How to Apply for Housing

 Apply for Housing Now



Applications for the following terms are now active on the Housing Portal:


Fall 2020-Spring 2021 - any student can apply for this term provided they meet all academic criteria. New students must be fully admitted to the University to access the application.

New students must be fully admitted to the University to access the application.  

Follow the steps below to complete your application

First Time LEONet user Instructions

  • Access Southeastern’s home page at:
  • Click on the LEONet link located at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on First Time Users/Account Look-up.
  • Obtain your University ID and Password.

Enter your Social Security Number

Enter your Birthdate

Click the Find My Account button

  • Write down or take a picture of your University ID and initial Password.
  • Click on “Click here to return to the LEONet’s Main Page” to access LEONet’s Sign In page.
  • Click on LEONet – Students.


When signing in to LEONet, remember to use a capital “W” with your University ID number and a capital “S” with your initial password.  LEONet’s Sign In fields are case-sensitive.

Log On to the Housing Portal

  • Click on the Apply for Housing button at the top of the page. (This link is also available in your LEONet account labeled "Online Housing Application").
  • Enter your University ID and Password.
  • Click the Sign In Button.  If you are still using your initial password format (SMM-DD-YYY), please change your password by clicking here.

Select the Application Term

Click on Housing Application in the green bar across the top of the page.

Select the Term for which you are applying.

Click Save & Continue.

Proceed with Application 

Complete the following pages of the application (click Continue or Save and Continue to proceed at the bottom of each page).

  • Process Overview
  • Personal Details
  • Emergency Details
  • Additional Housing Considerations
  • Room Preferences

If a question is required and no answer is provided, click Continue at the bottom of the page will present an error message (in red) indicating which items must be completed before moving forward.

Submit Payment

Payment of the $100 Non-Refundable Processing Fee and $300 Prepayment is required to continue.

You will be directed to a secure online payment site to complete your payment.  Do not close your browser before being redirected back to the housing application; doing so will result in the payment of the fee not being recorded.  Upon successful completion of payment you will return to the Payment Receipt Page.

Read the Terms and Conditions of the Housing Application  

You will be asked to click three acknowledgments at the bottom of the Terms and Conditions.  Each of these items must be acknowledged before continuing. (Applicants who are under the age of 18 must print the Terms and Conditions and an adult guardian must sign; a page will be presented to upload a copy of the signed copy on the next page).

Click “I Agree to University Housing Terms and Conditions” to continue.

Complete the Roommate Profile (2 pages)

Answer all questions on Part 1 and enter required information on Part 2 of the Roommate profile.  This information will be used during Roommate Matching (available at a later date).

Complete your Application

Click the Complete Application button to submit your application. 


 Tips for Selecting Your Room through the Housing Portal

Preparing to Book your Room Space

New student Room selection begins at 9:00 AM on Tuesday, May 26 and will continue through 4:00 PM, Thursday, May 28.

Students may enter the online application portal on or after their designated timeslot to secure their booking for the 2020-2021 Academic Year term.

Each student and their roommate will book their space separately; therefore, we recommend that students communicate during the room selection process in order to secure a bed space in the same room. If the room selection timeslots are not on the same day, there is no guarantee that students will be able to book the same room. It is also important that roommates have a conversation about desired residence halls with a couple of back-up options in case the first option does not have adequate spaces available.
All students must meet any applicable academic criteria to book into those buildings which have academic requirements.  A list of residence halls and their requirements can be found on our Housing Options web page.

Ask yourself, what is most important:
Living with your requested roommate?
Living in a specific residence hall?

If living with your requested roommate is most important, you should create both bookings at the same time. If students do not have a similar timeslot, it may be advisable to wait until the latest timeslot between both students is reached before creating the bookings.

If living in a specific residence hall is most important, you should create your booking when your timeslot opens.

Room Selection Steps to Completion

  • On the Rooms Page, please review the rates associated with each residence hall space. It is important that students and/or the person responsible for their finances are aware of the cost of a space before proceeding with the booking. Click "Room Search Wizard" above the  "Save and Continue" button to proceed.
  • The Rooms Search Wizard page will list each building and a brief description of each. Click on the blue hyperlinked residence hall name to continue. If a student is not eligible for a particular residence hall(s) they will not be listed.
  • Once you select a building, you will see a table listing each floor in the building. Click on the floor you wish to view available spaces then click Save and Continue.
  • Select a bed space on the next page and click Save and Continue. If a bed space is not listed, that means it is not available. You may need to try other floors or buildings to find an open bed space.
  • On the next page, select your bed from the drop-down menu then click Reserve Bed. It is important to consider your selection carefully before committing to the booking.

PLEASE NOTE: Bookings CANNOT be reversed. Once the bed is confirmed the booking cannot be changed; students will have an opportunity to participate in Room Swap in June if they prefer another space. Students have five minutes to confirm the bed reservation. If the bed is not reserved before the "countdown timer" expires, the student must begin the process again.


Understanding the Room Description 

Hall Name will appear first, followed by the room number, then gender designation (see legend below), and beds available.

Single-Suite rooms will always have a 1/1 designation as they are individual rooms within a suite (two rooms per suite).  Each suite has a B bedroom and a C bedroom.

Double or Double-Suite* rooms will have either a 2/2 or 1/2 designation as there are two beds in one common area.  The first number being the number of beds per room and the second number being the number of available beds.

For Example:

  • A room with two open bedrooms in Livingston Hall (single-suite rooms) would read as follows:
    Livingston 111
      Livingston 111 - B - D - 1/1
      Livingston 111 - C - D - 1/1
  • A room in Livingston Hall with only the C bedroom open would read as follows:
    Livingston 109
      Livingston 109 - C - D - 1/1

While the gender of the bedroom is "Dynamic" if there is someone booked into either the B or C room, a student must have the same gender to book into the available bedroom. Students will only see spaces which match their gender.

  • A room in Louisiana Hall with two open beds (double rooms) would read as follows:
    Louisiana 105
      Louisiana 105 - A - D - 2/2
  • A room in Louisiana Hall with one open female bed would read as follows
    Louisiana 108
      Louisiana 108 - A - F - 1/2

*The only buildings with double-suites are Cardinal Newman and Village M.

University Housing reserves the right to make changes in campus housing occupancy limits, to be either more or less restrictive, based upon prevailing public health guidance and other pertinent information available at the time.

Contact University Housing with questions at:
(985) 549-2118 or