Future Students


Criteria for Admissions – Taking the first steps

After thinking it over, you’ve decided to go to the United States to continue your
education. But where to begin? Know what you need to do to start the admissions process
and let us help you take those first steps before applying for a visa. More>>



A college education can be expensive. And trying to figure out how to pay for it can
be challenging. At Southeastern, we’ve streamlined our scholarship process with guaranteed
four-year scholarship packages for beginning freshmen who qualify based on their ACT
or SAT scores and secondary school grade point averages. More>>


Housing Options- Your home away from home

Whether you decide to live on or off campus, international students have many choices
when it comes to living in Hammond. Explore your options>>


Applying for a Visa – Knowing what to do

Applying for a visa to enter the United States can be a confusing process. Don’t get
overwhelmed with knowing what to do or where to go. Let us guide you through the process
after you have been admitted to Southeastern. More>>


Financial Matters – Anticipating the unexpected

Now that you have been accepted to Southeastern, received your visa, and are starting
to pack, don’t forget about those overlooked expenses that you might face once you
arrive.  More>>


Preparing for Travel – Don’t forget to …

Whether or not this is your first stay in the U.S., you certainly have a lot on your
mind as you get organized. It is a very busy and exciting time as you say your goodbyes
to friends and family.To soothe your pre-departure worries, review our travel information
so that you know what not to forget, when to arrive, and how to get here. More>>


FAQ’s and Terms

Still have questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions and Terms page or contact
the ISO at [email protected]. More>>