Going Green


Single-Stream Recycling

Green recycling bins are located throughout campus buildings for your convenience. Many are located near printers or copiers to collect paper. Since paper is part of our single-stream recycling program, other items may also be placed in these bins.

At various high-traffic areas around campus, black plastic square recycling receptacles have been positioned next to garbage cans. The recycling containers are labeled with the universal recycling logo and are collection points for single-stream recycling, primarily plastic bottles and metal cans.


The following items may be recycled through our single-stream recycling program:


Recycle Bins


  • Paper   (basically anything that tears)

  • Cardboard

  • Plastics #1 - 7   (except Styrofoam)

  • Metal Cans   (aluminum, steel, tin)



All items must be free of food waste, but rinsing is not necessary.
Glass is not included in our single-stream recycling at this time.


Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard may be recycled through the single-stream program, but we also maintain a separate stream for baling and resale of cardboard. This provides an incremental source of revenue for sustainable initiatives on campus. Cardboard boxes may be flattened and placed behind indoor green recycling bins. Call Physical Plant at 549-3333 for prompt pick up of larger amounts of cardboard.


Used Print Cartridges

Used printer/toner cartridges are also collected in a separate recycling stream. These may be placed beside green recycling bins for pick up. It is helpful if they remain in the cartridge packaging. These used cartridges also provide an incremental source of revenue for sustainable initiatives on campus.



As part of Southeastern's recycling initiative, we are progressively reducing the number of dumpsters on campus. This will help improve the aesthetics of our campus by removing unsightly dumpster sites. Dumpster removal is being implemented in phases:


Phase I: Reduce the number of dumpsters on campus by 20% in 2012 (Completed)

Phase II: Reduce the number of dumpsters on campus by an additional 40%

Phase III: Reduce the number of dumpsters on campus by an additional 20%


Reducing the quantity of garbage dumpsters on our campus is symbolic of the ambitious goal of the Recycling program: to recycle 80% of waste from campus by 2016.


The reduction of dumpsters on campus and the collection of single-stream recycling are facilitated by 30-yard compactors located at the new Sustainability Center. One compactor is for single-stream recycling. The other compacts landfill waste.


To set up routine pick up of recycling from your area, to request a one-time pick up, or to report a full recycling bin, contact Physical Plant at 549-3333. Our recycling team is eager to support your collection efforts. We are searching for ways to improve our service as well as campus-wide participation in our recycling program. Contact us with suggestions at