing, with the exception of Taylor Hall, Southeastern Oaks, and Greek Village will close for winter break. During this period, residents are not allowed to enter their room.

Which halls are open over breaks?

University Housing is open during all university closures except Winter Break in December. During this period, residents are not allowed access to their room, with the exception of Taylor Hall, Southeastern Oaks, and Greek Village (NOT including Village M). If you will require housing during Winter Break, you should notify University Housing at the time of your application.



Amenities and Services

Do I have to purchase a meal plan?

All students living in the residence halls must purchase a meal plan. Please visit the Dining Services website for plan descriptions and costs. Residents living in Southeastern Oaks are encouraged, but not required, to purchase a commuter or residential meal plan.

Can I choose my roommate?

Students must complete the housing application by the stated semester deadlines in order to participate in roommate matching and room self-selection through the online portal. Students will be notified via their university email when the roommate portion will be available.

How do you match roommates?

Students that apply after the semester deadlines or do not complete the application by the semester deadlines will be electronically matched with a roommate based on preferences indicated on the housing application.

Will I be guaranteed a room assignment?

Room assignments cannot be guaranteed due to space availability.  All students are encouraged to apply early as housing assignments are based on the application complete date; therefore early submission and completion are encouraged in order to have a better chance of securing an on-campus residence. Returning students do have priority for available rooms as long as the application is complete by the stated deadlines.

When will I be notified of my room assignment?

Students will receive a designated time to log in to the online housing portal and select the building and room of their preference. Details of timeslot and the process for selecting rooms will be emailed to all applicants. Room self-selection is based on the application completion date.

What if I do not get along with my roommate once we move in together?

Our residential staff members are trained to help roommates communicate with each other, to identify what they consider important, and to negotiate the “house rules.” However, if roommates decide that they are not compatible, efforts will be made to facilitate a room change for one of the roommates.  Room changes are not allowed during the first two weeks of any semester since this time period is used to verify vacancies and maximize the options for those who wish to relocate.

How are the rooms furnished?

Double residence hall rooms contain two twin bunkable beds, two desks, two chairs and two armoires (single suites and singles contain one of each).  In Southeastern Oaks, each unit is fully furnished and includes a sofa, chair, two end tables and entertainment center in the common area.  The kitchen includes a dining table with chairs, stove, dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator.  Each bedroom includes a double bed, desk, dresser and closet.  Amenities include utilities, high-speed internet per person, or wifi and basic cable per room.

What size are the beds in the residence halls?

Mattresses in our residence halls are extra-long (36”X80”).  University Housing has partnered with Residence Hall Linens to provide our students with a convenient, affordable, way to purchase extra-long bedding items, as well as other campus-living necessities.

What facilities are available in each hall?

Laundry facilities are available in Cardinal Newman Hall, Washington Hall, Hammond Hall, Louisiana Hall, and on North Campus.  Snack and drink machines are located on North Campus, Cardinal Newman Hall, Hammond Hall, Louisiana Hall, Pride Hall, Taylor Hall and Washington Hall.  Mane Market Convenience Store is located in Louisiana Hall.

Are residence hall rooms carpeted?

The Oaks Apartments have carpeting in the living room and bedroom areas. Each living quarter in Cardinal Newman has carpeting. All other residence halls do not have carpeting.

Am I allowed to bring a microwave and small personal refrigerator?

Yes, you are allowed to have a microwave and small refrigerator. However, appliances with an exposed heating element such as toasters and coffee pots are not permitted in the residence halls.

Am I allowed to have a pet?

Residents may have a single, non-dangerous fish in a vessel no larger than one gallon. The vessel containing the fish must be cleaned and maintained regularly. Residents are prohibited from bringing any other pet into their residence hall. Students found to be pet-sitting a non-approved pet will also be considered in violation of this policy.

Animals that are accommodations for a disability will not be considered pets and must be approved by the University Housing Office and/or the Office of Student Accessibility Services as a reasonable accommodation to this policy.



Policies and Procedures

When do I update my room information for the following semester if I currently live in the residence hall?

Students living in University Housing during the Fall will participate in the re-application process in October for the following Spring semester.

Students living in University Housing during the Spring semester will participate in the re-application process in March for the following Fall semester.

How can I be released from my University Housing agreement at the end of the fall semester?

If a student wishes to be released from the housing agreement at the end of the Fall semester, he/she must submit an Agreement Buyout form indicating they are not returning and submit payment for the buyout fee, which will post to the spring fee bill. All students not returning for the spring semester will be assessed a $750 buyout fee. Exceptions will be made for students who do not enroll in classes during the spring semester or are graduating at the end of the fall. A buyout fee is not required of students who are unable to fulfill the Housing agreement due to Military service, personal illness, or change in marital status.  Complete documentation must be submitted in order for the request to be considered.

Can Freshmen have cars on campus?

Any student is allowed to have a car on campus as long as the vehicle is registered through University Police and has a valid parking decal.

Is alcohol allowed in the residence halls?

  • Unauthorized or illegal use, possession, manufacturing, distribution, or sale of alcohol; public intoxication; operating a vehicle or other mode of transportation under the influence of alcohol; or any violation of the University’s Alcohol Policy (see the Student Alcohol Policy) is prohibited. 
  • Residents of Southeastern Oaks Apartments who are 21 years of age or older are permitted to possess and/or consume alcohol within their individually assigned bedroom space within the apartment. Alcohol may not be consumed in common areas of the apartment unless all residents of the apartment are 21 years of age or older. 
  • Containers and/or paraphernalia that promote a high quantity or quick consumption of alcohol (i.e., kegs, funnels, etc.) are prohibited in all on-campus housing facilities. 
  • Empty or unopened alcohol containers are prohibited in all on-campus housing facilities with the exception of Southeastern Oaks where the resident is at least 21 years of age or older. 
  • The use of alcohol containers as room decoration is prohibited.

Is smoking allowed in the residence halls?

Smoking is prohibited on campus, including all residence halls.

What is the guest policy?

All residents have a right to a safe and comfortable living environment. The roommate/suitemate’s rights to feeling safe and comfortable take precedence over the rights of a roommate to have a guest. When a guest’s continualpresence hinders a resident’s ability to study, sleep, and/or occupy their room, this will be considered a violation of the visitation policy.

Overnight Guests
  • Residents are encouraged to discuss their preferences for overnight guests soon after getting settled into their room. The Resident Assistant is available to assist residents in establishing guest guidelines. A Roommate Contract can be completed with the assistance of the RA, and should be revisited each time overnight guests are planned as well as any other time roommates deem necessary. Residents should seek the assistance of the Resident Assistant as needed for help regarding roommate agreements and guest concerns. Remember, any guest visitation requires roommate consent in advance of the guest's arrival in order to maintain a comfortable living environment for all. Invited friends and relatives may be entertained overnight when space is available and arrangements are made with your roommate or suitemate prior to their arrival.
  • There may be only one (1) overnight guest per resident. A guest is defined as any person not assigned to the room of the host. The hosting resident is to be present with the guest at all times. The resident will be responsible for all actions of their guests. A resident may not have an overnight guest more than two nights per week and no more than a total of five (5) nights per month. All residents of the unit must consent to the guest staying in the unit overnight prior to their arrival.
  • Cohabitation is prohibited. Cohabitation exists when a person not assigned to a particular space uses that space as if they were living there.
  • Guests should not be allowed to sleep in any public, common spaces within the residential community, including but not limited to lobbies, study rooms, parlors, or classrooms.
  • Guests should not be allowed to sleep in any bed space not belonging to the resident responsible for their visit.
General Guest Policies
  • Residents are responsible for the actions of their guests, and are required to accompany them at all times while they are in the hall, apartment, or house. Residents must escort their guests in and out of their residence.
  • Guests must be at least seventeen (17) years of age. Babysitting is prohibited at all times. Guests under the age of seventeen (17) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.
  • The resident is responsible for being in possession of keys and/or University ID at all times. Residents are not allowed to give access to the halls by giving their keys/ID to a guest or another resident. Guests are not allowed to enter the residence hall/room without being escorted. Unauthorized possession, duplication, or use of keys to any University premises is prohibited.

Am I allowed to paint my room or hang curtains/posters?

Painting is not allowed; however, decorations are allowed as longs as they are not permanent or cause any damage to the walls, furniture, windows, etc. Curtains are allowed but must meet the following requirements: only store bought, flame retardant curtains or drapes and can only be hung in front of the window.



Safety and Security

Is there a curfew?

While there is no curfew for residents, safety is top priority. All residence halls are locked at all times with student access available via room keys or ID cards to enter their buildings.

What about safety?

In addition to key or ID access to buildings, security cameras are placed throughout the residential community.  While Southeastern offers a safe environment for its students and visitors, staying aware and responsible are key factors for protection against crime.  Students should always lock their room doors, walk with a friend at night, and take other precautions to ensure personal safety.



Pricing, Fees, and Credits

Can I allow my financial aid and/ or scholarship to cover the cost of my housing?

Since online payment is required at the time of application, financial aid and scholarships cannot be used to pay the application fees. Once financial aid applies to students’ fee bills at the beginning of the semester, any remaining balance is to be paid by the student or parent/guardian.

What are the credit policies for the University Housing application fee?

The $100 processing fee (and $50 late fee if applicable) is non-refundable.

What are the credit policies for the University Housing prepayment?

The housing prepayment is refundable if the cancellation request is made in writing prior to June 15th for the Fall semester and November 15th for the Spring semester. The credit will post toward any outstanding balance on the student’s LEONet account; if no balance exists, the Controller’s office will process a refund.  After these dates, prepayments are non-refundable.

What are the credit policies for room charges?

Room charges are credited if a cancellation request is submitted in writing prior to checking in to the appointed assignment. If a student chooses to cancel a housing assignment after checking in, but remains enrolled in classes, the student is not eligible for a credit of any of the charges (processing fee, prepayment, room fee). If a student resigns from the University, the student will be given credit as per the University’s refund schedule, less the processing fee and any outstanding charges. No credit will be given to any student resigning after the fifteenth class day (full summer session, eighth class day). NO CREDITS or PRORATED CREDITS are given for DISCIPLINARY REMOVAL from the residence halls or residential community. Housing charges are considered part of the University fee schedule; therefore, the University will not refund fees if a balance remains on a student’s account.

What happens if I cancel my University Housing application prior to paying my fees?

If no fees were submitted, the application is not considered complete and will be canceled. After June 15th for the fall semester, November 15th for the spring, and May 15th for the summer, processing fees and prepayments are non-refundable. Students must login to the online application and click the Cancel Application line at the top of the page to cancel the application.