Top 10 Responsibilities


  1. Comply with all property laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures concerning identification, management and disposal of inventory property.
  2. Assist Property Control to ensure all movable property valued $1,000 or greater is reported and tagged within 30 days of receipt.
  3. Notify Property Control if any inventory item needs retagging or inventory item is discovered missing.
  4. Dispose of inventory and non-inventory equipment through Property Control by completing a Movable Property Surplus/Transfer form.
  5. Surplus idle inventory and non-inventory equipment to Property Control within the week it becomes idle.
  6. Dismantle inventory equipment only after written request to Property Control and approval returned by LA Property Assistance Agency.
  7. Report inventory and non-inventory property stolen by forced entry or non-forced entry to University Police and Property Control in a timely manner.
  8. Notify Property Control of permanent location changes of inventory property when movement occurs.
  9. Receive approval from the department head or director before moving inventory or non-inventory property to a non-university location.  Complete the transaction in the Equipment Checkout system at this web link: Equipment Checkout System.
  10. NEVER sell, loan, transfer, assign, entrust or donate any inventory and non-inventory property to any person or entity, or use property for personal or illegal purposes.